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SiHCE this Annual was first undertaken, twenty-two years have 
passed away, eight administrations have been summoned to 
the councils of the Sovereign, six parliaments have been 
elected, and five have been dissolved. Within this period imi- 
tators and plagiarists without number have too often sought 
to intercept the just rewards of an original design, and to 
sustain a precarious existence by borrowing almost every 
feature of tjrpography, language, and decoration. But the turn 
of mind which dictated spoliation was naturally incapable of 
impartiality; and those who appropriated without hesitation 
the outward features of a successful plan contributed at least 
one item to their compilations— the taint of political bias. It is 
not surprising therefore that this volume, which, during every 
ministerial vicissitude since the passing of the Reform Bill, 
has aimed at avoiding party tendencies, should have succeeded 
in acquiring public support; and that it should once more 
appeal to a just and generous body of readers with the con- 
fidence of an enlarged experience and the sanguine energy of 
a renewed life. 

To describe in any preface or introduction the kind of in- 
formation which may be found in these pages is now fortunately 
a needless task ; every reader who is not already well acquainted 
with its purposes and characteristics may be safely referred to 
the Table of Contents for the shortest exposition of its objects 
and the strongest evidence of its utility. 

5, Foxley Road, 
North Brixton, Lotidon* 




Members of the House of Lords^ 
their ngts, marriages, resi- 
dences, offices, chareh pa- 

trouage, political principles, 

&c 8 

Peers who are mioors .... 09 


\djoummeiit 70 House of Lords 78 

Amendment ib. Intermption of the sittings of 

Avoidance of a deeisioB . . • . ib. Parliament ib. 

Bills (Private) ib. Lord Chancellor 80 

(Pablic) ib. Minister (Prime) ib. 

Budget 7S Ministry ib. 

Cabinet ib. Money BiU ib. 

Chairman of Committees ... 73 Newspaper Reporting ... . ib. 

Chiltern Hundreds 74 Office (Acceptance of) .... 82 

Cleric of the House of Com- ' Order ib. 

mons ib. Order in the Lords ..... 83 

Committals ib. Originating Bills 84 

Committees 75 Other orders (Passing to the) . . Ib. 

Conference ib. Parliament ........ ib. 

Crown ZRPeers of Parliament ib. 

Dissolution ib. Petitions 86 

Estate of Parliament ib. Previous Question 86 

Executive ib. Priyileges of Parliament ... . ib. 

Finance 77 Prorogation 87 

House of Commons ib. Question ib. 



Royal Assent 87 

Seijeant at Amos 88 

Session . . ib. 

8U months (this day) . . . . 8fi 

Spealcer in Commons (Duties of), ib. 

Speakerin Commons (Privileges) 90 


Speafcerof the Hoose of Lords . 90 

Strangrrs (Admission of ) . . . 91 

Supply (Committee of) . . . ib. 

Three months (this day) . . . ib. 

Vacating seats ib. 

Ways and Means (Committee of) ii • 


Conaties, Cities, Boronghs, Uni- 
Tersities, and Cinqae Ports, 
rotomiBg Members to Parlia- 
ment, with a Statement of the 

numliers polled at the last con- 
tested Elections, the Popula- 
tion, Registered Votem, &e. . 80 


Members of the Hoose of Com- 
mons, their parentage, ages, 
marriages, professions, ottces, 
church patronage, political 
piinciplM and pledges, clubs to 

which they belong, their resi- 
dences, family connexions, &c. 128 

Cabinet Ministers, and Officers of 
State, &c. not of the Cabinet . 803 

Principal Clnb-hoases • . . 803 







Those marked * supported Lord John RasseU's late government (1848- 
1862), and thus f opposed the measnresof thRtiidminiiitnition. (h.c.}atthe 
end of the nccnunt of any Noble Lord, signifies that he had been a Mem- 
Tier of the House of Commons, «/id ceased to be so in the year stated 
immediately after those letters. 

AbbrtvicMons.—V. C. signifies Privy Councillor, 800. Rep. Scotch Repre- 
sentative Peer, Ir. Rep. Irish Representative Peer, 2nd tit. second 
title, that usually borne by the eldest son of the Peer, b. born, m. mar- 
ried, d. daughter, Bp. Bishop, er. created. 
*** When a noble Lord or honourable Member is described as the patron of 
one or mote " livings," it is to be considered that every speries of 
patronage which he may possess in the United Church of England and 
Ireland is oomprixed under that term. 

fAsERCORN (2nd Marq. of), James Hamilton, K.G. 
P.O.; or. 1790. 

B. 1811, m. d. of 6th Duke of Bedford. 2nd tit. Yisct Hamilton. 
Appointed Groom of the Stole to Prince Albert, 1846. Lord-Lleut. of 
the CO. of Donegal. Is patron of 2 livings. Chesterfield house. South 
Andley-itreet ; Carlton ; Duddingntone-honse, eo. Edinburgh; 
Barons' Court, eo. Tyrone ; Bentley Priory, Middlesex. 

fAsERDEEN (4th Earl of), George Hamilton Gordon, 
K.T., P.C, F.R.S.; cr. 1682. 

B. 1784, m. first, d. of 1st Marq. of Abercorn ; Sdly, d. of the Hon. John 
Douglas (dead). Sits as Visct. Gordon. 2nd tit. Lord Haddo. (1 st Peer a 
Judge.) Was twice Secretary of State for Foreign Aflairs, and during 
a short time for ttie Citlonies. Appointed First Lord of the Treasury 
Dec. 1832, salary £30U0. Is President of the British Institution, 
Chancellor of King's College, Aberdeen, Ranger of Greenwich Park, 
and Lord-Lieut, of Aberdeensh. 7, uirgyll-st. : Carlton t Rangtr** 
House, BlaeJbheaihi Haddo House, Aberdeensh. 


tABEROAVEMNT (4th Earl of), Rev. William Nevill; 
cr. 1784. 

B. 1792, m. d. of the late R. Leeke, esq., of Longford Hall, Salop. 
Snd tit. Yisct. NeriU. Formerly Rector of BirllDR, Kent, and Vicar of 
Rrant, SuMex; patron of 19 livings. 6S, Portland^l. ; Bridgt CatU*, 

f Abingdon (6th Earl of), Montagu Bertie ; cr. 1682. 

B. 1808 ; m, d. of George Granville Harcnurt, esq. 2nd tit. Lord 
Noneys. Is High Steward of Abingdon. Patron of 4 livings (h. c. 1854, 
as Lord Norreys). 18, Grosvenor-pl.; Carltont fVyttiam Abbey t 

fABiNOER (2nd Bar.), Roht. Camphell Scarlett; cr.l83& 

B. 1704, m. d. of Geo. Smith, esq., late Chief Justice at the Maarititis. 

(1st Peer a Judge.) la a barrister (b. c. 1844, as Mr. Scarlett). 13, Albe. 

marlest. ; CarUon t Abinger Hall, Surrey ; Inverloehy, Itwemeaa-ah, 

fAiLESBURY (1st Marq. of), Charles Bruce Brudenell- 
Bruce, K.T. ; cr. 1821. 
B. 1773, m. first, d. of 1st Lord Berwick; 2dly, d. of the Hon. Cfhas. 
Tnllemache. 2nd tit. Earl Bruce. Ranger of Saver nake Forest. Is patron 
of 9 livings (h. c. 1814, as Lord Bruce). 41, Groeoenor-aq. ; Carlton; 
Tottenham Park t fViUs; Jerveattx Abbey , Yorksh.; East Sheent 

fAiLSA (2nd Marq. of), Archibald Kennedy; cr. 1831. 
B. 1816, m. d. of the late Sir Richard M. Jephson. Was forraer'y lieut. 
irtli dragoons. A Dep.-Lieat. of Ayr- hire. 2nd tit. Earl of CasailUs. 
The Castle t(f Cassillis and Culsean Castle, Ayrsh. 

*AiRLiE (7th Earl of, Sco. Rep.), David Graham Drum- 
mond Ogiivy; cr. 1639. 

B. 1820 ; m. d. of 2nd Lord Stanley of Alderley. Is a Dep.-Lient. of 
Forfarshire. Airlie Castle^ Cor>achy Castle, and Auehterho%ue, 
Forfar sh.; Clunie Castle and Keltie Castle, Perthsh. 

*Albemarle (6th Earl of), George Thomas Keppel, 
cr. 1696. 

B. 1799 ; m. d. of Sir Coutts Trotter, Bart. A Col. in the army. Has 
been a groom in waiting to the Queen. 2nd tit. Visct. Bury, (lat Peer 
a distinguished adherent of William III.) Is patron of 9 livings (h.c. 
1850, as Hon. Geo. Thos. Keppel). 11, Grosvenor-sq.: Quidenham 
HaU, Norfolk. 
f Alvanley (3rd Bar.), Richard Pepper Arden; cr. 1801. 
B. 1792; m. 1881 yoongest d. of lat Duke of CleveUnd. Has been a 


Lieat.-Co1. in the Army, bat retired. Is patron of S liTings. (Ut 
Peer a judge.) 13, Bruion-at.; Pepper Hall, Catleriott Yorkth. 

fAMHERST (1st Earl), William Pitt Amherst, P.C., 
G.C.H., D.C.L.; cr. 182G. 

B. 1778, m. 1st, d. of Lord Archer, and relict of 5th Earl of Plymouth ; 
Sndly, d. of 2nd Duke of Dorset, and relict of 6th Barl of Plymouth. 2nd 
tit. Visct. Holmesdale. (1st Peer a distinguished military commander.) 
Has been one of the Canada Commissioners, also a Lord of the King's 
Bedchamber and Ambassador to China, and GoTernor-Geueral of India. 
Enjoys a pension of ^3000 per aiin. 66, Grosvenor-at. ; Knole Parkt 
and Montreal, Kent. 

•Anglesey (2nd Marq. of), Henry Paget, P.C.; cr. 

B. 1797; m. 1st, d.of CoL J. Campbell; 2nd1y, d. of Right Hon. Sir 
C. Bagot. 2nd tit. Earl of Uxbridge. (1st Peer a distinguished mili- 
tary commander.) Has been Lord Chamberlain to the Queen. A col. 
in the army. Lord-Lieut, and Custos Rot. of Anglesey. Patron of 6 
livings (h. c. 1832, as Earl of Uxbridge). 1, Old Burlinglen^t.; 
Pldsnewjfdd, Angleaey ; Beaudeaert, Stc^ordah. 

Argyll (8th Duke of), George John Douglas Camp- 
bell, P.C. ; cr. 1701. 

B. 1823, m. d. of 2nd Doke of Sutherland. Sits as Baron Snndridge and 
Hamilton. 2nd tit. Marq. of Lorn. Heritable Master of the Household 
in Scotland, Hereditary Sheriff of Argyllsh. Chancellor of the Uni- 
versity of St. Andrews, and Lord Rector of the Unirersity of Glasgow. 
Appointed Lord Privy Seal, Dec. 185S, salary jf2000. hwerary, 
Argyllah.; Roaeneath, Dumbtartonsh. 

*Arundell of Wardour (Uth Bar.), Henry Benedict 
Arundell; cr. 1605. 

B. 1787 1 m. Ist, d. of H. P. Smythe, esq.; 2ndly, d. of Sir H. Ttch- 
borne, Bart. ; Brdly, d. of 17th Lord Stonrton. (1st Peer a distinguished 
military comnuinder.) Is patron of 1 living. fVardour Caatl*, fVtttat 
Union t Imham Hall, Lineolnah. 

fAsHBURNHAM (4th Earl of), Bertram Ashburnham ; cr. 

B. 1797, m. d. of George Baillie, esq. 2nd tit. Visct. St. Asaph. Is 
patron of 13 livings. 80, Upper Groavenor-at. ; Carlton f Aahbum- 
ham Place, Suaaex. 

f AsHBURTON (2nd Bar.), William Bingham Baring, 
P.C. ; cr. 1835. 
B. 17W } m. d. of eth Earl of Saadwioh. Hu been Paymaster Geikera 1 


flf the Forces, and Seoretary to tke Boanl of Controol. (1st Fter a ver- 
chaBt, asd Ambatfador to America.) A depnty-lieot. of Hants. Is patron 
of 7 Urines, (h. c. 1848, a^ Hon. William Bingham Baring.) 82, Pio- 
eadiUy; Carlton,- AthenaBum-, The Grange, Hants; Shoreham» 

fAxHOLL (6th Duke of), George Augustus Frederic 
John Murray, K.T. ; cr. 1703. 

B. 1814; m. d. of Henry Home Dmmmond, esq. Han been a Lord 
in Waiting to the Queen. Is grand master of the Freemasons in Scot- 
land. Sits a« Earl Strange. Sndtit.Marq. of Tnllibardine. Hereditary 
Sheriff of Perthsh. The Duchess is Lady of the Bedchamber to the 
Queen. CarUon; Blair Atholl House, Perthsh, 

•Auckland (3rd Bar.), Robert John Eden, D.D.; cr. 1789. 

B. 1799; m. d. of Edward Hurt, esq. Is Bishop of Bath and Wells, 
bat being the Junior bi«hop has no seat in the House of Lords in that 
capacity. Visitor of Wadham Coll., Oxford. Formerly Vicar of Bat- 
tersea, and subsequently Bishop of Sodor and Man. Has been Chaplain 
to the Queen. ! Patron of 42 livings. Annual value of the see, £!VO0O. 
9,Orowenor Crescent ; Eden Lodge, Kensington; Eden Farm, 
Kent t Palace, fVeUs. 

♦AuDLEY (20th Bar.), George-Edward Thicknesse- 

Touchet: cr. 1297. 

B. 1817. Sandridge Park, fViUs. 
fAYLESFORD (5th Earl of), Heneage Finch, F.S.A. : cr. 


B.178e, m. d. of 2nd Eail of Warwick fdead). 2nd tit. Lord Guernsey. 
(1st Peer a judge.) Has been Capt. of the Yeomen of the Guard, and Lord 
Steward of the Household. Is patron of 8 livings. 16, Curxon-st.; 
Paekington Hall, fVdnoieksh. ; Aylesford, Kent. 

fBAGOT (2nd Bar.), Wm. Bagot, F.S. A., F.L.S., F.H.S. ; 
cr. 1780. 

B. 1773, m.lst,d. of 1st Lord Southampton ;2ndly, d. of theSrd Earl 
of Danmouth, dead. Is patron of 8 livings. Carlton t BlUhfield 
House, Staffordeh.; Pool Park, Denbighsh, 

fBANDON (2nd Earl of, Ir. Rep.), James Bernard, 
D.C.L. ; cr. 1793. 

B. 1785, m. d. of the Arcbbp. (Brodrick) of Cashel. 2nd tit. Visct. 
Bernard. Lord-Lieut, of the co. of Cork. 4U, Lowndes-sq. i Carlton t 
Castle- Bernard, eo. Cork. 
f Banoor (Bp. of), Christopher Bethell, D.D. 

B. 1773| oninanledi oaaseurated Bp. of Gloucester 1824; translated 


1880. Ponnerly Fellow of Ki]i8r*s College, Cambridfiv. Is]Mtronof94 
liTingi. Anniial value of see, jf 4000.— Aan^orPateov, Camarvonsh. 

Bantrt (2nd Earl of, Ir. Rep.)i Richard White; cr. 

B. 18'J0; m. d. of 3iid Harq. of lliomond (dead). Slid tit Yiaet. 
Berehav.-n. BatUry House, Cork. 

Bateman (2nd Bar.)f William Bateman Bateman- 
Hanbury: cr. 1837. 

B. 1826 ; m. d. of the late Sir E. Kerrf aon, bart Is Locd-Ueat. of 
Hereford. 19, South jiudUy-at.t Shobden Court, Herrfordth.; Ktl- 
marshy Northamptonth, 

Bath (4th Marq. of), John Alexander Thynne ; cr. 1789. 

B. 1831. Is patron of 10 Uvings. LonffUate, PTiUt, 
fBATHDRST (4th Earl), Henry George Bathurst, D.C.L.; 
cr. 1772. 

B. 1790. 2nd tit. Lord Apsley. Is patron of S IlTings. (h. e. 1884 as 
Lord Apsley.) Has been a member of the Board of Contnwl. 4, fVitton 
Crescent i Carlton; Oakley Grove,Glouee9ter9h. ; Langwith Lodge, 

f Baynino (3rd Bar.), Rev. Hen. Wm.Powlett; cr.l797. 
B. 1797, m. d. of the late W. H. Fellowes, esq. Has been Rector of 
Broome. Is Rural Dean of Norwich. 15. Lower Berkeley-at. ; Uni- 
versity ; Carlton t Broome Rectory, Eye, Suffolk. 

fBEAUCHAMP (4th Earl), Henry Beauchamp Lygon; 
cr. 1815. 

M. d. of 2nd Eail St. Germans (dead). A 1>eputy.Ueat. of Wor- 
eestersh. A Gen. in the Army. Col of 10th Hassars. 2nd tit. Viact. 
Elmley. Is patron of 4 linngs. (h. c. 1853 as Hon. H. B. Lygon.) 
87, Porttnan-sq. ; Madresfield Court, fVoreeatersh. 

f Beaufort (8th Duke of), Henry Charles Fitz-Roy 
Somerset; cr. 1682. 

B. 1824; m. d. of 1st Earl Howe. 2nd tit. Marq. of Worcester, (h. c. 
1853, as Marq. of Worcester.) Is aide-decamp to Visconnt Hardinge, 
a depnty-lieat. of Gloacestersh. A major (unattached) in the army. Is 
patron of 29 livings. 27, Berkeley-sq.; Carlton t Badminton atui 
Stoke Gifford, Gloucestershire; Troy House, Monmouthah. 

•Bedford (7th Duke of), Francis Russell, P.C, K.G.: 

B. 1788, ra. d. of 8rd Earl of Harrington, (h. c. 1882, as Marq. of Ta» 
▼istock.) The Duchess was a lady of the Bedchamber to the Queen, find Ut. 


Marq. of Tavistock. Is patron of 27 livings. A special Deputy Warden 
of the Stannaries. 6, Belgrave-sq.; Reform Chtb; fVobum Abbey ^ 
OaJbley^ Becffordth. ; Endsleigh, Devon. 

•Belhaven and Stenton (8th Bar.), Robert Mont- 
gomery Hamilton; cr. 1647- 

B. 1793, m. d. of Walter Campbell, esq. Is High Commissioner to 
the Greneral Assembly of the Charch of Scotland. Sit.« as Baron Hamil- 
ton. Is Vice-Lieot.of Lanarlc. Lleat.-CoI. of the Lanark Uilitia. 80, 
Albemarle et. ; fVishaw, Lanarksh. 

Berners (6th Bar.), Henry William Wilson; cr.'1455. 
B. 1797, m. d. of Col. George Cramp. Is a depnty-lient. of Leices* 
tersh.. 28, Cavendish-sq.i National and Conservative Clubs t 
Keyihorpe Hall, Leicestershire. 

Berwick (6th Bar.), Rich. Noel Noel-Hill; cr. 1784. 
B. 1800. (Peerage conferred for diplomatic services.) Is patron of 4 
livings. 1, Stable-yd., St. James' ; Attingham House, Salop. 

*Bessborough (5th Earl of), John George Brabazon 
Ponsonby, P.C. ; cr. 1739. 

B. 1 809, m. 1st, eld. d. of 1st Earl of Durham (dead); 2ndly, 1849, d. of 5th 
Doke of Richmond. Sits as Barnn Ponsonby. 2nd tit. Yisct. Duncannon. 
Has been Master of the Buckhounds to the Qaeen; re appointed to 
that office, Dec. 1852. Is Lord Lient. and Castes Rot. of the county of 
Caxlow. (h. c. 1847, as Lord Duncannon.) Peerage conferred for official 
services. 40, Charles-st., Berkeley-eq* t Brookes' s; fVhite's t Tra- 
vellers* t Bessborough House f Kilkenny i Roehampton, Surrey. 

f Beverley (2nd Earl of), George Percy, P.C; cr. 1790. 

B. 1778, m. d. of the Hon. J. A. Stuart-Wortley. 2nd tit. Lord Lo- 
vmine. Has been Capt. of the Yeomen of the Guard. 8, Portman-sq. t 

Blamtyre (12th Bar. Sco. Rep.), Charles Walter 
Stuart; cr. 1606. 

B. 1818 I m. 2nd d. of Snd Duke of Sutherland. Is a Dep.- Lieut, of 
Kenfhsw. Lennox. love, near Haddington: Erskine House and 
Blantyre, Renfrewsh, 

f Blayney (12th Bar. Ir. Rep.), Cadwallader Davis 
Blayney; cr. 1621. 

B. 1808. (h. c. 1834 as Mr. Blayney.) Pirst Peer a Military Comman- 
der. 7B,Jermyn^st.; Carlton; Blayney Castle, Monaghan. 


BoiiiNOBROKE (5th Visct.)) Henry St. John; cr. 1712. 

B. 1820. (1st Peer the celebrated Lard Bolingbroke.) I« patron of 
1 living. 1, Chandoa st.i LydiardPark, fViltt, 

Bolton (3rd Bar.), William Henry Orde-Powlett; cr. 

B. 1818 1 m. d. of the late Col. Crawfbrd, of Newfleld, Ayrsh. Is a 
Depaty.Lieat. of the North Riding of York. Patron of 6 livings. 
Haeiwood House, Heuils,' SoUon Hall, Yorkth. 

f Boston (3rd Bar.), George Irby, D.C.L. ; cr. 1761. 
B.1777, m. d. of William Drake, esq. dead. Is patron of 8 livings 
United Service ; Hedtor Lodge, Berkt. 

f Bradford (2nd Earl of), George Augustus Frederick 
Henry Bridgeman; cr. 1815. 

B. 1789, m. 1st, d. uf Sir T. MoncTeilTe, M. dead ; 2ndly, d. of jBneas 
Mackay, esq., and relict of Sir David Moncreiff. Snd tit. Tisct. New- 
port. Is patron of 10 livings. 48, Belffrave-sq.; Carlton i fVeston 
Hall, Slaffordsh, i Castle Bromwieh, fVanoieksh. 

f Braybrooke (3rd Bar.), Richard GriflSn, LL.D. ; cr. 

B. 1788, m. d. of 2iid Marq. Comwallls. High Steward of Woking- 
ham. Visitor of Magdalene College, Cambridge. Is patron of 6 livings. 
10, New Burlington-st.; jiudley End, Essex; Billingbear, Berks. 

*Breadalbane (2nd Marq. of), John Campbell, K.T., 
P.C; cr.l83l. 

B. 1 706, m. d. ot George Baillie, esq. Snd tit. Earl of Oraelie. (k. e. 
■s Visct. Glenorchy, and as Sari of Ormelie, 1884.) Lord-Lieut, of 
Argyllshire. Has been Lord Chamberlain of the Household since Dec. 
1852. 21, Park-l.; Kilehum Castle, ArgyUsh.; Taymouth Castle, 
Perthsh. ; Langton House, Berwieksh. 

^Bristol (1st Marq. of), Frederic William Hervey, 
F.R.S.; cr. 1826. 

B. 1769, ra. d. of Lord Templetovrn (dead). Snd tit. Earl lennyn. 
Hereditary Steward of Bury St. Edmund's. Is patron of 80 livings. 
6, St.Jatnes^sq.; Ickworth Park, Suffolk i Putney Heath, Surrey. 

* Brougham and Vaux (1st Bar.), Henry Brougham, 
P.C.; cr. 1830. 
B. 1778, n. d. of T. BdBtt, esq. PircildMt of UalVfnityCeU., London. 


• been Lord Chmicellor ; eajoys a pension of ^000 a year. (h. e. 
0, as Mr. Brougham.) 4* Grafton-st., Bandit.; Brougham Hallt 
' '0stmor0landi Camtet, FrcMot. 

.OUGHTON {\»t Bar.), John Cam Hobbouse, F.R.S., 
LC.B. ; cr. 1851. 

B. 1786, m. d. of 7th Marq. of Tweeddale (dead). Is a partner In the 
•use of Whithread and Co., the London brewers. Has been Secretary 
War, Secretary for Ireland, Chief Commissioner of Woods and 
- rests, and President of the Board of Controul. A Deputy Lieut, of 
V'ilts. (ti. c. 1851, as Sir John Cam Hobhouse.) 42, Berkeley aq.t 
•.thtntmutn and Reform Clubs i fVostbury Cottage, Gloucester ah.: 
' rlestoke Park, fViUs. 

'.RUCE (Bar.), George Wm. Fred. Brudenell-Bruce ; cr. 

Bid. 8. of the Marq. of Ailesbory, and therefore by courtesy Earl 
'!race. B. 18M, m. d. of the 1 1th Earl of Pembroke. Is a Dep. Lieat. of 
'•Yllts. Was called to the Upper House in 1838, in his father's barony 
r>f Brace. (h> c. 1838, as Lord Bruce.) 78, Pall Mall; Savemake 
'.odge, fVilta. 

uuccLEUCH AND QuEENSBERRY (5th Dukeof ), Walter 
Francis Montagu Douglas Seott, K.G., P.C ; cr. 1663. 
B. 1806, m. d. of Snd Marq. of Bath. Sits as Earl of Doncaster. 2nd tit. 
r^arl of Dalkeith. Has been Lord Pr«i>ident of the Council, and Lord 
Privy Seal. Is Lord- Lieut, of Edinburgh, and of Roxburghshire; Capt. 
(Sen. of the Queen's body guard in Scotland, and Col. of Edinburgh 
MUitia. Is patron of 11 liTings, and High Steward of Westminbter. 
The Duchess has been Mistress of the Robes to the Queen. Montagu 
House, fVhitehall Gardens ; Carlton ; Bonghton House, North- 
amptonsh.; Richmond, Surrey; Dalkeith House, Edinburgh; 
Urumlanrig Castle, Dumfries-sh. ; Langholm Lodge, Dumfries- 
sh&re t Bowhill, Selkirk. 

tBucKiNGHAM AND Chandos (2nd Dukc of), Richard 
Plantagenet Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos Gren- 
ville,K.G., P.O.; cr. 1822. 

B. 1707, m. d. of 1st Marq. of Breadalbane (who obtained a dirotce 
18S0). 2nd tit. Marq. of Chaiidos. Has been Lord Privy Seal. Is 
patron of 13 livings, (h. c. 183U, as Marq. of Chandos.) 6, fVilton-st., 
Grosvenorpl.i Carlton. 

Buckinghamshire (6tb Earl of), Rev. Augustus 
Edward Hobart; cr. 1746. 
B. 1798, n. 1st, d. of the late John Williams, esq. (dead); 2ndly,eld. d 



of Rer. Godfrey Egremont. find tit. Lord Hobart. Is patron of 3 
livings. Bi9hop'8 Lodge, FineMey-rd. ; Hampdeti Houte, Bucks. 

•Burlington (2nd Earl of), Wm. Cavendish, F.R.S., 
D.C.L.; cr.l831. 

B.1808, m. d. of the 6th Eari of Carlisle, dead. 2nd tit. Lord Cavendish. 
Chancellor of the University of London. Patron of 14 livings, (h.c. 
1834, as Lord Cavendish.) 10, Btlgrave-sq. ; Latitnera, BueJbs / 
Compion-pl., Sutsex ; Holker Hotue, Lanoath. 

•Byron (7th Bar.), George Anson Byron; cr. 1643. 

B. 1780, m. d. of S. C. Pole, esq. Rear-admiral of the Bine. Has been ** 
Lord in waiting to the Queen. 21, Eaton-pl. ; Park Hall, Cfutterfield, 

fCADOOAN (3rd Earl), George Cadogan, B.C.; cr. 1800. 

B. 1783, m. d. of Joseph Blake, esq. (deadj. 2nd tit. Visct. Chelsea. (1st 
Peer a distinguished military commander.) Is a Vioe-Admirai of the 
White : patron of 2 livings. 89, Cheaham-pl. ; Scmton-Dotonham^ 

f Caledon (3rd Earl of, Ir. Rep.), James Duprd Alexan- 
der; cr. 1800. 

B. 1812, m. d. of Ist Earl of Veralam. Formerly Capt in tbe Cold- 
stream Guards, (h. c. 1839, as Lord Alexander.) 2nd title Lord Alex.- 
ander. 5, Carlton Gardens i Castle Caledon, eo. Tyrone. 

Calthorpe (4th Bar.), Frederic Gough ; cr. 1796. 

B. 1790 ; m. d. of 6th Dake of Beanfort. Has been a Commissioner of 
Lanacy. Is a Dep-Lient. of Stafiurdsh., and has been High Sheriff of the 
same co. Is patron of 6 livings. 83, Grosvenor-aq.s Bdgbaston 
House, fVarwieksh.; Ampton, Suffolk ; Elvatham, Hants. 

Cambridge (2nd Duke of), H.R.H. Prince George 
William Frederick Charles, K.G., K.P., G.C.M.G., 
G.C.H.; cr. 1801. 

First cjQsin to the Queen. B. 1819. A Lieut.-Gen. in the Army, Col. 
of the Scots Fusilier Guards. Ranger of Hyde and St. James* Parkb. 
President of Christ's Hospital. Inspector of Cavalry. Appointed to 
command a division of the forces sent to Turkey, 1854. St. Jamet ' 

t Camden (2nd Marq. of), George Chas. Pratt, K.G. ; cr. 

B. 1709, m. d. of Bp. (Murray) of Rochester. 2nd tit. Earl of Brecknock. 
(1st Peer a judge.) Dep. Lieut, of Kent. (h. c. 1834 as Earl of Breck- 
nock.) Is patron of 2 livings. The Marchioness was for some time v 


L«df of tbe Bedchamber. 19, Btlgrave-sq.i Carlton t fVildemtss 
Park, Kent ; Brecknock Priory , South fVales ; Bayham Abbey, 

•Camoys (3rd Bar.), Thomas Stonor ; cr. 1383. 

B. 1797, m. d of P. E. Townley, esq. This Peerage, in abeyance sinc« 
the reign of Henry VI., was not called out till 1889. Is a Lord In 
Waiting to the Qneen. (b.c. 1838 as Mr. Stonor.) 8, Bennet-st., St. 
Jatnef : Stonor » Ojtfordsh. 

*Campbell (1st Bar.), John Campbell, P.C.; cr. 1841. 
S. of Rev. Dr. Campbell, b.l779, m. Baroness Stratheden, d. of 1st 
Baron Abinger. Has been Attorney-General in England, Lord Chan- 
cellor of Ireland, and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Appointed 
Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench 1850 ; salary ^80U0. (h. c. 1841, as 
Sir J. Campbell.) South-pl., Kniffhtsbridfre i Hartrigge House, 

•Camperdown (1st Earl of), Robert Dundas Duncan- 
Haldane, K.T. ; cr. 1831. 

B. 1785, m. d. of Sir Hew Dalrymple Hamilton, bt. ADep.-Lient. of 
Perthsh. 2nd tit. Visct. Duncan. (1st Peer was the celebrated Admiral 
Duncan.) 1, fVitton-terr.t 101,, BcUhi Camperdown 
House, Forfar sh. ; GleneagleSt Perthsh. 

fCANNiNG (1st Visct.), Charles John Canning, P.C. ; cr. 

Only sarriving son of the Et. Hon. Geo. Canning and Viscountess 
Canning. B. 1801, m. d. of Ist Lord Stuart de Rothesay. Has been 
Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs ; and for a short time Chief Com- 
miaaloner of Woods and Forests. Appointed Postmaster-Gen. Dec. 
1852, salary ^2500. (h. c. 1837 as Mr. Canning.) The YiscottntesB ia 
a Lady of the Bedchamber. 10, Groevenor-tq, 

fCANTERBURY(Archbp.of),John Bird Suraner,D.D., P.C. 
8. of Rev. R. Snmuer, and br. to the Bp. of Winchester; b. 1780 1 m. 
d. of Capt. Robertson, R.N. (dead). Consecrated Bp. of Chester 1828} 
translated to the Primacy 1848. Formerly fellow of King's Coll. Cam- 
bridge. Is Primate of all England. Is patron of 149 livings. Annual 
value of see, j£l5,000. Lambeth Palace ; jtddmgton Park, Surrey. 

f Canterbury (2nd Visct.), Chas. John Manners-Sutton ; 
cr. 1835. 

B. 1813. The first Peer was Speaker of the House of Commons, and 
veoeiTed a pension of ^04000 a year. 4, Bolton Row: Carlton, 



fCARDiOAN (7th Earl of), Jas.Tho8.Brudene1I; ct.1661. " 

B. 1797, m. d. of Admiral ToUemache, whose preTioas msrriage with 
Major Johnston was dissolved. 2nd tit. Lord BnidenelL A Hiuor G«n. 
iu the Armjr, and has been Lient.-Col. Ilth HnssarB. Atq>ointed a Gen. 
of Brigade in command of cavalry in the forces sent to the East, 1854; 
and served with distinction btfore Balaklava. Is patron of 6 livings, 
(h. c. 1837 as Lord Bradenell.) 86, Portman-aq.i Dean Part, North- 
amptonsh.; Twickenham, Middlesex. 

*Carew (Ut Bar.), Robert Sbapland Carew, K.P.; cr. 

B. 1787, m. d. of Major Oiffe. Lord-Lient. of Wexford. Patron of 

1 living, (h. c. 1834 as Mr. Carew.) Castleborough, eo. fVexfordt 
fVoodetonnit eo. fVaierford. 

^Carlisle (7th Earl of), George William Frederick 
Howard, P.C; cr. 1661. 

B. 180S. Has been Chief Secretary for Ireland, Chief Commitsioner of 
Woods and Forests, Chancellor of the Dnchy of Lancaster. Is one of 
the Council of the Duchy of Cornwall; and ranger of Dean Forest. 
Lord Rector of Marischal College, Aberdeen , for 1853^ 2nd tit. Yisct. 
Morpeth. Is patron of 8 liviagii. Lord Lieut, of the East Riding of 
Yorksh. (h. c. 1848, as Visct. Morpeth.) 12, Grosvenorpl. ; Castle 
Howard, Yorksh.; Naworlh Castle, Cumberland. 

fCARLisLE (Bp. of), Hon. Hngh Percy, D.D. 

B. 1784, m. 1st, d. of Archbp. (Sutton) of Canterbory ; 2dly, d. of Sir 
W.J. Hope (dead). ObnseeratedBp. of Rochester June 1827; translated 
Sept. 1827. Is Prebendary of St. Pant's, and Chancellor of Salisbury. 
Fbrmerly of Trinity College, Cambridge. Is patron of 45 livings. 
Annual value of see, jf 309U. Rose Castle, Cumberland. 

Carnarvon (4th Earl of), Henry Howard Molyoeux 
Herbert; cr. 1793. 

B. 1831. A dfputy-lient. of Hants. Is patron of 4 livings. High 
Clere House, Hants t Pieton, Somersetsh, 

*Carrington (2nd Bar.), Robert John Carrington; cr. 

B. 1796, m. Ist, d. of 1st Lord Forester; 9dly. d. of IQth Lord Wil- 
loughby d'Eresby. Lord Lieut, and Cnstos Rot. of Bucks. Is patron of 

2 livings, (h.c. 1838 as Mr. Smith.) 8, rVhitehatl Yard; Carttong 
fVyoombe Abbey, Buekinghamsh. ; Deal Castle^ Kent. 

Carysfort (2nd Earl of), John Proby ; cr. 1789. 

B. 1780, onmaxried. Sita as Baron Caryslbrt. 2nd tit. Lord Proby. A 


Oenoiv! in th6 ArIh^ fh. e. 1806 as Lord Pnfby.) BttoH Ball, BmU- 
ingdonsh.; Glenart Castle, fVieklow. 

fCASTLEMAiNE (3rd Bar. It. Hep.), Richard Handcock ; 
cr. 1812. 

B. 1791, m. d. of H. Harris, esq. (h. o. 1881 as Mr. Handoock.) 
67, St.James^-st.t Moydrutn Castle, eo. fVeafmeath. 

fCATHCART (2d Earl), Charles Murray Cathcart, K.C.B.; 
cr. 1814. 

B. 1788, m. d. of Thos. Matller, esq. 2nd tit. Lord Greenock. (The 
Enridom was conferred for military Kcnrices.) Is a Gen. in the Army. 
Got. of the 1st Dragoon Guards. Has been GoTemor and ComDaftder- 
in-Chief in Canada. United Setvieet CdtrUoti; Catheart Howe, 

f Cawdor (1st Earl), John Fred. Campbell; cr. 1827. 

B.1790, m. d. of the 8rd Marq. of Bath. 2nd tit Vikct. Einlyn. Lord 

Lient. and Costoa Rot. of OarmartfaenBh. Is patron of 11 liyittgs. (h. a, 

1821 a« Hon. Jbhn Campbell.} 74, South Audley-et. ; Cawdor Castle, 

Nairn; Staekpole Court, Petnbrokeah.; Golden Grove, Carmar- 

*Charlemont (2nd Earl of, Ir. Rep.), Francis Wm. 
Caulfeild, K.P., P.C, M.R.I.A. ; *cr. 1763. 

B. 1775, m. d. of William Bermingham, esq. 2ndtit.Vlsct Ckdlfefld. 
Baron Charlemont in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. Lord Lient. 
of Tyrone. (Peerage confeited for military services.) Is patron of 
1 liTiog. 49, Lower Groevenor-st.; Marino, Dublin; CastU Caul- 
fhitd, Armagh. 

*Chest£R (Bp. of), John Graham, D.D. 

8. of John Graham, esq., of Darham. B. 1794; m. 1883 d. of the Rer. 
Robert Porteus. Appointed Prebendary of Lincoln 1834 ; made Clerk of 
the Closet 1849. Ponnerly Rector of Willingham, Cambridgesh.; has 
btf«n Chaplain to Prince Albert. Is patron of 47 liTings. Consecrated 
1848. Annnalralneofsee, jC4500. Palace, Chester, 

•f-CHESTERFiELD (6th Earl of), George Augustus Frederic 
Stanhope, P.C; cr. 1628. 

B. 1805, m. d. of 1st Lord Forester. 2nd tit. Lord Stanhope. Has been 

Master of the Bnck-hounds. Is patron of 11 livings. 82, Albemarle- 

St; Carlton t Bradby Hall, Derbysh. 

tCHiCHESTER(3dEarlof), Hen. Thos. Pelham; cr.1801. 

B.1804. m. d. of the Oth Earl of Cardigan. 2nd tit Lord Pelham. ^ 



pntmn of 4 lirings. A Major In the Amy. S3,Gro»vm»«rpl,{&tm~ 
mer Pari, Sussex, 

f Chichester (Bp. of), Ashburst Turner Gilbert, D.D. 

Was Principal of Braaenoae College, Oxford, from 1838 to 1842; and 
Vice-chancellor of the Unlveniitj, from 1886 to 1840. Consecrated 
184S. Is patron of SOliTings. Annual value of see, jf 4:200. 43, Quten 
Atmc'St.t Palae0^ CMcheater. 

fCHOLHONDELEY (2nd Marq. of), George Horatio Chol« 
mondeley, P.C. ; cr. 1815. 

B. 1793, m. 1st, d. of Gen. Colin Campbell ; 2ndly, d. of the 6th Duke of 
Beaufort. Snd tit. Earl of Rocksavage. Joint Hereditary Oreat Cham- 
berlain. Is patron of 6 livings. 12, Carlton- House Ter.;Carltoni Chot. 
mondeley Castle^ Chesh.; Houghton HcM^ Norfolk. 

^Churchill (2nd Bar.), Francis George Spencer; cr. 

B. 1802, m. d. of Snd Marq. of Oonyngham (she is ■ Lady of the 
Bedchamber to the Queen). Is a I>ep<-Lieut. for Ozfordsb. Is Ranger 
of Wychwood Forest. 30, Albemarle-st.i Combury Park, Oson; 
PVest Lavington. fViUs. 

fCLANCARTY (3d Earl of), William Thomas Le Poer 
Trencb; cr. 1803. 

B. 1808, m. d. of the 8rd Earl of Carrick. Sits as Viset. CUncarty. Snd 
tit. Yisct. Dunlo. Garbally Park, oo, </ Gatway. 

*Clanricarde (1st Marq. of), Ulick John de Burgh, 
K.P., P.C.; cr. 1825. 

B. 1802, m. d. of the Right Hon. George Canning. Sits as Baron Somer- 
hill. 2nd tit. Lord Dunkellin. Lord-Lieut. andCustosRut.of the co. 
of Galway. Has been Ambassador to the court of Russia, and Post- 
master-Gen. Is patron of 9 liirings. 2, CarltonHouse Terraee; 
Portumna Castle, Gatway. 

f Clanwilliam (3rd Earl of), Richard Meade; cr. 1776. 

B. 1795, m. d. of the 11th Earl of Pembroke. Sits as Baron Clanwilliam. 
Snd tit. Lord Gilford. 32, Belgrave-sq.; Carlton s Gill-hall, co. 

*Clare (3rd Earl of ), Richard Hobart Fitz-Gibbon; 
cr. 1795. 

B. 1798, m. d. of the late C. Brydges Woodcock, esq. Kher prerions 
mar. with M. C. Moore, esq., having been dissolyed.) Sits as Baron 
Pit£-Oibbon. Snd tit. Yisct. Fitx-Gibbon. 1st Peer a judge, (h. c. 1841. 
as Hon. Ricb. Fits-Gibbon.) 89, South-st. ; Mowti Shannon, Umeriek. 


♦Clarendon (4th Earl of), Geo. Wm. Fred. Villiers, 
K.G., G.C.B., P.C. ; cr. 1776. 

B. 1800, m. d. of the Igt Earl ofVeraUin. 2nd tit. Lord Ilyde. Has 
been Envoy Bxtraordinwy and Minister Plenipotentiary at Madrid, 
Chancellor of the Duchy of L^ncarter, Lord Privy Seal, President of 
the Board of Trade, and Lord-Lient. of Ireland. Appointed Secretary 
of State for Foreign AlBiirs, Feb. 1863, salary jC6000. Patron of 2 livings. 
1, Grosvniorerea. ; MinOon, fVilta; Grove Part, Herts { PenUtn 
Castle^ Glamorgansh. 

tCLABiNA (prd Bar. Ir. Rep.), Eyre Massey ; cr. 1800. 
B. 1798, m. d. of Hugh Bartm, esq., of Stnfian, co. Kildare. The first 
peer was a general. 19, Cumberland-st. ; Elm Pdrk, eo. Limerick, 
fCLEVELAND (2nd Duke of), Henry Vane, K.G. ; cr. 

B. 1788; m. d. of 4th Earl Ponlett. 2nd tit. Eari of Darlington. Li 
patron of 18 livings. A Major-Gen. in the Army. (h. c. 1842 as Lord 
Darlington.) 17, St. Jamea'e-aq.; Carlton; Raby Caatle, Durham. 
Clifden (4ih Visct.), Henry Agar-EUis; cr. 1781. 

B. 1825. Sits as Baron Meudip. Has been a Lord of the Bedchamber 
to Prifice Albert. Dover House, fVhitehalli Gowran Castle, 
and Rinffwood, eo. Kilkenny t Haldenby House, Northampton- 

♦Clifford op Chudleigh (8th Bar.), Hugh Charles 
Clifford ; cr. If572. 

B. 1790. m. d. of Thomas Weld, esq. (afterwards Cardinal Weld), dead. 
(Peerage conferred for official serrices.) Is patron of 2 livings. Vgbrook 
Park, Devon ; East Park Hall, Lancash. 

f Clinton (18th Bar.), Charles RodolphTrefu8i8;cr.l 299. 

B.1791, m.d. of the 6th Marq. of Lothian. Is patron of 6 livings. 
18, Upper Grosvenorst.; Trefusis Castle, Cortnoall; Heanton 
House, Devon. 

f Clonbrock (3rd Bar. Ir.Rep.), Robert Dillon ; cr.l790. 
B. 1807, m. d. of 1st Lord Churchill. Capt. Ist Oxon Yeomanry Ca^ 
valry. Clonbrock, Galtoay. 

Cloncurry (3rd Bar.), Edward Lawless ; cr. 1789. 
B. I8I64 m. d. of J. Kirwan, esq. Is a Deputy-Lieut, of the co. r 
Dublin. Lyons' Castle, Kildare; Abington, Limerick. 

f Colchester (2nd Bar.), Charles Abbot, P.C; cr. 181 
B. 1798, m.d. oflstLordEllenboTough. (1st Peer filled the office 


Spetfcec of tlte Home of Cooiinoiis.) A Capt. in the Navp. Hm held 
the united officer of Yice-PreHdent of the Board of Tmde* Fayvafter 
General and Treaanrar of the Nary. 82, Upper Brook-st. ; Carlton t 
Kidbrooket Sussex. 

CoLViLLE OF CuLROSs (11th Bar. Sco. Rep.), Charles 
John Colville ; cr. 1609. 

B. 1818 ; m. d. of Snd Lard Carrington. Formerly Capt. 11th Hassars. 
Has been Chief Equerry and Clerk Marshal to the Qaeen. 42, Eaten, 
pi. I Bromwell House, near Bristol. 

f CoMBERMERE (Ist Visct.), Stapleton Stapleton-Cotton, 
G.C.B., D.C X., P.C; cr. 1826. 

B. 1780, m. lat, d. of the 3rd Duke of Newcajitle; 2dly, d. of W. F. 
Oreville, esq. ; Brdly, d. of T. Oibbings, esq., M.D. (Peerage conferred 
for military seryices.) A Gen. in the Army, Col. of 1st Life Guards. Gov. 
of Sheerness, Constable of the Tower of London, LordLient. and 
Cnatos Rot. of the Tower Hamlets ; has been Gov. of Barbados i enjt ys 
a pension, is patron of 1 Unng. 48, Btlgrave»sq^are t Carlton s 
Comberrtere jibbey, Chesh. 

*CoNGLETON (2nd Baron), John Vesey Parnell ; or. 1841. 
B. 1805 ; m. Ist, MissCronin ; 2d1y, an Armenian lady. (Peerage con. 
ferred for official senrices.) S2, Cumberland's t., Hyde Park,' Rath^ 
league, Queen^s Co.; Congleton, Chesh. 

•CoNYNGHAM (2nd Marq.), Francis Nathaniel Conyng- 
ham, K.P., G.C.H.. P.C. ; cr. 1816. 

B. 1797, m. d. of the 1st Marq. of Anglesey. Sits as Baron Minster. Snd 
tit. Earl of Mount-Charles. Has been Lord Chamberlain to the Queen, 
and Postmaster-Gen. twice. Patron of 1 living. Brevet-Col. in the 
Army, unattached, (h. c. 18S2 as Ln-d Mount-Charles.) &, Hamilton- 
pi. ; Slane Castle, Meath. 

•Cork and Orrery (8th Earl of), Edmund Boyle, 
K.P. ; or. 1620. 

B. 1767 ; m. d. of Wm. Poyntz, esq. Sits as Baron Boyle. 2nd tit. 
Visct. Dungarvan. (Peerage conferredfor official services.) A Gen. in the 
Army. Is patron of 10 livings. 8, Hamilton-pl.; Marston Hall, 

CoTTENHAM (2nd Earl), Charles Edward Pepysfcr. I860. 
^1884. Has been Clerk of the Crown in Chancery. Is*a depnty-Ueot. 

Ortdge Court, Surrey s Ridley HaU, Cheshire. 


fCouRTowN (4Ui Ear) of), Jamea Thoraaa Stopford ; 
cr. 1762. 

B. 1704, n. 1st, d. of the 4th Duke of Bnoclench ; Sdly, d. of the laf 
Chief Justice Penne&ther. Sits as Baron Saltersford. 2nd tit. Visct. ■ 
Stopford. Is Castos Rot. and Depnty-Lieut. of Wexford. 45, Lower 
Broot-st.i Carlton; Courtoum Houte, co. fVtjrford. 

fCowLEY (^nd Bar.), Henry Richard Wellesley, P.C, 
G.C.B. ; cr. 1828. 

B. 1 804, m. d. of Lord Henry FitzOerald and the Baroness de Ros. 
Was Secretary of legation at Stuttgard, and subsequently Secretary of 
Embassy at Constantinople. Has been Minister plenipotentiary to the 
Swiss Cantons, and to the Germanic Confederation t became Ambassa- 
dor at Paris 1852, salary jf 8000. (Ist peer an ambassador.) Carlton. 

•CowPER (6th Earl)| George Augustus Frederic Cowper; 
cr. 1718. 

B. 1806, m. d. of the 1st Barl de Grey. 2nd tit. Visct. Fordwich. 
Enjo]r8 an hereditary Pension. Lord-Lieut, of Kent. High Steward 
of Hertford. Is patron of 3 lirings. Has been Under Secretary for 
Foreign Affidrs. (The first Peer was twice Lord Chaneellor.) 1, Great 
Stanhope-et. ; Penshanger, Hertfordsh. ; Moate House, Kent. 
^Cranworth (Ist Bar.), Robert Monsey Rolfe, P.C.; 
cr. 1850. 

B. ITVO, m. d. of the late T. W. Carr, Esq., of Frognell. Has been 
Solicitor-Gen., also a Baron of the Excheqaer, one of the Yice-Chancel- 
lors, and a Judge of the Court of Appeal in Cliancery. Appointed Lord 
Chancellor of Great Britain, Dec. 1852, salary jf 10,000. rh. c. 18S9,>s 
Sir Bobt. Monsey Rolfe.) 40, Upper Brooket. i Cranworth, Norfolk, 
*CRAyEN (2nd Earl of), William Craven ; cr. 1801. 

B. 1800, m. d. of the Ist Earl of Verulam. 2nd tit.Visct. UiBngton. High 
Steward of Newbury, Lord-Lient.of Warwicksh. Is patron of 10 livings. 
16, Charlea-tt., Berkeley-aq.; Combe Abbey t kVanoietsh.; Ham' 
stetzd and Ashdoton Parks, Berks. 

fCRAWFORo AND Balcarres (24th Earl of), James 
Lindsay: cr. 1398. 

B. 1788, m. d. of 2nd Lord Muncaster (dead). In 1848 received a con- 
finnation of the Earldom of Crawford, and thus became the premier Earl 
on the Union roll of Scotland. Sits as Baron Wigan. 2nd tit. Lord 
liiodsaj. 91, Berkeley-sq. ; Carlton ; Haigh Hall, Lancash. 
•Cremorne (3rd Bar.), Richard Dawson; cr. 1797* 
B. 1817, m. d. of Edward Stanley, esq. Sits u Bv. Dvtrey. 14, Gros- 
venor-eq. t Dartrey House, c«. Monoffhan. 


•Crewe {3rd Bar.), Hungerford Crewe; cr. 1808. 

B. 181S. Is patron of 6 UTings. 3, BiO-st. t Crewe HaU, Chtth. 
+CROFTON (l8t Bar. Ir. Rep.), Edw. Crofton ; cr. 1797. 

B. 1806, m. d. of the 1st Marq. of Anglesey. Succeeded on the death 
of a haroueas. Has been a Lord in Waiting to the Queen. SO, Cum- 
berland-at. ; Mote Park, eo. Roscommon. 

fCuMBERLAND (2nd Duke of), His Majesty George 
Frederick Alexander Charles Augustus (King of 
Hanover), K.G. : cr. 1799. 

First cousin to the Queen, b. 1819 ; m. d. of the Duke of Saxe Alten- 
bnrgh. Ascended the throne of HanoTer in 1861. Herenhauaen, 

♦Dacre (21st Bar.), Thomas Trevor; cr. 1307. 

B. 1808} m. d. of Hon. C. C. Cayendish. A Deputy-Lieut, of Herts, 
(h. c. 1862 as Hon. Thomas Trevor.) Is patron of 8 livings. The Hoo, 

f Dalhousie (1st Marq. of), James Andrew Broun- 
Ramsay, K.T., P.C. ; cr. 1849. 

B. 1812, m. d. of the 8th Marq. of Tweeddale (dead). 2nd tit. Lord 
Ramsay. Has been Vice-President and President of the Board of TVade. 
Appointed Governor General of India 1847* Is Clerk-Register of Scot- 
land, Col. of the Tower Hamlets Militia, Dep.-Lieut. of Mid-Lothian, 
and of Haddington. Constable of Dover Castle, and Lord Warden of the 
Cinque Ports. (h.c.l838 as Lord Ramsay.) Carlton t Dalhousie Caalle, 

f Darnley (6th Earl of), John Stuart Bligh ; cr. 1725. 
B. 1827 : m. d. of Srd Earl of Ch ichester. Is hereditary High Steward 
of Gravesend and Milton. Is patron of 3 livings. Sits as Lord 
Clifton. Carlton i Cobham Hall, Kent; Clifton Lodge, co. Heath, 

f Dartmouth (6th Earl of), William Walter Legge, 
cr. 1711. 

B. 1823 ; m. d. of 6th Earl of Aylesford. 2nd tit. Visct. Lewisham. a^t 
Peer a distinguished military commander.) Capt. of the Stafibrdsh. 
Militia. Is patron of 6 livings, (h. c. 1853 as Visct. Lewisham.) 31, 
HiUat., Berkeley-sq.; Carlton; PatshuU and Sandtoell Park, 
Stafordsh.; fVoodshal Hall, Yorksh. 

•De Freyne (1st Bar.), Arthur French ; cr. 1839. 

B. 1796 ; m. d. of C. M'Dermott, esq. (dead). Lord-Lieut, of Ro^ 
common, (h. c. 1831 as Mr. French.) 89, Cambridge Terr., Hyde 
Parkt French Pttrkteo.Roeeommon. 


fDE Gret (1st Earl), Thomas Philip De Grey, K.G., 
P.C. ; cr. 1816. 

B. 1781, m. 4. of the SBd Eari of Biuiakilleii (dead). Sad tit. Lord 
Grantham. Has been first Lord of the Admiralty, and LordLievt. of 
Ireland. Lord-Lieat. and Cnftos Rot. or Bedfordshire, Ool. of the 
York Hussar Yeomanry Cavalry, an Aide-de-Camp to the Qncea. la 
patron of 10 lirings. 4, St. Jame»^»-aq. 

fDELAMERE (Ist Bar.)i Thomas Cholmondeley ; cr. 

B. 1767, m. d. of Sir W. W. Wynn, bt. (dead.) Is patron of 1 
Itying. 33, Upper Broot-st.,- ral* Royal, Chesh. 

fDE-LA-WARR (5th Earl), George John Sackville- 
West, D.C.L., P.O.; cr. 1761. 

B. 1701. m. d. of the Srd Dnke of Dorset. Snd tit. Lord West. a>t 
Peer a distinguished military oomnuinder.) Has been Lord-Chamberlain 
to the Queen. Is a Deputy-Lieut, of Sussex. Patron of 6 livings. 
17, Upper Grotvenor-H. ; CarUon; Bourne Hou»e,Cambridge»h,; 
BiteJthurst Part, Sussex. 

De-L'Isle AND Dudley (2nd Bar.}, Philip Sidney 
Foulis; cr. 1835. 

B. 1828; m. d. of Sir William Foulis, bt. Is grands, maternally of 
William IV. A cornet in the Horse Guards. A Depnty-Lieut. of the 
North Riding of York. Penshurst, Kent; IngoUsby Manor, TorJtsh, 

*De Mauley (1st Bar.), William Francis Spencer Pon- 
sonby ; cr. 1838. 

B.1787,m. d. of the 6th Earl of Shaftesbury, (h. e.l837 as Mr.Pon- 
sonby.) Is patron of 1 living. 21, St. James'spl. 

fDENBiGH (7th Earl of), Wm. Basil Percy Feilding, 
D.C.L., P.C.; cr. 1622. 

B. 1796, m. d. of the 1st Earl of Dude (dead). Was Master of the Horse 
to the Queen Dowager firom 1834 till her Majesty's death, 1840. 2nd 
tit. ViscL Feilding 49, Eaton-sg. ; NetonhatnPaddox, tVanoieksh. 

•Denman (2nd Bar.), Thomas Denman ; cr. 1834. 

B. 1805 ; m. d. of the late Rev. T. Roe. A barrister. Is patron of 1 
living. The 1st peer a judge. MiddUton, Derby eh. 
t Derby (14th Earl of), Edward Geoflfrey Smith Stanley, 

P.C; cr. 1486. 

». 1799, m. d. ol Ut Loid Sketawrsdale. Snd Utle^I^ Stanle- 


DaTiag bi* fath«r^ lifetime was called to thfl upper hoote in his 
fhtber's barony of Stanley, and previoaaly enjoyed the courtesy title of 
Lord Stanley. Has been Chief Secretary for Ireland, Secretary of State 
for the Colonies, and First Lord of the Treasury. Is Chancellor of the 
Unirersity of Oxford. Patron of 7 liirings. (h. c. 1844 as Lord Stanley .) 
8, St. James' s-square; Know sley Part, Laneash.; St. Leonard's, 
near fVindsor. 

f De Ros (20th Bar.), William Lenox Lascelles Fitz- 
gerald- De-Ros, P.C. ; cr. 1264. 

B. 1797, m. d. of the 4th Duke of Richmond. Is Premier Bavon. A 
Major-Oen. in the army, Deputy-Lieut, of the Tower, and Equerry to 
Prince Albert. Appointed Deputy Qaarter Master-Oen. to the Foroea 
aent to the East. 1854. Has been Capt. of the Yeomen of the Guard. 
24, Cadogan-pl.i Strangford, eo. Down. 

f Desart (3rd Earl of, Ir. Rep.), John Otway O'Connor 
Cuffe ; cr. 1793. 

B. 1818, m. d. of the Ist Earl Cawdor. Has been Under Secretary 
of State for the Colonies. The counteu is a Lady of the Bedchamber to 
the Queen. 2nd tit. Visct. Castle Cuffe. (h. c. 1842 as Lord Desart.) 
4, Cheahamst.f Desart, eo. Kilkenny, 

fDE Saumarez (2nd.Bar.), Rev. James Saumarez; or. 

B. 1789, m. d. of Vice Adm. Lechemere. Is Rector of Hnggate. (1st 
peer a distinguished naval commander.) University Clubt Moni^ 
pelier Lodge^ Glouoestersh. ; Saumarez, Guernsey, 

fDE Tablet (2nd Bar.), George Warren; cr. 1826. 

B. 1811, m. d. of the Count de Salis. Is a Lord in Waiting to the 
Qneen. Is patron of 2 livings. 10, Grosvenor-sq. ; Carlton i Tabley 
House, Cheshire, 

fDE.VESCi (2nd Visct. Ir. Rep.), John Vesey ; cr. 1776. 
B. 1771. m. d. of Rt. Hon. Wm. Brownluw (dead). Lord-Lieut, of 
Queen's Co. 67, St. James'sst. i 26, Merrion-sq. North, Dttbtin; Ab- 
beyleix. Queen's Co, 

tDEvoN (3rd Earl of), William Courtenay; cr. 1553. 
B. 1777, m. 1st, d. of Sir L. Pepys, Bt., dead. 2ndly, d. of the late 
Bev. J. M. Scott, and niece to the loth Earl of Meath. Snd tit. Visct. 
Courtenay. High Steward of the University of Oxford. Was formerly 
Clerk Assistant to the Parliaments. Is patron of H livings, (h. c. 1826 
as Mr. Courtenay.) The claim of his Lordship's predecessor to the Earl- 
dom was established by the decision of the Houm of Lords 1881. 14, 
Mauehester-sq.,' PowderhamCcutle, Devon, 


'Devonshire (6th Duke of), Wm. Spencer Cavendish, 
K.G., D.C.L., P.C. ; cr. 1694. 

B. 1700, anmaxTied. 2»d tr/t. Marq. of Hartington, Loid-Liest., Hlgfe 
Steward, and Custo« Rot. of the co. of Derby. Waa ambassador to 
Russia Ht the coronation of the Emperor Nicholas, 182H. Is patron of 
81 livings. 78, Piccadilly ; Chiawick, Middlesex ; Chatsioorth, and 
Hardwieke, Derby sh.; Bolton Abbey, Yorksh.; Litmore Castle, co, 

fDiGBY (2nd Earl of), Edward Digby, D.C.L. ; cr. 1790. 

B. 1778, unmarried. 2ndtit. Visct.Ooleshill. Lord-Lieut, and Custoi 

Rot. of Dorset. Col. of the Dorsetshire Militia. Of the same family 

with the well-known Sir Keoelm Digby. Is patron of 8 livings. 86, 

Lower Brook-at.; Carlton: Sherborne Caatle, Dorset. 

•DoNEGALL (3rd Marq. of), Geo. Hamilton Chichester, 
P.C; cr. 1791. 

B. 1797, m. d. of first Earl of Olengall. Sits aa Baron Pisherwick, 
but was called to the upper bonse during bis father's lifetime as Baron 
Ennishowen. 2ndtit. Earl of Belfast. Lord-Limt of co. of Antrim. la 
Col. of the Antrim Militia. Was formerly in the 7th Hussars; Vice-Cham- 
berlain from 1830 tiU 1834. Appointed aide-de camp to the Queen for the 
Militia seirice, 1847. Has been Captain of Yeomen of the Guard, 
(h. c. 1887 as Earl of Belfast.) Is patron of 12 livings. 6,; 
Haye Park, eo. cf Dotpn ; Ormeau and Fieherwiek Lodge, Antrim , 

DoNOUGHMORE (4ih Earl of ), Richard John Hely-Hut- 
chinson ; cr. 1800. 

B. 1828; m. d. of Walter Steele, esq. 2nd tit. Visct. Suirdale. Sits aa 
Visct. Hutchinson. Is Lieut.-Col. of the Tipperary militia. (Peerage 
conferred for official services.) 45, Lower Brook-st. ; Knocklqfty 
House, Tipperary; Palmerston, Dublin. 

♦Dorchester (3rd Bar.), Guy Carleton ; cr. 1786. 

B. 1811, m. d. ofW. J. Wauchope, esq. (Ist Peer a distinguished 
military commander.) Is patron of 1 living. Formerly Lieut, in the 7th 
Hnssara. Greyivell, Hants. 

♦Dormer (Uth Bar.), Jos. Thaddeus Dormer; cr. 1616. 

B. 1790, m. d. of Sir H. J. Ticbborne, bt. Formerly in the military 
service of Austria. Brookes's; Peterley House, Bucks; Grove Park, 

Douglas (4th Bar.), Rev. James Douglas; cr. 1790. 
B. 1787 : n. 2nd d. of the late Hon. GAi. James Mnixay. Formerly 
Rector of Marsh Gibbon and Broaghton, Northamptonah. 48, Qroe- 


v0nor-4^.; Douglat and Bothwell Casthtt Lanarieh.; Am^a- 
bury, fVilU. 

fDowNES (2nd Bar. Ir. Rep.), Ulysses De Burgh, 
K.C.B.; cr. 1822. 

B. 1788, m. 1st, d. of Walter Ba^enal, esq.; 2adly, d. of Capt Grant, 
relict of John Fleming, esq. (Ist Peer a Judge.) A Gen. in the Army, 
and Cul. of 2»th Foot. (h.c.l826 as Lord Duwnesi.) Carltom Bin- 
stead CcUagty near Ryde, Isle of IViglU ; Bert House, Kildare. 

fDowNSHiRE (4th Marq. of), Arthur Wills Blundell 
Sandys Trumbull Windsor Hill ; cr. 1789. 
B. 1812, m. eld. d. of 1st Visct. Combermere. Sits as Earl of Hills- 
borough. 2nd tit. Earl of Hillsborough. Hereditary Constable of HilU- 
borough Fort. Col. of the South Downsh. Militia. Deputy-Lieut, of 
Berks. Is patron of 5 livings, (h- c. 1845 as Lord Hillsborough.) 
21, Hanover-sq.; Carlton; Hillsborough Castle, eo. Down; East 
Hampstead Park, Berks. 

Drogheda (3rd Marq. of), Henry Francis Seymour 
Moore ; cr. 1791. 

B. 1825; m. eld. d. of 2nd Lord Whamcliffe. Sits as Baron Moore. 
2nd tit. Visct. Moore. Is patron of 12 livings. 2%, Lower Brook-st.; 
Moore Abbey, Kildare. 

♦Dublin (Archbp. of), Richard Whately, D.D., P.C. 

B. 1787 , m. d. of Wm. Pope, esq. Formerly of Oriel Coll. Oxford. Is 
Primate of Ireland. Bp. of Glendalagh and Kildare. Visitor of Trin. 
Coll. Dublin. Chancellor of the Order of St. Patrick. Annual value of 
see, j£7A3A. 16, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin ,- Redesdale, Stilloryant 
eo. Dublin. ' 

• DuciE (3rd Earl of), Henry John Reynolds-Moreton ; 

cr. 1837. 

* B. 1827, m. d. of Jas. Hanghton Langston, esq. Is patron of 8 
livings. Depufy-Lieut. of Oxfordsh. 2nd tit. Lord Moreton. (h. e. 
1853 as Lord Moreton.) 24, Belgrave sq.i Brookes' s; Tortworth 
Court, tVooUon-under-EdgSf and Spring Park, Gloucester^. 

*DuFFERiN (4th Bar.), Frederick Temple Blackwood; 
cr. 1800. 

B. 1826. Has been a Lord in Waiting to the Queen. Sits as Baron 
Clandeboye- Sd, Grosvenor-pl. t Clandeboye House, Holy wood, eo. 

B. 1776; m. d. of B. Leigh, esq. Has been Chief Baron of the Ex- 


cheater U Scotland, Master of tbe Mint, and Speaker of tke Honae of 

Conunona. Enjojn a pension. Colinton House, Bdmdurj^MsJL 

DuNSANDLB AND Clanconal (2od Bar. Ir. Rep.), 
Denis St. George Daly ; cr. 1845. 
Formerly Gapt. 7th Dragoons. Carlton t DututtndU, eo. Gakoaif^ 

Durham (2nd Earl of), George Frederick D'Arcy 
Lambton; cr. 1833. 

B. 1828 ; m. d. of 2Bd Marq. of Abercom. Lord-Lient. of Doikain. 
The 1st Peer was Lord PriTj Seal, and Ambassador to Russia. Patron 
of I liring. 2nd ti^ Visct. Lambton. 43, Dover-tt. ; Lambton Ca*Ue, 

*DuRHAM (Bp. of), Edward Maltby, D.D. 

B. 1770 \ consecrated Bp. of Chichester 1881 ; translated 1838. For- 
merly of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, and Visitor of Durham Unirer- 
sity. Is patron of 47 livings. Annual value of see, jfSOOO. 4, C^er 
Portland-pl.t Auckland Caatls, Durham, 

fDTNEVOR (4th Bar.), George Rice Rice-TreTor; cr. 

B. 1796 1 m. d. of Lord Charles Pits Roy. Lient.-CoI. Commandant 
of the Carmarthen Fttsilien, and Vice-Lieut, of Carmarthensh. Militia 
Aide-de-camp to the Queen. Is patron of 6 livings, (h. c. 1862 aa 
Hon. Col. Geo. Rice-Treror.) 84, Dover-si.; Carlton i UtUted Uni- 
versity t Dynevor Castle, Carmarthensh.; Barrington Park, 

*£ffinguam (2nd Earl of), Henry Howard ; cr. 1837. 

B. 1 806, m. d. of Gen. Sir Gordon Dmmmond. 2nd tit. Lord Howard. 
Is patron of 8 livings. A deputy lient. of Wilts and of the West Riding 
of York. (h. c. 1845 as Lord Howard.) b7 , Eaton Place i The Grange, 

fCoLiNTON AND WiNTON (15th Earl of), Archibald 
WiUiaoi Montgomerie, K.T., P.C.; cr. 1507. 
B. 1812, m. relict of Richard H. Cockerel!, esq. (dead.) Sits as Baron 
Ardrossan. 2nd tit. Lord Montgnoierie. Is Lord-Lieut, of Ayrshire. 
Has been Col. of the Ayrshire Militia, and Lord-Lient. of Ireland. 10, 
Si. James's-sq. ; Carlton; Eglinton Castle ; Skeltnorlie Castle, and 
Colysfield House, Ayrsh.; Poohioon Lodge, Renfrew sh. 

fEGMONT (6ih Earl of), Geo. Jas. Perceval; cr. 1733. 
B 17M,m.d. of John Hornby, esq.; sits as Bar. Lovell and Holland; 
Snd til. Visct. Perceval ; a Rear- Admiral (retired), (h. c. 1840 as C. 


P«roeyal.) It patron of S liTings. K, St. JaiM9*$pt.t CorUom 
Nork Houstf Surrey. 

Elgin (8th Earl of), James Bruce, K.T.; cr. 1633. 

B. 1811; m. 1st, 1841, d. of C. L. Camming Bruce, esq., M.P. (dead) ; 
Sndly, 184A, 4tli d. of 1st Earl of Durham. Lord.Lieut. of Fife. Has 
been OoTemor-General of Canada. Sits as Baron Elgin. 2nd tit. Lord 
Bruce. Broom HcUl, Fifeshire, 

fELLENBOROUOH (1st Earl of), Edward Law, 6.C.B., 
P.C; cr. 1844. 

B. 1790, m. 1st, d. of tbe 1st Marq.of Londondeiry; 2dly, d.of Rear- 
Adm. Digby, divorced. (1st Peer a judge.) 2nd tit. Yisct. Southam. 
Joint Chief Clerk of the Pleas in the Queen's Bench. Has been 1st 
Lord of the Admiralty, President of the Board of Contronl, Lord 
Priry Seal, and Gov. Gen. of India, (h. c 1818 as Mr. Law.) 113, 
Eaton-tq.t Carlton; Southam House, Gloueetterah. 

fRLLESMERE (IstEailof), Francis Egcfton, P.C; cr. 

B. 1801), m. d. of C. Greville, esq. 2nd tit. Visct. Brackley. H^ been 
a Lord of the Treasury, Chief Secretary for Ireland, and Secretary at 
War. Is a Dep.-Lieut. of Satherlandsh. (h. u. 1846 as Lord Francis 
Egerton.) Elhimere House, London; Carlton; Athenoeum; Oat- 
lauds and Hatchford, Cobham, Surrey: fVorsley Hall, Laneash, 

•Elphinstone (13th Bar. Sco. Rep.), John Elphin- 
stone, P.C, G.C.H. ; cr. 1609. 

B. 1807. Was Capt. foot, but retired in 1844. Has been Governor 
of Madras, as also a Lord in Waiting to the Queen. Appointed Gover- 
nor of Bombay Sept. 1868. CumbemcnOd House, DumbartoHsh, 

fELY (Marq. of), John Henry Loftus; cr. 1800. 

B. 1814, m. 1844, d. of the late J. J. Hope-Vere, esq. (she is a Lady 
of the Bedchamber to the Queen). Sits as Baron Loftus. 2nd tit. Visct. 
Loftus. Was elected for Woodstock in 1844, but succeeded his father 
before he could take his seat. Is patron of 2 livings. 6S, Eaton' 
pi.; Carlton; Ratftfamham Castle, Dublin; Ely Cattle, Fer- 
managh ; Loftus Hall, Wexford. 

fELY (Bp. of), Thomas Turton, D.D. 

Is unmarried. Received the degree of D.D. by royal mandate in 
1827. Was appointed Dean of Peterborough in 1830, Dean of West- 
minster in 1842, and translated to this see in 1845. Patron of 76 liv- 
ings. Annual value of the see, jf 5fi00. 87, Dover-tt.; Ely Palace, 


£nfi&li> (VUct), Tide Strafford (Bat.). 

fENNisKiLLEN (3rd Earl of)* William Willoughby Cole; 
cr. 1789. 

B. 1807, m. d. of J. A. Casamajor, esq. 2nd tit. Visct. Cole. Sits aj 
Baron Grinstead. Col. of Fermanagh Militia, rh. c. 1840 as Lord Cole.) 
103, Batttn-pl.; Carlton i Florence Court, eo. Fermanagh. 

fERNE (3rd Earl of, Ir. Rep.), John Crichton ; cr. 1798. 
B. 1802, m. 2nd d. of the Rer. Cbarles Cobbe Beresford. Snd tit. 
Yisct. Crichton. Is Lord Lieat. of Fermanagh. Has been High SherilT 
of Donegal and uf Fermanagh. Crvm Castle, eo. Fermanagh. 

•Erroll (I7th Earl of), William Harry Hay; cr.l453. 
B. 1828; m. d. of Hon. Gen. Charles Gore, C.B. Sits as.Baron Kil- 
marnock. 2nd tit. Lord Kilmarnock. Is Capt. in the Rifle Brigade i 
was woanded at the Alma. Hereditary Lord High Constable of Scot- 
land (which is the highest hereditary distinction in the United King- 
dom, after those enjoyed by the Royal Family). St. Jamea'a Palace; 
Reform Club i Slaine's Castle, Aberdeenah. ; Richmond Park, 

*Erskine (2nd Bar.), David Montagu Erskine; cr. 

M. 1st, d. of Gen. Cadwallader (dead); 2ndly, d. of J. Trayis, etq.; 
Srdly, relict of T. C. Dnrham, esq. (Ist Peer a jndge.) Formerly Envoy 
Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at Munich. Buchanhill 
Cottagst Sussex. 

f Essex (6th Earl of), Arthur Algernon Capel; cr. 1661. 

B. 1808, m. d. of the 8th Dake of St. Alban's. 2nd tit. Viset. Maiden. Ii 
patron of 8 liTings. 38, Lowndes-»g. ; Cashinbury Park, Herts. 

f Exeter (2nd Marq. of), Brownlow Cecil, K.G., D.C.L., 
P. C; cr. 1801. 

B. 1795, m. d. of W. S. Poyntz, esq. 2nd tit. Lord Bnrghley. Has been 
Groom of the Stole to Prince Albert, and Lord Chamberlain of the 
Household. Is Hereditary Grand Almoner ; Lord Lient. of Rutlandshire, 
and of Northamptonshire. Is patron of 16 lirings. 86, Grosvenor-sq.; 
Carlton i Burghley House, Lincolnsh. 

f Exeter (Bp. of), Henry Phillpotts, D.D. 

B. 1778 ; m. 1804, 6th d. of William Sortees, esq. Consecrated 1830. 
Prebendary of Durham. Formerly Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. 
Is patron of 42 livings. Annual value of see, £2700. Athenaswn; 
Palace, Exeter t College, Durham, 


fExMOUTH (3rd Visct), Edward Pellew ; cr. 1816. 

B. 1811. (lit Peer a distingnlshed naval eommander.) Has been In the 
dvil service of tbe East India Company, on the Bengal establishment. Is 
patron of 1 living. 29, Montaffue-sq. t Ceurlton / Treverry, Com»aU. 

^Falkland (9th Visct], Lucius Bentinck Gary, P.C, 
G.CH.; cr. 1620. 

B. 1803, m. sister of the 1st Earl of Mnnster. Sits as Baron Hunsdon. 
Has been Capt. of the Yeomen of the Goard, Oovernor of Nova Scotia, 
and Governor of Bombay. Is patron of 1 living. SkutUrak9^9, 
Yorkth. : fVorley Hall, Berks. 

Falmouth (6th Visct.), Evelyn Boscawen; cr. 1720. 
B. 1819: m. the Baroness Le Despencer. Capt. in the West Kent 
Militia. 2nd tit. Lord Boscawen-Rose. Is patron of 4 livings. Carl^ 
ton; fVoolhampton Hotue, Berks; TVeffothnttn, Cormoall, 

fPARNHAM (7th Bar. Ir. Rep.), Henry Maxwell, K.P.; 
cr. 1756. 

B. 1799 ; m. d. of S2nd Lord Le Despencer. Patron of 1 living, (b. a 
1838 as Mr. Maxwell.) 4A,Brookst.t Carliont Ufuted UnivsrsUif : 
Famham, co. Cavan, 

f Ferrers (9th Earl), Washington Sewallis Shirley ; cr. 

B. 1822, m. d. of Lord Edward Chichester. Snd tit Yisct Tkmwurth. 
Is patron of 2 livings ; a Depoty-Lieot of Leicestenh. Chartlsy Castls, 
Staffordsh. ; Staunton Harold, Leicesterth. 

fFEVER&HAM (2nd Bar.), William Duncombe; cr. 1826. 
B. 1798, m. d. of the 8th Earl of Galloway. Is patron of 4 livings, 
(h. c. 1841, as Hon. W. Duncombe.) 26, Belgravs-sq* t Dtmatmbs 
Park, Yorksh. 

♦Fife (4th Earl of), James Duff, K.T., G.C.H.; cr.l759. 

B. 1776, m. d. of J. Manners, esq. dead. Sits as Baron Fife. 2nd 
tit. Visct. MacdnflT. Lord-Lient of Banffshire. A General in the Spanish 
Army. Union Club; Duff House; Balvenie Castls ^ Banffsh.i 
Innes House, Moray; Delgaty Castle, Aberdeensh. 

•FiNGALL (9th Earl of), Arthur James Plunkett, K.P., 
P.C; cr. 1628. 

B. 1791, m. d. of Elias Corbally, esq. Sits as Baron Fingall. 2nd tit. 
Lurd Killeen. Formerly a Lord in Waiting to the Queen. Is Lord- 
Lieot. of Meath ; Visitor and Trustee of Maynooth College, (b. c. 1881 
as Lord KiUeen.) Brookss's ; Killsen Castte, Mtath, 


*Fitz-Hardinob (Ist £arl)i William Fitz-Hardlnge 
Berkeley ; cr. 1841. 

B. 1786, nnmsTTied. 2ttd tit. Lord Brgrare. Ool. of tlie Soatb Oloa- 
eestershire Militia, and Lord-Lieut, of the co. Is patron of 2 liyinga. 
Berkeley House, Spring Gardens ; R^orm Club ; Berkeley Castle, 

•FiTZ- William (6th Earl), Charles William Wentworth 
Fitz-William, K.G. ; cr. I7I6. 

B. 1786, m. d. of Ist Lord Dandas, dead. 2iidtit. ViicL Milton, (b. e. 
1838 as Lord Milton.) I> patron of 96 liringfl. ▲ dcpmty.Uwt. of 
Northampton, (h- c 1830 as Yijict. Milton.) Mortimer House t 
Halkin-street ; Milton Park, Northamptonsh.; fVent%oorth House, 
Yorksh.; MaUon, eo. of fVicktow. 

•Foley (4th Bar.), Thos. Henry Foley, P.C.; cr. 1776. 
B. 1808, m. 1849, d. of 13th Duke of Norfolk. Has been Capt. of tha 
Gentlemen at Arms ; re.appointed Dec. 18&2. Patron of 7 liyings. (h. c. 
1833 as the Hon.T. Foley.) 26, Groavenor-sq. 

fFoRESTER (2d Bar.), John Geo. Weld Forester, P.C.; 
cr. 1821. 

B. 1801. Has been Gapt. of the hon. corps of Qcntlenen at Arms. 
Is patron of 8 UTings. (h. c. 1828 as the Hon. i. O. ForcstcT.) 13, 
South jtudley-st.; Carlton; fVilley Park, and Rose Hall, Salop. 

FORTESCUE (4lh Earl), Hugh Forte8cue,P.C.; cr. 1789. 

B. 1783, m. lat, d. of the Ist Earl of Harrowby ; 2nd]y, the Dowager Lady 
BomcrTille. 3nd tit Vinct. Ebrington. Has been LordLieat. of Ire< 
land, and Lord Steward of the Honsehold. Is Lord.Lient., Cnstos Rot., 
and Vice-Admiral of Devon. High Steward of Barnstaple and South 
Molton. Patron of 6 livings, (h.c. 1839 as Visct. Ebrington.) 17, 
Grosvenor-sq.t Castle Hill, Devonsh.; Ebrington Hall, Glouees- 

fGAGE (4lh Visct.), Henry Hall Gage; cr. 1720. 

B. 1791, m. d. of the Hun. Edward Foley. Sits as Baron Gage. Is 
patron of 1 living. 4, ff^tehall-gard . Firle-pl., Sussex; fVest- 
bury House, Hants. 

^Gainsborough (1st Earl of), Charles Noel Noel ; cr. 

B. 1781, m. 1st, d. of T. Welman, esq.; 2dly, d. of Sir O. Grey, bt. ; 
8dly, d. of Sir J.Hamlyn-William8,bt.; 4tbly, d. of the Earlof Rnden. 
(h. c. 1812 as Mr. Noel Noel.) 2nd tit. Visct. Campden. Patron of « Uv- 
iags. The Oonntess is a Lady of the Bedchamber. 11, Chandos-st.; 
Barham Court, Kent. 



fGALLOWAY (9tli Earl of), Randolph Stewart ; cr. 1623. 

B. 1800, m. d. of the Ath Dnke of Beanfinrt. Situ m Baron Stewart of 
Garlies. 2nd tit. Lord Oarlies. Was Lord-Lient. of Wigtonsh., bnt 
resigned in 1861. (h.c. 1831 aa Lord Garliea.) 48, Eaton-pLt GcU- 
lotoay House, fVigtonsh.; Cutnloden, KirkeudbrigM. 
^Gardner (3rd Bar.), Alan Legge Gardner ; cr. 1800. 

B. 1810, m. d. of 1st Lord Dinorben. (Peerage conferred for nayal ser- 
▼ices.) Formerly a Lord in Waiting to the Queen. 46, Dover-ti. ; 
Court Garden, Bucks. 

fGlFFORD (2nd Bar.), Rot)t. Fras. Gifford ; cr. 1824. 
B. 1817, m. eld. d. of Rear Admiral Berkeley. Formerly a Lieut, in 
0th Dragoon Gaarda. (1st Peer a Judge.) Kyer House, Tmbury, 

fGLAsaow (6th Earl of), James Carr-Boyle; cr. 1703. 

B. 1792, m. d. of Edward Hay Mackensie, esq. Sits as Baron Rom. 
Snd tit. Tisct. Kelbnrne. Is a Lieut, in the Navy. Lord-Lieut, of Ren. 
frewsh. (h.c. 1843 aa Lord Kelbnrne.) Hawkhead, Renfrewsh.; 
Kelhume House, Ayrsh.i EtcU, Northumberland t Crauifurd 
Priory, Fifesh. 

•Glenelg (l3t Bar.), Charles Grant, P.C.; cr. 1835. 

B. 1788. (Peerage conferred for official services.) Has been Chief 
Secretary for Ireland, Vice-President, and afterwards President of the 
Board of Trade, President of the Board of Controul, and Secretary of 
State for the Colonies, (h. c. 1835 as Mr. C. Grant.) 4a, Albany. 

f Glengall (2nd Earl of, Ir. Rep.), Richard Butler ; cr. 

B.1794,m.d.ofW.Mel1ish,e8q. 2ndtit.yisct.Cahir. Col.oftheTip- 
perary Militia, (h. c 1819 as Lord Cahir.) ^,Grosvenor-st.: CarUont 
Cahir Castle, co. qfTipperary. 

f Gloucester and Bristol (Bp. of), James Henry 
Monk, D.D. 

S. of C. Monk, esq., b. 1783, m. d. of Rey. H. Hughes. Consecrated 
1830. A Prebendary of Westminster. Formerly Fellow of Trinity Col- 
lege, Cambridge, and Regius Professor of Greek. Is patron of 32 livings. 
Annual yalueof see, £3700. Cloisters, Dean's Yard, fVestminster; 
Palace, Gloucester. 

GoDOLPHiN (2nd Bar.), George Godolphin Osborne; 
cr. 1832. 

B. 1802, m. Miss Stewart (dead). Ispatron of 2 Uyings. Gogmagog 
Hilis, Cambridgesh.,' Baylis, Bucks. 


*Go8FORD (3rd Earl of), Archibald Acheson ; cr. 1 806. 

B. 1806, m. d. of 10th Earl of Meath. 2nd tit. Ybct. Acheson. 
Is Depaty-Lieat. of Annagh. Sits as Baron Worlingham. Patron of 7 
livings, (h. c. 1847 as Visct Acheson.) 69, Grosvettorst. ; Reform 
Cktb; fVorlittgham HcUlt Suffolk ; Go^ord CastU, jirmoffh. 

GouGH (1st Visct.), Hugh Gough, G.C.B.; cr. 1849. 
B. 1779, m. d. of LieaL-Oen. Stephens. (Peerage conferred for mill' 
tary services.) A General in the army ; Col. in chief of 6nth Rifles, and 
Col. of the 87th Foot. Was for some time Commander-in-chief of the 
forces in India. Eujojs a pension of jf2000 per annam",' for the battles 
of M oodkee, Ferozeshah, and Sobraon. 25, Hyde Pari Gardens ; St, 
Helene, Booteratoumt DubUnt Louffheouter Cattle, Galway. 

•Grafton (6th Duke of), Henry Fitz-Roy; cr. 1675. 

B. 1790, m. d of SirG. C. Berkeley. '2nd tit. Earl of Enston. 'Dep.- 
Lient of SufRdk. Ranger of Salsey and Whittlebary Forests, (h. c. 1843 
as Earl of Boston.) Is patron of 4 livings. 47, Clargea-sireet t Re- 
form Ciubt fVak^ld Lodge, Buekingham*h.i Button Hall, 

Geanard (7th Earl of), George Arthur Hastings 
Forbes ; cr. 1684. 
B. 1838. ffits as Baron Granaid. Castle Forbes, eo. Longford. 

fGRANTLEY (3rd Bar.), Fletcher Norton ; cr. 1782. 

B. 1706, m. d. of Sir W. Beechey. High Steward of Guildford. Is 
patron of 1 living. 10. fVilton^l.; Carlton t Grantley Hall, York- 
sh.s ff^onersh, Surrey i Dale, Perthsh. 

•Granville (2nd Earl), Granville George Leveson 
Gower, P. C. ; cr. 1833. 

B. 1815, m. d. of Duke of Dalberg, relict of Sir F. R. B. Acton, Bart. 
(Peerage conferred for diplomatic services.) Is a Dep. Lieut, of Salop. 
Has been Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs, Master of the Buckbounds 
to the Queen, Vice-President of the Board of Trade, President of the 
Gonncil, also Paymaster-General of the Forces, and Treasarer of the 
Navy. Is a Commissioner of RhIIm ays. Appointed Chancellor of the 
Dnctay of Lancaster, June, 1854, salary j£4000. 2nd tit. Lord Leveson. 
(h. c. 1846 as Lord Leveson.) 16, Bruton at. i Stone Park, Staffordah. 

fORAY (16ih Bar. Sco. Rep.), John Gray ; cr. 1445. 

B. 1798, m. d. of the late Col. Chas. Philip Ainslie. A Dep^Lient. of 
Ferthsh. The 16th Baron was for many years a Sco. Rep. Carlton i 
Gray House, Forfar ah. ; Kinfauna Caatle,Perthah. 
c 2 

30 HOUSE OP P£BR8. * 

•Orey (Srd Earl), Henry George Grey, P.C.; cr. 1802. 

B. 1803 ; m . in 188S, d. of the late Sir Josrph Copley, Bart. 2nd tit. Yisct. 
Howiek. Ha» been Under Secretary for the CoUmie«, Under Secretary for 
the Home Department, Secretary at War, and Secretary of State for the 
Colonies. Is Lord.-Lieat. and Cantos Rot. of Northnmberland. (h. <i.1846 
as Lord Howiek.) 18, Carlton HouseUtrr.; Carlton; Hotoiek 
Houa; Norihumb^rland. 

f Guilford (6th Earl of), Rev. Francis North ; cr. 1762. 

B. 1772, m. Ist, d. of the Rer. J. Harrison; 2ndly, d. of Sir H. Warde. 
Sndtit. Lord North. (IttVecT a judge.) Master of St. Cross Hospital, 
Winchester. Is patron of 9 livings. Carlton i yfaldershare Park, 
Kant i Old AWttford, Hani: 

f Haddington (9th Earl of), Thomas Hamilton, K.T., 
P.C; cr. 1619. 

B. 1780. m.d. of the4thBarlof Macclesfield. Sits as Baron Melrose. 2nd 
tit. Lord Binning. Has been Lord Privy Seal, Lord-Lieut, of Ireland, 
and first Lord of the Admiralty. A. Dfp-Lieut. of Haddingtonsh. (h. c. 
1828 as Lord Binning) 43, Berieley-sq.{ Carlton; Tyninghame 
House, 00. of Haddington ; Lennei Ho use f Berwieksh. 

Hamilton and Brandon (11th Duke of), William 
Alexander Anthony Archibald Douglas; cr. 1643. 
B. 1811 i m. the Princess of Baden. Sits as Duke of Brandon. 2nd 
tit. Marq. of Douglas. Premier peer of Scotland. Hereditary Keeper 
of Holyrood Palace, Lurd-Lieut. of Lanark. Grandmaster of the Ftee- 
masons in Scotland. A Deputy-Lieut, of Bute. Is patron of 1 liring. 
22, ArUngtan-st.; Hamilton House, Lanark; Kinniel, Linlithgow. 

Harborough (6th Earl of), Robert Sherard; cr. 1719. 

B. 1797, m. d. of E. D. Temple, esq. 2nd tit. Lord Sherard. Is patron 
of 5 livings. Stapl^ord, Leieestersh,; Glaiston, Rutkmdsh, 

fHARDiNGE (Ist Visct.), Henry Hardinge, Q.C.B.,P.C.; 
cr. 1846. 

B. 1786, m. d. of 1st Marq. of Londonderry, relict of John James, esq. 
Is a Gen. in the Army, Col. 57th Foot. (Peerage conferred for officinl and 
military services.) Enjoys a pension for the loss of a hand at the 
battle of Ligny ; also a pension of £5000 a year for the battles of the 
Sntlej. Has been Sec. at War, Chief Sec. for Ireland, GoYernorU3en. 
of India, aud Master General of the Ordnance. Appointed General 
Cummanding in Chief, 1852, saUry je846o. (h. c. 1844 as Sir Henry 
ttardiuge.) IB, Great Stanhope-st.; South Park, Kent; XeUon, 
Durham t King's- Newton, Derby sh. 


fHARDWiCKE (4th Earl of), Charles Philip Yorke,D.C.L., 
P.C.; cr.l764. 

B. 1799, m.d.onxt Lord Rayenswortk. Sad tit. Tiaet. Roystoii. (1st 
Peer a judge.) Has been a Lord in Waiting and Postmaster Geaeral. 
Is one of the Council of the Duchy of Lancaster. A Rear- Admiral on 
the reseryed list. Lord Lieut, and Custos Rot. Cambridgesh. (h. c. 
1834 as Capt. Yorke.) Is patron of 10 liyings. 87, Portman-sq.i 
Carlion; fVimpole HaUy Cambridifeth. i Sydktey Loigt, Hmnits 
TiUenhang«r Hall, Herts. 

+HAREWOOD (3rd Earl of), Henry Lascelles; cr. 1812. 

B. 1797, m. d. of 2d Marq. of Bath. 2nd tit. Visct. LasceUei. Is Lord- 
Lieut, of the West Riding of Yorksh. Is patron of 2 livings. Sanovsr- 
tq-i Harewood, Yortah. 

Harrington (5th Earl of), Leicester Fits-Gerald 
Charles Stanhope; cr. 1742. 

B. 1784, m.d. of William Green, esq., of Jamaica. A Ool. in the 
Army. 2nd tit. Visct. Petersham. (Peerage conferred for diplomatic 
seryices.) Is patron of 2 liyings. Ashbumham Hou»$f CheUta ; 
Blvaston Castle, Derbyth. ; Gawsivorth, ChesMra. 

fH ARRIS (3rd Bar.), George Francis Robert Harris; cr. 

B. 1810, m. d. of Archdeacon Cammins (dead). Appointed Llent.- 
Goyernor of Trinidad, May, 1846. Ooyernor and Commander-in-Chief 
there Noy. 1846. (Peerage conferred for military services.) 80, Albe- 
mar lest, t Carlton; Belmont, Kent. 

fHARROWBY (2nd Earl of), Dudley Ryder ; cr. 1809. 

B. 1798, m. d. of Ist Marq. of Bute. A Dep. Lieut, of Staflbrdsh. Waa 
fofr a short time Sec. to the India Board. 2nd tit. Visct. Sandon. Is 
patron of 4 livings, (h. c. 1847 as Lord Sandon.) 89, Groevenor-eq. t 
Athenceumt Sandon Hall, Staffordeh.; Norton, Gloueeetereh, 

•Hastings (Bar.), Jacob Astley, D.C.L.; cr. 1289. 

B. 1797 ; m. d. of Sir H. W. Dash wood, bt. (dead); -was sammoncd to 
the Hoase of Peers in 1841, being one of the heirs of Sir John de 
Hastings, who sat in parliament temp. Edward I. Is patron of 2 livings. 
(h. c. 1837 as Sir J. Astley.) 7, Cavendiah-aq. ; Melton Constable, 
Norfolk: Seaton Delaval, Northumbsrland. 
•Hatherton (Ist Bar.), Edward John Littleton, P.C. ; 

B 1791 m.lst, d. of the Irt Marq. Wellesley (dead); Sndly, reltet of 
Bdwaid D. Dayenport, esq. Has been Chief Secretary for Ireland. Is 


Lord-Lleat. of Staflbrdsh. Patron of 5 liTings. (h> c. 1886 m Mr. 
Littleton J Rtfortn Club ; Teddes ley Park, Staffordth. 

fHAWARDEN (3rd Visct. Ir. Rep.)} Cornwallis Maude; 
cr. 1791. 

B. 1780. m. d. of P. C. Brace, esq. (dead.) Has been a Lord in Waiting 
to the Queen. Carlton; Dundrutitt eo. Tipperary. 

*Hawke (4th Bar.), Edward Wm. Harvey Hawke ; cr. 

B. 1799. m. d. of Sir J. Ramsden, bt dead. (1st Peer the celebrated 
Admiral Hawlce.; Is patron of 1 liring. A Deputy -Lieut, of the West 
Riding of York. Towton Hall, Searthit%gwtU UaU, and fVomtf 
ley House, Yorkah. 

•HEADF0RT(2nd Marq. of ), Thos. Taylour, K.P., P.O.; 
cr. 1800. 

B. 1787, m. Ist, d. of the late Sir J. Sterenson, Mas. Doc. widow of 
Ed. Taite Dalton ; Sndly, widow of Sir Wm. Hay Macnaghten, bart. 
Sits as Baron Kenlis. 3nd tit. Earl of Bective. Has been a Lord in Wait- 
ing to the Queen. Lord-Lieut, of the co. of Caran, Ool. of the Meath 
Militia. Brookes' a; Headfort House, eo. t^fAtealh. 

f Hereford (15th Visct.), the Rev. Robert Flemiog 
Devereux ; cr. 1550. 

B. 1809, m. d. of Geo. Ravenstiroft, esq. Is Premier Tlscoant. Is 
patron of 2 livings. Rector of Little Hereford. 41, Park-st., Groev- 
nor-aq.; Carlton; Nanteribba Hall, Montgomery sh,,- Tregoyd, co, 
«f Brecon, 

'Hereford (Bp. of), Renn Dickson Hampden, D.D. 

M. d. of — Lovell, esq. Consecrated 1848. Educated at Oriel OoU. 
Oxford, of which he was fellow and tutor ; became Regius Professor 
of Divinity in ) 836. Is patron of 33 livings. Annual value of theMC^ 
£4200. 107, Eaton-at.; Palace, Hertford. 

f Hertford (4th Marq. of), Richard Seymour-Conway> 
K.G.; cr. 1793. 

B. 1800. 2nd tit. Earl of Yarmouth. A Capt. in the Army. Is patron 
of 6 livings. 13, Berkeley-sq. ; Carlton; Sudboume Hall, St^ffblki 
Ragley, fVanoicksh. 

fHEYTESBURY (Ist Bar.), Wm. & Court, G.C.B., P.C.j 
cr. 1828. 

B. 1779, m. d. of the Hon. W. Bouverie. Has been Ambassador at St. 
Petersburgh, and other Boropean Oourto ; as also Lord^ent. of IreUnd. 

H0U8S OF PBEB8. 39 

Is Got. of the Icle of Wight and of Carisbiook Castle. Carlton t H^yU*- 
bury Hous9, ^ViU$» 

t Hill (2nd Visct ), Rowland Hill; cr. 1842. 

B. 1800, m. d. of Jos.Glegg, esq. (h. c. 1843, as SirR. HiU.) Is patron 
of 2 liTings. Lord-Lieut, and Costos Rot. of Shropsh. Has been Col. of 
the Shropsh. Blilitia. (Peerage conforred for milUary services.) 26, 
Barketey-sq. ; Carlton; Hardwiek Grange, and Hawkaton Park, 

•Holland op Holland (4th Bar.), Henry Edward 
Fox ; cr. 1762. 

B. 1803, m. d. of 8#h Earl of Coventry. Has been Minister at the Conrt 
of Tascany. (Peerage conferred for official services.) Is patron of 8 
livings. UoUand House, Middlsses. 

f Home (Uth Earl of, Sco. Rep.), Cospatrick Alexander 
Ramey-Home: cr. 1605. 

B. 1799, m. d. of 2nd Lord Montagu. A Depnty-Llent. of Berwicksh 
Keeper of the Great Seal in Scotland. 3nd tit. Lord Dunglas. 1st peer 
was Ambassador to England in 1459. Th» Hirset, Berwiekehire, 

HoPETOUN (6th Earl of), John Alexander Hope ; cr. 

B. 1831. Formerly Cornet and Sub-Iieut. 1st Life Guards. Sits a« 
Bar. Hupetoun. A Dep.-lieut. of Linlithgow. (2nd tit Lord Hope.) 
Hopotoun House, LinUthgotosh, t Onniston Halt, Haddmgtonsh, 

•Howard de Walden and Seaford (6th Bar.), Charles 
Augustus Ellis, G.C.B.; cr. 1597. 

B. 1799, m. d. of the 4th Duke of Portland. Capt. in the Army. Ap. 
pointed Ambassador at Brussels, 1846. Has been Under Secretary of 
State for Foreign Aflhirs, Minister Plenipotentiary at Stockholm, at 
Lisbon, and at Brussels. Seaford^ Sussex, 

*Howden (2nd Bar.), John Hobart Caradoc, K.C.B., 
K.H.: cr. 1819. 

B. 1799, m. d. of the Count Skavronskey. A Mivlor«Oen. in the Army . 
Equerry to the Dachess of Kent. Appointed Ambassador to Spain, 
May. 1850. Salary, ^5000. (Peerage conferred for military services.) 
13, Hertford-st. , Grimston Park, and Spaldington, Yorksh. 

fHowE (Ist Earl), Richd. Wm. Penn Curzon Howe, 
D.C.L., P.C. J cr. 1821. 
B. 1796, m. d. of the 6th Barl of Cardigan, dead. 3nd tit. Visct. Co 


son. Wu Lord Cfhanberlain to the tate Queen Davngttftom 1884 till 
her Hqesty't death, Dec. 1849. Is patron of 7 liTings. 8. Sonth AudtUy- 
$t.s PennHotisf,Buek$; Gopaal,L9ie00t9r0h, 

'Huntingdon (13th Earl of), Francis Theophilus 
Henry Hastings; cr. 1529. 
B.1808, m. d. of R. Power, esq. Sndtit. Lord Uastings. Union Club . 

*HuNTLY (10th Marq. of), Charles Gordon ; cr. 1599. 
B. 1792, m. lat» d. of Ist Marq. of Conyngham ; 2ndly, d. of Rer. P. W. 
PegnsaodtheCoantess Dowager of Lindsey. Sits as Baron Meldntm 2nd 
tit. Earl of Aboyne. (1st Peer a distinguished military commander.) A 
Depnty<Lieat. of Aberdeenvh. Has been a lord in waiting to the Queen, 
(h. c. 1880 as Lord Strathavon.) Is patron of 4 livings. 24, Chapet-st., 
Groavenor-pl.i Aboyne CaUie^ Aberdeenah. ; Orton, Hunting^ 

*1lchester (3rd Earl of), Henry Stephen Fox-Strang- 
way», P.C. ; cr. 1756. 

B. 1787, m. d. of Lord O. Munray (Bishop of St. Darid's), dead. 2nd 
tit. Lord StaTordale. Is patron of 17 livings. 81, Old Burlingfton-si.; 
Me/bury House, Doreet; RecUyneh, Somernet. 

t Jersey (6th Earl of), Geo. Child Villiers, P.C. ; cr. 

B. 1778, m. d. of the 10th Bail of Westmoreland. 3nd tit. Tiset. YilUers. 
Haa been Lord Chamberlain, and twice Master of the Horse. Is patron 
of 6 livings. 88, Berkeley-eq.; Carlton i Oaterley Park, Middleet* ; 
Middteton Park, Oxford. 

*Keane (2nd Bar.), Edward Arthur Wellington Keane ; 
cr. 1839. 

B. 1816, m. 1847, Louisa, 2nd d. of 6. Yates Benyon, esq. Was a Major 
in the Army, and Capt. 87th Foot. (Peerage confeired for militarj 
aervices.) Junior United Service i Cappoquin, eo. ff^aterford, 

f Kenyon (2nd Bar.), George Kenyon, F.S.A.; cr. 1788. 
B. 1776, m. d. of Sir Thomas Hanmer (dead). (1st Peer a judge.) Is 
Custos Brevinm of the Court of Queen's Bench. Patron of 2 livings. 
9, Portman-aq.; Carlton t Gredington Hall, Flintah. 


DUAGH (Bp. of), Ludlow Tonson, D.D., Lord 
' 1784; finmerlyofTiln. Coll. Cambridge; conMcratcd 1888. Ii «a 



UablMar^aie title of Lord Rirendak. PfttfonoTTVUTiiigi. Aonoal 
yiI«eof the see, ^£3310. Lisne/fmr, eo, Gorki ClariMf9ra, eo. Ciar^i 
Finghurst Manor, Bucks. 

KiLMAiNB (3rd Bar. Ir. Rep.), John Cavendish Browne; 
cr. 1789. 

B. 1704, m. l8t, 1832. d. of DaTid Lyon, ejq. (dead) ; Sndly, 1889. d. 
of the Hon. C. B. Law. Gaulaton Park, fVettmeath t Th» Neah, 
eo. Mayo. 

KiLMORE, Elphin, AND Ardagh (Bp. of), Marctis 
Gervais Beresford, D.D. 

B. 1801 : m. Ist, d. of Col. H. P. L*Estrange and relict of R. Digby, 
e<q. : Sndly, d. of J. T. Kennedy, esq., and relict of R. O. BoiaftMrd, e«q. 
Formerly of Trinity Coll. Cambridge; bad been Archdeacon of Ardagh. 
Consecrated, 1854. Patron of 82 linngg. Annual raloe of the see, 
£0607. 7, Upper Merrion-st., Dublin i Kilmor* House^ eo. Cavan. 

•Kingston (4ih Earl of), Robert King; cr. 1768. 

B. ]79e. 8its aa Baron Kingston. 2nd tit. Viact. Kingaboroagh. 
(h. c. 1831 as Mr. King.) MiteheUtown CastU, eo. of Cork. 

•KiNNAiRD (9th Bar.), Geo. Wm. Fox Kinnaird, P.C.; 
cr. 1682. 

B. 1807, m. d.of lat Lord De Mauley. Sits as Baron Rossie. Has been 
Master of the Bnckhonnds to the Qneen. Is a Deputy- Lient. of Perthsh. 
8S, GrosvenoT'ttreet t Kinnaird Houte, and Roasie Priory, Perthah. 

fKiNNOULL (lOth Earl of), Thomas Robert Drummond 
Hay ; cr. 1704. 

B . 1785, m. d. of Sir C. Rowley, bt. Sits as Baron Hay. 2nd tit. Yisct 
Dnpplin. Lord Lyon King of Anns, Lord-Lieat. of Perthshire. Is 
patron of 1 liTing. 68, Green-ai.; DuppUn Cattle, Perthah. 

KiNTORE (8th Earl of), Francis Alexander Keith. Fal- 
coner ; cr. 1677' 

B. 1828 ; m. d. of Francis Hawkins, esq. Sits as Lord Kintore. 2nd 
tit. Lord loTemiie. Keith Hall, Aberdeenah. t Ingliatnaldief Kin' 

Lanesborouoh (5th Earl of, Ir. Rep.), George John 
Danvers Butler- Danvers: cr. 1756. 

B.1794,m. 1st, third d. of the late Col. Stephen F.W.Ftemantle(d«ad) % 
Sadly, d. of C. Bishop, esq., and relict ot Sir Riclurd Haoter, M.D. Sitd 
tit. Loid Newtown-Butler. 8, Great StanAope^. i SwUAUmd HaUf 
LeieesUrsh. t l^anMborvugh Lodff0, eo. Caioan. 


•Lansdowne (3rd Marq. of), Henry Petty Pitz- Maurice, 
K.G., P.C, D.C.L.; cr. 1784. 

B. 1780, m. d. of the2nd Earl of Ilchester (dead). 2nd tit. Earl of Sbel- 
bame, and Earl of Kerry alternately. Lord-Lieut, of Wilts. A Ooremor 
of the Charter Hoiue. Ha« been Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Presi- 
dent of the Conncil. Has h«Id a seat in the Cabinet withoat office since 
Dec. 1852. (h. c. 1809 as Lord Henry Petty.) Patron of 3 livings. 
64, Berkeley-tq. : Bowood Park, fViltsh. 

f Lauderdale (9th Earl of), James Maitland; cr. 1624. 

B. 1784. Sits as Baron Lauderdale. 2nd tit. Yisct. Maitland. 
(Peerage conferred for official services.) Is Lord-Lieut, of Berwickshire 
and Heritable Standard Bearer of Scotland. ThirUstane, Ber- 
un'eksh.,' Dunbar House, E. Lothian. 

•Leeds (7th Duke of), Francis Godolphin D'Arcy Os- 
borne; cr. 1694. 

B. 1798, m. d. of Richard Caton, esq. relict of Sir F. E. B. Hervey, bart. 
2nd tit. Marq. of Carmarthen. Is patron of 6 livings. Col. of the North 
Yo;k Militia. Hornby Castle, Yorksh.i Godolphin Park, ComwcM. 

•Leicester (2nd Earl of), Thomas Wm. Coke ; cr. 1837. 
B. 1822, m. d. of Samuel Charles Wliitbread, esq. 2nd tit. Yisct. Coke. 
Lord-Lieut, of Norfolk. Holkham, Norfolk. 

*Leigh (2nd Bar.). William Henry Leigh ; cr. 1839. 
B. 1824, m. d. of 2nd Marq. of Westminster. A Capt. in the Warwick- 
shire Yeomanry Cavalry, and Deputy-lieut of that co. Is patron of 10 
livings. ^fStPortman-sq.; Stoneleigh Abbey, fVarwieksh. 

•Leinster (3rd Duke oQ, Aug. Fred. Fitz-Gerald, P.C.j 
cr. 1766. 

B. 1791, m. d. of the 8rd Earl of Harrington. Sits as Yisct. Leinster. 
2nd tit. Marq. of Kildare. Lord-Lieut, and Castos Rot. of Kildare, 1st 
Commissioner of the Board of Irish Education. One of the Yisitorsof 
Maynooth Ciillege. Grand Master of the Freemasons of Ireland. Is 
patron of 8 livings. Sole Duke, premier Marq. and Earl of Ireland. 
6, Carlton House Terrace; Carton, eo. of Kildare. 
►Leitrim (2nd Earl of), Nath. Clements, K.P., P.C. ; 
cr. 1795. 

B. 1768, m. d. of Wm. Bermingham, esq. dead. Sits as Baron Clements. 
2nd tit. YiiKst. Clements. Lord-Lieut, and Custos Rot. of the co. of Lei- 
trim, and Custos Rot. of the co. of Donegal. Is entitled to a pension of 
936/., for the loss of the abolished office of Searcher of Customs in 
Ireland, but has not claimed it since 1829. (h.c.l804 as Lord Cle- 
ments.) 2,Grow0nor-sq.t KiUadoon,^o. Kildare. 


fLBVEK AND Melville (8th Earl of, Sco. Rep.), David 
Leslie Melville ; cr. 1690. 

B. 1786, m. d. of Sir A. Campbell, bt. 2nd tit. Visct. Balgonie. A re- 
tired Rear-Admiral. A Dep..Lieiit. of PLfeih. Carlton i MtlviUt 
House, «o. ofFifo. 

•Lichfield (2nd Earl of), Thomas George Anson: 
cr. 1831. 

B. 1825 ; is unmar. Snd tit. Visct. Anton. Has been pr^ij writer to 
Lord Palmerston (when Sec. of SUte for Foreign Affairs). Is patron of 
4 llTings. (h.c. 1854 as Visct. Anson.) 25, HiU-sl., BerkeUy-tq.t 
Brootos'o ; Shttgborough Parkt StaffordUh. 

fLiCHFiELD (Bp. of), John Lonsdale, D.D. 

Has been Prebendary of St. Paul's, Principal of King's College, Lon- 
don. Rector of Sonthfleet, Kent, Archdeacon of Middlesex, and many 
years PrcHcher at Lincoln's Inn. Consecrated Bishop of Lichfield, 1848. 
Is patron of 88 livings. AnBual value of see, £4500. 88, Harley^troot t 
EeelosAaU, Stciffbrdsh. 

•LiLFORD (3rd Bar.), Thos. Atherton Powys ; cr. 1797. 
B. 1801, m. d. of 8rd Lord Holland. Formerly a Lord in Wailing to the 
Queen. Is patron of 8 livings. 10, Grosvmor^l.; Lifford Park, 
Northampionsh. ; Bew say Hall, Laneash. 

t Limerick (2nd Earl of), William Henry Tenison 
Pery ; cr. 1803. 

B. 1812, m. d. of Lieut. Nicholas Horsley, of the Odth foot. Snd tit. 
Lord Glentworth. Sits as Baron Foxford. Is patron of I living. 
7, Cliflonrpl., Hyde-pk.,' SouthillPark, Berks, 

Lincoln (Bp. of), John Jackson, D.D. 

B. 1811 ; m. d. of the late H. Browell, e»q. Formerly Rector of St. 
James's, Westminster, Canon of Bristol, and Chaplain to the Queen. 
Consecrated 1853, and became a member of the House of Lords, 1854, on 
ceasing to be the Junior Bishop. Patron of 71 livings. Annual value of 
the see, £5000. Riseholme, near Lincoln. 

fLiNDSEY (10th Earl of), George Augustus Frederick 
Albemarle Bertie ; cr. 1626. 

B. 1814; unmarried. A Deputy-Lieut, of Lincolnsh. 2nd tit. Lord 
Bertie. Is patron of 2 livings. Uffington, Lincolnsh. 

•LisMORE (1st Visct.), Cornelius 0*Callaghan, P.C. ; 
cr. 1806. 
B. 1776, m. d. of the 17th Earl of Ormonde, divorced. Is L^ 


Ueat. of Tipperary. SUa u Baron LiMnore. ShanbaUf Ca*iU, eo. 

Llandaff (Bp. of), Alfred Ollivant, D.D. 

B. 1798 i m. d. of the late Lleat.-Oen. W. Spencer. Formerly Fellow 
of Trinity Coll., and Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge ; aUo 
Vice-Principal of St. David's Coll., Lampeter. Consecrated 1849, and 
admitted to the House of Lords on ceabiug to be the Jonior Bishop, 1853. 
Patron of 6 lirings. Annual Talne of the see, £4SO0. Hardwiek 
House t near Chepetow. 

*LoNDESBOROUGH (1st Bar.), Albert DenUon Denison, ^ 
K.C.H.; cr. 1850. 

B. 18U6, m. 1st, 4th d. of 1st Lord Forester, dead ; Sndly, eld. d. of the 
Hon. Capt. Bridgeman, R.N. Assumed the name of Denison in lieu of 
Conyngham 1849. Formerly Secretary of Legation at Berlin ; a Dep.- 
Lieut. of Donegal, and of the West Riding of York. (b. c 1860, as Lord 
Albert Denison.) 8. Carlton House Terr.i fVJute'st Brookes** i 
Junior United Service ; Grimstotte, Yorkshire. 

tLoNDON (Bp. of), Chas. James Bloinfield,D.D.,P.C. 
B. 1786, m. ist, d. of W. Heath, esq.; 2ndly, d. of Charles Cox, esq., 
and relict of Thomas Kent, esq. Provincial Dean of Canterbury, and 
Dean of the Chapels Royal. Consecrated Bp. of Chester 1824; trans, 
lated 1828. Formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Is patron 
of 90 livings. Annual value of see, £11.700. London Houee, Hi. 
Jamea^s-sg. ; Fulhatn Palace, Middlesex. 

fLoNDONDERRY (4th Marq. of), Frederick William 
Robert Stewart, D.C.L., P.C. ; cr. 1816. 
B. 1806; m. Dowager Viscountess Powersoonrt. Sits aa Baron 
Stewart. 2nd tit. Vlflot. Castlereagh. Has been a Lord of the Ad- 
miralty and Vice-Chamberlain of the Household. Is Lord<Lieat. of 
Down. Patron of 6 livings, (h. c. 1852 as Lord Castlereagh ) 86, 
Cheshampl. ; Carlton i Mount Stetoart, eo. of Doton. 

f Longford (3rd Earl of), Edward Michael Pakenham ; 
cr. 1786. 

B. 1817. Sits as Baron Silchester. Became a Capt. 2ud Life Guards 
in 1848. 24, Bruton-street; Pakenham Hallt eo. PVestmeath. 

•Lonsdale (2nd Earl of), William Lowther, P.C. ; or. 

B. 1787. 2nd tit. Visct. Lowther. Lord-Lieut, and Vice-Admirnl of 
Cumberland and Westmoreland. Has been Chief Commissioner of Woods 
and Forests, Tnasurer of the Navy, Vice-President of the Board of 


Trade, Postmaiter-Geii^ and President of the OonnciL U petafon of 8S 
livings, (b.c. 1841, as Lord Lowthcr.) 14, Cariton-terr. ; CarlUmt 
Cottesmore Park, Rutiandah.; Lotother Castle^ fVestmoretand ; 
fVhitehaven Castle, Cumberland. 

Lothian (8th Marq. of), William Schomberg Robert 
Kerr ; cr. I7OI. 

B. 1832. Sits as Baron Kerr. Snd tit. Lord Jedbargh. Is patron of 
1 living. Newbattle Abbey^ Edinburgh ; Mount Teviotf Roxburghsh. 

•LovAT (1st Bar.)) Thomas Alexander Fraser ; cr. 1837. 
B. 1802, m. d. of 6t1i Lord Stafford. Is head of one branch of the 
Fraser family. Lord-Lieut, of InTerue8S.Ah. and aDep.-Lieat.of Aber- 
deeush. Beattfort, Invemess'SA, 

•Lovelace (1st Earl of), William King; cr. 1838. 

B. 1806, m. d.of Oth Lord Byron (dead). Snd tit. Visct. Ockham. a^t 
Peer a jndge.) Is patron of 3 livings. Lord-Lient. and Gustos Rot. of 
Surrey. 6, Great Cumberland-pl. ; East Hartley Tower y Ripley t 
Surrey; Ashley Combe, Porloek, Somerset. 

f LucAN (3rd Earl of, Ir. Rep.), Geo. Chas. Bingham ; 
cr. 1795. 

B. 1800, ra. d. of 6th Earl of Cardigan. Snd tit. Lord Bingham. Lord 
Licnt. of the co. of Mayo. A ATajor-Geu. in the army; appointed to 
encnmand the cavalry in the expedition to Turkey, 1854, and was 
wtjanded before SebastopoL SO, Hanover-eq.t LcUeham, Middle- 
sex; Castlebar, co. Mayo. 

LuROAN (2nd Baron), Charles Brownlow; cr. 1839. 
B. 1831; m. d. of 3rd hatA Kilmaine. Formerly Ensign 76th fbot. 
Brookes' s ; Lurgan Castlst co. Armagh. 

f Lymdhurst (1st Bar.), John Singleton Copley, D.C.L. 
F.R.S., P.C; cr. 1827. 

B. 177S, m. 1st, d. of C. Brunsden, esq. t Sdly, d. of L. Goldsmith, Esq. 
Is High Steward of the University of Cambridge. Has been Solicitor- 
Cea., Attorney-Gen., Master of the Rolls, three times Lord Chancellor, 
and once Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer, (h. c. 1827 as 
Sir John Copley.) 25, George-st., Hanover-sq.f Carlton; fVtmble- 
don, Surrey. 

•Lyttelton (4th Bar.), Geo. Wm. Lyttelton j cr. 1794. 

B. 1817, m. d. of Sir 8. R. Glynne, bart. Is High Steward of Bewdley. 
Lord-Lieut, and Custos Rot. of Woicestersh. Is Principal of Queen's 
College, Birmingham. Was senior medallist at Cambridge in 1838. 81, 
St. James's sq.i Hagley Park, PVoreestersh, 


"Macclesfield (6th Earl of), Thomas Augustus Wol- 
stenholme Parker; cr. 1721. 
B. 1811 : m. 1st, d. of Edmand Tarnor, esq. i 2ndly, d. of 2nd Marq. 

of Weatminster. 2nd tit. Visct. Parker. (1st Peer a judge.) Is patron 
of 6 livings, (h. c. 1841 as Mr. Parker.) 9, Conduit-st.{ Skerboume 
Castla, Oxfordih. ; Buckfastteigh, Devon. 

f Malmesbury (3rd Earl of), Jas. Howard Harris, P.C. ; 
cr. 1800. 

B. 1807, m. d. of Kth Earl of TankerriUe, 2nd Ut. Visct. Fitzhanis. 
Has been Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. (Peerage conferred 
for diplomatic services.) Is patron of 1 living, (ta. c. 1841 asYiaet. 
Fiteharris.) 8, FThttehall Gardens ; Carlton ; Heron Court, Hants. 

fMANCHESTER (6th Duke of), Geo. Montagu; cr. 1719. 

B. 1799, m. 1st, d. of tbe late Gen. Sparrow (dead) i 2ndly, d. of 

Conway R. Dobbs, esq. 2nd tit. Visct. Mandeville. (Ist Peer a judge.) 

Is patron of 3 livings. A Oommander, R.N. (h. c. 1837 as Lord Mande> 

ville.) Athentmum; National; KimboUon Castle, Huntingdonsh. 

'Manchester (Bp. of), James Prince Lee, D.D. 

Formerly fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Appointed Assistant 
Master of Rugby School, nndtr Dr. Arnold, in 183U; and afterwards 
became Head Mutter of King Edward's Grammar School at Birmingham. 
Consecrated 1848. Annual value, £420U. Sedgeley Hall, Manchester. 

fMANNERS (2nd Bar.), John Henry Manners- Sutton; 
cr. 1807. 

B. 1818, m. 1848, 8rd d. of Captain William Bateman Dashwood, S.N. 
A Dep.-Lieut. of Suffolk. (First Peer a judge.) 56, Upper Brook-st. ; 
Fomham, near Bury St. Bdmvnd?s. 

f Mansfield (4th Earl of), Wm. David Murray, K.T. ; 
cr. 1792. 

B. 1806, m. d. of C. Ellison, esq. dead. 2nd tit. Ld. Stormont. Hereditary 
Keeper of the Palace of Scone. Lieut.-Col. of Stirlingsh. Militia. Has 
been a Lord of the Treasury aad Lord High Commissioner to the Church 
of Scotland. Is patron of 1 living, (li. c. 184U as Lord Stormont.) 
Carlton; Caen fVood, Uiddleses; Cumlonffan Castle, Dnm- 
friessh. t Schaw Park, Clackmannansh, ; Scone Palace, Perth. 

Manvers (2nd Earl), Chas. Herbert Pierrepont; cr. 


B. 1778, m. d. of A. H. Eyre, esq. 2nd tit. Visct. Newark. Is patron 
of 14 livings. IS, Portman-sq.; Thoresby Park, and Hohnt-Pierre- 
pont, Nottinghamsh, 


fMARLBOROUOH (dtfa Dukeof)|6eorge Spencer Churchill, 
D.C.L. ; cr. 1702. 

B. 1793 ; m. l>t, d. of the 8tli Earl of Gallowny t 2n(lly, 5th d. of 4th 
Tisct. Ashhrook ; Srdly, d. of the Hod. Edw. Stewart. 2nd tit. Marq. of 
Blandford. Is Lord-I>ient. of Oxfordsb. A pension, and the estate of 
Blenheim, were settled by Parliament on this family, to reward the 
serrices of the celebrated Dake of Marlborough, (h. c. 1840, as Marq. 
of Blandford.) Is patron of 11 livings. 12, Upper Belgrtw»*t. ; 
Blenheim Bouee, Ojtfordsh. 

"Massereeneand Ferrard (10th ViscL), John Foster 
SkefiBngton, K.P. ; cr. 1660. 

B. 1812. m. d. of Henry Deane Grady. (1st Peer an actire promoter 
of the Restoration of Charles II.) Sits as Bar. Oriel. A Depnty-Lieat 
of Antrim. Is patron of 8 livings. 39, King-at., St.James'ei Athe- 
ncBum; Antrim Castle, co. Antrim t Oriel Temple, eo. Louth. 

IMaynard (3rd ViscL), Henry Maynard ; cr. 1766. 

B. 1786, m. d. of R. Rabett, esq. Lord-Lieut, and Vice-Admiral of 
Essex. Is patron of 6 livings. 88, Groavenor-aq.; Baaton Lodge, Eaae*. 

Mayo (6th Earl of, Ir. Rep.), Robert Bourke; cr. 1785. 

B. 1797 ; n. d. of Hon. John Jocelyn. The 4th Earl was for 88 years 
an Ir. Rep. S4, Notfoit-at^ Park-kme ; Palmeraton Houae, Naaa, 

Meath (Bp. of), Joseph Henderson Singer, D.D. 

B. 1786, m. d. of the late Rev. H. Crofton. Formerly Fellow of Trinity 
Collie, DnbUn. Had been Archdeacon of Raphne. Consecrated 1852. 
Annual Talne of the see, £3764. Ardbraoean Palace, Navan, eo. 
Meath t Fitstoilliamrpl., Dublin. 

•Meath (11th Earl of), William Brabazon ; cr. 1627- 
B. 1808, m. d. of Sir Richard Brooke, bart. Sits as Baron Chaworth. 
2nd tit. Lord Brabazon. Is a Deputy-Lieut, of the co. of Dublin, and 
CoLof that CO. MilitiH; has been High Sheriff of Wicklow. Is patron 
of 2 livings, (h. c. 1841 as Lord Brabason.) 17, Glouoesteraq. i Kit' 
ruddery Houae, eo. cf fViekUno s Eaton Court, Herefordah. 

Melville (3rd Visct), Henry Dundas, K.C.B. ; cr. 

B. 1801, is nnmar. (Peerage conferred for nfficiMi services.) A Mi^or- 
Gea. in the army, formerly Lient.-Col. of the 60th Rifles. Has been 
AidCiide-Camp to the Queen. 7, Portugat-at., Part-Ian* t MehfiUe 
Cattle, Edindurghshi fVimbledon, Surrey. j 


*Methuen (2nd Bar.), Frederick Henry Paul Methuen; 
cr. 1838. 

B. 1818, m. d. of Rev. John Sanford. Has been in the army, but 
retired 1842 ; is Lieut-Col. of the Wilts MiUtia : a Deputy-Lient. of 
WiiU. Is patron of 2 lirings. Cortham Houses FTiUs. 

fMiDDLETON (7th Bar.), Digby Willoughby ; cr. 1711. 
B. 1709. A retired Capt. R.N. Is patron of 10 livings. 11. Mon>' 
tayuai., Portman-sq.i Middleton HaU, PVanoieith.; fVotlaton- 
house, Notts; BridacM, Yortsh, 

f MiDLETON (6th Visct.), Charles Brodrick ; cr. 1717- 
B. 1701 ; m. Brd d. of 2Snd Lord Le Despenoer. Was called to the Bar 
1819. Sits as Baron Brodrick. (l>t Peer a Judge.) Is patron of 8 
liTings. Peppsr Harrow Part, Surrey; Cahirmone, eo. tf Cork. 

•MiLFORD (Ist Bar.), Richard Bulkeley Philipps 
Philipp8;cr. 1847- 

B. 1801 1 m. Isd d. of John Gordon, esq. (dead); 2ndly, d. of 4th 
Earl of Wicldow. Lord-Lieut, and Gustos Rot. of Harerlbrdwest. 
PHtron of 8 livings, (b. c. 1847 as Sir Richard Philipps.) 82, Jllbe- 
marU-st.f Kilgetty Park andPieton Castle, Pembrokesh. ; Lkm- 
dotoror, Carmarthensh. 

•MiNTO (2nd Earl of), Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynyn- 
mond, P.C., G.C.B.; cr. 1813. 

B. 1782, m.d.ofP.Brydone, esq. (dead.) 2ndtit.Yi8et. Melgnnd. Haa 
been Ambassador at Berlin, First Lord of the Admiralty, and Lord Privy 
Seal. (b. c. 1814 as Visct. Melgnud.) ^^EaUm-eq.i MitUo Castle, 
eo. qf Roxburgh. 

MoNSON (6th Bar.), William John Monson; cr. 1728. 

B. 1796, m. d. of Edmund Larken, esq. Is patron of lllivings. 1, Idn- 
coin's Jtut Fields ; Burton Hottse, Lincoln. 

*MoNTEAOLE (IstBari), Thos. Spring Rice, P.O., F.R.S.; 
cr. 1839. 

B. 1790; m. 1st, d. of the Earl of Limerick; 2ndly, d. of John 
Marshall, esq. Is Comptroller uf the Exchequer ; has been Under Secre- 
tary of State in the Home Department, Secretary to the Treasury, Secre- 
tary for the Colonies, and Chancellor of the Exchequer, (b. c. 1809 
as Mr. Rice.) 7, Park-st., fVestminster ; Mhsneeum and Reform 
Clubs i Mount Trenchard, co. Lfmerick. 


fMoNTKOSB (4th Duke of), James Graham, K.T., P.O.; 

B. 1709, m. d. of Lord Decies. Sits an Earl Graham. 2Dd tit. Marq. 
of Graham. Chancellor of the UniTersity of Glasgow. Lord-Lient. of 
Stirlingshire. Hereditary Sheriff of Dambartoosh. Has been Lord 
Steward of the Household. 45, Belffrav9-sq.i CarUoni Buchanan 
Sou**, Stirttngth. 

Moray (11th Earl of), Francis Stuart; cr. 1661. 

B.1795. Sits as Baron Stuart, of Castle Stuart. 2nd tit. Lord Do«ne. 
Douibristle, Fife; CaatU Stuart, Jnvemega-ah. ; Douna Lodffa, 
Perihsh. ; Damaway Caatle^ Elginah. 

•MoRLEY (2nd Earl of), Edmund Parker; cr. 1815. 

B. 1810; m. the relict of Wm.Coryton, esq. 2nd tit. Visct. Boringdon. 
Is patron of 4 livings. A special Deputy Warden of the Stannaries. 
Has been a Ijord in Waiting to the Qoeen. Kent House, Knightsbridge ; 
Saltram, and North Malton, Devonsh. 

tMoRNiNGTON (4th Earl of), WilHam Pole-Tylney- 
Long-Wellesley ; cr. 1760. 

B. 1788, m. 1st, eld. d. and co-heir of Sir J. Tylney Long, bart., 
SniSy, d. of Col. Paterson, and relict of Edward Bligh, esq. (dead). 2nd 
tit. Visct. Wellesiey. Sits as Bar. Maryborongh. Is a Dep.-Lieat. for 
Essex, (h. c. 1831 as Mr. Long Wellesiey.) 

fMoRTON (18th Earl of, Sco. Rep.), George Sholto 
Douglas; cr. 1458. 

B. 1789, m. d. of the Right Hon. Sir Geo. Rose. 2nd tit. Lord Aber- 
Amr. Formerly Secretary of Legation at Florence, Berlin. &o. and 
has been a I^rd in Waiting to the Qaeea. Carlton; 7, Old Palace- 
yd.i Aberdour Castle, Fife; Daimahoy, Midlothian. 

*MosTYN (2nd Bar.), Edward Mostyn Lloyd- Mostyn; 

B. 1705 ; m. d. of 2nd Eari of Clonmell. Is patron of 1 liring. Lord- 
Licvt. of Merionethsh. (h. c. 1864, as Hon. E. M. Lloyd Mostyn.) 9, 
Lower Seymour-st.; Pengwem, Ftmtsh.; Mostyn, Holywell, North 

fMouNT-CASHELL (3rd Earl of, Ir. Rep.), Stephen 
Moore; cr. 1781. 

B. 1798, m. d. of Samuel Wyss, esq. 2nd tit. Lord Kilworth. Is patron 
of 1 living. Moore Pari, eo. of Cork j Galgorm, co. qf Antrim. 


fMouNT-EDOCUMBE (2nd Earl of), Ernest Augustus 
Edgcumbe ; cr. 1789. 

B. 1797, m. d. of Admiral Fielding. 2nd tit. Yisct. Yalletort. la 
Aidr-de Camp to tbe Qaeen, Col. nf the Cornwall Militia, and a special 
Deputy Warden of the Stannaries. The ConnteM ia an extra Lady of 
the Bedchamber to the Queeu. I« patron of 5 livingit. Richmond Hill, 
Surrey ; Cotele, Cormoall; Mount Edgeumbe, Plymouth. 

fMuNSTER (2nd Earl of), William George Fitz-Clarence; 
cr. 1831. 

B. 1824. Has been Capt. lit Life Gnards. 2nd tit. Lord Fitz-C1ai«Bce. 
(The I St Earl wajs the eld. i . of King WUUam IV.) Upper Lodge, Bushy 

fNELSON (3rd Earl), Horatio Nelson; cr. 1805. 

B. 1823, m. d. of the 2nd Earl of Normanton. (Peerage confrmd for 
naval sernces.) 8, Seamore-pl., Cur*on-it.t TrafcUgar House, 

fNEWCASTLE (6th Duke of), Henrv Pelham Clinton, 
P.C. ; cr. 1756. 

B. 1811, m. d. of 10th Duke of Hamilton (divorced). 2nd tit. Earl 
of Lincoln. Is patron of 8 livings. Has been a Lord of the Treasury, 
First Commissioner of Woods and Forests, Chief Sec. for Ireland, and 
Secretary of State for the Colonies. Is one of the Council of the Dachy 
of Cornwall, and High Steward of Ketford. Appointed Secretary of 
State for War, June, 1854. (h. c. 1851 as Lord Lincoln.) Pembroke 
House, ffTutehall; Carlton j Clumber Part, f^ortaop Mimor, 
and Nottingham Castle, Isiotts; Runby Hall, Notts. 

•Norfolk (13th Duke of), Henry Charles Howard, 
K.G., P.C; cr. 1483. 

B. 1701, m. d. of the Ist Duke of Sutherland. 2nd tit.EarI of Arandel 
and Surrey. Hereditary Earl Marshal. Premier Dnke. HasbeenTrea. 
surer of the Household, Master of the Horse, and Lord Steward of 
the Household, (h. c. 1841 as Lord Surrey.) Is patron of 24 livings. 
The Dachess is an extra Lady of the Bedchamber. 21, St. James^s-eq.,' 
Reform Club; Arundel Castle, Sussex ; Harfold, Surrey; Fam^ 
ham, Stiffblt i Glessop, Derby sh. 

•NoRMANBY (1st Marq. of), Constantine Henry PhiDus. 
K.G., G.C.B., P.C, G.C.H.; cr. 1838. 

B. 1797, m. d. of 1st Lord Rarensworth. 2nd tit. Earl of Miifgrave. 
Has been SecretaiT of State for the Home Department, Lord Lieut 
of Ireland, Lord Privy Seal, Secretary of State for the ColoniesTcS 


Tenor of Jamaica, and Ambaasador at Paris, (h. c. 1881 as Lord Nor. 
majiiby.) Pari* ; Rtform Club ; Mulgravt Cattlt, Yortsh, 

Northampton (3rd Marq. of ), Charles Douglas Comp- 
ton ; cr. 1812. 

B. 1816. Is a Dep.-Lieat. of Argylesh. 2nd tit. Earl Compton. Is 
patron of 6 liyings. 145, Picecuiilly ; Castle MMff, Northamptonsh. t 
Compton fVinyatea, fVanoieksh. 

fNoRTHUMBERLAND (4th Duke of), Algernon Percy, 
P.C, D.C.L., F.ll.S. ; cr. 1766. 

B. 1792 ; m. eld. d. of 2iid Marq. of Westminster. Is Constable of Lana- 
oeston Castle, and a special Deputy Warden of the Stannaries. A Rear- 
Admiral of the Blue. Has been Pirst Lord of the Admiralty. 2nd tit. 
Earl Percy. Is patron of 12 livings. (The Dnchess Dowager was Qo- 
rerneas to the Qneen.) Northumberland House, Charing Croat t 
2, fVhitehaU Gardtns; Stanwick Park, Yorkah.t Alntoiek and 
Keilder Castles, Northumberl.t Sion House, Middlesex,' fVer- 
rington Park, Cornwall. 

fNoRTHWicK (2nd Bar.), John Rushout; cr. 1797' 

B. 1770, anmarried. Is patron of 2 liTiogs. 44, St. James^a-pl. i 
Northwiek Park, Gloucester ah. 

♦Norwich (Bp. of), Samuel Hinds, D.D. 

M. d. of Abel Clinckett, esq. (dead.) Consecrated 1840. Formerly 
Principal of Codrington Coll., Barbados, afterwards Yice-Piindpal 
of St. Alban Hall, Oxford; was first Chaplain to Lord Bessboroagh 
when Lord-Lieut, of Ireland, and snlMcquently to Lord Clarendon. Is 
patron of 47 livings. Annual value of see, £4500. 16, George-et., 
Portman-sq. ; Palace, Norwich. 

fO'NEiLL (3rd Visct. Ir. Rep.), John Bruce Richard 
O'Neill ; cr. 1796. 

B. 1780. Is Vice- Admiral of Ulster, Constable of Dublin Castle, and a 
Gen. in the Army. (h. c. 1841 as Gen. O'Neill.) Carlton; United 
Service ; Shane's Castle, eo. Antrim. 

fONSLOW (3rd Earl of), Arthur Geo. Onslow ; cr. 1801. 

B. 1777,m. d. of G. Fludyer, esq. (deadj 2nd tit. Vise. Cranley. (Ut 
Peer filled the office of Speaker of the House of Commons.) Is patron of 
5 livinKS* Clandon Park, Surrey. 

fORFORD (3rd Earl of), Horatio Walpole; cr. 1806. 
B 1788, m. d. of W. A. Pawkner. esq. 2nd tit. Lord Walpole. (Peer- 
D 2 


age conferred far official seryicea.) High Steward of Lynn, and Depnty- 
Lieat. of Norfolk : haa been Attach^ to the embauy at St. Pet«rHbargh 
and at Spain, a Lord of the Admiralty, and a Commissioner for the 
affiiirs of India. Is patron of 7 livings, (h. e. 1822 as Lord Walpole.) 
7, Connauffht-»q.; fVMt»'s; CarUont fVolierton Part, Norfolk. 

f Orkney (2nd Earl of, Sco. Rep.), Thomas John Ha- 
milton Fitz-Maurice; cr. 1696. 

B. 1808. m.d. of SrdLord Boston. 2nd tit. Visct. Kirkwall. 8. Entiis- 
more-plaoe, KnigkUbridge I CarUon; Glen App, Ayt'thiro, 

OvERSTONE (Ist Bar.), Samuel Jones Loyd ; cr. 1850. 
B. 179A, m. d. of Ichabod Wright, esq. Has been High Sheriff of 
Warwicksh. Was well known as a London Banker. Patron of 8 
liyings. S2, Norfolt-tL Park Ian* i fViekham Park, Surrey* 

fOxFORD (Bp. of), Samuel Wilberforce, D.D. 

B. ISUB, m. d. of Rer. John Sargent } formerly of Oriel College, 
Oxford, where he was much distinguished. Has been successiTcly 
Rector of Brighstone, Archdeacon of Surrey, Rector of Al^erstoke, 
Canon of Winchester, Chaplain to Prince Albert, Sab-almoner to the 
Queen, and Dean of Westminster. Consecrated 1846. Appointed Lord < 
High Almoner to the Queen Nov. 1847. Is patron of 13 livings. Annual 
ralue of see, ^500U. 61, Eaton Plaoe ; Cuddesden Palace, OjtfbrdsA. 

•Panmure (2nd Bar.), Fox Maule, K.T., P.C; cr. 1831. 

B. 1801 ; m. eld. d. of 1st Lord Abercromby (dead). Has been Under Se- 
cretary fur the Home Department, Vice-President of the Board of Trade, 
Secretary at War, and President of the Board of Contronl. A CSovernor 
of the Charterhouse. Was for 12 years in the 70th Highhinders. Is Lord 
Lieut, of Forfarsh.and Keeper of the Privy Seal in Scotland, (h. c. 
1862 as the Right Hon. Fox Maule.) 19, Ealon-pl. ; Brtchin, For- 

t Pembroke and Montgomery (12th Earl of), Robert 
Henry Herbert ; cr. 1551. 

B. 1791, m. Princess Octavia Spinelli, d. of the Duke of LorLne, and 
widow of Prince Rubari, of SicUy. 2nd tit. Lord Herbert. High Steward 
ofWUton. Ispatronof lOUvings. fVilUm Houae, fVilU. 

Teterborough (Bp. of), George Davys, D.D. 

B. 1780, m. d. of Rev. E. Mapletoil. Consecrated 1839. Formerly 
Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. Late Preceptor to Her Majesty, 
and Dean of Chester. Is patron of 16 livings. Annnal valao of see, 
£4500. Palace, Peterborough. 


Petee (12th Bar.), William Barnard Petre; cr. 1603. 

B. 1817 ; m. eld. d. of tlie Hon. Chas. That. CUfibrd. Is a Dvputj- 
Ueot. of Essex. Is patron of 4 Uyings. 9, Mem*JUtd-»t. j Tt^omdon 
Haa, Essex t Bucksnham House, Norfolk: Dunket Hall, Lanecuh, 

Plunket (2nd Bar.), Thomas Plunket, D.D.,P.C.; cr. 

M. d of tlie late J. W. Poster, esq. Is Bishop ofToam, KUIala, and 
Aehonry, an Ecclesiastical Gommissloaer for Ireland. Patioo of 9& 
liriogs. The first Peer was for many years Lord CbanceUorof Ireland. 
Old ConnauffM, fVtcklow ; Tuam Paiace, Gakoay. 

^PoLTiMORE (Ist Bar.), George Warwick Bampfylde; 
cr. 1831. 

B.1786, m. 1st, d. of the Her. R. Sneyd; Sndly, d. of Gen. Bnller. 
Col. of the North Devon Militia. Has been a Lord in Waiting to the 
Queen. Is patron of 4 livings. SS, Groavenormsq. ; Reform Chtb i 
Hardmgton Park, Somerset t PoUimore, and Cour HaU, D^on. 

fPoLWARTH (5th Bar. Sco. Rep.), Henry Francis Hep- 
burne-Scott ; cr. 1690. 

B. 1800, n. d. of the late George Baillie, esq., of Jerviswood. Is 
Lovd-Lleat. of Selkirksh., a I>ep.-Lient. of Roxborghsh., and of Ber- 
wicksh. Has been a Lord in Waiting to the Queen. Car/ion; Merton 
House, Berwieksh. 

fPoMFRET (5th Earl of), George William Richard Fer- 
mor; cr. 1721. 

B. 1824. Jittd tit. Lord Lempster. Patron of 8 livings. 68a, Gros- 
venor-st. s Boston- Neston, Northamptonth. t Twins tead HaU, 

♦PoNsoNBY (1st Visct.), John Ponsonby, G.C.B. 
cr. 1839. 

B. 1770, m. d. of the 4th Earl of Jersey. Has been Envoy Extraordi- 
nary at Bneuus Ayres and Rio de Janeiro; Ambassador at the Poite, 
at Vienna, &c. Bishop^s Court, Kildare. 

fPoRTLAND (6th Duke of), William John Scott- 
Ben tinck ; cr. 1716. 

B 1800. 2nd Ut. Marq. of TIchfleld. Is patron of 11 Urlngs. 10, 
Caiuendish'sq. ; fVelbeck Abbm, Notts; FuUarUm House Ofuf 
Dseut Castle, Ayrsh.: Bolsouer CastU, Derby sh. 


•PORTMAN (UtBar.), Edw. Berkeley Portman j cr. 1837. 

B. 1799, m. d. of the 2nd Earl of Hare wood. Is one of the Cooncil uf 
the Dnchy of Cornwall. Lord-Lient. of Somerset&hire. Is patron of 
16 lirlngs. (h. c. 1833 as Mr. Portman.) Lady Portman is an extra 
Lady of the Bedchamber to the Qaeen. 88, Bryanstone-»q. / Bryartr 
stone, Dorsetsh. i Orchard Portsnan, Somtrtetth. 

•Portsmouth (5th Earl of), Isaac Newton Fellowes ; 
cr. 1743. 

B.1825. 2nd tit. Yisrt. Lymington. Patronof 8 liTings. Rggeaford, 
Devon ; Huretboume Park, Hants, 

fPouLETT (6th Earl), John Poulett; cr. 1706. 

B. 1783. m. d. of the late H. B. Portman, esq. 2nd tit. Ylact. Hinton. 
Has been Ool. of the Ist Somerset Militia. Is patron of 7 livingi. 
88t Dover-st. ; Carltoni Hinton St. George, Somersetsh, 

fPowis (3rd Earl of), Edward James Herbert, D.C.L. ; 
cr. 1804. 

B. 1818. 2nd tit. Visot. Clive. (Peerage conferred for military ser- 
yices.) A Depnty-Lient. of Salop and Montgomery, (h. c. 1847 as 
Lord Cliye.) Is patron of Sliyings. 45, Berkeley-sq. ; Potoie Castle, 
Montgomeryshire; fValcot Hall, Salop. 

•Radnor (3rd Earlof),Wni.Pleydell-Bouverie; cr.l766. 

B.1779, m. 1st, d. of the Earl of Lincoln; 2ndly, d. of Sir H. P. 

St. John Mildmay (dead). 2nd tit. Visct. Folkestone, (h. c. 1828 as Lord 

Folkestone.) Is patron of 8 livings. 62, Grosvenor-st.; Longford 

Castle, fVilts; Coleshill, Berks. 

f Raglan (1st Bar.), FitzRoy James Henry Somerset, 
G.C.B., P.C; cr. 1862. 

B. 1788 : m. d. of 8rd Bail of Momington. A Field Manhal in the 
airny. Col. of Royal Hone Guards Blue \ Master-Gen. of the Ordnance. 
Was for a considerable time Military Secretary to the Duke of Wei. 
liugton when commander-in chief. Appointed Commander of the Forces 
sent to the East, 1854. 6, Great Stanhope-st. 

+RANFURLY (2nd Earl of), Thomas Knox ; cr. 1831. 
B. 1786, m. d. of Archbishop (Stuart) of Armagh. Sits as Baron Ran- 
irly. 2nd tit. Lord Northland, (h. c. 1838 as Lord Northland.) 10, 
'hesham-st.t Dungaimon Park, eo. tf Tyrone. 

.AVENSWORTH (Ist Bar.), Thomas Henry Liddell ; 

cr. 1821. 

B. 1775, m. d. of I. Simpson, esq. (she died 1846.) Is patron of 

H0U8B OF PEBR8. 65 

1 Uvioff. CarUom Perej^t Cro9s, Ftslham; Ravmtiocrtk Ca»U0, 
CO. <^ Durham; Ellington Home, Northumberland, 

IRayleigh (Ist Bar.)t John James Strutt; en 1821. 
B. 1796, ra. d. of Richard Vloan, esq. A Special Deputy Warden of 
the Staaoariei. Mas been Sheriff of Cornwall Unhfertily t CarUou t 
TerUng-pl., Essex. 

fREDESDALE (2nd Bar.), John Thomas Freeman- Mit- 
ford ; cr. 1802. 

B. 1806. amnarried. (lit Peer a Jndge.) Is patron of Slirings. Was 
elected Chairman of Committees of the House of Iiords, 1861, and ap- 
pointed Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords same year. 6, Park-pl^ 
St. James's; Carltonj Batsford Park, Gloueestsrsh. 

RiBBLESDALE (3rd Bar.), Thomas Lister ; cr. 1797* 

B. 1828; m.d.of Col. W. Mure. Is stepson to Lord 1. RusseU. A 
Comet in the Guards. A Deputy.Lieut. of the West Riding of Yorkshire. 
6, Mourti-st.f Grosvenor-sq. ; Gitbume Park, Yortsh. 

f Richmond (5th Duke of), Chas. Gordon Lennox, 
K.G., P.C.; cr.l676. 

B. 1791, ra. d. of 1st Marq. of Anglesey . 2nd tit . Earl of March . Aide- 
de-camp to the Queen; was at Waterloo. Lord-Lieut, and Vice-Adm. of 
Sussex. A Deputy.Lieut. of BanC Chancellor of Marischal ColL« 
Aberdeen. Has been Pnstniaster.43en. Is patron of 8 lifingi. 61, 
Portlattd-pl. ; Goodwood Park, Sussex i Gordon Castle, Bat^fsh, 

fRiPON (1st Earl of), Fred. John Robinson, P.C. ; 
cr. 1833. 

B. 1782, m. d. of the 4th Earl of Buckinghamshire. 3nd tit. Yisct. 
Goderich. Has been President of the Board of Controul i Lord Priry 
Seal ; Secretary of State for the Colonies ; President of the Board at 
Trade ; Chancellor of the Exchequer ; and for a short time Pint Lord of 
the Treasnry. (h. c. 1827 as Mr. Robinson.) Is patron of 8 liTiags. 
1, Carlion Gardens t Nocton, Lineolnsh. ; Putney Heath, Surrey. 

•Ripon (Bp. of), Charles Thomas Longley, D.D. 

B. 1794. m. d. of 1st Lord Congleton. Consecrated 1836 ; formerly 
of Christ Church, Oxford. Annual value of see, jf45U0. Palace, Ripon, 
f Rivers (4th Bar.), George Pitt-Rivers; cr. 1802. 

B. 1810, m. d. of 1st Earl GranriUe. (Peerage conferred for diplomat 
■errieesw) Licut^Col. Dorset Yeomanry OaTalry. A Lord in Waiting 
the Qoeen. Is patron of 11 llTings. Rushmore Lodge, Dorset; EUha 


f Rochester (Bp. of), George Murray, D.D. 

B. 1784, m.d. of 0th Earl of Kinnonl. Consecrated Bp. of Sodor and 
MaalSlS; translated 1827. Fonnerly Student of Chrtat Church, Oxford. 
Is patron of 2S tilings. Annual Talue of aee, ^6000. 66, Eaton PI. / 
Danbury Paktce, Eatex, 

f RoDEN (3rd Earl of), Robert Jocelyn, K.P., P.C. ; 
cr. 1771. 

B.1788, m.d. of the late Lord LeDespenoer. Sits as Baron Clante-aanill. 
Enjoys a pension of ;f 2700, for the abolished office of Anditor-Ceneral in 
Ireland. 2nd tit. Visct. Jocelyn. Is patron of 1 liring. ISi, Pall 
Mtzllf United Service { Carlton t Hyde Hail, Herttt ToUymorm 
Park, eo.cfDown; Dundalk House, eo. of Louth. 

Rodney (6th Bar.), Robert Dennett Rodney; cr. 1782. 

B. 1820; m. 2nd d. of the late John Singleton, esq. Appointed 
Lieut, of Scots Fasilier Guards. 1838. A Dep.*Lieut. of Herefwdth. 
(1st Peer the celebrated Admiral Rodney.) Is patron of 1 living. 
Old Alretford, Hants. 

f RoMNEY (Earl of), Charles Maraham ; cr. 1801. 

B. 1808 ; m. d. of the 4th Duke of Bnecleneh (dead). 2nd tit. Yiset. Mar- 
•ham. Is patron of 2 livings, (h. c. 1846 as Yisct. Marsham.) 7, 6ro«- 
venor-st.i Carlton; BoxleyPark; Mote Park, Kent. 

*RosEBERY (4th Earl of), Archibald John Primrose, 
K.T., P.C. ; cr. 1703. 

B. 1783, m. Ist. d. of the Hon. Bartholomew BouTcrie, dirorced ; 2dl]r, 
d. of Ist Visct. Anson. Sits as Baron Rosebery. 2nd tit. Lord Dalmeny. 
Is patron of 1 living. Lord-Lieut, of Linlithgow. 189, PiceadiUy i 
Dalmeny Park, Linlithgowsh. { Rosebery, eo. of Edinburgh: 
fVarren Wood, Herts. 

•RossE (3rd Earl of, Ir. Rep.), William Parsons, D.C.L., 

K.P.; cr.l806. 

B. 1800, m. d. of John Wilmer Field, esq. 2nd tit. Lord Oxraantown. 
Is Lord-Lieut, and Castos Rot. of tbe King's Co. Appointed a Yisitor 
of Maynoorh College in 1845. Has devoted much time to the study of 
the physical sciences, especially tu optics and astronomy. Was elected 
President of the Royal Society 1849. (h. c. 1834 as Lord Ozmantown.) 

3, Cotmau§fht-pl.t Edgeware'rd.t Birr Castlet King's Co. 

lossLYN (3rd Earl of)f Jas* Alex. St-Clair-Erskine, 
P.C; cr. 1801. 
B. 1802, m. d. of Lieut-Gen. Wemyss. Snd tit. Lord Looghbonmgli. 


{1st Vwr a Jnd^.} Has been twtcb Master of t1i« BacklMada. It 
Vsjor-Gen. in the Anny. Is patron of 1 liTiiig. Carttomt Dj/tari 
House, Fif9»h,{ Z,aiif€l House, Yortsk. 

•RossMORE(3rdBar.), Henry Robert Westenra; cr.l796. 

B. 1792 ; m. 1st, d. of 8lh IXike of Hamilton ; 2ndl7, 2Dd d. of Henry 

Lloyd, esq. (h. c. 1841 as Mr Westrnra.) Is Lord-Lieut, and Cnstos 

Rot. of Mmiagfaan. Is a Dqiaty Lieut, of Bute. Brookes's ; RosS' 

more Part, eo. Monaghan, 

^RoxBURGHE (6th Duke of), Jas. Hen. Robt. Innes Ker, 
K.T. ; cr. 1707. 

B. 1816, m. d. of Sir C. Dalbiae. 2nd tit. Marq. of Beaumont. Sits as 
Earl of Innes. Fleure Cattle, Rosburghehi Broxmouth, HaOtUng- 

fRuTLAND (6th Duke of), John Henry Manners, K.G. | 
cr. 1703. 

B. 1778, m. d. of the 5th Earl of Carlisle (dead). 2nd tit. Marq. of Oranby. 
Lord-Lieut, and Gustos Rot. of Leicestershire, and Col. of the Leicester 
Militia. High Steward of Cambridge. Is patron of 31 livings. 9, St. 
jilban's-pl. : Carlion; Belvoir Castle, Leieestereh.; Haddon Hail, 
Derby eh. t Cheveley Park, Cambridgeeh. 

•St. Asaph (Bp. of), Thomas Vowler Short, D.D. 

B. 1790; m. d. of Charles DaTies, esq., rellot of Rer. J. J. Conybeare 
(dead). Consecrated Bp. of Sodor and Man, 1841 ; translated to his see 
184B. Is patron of llSUTings. Annual Talue, ^4200. 22, fVimpoh- 
et.{ Palace, St. Asaph, 

♦St. David's (Bp. of), Connop Thirl wall, D.D. 

8. of ReT. T. TMiiwall i b. 1797. Formerly Fellow of Trin. CMI. Cam- 
bridge. Consecrated 1840. Is patron of 99 lirlags. Annual value, 
£2600. Aberguiili Palace, Carmarthen. 

•St. Germans (3rd Earl of), Edward Granville Eliot, 
P.O. ; cr. 1816. 

B. 1798; m. d. of 2nd Marq. Comwallis. Has been a Lord of the 
Treasury, Ambassador to Spain, Chief Secretary for Ireland, and Post- 
master •general. Appointed Lord-Lieut, of Ireland, Deo. 1852, salary 
^20,000. Is a special depnty-warden of the Stannaries. 2nd Ut. Lord 
Eliot. Is patron of 8 liTings. (h. c. 1845 as Lord Eliot.) 80, Dover' 
stroeis Carlton t the Castle, Dublin ; Port Eliot, Cornwall. 


fST. John of Bletsoe (14th Bar.), St. Andrew Beau- 
champ St. John ; cr. 1558. 

B. 1811, m. d. of Sir R. H. HusBcy, K.C.B. Is patron of 6 llTinffB. 
Carlton; BM»o« Part, Beds. 

fST. Leonards (1st Bar.). Edward Burtenshaw Sug- 
den, P.O., LL.D.; cr. 1852. 

B. 1781 ; m. only child of Mr. John Knapp. Has been Solicitor- 
General for England; Lord Chancellor of Ireland; and Lord Chancellor 
of Great Britain. A depnty-lient. of Saxsex. (h. c. 1841 as Sir B. 
Sagden.) 88, Belgrav-sq. i BoyU Farm, Surrey. 

fST. Vincent (2nd Visct), Edw.-Jervis Jervis; cr. 1801. 

B.17A6, m. Ifft, d. of 10th Lord Saye and Sele, divorced ; Sndly, d. of 
Thomas Earlier, Esq. (Ist Peer a distinguished naral commander.) 
69, St. James's tt.; Meaford, Staffordsh, 

fSALisBURY (2nd Marq. of), James Brownlow William 
Gascoigne-Cecil, K.G., P.C, D.C.L.; cr. 1789. 

B. 1791 ; m. ist, d. of Bamber Gascoigne, esq. (dead) ; 2ndly, d. of 6th 
Earl De-La- Warr. 2nd tit. Viact. Cranbourne. (P*^erage conferred for 
official services.) Has been Lord Privy Seal. Is Lord Lieat. of Middlesex. 
Col. of the Hertfordsh. Militia. Is patron of 8 livings. 20, JrNng- 
ton-st.; Carlton I Ha^field-house, Hertfordsh./ Childwellhail, 
Lane ash. 

Salisbury (Bp. of), Walter Kerr Hamilton, D.D. 

B. 1808 ; m. d. of Aichdeacon Lear. Provincial Precentor of Canter- 
Imry. Formerly fellow of Merton College, Oxford. Consecrated 1854, 
and admitted to the House of Lords same year, on ceasing to be Junior 
bbhop. Is patron of 53 livings. Annual value of see, jC6000. P«Uace, 

f Sandwich (7th Earl of), John William Montagu, 
P.C ; cr. 1660. 

B. 1811 , m. d. of the 1st Marq. of Anglesey. 2nd tit. Yisct. Hinchin- 
brooke. Is Lord-Lieut, of Hantingdonsh. Has been Captain of the 
Oentleraen-at-Arms. (Peerage conferred for uarai services.) Is patron 
of 5 livings. 8», St. James's pi. i Carlton i Hittehinbrooke-house, 

Sandys (Ist Bar.) Arthur Moyses Wm. Hill; cr. 1802. 

B. 1792. A the Army, and Col. of 7th Dragoon Guards, 
(h. c. 1836 as Lord Arthur Hill.) 48, CurMonrst. t Ombersley Court, 


*Sate and Sele (]3th Bar.), Rev. Frederic Twisleton 
Wykeham Fiennes, D.C.L. ; cr. 1447. 

B. 1799 ; m. 2nd d. of 4th Viact. Powencoart (dead). High Stewafd 
of Banbury. Was appointed Treasurer of Hereford Cathedral in I833| 
and Canon Besidentiary of Hereford in 1841. This barony was reviTed 
in 1781, after an abeyance of 107 years, in fayonr of the present baron's 
grandfather. 43, Grosvenor-st.; Brouffhion Castlt, Oitfordsh. 

*ScARBO ROUGH (8th Earl of), John Lumley-Savile; 
cr. 1690. 

B. 1788. 2nd tit. Visct. Lomley. Lord-Lient. and Cnstos Bot. of 
Mottinghamshire. (h. c. 1836 as Yisct. Lnmley.) Is patron of 14 
livings. ^1, South-»t.t Sandbeet Park, Yortsh. ; Lumlty CeutU, 
Durham; GUtUworth, Lmeohuh. 
fScARSDALE (3rd Bar.), Nathaniel Curzon; cr. 1761. 

B. 1781. Is patron of 3 liTings. JCeddleaton Hall, Dtrbysh. 

fSEAFiELD (7th Earl of, Sco. Rep.), John Charles 
Ogilvie-Grant: cr. 1701. 

B.1815; m. d.oflUh Lcvd Blantyn. 2nd tit. Lord Beidhaven. Is 
Depaty-Lieut. of Inrerness-sh. and of Ban&h. The 0th Earl was a 
representatiye peer fbr 13 years. Cullen Houte, Banffth,; Castle 
Grant, JnvemeMSsh. 

fSEATON (1st Bar.), John Colborne, G.C.B. ; cr. 1839. 
B. 1776, m. d. of Jas. Yonge, esq. (Peerage conferred for military ser- 
rices.) A Gen. in the Army. Col. of 2nd Lifd Guards. Has been Got.- 
Gen. in Canada, as also High Commisaiouer of the Ionian Islands. 
Enjoys a pension of £20UU. United Service t Lytteham Park; 
Seaton, Devoneh. 

*Sefton (3rd Earl of), Chas. Wm. Molyneux ; cr. 1771* 

B. 1796, m. d. of R. G. Hupwood, esq. Sits as Baron Seflon. 2nd tit. 
Yisct. Molynenx. Is patron of 1 living. Lord Lieat. of Lancaahira. 
fh. c. 1834 as Lord Molyneux.) 87, Belgrave-aq. ; Reform Club i 
Croxteth Hall, Laneash.; Stoke Farm, Berks. 

f Selkirk (6th Earl of, Sco. Rep.), Dunbar J. Douglas 
cr. 1646. 

B. 1809,nnm. 2nd tit. Lord Daer. Has been Keeper of the Great Seal 
in Scotland. Lord-Lieut, of Kirkcudbright. 88, Charlea-at., Berkem 
ley sq. ; Carlton : St. Mary's Isle, Kirkcudbright. 

fSHAFTESBURY (7th Earl of), Anthony Ashley- Cooper, 
D.C.L., F.R.A.S.; cr.l672. 

B. 1801 i m. d. of the 6th Earl Cowper. 2nd tit. Lord Ashley. (Peerage 


conferred for oftd«l serrioes.) Has been a OonlnilMioiiet of tie Bokrd of 
Controul. a Lord of tbe Admiralty, and one of tbe Ecclesiastical Com. 
Biissionera. la chairman of tbe Lunacy CommiaBion, a Depaty-Lient. 
of Dorset, and patron of 10 livings, (h. c. 1861 aa Lord Ashley.) 24, 
Cfrosvenor-sq.f Carlton; Athenceums St.GiUt Houst, Dortetth. f 
Richmond, Surrey, 

-fSHANNON (4th Earl of ), Richard Boyle; cr. 1756. 

B. 1809, m. d. of Lord Geoi^e Seymonr. Sita aa Baron Carleton. Snd 
tit. Yisct. Boyle. (Peerage conferred for official services.) Is patron of 
8 liviDga. 6, John-at.y BerJbeley-tq . t CastUmarlyr, eo. ^f Cork; 
Dotonham Hall, Si^ffbUt. 

fSHEFFiELD (2nd Earl of), George Augustus Frederic 
Charles Holroyd; cr. 1816. 

B. 1802, m. d. of the 2nd Earl of Harewood. Sits as Baton Sbefleld. 
2ndtit.yisct.Peyen8ey. Is patron of Hiring. tQ,Porttand-pl.; Carl' 
ioni Sheffield ParJt, Suteext Greave Hall, Yorkth. 

*Sherborne (2nd Bar.), John Dutton; cr. 1784. 

B. 1779, m. d. of Lord Stawell (extinct). Is patron of 8 llviags. 
Sherborne Lodge, Gloueestereh. 

Shrewsbury (18th Earl of), Bertram Arthur Talbot ; 
cr. 1442. 

B. 1882. Is premier Earl of England, hereditary Lord High Steward 
of Ireland, and Vice- Admiral of the co. of Cheater. Patron of 8 liTings. 
2nd4, tit. Lord Talbot. 

fSiDMOUTH (2nd Visct.), Rev. William Leonard Ad- 
dington ; cr. 1805. 

B. 1794; ra. d. of Rev. J. Tovnff. (Peerage eonfcited tot oOelal 
•etTiees.) Riehmond-pk, Surrey t Upper OUery, Devon. 

f Sinclair (12th Bar. Sco. Rep.), Charles St. Clair; cr. 

B. 1768, m. 1st, d. of J. Chisholme, esq.; 2dly, d. of Alex. Chatto, esq. 
(Peerage Conferred for military serTloes.) UnUed Service t HemuEnde" 
toun, Haddingtonsh. 
♦Sligo (3rd Marq.of), George John Browne; cr. 1800. 
B. 1820; m.d. of 6th Visct. Strangford (dead). Sits as Baron Mon- 
teagle. 2nd tit. Earl uf Altamout. U Col. of the Sligo Militia. fVeeim 
port Houee, eo. of Mayo. 

SoMERS (3rd Earl), Charles Somers; cr. 1821. 

B. 1819 1 m. d. of the Ute James Pattle, Esq. 2nd tit. Visct. Eastnor. 


Is tk Lord in Waitiiig to the Queen. A Depnty-Lieat. of the co. of Here- 
ford. Is patron of 7 livingH. (h. c. 1847 as Visct. Eastnor.) 45, Grosve- 
nor-place; Carlton; Eastnor Castle, Herffordsh. ; Reigate Priory f 

^Somerset (11th Duke of), Edw. Adolphus St. Maur, 

K.G., D.C.L., F.R.S., F.S.A.; cr. 1646. 

B. 1776, m. Ist, d. of the 9th Ihike of HamUton ; 2ndly, d. of Sir M. S. 

Stewart, bart. 2nd tit. Lord Seymour. Is patron of 2 livings. Tice- 

Admiral of Somerset. Park-l.; Maiden Bradley House, fVilts; 

fVimbledon Park, Surrey; Stover Lodg/f, Devonsh. 

fSoNDES (4th Bar.), George John Milles ; cr. 1760. 

B. 1704, m. d. of Sir B. Knatehbutl, bt. Is patron of 7 livings. 
82, Grosvenor-sq.; Carlton i Lees Court, Xent; Roekingham CaS' 
fie, Northamptonsh. 

fSouTHAMPTON (3rd Bar.), Charles Fitz-Roy; cr. 1780. 

B. 1804, m. d. of the Hon. H. Fits-Roy Stanhope. 68, Upper Grot- 
venor-si.; CarUcm Fits-Roy-place, Middlesex. 

•Spencer (4th Earl), Frederic Spencer, K.G.,P.C.,C.B. ; 
cr. 1765. 

B. 1798, m. 1st d. of W. S. Poynts, esq. (dead) ; 2ndly, d. of Sir H. 
Seymour. 2nd tit. Visct. Althorp. Has been Lord Chamberlain. Is 
patron of 12 livings. A Rear Admiral on the reserved list. Appoiuted 
Lord Steward of the Household, Jan. 1854. (h. c. 1841 as Hon. Capt. 
Spencer.) 27, St. Jamee'-pl.; Althorp Park, Northamptonsh. ; 
fViseton Hall, Notts. 

Stafford (7th Bar.), Henry Valentine Stafford Jerning- 
bam; cr. 1640. 

B. 1802, m. d. of Charles Edward Howard, esq. A Deputy-Lieut, 
of Norfolk. 60, Eaton^Lt Costessy Park, Norfolk; ShiffnaU 
Manor, Salop. 

Stair (9th EarloO.North Hamilton- Dalrymple; cr.l703. 

M. 1st, d. of the late James Penny, esq. (dead); 2ndly, dau. of Col. 

Geo. Dalrymple. Sits as Bar. Oxenfoord. 2nd tit. Visct. Dalrymple. (1st 

Peer a Judge.) Culhom House, fVigtonsh.; Stair House, Ayrsh.; 

Oxer^ord House, Edinburgh. 

Stamford (7th Earl of), George Harry Grey; cr. 1628. 

D. 1827 : m. d. of H. BUlige, esq. (dead.) 2nd tit. Lord Grey of Grnby . 
Succeeded his father as Baron Grey of Groby, and subsequently his 
grandfather as Earl of Stamford. Patron of 9 livings. (1st Peer a dis- 


tingnished militsry commander.) 83, HilUat., B«rkeley'»q, t Bmvitte 
Hall, Slaffordth. ; Dunham Massey Parkf Cheshire. 

fSxANHOPE (4th Earl), Philip Henry Stanhope, F.R.S.; 
cr. 1718. 

B. 1781, m. d. of l8t Lord Carringfon. 2nd tit.Visct.Mahon. (Peerage 
conferred for military services. ) Keeper of the Records of Birmingham 
Tower, Dublin. Is patron of 3 livings, (h. c. 181tt as Visct. Mahon.) 
2tt B, AlbemarUmtt; Chevening, KnU. 

^Stanley of Aldehley (2nd Bar.), Edward John 
Stanley, P.C.; cr. 1839. 

B. 1802; m. d. of 13th Yisct. DHlon. Is a Depaty-Lleat. of Cheshire. 
Has been Under-Secretary nf State for the Home Department ; Secretary 
of the Treasury; Paymaster-General of the Purees ; Under-Secretary far 
Foreign Affairs ; and Y ice- President of the Board of Trade. Appointed 
Yice President of the Board of Trade, Payma-ster-General and Treasurer 
of the Navy, Dec. 1852, salary jf'JOOO. Patron of 3 livings. Was called 
to the House of Lords during his father's lifetime, as Lord Eddisbory. 
(h. c. 1848 as Right Hon. Edw. J. Stanley.) 40, Dover-st.g Reform: 
Alderley Part, Chesh. 

•Stourton (18th Bar.), Charles Stourton ; cr. 1448. 
B. 1802, m. d. of 6th Lord Clifford of Chndleigh. Is patron of 1 living. 
A Deputy Lieut, of Yorkshire. AUerton Park, Yorkth. 

fSTRADBROKE (2nd Earl of), John Edw. Cornwallis 

Rous; cr. 1821. 

B. 1794. 2nd tit. Visct. Dnbwich. Lord-Lient. and Yice-Admiral of 
Suffolk. Cbl. of the East Suflblk Militia. In patron of 7 livings. 18, 
Queen^t., May Fain Henham Hall, Suffolk, 

*Strafford (Bar.), George Stevens Byng, P.O.; cr. 

B. 18091 m. 1st, d. of Ist Marq.. of Anf^lesey; Sdly, d. of Hon. C. C. 
Cavendish. Is styled by courtesy Yisct. Ekfibld, being the eld. s. of 
the E4rl of Strafford. Has been Comptroller of the Household to the 
Lord-Lient. of Ireland, and afterwards of the Queen's Housthold, also 
Treasurer of the lattrt', a Lord of the Treasury, and Secretary to the 
Board of Contronl. (h. c. 1852 as Lord Enfield.) 96, Eatott-»q. 

•Strafford (1st Earl of), John Byng, G.C.B., G.C.H., 
P.C. ; cr. 1847. 

H. 1st, d. of Peter Mackenzie, esq.; 2dly. d. of Sir Walter James, 
bt. (dead.) A General in the Army ; Col. of the Coldstream Guards, 
was at Waterloo, (h. c. 1885 as Sir John Byng.) 2nd tit. Yisot. 
Enfield. 44, (rrd^MiOr-V/.*; Reform Clu6 : Lavington, Sussex. 


fSTRAWOFORD (6thVi8ct.),Percy CHnton Sydney Smythe, 

G.C.B., P.C, G.C.H., LL.D., F.R.S.; cr. 1628. 

B. ]780,in.cL of Sir Thomas Burke, dead. Sits as Baron Pensharst. Haa 

been AmtMssador at Constantinople, St. Petersbnrgh, &e. Has pablished 

translations from the Portug:aese poet Camoens, and other poems. 68, 

Harley-9t.; Carlton. 

fSTRATFORD De Redcliffe (1st Visct.), Stratford 
Canning, PC, G.C.B. ; cr. 1852. 

M. 1st, d. of Thomas Raikes, esq.; 2nd1y, d. of James Alexander, esq. 
Has been Ambassador to the Ottoman Porte since 1841, salary jf 7000. 
(h.e. 1842 as Sir Stratford Canning.) S9a, Grotvtnor-sq. ; Coiutan- 

Strath ALL AN (7th Visct., See. Rep.) ; cr. 1686. 

B. 1810 ; m. d. of R. Baird, esq. Is a deputy-lieat. of Perthsh. Strath- 
aOan Castle, Cri^, Perthsh. 

Strathmore (12th Earl of, Sco. Rep.), Thomas George 
Lyon -Bowes; cr. 1677. 

B. 1822; m. d. of the Ath Visct. Banington (dead). Formerly in th« 
1st Life Guards. A depnty-lieut. of For&rshire. 

•Stuart de Decies (1st Bar.), Henry Villiers- Stuart, 
P.C; cr. 1839. 

B. 1803, m. Madame de Olt. Lord Lient. of Waterford. (h. e. 1836 as 
Hr. Villiers Stuart.) Dromana, eo. fVaterford. 

•Sudeley (1st Bar.), Charles Hanbury Tracy ; cr. 1838. 
B. 1777, m. d. of 8th Viscount Tracy (dead). Lord Lient. and Cnstos 
Rot. of Montgomerysh. (h.c. 1886 as Mr. Hanbury Tracy.) Is patron 
of 2 livings. 35, Dover-st.; Toddinglon, Glouoestersh. 

Suffield (5th Bar.), Charles Harbord; cr. 1786. 

B. 1830 ; m. d. of the late Henry Baring, esq. Has been Lieut, in 7th 
Dragoons. Is patron of 11 livings. Gunton Pk., Norfolk ; Middle- 
ton Hall, Laneash. 

•Suffolk and Berkshire (17th Earl of), Charles 
John Howard; cr. 1603. 

B. 1804, m. d. of Lord Henry Howard. Is a Deputy-Lieut, of Wilts . 
2Dd tit. Visct. Aodoyer. (h. c. 1841 as Visct. Andover.) Charlton, 

•Sutherland (2nd Duke of), George Granville Leveson 
Gower, K.G., D.C.L. ; cr. 1833. 
B. 1786, m. d. of the fith Earl of Carlisle. 2nd tit. Marq. of Stafford. 


Lord Lieat. of Sotherlandsh., and fbnnerly bIm of Salop. CastoiRot. 
of Staffbrdsh. (h. c. 1826 as Lord Gower.) Is patron of 12 livingrs. 
The Duchess is Mistress of the Robes to the Qneen. Staffbrd House, 
St. James's; Trentham Hall, Stafford: West Hill, Surrey ; Lillea" 
haltt Salop t Dunrobm Castle; Tongue House, Sutherlandsh. 

f Sydney (3rd Visct), John Robert Townshend, P.C ; cr. 

B.1805, m.d. of the Ist Harq. of Anflesey. Appointed Capt. of Yeo- 
men of the Guard, Dec. 1862. (Peerage conferred for official seryioes.) 
Is patron of 1 living, (h. c. as the Hon. J. K. Townshend.) 8, Clevm^ 
fcMdrsq.; Carlton ; Frognall, Kent, 

f Talbot (3rd Earl), Henry John Chetwynd Talbot, 
C.B.; cr. 1784. 

B. 1808, m. d. of 2nd Marq. of Waterford. A RearAdmird on the 
reseryed list . A Deputy-Lieut, of Stafford. Has been a Lord in Wait- 
ing to the Qneen. 2nd tit. Visct. Ingestre. (1st Peer a Judge.) Is 
patron of 4 livings, (h. c. 1849, as Visct. Ingestre.) 9, Grosvenor- 
St. I Brampton Part g Carlton t Ingestre Halt, Ste^ffordsh. 

fTANKERviLLE (5th Earl of), Charles Augustus Bennet, 
P.C. ; cr. 1714. 

B. 177A, m. d. of the Duke de Grammont. 2nd tit. Lord Ossulston. Has 
been Treasurer of the Household, (h. c. 1822 as Lord Ossulston.) Is 
patron of 1 liring. 23, Her(ford-st. ; ChiUingham Castle, Northumb . 

Templemqrb (2nd Bar.), Henry Spencer Chichester; 
cr. 1831. 

B. 1821, m. d. of the late Right Hon. Sir A. Paget. Is a Lieut. Sussex 
militia. Dunhrody Park, co. fVe^tford; Conibe Bank, JCent. 

fTENTERDEN (2nd Bar.), John Henry Abbott; cr. 1827. 
B. 1706, unmarried. (1st Peer a Judge.) 12, fVilton »t. ; Carttons 
Hendon-pl., Middlesex. 

*Teynham (16th Bar.), George Henry Roper Curzon; 
cr. 1616. 
M. d. of— Joynes, Esq. Linstead Ledge, ICeni. 

^Thurlow (3d Bar.), Edw. Thos. Hovell Thurlow; cr. 

B. 1814, m. d. of P. Hodson, esq ., dead. (1st Peer » JudgtO la patnm 
of 1 Uring. Ceurltttn i Aet^ld Lodge, Suffolk. 


•ToERiNoroN (7th Visct.), George Byng; cr. 1721. 
B. 1812, «; d.-af Sir John D. Astley, bart. FanneilT Lient. lo the 7tli 
Puilien. Has been a Lord iu Waiting to the Queen, and GoTcmor 
of Ceylon. Is a Drpaty-Lieat. of Kent, and a Lord of the Bedchamber 
to Prince Albert. 4, yfarwiek-sq., Pimlieo i Yates-oourt, Kent. 

TowNSHEND (3rd Marq.), Geo. Ferrars Townshend ; cr. 

B. 1778, m. d. of WUliam Dann Gardner, esq. Snd tit. Earl of Leices- 
ter. Is patron of 6 livings. 

•Truro (1st Bar.), Thomas Wilde, P.C.; cr. 1850. 

B.1782; m.lfit, d. of Mr. Wiltiam Wileman, and relict of William 
Deraynes, esq.; 2ndly, Mademoiselle D'Este, d. of H.R.H. the late 
Dnke of Soarex. Has been Attoruey-Gennral, Chief Jastice of the 
Common Pleas, and Lord Chancellor, (h. e. 1840 as Sir T. Wilde.) 88, 
Batonsq.; Bowes Manor, Middleaex, 

tTwEBDDALE (8ih Marq.of,Sco. Rep.), Geo. Hay, K.T., 
C.B.: cr. 1694. 

B. 1787, m. d. of the Rth Duke of Manchester. Snd tit. Earl of GiiTord. 
Has been Governor and Commander-in-chief at Madras. Ia a Gen. in 
the Army and Col. of 80th Foot; Lord-Lieut, of Haddington; Here- 
ditary Chamberlain of Dunibrmline. 28, Belffrave-eq.s Carlton t 
Tester House, HaddinsfUmsk. 
fVANE (2iul Earl), George Henry Robert Charles Vane- 
Tempest ; cr. 1823. 

B. 1881; m. d. of Sir J. Edwards, bart. Snd tit. Visct. Seaham. Has 
been Lient.inl8tf^ife Guar da (h.c. 1864 as Visct. Seaham.) 2, Hamil- 
t^ipl. ; CarUon i Seaham Hall. Sunderland, 

•Vaux of Harrowden (7ih Bar.), Geo. Browne 
Mostyn ; cr. 1523. 

B. 1804, m. d. of A. Vansittart, esq. This Peerage was called out of 
abeyance in 1888. Brookes' t; Kiddtngton-pk., O^ordsh. 

•Vernon (6th Bar.), George John Warren; cr.l7G2. 
B. 1803, m. d. of Cttthbert Ellison, esq. (dead). A Deputy-Lieut. of 
Derbysh. Is patron of 4 livings, (h.c. 1829 as the Hon. O. J. Vernon.) 
6, CarUon Gardens ; Sudbtary Hally Derbysh. 

f Vrrulam (2nd Earl of), James Walter Grimston ; cr. 

B 1800, m. d.of Major Weyland, of Wood Baton, Oxfordsh. 2nd tit. 
Lord Grimston. Lord-Lieut, of Herts. High Steward uf St. Albans- 
Haa beeo a Lord in WaiUng to the Queen, (h. c. 1846 as Visct. Orim- 



ston.) Is patron of 6 livings. 40, Grosvenor-sq.; CarUon ; Gorham~ 
bury, Herts ; Barry Hill, Surrey ; Meaeing HcM, Essex. 

♦Vivian (2nd Bar.), Charles Crespigny Vivian ; cr. 1841. 

B. 1808. m. l5t, d. of Rev. John Soott: 2ndiy, d. of Junes Panton, 

esq. Is a Major in the army. ▲ Depaty-Lieat. of Anglesey, (h. c. 1841 

as Mr. Vivian.) 1st Peer a distinguished military commander. Reform / 

United Service ; Glyn, near Bodmin, Cornwall. 

•vValdegrave (8th Earl), William Waldegrave, C.B.; 
cr. 1685. 

B.1788, m. iKt, d. of the late Sam. Whitbread, esq.; 2ndly, relict of 
Edward Milward, esq., of Hastings. A retired Rear-Admiral. 2nd tit. 
Visct. Chewton. Is patron of 6 livings. 4, Harley st.; Strawberry 
Hill, Middlesex. 

•|-Walsingham (ftth Bar.), Thomas de Grey; cr. 1780. 
B. 1804, u. 1st, d. of Sir R. F. Rnssell. bt.; 2ndly,d. of Srd Lord 
Rendlesham. Is patron of 8 livings. (Ist Peer a Jadge.; S3, Arling- 
ton st.,- Carlton; Merton HeUl, Norfolk. 

fWARD (11th Bar.), William Ward ; cr. 1664. 

B. 1817 : m. d. of Hnbert de Bargh. esq. (dead). Patron of 11 livings. 
Dudley House, Part Lane; Himtey Hall, Staffordsh.; fVitley. 
eourt,^ fVoreestersh. i Invergarry House, Inverness. 

fWARWicK AND Brooke (4th Earl of), George Guy 
Greville; cr. 1746. 

B. 1818, m. d. of the 8th Earl of Wemyss. 2nd tit. Lord Brooke. Is 
patron of 2 livings, (h. c. 1853 as Lord Brooke.) 7, Carlton Gardens; . 
Travellers*; Carlton; f^'arwiek Castle, fVarwieksh. 

\ Waterford (3rd Marq. of), Henry De-la-Poer Beres- 
ford, K.P. ; cr. 1789. 

B. 1811, m. d. of lat Lord Stnart de Rothsay. Sits as Baron Tyrone. 
2nd tit. Earl of Tyrone. Is patron of 1 living. Carlton; Curragh- 
more House, eo. 9Vaterford; Ford Castle, Northumberland. 

I Wellington (2nd Duke of), Arthur Richard Wel- 
lesley, P.C., D.C.L. ; rr. 1814. 

B. 1807, m. d. of 8th Marq. of Tweeddale, Is heir presumptive to the 
earldom of Momington. A MaJor.Geu. in the Army. Appointed Master 
oftheHorse, Dec. 1852. The Duchess is a Lady of the Bedchamber to the 
Qneen. The 1st Duke was the celebrated military conltaiander. 2nd tit. ' Duuro. Enjoys an estate purchased by a Parliamentary grant i 
for the 1st Dnke, as a reward for his military services. Is palion of 4 \ 


tirings. (h. c. 1852 as Marq. of Dowo.) 149, Piccadilly: Strath- 
fi/ddsaye, Hants. 

Weuvss and March (8ih Earl of), Francis Wemyss- 
Charteris- Douglas ; cr. 1633. 

B. 1706, m. d. of 2nd Earl of Lucan. Sits as Baron Wemyss. 2nd tit. 
. LordElcho. Lord-Lient. of Peeblnshire. Is Vice-Lieat. of Hadding- 
tonsh., and DepntjLieut. of Edinburgh. 10, Stra(forel-pl. ; Amisjield 
and Goiford House, Haddington s Niedpath Ca*ltt, Petblessh, 

•Wenlock (2nd Bar.), Beilby Richard Lawley ; cr. 1839. 
B. 1818 ; m. d. of 2nd Marq. of Westminster. Is patron of 2 lirings. 
(h. c. 1852, as Mr. Lawley.) 20, BerMey-sq.i Eacriet Pari, York- 

f Westmeath (1st Marq. of, Ir. Rep.), George Thomas 
John Nugent; cr. 1822. 

B. 1785, m. d. of the Ist Marq. of Salisbury. 2nd tit. Lord DeWin. 
Lord-Lieut, and Costos Rot. of Westmeath. United Service ; Carlton 
Caetletoivn, Delvin, co. of fVestmeath, 

♦Westminster (2nd Marq. of), Richard Grosvenor, 
P.C.; cr. 1831. 

B. 1705, m. 1810, 2nd d. of 1st Doke of Sutherland. 2Dd tit. Earl Oros. 
Tenor, (h. c. 1834 as Lord Grosvenor.) Has been Lord Steward of 
the Household. Is Lord-Lieut, and Gustos Rot. of the co. of Chester, 
and patron of 8 livings. 38, Upper Grosvenor-st.; Eaton Hall, 
Chesh.; Motcombe House^ Dorsetsh. 

fWESTMORELAND (11th EdixX of), John Fane, G.C.B., 
G.C.H., P.C, D.C.L. ; cr. 1624. 

B. 1784, m. d. of 8rd Earl of Morniugton. 2nd tit. Lord Burghersh. 
Is a Geu. in the Army. Appointed Ambassador at Vieuna 18B1, 
salary j05OOO ; has been Ambassador to Prussia, and Minister to the 
CooTt of Tuscany ; is a knight of many foreign orders. Col. of the 
56th foot. Is patron of 8 livings. 13, Priiiee's-st.t Hanoversq. ; 
Carlton; Apthorp, Northamptonsh.; Brimpton Mouse, Somerset. 

fWHARNCLiTFE (2nd Bar.), John Stuart- Wortley ; 

cr. 1826. 

B. 1801, m. d. of 1st Earl of Harrowby. Is a Dep.-Lleut. of Por- 

farsb. (h.c. 1845 as Mr. Stuart Wortley.) 46, Loiver Grosvetior-st.; 

Carlton; fVortley Hall, Yorksh.; Belmont Castle, Perthsh.; 

Broom Hall, Middlesex. 

t\VlCKLOW(4thEarIof, Ir.Rep.), William Howard, K.P.-. 

cr. 1793. 

B 1788. m. d. of the 1st Marq. of Abercoro. 2nd Ut. Lord Clon- 
E 2 


more. Lord-Lieut, and Castos Rnt. of the co. of Wicklow. 2, Cavtn- 
dish-sq.; Carltoni Shelton Abbey, co. tf fVicklowt Cattle For- 
wardt CO. {^Donegal. 

WiLLOUGHBY DE Broke (9th Bar.), Robert John Ver- 
ney; cr. 1492. 

B. 1809, m. d. of Major-Gen. T. W. Taylor, C.B. A.saamed the iian\e 
of Vemey in lieu of \A» patronymic Barnard. Patron of 9 liTings. 
Compton F'emey, IVarwicksh. 

fWiLLOUGHBY d'Eresby (19th Bar.), Peter Robert 

Druramond-Willoughby, P.C. ; cr. 1313. 

B. 1782, m. d. of lut Lord Perth. Joint Hereditary Great Chamberlain of 

Englai^d, and Lord-Lieut, of oo. of Camarron. In patron of 16 livings. 

142, PiecadiUy; Grimsthorpe, lAneokiah.; Gu>ydyr, Carnarvon f 

Drttmmond Castle, Perthsh. 

fWiLTON (2nd Earlof), Thomas Egerton, P.C, G.C.H.; 
cr. 1801. 

B. 1799, m. d. of the 12th Earl of Derby. 2nd tit. Yisct. Grey de Wilton. 
Has been Lord Steward of the Household. Depnty-Litut. of the 
Tower Hamlets. Is patron of 4 livings. 7. Groavenor-eq. ; Carlton t 
Halkin Houee^ FUntah. ; Heaton Caette, Laneash, 

♦Winchester (I4ih Marq.oOi John Paulet; cr. 1551. 
B. 1801. Lord Lieut, of Hants and Col. of the North Hants Militia. 
2nd tit. Earl of Wiltithire. (Peerage conferred for ofBcial services.) 
Is Premier Marquis. la patron of 1 living. Amport House, Hants. 

f Winchester (Bp. of), Charles Richard Sumner, D.D. 
B. 1790, m. d of J. P. Mannoir, esq. (dead}. Prelate of the Order of the 
Garter. Provincial Snbdean of Canterbury. ConsecratedBp. of Llandaff 
1826; translated 1827. Is patron of 90 livings. Anntial value of see, 
£10,S00. Formerly of Trin. Coll., Camb. fVinehester House, St. 
James*s-sq. ; Famham Castle, Surrey. 

fWiNCHiLSEA AND NOTTINGHAM (10th Earl of), George 
Finch Hatton ; cr. 1628. 

B. 1791, m. 1st, d. of the 8rd Duke of Montrosei Sndly, d. of the Rt. 
Hon. Sir C. Bagot (dead) ; Srdly, eldest d. of Edward Royd Bice, esq. 
of Dane Court, Kent. 2nd tit.Visct. Maidstone. Hereditary Lord of the 
royal manor of Wye. Is patron of 4 livings. Carlton ; National f 
Easlwsli Park, Kent ; Haverholm Priory, Lineolnsh. 

■WoDEHOUSE (3rd Bar.), John Wodehouse; cr. 1797- 
B. 1826 ; m. d. of Hou. R. FitsGibbon. A Deputy Lieut, of Norfolk. 
Appointed Under Secretary of State for Foreign Aflairs, Dec. 1862, salary 


;f 1500. Is pafron of 11 liTlngs. 48, Bryanttone-tq.g Travellers' i 
Brookes' a; KimberUy Hall, Norfolk. 
•WoRCESTE|i (Bp. of), Henry Pepys, D.D. 

B. 1783, m. d. of Rt. Hon. Jobn Sallivan. Consecrated Bp. of Sodor 

and Man 1840; translated 1841. Fbrmerly Fellow of St. John's Oo|l. 

Cambridge. Is patron of 66 Urings. Annual value of see, jf 5000. 

24, Groavenor pi. ; Palace ^ fVoreteter. 

•Wrottesley (2nd Bar.), J^hn Wrottesley ; cr. 1838, 

'B. 1708, m. d. of Thos. Gifford, esq. Is patron of 2 fiTings. 

(Ist Peer a Jadge.) 1, Albemarle-st. ; fVroUealey Hall, Slckffbrdeh. 

fWYNFORD (2nd Bar.), William Samuel Best; cr. 1829. 

B. 1798, m. 18S1, d. of William Thoyts, esq. Is patron of 1 liying. 

7, Parkpl.f St. James' » ; Lessons, Keni; fVyttford Eagle, Dorsetsh. 

•Yarborough (2nd Earl of), Charles Anderson Worsley 
Pelham ; cr. 1837- 

B. 1809; m. d. of 3rd Visct. Hawardeo. 2nd tit. Lord Worsley. Is 
patron of 17 liTings; Vice-Admiral of Lincolnsh. (h. c. 1846, as Lord 
Worsley.) 17, Arlington-st. ; R^ortn Club; Broc kit shy Hall, and 
Manby, Lincolnsh. 

. •York (Abp. of), Thomas Musgrave, D.D., P.C. 

B. 1788, m. youngest d. of Sndl'ord Waterpark. Primate of Eng- 
land. Consecrated Bishop of Hereford in 1837; translated to Vork in 
1847. Formerly fellow and bursar 'of Trinity Coll. Cambridge. Is 
patron of 96 livings. Annual ralne of see, jf 10,000. 41, Belgrave-sq. .• 
Biskopsthorpe Palace. 

•Zetland (2nd Earl of), Thomas Dundas; cr. 1838. 

B. 1796, m. d. of Sir H. Williamson, bt. 2nd tit. Lord Dundas. Lord- 
Lieut, of the North Riding uf Yorkshire. Acting Grand-Master of the 
Freemasons in England, (b. c 1839 as Lord Dundas.) Is patron of 1 
living. 19, Arlington-at. : Rtform Club; Asks Hall, Yorksh.i 
Ksrse House, Stirlingsh. 


The fbllowing Is a list of noble lords not yet of age, with the date at 

whiuh each will attain his minority. As thrse peers do not enjoy the right 

of sitting or voting in Parliament, they are not included in the general 

account of members of the Upper House. 

Abercromby, Bar I860. 

Beaumont, Bar 1869. 

Brownlow, Earl of 1863. 

Bute^ 1868. 

Coventry, Earl of 1869. 

Dnnmore, Earl of 1862. 

Eldon, £«rl of 1667. 

Hastings, Marq. of. 1863. 

Hood, Visct 1869. 

Onnonde, Marq. of 1866. 

Skelmersdale, Bar 1858. 

St. Albans, Duke of 1861 

Wales, Prince of I8A3. 

PART 11. 


ADJOURNMENT— See Inteiruptlon of the Sittings of Parliameiit. 

AMENDMENT.— See Order. 

AVOIDANCE OP A DECISION.— When a motion has been made upon 
which the House happens to be unwilling to come to a rote, there are 
formal modes of avoiding a decision, amongst which are passing "to the 
other orders," or moving " the previous question." The former means, 
that the House should— casting aside and taking no further notice of the 
matter then before it— proceed to the other business appointed for that 
day ; the latter, that a vote be previously taken as to the expediency of 
coming to any decision on the question raised. If ''the previous question*' 
of expediency be negatived, the motion to which it referred is only gotten 
rid of for the time, whereas a direct negative to the motion itself would 
be a proscription of it for the remainder of the Session, as well as a 
denial of its principle. With respect to a Bill, moving that it «be read 
this day six months," or this day three months, is a mode of throwing it 
out without coming to an express declaration against the principle of 
the measure. 

BILLS (PiUVATE).— These are chiefly introduced to enable private ind i 
viduals, associaied together, to undertake works of public utility at their 
own risk, and, in a degree, for their own benefit ; but there are other pri- 
vate bills, as those of naturalization, change of name, divorce, or for per- 
fecting titles to estates, fire. Generally speaking, expenses, including 
the fees, attendant upon a private bill amount to BOO/., and frequently to a 
ich larger sum. The fees on a bill for the naturalization of a foreigner 
limited to 100/. The class of professional gentlemen who act as solici- 
> in promoting private bills are called Parliamentary Agents. 

IILLS (PUBLIC).— A biU ii the draft or skeleton of a statnte. Any bill 
ich the Lords can originate may be introdnced and laid on the tai)l« by 


ny iadhridHal peer without the preyioiu permissioo of the House; bvt in 
tke Ooonaoiu no bill can be brought io unless a motion for leare be pre. 
TioiuljacTeed to. Permission having been granted, three or four members 
He appointed to prepare the bill. It is then bmnght i^and rea da first tim«, 
Titboat amendment or debate, and a day appointed for the second reading, 
^eriaaaly to which it is printed and a copy fomished to every member. 
Ihe bill, after the second reading, is referred to a Committee of the 
whole House, when its details are considered, as its principles wert 
npon each of its several readings. Members are at liberty to discuss its 
principle on any of its stages, but no one is considered to have de- 
clared decisively in favour of its principle unless he support by his 
vote its second reading. In Committee the bill is debated clause by 
clause, the blanks left for names, dates, nature and amount of penal* 
ties, &C. are filled up, and sometimes the bill entirely new-modelled. 
The blanks, as they are called, which are usually filled up in italics, are 
agreed to without a question being put, unless a member should propose 
to alter them. The next proceeding is, that the Chairman of the Com- 
mittee should make a report to the House of the changes that the bill 
has undergone, which he does by presenting a copy of it to the Speaker 
in its altered form. The report of the Committee is agreed to without 
discussion, the bill is ordered to be printed, and it is then read a third 
time, when any further amendments can be made. If a liew clause b« 
added, it is called a rider. The last question but one is, that the " bill do 
pass;** after this nothing remains except to determine its title, which 
used to be a general one for all the acts passed in the Session, but in modem 
times distinct titles are used for each statute. During the progress of a bill 
the House may divide on the following questions : Ist , on the second reading ; 
Sod, that it be committed; Srd, that the report of the committee be received ; 
4th, or that the bill be reH»mmitted: 5th, that it be read a third time ; 6th, 
that it do pass ; 7th, the title of the bill. These are quite exclusive of any 
divisions in Committee, or any amendments, or of any clauses added 
to or expunged from the measure in or out of the Committee. Altera, 
tions are not asually proposed in a bill until after its principle has 
been disposed of on the second reading. Immediately after the pass- 
ing of a bill, the permanent Chairman of Committees in the case of 
bills introduced by the Government, or the mover of the bill in other 
cases, takes it and proceeds, accompanied by a few supporters of the 
measure, to convey it to the bar of their Lordships* House, desiring 
their concurrence, where it passes through the same forms as in the 
Commons. If the bill be rejected, no (Urther proceedings ensue. When 
the Lords agree with the Commons in the principle of the measure, but 
differ on matters of detail, a conference usually follows between members 
deputed from each House, who generally succeed in ai^ustlng the **'- 



ferencei but if both Hotucs remain ioflexible, the bill is dropped. Tbe 
same proceedings are adopted mutatis mutandis vhen the bill originates 
in the Upper House. Acta of amnesty are read once only in each House. 
The bill having thus passed both Honses, remains with the Lords, except 
in the case of a bill of supply, which is sent back to the Commons, to be 
by them presented at the bar of the Lords to the Suvereigv or the rojml 
Ciommissioners. The assent of the Crown is the final proceeding which 
coDTerts a bill into an Act of Parliament. (See " Royal Assent.") 

BUDGET (THE).— The Chancellor of the Exchequer mRkes one general 
■tatement every year to the Honseof Commons, which isintended to present 
a compretaensire view of the financial condition of the ooantry. Some- 
times there are preliminary, or supplemental, or occasional speeches; 
but the great general statement of the year has. for a long time past, bei n 
quaintly called '*the Budget," titxm the French bougetts, by a common 
figure of speech, putting the name of that which incloses, to signify the 
thing contained. The annual speech known by that apjiellation embraces 
R review of the income and expenditure of the last year, as compared 
with those of preceding years; remarks upon the financial prospects 
of the country; an exposition of the intended repeal, modifications, 
or imposition of taxes during the session; and a detail of the public ex- 
penditure dnzlng the current period, with its grounds of Justifies tion. 

CABINET.— The government of a state or community is understood to 
signify the exercise of supreme authority, and includes the executive, the 
legislative, and the Judicial powers ; but in popular acceptation it means 
only the first of these, the higher and more immediate Ainctions of which 
are exercised by the Cabinet, a select body in whom, for the time being, 
the whole of the royal authority is vested. Its members all belong to the 
Privy Council, but do not include a tithe of that body. The Cabinet is 
composed of the more eminent portion of the Administration, but it does 
not constitute more than a fourth part of those whom a change of ministry 
deprives of office, the persons included in that council being rarely less 
than ten or more than fifteen. The Cabinet being more immediately re- 
sponailAe for the conduct of public affairs, their deliberations are always 
considered confidential, and kept secrereven ft^om their colleagues, who 
are less exalted in office. The distinguished individual who fills the situa- 
tion of First Lord of the Treasury, and combined with it sometimes that 
' Chancellor of the Exch/eqner, is the chief of the ministry, and therefore 
ihe cabinet : he is usually styled, the "Premier," or " Prime Minister," 
t more properly designated as " the head of her Majesty's government." 
is at hisimmediate recommendation that his colleagues are appointed; 
d, with hardly an exception, he dispenses tbe patronage of the crown 


Every cabinet includes the following high offlcen:— The Pint Lord of the 
TresMiry, the Lord Chancellor, the Lord President of the Conocil, the Lord 
Priry Seal, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the three Secretaries of 
State. SeTeral other ministerial fanetionaries, however, hare seats in the 
cabinet; nerer less than three, and rarely so many as eight or nine of this 
latter dass, are called to that station. Their offlces are as follow :— Chief 
Ofwmlmiioner 6t Woods and Forests, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lan- 
caster, First Lord of the Admiralty, President of the Board of Controul, 
President of the Board of Trade, Secretary at War, Paymaster General of 
the Forces. Master of the Mint, Judge Adrocate-General, Pbstmaster- 
General, Master-General of the Ordnance, Chief Secretary for Ireland, 
Chief Justice of the Queen*s Bench.* The selection usually falls upon 
those amongst the latter mentioned functionaries, whose rank, talents, 
reputation, and political weight, render them the most usefU auxiliaries, 
or whose services, while in opposition, may have created the strongest 
claims to the honours of the cabinet. It has occasionally happened that 
a peer possessing high character and influence accepts a seat in the cabinet 
withoat undertaking the labours and responsibility of any particular 
oflce. Altbough this select conni'.il has now been regarded during ceveral 
generations as an essential part nf our polity, yet it still continues to be 
unknown to the law. The names of the noblemen and gentlemen who 
compose it are never oiBciaUy announced to the public. No record is kept 
of ita resolutions or meetings, nor has its existence ever been recognised 
by any act of pariiament. (See Crown, Executire.) 

Commons this olBcer— always a member— is elected by the House on the 
assemUing of every new Parliament. When the House is in committee on 
bills introduced by the government, or in committee of ways and means, 
or supply (see Committee of Supply), or in committee to consider prelimi- 
nary resolutions, it is his duty to preside ; he sits, not in the Speaker's 
chair, but at the table in the seat of the Clerk of the House. On divisions, 
when the numbers happen to be equal, he gives the casting voice, but in 
committees he never o:herwise votes. In August 1854 it was, by a reso- 
lution of the House, decided that, during the unavoidable absence of 
the Speaker, this olHcer should preside in his stead, being only so ap- 
pointed, however, from day to day. In the Lords, the Chairman of Com- 
mittees of the whole House is elected by the House every Session ; he 
usually holds in addition the office of I>epnty Speaker of the House of Lords. 

• The trat Lord Bllnbcroagh wu the Uat Chief Juatice wh» held a aeat in lh« 
Catunet ; having wlthdrava from tho Adminiatrntion, he aflerwarda ezprcaaed bia 
dlaavpr^atloa of tb* prwUce. 


CHILTERN HUNDREDS.— An acceptance of " the ChiHern Hundreds* 
i» a form which has now no other meaning than that the Member accepting 
resigns his seat. No office, having emolument attached, can be conferred 
by the Cruwn on a Member of the Hoase of Commons withoat his thereby 
vacating his seat, and it is only by obtaining office that a Member can rid 
himself of the duties which any t>ody of constituents may ia^>ose even with- 
oat his consent ; the Crown, therefore, for the convenience of the House 
at large, is always ready to confer on any Member " the Stewardship of her 
Majesty's Chiltern Hundreds, the Stewardship of the Manor of Poynings, 
of East Hendred and Northstead, or the Escheatorship of Mnnster ;'* sine, 
cares which he continues to hold till some other Member solicits a similar 
accommodation. Many offices, howeVer, though in reality government 
appointments, are not directly conferred 1^ the Crown, bat by the heads of 
the several departments; of this number are certain of the British Mini- 
sters accredited to Foreign Courts, and some of the Deputy Secretaries. 
The acceptance of such offices does not necessarily deprive a member of his 
seat in the House of Commons. 

CLERK OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS.— "The Clerk of the Commons 
House of Parliament" holds an office of great trust and importance. He, 
with two assistants, sits at the upper end of the table. The Crown ap- 
points him by letters patent, and, when necessary, he can appoint a 
deputy. The appointment of the other clerks in the service of 4he House 
is vested in him. It is his duty to make minutes, not of the arguments 
held in the House, but of the decisions at which it arrives— in other words, 
to record its votes, resolutions, addresses, orders, reports, divisions, and 
all other proceedings in which it may be engaged; to see that they are 
correctly printed and distributed to the members, to read aloud all such 
documents as the House may order to be read, to perform the duty (without 
taking the chair) of president or moderator during the choice of a Speaker, 
putting a que..»tion and directing a division in the same manner as a 
chairman would. 

COMMITTALS.— In common with courts of law and equity, the Houses 
of Parliament can punish all contempts of their authority or disobedience of 
their mandates. Each House is armed with power to repress any aggres- 
sion committed upon their rights, or any interference with their privileges : 
'lut in the case of the Commons the operation of this power is limited to 
lie session of Parliament, committals by that House being invalidated 
y a prorogation. Either House can delegate to a Committee the power 
r sending for papers and records, and of enforcing the attendance of 
ecessary witnesses. 


COMMITTEES-Are. first, those of the whole Hoiim, which may be 
to cuiuideT of certain Resolatloxu, as to the nature of which considerable 
Utitnde prevails; or the House resolves itself into such Committee to con- 
rider the details of a Bill, the principle of which may be discussed at any 
or all of ita other stages; or there may be Committees for financial purposes 
« those of "Supply," or "Ways and Means" (which see). Seconaiy, 
There are Select Committees chosen by ballot or otherwise for some specific 
purpose— the numbers composing such bodies seldom exceed twenty or 
thirty members; occadoually these are declared Committees of Secrecy. 
Thirdly, Election Committees, which are judicial tribunals, appointed to try 
the merits of controverted elections— these are always chosen by ballot. 
Fourthly, Committees on private Bills (which see). When the whole House 
is in Committee, the Speaker vacates the Chair, the Mace is placed under 
the table ; and some other Member is called on to preside, who sits in the 
Kilt of the senior Clerk. For Committees of Supply, and Ways and Means, 
and Bills introduced by Ministers, there is a Chairman, who receives a 
salary. (See Chairman of Committees.) 

CONFERE N CE.— This is a species of negotiation between the two Houses 
of Parliament, conducted by managers appointed on both sides, for the 
purpose of producing concurrence, in cases where mutual cnufcnt is neces- 
sary; or for the purpose of reconciling differences which may have arisen. 
If the conference be upon the subject of a bill depending between the two 
Houses, it must be demanded by that House which, at the time of asking 
the conference, is in possession of the bill. It is the sole privilege of the 
Lords to name the time and place for holding a conference, no matter by 
which House it may have been demanded. Reasons in writing for the 
coarse resolved to be taken, are usually furnished to the managers on both 
sides, in which case it is simply called '* a conference." Should this proceed- 
ing fail, a " free conference" must be held, which gives an opportunity 
Tor the managers individually, and unrestrained by any precise form of 
argument, to urge such reasons as in their judgment may best tend to 
influence the House to which they are addressed. A free conference is 
usually demanded after two conferences have been holden without effect. 
After one free conference, none other but tree conferences can be held 
touching the same subject. In May, 1851, it was agreed both by Lords 
aad Commons, that reasons respecting differences of opinion on any bill, or 
other proceeding, might be communicated to eilher House by message from 
the other, and that no conference need take plai-.e unless specially requested. 
At all conferences, the managers on the part of the Upper House are 
seated and wear their hats; those for the Commons stand uncovered. The 
Speaker quita the chair of the House during the absence of managers 
Attending a conference. 


CROWN^->The prerogatives and Auctions of tbe Crown may be sommed 
np atider the following heads:— To give or reftise to bills the "Royal 
Assent " (which see) ; to cause the dae administration and execution of 
the laws ; to act on behalf of the whole community in its intercourse with 
Foreign States, and as a part of that, to declare war or conclude peace ; to 
direct the naval and military force of the country i to administer the public 
rerenne ; to prorogue or dissfdve Parliament ; to create peers; and tn coin 
money. The monarch is the head of the Church ; the source of justice and 
of metcy, of all offices, honours, emoluments^ and chartered rights. Bat in 
every case the sovereign acts by ministers who are amenable to Parliament, 
and the choice of those ministers is the only prerogative, which can be 
constitutionally exercised without responsible advisers; but even over 
this, there is much Parliamentary controul, for the royal favour can have 
no practical elTect, unless it rest upon men whose characters and measures 
prove generally acceptable to both Houses (see Cabinet). 

DISSOLUTION.— See Interruption of the Sittings of Parliament. 

E9TATE OF PARLIABISNT.-Strictly speaking, the three *'EsUtes of 
the Realm" consist of, Ist, the Lords Spiritual ; 2nd, the Lords Temporal ; 
8rd, the Commons. Parliament fUIly assembled consists of the King, with 
the two estates of the peerage, sitting in one House, and the Commonalty 
by their representatives standing below the bar. But instead of the 
three estates of the realm, we are accustomed to speak of the three "^ 
branches of the legislature. Neither of the Houses ever deliberates in 
the presence of the Sovereign, nor will either of them permit any allusion 
in debate to his sentiments. The King, Lords, and Commons, in their 
united charactrr.exercise none but the legislative functions. Taken together, 
they are the Pailiament, and there can be no act of Parliament in which 
they do not concur. (See Royal Assent.) In addition to this legislative 
character, common to the three, each has separate functions peculiar 
to itself. In the Sovereign resides the whole executive authority. 
The House of Lords exercises judicial authority as a court of dernier 
resort, and as a tribunal tu which great officers of state, impeached by 
the other House, are amenable. 

BXECUTIYE.— The following comprise the principal departments of the 
'xecntive government:— The Treasury, the Admiralty, the War OfBce, (he 
rdnance, the Home Office, the India Board, the Colonial Office, the Board 
' Trade, the Foreign Office, the Board of Woiks and Public Buildings, 
le Mint, the Office of the Privy Seal, the Office of the Duchy uf Lan- 
ister, and the Irish Office. Those offices which are principally oi 


exchisiTely occupied with tke ooHectioa of the'pnblic reTemie are the 
Cutonu, the Excise, the Stampst the Post OBce, the Offlce of Aasened 
Ttxrs, the Crown Lands, &c The public Itanctionuiea to whom the oon- 
dnct in cliicf of these aereral depnTtments is entrasted, together with 
the great officers of the royal household, constitute what is termed 
the Ministry or Administration.* Its members rary according to cir- 
cumstances, rarely exceeding fifty or sixty persons. They hold their 
ofices, not like the judges, quamdiu bene te ge^aerint, but durante 
btjte plaetto—n. tenure which was anciently nni versa 1, and still prevails 
in the great minority of offices. The Administration usi^Iy resign when 
they lose the confidence of either House of Parliament ; or they may be 
djxmisaed by the Sovereign, and it is competent for either House to 
present an address to the throne, inrayfiig theit dismissal. The members 
of a goremment are understood to concur in principles of legislation and 
policy, and co-operate in Parliament upon all matters not specifically 
agreed on as open Questions. Their acknowledged chief is the First Lord 
of the Treasury. When a Commoner, he frequently though not necessarily 
eombines with that office the Chancellorship of the Exchequer ; of late 
years, howerer. these tw o offices hare been k^t distinct ; the last occasion 
on which they were united was in the year 1836. 

FINANCB.-8ee Budget. "^^"'^'^ 

HOUSE OF COMMONS.— This branch of the Legislature has not bat in 
St. Stephen's chapel, since (be year 1834, when that building was de- 
stroyed by fire. From 1835 to 1851 the representatives of the people 
held their sittings in what had previously been the House of Lords, but 
in 1862 that portion of the Palace at Westminster was taken down, and 
the House of Commons, in the early part of the same year, entered into 
occupation of a chamber not far from the north end of the Palace, built 
expressly for their use, and in which their sittings are now held. That 
which is called the strangers* gallery is placed at the lower end, opposite 
the chair, and commands a ftill view of the House. Behind the chair is a 
gallery appropriated to the Reporters, while the side galleries are exclu- 
sively for Members. Persons obtain access to the " strangers'gallery* through 
the order of a member, given in writing oTvivd voce. According to ancient 
practice, the House always adjourns to 1 u'clodc in the morning ; and should 
the Speaker take the chair (forty members being present \) at any time be- 
tween that hour and four in the afternoon, the appointed proceedings may 

• The chief ofieen of the CBaiome.Excbe, gtuipe. aad Tuea. are exceptioaa; they do 
Mt go Mt of oAce oa ohangee of the Admlaiatrmtioa. 

t Wbenerer the Conmona are inmniaaed hy the SoTereifS, or the royal eommiaaioBera 
to Attead at the bar of the Lorda, that jMr •• coaatttatea a Hoaaa whether forty nembera 
ha praaeat or aot. 


immediatdy commence; othenrise no btuiness can, on that day, be trans' 
acted, and the Houae will stand adyonrned to 10 o'clock on the follo-w^itiff 
morning. Down to 1838, the practice was, that a few minntes before 4 
o'clock the Speaker took his seat at the table, the Chaplain read prayers^ 
the strangers' gallery ^as then opened, the Members present were counted, 
and, as forty generally attended, business began. The fact important to 
visitors of the House was this, that any Member might, at any time after 
12 o'clock, call upon the door<keeper to open the gallery— a course which 
Members frequently adopted for the accommodation of their private friends 
whenever a great debate was expected— hence it became difficult to conjec- 
ture how early the gallery might be filled; but generally speaking it was 
not opened till 4 o'clock. During the Session of 1838, a material change 
took place, the House sitting tram. 12 till 8 o'clock in the afternoon, and 
resuming at 6. This continued to be the practice in 1834, and was occa- 
sionally resorted to in 1]B35. At first the early sittings were confined to 
private business and petitions ; but, towards the latter end of the Session , 
public business commenced at noon, and was continued generally till lon^ 
after midnight, with the exception of the hours fhim 3 to 6. For some 
years past, however, the old practice of not commencing business till 4 in 
the afternoon has been generally observed, with the exception of Wed. 
nesdays, when the House rits flrom 12 till 6. The House does not usually 
sit on Saturday, but on Friday resolves that at its rising, ** this House will 
adjourn till Monday." All Peers, distinguished foreigners, &c. are accom- 
modated below the bar, besides those who are fortunate enough to obtain 
Orders from the Speaker. 

HOUSE OF LORDS.— The strangers' gallery, as in the Commons, is not 
opened till after prayers, and strangers are excluded during divisions. 
Their Lordships frequently sit daring the day as a Court of Appeal, but do 
nut usually assemble in their legislative capacity until five in the after- 
noon, unless upon the opening or closing of the session, whioh generally 
takes place at two o'clock ; or when the royal assent is to be given to Bills 
by commission, on which occasion their tiordships meet earlier tban the 
customary hour, but for this purpose no precise time has been established 
by usage. While sitting in their judicial capacity, the House, like other 
courts of justice, is open to the public. 

ceedings of the legislature may be interrupted or suspended either by ad- 
'onrnment, prorogation, or dissolution. Adjournment, as the term imports, 
s a postponement of the sitting or proceedings of either House of Parliament 
rom one time, to another specified for the reassemblage. When the sittings 
f both Houses are interrupted by royal authority, it is called prorogation. 


Dissolntion pats an end to the repTeseiatBtive character of the indiridnaU, 
who at the tiniecompoEe the House of Commons, u well as to that of the six* 
teen Scottish Peers, and Parliament cannot again assemble until after a 
xeno-al election. The power of adjonrnment is inherent in each House 
respectively, and no precise restraints upon this power are prescribed by 
the constitution. Either House may interrupt or postpone any debate, defer 
the considention of any measure, or altogether adjourn its sittings. The 
Lords frequently adjourn " during pleasure," which means that the Lord 
Chancellor or other Speaker of the House may, in the exercise of his 
discretion, take his seat on the woolsack, two other Peers being present, 
and cau«e business to proceed at any hour within the day on which such 
adjournment " during pleasure* taken place, otherwise their Lordships' 
House will stand adjourned to the usual hour on the following day; but 
nsage has fixed lire o'clock, p.m., as the time for resaming after an 
adjournment *' during pleasure." The Commons, on the contrary, always 
atl/oum to a time specified. The Speaker of that House may, in confor- 
mity with the previously expressed wish of the body over which he pre- 
sides, leave the chair during any number of hours; but such proceeding is 
merely regarded as a temporary suspension of business, and not called an 
adjoornment. (^ee House of Commons.) The adjournment of one 
House is no adjournment of the other. The Crown may, pending an 
adjoomment, summon by proclamation, either House or both ; and may 
direct either or both Houses to adjourn to any particular day, which 
direction has always been obeyed to the letter; but some Members, 
and even some writers of authority, have denied the existence of such 
a prerogative, yet it has been frequently exercised, and never resisted. 
It is contrary, however, to modern nsage. An individual member may for 
the time interrupt the progress of business, by successive motions of 
adjoammcnt, which may be repeated indefinitely; but the adoption of this 
course rarely has the effect of delaying proceedings for more than a single 
day. In Committee, to move that the Chairman report progress is equiva- 
lent to moving that the debate be then adjourned. Adjonrnment does not 
close the session ; prorogation does not terminate the Parliament ; the 
former is an act of either House; the latter an act uf the Crown, the dura- 
tion of which may be subsequently extended or curtailed, according to the 
royal pleasure. All unfinished proceedings are quashed by prorogation ; 
but during an adjonrnment they remain in statu quo. A member 
who moves the adjournment of a debate or is addreseiug the House 
at the time of adjournment is said to be in possession of the House, 
and can speak again \*hen the sittings are resumed. When Com- 
juittees of the whole House adjourn, however, this rule docs n«t 
prevail. Prorogation never extends beyond eighty days (see Privileges 
of Parliament), but tttA prorogations may take place ttom time to time '- 
proclamation, and conUnue to be renewed tUl it is intended that P 


ment shoald really aMemble for tb« despatch of InuineM. The Crown, by 
proclamation, may, Dotwithstanding a prorogation, inmmon Parliament 
on giving fourteen days* notice. Diflsolntion is the ciWl death of the 
Parliament, and may be effected by the pleasure of the Crown, by the 
demise of the Crown, or by length of rime. The existence of a Parlia- 
ment cannot be prolonged, even by the authority of the monarch, for a 
greater period than seven years ; and however recently elected, it mast 
expire in six months at most from the demise of the Crown; bat, of course, 
it may be dissolved by the Sovereign in a less )ieriod than six months 
from the death of his predecessor. If Parliament at the time of the Sove> 
reign's death be separated by adjoumment nr prorogation, it must as- 
semble immediately. If no Parliament be then in existence, the monbers 
of the last must again meet and may serve as a Parliament for six months, 
unless sooner prorogued; and so much importance appears to be attached 
to an instant assemblage, that upon the demise of the Crown even the inter- 
rention of Sunday is not permitted to delay the meeting of both Houses. 

LORD HIGH CHANCELLOR.— This distinguished flinctionary being 
keeper of the great seal, is by prescription Speaker of the House of Lords, 
and is usually a Peer. When royal commissions are issued for opening the 
Session, for giving the royal assent to bills, or for proroguing Parliament, 
the Lord Chancellor is always one of the Commissioners, and reads the 
royal speech upon the occasion. When the Sovereign opens or closes the 
Session in person, the Lord Chancellor stands on the right of the throne, 
and hands to the Monarch the speech opening or terminating the annual 
labours of the Legislature. 

MINISTER (PRIME).-See Cabinet. 

MINISTRY.— See Cabinet: also Executive. 

MONET BILL.— See Supply : also Ways and Means. 

NEWSPAPER REPORTfNG^-A century ago there was no publication 
which could properly be said to contain a satisfactory account of parliamen- 
tary proceedings; and even within the recollection of many persons no-vr 
alire the debates were but very imperfectly reported. From the commence- 
ment of the American war, however, till the year 1814,a (Toifua/ improTe- 
ment took place in the publication of 4ebates, until at length the art of the 
Reporter, and the business of the Publisher, were prosecuted with a degree 
of success, the effects of which will continue to be felt so long as Areedom and 
civilization exist in England. When the oloseof the war in isi 6 diminished 
at once the supply and the importanocQf foreign intelligence ; when the 
public attention became directed with flUnost ^solnsive anxiety to iom^*- 


tie ifiin, tke paMicatkm of Parliamentary debate* appeared to beoone as 
oigect of natioBal importance, and in tlie cotirse of a few years acramed itc 
vrt$ent lull, detailed, and accarate character. It is contrary to the stand* 
iafforderc of tioth Houses that any strangers should be present, and a* 
iaditidnal member can demand that the order be enforced ; thepabUcationy 
therelbre, of debates is held to t>e theoretically a breach of priTilege; bat 
ii modem times, if any member were repeatedly to insist npon the ex 
ciasion of '* strangers," as all are called who neither are members nor officers 
of the Hoiue, there can be no doubt that this abase of the privilege mast 
Indto snch a modificaticm of the standing order as would deprive indi. 
ridnal members of any controul over a matter so interesting to the nation, 
whose represeBtatires and servants they are, fh>m whose pleasure their 
Puiiamentary existence and authority are derived, and by whom that Autho- 
rity would doubtless be speedily withdrawn, were any attempt madeto carry 
on the bnsinesa of the public without publicity. Secret deliberations hare 
been so long renounced, that the right of the public to be present through 
tkeir agents, the Reporters, is as clearly established now as if no theoretical 
privacy had ever existed. The process of Parliamentary reporting, and the 
qoaUfications of those by whom the task is performed, cannot be adequately 
dncrit>ed within the narrow limits of this article, but it is hoped that the 
reader noay be enabled to form some idea of both from the following brief 
ratline. Every publication not copying from, or abridging any other, but 
iriving original reports, keeps one of a series of Reporters constantly in 
the> gallery of the Lords and another in the Commons. These, like 
lentinels, are at stated periods relieved by their colleagnes, when they 
take advantage of the interval to transcribe their notes, in order to be 
■ ready again to resume the duty of note-taking, and afterwards that of 
transcription for -the press. A succession of Reporters for each esta* 
blishmcBt ia thus maintained, and the process of writing from their notes 
never intermpted till an account of the whole debates of the evening 
has been committed to the hands of the printer. There are only seven 
pnblicationa for which a Reporter is constantly in attendance, and these 
include the London morning newspapers, flrom which all others that 
give debates are under the necessity of copying or abridging them. The 
number of Rejlbrters maintained by each varies from ten or eleven to 
sevimteeB or eighteen. They are for the most part gentlemen of liberal 
education— many having graduated at the Universities of Oxford, Cam- 
bridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Dublin ; and they must all possess a 
competeikt knowledge of the multifarious subjects which come under the ' 
connderation of Parliament. The expedition and ability with which their 
datienaie perfcamed must be admitted by every one who attends a deUte 
and afterwards reads a newspaper, while the correctness and rapidity 
with vhlfih their manuscript is pat in type and printed, has long been » 


subject of surprise and admiration. Mr. Shell's speech on the Income 
Tax (March 1st, 1845), coirfainsthe following passage :—" What cau be 
more nnjnst than to impose the same Tax upon a man whose income is 
derived from his intellectual toil— which may be called the sweat of his 
mind — and upon the man whose income is as stable as the earth on which 
we tread? can there be a greater injustice than to tax, in the same propor- 
tion, the first T.ord of the Treasury and the gentlemen who report his 
speech on the Income Tax in the gallery of this House? There are men in 
that gallery of liberal education, and df minds embelUslied with every 
literary adornment, who, by great labour, by great wear and tear of body 
and miud, acquire an income which falls within the range of the tax, 
although it is far from being commensurate with the ability or the useful- 
ness of a class to which some of the first men in England have belonged.'' 

OFFICE (ACCEPTANCE OF).-See Chlltern Hundreds. 

ORDER.— By this word is meant an obedience to certain regulatlons'which 
are intended to facilitate the dispatch of businessj and preserve decorum In 
public deliberations. The rules by which the business of the Houses of 
Parliament is conducted are of two kinds, one class they potsess In com. 
nion with all public assemblirS) another is peculiar to themselves (aee 
Speaker, duties of, as also Order in the Lords). For the proper application 
or these rules, tt has been found necessary that some oflScer should be ap- 
pointed, to whose decision deference will be paid. Such an officer i* the 
Chairman or Speaker. In the House of Commons (though the practice In the 
Lords is otherwise), he takes no part in debate, his duty being to regtilate the 
manner in which business khall be transacted ; to confine those who address 
the House to the real subject under discussion } to pronounce an opinion upon 
any thiqg^ relating to order ; to put the matter in dispute into the form of a 
q«estion^ on wld^h the votes of the body at large may be taken ; to announce 
the decision of th^ majority { to declare the proceedings of the assembly closed 
at the completion of the business of the day, and to see that they are pr<^ierly 
recorded. The first act of\he*Member who prertdcs is to i^.tlnuite that busU 
ness should commence, which Is done by calling on the individual whose 
motion stands first on the list of notices, or who is others ise" entitled to pre. 
cedence. A motion being made, it is necessary that It should be seconded, 
else it fiills to the ground. This done, the terms of tlte motion are hftnded In 
writing to the Chairman, who reads tbem aloud. Objections may then be 
taken. Amongst the several modes of opposing a motion, are the following— 
a direct negative, an amendment, a postponement, proceedmg to "the other 
orders,'' moving *< the previous question," or an ai^ournment. A motion 
vhlch has been moved, seconded, and read, becomes a sort of property of tha 
^hole body, and cannot be wUhdrawn without leave. If no ol^tor to m 

wttBttimi iinii 


r«if«« III i lli i .nj | rtt l>y^— Kg«f 


poti tbe qaeadoa, caBinB ar"* ttaae «k» are IhwtManMc to ai^ ««9>V*aai 

*li—fc» fw i w l , itU— toi» 

tike tbeTOteiiiwflyiBr the —end— t^»id Uhb far 
butin nriianeK Ike foctioe a tlM.tke S^erikcr cr O 

and then My, **U>*< II HIT II II ^MO I — to pt i% tfct Ifae wqrts fwyoMJ » 
be lea out (^ the iii flMn i i ) staBd |«t eftfae «|Metloa.< 
•*aocs" Fe««aa» the aeaeadneu thea be c o w e t ■ w Alen tfre 
which other ■mtixlinnin avjr be ■ mhi I, end coosUered la like 
tlw 6rst. Thua ■ Dumber of inrmilii 
meiy be di^o>ed of, thom» no ■■■! nd i 
meat; but aU the amendaaenU •• well as the awtioQ itKlf may be ocsKtlvcd. 
Any Slcaibcr is at libert;r Co intemipt another hf -tiata^ to or^ter,** vUl, 
caiUngtheattentkiaafthechata-fOrorthcasaenMyatlaisettpthe flict,tl»t 
a breach of order vaa then bemg c o m ii iHtod . When tvo or more Mcmbcn 
nae at oooe to address the Heme of Ow i w i Mns , the Speaker or Chainaaade- 
temincs who abaU have precedence. Anj Member hanqg on.« sroken 
on a motkm or anwnament cannot ^fsin adAcas the Hooae oo Che aune aub« 
Ject or the same stage of the prooeedhigs, bat in Conanlttees of the vhola 
Iocs not prevafl. In IteUanwnt it is cootraiy to otder Ihr 
I in debate, to mentioa anj Member bj name leaccpliag Om 
Chainnan of Commlttae^ It is al*o oat of order to speak in tfiact teram of 
any proceedings of the other Houae,unless fhejr have been ftarmally mado 
koowB by ** message,* or recorded la the nodcea, voles, or oidcn of ih* 
otiier Hooae. Itisalao imgular to rdter to the opinions of the Sovarrigni 
cpeechfeB Cnan the thraoe and rojral mr iia gt i being traatad as Cbe send, 
menta of the ministry, wUch the Sovereign utters or o 

ORDEK IN THE LORDS.— The niles of order In the Bouse of Lordk diflbr 
in some particulars fiom those ob s m e d In tte Commons. In debate tboae 
iriio apc9ikaddi«H the whole Bouse, and not the diainnaa. A moUon b«l'~ ~ 
F 2 


WBMdB, need not ber«» aa in the ComnMmsi be eeconded. the Feer who tita 
on the woolaack or in the chair of committees hai no dutiee to pcrfonn diiriog 
the ddiberatlons of the House* ezceptint to •* put the question.'* He is not 
the Judge or guardian of order. If aerenl Peers rise together, the House de- 
cides who eball first be heard. The speaker or deputr speaker of tlie Lords ia 
not (Usquallfied t» qffUlo from taking a part in debate. 

OmoINATING BILLSw— With the Crown all bUls of amnesty originate ;— . 
with the House of Lords all bills rehiting to a restitution in blood and to resti- 
tution of honours ;— with the House of Commons all bills relating to the 
public Income and expenditure* and all other measures that can properly 
come within the class of ** money bUls." Bills affectiog the royal prerogatltre 
are not uauaUy introduced into cither House irithout the previous consent 
of the Crown. It is consldeied unconstitutional for one House to take the 
Inittatire in any measure aflfecttng the privileges of the other. In general 
it Is held that In the Lords should originate liills of ** pains and peooltiea* * 
or other measures Ibunded upon oral testimony, as their Lordships, unUke 
the Conunons, hare the power of examining witnesses upon oath. 

OTHER ORDERS (PASSING TO THE).-.8ee Avoidance of a Decision. 

PARLIAMENT.— The Commons are not the Parliament, neither are the 
Lords nor the Crown} but the three united are the ** Estates,'* which In 
th^ triple capacity constitute the Parliament, and exercise the legislative 
functions of the realm. A peer is of course as much a memt)er of Parlia- 
ment as a commoner, while the Crown is a whole estate of Parliament 
centered in tbe person of an individual. The two Houses convened by 
royal aathority, and acting Jointly with the Crown, conatitute the Legisla. 
tore or Parliament \ and its acts are called indifferently « Statutes** or « Acts 
of Parliament >*' they have the full force and effbct of law. (See " Bills,** as 
also ** E»tate of Parliament**) The power of Fferliament is held to be tran. 
scendent, and subject to no limitation whatever. An Act of Parliament binds 
every suli|ect,and even the Sovereign, when specially named therein ; and no 
Authority less than that of PUrliAment can dispense with or abrogate a statute. 

PEERS OF PARLlAMENT^The Peerage of Great RriUin and Ireland 
may be described as consisting of the following parts i the reader, howerer, 
ahottld bear in mind that every individual peerage has a locality, no matter 
with what part of the empire the existing possessor may otherwise be con- 
nected. There are, in the first phice, the Peers of England t Sndly, those of 
Scotland I Srdly, those of Ireland | 4tbly, those of the United Kingdom ; and, 
fithl/t Qioae of the Episcopal Bench | but such distinctions are chiefly confl&cd 


to pjufiunent. b die Hone of Lard% aU resn of Ski^Mkd bav«.«nts and 
Totes»ao lia«eanortlwUiiitodKliigilam,tlioi«ht]MlocaIl^ini7beIHilior 
Scottuh. It freqnenUj happens that Fiecta ot Ei«|aiid, or of tfae United 
KiBcdom, bold an equal or aup erio i rank in the peerage of SoodaDd or t>»» of 
Injand. In vlildi caae, ttaousli popularlr known Iqr the higher dignity, tfa«r 
Kffl hare aeats and votes in tfae House as of the infcriv rank. Lord St'af> 
£>Rl (by conzte^ Viacmint EnfieM)} Lord (by couite^ Eari) Iruce, heln i«. 
qect-vely to the Peerages of StnfEurd and Aileahuiy, were called to tb« 
Upper Hooee during dieir ftdien* Urea. The peen of Scodand and Ireland 
have a phu« In the House only tj their icpivaentadTes, of which Iraland 
sends «, and Scodand 16. Sy the Act of Union, no Irish reer ei||aying a 
fridsh dignity can be ^ected a RepresenUttve Peer. But the case of an 
Irish BepresenUtiTe oMainii« an Kn^ish Feen^e after his electtoo waa 
not adverted to: there are consequently at prcaent some Irish lepiesenta. 
tires who sit \xr their Irish dignities, thov«^ holding also SagUA faaioolet. 
or the 25 English and Welsh Bbhops, 24 dt as Barons, the Junior menu 
ber of the episcopal bench being excluded ihmt the House of Lords. The 
Bishop of Sodor and Man is not a Lord of FaiiiamenL The Irish Bishop* 
■It In rotation, four erery sessioib Hie Scottish -peers are choaen with eveiy 
new Ftollanient. The twenty-ei^t Irish temporal peen are elected for Bfe. 

PErrriOMSL— Ibere are sercral regulations respecting peddons to fwtXVu 
ment, which, if neglected in any one partknihu-, will prevent their rccepdon, 
Wlicn iotended Ibr the House of Lords, a peddcmmust be addreased, « lb the 
Bight Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal In Parliament assem- 
bled }** vhen addressed to the House of Conmions,it may be directed, " Ito the 
HononraUe the Kni^ts, Citiscns, and Burgesses of the United Kingdom of 
Great Britain and Ireland in Parliament aaaembled i" but mon usually in this 
fionn, *< Tb the Honourable the Commons of the United Kingdom In Parlla. 
ment assembled.* Its commencement must describe the peddoners thus t 
*< The humble peddon of the electors of the parish of — — showeth that," too* | 
or, in the case of an Individual, his name and occupation must be stated 
thus : *< The humble petition of John Brown, carpenter, showedi that,** Aec. 
The sUtement of grievance must then follow} and the whole must 
condnde with a specific prayer. The omission of a prayer has often proved 
fatal to the receptton of a petition, for no mere remonstrance or detail of 
grievance wiD be received. The prayer should be thus introduced t ** Where- 
fore your petitioners humbly pray that your Honourable House will be 
pleased to,'* &c , the particular relief expected being here stated. To the 
whole petition must be added the words, *<And your petitioners as la 
duty boimd wUl ever pray )** immediately thereupon must follow the sig« 
naturea \ of which one at least must be on the same sheet of paper, or skin of 
parctanient,asthe pedtion— not pasted or otherwise appended. The rignaturae 



or mark! muit be original— not copies nor tignaturei of agenti on behalf of 
others ; thus no chahmnan of a public meeting can rign for the whole meeting ; 
hf such an infiMmallty the petition becomes that of an indiTidual. But the 
common seal of a Corporation is received ai the petition of the whole corporate 
body. ▲ printed or lithographed petition will not be receired { it must be in 
writing on parchment or on paper, firee from erasures or interlineations, and 
composed In English, or accompanied by a translation, which the presenting 
member certifies to be correct ; but no letters, affidavits, or other documents, 
can be annexed. Petitions are unilbrmly rejected if not respectful and tem- 
p erate in language, free from imputations upou the character and conduct of 
Parliament, the Courts of Justice, or otber constituted authorities. No refer- 
ence is permitted to any delwtes, or to any motions lupposed to be in ptepa. 
ration ; while petitions A>r the remission (ndt abolltiun) of customs, stamps, 
or other duties, can only be received on the recommendation of the Crown. 
The presenting meml)er is expected to examine whether these conditions have 
been complied with, and the Committee on Public Petitions subieipiantty 
subject all those documents to a severe scrutiny. 

PREVIOUS QUESTION.— See Avoidance of a Decision. 

PRIVILEGES OF PARLIAMENT.— These are of three kinds: lst,theprl. 
▼Ueges which appertain to members individually ; 2nd, those which belong 
to elUier House in its collective capacity t 3rd, those of both Houses Jolntlr. 
Trom wen known precedents it appears that the Lords and Commons, 
acting concurrently, can aasiune the supreme power whenever the throne 
is vacant, or the Sovereign incapable of exercising the royal functions, as 
happened at the Bevolution in 1688; in 1783, when the sovereign authority- 
was oflbred to the Prince of Wales, though George III recovered so speedily 
that a regency became unnecessary { in 1812, when a restricted regency 
was appointed i and, subsequently, when the restrictions were removed. 
The separate privUeges of either House are extensive, but they are, at the 
same tbne, uncertain and indefinite. Amongst those privileges are the power 
of commltUng Individuals to prison, the power of pubUshing matters which,- 
If not issuing flrom such high authority, might become the subject of proceed. 
Ings in a court of law, the power of directing the Attomey-General to prosecute 
persons accused of oflbnces against the laws, or afleCting the privilege of Par- 
liament, and, finally, a power vested in each House reipectively of doing any 
thing not directly contravening an Act of Parliament— which may be necessary 
T the vindication or protection of itself in the exercise of its own constltu. 
lal functions. In the daUy proceedings of Parliament questions of privilege 
precedence of all other business. The privileges of individual membera 
^tettament are freedom of speech and person, including flwedom from legal 
istiand lelBures under process from the courts of lawor equity; this, how* 


ever, dees not extend to indictable oOfencea, to actual contempts of the courts 
of Justice* or to proceedings in banliruptcy. Members of Parliament are 
exempt from serving the office of sheriff, from obeying subpoenas, and serving 
(» Juries. Every member can introduce one person to the strangers' gallery. 
** Privilege of Parliament '* continues to Peers at all times, and to Commoners 
for a ** convenient" time after prorogation and dissolution. Peers are entitled 
to be present at the coronation of the Sovereign, but places were never pro- 
vided for the Commons at that ceremonial until the reign of William IV. Peers 
cannot l>e outlawed in any civil action, nor can any attachment lie against 
their persons ; they are exempt from attending courts leet, or the posse-comU 
tatus } when arraigned for any criminal offence, it must be before their peers, 
vbo return a verdict, not upon oath, but upon lionour ; they have the privi. 
lege of sitting covered in courts of Justice i they may vote in Parliament by 

PaO&OOATlON^-tee Interruption of theSitUngs of Parliament. 

QUESTION.— See Order. **" *-"— 

ROYAL ASSENT.— The act by which the Crown agrees to a bill which 
has already passed both Houses is called ** The Royal Assent," which may 
be given by the Sovereign in person robed, crowned, and seated on the 
throne in the House of Lords, the Commons standing at the bar: or the 
royal assent may be given by commissioners appointed by the Crown for 
that special purpose and for the single occarion. The forms ol)served in Irath 
cases do not vary, and are as follow:— The Lords being assembled in their 
own House, the Sovereign or the Commissioners seated, and the Commons 
at tlie bar, the titles of the several bills which have passed both Houses are 
read, and the King or Queen's answer is declared by the clerk of the Parlia- 
ments in Norman French. To a bill of supply the assent is given in the 
following words :— '< Le roy for, la reine) remerete Met loyal tubjecttt aecepte 
leur bentvotenee et aitui le eeirf." To a private bill it is thus declared :— *< SoH 
fait eomme U est dairi.'* And to public general bills it is given in these 
terms :— *• r,e roy for, la reine) U veut.** Should the Sovereign refuse his 
assent, it is in the gentle language of ** Le roy for, la ritne) s'avttera *." As 
sets of grace and amnesty originate with the crown, the clerk expressing the 
gratitude of the subject addresses the throne as follows :— ^< Lei prilattt 
uigfuurs, et commoTUj en ce preeent Parliament atsemblii au nom de tout 
90US outrtM nO^eOe remercient trie bumbUnuni votre majesti, et prtent A 

• Qaeen Elisabeth nt the end of a Seiaioa rejected 48 billi agreed to by both Hona 
The power o rejection was exercised for the last time In the year 16M. by William II 
vho at first refused, bnt in two j9Ut afterwards yielded asseat totks bill far Triesa 


1>ieu vmu donner en tante bonne vie et tongue.** The moment the royal uiient 
has been gireU) that which wa« a bill becomes an Act, and instantly has the 
force and efibot of law, unless some time for the commencement of Its opera- 
tion should hare been specially appointed. 

SEIUEANT AT ARM&— Of officers bearing this title, there are several ; 
some are attached to the Court of Chancery ; but there are two appointed by 
the Crown to attend the Houses of Parliament, and each has a deputy. In 
the House of Lords, the practical maintenance of decorum below the bar, 
near the throne, and in the gallery, devolves upon the gentleman and yeoman 
usher, with their assistants, so that " the Serjeant at Arms attending the 
House of Lords" has less conspicuous duties to perform than those which 
devolve upon ** the Serjeant attending the House of Commons ;" both, how- 
ever, execute the commands of the House to which thty belong, as regards 
the apprehension or custody of all persons committed by order of Parliament. 
In the House of Commons, the Serjeant at Arms is an officer of considerable 
Importance, enjoying large emoluments, assisted by a deputy and several 
subordinate officers; during the sittings of the House he occupies a chair 
below the bar, 'and he directs a large proportion of the arrangements con- 
nected with the maintenance of order In the approaches to the House and 
the offices adjacent. He is at once the executive and the ceremonial officer 
of the lower House ; but his discretionary powers are not extensive, for 
almost all his more important duties are performed under the immediate 
direction of the House itself, communicated through the Speaker. Hie 
oiiice is usually held by a gentleman of the military profession, seldom under 
the rank of a field officer. 

SESSION.— The tem^ session, applied to the sittings of any public assembly, 

would be generally understood to signify the period during which they sat 

wlttiout any intermission or recess } but in Parliamentary language it has a 

more extendve signiflcatlon. Unless Parliament be prorogued, the session 

is not closed. The Houfe of Commons takes care to limit to onA year the 

duration of certain acts of Parliament, such as the Mutiny Act, all statutes 

authorising the levy of taxes, &c., without which the Government of the 

country could not be carried on, and the Crown, therefore, is compelled to 

resort to an annual assemblage of Parliament, which usually takes place in 

the beginning of February, though S|«cial circumstances may sometimes lead 

') the appointment of an earlier period. Fourteen days at least, but generally 

"ty or forty days previous to the intended meeting, a proclamation is 

ed by the Crown, commanding the attendance of the Lords and Commons, 

Illy at Westminster { but it may be at any place within the United King.^ 

I. The Houses being assembtodf the Sovereign meets them in the House 

lords, and delivers a speech. In this manner does a session commence. 


ne c tr c uuM ttmce of rtttier or both Houmm adjoumtng their ttttlngit whether 
vith, or wftlioat the recommendatton of the Crowny does not terminate the 
session. To etBact that, there must be an actual prorogation under a nqral 
comndnlon, or brthe Sorereign in penon. The progreca which a meanire 
mikes in one aeuion, does not influence its poeition in the next* or in any 
other i for if not completed previouf to the prorogation of Parliamenty It 
must in any following session be commenced de novo. Tbe mere assemblage 
and prorogation are not however suflRcient of themselves to constitute a 
session, imless one bill, at least, have passed both Houses, and receiTed the 
Boyal assent. The business usually tra n sa ct ed on the first day of every 
sesdoa is to take Into considenition the speech flrom the throne s but for 
<*fann sake," one bin always receives a first reading, in order, it is said, to 
assert a right in the Parliament of not brtng obliged to give precedence to the 
subjects contained in the rcqral speech. In the year 1763, in 1817, and on 
nrioos other occasions, the consideration of tbe King's speech has been 
delayed by discussions on other sul^ts, but generally the practice is to 
proceed with it at five o'clock in the afternoon, namely, in about two hours 
after the speech has been delivered. The usual duration of the session is from 
Fdiruary to August ; but no number or length of adjournments destroys its 
continuity. In the year 1621, the House of Commons aiyoumed its sittings 
for five months} but yet it was held that the session bad not terminated. (See 
Jatemiption of the S&ttings of Parliament.) 

SIX MONTHS (THIS DAT).— See Avoidance of a Decision. 


oflker must have been anciently as at present the organ or spokesman of the 
Commons, although in modem times he is more occupied in presiding over 
the delitterations of the House, than In deUvertng speeches on their behalf. 
Amongst the duties of the Speaker are the following }~To read to the Sove- 
reign petitions or addresses from the Commons, and to deliver, in the Royal 
presence, whether at tbe Palace or in tbe House of Lords, such speeches-as 
sie usually made on behalf of the Commons t to manage in the name of the 
House, where counsel, witnesses, or prisoners, are at the bar ; to reprimand 
persons who have incurred the displeasure of the House } to issue warrants 
of committal or release for breaches of privilege, to communicate in writing 
with any parties, wlien so instructed by the House} to exercise vigilance in 
reference to private bills, especially with a view to protect property in general, 
or the rights of individuals, from undue encroachment or injury ( to express 
the thanks or approbation of the Commons to distinguished personages } to 
controul and regulate the subordinate ofiicers of the House } to entertain tbe 
members at dinner, in due succession, and at stated periods } to adjourn .th<- 
Houae at four o'clock, if forty members be not present (#te A4}oununent) - 

are the same u thow of any other President of a deHberatire assembly. (See 
Order.) When Parliament is about to be prorogued, it is customary for the 
Speaker to address to the Sovereign, in the House of Lords, a speech, re. 
capitulating the proceedings of the session. 

-chosen by the House of Commons from amongst its own members, subject to 
the approval of the Crown, and holds his office till the dissolution of the 
-Parliament in which he was elected. His salary is 6000/. a-year, exclusive of 
a ftimlshed residence. At the end of his official labours he is generally 
rewarded by a peerage, and a pension of 40001. for two lives. He is a member 
of the Privy Council, and entitled to rank aOer Barons. When ftwty members 
are not present, he may adjourn the House without leave (see Adjournment). 
Until the year 1S53, business generally speHking conld not be transacted in 
his absence, though to this rule there was an exception in tiie year 1606, a 
prisoner being released by order of the House during the illness of a Speaker, 
in Angust 185:), however, it was re. olved that daring the unavoidable 
absence of the Speaker, the Chairman of Committees of the \vhole House 
shoald preside in his stead. Should a member persevere in breaches of order, 
the Speaker may ** name " him, as it is called, a course unifbrmly followed by 
the censure of the House. In extreme cases the Speaker may order members 
or others into custody until the pleasure of the House be signified (see Com- 
mittals). On divisions, when tlie numbers happen to be equal, he gives the 
casting voice, but he never otherwise votes. 

SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS.- The Lord ChanceUor is the 
keeper of the great seal, and by virtue of that office he becomes on the hare 
deUvery of the seal to him by the Sovereign, Speaker of the House of Lords. 
He is usually, but not necessarily a peer. There has always been a Deputy 
Speaker, and formerly there were two or more; but since the year 1851 there 
ha^ been only one. The Chairman in Committees generally fills this office 
(see Chairnuui of Committees of Commons). In the absence of the Lord 
Oiancellor and of the Depul!y Speaker, it is competent to the House to 
appoint any noble Lord to take the woolsack. The Speaker is the organ or 
mouthpiece of the House, and it therefore is his duty to represent their 
Lordships in their collective capacity when holding intercourse with other 
public bodies or with indlvidCials. He has not a casting vote upon divisions, 
fbr should the numbers prove equal, the not contents prevail. (See Speaker of 
the, House of Commons, Duties of, JPrivileges oL) The Deputy Speaker of 
the Lords is appointeB by the Crown. (See Order, h also Order In the Lords.) 

SUPPLY (COMMITTEE OF)^— All proceedings which relate to the public 
income or expenditure, must originate with the House of Commons, and the 
initiatire to the latter consists of resolutions mored in a Committee of 
^PPl7» which is always a Committee of the whole House. In the course 
of the session, estimates are submitted to a Committee of Supply, and resolu. 
tions moved therein, granting to the Crown the sums requisit*i for defiraying 
the expense attendant upon the various branches of the public service. Those 
resolutions having been considered and disposed of, such amongst them as 
may be affirmed, are reported to the House, reconsidered, and adopted or 
rejected. Under authority of those to which the House agree, the Lords of 
tile Treasury issue the requisite fUnds ibr carrying on the service of the 
country. At the end of the session, the supply resolutions are consolidated 
in the Appropriation Bill, which is sent up to the Lords, and being there 
cffiisidered and decided on, receives the Royal assent, and becomes law. The 
Lords may reject this or any other money bill ; but it would be considered an 
iovation of the privileges of the Commons if their Lordships were sub. 
itantially to modify measures of this class ; the Commons, however, do not 
object to consider any verbal emendations which may be made by the other 
House. Befjre any bill can be introduced, authorising expenditure of public 
money, resolutions must be moved in Committee of Supply, agreed to there, 
reported, and confirmed by the House. 

THRE£ MONTHS (THIS DAY).— See Avoidance of a Decision. 

VACATING SEATS.— See ChUtern Hundreds. 

WATS AND MEANS (COMMITTEE OF)^— As the Committee of Supply 
(which see) relates to the expenditure of the nation, so the functions and 
duties of a Committee of Ways and Means, have reference to the funds by 
vhich such expenditure is to be sustained. Loans, duties, taxes, tolls, re- 
venue and imposts of every description, are submitted to a Committee of 
Way* and Means (which is always one of the whole House). The pro- 
positions of Government on these subjects are reduced to the form of resolu- 
tions, considered, decided on } and such as are agreed to, reported to the 
House. Those which may be there adopted are embodied into bills, and in 
due course become law. As in the case of supply, the Lords in^y reject, but 
cannot modify j neither can their Lordships insert pecuniary penalties in any 
L4t wliatcvcir. 




With a Statement of the Numbers polled at the last contested 
Elections, the Population of each, the Registered 
Electors, ^c, according to the latest 
official returns. 

The names of tbe unsacoessftil candidates are printed in Italics. 

The abbreviations here used hare the following signification:— /ko. for 

iMoses ; pop. for population ; dist. for district'; reg. elect, for registered 



George Thompson, Jan. . . . i 
Sir Andreto Leith Hay . . . 478 
Constituency, the ho. of XQl. 
Pop. 71 ,973. Reg. Elect. 4,547. 

•Hon. William Gordon. 

* On Admiral Gordon accepting 
the Ch litem Hundreds, new writ, 
Aug. 1864. 

liord Haddo. 

Pop. 212,082. Reg. Elect. 4,022. 

*Mai(ur-Gen. James Caulfeild. 

* On the death of General Caul- 
feild, new writ. Nor. 1862. 

tLordNorreys 153 

Dan. Higford Duvall Burr . 129 

t On Lord Norreys becoming Earl 
of Abingdon, new writ, Nov. 1864. 
Constituency, scot and lot inha- 
bitants, and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 
6,954. Reg. Elect. SIS. 

ANDOYER, Hants. 

WilUamCubitt 140 

Henry Beaumont Coles . . . 121 

— CurUng 20 

Constituency, the corporation, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 6,896. 
Reg. Elect. 241. 

Sir Richard B. W. Bulkeley, bart. 
Pop. 67,827. Reg. Elect. 2,677. 

ANTRIM, County of. 
*Edward William Pakenham. 
George Macartney. 
• Mr. Pakenham died. Nor. 1854. 
Pop. 250,365. Reg. Elect. 8,206. 


Sir Archibald Islay Campbell, b*rt. 
Pop. 89,298. Reg. Elect. 2,166. 

ARMAGH, County of. 
Sir William Vemer, bart. 
Cd. James Molyneux Caulfeild. 

Pop. 196,420. Reg. Elect. 6,164. 

Bon Stephenson Moore. 

Constitnencj, 7 freemen, and 
the ho. of 10/. Pop. 10,245. Reg. 
Elect. 870. 

ARUNDEL. Sas5ex. 
Right Hon. Lord Edward Howard. 
Oon^tituency, scot and lot inha- 
bitants, and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 
S,748. Reg. Elect. 208. TheDnke 
of Norfolk has considerable Infla- 
ence in this borough. 

A8HBURT0N, DeroB. 
George Mofiat. 

Constitneney, the old freeholders, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 8,432. 
Reg. Elect. 236. Lord Clinton has 
the oQly inflnencb prcTailing here. 

Charles Hindley. 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pbp. 29,791. Reg. Elect. 937. 

ATHLONB, COS. Rosconunon and 

*WUUamKeogh 87 

Robert B. Lowes 10 

• On Mr. Keogh being made Soli- 
citor-Gen. for Ireland Dec. 1862, 
new -writ (which was sospended 
till the decision of a committee on 
tbeprerions election), April 1858. 

William Keogh 79 

Thoma* Norton .... 

Oonstitnency, the old freemen,! 

and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 6,893. 

Reg. Elect. 170. 

AYLESDUny, Bskctii. 


Sir It tr hard Brtltclt . . , . MUl 
AttffHstHw F. QayfQfd^ L C D, 447 
Cofii. Jofbi Tfi^pie i^tit^ . 435 

hundreds, and housekeepers of the 
borough not receiving alms, and 
the ho. of 10/. Pop. 26,704. Reg. 
Elect. 1,417. 

AYR Dist. 
Comprising Ayr,IrTine, Campbell- 
town, Inverary, and Oban. 
Edward Henry John Cranfnrd . 838 
Arehibc^d T. Boyle .... 829 
Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 34,844. Reg. Elect. 1,039. 

*OoI. James Hunter Blair . . 1801 
Edward Cardtoell. . . . 1200 

Colonel Blair died. Nor. 1854. 

Pop. 189,858. Reg. Elect. 8,823. 

Henry William Taucred. 

Constituency, the old corpora- 
tion, and the ho. of JO/. Pop. 
8,715. Reg. Elect. 491. 
Viscount Bernard. 

Const ituency , the old corporation , 
and the ho. oilQl, Pop. 8,275. Reg. 
Elect 205. 


James Duff 827 

\Maedouat Grattt 801 

Pop. 54,171. Reg. Elect. 818. 


*.^lr WilliivEn Aug:. FH^irr, b&rt 4ua 

•Rich an] Prt!ii]rf(li<# , . . , DMI 

f'iifitnni Ebriitt/lmi , y ^ ^ 3^ 

* On j>«^tillon $ir Willi iin 


issuea nil Aug. 1004, wdcd, in con- 
sequence of an informality in tbe 
return made to the clerk of the 
Crown, the members hare not been 

John Lanrie 

Richard Samuel Gninnesfl . . 823 

fVilliam Tite 

Constituency, corporation and 

freemen, and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 

11,371. Reg. Elect. 771. 

BATH, Somersetshire. 
George Treweeke Scobell . . 1332 

Thomas Phinn 1290 

PVilliam fVhataley . . . 1263 

Constituency, the old corporation, 

and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 54,240. 

Reg. Elect. 8,278. 

nxcnara UHvison « • . . . 120U 

Hugh Mac-Calmont Cairns . 1202 

Robert James Tennent . . 904 

Constituency, the old flreemen, 

the ho. of 10/., and the 8/. rated 

occupiers. Pop. 99,660. Reg. 

Elect. 8,282. The Marquess of 

Donegal has con «ider able influence 

in this borough. 

George Henry Vansittart . . 1741 

Robert Palmer 1705 

Visct. Bairington 1636 

John fVaUer 155 

Pop. 170,065. Reg. Elect. 6,129. 

BERWICK, Northumberland. 

BEAUMARIS, Dist. Anglesea. 
Comprising Beaumaris, Amlwch, 

Holyhead, and Llangefni. 
Lord George A. F. Paget. 

Constituency, chief burgesses 
Beaumaris, and the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 12,762. Reg. Elect. 459. 

BEDFORD, Borough. 

•Henry Stuart 585 

8amudWhitbread,jun. . . . 514 
TJiomas Chisholm Antiey . 252 
* On the death of Mr. Stuart, 
new writ, Nov. 1854. 

Constituency, householders not 
receiring alms, and the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 11,693. Reg. Elect. 910. 


3oL RluliirLl T. GiJpLiPH 

Pop, 124, 47 S. Hej Elctl.4^ia. 

•Matthew Forster 412 

•John Stapleton 835 

J. Campbell RerUon .... 251 
Richard Hodgson 210 

* On petition Mr. M. Forster and 
Mr. Stapleton being unseated, new 
writ, April 1863. 
Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks . 473 

of John Forster 885 

J. Campbell Renton .... 196 

Richard Hodgson . ... 157 

Constituency, resident flreemen, 

and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 16,094. 

Reg. Elect. 781. 


Hon. Francis Scott. 
Pop. 86,297. Reg. Elect. 1,078. 

BEVERLEY, Yorkshire. 

•Hon Francis Charles Lawley . 611 

William Wells 588 

EdnarilA-Hchntttfy Gldver . 458 

Chill crn JiimdrtLU^ hkwi wiit, luly^ 

Hon. Arthur Cffrd^^D ^ * ^ t 4US 


Ooaxtituency, resident freemen, BOSTON, Llncolnahir 

and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 10,058. Gilbert Henry Heathoote 

Keg. Elect. ], 187. Benjamin Bond Cabbell . 

. . ^ , , _ . „ ^ J^f^J^ jiiggander Hankey 

BEWDIiEY, Worcestershire. Thomson Hankny . . . 

Sir Thomas £ . Winnington, bt. 169 Ff^illiam Henry Adama 

Joseph Sandara 151 Constituency, corporatL 

Constitaency, burgesseo, and the freemen paying scot and li 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 7,318. Kcg.l the ho. of 10/. Pop. 17,618 
Elect. 890. Elect. 987. 

BIRMINGHAM, War^vicksh. 
George Frederick Mantz. 
William Scholefield. ! 

Constitaency, the ho. of lOA 
Pop. 232,841. Reg. Elect. 7,986. 

BLACKBURN, Lancashire. 

lames Pilkington 846 

^William Eccles 580 

John Hornby 509 

♦ On petition Mr. Eccles being' 

unseated, new writ, March 1853. I 

Montagu Joseph Feilden . . 631 ' 

fVilUam Henry Hornby . . 574 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 

Pop. 46,536. Reg. Elect. 1,258. 

BODMIN, Cornwall. 
William Michell, M.D. ... 173 
Charles Brune GraTes-Sawle . 157 
fVilHam Henderson ... 149 

Cape fVhitehurst 83 

H.Carr ... ... 64 

Constituency, the old corpora- 
tion, and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 
6,337. Reg. Elect. 367. 

BOLTON-LE. MOORS, Lancashire. 

Thomas Barnes 74.^^ 

Joseph Crook 727 

Stephen Blair 717 

Peter Ainsfcorth .... 846 
Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 61,171. Reg. Elect. 1,671. 

BRADFORD, Yorkshi 
Robert Milligau .... 
Henry Wickham Wickham 
Lt.'Coi. T. Per. Thompson 
Constituency, the bo. 
Pop. 103,778. Reg. Elect. 

•Charles Rodney Morgan . , 
Col. J. Lloyd V. JVatkins 
• On the death of Mr. Morj 
writ, Jan. 1854. 
Col. J. Lloyd Vaughan WaC 
Constituency, resident 
and the ho. of 10/. Po; 
Reg. Elect. 336. 

Sir Joseph Bailey, bart. 
Pop. 61,474. Reg. Eh 

Lieut. Col. C. J. Kemeys T 
Brent Spencer FoUett . 
John Christopher Manse 

Lord Henley 

Alexander fVm. Kingla 

Constituency, reside 

holders and freemen, a: 

of 10/. ^op. 10,317. : 


Henry Whitmore 443 

•Sir Robert Pigot, bart. ... 860, 
Hon. Fred. fVm. Cadogan . 283, 
«Onpetitina Sir Robert Pigot being 
unseated, new writ, March 1853. 
John Pritcbard. 

Ckinstitnency, freemen and bur* 
gesses, and the ho. of 10/. Pop.' 
7,610. Reg, Elect. 717. In aome 
degree under the influence of the 
Whitmore family. 

BRIDPORT, Doraet. 

Thomas Alexander Mitchell 

John Patrick Muirough . . . 249 

JohnRolt 191 

Constituency, householders pay- 

Caledon George Du Pr* . . . 2000 
Right Hon. Benjamin Disraeli 1973 
Hon.Chas.Comptonf Cavendish 1403 

Dr. John Lee 656 

1 Pop.163,723. Reg. Elect. 6,659. 

I BURY, Lancashire. 

Frederick Peel 472 

risoount Duncan 410 

Constituericy, the ho. of 10/. 
pop. 81,262. Reg. Elect. 969. 

BURY ST. EDMUND'S, Suffolk. 

EarlJennyn 403 

♦John Stuart ....... 328 

Edioard Herbert Bnnbury . 319 
* On Mr. Stuart being made 

ing scot and lot, and the ho. of yi^e chancellor, new writ, Dec. 1852. 

10/. Pop. 7,566. Reg. Elect. 624, 

SirGeorgeRichardPechelI,bt. . 1924 

Lord Alfred Herrey 1481 

John Sahisbiiry Trelawny . 1173 

JohnFfooks 119 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 69,673. Reg. Elect. 8,675. 

BRISTOL, Gloucestershire. 

Prahcis H. F. Berkeley .... 4681 

Wm. Henry Gore Langton . . 4531 

Fors^r AUeyne M'Geaehy . 8682 

Constituency, freemen and free- 

holders, and the ho. of 10/. Pop, 

137,828. Reg. Elect. 13,648. 

Henty James Porteous Oakes . 824 
Joseph A. Hardeaatle . . • 316 
Constitnency, corporation and 
freemen, and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 
13,900. Reg. Elect. 741. The 
Duke uf Grafton and the Marquess 
of Bristol have considerable influ- 
ence in this borough. 

rhf! MiintUHfi ul dliinduB. 
Jtiiantii J49hn, HiiJ. 

the ho. of I4>i. ru[], 8,000. Rrs- 
filecc 340* 

Rt. Hon. Jas. A. Stuart Wortley. 
Pop. 16,608. Reg. Elect. 491. 


George Traill 147 

John Geo. Tolletnaehe Sinclair 106 
Pop. 88,709. Reg Elect. 642. 

CALNE, Wilts. 
Burl of Slie<iburnc. 

CiiuAtitugucy, I he bnrffi»i»ei, anA 
Ihc hp, uf I til. Pup . 6, \ I'B r Btg. 
Elect, 100, T^e MirnHcM «f 
LnDndawQe hiu influEBH^ la fbit 







." V . 

'• i,8^^""- ^p. 




















'''** A 









'«' Eli 



'- J^. 



















'-? fAe 

::'"'' ^.^-^a. 






■^-'^? ■ ^/ ''^"^^'^ 





^P :?o.a 




"""7 Of. 



-^^ . .°''-*'«.'<-^ 


decision of petition on the ivevious 

election), Aprill86S. 

W. B. Mc Clintoek-Bimbary. 

Fop. 68,167. Beg. Elect. 2,089. 

CaRLOW, Borough. 

« John Sadleir . : 112 

Robert Clayton Browne . . 96 

• On Mr. Sadleir being appointed 
a Lord of the Treajniy, new writ, 
Jan. 1853. 
John Alexander ...... 97 

John Sadleir 91 

Constituency, the old corpora* 

tion, and the bo. of 10/., with the 

8/. rated occapien. Pop. 10,409. 

Reg. Elect. 208. 

Comprising Carmarthen and 
DaTld Morris. 

Constittteucy, bargesses, and the 
ho. of 10/. Ftop. 19,234. Reg. 
Elect. 819. 

David A. Saunders Davies. 
David Jones. 
Pop. 110,682. Reg. Elect. 4,791. 

Comprising Carnarvon, Conway, 

Criccieth, Pwllheli, Bangor, and 

William Bulkeley Hughes . . 896 

Jiiehard Daviea 276 

Constituency, bttrgeases, and the 

ho. of 10/. Pop. 22,210. Reg. 

Elect. 861. Col. Doaglas-Pennant 

and Mr. Assheton Smith have much ! 

influence in thia dist. I 

Pop. 87,870. Reg. Elect. 1,918. 

CARRICKFERGU8, co. Antrim. 
Hon. W. H. Stapleton Cotton . 811 
Col. PTarren H. L. Frith . . 295 
Constituency, freemen, burgesses, 

freeholders, the ho. of 10/., aud the 

8/. rated oocnpiers. Pop. 8,488. 

Reg. Elect. 1,196. 

CASHEL, Tipperary. 
Sir Timothy O'Brien, hart. . . 60 

Charlea JlieGarel 19 

Constituency, freemen, the ho. 
of 10/., and the 8/. rated occapiera. 
Pop. 6,568. Reg. Elect. 126. 

CAVAN, County of. 
Hon. James Pierce Maxwell . 2270 
Sir John Young, bart .... 2051 

Hereulea EUia 752 

Pop . 174,303. Reg. Elect. 4,909. 

*Sir John M. Frederick Smith. 686 
jidm. Sir Jamea Stirling . 482 
On peUtion, Sir John M. F. Smifh 
being unseated* new writ, June 

Leicester Yiney Yernon ... 610 
Adm. Sir Jas. Stifling . . . 598 
Constituency, the ho. of lOA 
Pop. 28,424. Reg. Elect. 1,871. 
The Dock-yard and other Govern, 
ment establishments at this port 
give the Minister of the day consi- 
derable influence over theelectiona. 

CHELTENHAM, Gloucester. 
Hon. Craven F. Berkeley . . . 999 
Sir fVilloughby Jonee, bart. 869 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 86f 061. Reg. Elect. 2,400. 




William Tatton Egerton. 
G«o. Cornwall Legh. 

Pop,S49,000. Reg. Elect. 7,494 

Sir Philip De M. G. Egerton, hart. 
John Tollemache. 

Pop. 206,726. Reg. Elect. 8,117. 

CHESTER, atf. 
Earl GrosTenor. 
Hon. William Owen Stanley. 

Oonstitaency, resident freemen, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 27, 7 W. 
Reg. Elect. S,6S4. The Onwrenor 

CIRENCESTER, GIovoesterBhJre. 

Joseph R. Mailings 285 

Hon. Ashley 6. J. Ponsnnby . 218 

yiseoimt Pointers .... 214 

Constituency, householders, and 

the ho. of 10/. Ftop. 6,096. Iteg. 

Elect. 434. The Bathurst family 

has influence here. 


James Johnstone. 

Pop. 41,495. Reg. Elect. 1,658. 

CLARE. County of. 

*Sir John ForRter PitzOerald .1163 

•Cornelius O'Brien 1141 

family have great Inflaence in this! Col. Crtjton M. F'and^lenr . 1139 


John Abel Smith. 
Ixn-d Henry C. O. Gordon-Lennox. 

* On petition Sir John PitsGerald 
and Mr. O'Brien being unseated* 
new writ, June 1863. 
Cornelias O'Brien . . . , . 1376 
Sir John Fbrster PitsGerald . 1361 

Constituency, householders pay.,^°'- <^roflon M. Vand^leur . 1299 
log Bcot and lot, and the ho. of Pop- 212,720. Reg. Elect. 8,144. 
10/. Pop. 8,662. Reg. Elect. 767. 
The interest of the Duke of Rich* 
mond preponderates in this bo- 

Joseph Neeld. 
Capt. Henry George Boldero. 

Conatituency, burgesses and bur- 
gage tenants, and the ho. of 10/ 
Ptop. 6,283. Reg. Elect. 300. Mr. 
Neeld has considerable inflaenc<> 
in Chippenham. 

Capt. John Edward Walcott, R.N. 
Constituency, the corporation, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 7,475. 


CLITHEROE, Lancashire. 
Matthew Wilson, Jan. ... 221 
John Thomas Aspitiall . . 187 

* On petition Mr. Wilson being 
Duseated, new writ. May 1853. 
t John Thomas W. Aitpinall . . 215 
Richard Fort 208 

t On peiillon Mr. Aspinall being 
unseated, new writ, Aug. 1868. 
Le Gendre N. Starkie . ... 218 

Jonathan Peel 205 

Constituency, tenants for life or 

in fee of certain borough lands and 

houses, and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 

11,480. Reg. Elect. 448. 

CLONMELL, co. Tipperary 
*Hon. Cecil John Lawless . 
Thoma* Henry Barton . 



* On the death of Bfr. Lawleu, newjmade a Commissioner of huolrtata, 
^Tit, Nov. 1858. new writ, Aug. 1858. 

John O'Connell. {FranciB Bernard Beamish . . 1183 

Oonstitaency, the freemen, and Col Jas. Chas. Chatterton . 1006 

the ho. of lo;., with the 8/. rated 
occopiers. Pop. 13.5U5. Reg. 
Elect. 328. 

COCfKERMOUTH, Cnmberland. 
General Henry Wyndham . . 160 
•Henry AgUonbyAglionby. . 154 
Edward Horsman .... 147 

* On the death of Mr. Ag'ionljy, 
new writ, Ang. 1854, 
John Steel. 

Constituency, bnrgage-holders, 

and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 7,276, 

Reg. Elect. 865. 

Wm. Warwick Hawkins . . 686 
Right Hon. liord John Manners 61 5 
Joseph Alfred Uardeaatle 
Henry Thoby Prinaep ... 98 
Constituency, resident freemen, 
and the ho. of 10^. Pop. 19,443. 
Reg. Elect. 1,258. 

Constitnency, freemen, freehold- 
ers, and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 
86,485. -Reg. Elect. 3,152. 


COLERAINE, Co. Londondeiry. 
Lord Naas. 

Constituency, the freemen, and 
the ho. orio;.,with the 8/. rated 
occupiers. Pop. 6,265. Reg. Elect. 

CORK, Conpty of. 
Edmund Burke Roche. 
Vincent Scully. 

Pop. 661,162. Reg.Elect. 13,473. 

CORK, City. 
•Francis Stack Murphy . . . 1246 
William Trant Pagan . . . 1220 
ColonelJas. Chas. Chatterton 898, 

fV. L. Perrier 194 

• On Mr. Serjeant Murphy being^ 

Thomas J. Agar Robartes . . 2609 

Nicholas Kendall 1996 

fVilliam H. Pole Careto . .1979 
Pop. 148,802. Reg. Elect. 5,694. 

*Edward Wm. Wynne Peudarres. 
Sir Charles Lemon, bart. 

On the death of Mr. Pendarrea, 
new writ, July 1853. 
Michael Williams. 

Pop. 206,766. Reg. Elect. 4,649. 

COVENTRY, Warwickshire. 
Right Hon. Edward ElUce. 
Charles Geach. 

* On the death of Mr. Geach, new 
writ, Dec. 1854. 
Sir Joseph Paxton. 

Constituency, resident freemen, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 86,812. 
Reg. Elect. 4.602. 

John Neeld. 
Ambrose Lethbridge Goddard. 

Constituency, freeholders, copy, 
holders, and leaseholders of the 
hundreds and borough, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 85,503. Reg. 
Elect. 1,647. 

'Hon. Chas. W. G. Howard ., . 2375 

William Marshall 2866 

JTiomas Salkeld 1964 

Pop. 10S(,009. Reg.Elect. 6,853. 


Henry Lo VI ther. 
Samael Irton. 

Pop. 92,483. Reg. Elect. 4,144, 


Sir Thomas Herbert . . . . 14fi 

FTiinam Shore Lindsay . . 185 

Constituency, freemen, and the 

ho.oflU/. Pop.4,5U8. Reg. Elect. 


Comprising Denbigh, Holt, Rnthin, 

and Wrexham. 

Frederic Richard West ... 862 

fVm. Langford Foulkea . . 28C 

Constituency, resident burgesses, 

and the ho. of 10/. 'Pop. 16,614. 

Beg. Elect. 858. 


SirWatkinWiUiamsWyun,bt. 2135 

Col. R. Myddelton-Biddulph . 1611 

Hon. PTilliam Bagot . . . 1532 

Pop. 92,588. Reg. Elect. 8,9U1. 

DERBY, Borough. 
Michael Thomas Bass . . . 1352 
*Thomas Berry Horsfall . . . 1025 
Laurence Heytoorth .... 1018 

* On petition Mr. Horsfall was dis 
placed, and in his stead was seated, 
March 1853, 

JLanrence Heyworth. 

Constituency, resident freemen, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 40,609. 
Beg. Elect. 2,448. 

Hon. Geo. Henry Cavendish. 
•William Evans. 

• On Mr. Evans accepting the Chil- 
f era Hundreds, new writ, July IS.*^. 
WUliam Pale Thornhill . . 1680 
Thomaa fViUiam Evans . 1195 

- Pbp. 130,067. Reg. Elect. 6,815, 

Charles Robert Colyile. 
William Mundy. 

Pop. 166,017. Reg. 

G. H. Walker Heueage. 
Capt. John N. Gladstone 
Constituency, the 
and the ho. fii 101. 
Reg. Elect. 373. 

Right Hon. Henry Tufi 

Lt..Gen. Sir Geo. Fred. Bi 

Sir John RomiUy . . 

Sir John Heron Maxio> 
• On Mr. Tufnell a( 

Cbiltern Hundreds, ne\ 


Sir Tbos. Erskine Peiry 

Sir John H^ronMaxwe 
Constituency, the 
Pop. 50,159. Reg. ] 
The public establishn 
port give the Goveri 
derable influence in th 

Sir Thomas Dyke Aclan( 
Lewis William Buck. 
Pop. 182,274. Reg. 

Sir John Yarde Buller, b 
Sir Ralph Lopes, bart. 
* On the death of Sir I 
new writ, Feb. 1854. 
Lawrence Palk. 
Pop. 884,824. Reg. El 

Thomas Conolly . . . 
Sir Edmund S. Hayes, bi 
P. T. C. Johnston . . 
Fbp. 354,888. Reg.: 

Kicuard BTinsiey ttnertoan . . zso 
Henry Gerard Start ...... S15 

Rt, Hon. Col. Dawson Damtr 1 86 

OoQstitaency, inbabitants payiug 
scot and lot, and the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 6,394. Reg. Elect. 432. 

Right Hon. George Bankes. 
Henry Ker Seymer. 
John Floyer. 

Pop. 184,207. Reg. Elect. 5,690. 

Oonstitaency, burgees, and 
the ho. of 10/. Pop. 7,096. Reg. 
Elect. 867. 

DUBLIN, County of. 
James Hans Hamilton .... 1048 
Thomas Edward Taylor . . . 1989 

Atigustus Craven 1385 

John Leniaigne 1870 

Pop. 147,606. Reg.Elect.fii,657. 

DOVER, Kent. 

YiBCOunt Chelsea 

Edward Royd Rice 

Ri. Hon. Sir Geo. Cierk, bart. 791 
Constituency, resident freemen, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 
22,244. Reg. Elect. 2,064. The 
Warden of the Cinque Ports has 
considerable influence. 

DUBLIN, City. 

Edward Grogan . 4581 

John Vance 4429 

^^^John Reynolds 8019 

Constituency, Areemen and free- 
holders, and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 
254,850. Reg. Elect. 10,172. . 

DOWN, County of. 

Lord Arthur Edwin Hill . 8173 

• David Stewart Kerr . . . .7124 

fVm. Sharman Crawford . 4892 

Pop. 817,778. Reg. Elect. 10,690. 

DOWNPATRICK, co. of Down. 
Hon. Charles Stewart Hardinge. 
Constituency, the old occnpiers 
at 5/., and the ho. of 10/.. with the 
8/. rated occnpiers. Pop. 4,013. 
Reg. Elect. 222. 

DROGHEDA, co. of Louth. 

James McCann 256 

Sir fVm. Somerville, barl. . 
i Constituency, freemen andfree- 

1 holders, and the ho. uf 10/. Pop. 
16,876. Reg. Elect. 686. 

DUBLIN "university. 

George Alexander Hamilton. 

Right Hon. Joseph Napier. 

Constituency, Masters of Arts 
whose names are on the books, 
with scholars and ex-scholars. 
Reg. Elect. 1780. 

DUDLEY, Worcestershire. 

JohnBenboAV 400 

Alderman James Baldwin . 231 
Constituency, the bo. of 10/. 
Pop. 37,962. Reg. Elect. 912. The 
prevailing influence in the bo- 
rough is that of Lord Ward. 


Alexander Smollett. 

Pop. 45,103. Reg. Elect. 1,314. 


Visct. Drumlanrig. 

Pop. 78,123. Reg. Elect. 2.620. 



Oomprising Duniftlea, Annan, Kirk- 
cudbright, Lodimaben, & Sanquhar. 

WiUiam Ewart. 

a>nstilnency,theho.oflO/. Pop. 
23,752. Reg. Elect. 881. 

Lord Adolphni Yaiie-Ttoiii 
Pop. 272,090. Reg.i 

Lord Harry George Yane. 
! James Farrer. 

Pop. 118,907. Reg. I 


DUNDALK, CO. of Loath. 
George Bowyer* 

Con5titaency, freemen, and the' -- «..**« 

ho. of 10/., with the 8/. rated oc *^^""" ^'P'"» «"«>Ke' 
cupiera. Pop. 10,782. Reg. Elect. 

DUNDEE, Forfarshire. 
George Duncan. 

CoHstituency.theho.oflO/. Pop. 
78,931. Reg. Elect. 8,190. 

DUNGANNON. oo. of Tyrone. 

Hon. William Stuart Knox . . 100 

^ fViUiam Holmea .... 

a Constituency, the old freemen, and 

the ho. of 10/., with the 8/. rated 

occupiers. Pop. 8,801. Reg. Elect. 


DUNGARVAN, co. of Waterihrd. 
•John Francis Maguire . . . 127 
Edmund OTlaherty .... 116 
* On Mr. Maguire accepting the 
Chiltern Hundred^ new writ, Aug. 
'* John Francis Maguire .... 151 
fViiliatn Henry Gregory . . 77 
Constituency, freeholders, occu- 
piers at 5/., and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 
1,868. Reg. Elect. 303. The Duke 
of Deronshire possesses considera- 
ble influence here. 

DURHAM, North. 
Robert Duncombe Shafto. 
* Vbct. Seaham. 
* * On Visct. Seaham becomiBg Earl 

Vane, new writ, April 1834. 

William Atherton 
Lord Adolph. F. C. fV. 

•f On the death of Mi 
new writ, Nov. 1862. 
fLord Adolphus F. C. W. 
Henry Fenwick . . , 

t On petition Lord Add 

being unseated, new writ , 

John Robert Mowbray , 

Sir Charles E. Douglai 

Constituency, freemei 

ho. of 10/. Pop 13,188. 


Right Hon. Thos. B. Ma< 

Charles Cowan. . . . , 
Lord Provost SStLaret 
Hon. Thos. Charles Br i 
Alexander Campbell 
Constituency, the '. 
Pop. 160.302. Reg. £ i 

*Sir John Hope, bart. 

• On the death of Sir i 
new writ, June 1868. 
Carl of Dalkeith. 

Pop. 269,485. Reg. I 

Comprising Elgin, Ban£ 
rerury, Kintore, and 
lOeorge Skene Duff. 

Constituency, the i 
Pop. 24,072. Reg. El i 



Charles L. Camming Brace. 

Pop. 48,915. Rfg. Elect. 688. 

Oonstitaency, freemeA, and tlie 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 40,688. Reg. 
Elect. 3,601. 

ENNIS, CO. of Clare. 

Jolin David Fitz Gerald . . . 

The O'Gorman Mahon ... 46 

Coufltitaency, 13 fteemen, and 

the ho. of 10/., with the 8/. rated 

occupiers. Fop. 0,818. Reg. Elect. 

149. ^^ __ 

ENNISK.ILLEN, co. of Fermanagh. 

James Whiteside. 

EYE, Soffolk. 
Sir Edward Clarence Kerrison, bart. 
Constituency, freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 7,531. Reg. 
Elect. 356. Sir E. Kerrison's in- 
fluence in this borough is consi- 


Constitaency, 14 fteemen, and Comprising Falkirk, Airdrie, Hamil. 
the ho. of 10/., with the 8/. rated^ ton, Lanark, and Linlithgow. 

occupiers. Pop. 5,686. Reg. Elect. James Baird 679 

144. The Earl of Enniskillen has a' JafnM./^n<2er«on 529 

paramount influence in this town. 

Constituency, ho. of 10/. Pop. 
42,088. Reg. Elect. 1,905. 

FALMOUTH.— See Penryn. 

FERMANAGH, County of. 

ESSEX, North. 
Sir John Tyssen Tyrell. bart. 2412 
Right Hon. William Beresford 2334 
Thomas Barrett Letmard . 
Joseph Alfred Uardcasile 3! 

Pop. 189,4.S5. Reg. Elect. 6,715. Mervyn Edward Archdall. 
.^^^^^^-w^^^. I* Sir Arthur B. Brooke, bart. 

ESSEX, South. I • Sir Arthur Brooke died. Nor. 

Thorn.. Wm.B™«.on . . • S«51 "^<,p.„,.9,8. B,g.K,„..4^. 

irWm.BowyerSmijth,bart. 2467 

Sir Edward N.Buxton, bart. 1803 

Pop. 179,883. Reg. Elect. 6,819. 

John Fergus. 

Pop. 163,546. Reg. Elect. 8,211. 

EVESHAM, Worcestershire. ^^ 

Sir Henry P. WUloughby, bart. 189, PINSBURY, Middlesex. 

Charles L.Grenville Berkeley. 170 ^^^^^^^ Th„„„ Challis . .7604 
Charles fVtlkim . . . . .87 Thomas SUngsby Duncombc . 6678 

Constituency, burgesies, and the ^^^^^^^^ 2010 

ho. of 10/. Pop. 4.606. Reg. constituency, the ho. of 10/. 

Elect. 849. 

Pop. 828,772. Reg. Elect. 20,02 

EXETER, DcTonshire. FLINT Dist. 

SirJohnT. B.Duckworth, bart. 1210 Comprising Flint, Caergwrle.Caer- 

Edward Dirett 119l| wys, Overton, Rhnddlan, Holy- 

Geo, Stuoiley Bvek . . . < lUl. well, Mold, and St. Asaph. 

Richard Pelham rVarren . 267 wiHUm Hatt . ...... 270 

Constitaency, inhabitants paying jj,^^ Adolphus F. O. Liddeil 190 
8cot and lot, and the ho. of 10/. Ralph •fValtara 136 

Fop. 18,814. Reg. Elect. 817. 

*Hon. E. M. Lloyd Mostyn . . 1276 
BdmundPeei 910 

* On Mr. Lloyd Mostyn becoming 
Lord Mostyn, new writ, May 1864. 

> Hon. Thomas £. M. Lloyd-Mostyn. 
Pop. 68,166. Reff. Elect. 2,912. 

*Hon. Lauderdale Manle. 

* On the death of Mr. Maale, new 
writ, Sept. 1864. 

Lord Dancan. 

Pop. 191,264. Reg. Elect. 2,878. 

Constitnency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 26,668. Reg. Elect. 711. 

Christopher R. M. Talbot. 
Sir GeOTge Tyler. 

Fop. 231.849. Reg. Eleet. 6,424. 

FROME, Somersetshire. 
•Hon. Robert Edward Boyle. 

GLASGOW, Lanarksh. 

Alexander Hastie 3209 

John MacGregor 8140 

Peter Blackburn 1681 

LordMelgund 354 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 829,097. Reg. Elect. 16,502. 

William Philip Price .... 831 
•Admiral Maurice P.F.Berkeley 786 
Henry Thomas Hope . . . 760 
.^ , X,- - .- « , ♦On Admiral Berkeley being ap- 

TJ^'JT ^ ' "''' PO'»t«d ^ ^'^^^ -' the Admiralty. 
LordDungarTan .'!! Admiral Maurice P. P. Berkeley 761 

Pop. 10,148. Reg. Elect. 888. 

GALWAY, County of. 
Sir Thomas John Burke, bart. 
Thomas Bellew. 

Pop. 298,129. Reg. Elect. 3,844. 

Constitnency, resident fteemen, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 17,672. 
Reg. Elect. 1,621. 


<. Christopher W. Codrington. 
•Marq. of Worcester. 
GALWAY, Borough. -On the Marquis of Worcester 

Anthony Onaherty .... 646 becoming Duke of BeaAfort, new^ 
Martin Joseph Blake .... 462 writ, Jan. 1864. 

LordDuntellin 284|t Sir M. H. Hicks-Beach . . 8863 

Constituency, freemen and free-iBdioord Hottand • • • • ^344 
holders, and the ho. of 10/., with t Sir Michael Hicks-Beach died, 
the8/.ratedoccupier8.Pop.a4,697. Nov. 1854. 
Beg. Elect. i;»6. | Pop. 200,916. Beg. Elect. 7,986. 

h:>dc. migei r. &.ingBcoie . . oaxa Mompnaiog naaaingion, nonn urr- 
Robert Blagden Hale .... 2946| wick, Dunbar, /edburgh, and 
Hon. C. GratUley F. Berkeley 216ft| Lander. 

Pop.257»889. ReR. Elect. 8,635. Sir H. Ferguson Da Tie, bart. . 812 
-v^^^.^.^-v,^^ Campbell SwhUon .... 185 

GRANTHAM, Lincolnshire. 
Glynne Earle Welby .... 483 
Lord Montagu W. Graham . . 875 
Hon. F. J. Tollemache . . 

Ooustituency, ft-eemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 10,873. Reg. 
Elect. 774. 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 12,504. Reg. Elect. 642. 

GREENOCK, Renfrewshire. 

Alexander Murray Dnnlop . . 
Sir J. D. H. Elphinstone, bt. 
Constituency, ho. of 10/. 
86,689. Reg. Elect. 1,164. 


Lord Elcho. 

Fop. 36,886. Reg. Elect. 716. 

HALIFAX, Yorkshire. 
*Rt. Hon. Sir Chas. Wood, bart. 596 

Prank Crossley 573 

ll Henry Edwards 621 

\Emest C. Jottta 87 

I * Ou Sir Chariest Wood being ap. 
pointed President of the Board of 
^Controul, new writ, Jan. 1853. 
Rt. Hon Sir Chas. Wood, bart. 602 

^ Henry Edward* 626 

Constitnency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 83.582. Reg. Elect. 1,200. 



Peter Rolt 2415 * 

Montagu Chambers .... 2360 
uidmiral Houston Stewart . 2026J 

David Salomons 1102| 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. Rji,t Hon. Charles Shaw Lefevre. 
Pop. 105,784. Reg. Elect. 6,308. I SelviUe Portal. 

^,.,..,_^, Pop. 135,953. Reg. Elect. 8,696. 

GRIMSBY, GREAT, Lincolnshire. s...^^ 

EarlAnnesley 847' HAMPSHIRE, South. 

Edward Heneage . . 286 Henry Combe Compton. 

Constituency, freemen, and the Lord Wm. Hen. H. Cholmondeley. 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 12,268. Reg. I Ptop. 219,093. Reg. Elect. 6.694. 
Elect. 861. 

^^-.^^^^^^^ HARWICH. Essex. 

!*fl. Montaim Warreo Peacocke 136 
fc. CUILDFOBD. Sinrrj:* ,>, . . ,^,^^ 1^4 

■ Dunncil^ avL|r'M . . ♦ 37t^ J- ' r- ■ 1, . . . . 13& 

iBdl S^Hi^pLU.B.Warlnartvnli.A, llfU 

i^t Lijfsn TTMttn^o * * 34'] •(»» p^titigu Hf. Fcui^^'lir biiifag 

aastltoAMirf, rfeiidjCiit frHmru, auseklod, ittmr \fTMf June IS^. 

I Ehe bn. at IQf. pu|t, «,74«. JcrUu BjifffbHW ...... 140 

i.ELed.<Wfl. Sir friA.Fraffr US 

Reg. Elect. 272. 

Patrick Fras. Robertson ... 501 

*Ma5grare BrLsco 487 

John Ashley IVarra . , . . A77 
John Locke . ...... 886 

• On Mr. Brisco (who died in a few! 
days) accepting the Chiltem Hun- 
dreds, new writ. May 1854. I 
Frederick North. 

Constituency, fireemen, and the 

ho. of 10/. Pop. 17,011. Reg. Elect. 


aAYERFOKDWEST, Pembrokesh. 
Comprising HaTerfordwest, Fish- 

guard, Narberth, and St. David's. ' 
John Henry Philipps .... 295 

John Evans 203 

Constituency , inhabitants paying 

seot and lot, and the ho. of 10 1'. 

Pop. 9,729. Reg. Elect. 682. Lord 

Miltord's influence in this dist. is^ 



Thomas William Booker . . . 3143 

Chas. S. BMteman-Hanbury . 8080 

George Comeioatt Lewis . . 2836 

Pop. 116,489. Reg. Elect. 6,972. 


HERTFORD, Borough. 
Hon. William P. Cowper . . 

Thomas Chambers S35 

^Lord Mahon 213 

Charles J. Dimsdale .... 182 
Constituency, freemen, and the 
ho.of 10/. Pop. 6,605. Reg. Elect 
685. The Marquess of Salisbury 
has considerable influence in this 
borough, as has also Earl Cowper. 

^Thomas Plumer Halsey . . . 2225 
Sir Henry Meux, bart. . . . 2219 
SirEdwd. Bui wer-Lytton, bart. 2190 
Hon. Thomas Trevor . . . 2043 
Christopher fVm. Puller . . 1890 
Geo. Jacob Bosanquet . . . 1868 
* On the death of Mr. Halsey « new 
writ. May 1854. 

Abel Smith, jun 2205 

Christopher fVtn Puller . . 2161 
Pop. 167^8. Reg. Elect. 6,268. 

Sir R. R. Vyvyan, bart. HONITON, Devonshire. 

Constituency, corporation, and Joseph Locke 166 

the ho. of 10/. Pop. 7,828. Reg. Sir James Weir Hogg, bart. . . 162 

Elect. 317. The Duke of Leeds Richard Somers Gard ... 123 

has considerable influence in this 

Constituency, inhabitants paying 
scot and lot, and the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 8,427. Reg. Elect. 273. 

Sir Robert Price, bart. . 
Henry Morgan Clifford . . . 452 
Col. FTilUam Henry Meyriot 292 
Constituency, fteemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Ptop. 12,108. Reg. 
Elect. 1,018. 

HOKSHAM, Sussex. 
458 Wm. R. Seymour Fitz-Gerald. 

Constituency, burgage tenants, 
and the ho of 10/. Pop. 5,947. 
Reg. Elect. 350. The Duke of 
Norfolk's interest is considerable, 
but by no means predominant. 


* Wm Rookes C. Stansfield . . i 
fViUiam fVillana .... 690 

* On petition Mr. Stansfield beiog 
unseated, new writ, April 1853. 

Yisconnt Goderich 676 

Joseph Starkey 6i)3 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 

Pup. 30,880. Reg. Elect. 1,416. 


Comprising InverneM, Forres, For* 

trose, and Nairn. 
Alexander Matheson. 

Constitnency, the ho. of 10/, 
Pup. 20,886. Reg. Elect. 825. 



Henry James Baillie. 

Pop. 96,600 . R eg. Elect. 008. 



♦James Clay 2246 

« Lord Godeiich . . 

John Bramley Moore . . . 1815| 

Hon. Chas. Lennox Bittler . 1626 Hugh Edward A.dair 

*0n petition Mr. Clay and Lord 
Goderich were unseated, March 1853, 
but no new writ was issued till Aug. 

William Digby Seymour . . . 1820 

William Henry Watson . . . 1808 

Samuel A. Dickson .... 1600 

Constituency, freemen, and the 

ho. of 10/. Pop. 84,690. Reg. 

Elect. 6,221. 

IPSWICH, Suffolk. 

John ChevaUier Cobbold ... 809 

. 782 

Thomas Bei\j. Hobhouse . . 726 

Samuel Stephen Bateaon . . 726 

Constitnency, freemen, and the 

ho. of 10/. Pop. 32,914. Reg. 

Elect. 1,838. 

ISLE OP WIGHT. See Wight. 

Col. Jonathan Peel. 
Thomas Baring. 

Con.stituency, freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 6,219. Reg. Elect. 

KENDAL, Westmoreland. 
George Carr Glyn. 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 11,829. Reg. Elect. 882. 

KENT, East. 
Sir Edward C. Deting, bart. 


The interest of the Earl of^ William Deedes 2870 

Sandwich predominates in this Sir Brook fVm. Bridges j bt. 2866 
borough. Pop. 218,182. Reg. Elect. 7,119. 


Edward Fellowes. 
Viscount MandeTille. 

Pop. 64.183. Reg. Elect. 2,862. 

KENT, West. 
Sir Edmund Filmer, bart. . . 8247 
WiUiam Masters Smith . . .8108 
Thomas Law Hodgea . , . 2662 
Pop. 397,584. Reg. Elect. 9,379. 

HYTHE, Kent. 
rard Drake Brockman . . 512 

tdishMotte 98 KERRY, County of. 

Constituency, ft-ecmen, and the Henry Arthur Herbert 

.of 10/. Pop. 18,164. Reg. Elect. Viscount Castlerosse. 

6. I Pop. 238,241. Reg. Elect. 4,060, 



Robert Lowe 34A 

John Best . : 162 

Coiutitaency, the ho. of 10/. 
Plop. 1 8,462. Reg. Elect. 495. 

KILDARE, County of. 

Wm. Henry Pbrd Cogan . . . 2286 

Darid O'Connor Henchy . . 2229 

Sir Edward Kennedy, bart. . 888 

Pop. 96,627. Reg. Elect. 2,893. 

KILKENNY, County of. 
William Shee 4117 

KINO'S LYNN.— See Lynn 



KINSALE, Co. Cork. 
John Isaac Heard. 

Constitaency, the ho. of II 
the 8/. rated occapiers. 
6,711. Reg. Elect. 156. 

Comprising Kirkaldy, Ban I 
Djrsart, and Kinghor . 

John Greene 8804 Col. Robert Fergof on. 

Lord Jamea FT. Butter 

Hon. Leopold G. F. Agar-EUia 61 

Pop. 139,934. Reg. Elect. 6,113. 

Michael Sullivan. 

Constitaency, freemen and A-ee- 
holdera, the ho. of 10/., and the 
8/. rated occupiers. Pop. i 
Reg. Elect. 576. 

Comprising Kilmarnoclc, Dumbarton, 

Constituency, bo. of 11 . 
Reg. Elect. 786. 

John Mackie. 

Pop. 43,121. Reg. Ele< 

^JoshuaProctorBrown-Wei i 
John Dent Dent .... 
Basil Thomas Woodd . . 
Thomas CoUitu . . . 
On petition a Tote be 

Renfrew, Rutherglen, and Port '^fiMr.Westhead'snumbci 

Glasgow. '^~ 

Hon. Edw. Pleydell BoUTerie . 656 

Campbell (of Inverawe) . 802 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 

Pop. 43,366. Reg. Elect 1,880. 


Hun. Lt.-General Hugh Artnithnott. 

Fop. 34,598. Reg. Elect. 961 


Patrick O'Brien . . . . 

Loftus Henry Bland . • . 

9 Capt. T/iomda Bernard 

. 1976 
. 1889 

two members retain their 
Constituency, burgag 
and the ho. of 10/. F 
Reg. Elect. 242. 

Wm. Arthur Wilkinson 
William Williams 
Rt. Hon. C. T. WEynec 
Constituency, the 
Pop. 261,845. Reg. El 


ipi.inomaa aemara . . 1148, William Lockhart. 
Pop. 112,876. Re^. Elect. 2,764 J Pop. 680,169. Reg. 



John WiLson Patten. 
James Hey wood. 

Pop. 46U,530. Reg. Elect. 12,297. 

William Brown. 
John Cheetham. 

Pop. 1,670,706. Reg. Elect, 

LANCASTER, Borough. 

Samuel Gregson (\&0 

* Robert Baynes Armstrong . . ROO 

Thomas Greene 609 


• On petition Mr. Armstrong be- 
ing unseated, new writ, April 1863. 

Thomas Greene 680 

John Armstrong ..... 664 
Constituency, freemen, and the 

ho. of lOA Pop. 16,168. Reg. 

Elect. 1,393. 

Hon. Josceline William Percy. 
Constituency, corporation and 
freemen, and the ho. of 10/. Ftop. 
6,006. Reg. Elect. 861. The Duke 
of Northumberland's interest here 
is very considerable. 

LEEDS, Yorkshire. 
Sir George Goodman .... 2344 
Eight Hon. M. Talbot Baines 2311 

Robert Hall 1182 

Alderman Thomas Sidney , lOSS 
Constituency, this ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 172,270. Reg. Elect. 6,406. 

LEICESTER, Borough. 
JoRhua Walmsley . . . .1678 

;hard Gardner 1678 

ntes fVilde 1116 

'qffrey Palmer 1114 

Constituency, freemen, Inhabif- 
ants paying scot and lot, and the 
ho. of 1 0/. Pop. 60,684. Reg. Elect . 

Edward Basil Famhara. 
Marq^s of Granby. 

Pop. 91 ,808. Reg. Elect. 4,097. 

Sir Henry Halford, bart. 
Charles WilliHm Packe. 

Pop. 189,000. Reg. Elect. 6,181. 

LEITH Dist. 
Ccnnprising Leith, Musselburgh, and 


James Moncreiff ..... 643 

fVingate Henderson . . . 407 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 

Pop. 41,608. Reg. Elect. 2,027. 

LEITRIM, County of. 
Hugh Lyons Montgomery . . 617 

John Brady 661 

Hon. Charles S. Clements . 640 
Pop. 111,808. Reg. Elect 2,768. 

LEOMINSTER, Herefordshire. 

George Arkwright 260 

John George Pbillimore . . . 206 

/. P. JViUoughby .... 190 

Constituency, inhabitants pay. 

ing scot and lot, and the ho. of 

10/. Pop. 6,214. Reg. Elect. 661. 

LEWES, Sussex. 
Hon. Henry FltzRoy. 
Hon. Henry Brand. 

Constituency, inhabitants paying 
scot and lot, and the ho. of 10/. 
Fop. 9,683. .Reg. Elect. 71S. 


V LICHFIELD, Staff(ird«Mre. 


*Ti«xxint Anson . 860 Lord Burghley. 

Lord Alfred Henry Paget . . 320 Sir Jolin TroUope, bar 
Robert Bayley FoUett . . , 224, Fop. 185.340. Re{ 

* Od Lord Anaon becoming Earl of* ^ . . - - 

Lichfield, new writ. Hay 18&4. LINLITHGOWi 

Lord Waterpark. George Dandas. 

Constitnency, freemen, free- pop, 8o,l35. Reg 
holders, and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 
7,013. Reg. Elect; 836. The in- 
terest of the Earl of Lichfield here U8BURN, Cos. Antr 

is considerable. 

LIMERICK, County of. 
William Honsell. 
*Wyndham Goold. 
• Mr. Goold died. Nor. 1854. 
pop. 201,610. Reg. Elect. 6,240. 

*Sir Jas. Emerson Teni 
♦ On Sir J. E. Tenr 

the Chilfern Handre< 

Nov. 1852. 

t Roger Johnson Smyt 

Johti Inglit . . . 
t On the death of M 

writ, Sept. 1858. 

Jonathan Joseph Rich 
Constitnency, 141 c 
and the ho. of 10/., 
the 8/. rated occupiei 
Reg. Elect. 217. 


•Robert Potter 616 

Francis Wm. Rnssell .... 461 

James O'Brien 453 

* On the death of Mr. Potter, new 
-writ, Oct. 1854. 
James O'Brien. 

Constitnency, freemen and free- 
holders, and the ho. of 10/., with Judge in the Court of < 
the 8/. rated occupters. Pop. 'new writ, March 1854 
62,268. Reg. Elect. 1,020. Ralph WilUam Grey 

PV. J. Saluebury Tr 
J.H.Reade . . . 
Constituency, thi 
and the ho. of 10/ 
Reg. Elect. 843. 

^Richard Bndden Crov 
• On Mr. Crowder 

Col. Chas. D. W. Sibthurp . . 840 
George Pieschi Heueage . . . 661 

Charles Seety 478 

Constituency, freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 17,536. Reg. 
Elect. 1,863. 

*CharIea Turner . . 
WilUam Forbes Mack 
LINCOLNSHIRE, North. Edicard Cardwell 

Right Hon. R. A. Christopher 5685 J. C. Etoart . . . 
James Banks Stanhope . . . 6579 • On petition Mr. 1 
Sir Montagu J. ChohneUy^ ht. A777 Mackenue being unset 
Fop. 281,873. Reg.Elect. 11,677.! June 1868. 


. Thomu Berry Horsfall . . . 6034 

Hon. Henry Tbomas Liddell . 5543 

Sir T.Erstme Perry . . .4673 

John Bramley Moors . . . 1274 

Constituency, freemen, and the 

ho. of 10/. Pop. 375,965. Reg. 

Klect. 17,433. 


LUDLOW, Shropdiire. 
Robert Clire S60 

LONDON, City. 

John Ma«terman 6195 

Lord John Russell 5537 

Sir James Duke, bart 6270 

Baron Lionel De Rothschild . . 4748 

Robert fVigram Crawford . 3765 

Onnstitaency, liyerymen and 

the ho. of 10/. Pop. 127,869. 

Reg. Elect. 20,728. 

LONDONDERRY, County of. 

Thomas Bateson 1563 

Capt. Theobald Jones, R.N. . .1362 

Saml. MeCardy Greer . . . 1279 

Pbp. 191,744. Reg. Elect. 4,670. 

Sir Robert Ferguson, bart. 

Constituency, freemen, the ho. 
of 10/., and the 8/. rated occupiers. 
Pop. 15,196. Reg. Elect. 823. 

LONGFORD, County of. 
Richard Maxwell Fox. 
Col. Fulke Southwell Greville. 

Pop. 88,198. Reg. Elect. 2,448. 

LOUTH, County of, 

♦Chichester Sam. Fortescue . .1162 

Tristram Kennedy . . 

^ohn MeClintockJun. ... 884 

* On Mr. Fortescue being made a 

)rd of the Treasury, new writ, Jan. 


lichester Sam. Fortescue . . 720 
>An Maenamara Cantwell . 625! 

Lord WUIiam J. P. frowlett . 214 
Col. Henry Sahoey .... 157 

* On Mr. dire aoceptiog the Chil- 
tern Hundreds, new writ, Feb. 1854. 
Hon. Col. P. E.Herbert. 

Constituency, burgesses, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 6,376. Reg. 
Elect. 450. The influence of the 
Earl of Powis is considerable here. 

LYME REGIS, Dorset. 

William Pinney 146 

Sir Phipps Hornby .... 126 
Constituency, freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 3,516. Reg. 
Elect. 800. 


Sir John Rivett Camac, bart. . SOI 

Edward John Hutchins ... 168 

fVm. Alex. Mackinnon, sen. 189 

Constituency, burgesses, and the 

ho. of 10/. Pop. 6,282. Reg. 

Elect. 338. 

LYNN REGIS, Norfolk. 

•Viscount Jocelyn 641 

Lord Stanley 660 

Robert Paahley 890 

* On the death of Lord Jocelyn, 
new writ, Aug. 1864. 
John Henry Gumey. 

Constituency, fireemen, and the 
bo. of 10/. Pop. 19,866. Reg. 
Elect. 1,176. 

John Brocklehurst, jun. ^ . . 628 
Edward C. Egerton . . . . 63U 
JohnfVilUame 468 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 

Pop. 01,045. Reg. Elect. 2.117. I Pop. 89,048. Reg. Elect. 1,058. 




Junes Whatman 848 

•George Dodd 709 

PTiUiaim L00 684 

• On petition Mr. Dodd being an- 
leated, new writ. May 1853. 

William Lee 748 

Charles fVykehatn Marjin . 738 

Constituency, fireemeo, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 20,BUi. Reg. 
Elect. 1,761. 
f^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ 

MALDON, Esxex. 

•Charles Dn Cane 870 

•TfcTerner John Miller ... 857 
TTwrnas Barrett Lennard . 861 
Qitintm Did 830 

• On petition Mr. Dn Cane and 
Mr. Miller were unseated, March 
1853, but no new writ was issued 

,jt, George M. Warren Peacocke . 406 

' ^ John Bramley-Moore .... 899 

Thoma* Barrett Lennard 

Thomas MaeEnteer .... 317 

QumtinDiek 84 

Constituency, freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 6,888. Reg. 
Elect. 845. 

BIALLOW, Co. of Cork. 
ft ^ 8hrC.D.O.Jeph8onNorrey8,bt. 6G 
.^jt Capt.Chs.Stasmard Eustace 44 
Constituency, freeholders, the 
ho. of 10/., and the 8/. rated occu- 
piers. POp.6,861. Reg. Elect. 243. 


Thomas Luce 187 

Veter AwUey LoveU , . . . 12f 

Constituency, burgesses, and tht 

ho. of 10/. Pop. 6,998. Reg. Elect 

If - 809. Lords Suffolk, Radnor, and 

L Holland divide the influence here 

MALTON, Yoikshiie. 
Hon. Charles W. W. Piti-Williani- 
John Evelyn Denison. 

Constituency, burgage tenants, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 7,661. 
Reg. Elect. 539. The Earl Fits- 
William has considerable influence 

MANCHESTER, Lancashire. 
Rt.Hon. Thos. Milner Gibson . 6769 

John Bright 6476 

George Loch 4364 

Hon. Joseph Denman . . . 8969 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 

Pop. 816,213. Reg. Elect. 18,483. 

Lord Ernest Bruce. 
Henry Bingham Baring. 

Constituency, freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 6,135. Reg. Elect. 
271. The Marquess of Ailesbary 
has some influence here. 


Thos. Peers Williams .... 249 

Lt.Col. Brownlow W. Knox . 198 

Jacob Bell 96 

Constituency, inhabitants 'pay. 
ing scot and lot, and the ho. of 
10/. Pop. 6,528. Reg. Elect. 864. 
Mr. Williams's influence here is 
raj considerable. 

MARYLEBONE, Middlesex. 
Lord Dudley Coutts Stuart. 
Sir Benjamin Hall, bart. 

* On the death of Lord Dudley ^ 

Stuart, new writ, 1854. 

Constituency, the ho. of 10^ 

Pop. 870,957. Reg. Elect. 19.71&. 




MAYO, County of. 

George Henry Mooro .... 692 

Geocge O. Ouseley Higgina . . 649 

JatM» MeAlpiM . ... 858 

PoR. 274,176. Reg. Elect. 1,788. 


Comprising Monmonth, Newport, 

and Uslf • 
Crawshay Bailey. 

Constituency* freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 26.612. B,eg. 
Elect. 1,676. 

MEATH, Ooonty of. 

Frederick Lucas 2004 

Mathcw Elias Corbally . • • 1968 MONMOUTHSHIRE. 

Henry GrcUtan ^^^iCharlesOctavius S.Morgan, 

Pop. 139,706. Reg. Elect. 4,807. Q^p^ Edward Arthur Somerset. 

Pop. 157,418. Reg. Elect. 4,978 





Wm. Watkin Edward Wynne. 
, Pop. 88,843. Reg. Elect. 1,066, 

MERTHYR-TYDVIL, Glamocgais. 
•Sir Josiah John Guest, bai:t. 
\ • On the death of Sir Josiah John 
G>»est, new writ, l>ec. 1882. 
Hmry Austin Bruce. 

' Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
P(»p. 63,080. Reg. Elect. 938. 


Lord Robert Grosvenor . . . 6241 

Ralph Bernal Osborne . . . 4390 

Marques* af Blandford . .4258 

Pop. 1,886,676. Reg. Elect. 

14,610. ^^,^^^^ 

MIDHURST, Sussex. 
Rt. Hon. Spencer Horatio Walpole, 
Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 7,021. Reg. Elect. 279. The 
Earls of Digby and Egmont possess 
influence in this borough. 

Cbmprising Montgomery, Llanfyllin, 
Llanidloes, Machynlleth, New- 
town and Welshpool. 

DaTidPugh 435 

George Hammond ff^halley . 800 
Constituency, burgesses, and the 
ho.oflO/. Pop. 17,887. Reg.Elect. 
1,003. ,,.^.^^^,.^^^,,,^^ 

Herbert W. WilUams Wynn. 

Pop. 67,335. Reg. Elect. 3,986. 

ffJl MONAGHAN, County of. 

JX,j-,Charle8 Powell LesUe .... 1948 
JAilsir George Forster, hart. . .1910 

^^^JohnGray,M.D 1410 

Pop. 148,410. Reg. Elect. 4,924. 

Comprising Montrose, Aberbrothock, 

Brechin, Forfar, and Inverbervie. 
Joseph Hume. 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 49,106. Reg. Elect. 1,686. 

MORPETH, Northumberland. 
*Hon. Edward Geo. G. Howard. 

* On Mr. Howard accepting the 
Chiltern Hundreds, new writ, Dec. 

Right Hon. Sir George Grey, bart. 
Constituency, freemen, and tho 

ho. of 10/. Pop. 10,012. Reg. 

Elect. 416. The Earl of Carlisle haa 

considerable iafloeuce here. 

CONSTITUENCY, P0U.8, &e. I ] 5 

NEWARK, NottiDghandUrs. of 10/., and (be 8/. rated occnpien* 

Oranrille B . Harconrt Yemon 546 
John H. Mauners-Saiton . . . 479 
Jf . Merytoealher Turner . 

Onnstitueney, i Dhabitantfl paying 
soot and lot, and the ho. of 10/ 
Pt>p. 11,380. Reg. Elect. 867. The 
Duke of Newcastle has consider- 
able inflvence here. 


„„„, , wairorwaire. NORFOLK, Eait, 

Willlain Jackson ..... 628 Henry Negua Burrouihes. 

Samuel Christy 685 gdmund WodehouseT 

Pop. 7,548. Reg. Elect. 198. 

NE WRY, Cofl. of Anaagli and 

WiUiamKirk 288 

Edmund Gittinff HalteweU . S04 

Constituency, the old occupiers 

at 5/., the ho. of 10/., and the 

8/. rated occupiers. Pop. 11,972. 

Reg. Elect. 467. 

Thomas Ross 253 

Constituency, freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop.10,569. Reg. Elect. 
1,090. The Duke ot Sutherland 
has considerable influence here. 

John F. Bnrgoyne BLackett . . 2418 
Thomas Emerson Headlam . 
fVm. Henry fVatson . . . 1796 
Constituency, freemen, and the 
bo. of 10/. Pop. 87,784. Reg. Elect. 

Pop. 250,306. Reg. Elect. 8,216. 


WUliam Bagge 8421 

George Wm. P. Beutinck . . 8143 

Anthony Hamond". .... 1978 

Pop. 192,409. Reg. Elect. 7,827, 

NEWPORT, Monmonthshile,-See 
Monmouth Dlst. 

. 2172,^- ®- Wrightson. 

Constituency, burgage tenants, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 4,996. 
Reg. Elect. 281. The Earl of Hare- 
wood has some influence here; but 
the authority of Mjm Pierse of 
Bedale, a relative of Mr. Wright- 
son, prqwDderates. 

NEWPORT, Isle of Wight. NORTHAMPTON, Borough , 

William Biggs 810 I^t. Hou. Rubt. Yemon Smith . 866 

William N. Massey 806 R*ikes Currie 

fVm. H. CMcheleyPlowden . 257 
Charles fVykeham Martin . 257 

constituency, freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 8,047. Reg. Elect 
707. .^..,.^,,^^,^,,,^ 

NEW ROSS, Cos. of Kilkenny and 

Charles OaTan Duffy .... 82 

Henry Lambert 31 

Constituency, freemen, the ho. 

G. fV. Hunt 746 

John J. Loekhart ..... 106 
Gonrtitucney,inhabitants paying 

soot and lot, and the ho. of 10/. 

Pop. 26,657. Reg. Elect 2,268. 

H 2 


Aagnstus Stafford 662 

Thomas Philip Maunsell ... 600 
Hon. George fV. Fas FFilUam 84 
Pop. 96,801. Reg. Elect. 8,90'' 



CapL lUoh«id H. Howazd Yyae 1838 

RaiaaU Kiiichtley igss ViKowit NewaA 

/oAn Hnughtam 

rop.ll6»679. Reg. Elect. 4,668. 

NORTH 8inBLD8.-8ee Tjne- 


Lord Loraine 1414 

LordOstnlstoD 1836 

Ri. Hon. Sir Geo. Gray, hart. 180U 
Fop. 91,086. Reg. Elect. 8,111. 

Wentworth B. Beaunoiit . . 884M 
Henry Geo^e Liddell . . . SI32 

Oeorgo Ridley 

Pop. 811,643. Reg. Elect. 6,869. 

NORWICH, Norfolk. 
Sunnel Morton Peto . . . .2190 

Edward Warner 2145 

Marquie ofDouto .... 1692 

J0ietti.-Cot. Dieteon .... J466 

Oonatitnency, freemen, and the 

ho. of 10/. Pop. 68,195. Reg, 

Elect. 6,890. 

^ht Hon. Edward Stiutt . . 1960 

John Walter 1868 

Charlee Sturgeon 612 

Oonatituency, freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Fop. 67,407. Reg. 
Elect. 6,260. 

Lord Henry W. 8. Bentindc. 
Lord Robert R. Pelham-Clinton. 
Pop. 190,060. Reg. Elect. 8,996 

William Hodgaon Barrow. 

Pop. 80,867. Reg. Elect. 8.801. 

OLDHAM. Lancaahire. 

John Morgan Oobbett .... 957 

John Daucnft 868 

Pf^illiam Joknevn Fox ... 777 

* On the death of Mr. Doncnft, 
new writ. Dec 18!i8. 
William Johnson Fox . ... 896 
JameeHeald 783 

Constituency, tBe ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 72.867. Reg. Elect. 1,890. 


Frederick Dandas 27 

Right Hon. John Inglia . . . 194 

Pop. 62,683. Reg. Elect. 418. 

OXFORD. City. 
James Haughton Langston. 
«Sir William Page Wood. 

* On Sir William Page Wood heing 
appointed a Vice- Chancellor of Eng- 
land, new writ, Jan. 1853. 
Right Hon. Edward Cardwell. 

Constituency, f^reemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 27,843. exclusive 
of theUniTcrsity. Reg. Elect.2.818. 

Rt. Hon. Jos. Warner Henley 2328 
Col. John Sidney North . . . 2218 
O.OranTilieV.Haroourt. . .1818 

l^ordNorreye 681 

Pop. 170,439. Reg. Elect. 6,198. 

fSir Robert Harry Ingli8,bt. . 1860 
»Rt. Hon. William B.Gladstone 1108 
R. Bullock Marsham, D. Ci. 768 


* On Mr. Oladktone beiog ap- 
pointed CbanoeUor of the Excheqaer, 
new ^rit. Jan. 1853. 
Rt. Hon. W^ilUam E. Gladstone 1022 
Dudley Perceval 898 

t On Sir Robert Inglia accepting 
the Chillern Hundreds, neifr writ, 
Jan. 1854. 
Sir William Hcatbcote, bart, 

Electors, Doctors and Masters of WiUiain Stirling 

Arts whose names are ou the books, 
amounting to 8,474. 

PAISLEY, Renfrewshire. 

Archibald Hastie 406 

fV. T. Hahf 874 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 47,920. Reg. Elect. 1,842. 

Sir G. Graham Montgomery, bart. 
Pop. 10,788. Reg. Elect. 643. 

Comprising Pembroke, Tenby, Wb 

ton, and Milford. 
Sir John Owen, bart. 

Constituency, buigesses, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 16,700. Reg. 
Elect. 961. The Owen fiunily 
hare great interest here. 

Visct. Emlyn. 

Pop. 94,140. Reg. Elect. 8,132. 



inftuence in Fal- 


PERTH, Borough. 
Hon. Arthur Pita-Gerald Kinnaird. 
Constituency, ho. of 10/. Pop. 
23,708- Reg. Elect. 1,084. 




Howel Gwyn 464 

James William Freshfield . . 486 
Thoma* George Baring . . 839 
Constituency, freeholders and 
leaseholders in Penryn, and 10/. 
householders in both towns. 
Fop. 13,666. Reg. Elect. 907. 
The Gorerhment of the day has 

Pop. 182,234. Reg. Elect. 4,988. 

PETERBOROUGH, Northampton- 
Hon.Geo.W.Fitz.William . 960 
•Hon. Richard Watson ... 229 
John Talbot Clifton. ... 210 
• On the death of Mr. Watson, 
new writ, Nor. 1862. 
tOeorge Hammond Whalley . 283 
George Comewall Leivie . . 218 
t On petition, Mr. Whalley being 
unseated, new writ, June 1858, , 
(George Hammond Whalley^ . 286 
Thomson Hankey, inn. . . 216 
t On petitf on 24 Totes being struck 
ofTMr.Whalley's number, the mem- 
ber was declared to be 
Thomson Hankey, jun. 

Constituency, burgesses, inhi^- 
bitants paying scot and lot, and 
the ho. of 10/. Pop. 8,672. Reg. 
Elect. 518. This is usually consi- 
dered a borough of Lord Pits- 

Sir W. G. H. Jolliffe, bart. 

Constituency, freeholders, and 
the ho. of 10/. Pop. 6,560. Reg. 

Elect. 853^^ ^^^^^ 

«Charles John Mare . . . .1086 
Robert Porrett ColUer . . . .1004 
George Thotnae BreUne . . 906 
Biekhem Eecott . . , • . 872 


8ALFORD, Lancashire. 
Joseph Brotherton. 

Constitaeucy, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 85,108. Reg. Elect. 2,950. 

William James Chaplin . . . 881| 
•Charles Baring Wall .... 831 j 
Frederick kVilliam Slade . 173 
Daniel Higford D. Burr . . 131 

*On the death of Mr. Wall, uew 
writ. Not. 1853. 
M.-Gen. Edward Pery Buckley. 
Constitaency, corporation, and 

the ho. of 10/. Pop. 11,657. 

Reg. Elect. 680. 


Constituency, the oorporation, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 12,tfl6. 
Reg. Elect. 895. 

Allan Elliot Lockhart. 

Pop. 9,809. Reg. Elect. 497. 

SALOP, North. 
William Ormsby Gore. 
John Whitehall Dod. 

Pop. 128,162. Reg. Elect. 4,685. 

SALOP, South. 
•Hon. Robert Heury Clive. 
Viscount Newport. 

• On the death of the Hon. R. H. 
Olive, new writ, Jan. 1854. 
Robert CUtc. 

Pop. 101,179. Reg. Elect. 8,571. 

SANDWICH (Deal and Walmer 
united to it), Kent. 

Lord Chas. P. Pelham-Clinton. 

James McGregor. 

Constituency, ftreemen of Sand- 
wich, Deal, and Walmer, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 12,710. Reg. Elect. 
960. The Lord Warden of the 
Cinque Ports and the Goremraent 
of the day divide the influence 
here. ^ ^^^^ 

SCARBOROUGH, Yorkshire. 
Sir John V. B. Johnstone, bart. 423 
TheEarlofMulgraTC. . . 
George Frederick Young . . 813 

SHAFTESBURY, Dorsetshire. 
Hon. W. H. B. Portman. 

Constituency, inhabitantspay ing 
scot and lot, and the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 9,404. Reg. Elect. 569. The 
Marquess of Westminster has some 
influence here. 

SHEFFIELD, Yorkshire. 
John Arthur Roebuck . . . 3093 

George Hadfield 1853 

John Parker 1580 

fViUiam Overend • . . .1180 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 

Pop. 136,310. Reg. Elect. 6,322. 

SHOREHAM, Sussex. 
Sir Charles M. Burrell, bart. 
Lord A. F. C. Gordon-Lennox. 
Constituency, inhabitants paying 
scot and lot, and freeholders of the 
Rape of Bramber, except such part 
as is inclnded In the borough of 
Horsham, and the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 30,553. Reg. Elect. 1,865. 


George Tomline 1164 

Edward Holmes Baldock . . 745 

Augustin Robinson .... 440 

Constituency, freemen, and the 

ho. of 10/. Pop. 19,681. Reg. 

Elect. 1,666. 

SLTGO. County of. 
Sit Robert Gore-Booth, bait. 943 

Richard Swift 875 

fVm. R. Ormsby Gore . . 774 

JohnTaaffe 39 

Pop. 128,769. Reg, Elect. 2,546. 



Robert Ingbam 430 

Hon. Henry Thomas LiddeU 24» 
Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 28,974. Reg. Elect. 925. 

SLIGO, Borough. 

•Charles Towneley 147 1 

John Patrick Somers . . . 108^ 

*On petition Mr. Towneley being 

unseated, new writ, Jane 1853. 

JohnSadleir 150 

John Patrick Somers . . . 142 


Constituency, freeinen, the ho. 
of 10/., and the 8/. rated occupiers, 
Pop. 12,272. Reg. Elect. 351 . 


WilUam Miles 4613 

William P. KnatchbuU . . .4309 

Charles Arthur Elton . . . 2984 

Pop. 258.911. Reg. Elect. 10,140. 


Charles Aaron Moody. 

Wm. H. Powell Gore Langton. 

Pop. 185,005. Reg. Elect. 8,210. 

SOUTH W ARK, Surrey, 
Sir William Molc8worth,bart.. 8941 

Apsley PelUtt 388r 

George Scovell 2909 

Constituency, inhabitants pny- 
iug scot and lot, and the ho. of 
10/. Pop. 172,868. Reg. Elect, 

STAFFORD, Borough. 
JohnAyshfoTdWiae .... 801 

Arthur John Otway 501 

M. Bourne 458 

Jam*s Cook Evans .... 89 

E. Bopkinson 1 

Constituency, resident freemeOy 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 11,829. 
Reg. Elect. 1.246. 

Charles Bowyer Adderley. 
Smith Child. 
Pop. 245,463. Reg. Elect. 9,546. 


BrodieMcGhieWlllcox . . . 1062|*Hon. Gen. George Anson. 
♦Sir Alex. Jas. E. Cockburn . . 1017 tLord Lewisham. 
A. D. R. fV. Baillie Cochrane 797 , * On General Anson accepting the 
Augustus Arthur ransittart 767 Chiltern Hundreds, new writ, Aug. 

• On Sir Alexander Cockburn be- j 1853. 
ing made Attorney-Gen., new writ, Hon. Edward Richard Littleton. 
Jan. 1858. I fOn Lord Lewisham becoming 

Sir Alex. Jas. E. Cockburn . 1098 Earl of Dartmouth, new ^trrit, Jan. 
A. D. R. IV. BaiUie Cochrane 696.1864. 

Oonstitnency,bargesses, inhabit. Earl of Uxbiidge 4328 

ants, and the ho. of 10/. Fop.l discount Ingestre 3769 

86,805. Reg. Elect. 2,419. 1 Pop. 863,268. Reg. Elect. 10,116. 



STABfFORD, LineolaBhire. 
*RigIit Hon. John ChHs. Henries. 
Sir Frederick Thesiger. 
.*0n Mr. Hemes accepting the 
Chiltern Hundreds, new wiit, Aug. 

Lord Robert A. T. Gascoigne-Cecil. 
Constitaenc7,inhabU>intB paying 
scot and lot. and the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 8,933. Reg. Elect. 566. The 

On Lord Moreton becoming Ea rl 
Dncie, new vtrit, Jane 1853. 
Ednard Horsman. 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pt)p. 86,535. Reg. Elect. 1,3S8. 
Mr. Watta and Ziord Dncie possess 
considerable influence here. 


« ,„ , j Sir PitaRoy Kelly. 

Marquess of Exeter possesses most ^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ 

of the IC/. houses m the borough. ^^ jgg 3^3 ^^^ Elect.6,343. 

Comprising Stirling, Culross, Dun 
fermliue,In7erkeirhiug, & Queens- 

Sir James Andetson 431 

John Miller . . .... 411 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 85.S25. Reg. Elect. 1,0U7 \ 
for Inrerkeithing there is no return 
of Reg. Elect. 

William Forbes. 

Fop. 83,033. Reg. Elect. 2,431 


Harry Spencer Waddington. 
Philip Benuet, jun. 

Pop. 151,822. Reg. Elect. 4,879. 


George Hudson 868 

William Digby Seymour . . . 814 

Henry Fenwiek 654 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 67,394. Reg. Elect; 1 .978. 

STOCKPORT, Cheshire. SURREY, East. 

Aldennan James Kershaw . . 725,Thoma8 Aloock 2508 

John Benj. Smith . ... 622 Hon. Peter J. Locke King . . 2500 

Jamee Heald ^49 Edmund j4tttrobus, jun. . .2064 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 53,885. Reg. Elect. 1,841. 

STOKE-UPON-TRENT, Staflbrdsb. 
John Lewis Ricardo .... 921 
Hon . Edw. F. Lereson-Gower . 848 
Atdemutn fVtn. Copeland . 769 
Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 84,027. Reg. Elect. 1,778. 

Atithony Cleasby 1928 

Pop. 680,226. Reg.Elect. 6,618. 

SURREY, West. 
William John Evelyn . . . .1646 

Henry Drummond 1610 

Col. C. B. Challoner . . . .1385 
Pop. 102.856. Reg. Elect. 8,897 . 

SUSSEX, East. 

STROUD, Gloucestershire. 

3eo. Poulett Scrope .... 565|AugustuBEUott Fuller . . . S155 

^Lotd Moreton 628 Charles Hay Frewen .... 1974 

Samuel Baker 4W John Geo. Dodson . . . . .1687 

rohn Norton 816| Pop. 225.887. Reg. Elect. 5,998. 



SUSSEX, West, 
Earl of Match. 
'Richard Prime. 

* On Mr. Prime accepting the Chll- 
tern Hundreds, new writ, Jan. 1854. 
Henry Wyndham. 

Pop. 111.457. Reg.Elect.a,267, 

Marquess of Stafford. 

Pop. 25,703. Reg. Elect. 207. 

SWANSEA Dist., Glamorgansh. 
Comprising Swanaea, AberaTon, 

Kenfig, Longhor, and Neath. 
John Henry Vivian. 

Constituency, burgesses, and the 
ho. of 10/. Ftop. 45,123. Reg. 
Blect. I.e04. 

TAMWORTH, StafEbrdshire. 
Sir R. Peel, bart. 
Capt. John Townshend, RN. 

Constituency, inhabitants pay- 

• On petition, Feb. 1468. Mr. Car- 
ter being unable to pioTe his qualifl* 
cation, in his place was seated 
Robert J. Phillimore, D.C.L. 

Constituency, freeholders, and 
the ho. of 10/. Pop. 8,086. Reg. 
Elect. 349. The Dulie of Bedford 
has considerable iuflaence in Tavi- 

TEWKESBURY, Gloucestershire. 

Humphrey Brown 206 

John Martin 189 

Edtoard C. PV. Cox , , . . 147 
Constituency, freemen, freehold- 
ers, and the ho. of 10/. Pq;). 
6,878. Reg. Elect. 370. 

THETFORD, Norfolk. 
Hon. Francis Baring. 

Constituency, freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 4.075. Reg. 

ing soot and lot, and the ho. of Elect. 200. The Duke of Grafton 

10/. Pop. 8,655. Reg. Elect. 382. 
The property possessed by Sir Ro- 
bert Peel in the borough and neigh- 
bourhood gives him considerable 
influence. .^^,^^.^_^^ 

TAUNTON, Somersetshire. 
Bight Hon. H. Labonchere . . 430 

•Arthur Mills 861 

Sir Tho». E. Cotebrooke, bart. 868 
• On petiticm Mr. Mills being un- 
seated, new writ, April 1853. 
Sir John W. Ramsden ... 872 

Henry BadcocJb 867 

Constituency, pot- wallopers, and 
the ho; of 10/. Pop. 14,176. Reg. 
Elect. 790. 

TAVISTOCK, Devonshire. 
«OD. George H. C. Byng . . S2( 

•Samuel Carter 169 

Robert J, Phiaitnore,D.C.L, 104 

and Lord Ashbnrton have consider- 
able influence in this borough. 

THIRSK, Yorkshire. 
Sir William Payne-Oallwey, bart. 
Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 5,319. Reg. Elect. 357. 

TIPPER ARY, County of. 

Francis Scully 6154 

James Sadleir 6088 

Robert Joeelyn Ohoay . . 1235 
Pop. ^23,829. Reg. Elect. 7,262. 

TIVERTON, Devonshire. 
Visct. Palmerston. 

Constituency, the corporation, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 11,144. 
Reg. Elect. 401. 




Lord Seymoar 


Charl9a Barry Baldwin . . 141 
Constitaency, freemen, and the 
hn. of 10/. Pop. 4,419. Reg. 
Elect. 871. 

I William Shaw Lindjay ... 857 

HW Peter Diek»on 840 

1!M Conatitoency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop.2V,170. Reg. Elect. 888. 

TOWER HAMLETS, Middlesex. 
Sir William Clay, hart. . . .7728 
Chas. SaliAbary Butler . . .7718, 
George Thompson .... 41)68 

TYRONE, Ooanty of. 
Rt. Hon.Hen. T.Lowry Corry 8260 
Lord Claode Hamilton . . . 3238 

Hiigh B. HiggiHM 970 

Pop. 25 1 ,865. Reg. Elect . 7.4SS. 

WAKEFIELD, Yorkshire. 

-'-"--'^ ^^'s:Zut^ • • • • IS 


^ViOiam Newton 1005 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 689,111. Reg. Elect. 23,534. 

TRALEE, Kerry. 
*MaQrice 0*Connell. 

* On the death of Mr. O'Connell, 
new writ, June 1863. 

Daniel O'Connell 103 

Thotnae Fits-Gerald ... 8| 
Constitaency, freemen, and the 

ho. of 10/., with the 8^ rated occa. Charles Forater. 

piers. Pop. 11,863. Reg. Elect. Constitaency, the ho. of 10/. 

815. Pop. 25,680. Reg. Elect. 1,026. 

the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 22.057. Reg. Elect 850. 

WALUNGFORD, Berkshire. 

Richard Malins 174 

Alfred Morrinon 168 

Constitaency, the corporation, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 8,064. 
Reg. Elect. 428. 

WALSALL, StaflordsUre. 

WAREHAM, Dorset. 
'John S. W. S. Erie Drax. 

Constitaency, Inhahitants pay- 
ing scot and lot, Iteeholders, and 
' the ho. of 10/. Pop. 7,218. Reg. 
Elect. 418. 

TRURO, Cornwall. 
Henry Hnsaey ViTian . . . . 267 

John Ennis Yivian 263 

jiugustut Smith 255 

Montagn Smith 2Si 

Constitaency, the corporation, 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 10,733, 
Reg. Elect. 607. 

SHIELDS, Northumberland. 

♦Hugh Taylor, jnn 840 WARWICK, Borough. 

Reaph fViUiam Grey ... 828 George Wm. John Repton . . 884 

* On petition Mr. Taylor was on. 'Edward Greaves 849 

seated April 1858, but no new writ|/oAn Mellor 826 

i till March, 1854. ' Constituency, inhabitants pay. 

WARRINGTON, Lancashire. 
Gilbert Greenall. 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pup. 23,868. Reg. Elect. 701. 



ing aoot and lot, and the bo. of 
10/. Pop. 1U.978. Reg. Bieot. 7S8. 
TheSarlof Warwick has conaider 
able Inflnence here. 


Ctonstitoency, bargesiies, and 
the ho. of 10/. Pop. 20,588. Reg, 
Elect. 905. 

WE8TBURY, Wilt*. 
James Wilson 


Chas, N. Newdegate . . . . 29M' Matsey Lopea 188 

Richard Spoouer 2822' Cionstituency, bnrgage tenantH, 

Hon. F. Keppel Craven . . 2038 and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 7,029. 

Sir Gray Skipwith, bart. . . 2021 
Pop. 375,264. Reg. Elect. 7,002. 

*Lord Brooke. 
Lord Onemsey. 

* On Lord Brooke becoming Earl 
of Warwick, new writ. Nor. 1858. 
Erelyn Philip Shirley. 

Fop. 99,749. Reg. Elect. 8,980. 

Reg Elect. 814. 

WESTMEATH, County of. 
William Henry Magan . . . 1647 
William Pollard Urquhart . . 1884 
Sir Rich. G.^. Zstvinge, bart. 028 
Pop. 107,610. Reg. Elect. 8,484. 

WESTMINSTER, Middlesex. 
Sir John SheUey. bart. . . . 4199 
Sir De Lacy Evans, K.C.B. . . 8756 

WATERFORD, County of. \Lord Maidstone 8878 

Nicholas Mahon Power . . , \4M f^^iiHam Coniriffham . . .1716 

John Esmonde 1261 1 Constituency, inhabitants pay* 

Hon. Riehd. Heiy Hutchinson I22s\ ing "cot and lot, and the ho. of 
Pop. 135,836. Reg. Elect.3,245. 10/. Pop. 241,611. Reg. Elect. 
.........^ 14,888. .,_^_^^^^ 


Alderman Thos. Meagher . . 463 Hon. Henry Cecil Lowther. 
Robert Keating ...... 444 *Aldennan Thompson. 

PFUlliam Christmas . . . 856| • On thcdeath of Alderman Thomp- 
Sir Henry JV. Barrim^ bart. 808 gon, new writ, April, 1864. 
Constituency, freemen and free- Earl of Bectlve. 

holders, the ho. of 10/., and the 
8/. rated occupiers. Pop. 26,667. 
Reg. Elect. 1,124. 

Pbp. 58,287. Reg. Elect. 4,062. 

WELLS, Somerset 
Robert Charles Tudway . , 

Right Hon. W. O. Hayter . . _. . 

J,A.Kinglake lor Edward fVestby Nunn 

WEXFORD, County of. 

Patrick McMahon 2289 

John George 1585 

ISTH.K.Gioffan Morgan . . .1580 

17 b Hon. Robt,Shapland Carew 1833 

. 1228 

Const ituency , burgesses ,f reemen , 
and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 4,786. 
Reg. Elect. 325. 

WENLOCK, Shropshire. 
Right Hon. George Cecil W. Forester. 
Jamea Milnes Oaskell. 

Pop. 180,170. Reg. Elect. 5,682. 

WEXFORD, Borough. 
John Thomas DeTcreux. 

Constituency, freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/, with the 8/. rated occu- 
piers. Pop. 11,262. Reg. Elect 817. 



T0TNES8, DeronBhire. | William Shaw Llii.» 

Lord Seymour 36fi Peter Dicl-&07i 

Thomas MiU« IM Constitutm y. 

CharUa Barry Baldwin . . 141 ' Pop. 29,170. Kcj, 
Constituency, freemen, and thei 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 4,419. Reg. I TYRO MI « 

Elect. S71. Rt. Hon. Hcii. T. L')' 

.,v^v,v^^,^^.,^v^v^ Lord Clavde H .n ■ ; 

TOWER HAMLETS, Middlesex. \H»9h BJij9ff['<^ ■ 

—«« Pop. ZDljKo.'. l^ 

Sir William Clay, hart. . . .7728 
Chas. Salisbury Butler . . .7718 
George TTtompson .... 4.')68 

Acton S. Ayrton 2792^^^^;^^^^^^^^ 

fVilliam Netoton lOtto Const itueiiry. ' 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/.' p^ 22 057. R 
Pop. 639,111. Reg. Elect. 23,534 ' 

WAKEFli:i.T">. ' 
George Sandars 

Richard Malius . . . 
Alfred Morrinon . 
Constituency, the 
and the ho. of loA 
Reg. Elect. 428. 

TRALEE, Kerry. 
•Maurice O'Connell. 

• On the death of Mr. O'Connell, 
new writ, June 1853- 

Daniel O'Connell 103 

Thomas FitX'Gerald . . , 8, 
Constituency, freemen, and the 

ho. of 10/., with the 8/. rated occu- Charles Forster. 

piers. Pop. 11,863. Reg. Elect. Constituency, the 

5i6 Pop. 25,680. Reg. E'- 

WALS.4LL, St. 

TRURO, Cornwall. 
Henry Hussey Vivian . 

John Ennis Vlyian 263 

Augustus Smith 255 

Montagu Smith ..... 22(] 
Constituency, the corporation, 

and the ho. of 10/. Pop. 10,733. 

Reg. Elect. 607. 

267 John S. W. S. Erie Dra 

Constituency, inhrtl.i' 
ing scot and lot, Jreeli 
the ho. of 10/. Pop. .' 
Elect. 418. 

Gilbert Greenall. 

Constituency, the i. 
Pop. 23,363. Reg. El< i 


SHIELDS, Northumberland. 

*Hugh Taylor, jun 840 

Rcaph fViUiam Grey . . . 828 George Wm. John Replo 
♦ On petition Mr. Taylor waa un- Edward Greaves . . • • 

seated April 1858, but no new wriV.John Mellor 

was iasned till March, 1864. ' Constituency, inhabita,. 


WINDSOR, Berks. 
liOrd Charles Wellesley ... 241 
Charles Wm. Grenfell . . . 

James Ricardo 210 

Capt. Thoa. BtUkeley ... 107 
Constituency, i Dhabitants pay ing 
scot and lot, and the ho. of 10/. 
Pop. 9,596. Reg. Elect. 712. 

WOLVERHAMPTON, staffordsh. 
Hon. Charles Pelham Villicrs. 
Thomas Thomely. 

Constituency, the ho. of 10/. 
Pap. 1 19,748. Reg. Elect. 8,587. 

WOODSTOCK, Oxfordshire. 
Marquess of Blandford. 

Constituency, freemen, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 7,983. Reg. 
Elect. 847. The Duke of Marlbo- 
rough has influence here. 

YORK, City. 
John George Smyth . . . . 
WiUiam M. E. Milner . . . 

Henry f^incent 

Constituency, freemen, 
holders, and the ho. of 10/. 
40,859. Reg. Elect. 4,183. 


William Laslett 1212 

Osman Ricardo 1164 

J. IV. Huddlesione .... 661 
Constituency, freemen and 
the ho. of 10/. Pop. 27,528. 
Reg. Elect. 2,290. 

Capt. George Rushout. 
John Hodgetts H. Foley. 

Pop. 162,508. Reg. Elect. 6,515. 

*Hon. H. B. Lygon. 
Frederic Winn Knight. 

* On Mr. Lygon becoming Earl 
Beanchamp, new writ, March 1858. 
Viscount Elmley. 

Pop. 114,418. Reg. Elect. 4,135. 

Sir George H. Dash wood, bart. 26i 
Martin Tucker Smith , , . , 20i 
fV. Simpson ...... 116 


Constituency, 1 freeman, and the 
ho. of 10/. Pop. 7,179. Reg.Eiect. 

YARMOUTH, Norfolk. 

Sir Edmund Lacon, bart. . . 611 

Charles Edmund Rumbold . . 647 

fVm. Torrens Mc CuUagh . 621 

Admiral Sir Charles Napier 486 

Constituency, freemen, and the 

ho. of 10/. Pop. 30,879. Reg. 

Elect. 1,249. 



"YORKSHIRE, East Riding. 
Lord Hotham. 
Hon. Arthur Duncombe. 

Pop. 220,983. Reg. Elect. 7, 688. 

YORKSHIRE, North Riding. 
Edw. Stillingfleet Cayley. 
Hon. Octavius Duncombe. 

Pop.261,116. Reg.Eiect. 11,819. 

YORKSHIRE, West Riding. 
Richard Cobden. 
Edmund Beckett Denisou. 
Pop. 1,815,896. Reg.£lect.87,8ig. 

YOUGHAL, Co. of Cork. 

Isa^cButt Ill 

Hon. John IVm. Fortescue . 109 
Constituency, freemen, the ho. 
of 10/., and the 8/. rated occu. 
piers. Pop. 9,989. Reg. Elect. 
217. TheDukeofDeyoushireha'- 
inflneuce here. 










The ab^eriations ased in this part of the Tolame hare the following 


B. means born ; bro. brother; d. daughter ; «. son ; m. married. 

Acland, Sir Thomas Dyke, bart., D.C.L. {Devon , North) 
S. of the late Sir T. D. AcIaDd, by the d. of Sir Richard Hoare, bart. 
B. in London, 1787 ; m. 1808, Lydia, d. of Henry Huare, esq. of Mitcham 
Grove, Surrey; gradaated at (Christ Church), Oxford, M.A. 1814, 
D.C.L. 1831. Patron of 7 lirings. Is "generally and decidedly a Con- 
servatlTe ;" voted for agricnltaral protection, 1846, and against a re- 
turn to that system, 1850; fa Tourable to the endowment of the Roman 
Catholic clergy. Sat fbr the county of DcTon fh>m 1818 till 1818, and 
f^om 1820 to 1831; has sat for Deyon North since 1887.— SS.i/ermyn- 
3t. ; Athenmum, Traveihrs', University ; Killerton, Devon ; Mine' 
head, Somerset. 
*A Court, Charles Henry Wyndham. {Wilton) 

S. of Lieat.-Gen. Charles Ashe k Court, C.B. (who is bro. to the 1st 
Lord Heyfesbury), by Mary Elizabeth Catherine, only d. of Atiraham 
libbs, esq. Bro.-in-Iaw to the Right Hon. Sidney Herbert. B. at Heytes- 
ary, Wilts, 1819 ; m. 1864, Emily, >ld. d. of Henry Currie, esq., of 
Test Horsley Place, Surrey. Educated at Eton and at St. John's Ool- 
^, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A., 1841. Was private Secre- 
iry to Lord Eliot (chief secretary in Ireland) from 1841 to 1844; private 
icretary to Load Heytesbuiy (Lord Lieut, of Irel.) flrom 1844 to 1846. 


' A " Liberal-OoDaenratiye ;*' fiiToanble to aoontiDaanoe of the Maynooth 
gnnt i voted against the ballot, 1853. First returned for Wilton, July 
1862.-84, St. James's Placet TraveOere't Amington HaU, Tom- 
worth, Slt^jBTorchhire. 

Acton, Joseph. (Wigan) 

B. at Wigan, 18U8 ; is nnnt. A soUcitor, bat retired from practioe 1888. 
Appointed a Magiittrate for Lancashire, Feb. 1810; elected Mayor of 
Wigan, Not. 1839, and again Not. 1853. A Liberal { in feToor of par- 
liamentary refarm, and the baikit; opposed to *the infliction of dTil 
disabilities on the ground of religioas opinions, and therefore diffposed 
to £*Toar the admission of Jews to Parliament i* in liiToar of a wide 
extension of genrral education. Church reform, &c. First elected fur 
Wigan, Oct. 1854.— fFipon. 

Adair, Hugh Edward. {Ipswich) 

Second s. of Sir Robert Shafto Adair, bart., of Flixton Hall, by the d. 
of the Rev. James Strode, of Berkhampstead. Herts. Is bro. to Robert 
Alex. Shafto Adair, esq., who sat for Cambridge borough from 1847 
till 1862. B. 1816. Was a gentleman-commoner of St. John's Coll.. Ox- 
ford, where he graduated A.M., 1843. A Liberal ; in favour of the ballot. 
First returned for Ipswich iu 1847.— 2, ChapeUat. fVeat,Majifairi Re- 
form i Flixton HaU, Harleston, Norfolk; Aldborough, Suffolk. 

Adair, Robert Alexander Shafto. {Cambridge bor.) 
Eld. 8. of Star Robert Shafto Adair, bart., of Flixton Hall, by Elisabeth 
Maria, d. of the ReT, James Strode, of Berkhampstead, Herts. B. 1811; 
m. 1830, Thendotia, d. of General the Hon. Rol>ert Meade and grandd. 
of the iHt Earl of Clanwiiliam. Appointed Heut-col. East Suffolk ar- 
tillery, 1853. A Liberal ; desirous to promote concessions for eflTecting 
educational objects. Contested SulToIk East unsucoessfhily in 1841 and 
1848. Sat for Oimbridge from July, 1847, tiU July, 1852, when he 
was an unsarceasliil candidate! re-elected, Aug. 1864.— 7, Audley-eq^i 
R^ormt Flixton Hall, Harleston, Norfolk; Aldborottgh, Suffolk, 

Adderley, Charles Bowyer. {Slaffordsft, North) 

Bid. B. of Charles Clement Adderley, esq., by the d. of Sir E. E. 
Hartopp, bt. Is descended from an old SeaflTordsh. family, having estates 
also in Warwicksh. B. 1814 ; m. 1842, d. of 1st Lord Leigh. Is patron of 
8 livings. Graduated B. A. at Christ Church, Oxford, 1888. Author of 
" Transportation not Necessary." A ConservatiTC ; voted for agricultural 
protection, 1846; but in 1862 limited himself to supporting relief from 
special burdens ; is opposed to all concessions to the Roman Catholics. 
First returned for Staifordsh. North. IMI.— Carlton t Norion-in-the- 
Moors, Sttuffordsh. ; Hams Hall, fVartoieksh. 



Alcock, Thomas. (Surrey, East) 

S. of Joseph Alcock, esq., of Roebampton, Sorrey. B. 1801 ; m. 1831, 
d. of the late Rear-Admiral Henry Stuart. Edacated at Harrow. A 
Magistrate for Surrey. In patron of 2 liyings. A Reformer; will irap> 
port a *' total revision of the income tax, and « large redaction in the 
doties on beer, soap, tobacco, &c. ;" is in faronr uf an extension of the 
franchise, and " opposed to the ftirther etkdowment of any churdi or 
sect whatever;" voted against the Haynooth grant 1851, and in favoor 
of the ballot, 1853. Sat for Newton. Lancash., from 1826 till 1830; 
contested Lndlow nnsnooessfiilly in 1887 ; was returned for that bor. 
in 1830, bat unseated on petition. Contested East Sarrey nnsaocess. 
fully in Feb. 1841 ; first returned for that co. July 1847, without oppo- 
aition.— J9roolM'« ; Union t Kingtwood-fVarren, Ep»om, Surrey. 

Alexander, John. (Carlow Bor.) 

8. of John Alexander, esq., by Christian, d.;>f Lorenso Niekson, esq., 
of Chapel laod House, co. Kilkenny, lliis family ia the same with the 
well-known claimants of the Earldom of Stirling. B. at Hilford, co. 
Carlow,. 1802 ; m. 1848, eld. d. of Matthew Brinkley, esq., of Parsons- 
town, no. Meath, and grandd. of the late Bishop (Brinkley) of Cioyne. 
Edacated at Trinity Coll., Dublin, where he graduated M. A. Has been 
High Sheriff of Carlow. A Conservatiye and Protectionist. First re- I 
tamed for Carlow bor. Jan. 1853.— 20, Invemeas-terr., Ken$ingUm ; 
Cartton Club} Mifford House, near Carlow; Kildareat. Club, 

Anderson, Sir James. (Stirling Dist.) 

8. of Mr. John Anderson, of Stilling, merchant. B. at Stirling, 1800; 
m. 1831, Janet, only d. of Robert Hood, esq-, of Glasgow. A manufac- 
turei at Glasgow. Elected Lord Provost of that city Nov. 1848. 
Knighted on the Qaeen*s visit to Glasgow, Aag. 1849. A Liberal ; in 
favour of ** a large extension of the suffrage, triennial parliaments, vote 
by ballot, and equal electoral districts ;** opposed to all religious en- 
d!>wments ; will sapport a national system of education "on an unsec- 
taiian basis." First returned for Stirling dist. in July, 1862.-^18, JPall 
Mall: Blythsioood-eq., Glaegow. 

Annesley, Earl. ^ (Great Grimsby) 

An Irish Peer. S. of the 8rd Earl by his Snd wife, the Snd d. of 
Hugh Moore, esq., of Eglantine, co. Down. B. in Rutland sq., DabliD, 
1880 ; unm. Edacated at Cambridge. A Conservative, favotirlu^ <* a 
re-adJustment of taxation." First returned for Great Grimsby in July, 
1852.— 68, St. Jatnes'e-st.i Carlton i fVhite'»i Coventry Club; 
Castle fVeUan, eo. Doton. 


Arbuthnotf, Hon. Gen. Hugh, C.B. (Kincardinesh.) 

S. orrtliyiact. ArtNitlmott, by the 2Dd. d. of WillUm Graham, esq., 
of Morphie, Kincardinesh. Entered the army 1796; became Gen. 
1854 : apiMinted Col. of 88th foot 1848 ; has receiyed a gold medal 
for Bosaco; served also at the siege of Copenhagen, and at Coranna, 
Furntes d'Onor, &c. A Dep.-Lieat. of Kincardineih. OfConserrative 
principles; Toted fur agricaltnral protection, 1846; and iufaTo^rof 
inquiry into Maynootb, 1863. Has sat for Kincardinesh. since 18S6. 
— 6 H, Albany; Carlton; Athenceum; Arbuthnoli Ho., Kinear- 
Archdall, Mervyn Edward. {Fermanagh) 

ETd. s. of Edward Archdall, esq., of Riversdale, and Castle Archdall, 
CO. Fermanagh, by the 2nd d. of William Hamphrys. esq., of Ballyhaise. 
CO. Cavan. Nephew of Gen. Archdall, who sat for Fermanagh in eleven 
parliaments. B. 1812. Has been a Capt. in the Enniskillen Dragoons ; 
exchanged to half-pay unattached In 1847. A Conservative ; voted for 
agricnitaral protection, 1846, and in the minority of 58 who censured 
free trade Nov. 1852 ; is a <* firm supporter of Protestant ascendaqcy in 
Ireland." Has sat for the connty since the retirement of his nncle 
ki 1834.— 12 A, Albany; Carlton ; Castlt Archdall, Ftrmanaghs 
THllie, Tyrone. 
Ark Wright, George. (Leominster) 

8. of Robert Arkwright, esq., of Sutton near Chesterfield, Derbysh., bj 
the d. of Stephen George Kemble, esq., of Durham. Is great-grands, of 
Sir Richard Arkwright. B. 1807. Graduated at (Trin. Coll.) Cambridge, 
A.M. 1838; called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1833. A Conservative; 
voted for agricultural protection, 1846, and his "opinions have under- 
gone no change i" voted for inquiry into Maynooth, 1858. Unsuocess- 
ftilly contested Derbysh. North, 1837. Fir^t returned for Leominster in 
Feb. 1842.— 2 D, Albany i Carlton; Arthur*^; Ojtford and Cam- 
bridge; Sntton, Derbysh. 
Atherton, William. {Durham, city) 

S. of the late Rev. William Atherton, Wesleyan Minister, by Marga- 
ret, d. of the late Rev. Walter Morison, Minister of the Established 
Church in Scotland. B. in Glasgow, 1806 ; m. 1843, Agnes Mary, 2nd 
d. of Thomas James Hall, esq., chief magistrate at Bow-streeN Was 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple in 1839 (having practised as a 
special pleader from 1832 till that date), and goes the northern 
circuit. Is a Queen's Counsel and a bencher of the Inner Temple. A 
Liberal ; opposed to the repeal of the Maynooth grant; in favour of an 
extension of the suffrage, vote by ballot, a large reform in the law, and 
the removal of all religious disabilities. First returned ibr Durham in 
July 1852.— 9, Briek Court, Templet 1, Endsleigh-st., Tavietock-eq.t 
Htform Chtb, 



Bagge, William. {Norfolk, West) 

Eld.f . of the late Thomas Philip Bagge, esq. of Stradsett Hall, Nor^ 
folk (whose family, originally Swedish, have held lands in this county 
since IRBO), hy the d. of Richard Salisboiy, esq., of LUKUuter. B. 1810 ; 
m. 1833, to his eousin-german Prances, 4th d. of the late Sir Thomas 
Preston, of B-eston Hall, bt. A ConHerratire i voted for agricnltoral 
protection, 1846, and in the minority of 53 who censored ^ee trade. Not. 
1862. Unsoccensiyilly contested Norfolk at the general election in 18SB ; 
first returned for that ou. in 1837.— 28, Chesttr-st. i Carltoni StreuUeU 
Hailt Market Downham^ Norfolk. 

Bagshaw, John. (Harwich) 

Eld. s. of the late John Bagshaw, esq., a banker of Coventry, by the d. 
of the late George Salmon, esq., of Harbury, Warwicksh. B. 1784 ; m. 
Mary Anne, d. of John Henley, erq., of London. Wasedacated at Rugby. 
Formerly an Bast India merchant, a banker, and head of the firm of 
Bagshaw and Co., of Calcutta, where he resided fur many years. Is 
High Steward of Harwich, a Magistrate for that botnugh, and for Essex; 
Director of the Northern and Eastern, and Eastern Counties Rulways; 
chairman of the Calcutta and Diamond Harbour Docks and Railway 
Company. A Liberal ; in fa your of the ballot. Unsuccessfully contested 
Kidderminster in 1837, Harwich in 1841, Sudbnry in 1882 and 1834. 
Sat for the last borough from Jan. 1835 till Jnly 1837; again nnsuccess- 
fblly contested it, March 18?9; sat for Harwich trmn Jnly 1847 till July 
1852, when he was an unsnccessful candidate ; re-elected June 1853.— 
Btooket't s R^ormt Cliff House, Dovereoutt, Essex. 

Bailey, Crawshay. (Monmouth dist.) 

S. of the late John Bailey, esq., who was descended from a flimily 
long settled in Yorkshire ; is younger bro. of Sir Joseph Bailey, bart. 
B. at Wenham, Suffolk; m. Anne, d. of the late Joseph Moore, esq., of 
Mitcham, Surrey. Is an iron master in South Wales; a deputy-Iient. 
and magistrate for Glamorgansh., and a magistrate for Brecknocksh. 
and Monmouthsh., of which last two he has been sheriir,inl8S7and 1850. 
Patron of 1 living. A Conservative ; will " upheld thi Church and 
State, but at the same time with perfect freedom to civil and religious 
liberty;'' will "strennously support the repeal of the malt and hop 
duties;" is iu favoar of the extension of the county franchise; voted 
against the ballot 1858. First elected for Monmouth dist. April, 1852.— 
Conservative Club ; uibaraman, near Pontyprydd, Glamorgansh* 

■^y, Sir Joseph, bart. (Brecknockshire) 
of the late John Bailey, esq., who was descended from a fkunUy long 
ed in Yorkshire. B. at Great Wenham, Suffolk, 1783; m. 1st, 1810, 
f Joseph Latham, esq., of Llangattock, co. Breconj Sadly, 1880, d. 


of John Hopper, eaq., of Wittoa Castle, Dariiam. An iroomaster la 
Breduockflh. aud Monmonthsh. Was High Sheriff of Monmoathsh. 
1823 ; ia a magistrate for the cos. of Brecon, Monmouth, GlamoiKan, 
and Hereford, and a Depnty-Lient. of Brecknocksh. and Monmouthsh.i 
Chairman of the Birkenhend Docks, and Vicechairman of the Birkenhead 
Duck Company. Is patron offi livings. A Conseryative ; voted for agri- 
cultural protection, 1846 ; opposed to the endowment of the Boman 
Catholic clergy. Sat for Worcester from 1835 to 1847. when he was 
returned for Brecknocksh.— S6, Btlgravt-aq. ; Carltont Glan Uak 
Park, CriethatotUt BrteJbnoeJbsh. 
Baillie, Henry James. (Inverness- th,) 

Only 8. of Col. Hugh Baillie. of Bedcastle and Tarradale, Boss-shlre, 
by the d. of the Bev. Henry Beynett, D.D. B. 1804; m. in 1840, Hon. 
Philippa, d. of 6th Visct. Stranrford. Was one of the joint secretaries 
to the Board of Contronl, from March till Dec. I8n2. A Conservative, 
bat in favour of free trade; in favour of a moderate parliamentary 
reform, and of inquiry respecting Haynooth. Was first elected for 
Inverness, 1840.— 1, iS#amor« pl^ Curson-st. t Redeaatle, Itw9m»$a- 
»hir0 1 Tarradal9t Rost-shire. 

Baines^ Right Hon. Matthew Talbot. (Leeds) 

Eldest s. of Edward Baines, esq., formerly M.P. for Leeds, by the 
d. of Matthew Talbot, enq. B. at Leeds 1799 ; m. 1888. Anne, only d. 
of L. Thrdfall, esq., of Lancaster. Educated at Bichmoad School. 
Yorksh., and at Cambridge: was Senior Optime in 1820, Scholar of 
Trinity Coll., Dr. Hooper's Declamation Priseman, and King William 
ill.'s Declamation Prineman. Called to the Bar in 1826, at the Inner 
Temple, <tf whieh he is a bencher i made a Queen's Counsel in 1841. 
Was Becorder of Hull from 1837 till 1847. Was President of the Poor 
Law Board from Jan. 1849, to March, 18S2: re-appointed Dec. 1852, 
•alary £2000. Is a magistrate for Lancash. and for the West Biding 
of York, and a deputy-lient. for the latter. A Liberal s in fkvour of 
extension of the snftage, rhort parliaments, and Church reform ; op- 
posed to the endowment of the Boman Catholic clergy : voted against 
the ballot 1858. Sat for HnU f^om 1847 till 1862, when he was elected 
for Leeds.— 13, Qneen-sq., St. Janus's-Part ; Gwydr House, fVMte- 
halli Reform; Detitonsq., Lanecuter. 

Baird, James. (Falkirk dist.) 

8. of the late Alexander Baird, esq., of Lockwood, and brother of Wil- 
Uam Baiid, esq., who sat for Falkirk from 1841 tlU 1847. B. at Old 
Monkland, Lanarksh., 1808 ; m. 1862, Charlotte, d. (rf the late Boberc 
Lockhart, esq., of Castlehill, Edinburgh. An inmmaster at the Gart- 
•barie works, near Aiidrie. A moderate Conservative ; in favour of free 
trade, and a revision of the exose laws. First retained for Falkirk 
di«t. Jan. 1861.— Corfton t Gartshetri* House, LanarJbsh, 


Baldock, Edward Holmes. (Shrewsbury) 

B. 1812; BL 18S2, EUsabeth Mary, eld. d. of Sir Andrew yinccnt 
Corbet. Bart., of Acton Reynald, Salop. Appointed a depaty>lieBt. of 
Middleacx 1852. A Conserrative, and in favour of protection to agri- 
cnltare; opposed to the grant to Maynooth, and in favour of a revision 
of the Income tax. First returned for Shrewsbury in 1847.— 81, Gror- I Constrvative ; Carlton. 

Ball, Edward. (Cambridgeshire) 

8. of Mr. Richard Ball, by EUzabeth, d. of Mr. Thwaites. B. at 
Hastings, 17tf3 ; m. d. of Salisbury Dunn, esq. Educated at Bromley. 
Appointed Depntj-Lieut. of Cambridge, 1852. A Conscrvatire ; Toted in 
the minority of 63 who cenfured free trade, Nov. 1852 1 opposed to the 
Maynooth grant ; has " constantly maintained the necessity of upholding 
the aristocracy of this kingdom ;" has " always avoided evd>y thing 
offenrive and unkind towards the Church of England, and recognises 
the necessity of maintaining it." First returned for Cambridgeshire, 
without opposition, in July, 1862.— 41, South AtuUey-st. / BurwtU. 
near Netomarket. 

Ball, John. (Carlow, co.) 

S. of the Right Hon. Nicholas Ball, Justice of the Court of Common 
Pleas in Ireland, by the d. of the late Thomas Sherlock, of Butlers- 
town, CO. Kilkenny. B. in Dublin, 1818 ; unm. Educated at Oscott 
College and at Christ's College, Cambridge. Was called to the bar in 
Ireland, 1843, but has not practised ; held the office of a Cummissioner 
of Poor Laws for some years, but resigned previous to his election for 
Cariow. Author of various essays on mathemaUcs and natural history, 
and of a political pamphlet entitled, *' What is to be done for Ireland.'* 
A Liberal ; in favour of vote by ballot and of '* complete equality for all 
religious denominations.'' Was an unsuccessftal candidate for Sligo bor. 
in July, 1848 ; first returned for Carlow co. in July, 1862.— 18, GeUe-si., 
LineoMs'inn-Jieldt ; Oxford and Cambridgo Clubs Slafford-st. 
Club I 86, St. Step/ten's Green, Dublin. 

Bankes, Riglit Hon. George. (Dorsetsh.) 

Second s. of Henry Bankes, esq., of Kingston Hall, Dorset (who had 

been a Member of the House of Commons fur upwards of half a century), 

by the d. of William Woodley, esq., governor of the Leeward Islandn. 

M. Georgina Charlotte, d. and heir of Sir Charles E.Nugent, Admiral of 

the Fleet. Called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn. 1818. Was appointed n 

commissioner of bankrupts in 1822, and aflerwards Cursitor- Baron of the 

xchequer; is Chairman of Dorsetsh. Sessions; Recorder of Weymouth. 

u Secretary to the Board of C<mtroui from May. 1889, till Feb. 188u, 

I Judge Advocate General from March to Dee. 1862. A OonserratlTC { 

ed for agricultural protection, 1846, and for inquiry into Maynooth 


1858. Sat for Corfe Cutle ftnm 1816 to 1888; nnmiccessftdly oonteated 
the Uoiversity of Cambridge in 1829. First returned for the co. is 1841. 
—6, Old Palace Yard; Carlton; Uttited University t Studland 
MattoTf fVdreham, Doraetfh, t Bast Sheen^ Surrey. 

Baring, Right Hon. Sir Francis Thornhill, bart. 


S. of the late Sir Thoa. Baring (Sndbart.), by the d. of Charles Seal j, esq., 
of Calcutta. B. 1796; m. 1st, 1825, d. of Sir O. Grey, bt.; 2ndly, 1841, 
d. of Ist Earl of Efflngham. Educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where 
he obtained a double first class, 1817, and graduated M.A., 1881. Called 
to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1823. Was a Lord of the Treasury from 
1880 till June 1884; one of the joint secretaries of the Treasury from 
June to Not., 1834, and from April, 1885, till 1889; was Chancellor of 
the Exchequer from 1889 till 1841, and 1st Lord of the Admiralty from 
Jan., 1849, till March, 1852. A Liberal ; Toted against the ballot 1853. 
Has sat for Portsmouth since 1826.— 6, Belgrave.»q.i Alhenmumi 
United Univereity and Riform Clubs; Manor House, Lee, Kent, 

Baring, Henry Bingham. {Marlborough) 

Eld. 8. of the late Henry Baring, esq., by his first wife, 8nd d. of Wil- 
liam Bingham, esq., of Philadelphia. B. 1804 1 m. 1st, 1827, Lady An- 
gttsta, 5lh d. of the 6th Earl of Cardigan, she died Jan., 1858; 2ndly, 
1854, Mademoiselle Marie de MartinoflT. Educated at Christ Church, 
Oxft>id ; graduated B. A., 1826. An East India proprietor. Was a Lord 
of the Treasury firom Sept., 1841, tUl July, 1846. A ConservatiTe, bat 
in feTonr of free trade. Sat for Calllngton in the Parliament of 1881. 
Has sat fbr Marlborough slnoc 1888.— 23, Eatwrsq.t Carlton; Atht' 

Baring, Hon. Francis. {Thet/ord) 

Second s. of 1st Lord Ashburton, by the eld. d. of William Bingham, 
esq., of Philadelphia. B. 18U0; m. 1833, Madlle Claire Hortense, d. Qf 
the Duke of Bassano (in France). A Coneervative. Voted against the 
repeal of the malt-tax in 1835, and in the minority of 63 who cen- 
sured free trade, Nor. 1852: represented Thet lord from 1838 till 1841; 
again elected without opposition, Aug. 1848^16, Pall Malt. 

Baring, Thomas. {Huntingdon) 

Seconds, of Sir Thomas Baring (2nd bkrt.), and nephew of 1st Lord 
Ashburton. B.1800. A Dep.-Lieat. of London. A ConservatiTe: TOted 
for agricultural protection, 1846, and is in farourof relief being afibrded 
to the agriculturists; is opposed to the endowment of the Roman Ca- 
tholic Church. Was an unsnccessAil candidate for Yarmouth in 1888, 
and for London in 1848. Ha« vat tot Huntingdon since April, 1844.- 
41, Upper Groav0nor-st. 


Barnes, Thomas. {Bolton) 

8. of Jamea Roth well Bames, esq., • nagistTHte for Lancashire. B. at 
FUnworth, near Bolton, 1818 ; unm. A merchant and manafacturer of 
cotton fabrics ; Chairman of the I/ancashire and Yorkshire Railway. A 
Liberal; in favoar of an ezteniicm of the aufirage, triennial parliaments, 
and Tote by ballot ; opposed to all grants of pabUc money to reli^oas 
bot'ies. First returned for Bolton in Joly, vmt.—Famwortht ttear 

Barrington, Visct. (Berkshire) 

A Peer of Treland. B. 1793 ; m. 18S8, the Hon. Jane Blixabetli, 
4th d. of Ist Lord Ravensworth (she was for some years a lady of the 
bedchamber to the late Qaeen Dowager). Edacaied at Christ Church, 
Oxford; graduated B.A. 1814. A ConserratiTe; voted for agricaltmal 
protection, 1846 ; and for the endowment of Maynooth, bat is now 
unfaTonrable to that measure, and voted for inquiry into that College 
1853. Has sat for Berks since 1837.— 20, CavtruUsh-sq. ; Travellers' ; 
Beeketl, BerJbs. 

Barrow, William Hodgson. {Nottinghamsh. Sou(h) 
2nd s. of the late Rev. Richard Barrow by the d. of George Hodgkin- 
■on, esq.; and nephew of the late Dr. Barrow, Archdeacon of Notting- 
ham. B. at Southwell, Nottinghamsh., 1784u Practised as an attorney, 
fh>m 1806 to 1 838. Has been a magistrate for Nottinghamsh. since 1 837, 
and a Deputy Lieut, since 1864. A Cnnservatiye ; voted in the mi- 
nority of 58 who censured free trade, Nov. 1852; in favour of leUef 
being given to the agriculturists ; is opposed to concessions to the Ro- 
man Catholic Church. First returned for Nottinghamsh. South, Fleb. 
\ib\^-a&, fVestbourtuterr.i CarUon; SowthweU, NoUe. 

Bass, Michael Thomas. {Derby) 

8. of Michael Thomas Bass, esq., of Burton-on-Ttent, hnd grandson of 
William Bass, esq., both of whom carried on extensive brewing csta- 
blinhments. B, at Burtou-on-Treot, 1799; m. 1835, eld. d. of Major 
Samuel Arden, of Longeroft Hall, Staffiardsh. Educated at Burton^- 
IVent Oriunmar- School, and at Nottingham. Is a brewer and merchant 

^ Appointed Deputy-Lieut, of Stafford«h. 1852. A Liberal ; will *' con- 
tribute to the utmost of his opportunities to remove the inequalities 
and injustice of the present income tax;'* and '* is anxious to relieve 
the Dissenten ftom Church rates ;" voted for the ballot, 1858. First re- 
turned for Deiby, Aug. 1848.— 35, Chapel-et., Balgravtsq.i Rpfortn 
"tub ; Holly Bant, Uc^fitld. 

28on, Thomas. {Londonderry ^ co.) 

ad. surviving s. of Sir Robert Bateson, bt., who was M.P.for London- 

ryfrom 183U UU 1842. B.1819: m. 1849, Hon. Caroline, second d. 


of tbe4th Lord Dyn'eTor. A Capt. in the 18th Light DragooD«i retired 
oo half-pay. A dep.-lieat. for Londonderry. Was a Lord or the Tkea- 
aniy from March till Dec. 1852. A Conservatire ; voted fur agricttltoral 
protection, 1846. First returned \irithoat opposition for the co. of Lon- 
donderry in 1844, on the death of bis elder brother.— 82, Groavntorpl. ; 
Carlton t fVhiU'9: Belvoir-parJb.eo.Down; MagTurafelt.eo.Dnry. 

Beamish, Francis Bernard. (Cork, city) 

8. of William Beamish, esq., of Beaamont; near Cork, a porter-brewer 
on an extensiTe scale in Cork. B. at Beaamont, near Cork, 1802; m. 
1827, Hon. Katherine, sister of the 28th Baron Kingsale. Bducated at 
Bngby. A Liberal, and a supporter generally of the present govern- 
nent ; in fiivoar of *' an adjustment * of tenant-right in Ireland. Sat for 
Cork city from July 1837 till July 1841 ; re-«lected Ang. 1858.— A^orm 
Club I GrenviUe House, Cork, Ireland. 

Beaumont, Went worth Blackett. (Northumberland,So\ith) 
8. of the late Thmnas Wentworth Beaumont, esq. (who was M.P. for 
Nortbumberiand from 1818 to 1837), by Henrietta Jane Emma, d. of 
J. Atkinson, esq., of Maple Hayes, Stafiiirdsb. B. at Hampstead, Mid- 
dlesex, 1829; unm. Educated at Harrow and at Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge. Patron of 7 livings. Appointed Deputy Lieut, of Norrhnmbtf- 
land, 1862. A Liberal and Fkee Traders considers *' that the interests of 
the producer and consumer of com are not at variance ;" will support 
** extended education and all sabitary reforms within the limits of the 
oanstifntion;" voted against the ballot, 1868. First returned for North- 
nmberlsind. South, in July, 1852.— 26, St. JamesU-pl.,' fVhite'e i 
Boodle' at Brookee*8; Oj^ord and Cambridge Clubt Bywett Hall, 
Netoeattle-on-Tynei BreUon Hall, fVak^field. 

Beckett, William. {Ripon) 

8; of Sir John Beckett, 1st bart., by the d. of Bishop (Wilson) of 
Bristol B. at Leeds 1784) m. sisterof H. C. M. Ingram, esq. Is a ban- 
Jeer ; a Magistrate of the West Riding { and a Lieat.-Col. of the Yorkshire 
Hossars. A Conservative; but in favour of free trade. Sat for Leeds 
from 1841 till July, 1862, when he was elected (or Ripon —18, Upper 
Brook-etreet; Carlton s Union i Kirketall Grange, Yorkshire. 

Bective, Earl of. (Westmoreland) 

Eld. s. of the Marq. of Headfort. B. in Cadogan-pl. 1822; m. 1842, 
only d. and heir of the late William Thompson, esq., an alderman of 
London, who sat in Parliament unintermptedly from 1826 till his death 
In 1864. Appointed SUte Steward to the Lord-Lieut, of Ireland, 1862' 
was High Sheriff of Meath. 1844. A Conservative. First elected for- 
WeitnwcelaBd, on the death of his &ther-in-bw, April, 1864, vithont 
oppositioiu— irea4ror< House, Meath, 


Bell, Jamet. (Guildford) 

Yoanger s. of the late Mr. John Ben, of 838, Oxford-st., chemist, and 
of Wandsworth, Surrey. Bro. of Jacob Bell, esq., whose election for 
St. A1ban*s in Dec. 1890, led to the disfranchisement of that bmrongh by 
Act of Parliament in 18R2. B. 1818. Educated as an architect. A 
Liberal ; iofhTunrnf an extension of thesafiVagre, and vote by ballot; op- 
posed to all religions endowments by the State, but against singling out 
the grant to Maynooth tor especial attack, vhile other endowments are 
left untouched. First returned (or Guildlbrd, July, 1852.— 1, Dtvon- 
thirtpL, Portland-pi, 

Belle w, Thomas. {Galway, co.) 

Second s. of Sir Michael Dillon Bellew, bart.,by Helena, d. of Thomas 
Dillon, esq., of Dublin. A Liberal; ** will oppose any government that 
iftiU not bring forward, as a cabinet measure, the appropriatioD of the 
Church temporalities to their primitive purposes.** PStst returned for 
Oalway co. in July, 1832.— ifotm/ Belleto, Duleet, oo. Galwa§f. 

Benbow, John. (Dudley) 

M. Eliza, d. of , who died Nov. 1825. Pormerly a solicitor, bat 

retired many years aRO. fs trustee and auditor for Lord Ward, &c. 
Director of the Northwestern, and the Shrewsbury and Birmingham 
Railways. A Conservative; formerly in favour of free trade, bat voted 
for a return to agricultural protection, 1850; will not now, however, 
advocate the reimposition of a duty on com; against the endowment of 
the Roman Catholic Clergy. First returned for Dudley in 1844, on the 
retirement of Mr. Hawkts.— 28, MeeJtlenburffh-square / Carltont 

Bennet, Philip, jun. (Suffolk, West) 

S. of PhUip Bennet, esq. of Rongham-Old-Hall, Suffolk, and TolIes> 
bury, Essex, by the d. and sole heir of the Rev. R. Kedington (a mem- 
ber of one of the oldest families in Suffolk). B. 17tf5 at Widcomb, near 
Bath, which place Mr. Bennet's grandfather represented in Parliament. 
M. in 1822 d. and co-heir of Sir Thos. Pilkington, bart. of Chevct, 
Yorkshire. Was educated at Bury St. Edmund's, and Emmanuel 0(41. 
Qambrid^'e, where in 1822 he took the degree of M. A., having gained the 
classical prizes of bis College two years in succession. Has been for 30 
years Capt. of the West Suffolk Yeomanry ; is a Magistrate, and Dep.- 
Lieut, of the co. of Suffolk. Patron of 1 liv ing. Of Conservative prin- 
"iples, " particularly attached to the Church, and in fkvour of prutec- 
»n to agricultuie.*' Contested Bury St. Edmund's at the general election 
1832, but was defeated by one vote. First returned for West Suffolk in 
16 without opposition.— 2, Jamet-at. Pimlieo ; Carlton f National i 
Hffham Ballt Bury St. Edmund'a, St^lf^ 


Bentinck, George William Pierreponti (Norfolk, West) 
Eld. s. of the late Vice Admiral WUIiam Bentinck (representative of a 
Janior tnnch of the Dake of Portland's fiimUjr), by the only d. of the 
1st Earl Manvers (snbiteqiieutly wife of Henry William Stepheni, esq.). 
B. in Poitman.sq., 18U8| num. A ConserTatire ; voted in the mino- 
rity of &3 who censured free trade, Nov. 1852, and for inquiry into May- 
nooth 185& Was an ansaocessfld candidate for Kendal in Feb. 1843. 
Fintt retarned for Norfolk, West, in July, I86i.- 4Aa, 3ot* t Ter- 
riitgtoti St. Clement, Lffitn, Norfolk, 

Bentinck, Lord Henry William Scott. {Nottinghamsh, 

8. of the 4th 1>nke of Portland, by the eldest d. and co-heir of the late 
Maj.-Gen. John Scott, of Balcomie, Fifeshire. B. 1804. Educated at 
Christ Church, Oxon i where he was 2nd class in classics in 18S6. A 
Conservative and Protectionist ; " believes that the rdmpoaition of a 
moderate duty on foreign grain is a policy to which the country will 
erentually recur." First elected for North Notts, March, 1840.— 19, 
Cavendishtq.; fVelbecJb Abbey, NoUs. 

Beresford, Right Hon. William. (Essex, North) 

Only K. of the late Marcus Berenford, esq., by the d. of Ist Earl of Mill- 
town I is therefore cousin to the Marq. of Waterford. B. 1798 ; m. in 
J884, d. of G. R. Heneage,e8q.,of Hainton Hall, Lincolnsh. Educated 
at St. Mary's Hall, Oxford, where he was second class ; graduated B. A. 
1819, M.A. 1824. Formerly a Major in the army, and served 11 yearsin ^ 
the 9th and in the 12th Lancers. Was Secretary al War from March 
to Dec. 1852. A Conservative ; voted for agricultural protection 1846. 
Contested Waterford unsuccessfully in 1887; sat for Harwich from 1841 
to 1847, when he was returned for Essex, North.— 8, Kingat,, St. 
James's t Carlton i Travellers'; El^ld, Ojtfordsh. 

Berkeley, Charles Lennox Grenville. (Evesham) 
* Seconds, of the late Admiral the Hon. Sir George Berkeley, O.C.B., by 
the d. of Lord George Lennox ; is therefore bro. to Sir George Berkeley, 
K.C.B'. B. in London 180A: m. 1827, Aagusta Elizabeth, dau. of J. H. 
Leigh, esq., of Stoneleigh Abbey, and sister to Ist Lord Leigh. For« 
merly a Capt. in the 52nd Light Infantry. Appointed Secretary to the 
Poor Law Board, Dec. 1852. A Liberal ; in fH vour of the ballot, opposed 
to the endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy. Unsuooes-tfully con- 
tested Gloucestenh. West at the general election 1847; sat for Cbelten- 
ham f^om August, 1848 , tillJuly, 1852, when he was elected for Evesham. 
—7, fViUon-crese.j Travellers'. 

Berkeley, Francis Henry Fitz-Hardinge. (Bristol) 

Fourth son of the 6th Earl Berkeley. Bro. of Earl Fita-Hardinge. B. 


7th Decenber. 1794. A Liberal. Hw Mt for Brlvlol ilnoe 1837.^1, 
VietoriOraq.^ Pimlieo. 

Berkeley, Hon. Craven Fitz-Hardinge. {Cheltenham) 
Youngest s. of the 6th Bail Beikcley, and bro. of Bui Pit s-Hanlingr. B. 
1806; m. 1st, 1839, the Hon.Mra. Talbut (dead): Sndly, 1845, Charlotte, 
4th d. of the late Gen. Den ail Onslow, of Staug^ton Hoase, Huntingdon, 
fchlie, and widow of the late Geo. Newton, eaq., ol Croxtoo Park, Cam- 
tpridge. A Kefomier, and in IhToar of an extension of the aafinge, 
short parliam<rnta, aad the ballot : opposed to the Mayoooth grant. Bat 
for Cheltenham from 1832 till July, 1847 ; re.dected June, 1848, biu un- 
seated on petition August following, again retnraed July, 1862.— 33, 
dV. Janus' pt, I Brookes* s. 

Berkeley, Maurice Frederick Fit8-Hardinge,C.B. (Glou" 
cester, city) 

Second s. of the 6th Earl Berkeley, and next bro. to Earl Pitz-Hardinge; 
b. 1788 ; m. in 1823, Lady Charlotte, 6th d. of the4th Duke of Richmond 
(dead) ; 2ndly, 1834, Lady Charlotte, 3rd d. of 1st Earl of Ducie. Became 
Rear- Admiral of the Red, May, 1854; commanded the Thunderer at 
the capture of St. Jean d'Acre. Was a Lord of the Admiralty from 
April, 1833. to Dec. 1834 ; and from July, 1846, to March, 1852; re- 
appointed Dec. following, salary jf 1000. A Liberal. Sat for Gionces- 
ter fh>m Dec. 1832 till April, 1833; re-elected in 1836 1 was an ansae- 
cessfal candidate at the election in 1887 s again returned in 1841.— 
AdtnircUty; Reform; Berkeley Lodge^ Fishboume, Chioheeter, 

Berkeley, Sir George Henry Frederick, K.C.B. {De- 
Eld. s. of the late Admiral the Hon. Sir Gevge Cranfield Berkeley, 

• O.C.B. (next bro. to the Sth Earl Berkeley), by the d. of Lord George 
Lennox. B. 1785; m. 1816, Lucy, eld. d. and co-heir oi the late Sir 
Thomas Sutton, Bart. Entered the army as Cornet Royal Horse Guards 
Blue in 1802; served subs«^aently in Sicily and Egypt with the 85th 
foot : receiTed a cross and 3 cUsps for his services as Assistant Adjutant 
General at Bnsaco, Fuentes d'Oaor, Badajos, Salamanca, Vittoria, St. 
Sebastian, and Nive; was at Waterloo, and has received several fureiga 
Orders of Knighthood, together with the Order of K.C.B. for his conduct 
there; became Col. of the 36th foot in 1846; Gen. in the army, 1854. 
Was Surveyor-General of the Ordnance, from June till Dec. 1862. A Con- 
servative; " will not support the re-imposition of a duty on corn, bat will 
vote for a revision of taxation to relieve the agricultural interest;" in 
favour of inquiry respecting Maynooth. Pirst returned fin: Devonport, 
iuly, 18&2.->22, Queenst., Mayfair. 

srnard, Visct. (Bandon) 
Bid. s. of the Earl of Bandon. B. in Orosvenor st. 1810 ; m. 1883 eld. 


d. of ThoBiM Wbitmore. enq., ofApley, Salop. Gradaated at (Oriel CJoll.) 
Oxford, M.A. 1834. A Conservative and Protectionist. First returned 
tor Bandon in Feb. 1812.— 40, Loumdes-sq. j Carlton; Bernard 
Castle, to. Cork. 

Bethell, Sir Richard, {/lyleshury) 

S ofRicfanrdBethell, esq., M.D., and descended ftx)m the old Welsh 
family of Ap Ithell. B. 1800; m. 1825, Ellinor Mary, d. of Robert 
Abraham, esq. Was a fellow of Wadham College, Oxford, where he 
-was first class in classics,, and second class in mathematics, 1818 
(having graduated B.A. before the age of righteen). Was Called to 
the bar at the Middle Temple Nor. 1823 ; made a Qneen's Connsel 1840 ; 
appointed Solicitor- Gen. Dec. 1852. Is Vice.Chancellor of the Connty 
Pnlatine of Lancaster, and Cimnsel to the University of Oxford. A 
liiberal, in favour of the ballot. First returned for Ayleslmry, April 
1851.— 25, Gloutester-sq., Hyde Part j i.Stotie Buildings , Lincoln's 
Inn; Brookes' s Club. 

Biddulph, Robert Myddelton-. (Denbighshire) 

Eld. s. of Robert Biddolph, esq., of Ledbury, Herefordsh., and Coflon 
Han, Worcester^b. (who assumed the name of Myddelton), by Charlotte, 
ekl. d. of Richard Myddelton, esq., of Chirk Castle, Denbighsh. B. in 
Manche5ter-sq. 1805; m. 1832 Fanny, 2nd d. of William Mostyn Owen, 
esq., of Woodhouse, Sa'op. Educated at Eton and at Christ Church, Ox- 
ford. Lord-tieut. jmd Cnstos Rot. of Denbigh^h. Col. of the Denbighsh. 
Militia; patron of 1 living. A Liberal ; voted for the ballot 1853. Sat 
for Denbigh borongh in 1830 and 1831. and for Denbighshire from 1833 
to 1885 : was an unsnccessful candidate for that co. in Jan. 1835, and 
July, 1841, but regained his seat in July, l%h2.—Brookes's ; Arthur's t 
CMrk Castle, Denbighsh; Burg hilt House, Herrfordeh. 

Biggs, William. (Newport, Isle of Wight) Leicester, 1805 : m. 1837,yonnge8td.of the late John Worthing- 
ton, esq. A magistrate, town councillor, and alderman of Leicester ; waf 
mayor of that town in 1842-3, and for the second time in 1848-9. A 
Radical Reformer, opposed to all grants from the State for ecclesiastical 
purposes ; yoted for the ballot 1853. First returned for Newport in July« 
Iib2.—Highfield House, Leicester. 

Blackett, John Fen wick Durgoyne. (Newcasile-on-Tyne) 
Eld. 8. of Christopher Blackett, esq., of Wylam Hall, Northumberland 
(who was M.P. for the southern division of that co., from 1837 to 1841), 
byElizabelh, youngest d., and co-heb- of the late Montagu Bnrgoyne, 
esq., of Marie Hall, Essex. B. in London, 1821 ; unmarried. Educated 
at Harrow and at Christ Church, Oxford, where he was 2nd class in clas- 
sics, 1841, and was elected feUow of Merton. Author of some articles in 


the BdiabwKh Renew. A Liberal ; in fltronr of ** • vigorovs measure ' 
of parliamentary refiDrm,* an extension of the saSngt, short p«Tlia< 
ments, and rote by ballot ; will not pled|^ himself to vote against the 
Maynooth grant. First returned for NewcastIe-on.Tyne, in July, 1852. 
—lOt Eatoti-pl., fVett; Brookes'*: Athenceum; A^red ; ^fVylam 
Hall, n*ar Netoccutle on-Tyne. 

Blake, Martin Joseph. (Galwat/t bor.) 

Is representative of the Blakes of. Ballyglunin, firom which also 
sprang the Blakes, baronets, of Langham, Suffolk. A Repealer; in 
favour of rote by ballot and of remoTing the Bishops from the House of 
Lords. Was an nnsuocessfhl candidate at the general election in 1882 ; , 
but on petition superseded Mr. M'Lachlan in 1888, since which period 
he has continued to represent Galway.^/?4A>rm Club ; BaUyglunin 
Park, Athenry, 

Bland, Loftus Henry. (King*s County) 

8. of the late John Bland, esq. (descended firom General Hamphrey 
Bland, who was governor of Gibraltar and commander-in-chief in Soot- 
land, temp. Anne and George I.}» by Elizabeth, d. of— Birch, esq. B. 
at Blandsfort, Queen's Co., 1805 ; m .1st, 1840, Charlotte Elizabeth, 2nd 
d. of the late General the Hon. Arthur Grove Annesley (she died 1842J ; 
2ndly, Annie, d. of John P. Hackett, esq., of Stratfnrd-place. London. 
Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. 1823, 
MA. 1828. Was nailed to the bar in Ireland, 1831, and made t 
Qoeen*8 Counsel there, 1854. A Liberal; ^a friend of prugressive 
legislation, reform of the representative system, a modified tenant 
right, civil liberty and religions equality;" voted for the ballot 1863. 
First returned for King's Co. in July, 1852.— 0«/ortf and CambHdgt 
Clubi 88, Merrion-eq., North, Ditblini Bland^ort, Queen*s Co, 
Blandford, Marq. of. {Woodstock) 

Eld. s. of the Duke of Marlborough. B. at Garboldisham Hall, 1822; 
m. 1843, Lady Frances Anne Emily, eld. d. of the Srd Marq. of Lon- 
donderry. Educated at Oriel Coll., Oxford A Depnty-Lieut. of Ox- 
fordsh. ; appointed Lieut, of the 1st Yeomanry Cavalry in that co. I84S. 
A Conservative. First elected for Woodetodc in April, 1844 ; took the 
Chiltern Hundreds in April, 1845, in consequence of having supported 
Sir R. Peel's free trade measures without the concurrence of the Duke 
of Marlborough, whose influence at Woodstock is paramount. Was 
again returned for that borough, however, without opposition in 1847. 
Stood an unsucoessfhl contest for Middlesex in July, 1852, but tookhii 
seat for Woodstock.— 86, Lower Brook-tt.s Carlton t Blenheim 
House, Oitfordsh. 
Boldero, Henry George. {Chippenham) 

8. of thelate Rev. J. Boldero,of Ampton, Sullblk, who was of an oU 


fftmily in the county. M. Mary, d.^of the late J.Neeld, eaq., of Oloa- 
eester-place. Entered the Royal Engineer! at lient. 1814; became a 
capt. 1827; retired 1830. Was clerk of the Ordnance ftom 1841 till 1846. 
Was presented with a silver cup by his oonstitaents for his suooeiisftU 
exerti^s in 1882 to preserve two members to Chippenham. A Con- 
servative; voted for MgricuUnral protection, 1846; will " oiR;r a steady 
resistance to the encroachments of Poperj." Sat for Chippenham in 
1831, and since 1835.— 11, GrttU Ryderst.t Carlton s Hurst Groves 
Maidenhead, Berks. 

Booker, Thomas William. {Herefordsh.) 

Eld. surviving s. of the late Rev. Lnke Booker, LL.D., by the d. of the 
late Thomas Blakemore, Esq., of The Leys, Monmonthsh. B. 1801 ; m. 
1824, Jane, only d. of the late John Coghlan, Esq. Educated at Hartle- 
bory, Wurcestersh. Was High Sheriff of Glamorgansh. in 1848. Ap- 
pointed depnty-lieut. for Herefordshire 1853. Aatbor of a " Treatise on 
the Mineral Basin of South Wales," also a " Letter to the People on the 
Revenues of the Church." A Conservative and Protectionist ; voted ^ 
in the minority of 63 who censured free trade, Nov. 1852 ; is in favour 
of a repeal of the duty on malt; thinks the State should supply *a 
sound religions education to all denominations of Christians.* First 
returned for Herefordsh. Sept. 1850, without opposition.— 15, R^ent- 
street i Carlton: Parthenon Club ; yelindra House t Glamorgansh,; 
The Leys, Hertfordsh. 

Booth, Sir Robert Gore, Bart. {SUgo, co.) 

Eld. s. of the late Sir Robert Newcomen Gore Booth, Srd Bart, (who 
assumed the name of Booth), by the d. of Henry Irvine, Esq. of Streams- 
town, Sligo. B. at Bath, 1805 ; m. 1st, 1827, Hon. Caroline, 2nd d. of 1st 
Visct. Lorton (she died 1828); 2ndly, 1830, Caroline, 2nd d. of Thomas 
Ooold, esq.. Master in Chancery (Ireland). Educated at Westminster 
and at Queen's Coll. Cambridge, where he graduated M.A. 1826 ; was 
subsequently transferred ad eundem to Dublin. A Magistrate for Sligo ; 
appointed a Depnty-Lieut. of Sligo, 1841. Patron of 2 livings. A Con- 
servative and Protectionist! opposed to the endowment of the Roman 
Catholic Clergy. First returned for the co. of Sligo March, 1850, without 
opposition.— 44, EatonpL; Carlton Club ; Lissadel and Earlsfield, 
CO. Stiff 0. 

Bouverle, Hon. Edward Pleydell. (Kilmarnock) 

2nd s. of the Srd Earl of Radnor, by the Srdd. of the late Sir Henry 
P. St. John Mildmay, hart. ; b. 1818 1 m. in 1842, Elizabeth, young- 
est d. of the late Gen. Balfour, of Balbemie, Fife. Was educated at 
Harrow, and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge. Was Under Secretary for the 
Home Department ftom July, 1850, UU March, 1852. Elected chair- 
man of committees of the whole House .April, 1858. A Liberal. I& i 


tkwtmr of the tallot; voted for inqvirj into Maynoofh 1858. First re- 
timed fur Kilmaniock 1844^-44, PTMon-ertsMnl i Reform Chib, 

Bowyer, Oeorj^e. (Dundalk) 

Eld. s. of Sir George Bowyer, bart., of Radley Parte, Berks* by Aiiiie 
Hammond, d. of CMpt. Sir Andrew Snape Dcmglas. B. at Radley 
Park, 1811. Received the honorary degree of M.A. at Oxford in 1839^ 
and that of DC L. in 1848. Waa callAl to the bar at the Middle 
Temple 1839, and appointed to the office of Reader there in 1850. A 
magistrate, nnd deputy-Iitnf. of Berks. Aathor of ■ A Dissertation on 
the Statntes of the Italian Cities;* * Commentaries on the Constitu- 
tional Law of England;* "Cammeataries on the Modem Civil Law;* 
*' The Archbishop of Westminster and the New Hierarchy/* Src. A 
Liberal ; in favour of vote l>y ballot, tenant-right, the " freediom of the 
Roman Catholic Church, and the rights of its bishoits and dergy.'* Was 
an nnsncc«ssAiI candidate far Reading in July, 1849. First Tctamed fer 
Dnndalk in Inly, 1852.— 18. King's Bench fValk, Templet Alfred, 
P^ortn, and Stafford-at. Clubs t Radley Park^ near Abinffdcn, 

Brady, John. {Leitritn) 

8.. of Tobias Brady, esq. B. in Cavan, 1812 ; m. 1847, Sarah , d. of the 
late John Rayner, esq., of Ely. Educated at Clones grammar-school i 
admitted a licentiate of the Apothecaries Society in 1838, and a memtier of 
the College of Surgeons in 1840. A Liberal t in fiivoor of tenant right ; 
v.tcd for the ballot, 1853. First returned for Lcltrim, July, 1852.— 1, 
fVanoipk-ttrr., Belgrave-rd. ; 88, Blackfriara-roatd t tSlfft SnffoUt. 

Bramston, Thomas William. (£Mex> South) 

Eld. s. of the late Thos. Gardiner Bramston, esq., of Skreens, Essex, 
by the d. of William Blannw, esq., of Queen Anne-st., London. 
B. 1796; m. 1830, Eltxa, 5fh d. and oo-heir of Adm. Sir Eliab 
Harvey, G.C.B.. of Rolls Park, Essex, who represented that county for 
■early thirty years. Graduated at (All Souls' Co'l.) Oxford, B.A. 1819, 
M. A. 1828. ADep.-Lieut. of Essex. Is patron of 2 livings. A Con- 
servative t voted for agricultural protection, 184At but, a reimposition of 
duty upon com being now "impracticable," will support ''remedial 
measures;" will vote for " a foir and impartial inquiry into the conduct 
of Maynooth College." Opposed to the appointment of bishops by the 
crown and to the sale of livings. Has sat for South Essex since 1836. 
—15, Jermyti-st ; Carlton; Skreens, Essex. 

"^"and, lion. Henry Bouverie William. {Lewes) 

Second s.of the 20ili Baron Dacre by the 2nd d. of the late Hon and Very 
Bv. Maurice Crosbie, Dean of Limerick. Is bro. and heir presumptive 
£aron Dacre. B. 1814; m. 1888,Bliia,d. of Lieut.-Gen. Robert BlUce. 


Wu prirate Secretary to Sir George Grey. Appointed a Ileptt*7neat. 
of SuMex, 186S. A Liberal; considers " the snlfrage the foandatioo of 
the OoDrtitotion, and would like to see that foandation widened," but 
is *' averse to large organic changes." First retnrned for Lewes ia 
July, n62.—Brooiet'9t Glynde-pl^ Lewea, Sus99*. 

Bright, John. {Manchester) 

8. of Jacob Bright, esq. of Greenbank, near Rochdale. B. 1811 \ m. 1st, 
in 1839, Elisabeth, eld d. of Jonathan Prie^tulan, esq. of Newcastle-on- 
Tyne(shedied I841);2ndly, 1847,Margaret Elizabfth, eld. d.of WmLea- 
tham, esq., of Wakefitrld, Yorksb. Is a cotton-spinner and mannfactnrer 
in Rochdale ; being a partner in the firm of John Bright and Brothers, of 
Rodidale. In favour of free trade ; and previous to his election was 
chiefly known as an active member of theanticnm law league i Toted 
ft>r the ballot 18^3. Unsuccessfully contested Durham citj in April ISIS. 
Again stood for Durham in July, 1843, when he was returned, and con- 
tinned to sit for that city till July. 1 847. The expenses of both contests, 
and of the petition, were defrayed by a subscription amongst the friends 
of the anti-corn-Iaw league. First returned for Manchester, 1847.— 
40, Gtoucegter-ier., Hydepk,; One Ash, RoehdcUe. 

Brocklehurst, John, jun. (Maccle^eld) 

Second s. of the late John Brocklehurst, esq. of Jordan Gate, Mac- 
clesfield ; m. in 1812, the 2nd d. of — Ooare, esq. of Islington (she 
died 1848). A silk manufacturer and banker, in partnership with his 
brothers, at Macclesfield. A Reformer ; voted a^'ainst the corn laws, 
bat is in favour of protection for the silk trade, and uf reTenne being 
raised from foreign articles of luxury t in favour of short Parliaments, 
the ballot, and of admitting Dissenters to the Universities ; voted for in 
qpiiry into Maynooth 1858. First elected for MaoclesSeld in 1882.— 88, 
Milk-U. t R^ormi HurdtJitM House, Maeclesjuld, Chesk. 

Brockman, Edward Drake. (Hythe) 

Fifth s. of the late James Drake-Brockman, esq., of Beachborongh, 
Kent, by the d. of the Rer. William Tatton, D.D., Pn;bendary of Can- 
tertmry. Was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1810. la 
Recorder of Folkestone. A Liberal ; roted for the ballot 18S3. First 
returned in 1847 for Hythe, in the neighbourhood of which his family 
have long been resident. — rA« Paddock, Hjfthei Boaehborouffh, 
Kent t R^ortn Club. 

Brotherton, Joseph. (Salfcrd) 

A retired cotton and silk manufiicturcr. A Liberal i TOted for the 
ballot, 1858. Mas sat for the borough since 1832.-7, ManelUtttr 
BnUdingat Rtformt Rmo BUI, PendUiont Sa^ord. 



Brown, Humphrey. ( Tewkesbury) 

8. of Hnnpbrry Brown, eaq.fOf Tewknbary, a mrrchint and extensire 
carrier. B. it Te wkesbary 1803 ; m. 1834, d. of Charles Edward Chand- 
ler, eaq., late of Tewkeebory. Wai formerly a merchant and carrier at 
Tfwkesbory; wai an actire promoter of the Birmingham and Glonoester 
Railway; is well known as a Railway statist and traffic taker. A 
Liberal, and a supporter of "free trade principles in the fblle^t sense;" 
opposed to all religious endowments. Pirst returned for Tewkesbury 
in 1847, without opposition.— 2, Little Smith st., fVeatmifuter; 

Brown, Willtani. (Laneash, South) 

8. of the late Alex. Brown of Baltimore, United States, B. at Bally- 
mena, co. Antrim, 1784; m. 1810, d. of Andrew Gihon, esq., of Bally- 
mena ; educated at Caterlck, Yorksh. Senior partner in the firm of 
Brown, Shipley, and Co. A magistrate for Lirerpool ; a Depnty-Ueut. 
and magistrate for Lancash. A Liberal; voted for the ballot J 853. Is 
author of Letters ad?ocating Commercial Preedom. Unsucoessfiilly con- 
tested Lancash. in 1844, first returned without opposition, 1845.— 
Fenton's Hotel, St.Jamert-st.; Richnumd Hill, near Liverpool. 

Bruce, Charles Lennox Cumming. (Eiginsh. &c.) 

2nd son of Sir A. P. Gordon Cumming (1st bart.), by the d. of Sir 
James Grant, of Grant. B. 1700 ; m. in 1820 grandd. of James Bruce, the 
Abyssinian traveller. A Dep.-Lient. of Elginsb. Was one of the joiDt 
secretaries to the Board of Controul ftom March till Dec. 1852. A Ctto- 
serrative ; Toted for agricultural protection 1846, and for inquiry into 
Maynooth 1858 ; will suppcnrt " the Reformed Protestant religion ;* and 
is in faTonr of national education on a religious basis. Sat for Inver- 
ness Dist. far several years before the Reform Act, and from 18S3 till 
1837. Pirst returned for the co. in 1840.-C7ar/lon; United Serifiee: 
Dtmphail, Elgineh.t Kinnairdt Stirlingeh. 

Bruce, Henry Austin. (Merthyr Tydvil) 

Seconds, of John Bruce- Pryce, esq., of Dufl^n-St.-Nicholas, Glamor- 
gansh. (who assumed in 1805 the name of Bruce in lien of his patro- 
iiymic Knight, and that of Pryoe in 1837), by Satah, 2nd dan. of Rev. 
Hugh W. Austin, rector of St. Peter's, in Barbados. Is nephew to Lord 
Justice Knight- Bruce. B. at DufRyu, Aberdare, Glamorgansh. 1815 ; m. 
1st, 1846, Annabella, only d. of Richard Bradon, esq., of Clifton (she died 
Jalyl852;: 2ndly, 1854, Norah, youngest d.orLieut..Gen.8ir WiUiun 
Napier,K.C.B. Called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1837, but withdrew fh>m 
practice in 1843. Is author of several pamphlets and lectures on ** The 
social condition of the manufacturing districts in South Wales." Ap- 
pointed police magistrate of Merthyr Tydvil and Aberdare, May 1847; 


resigned Dec. 1852 ; made Deputy Lieut, of Glamorgan 1847. Is depnty- 
rhainnan of Quarter Sessions, Glamorgansh. ; a director and deputy- 
chainnau of the Vale of Neath Railway. A Liberal Conserrative ; op- 
posed to the withdrawal of the Maynooth grant ; in favour of a limited 
extension of the franchise, and opposed to the ballot. First returned 
for Merthyr TydTil Dec. 1852» without opposition.— .<4/A«fi<vui» ; 
Duffryn^ jiberdaref Glamorgansh. 

Bruce, Right Hon. Lord Ernest Augustus Charles 
Brudenell. {Marlborough) 

Snd s. of the Ist Marq. of Ailesbury. B. at Warren's Hotel, St. 
Jaraes's-sq., 1811 ; m. 1834, Hon. Louisa, 2nd d.of Lord Decies. Edu- 
cated at Tlinity Coll., Cambridge, where he graduated M.A. 1831. Was 
Tice Chamberlain to the Queen from Sept. 1841 till July, 1846; re- 
nppointed Dec. 1852. A Cornet in the Royal Wilts Yeomanryi ap- 
pointed a Deputy-Lieut, of Wilts 1852, and a mngistrate for Westminster 
Nov. 1858. A Conservanve, but in &yonr of tnec trade. Has sat for 
Marlborough since 1832.— 10, I>tMfe Ayefor^s^ ; Carlton i Tottenham 
Park, fViUa. 

Buck, Lewis WilHam. (Devon^ North) 

Eld. sitrriving s. of George Stncley Buck, esq. by Martha, d. of the 
Rev. Richard Keats. M. Anne, d. of Thomas Robins, esq. Is a Dep.- 
Jjieut. of Devon. A Conservative; voted iir agricnltural protection, 
1846; la opposed to the endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy. 
Sat fbr Exeter from 1826 to 1832 ; first elected for North Devon, March 
\S90.r-l2t Norfolk-street, Pcwi-lane ; Carlton; Mortton, Dovon, 

Buckley, Edward Pery. (Salisbury) 

8. of the late Edward Pery: Buckley, esq., of Mineateed Lodge, Hants 
(many years equerry and groom of the bedchamber to George III.), by 
Iiady Georgiana, eld. d. of 2nd Earl De La Warr. B. in Audley-sq., 
London, 1796 ; m. 1828, Lady Katherine, only d of 8rd Earl of Radnor. 
Educated at Harrow School and at the Royal Military College. Entered 
the Grenadier Guards, Jtme 1812; became aMNJor Gen. in the army, Nov. 
1851 ; served in the Peninsula and at Waterloo. Was for some years 
page of honour to George III. ; and is equerry to the Queen. A magis- 
trate and deputy-lieut. of Hants. A Liberal; in favour of progress 
generally, and of parliamentary reform. First elected for 'Salisbury, 
Not. 1868, when his opponent did not persevere in polling.— 12, Sottih 
jiudlgyst.; Boodle' a i BrooJtee'e/ Senior United Service i New 
HaU, SaUshury, ff^ilte. 

Bulkeley, Sir Richard Bulkeley Williams-, bt. {Anglesea) 
8. of Sir Robert Williams (Oth'bart.). B. in the parish of Marylebone, 
London, 1801 1 m. 1st, 1828, d. of 1st Lord Dinorben ; 2ndly, 1882, d. of 
K 2 


Bir T. 8. H. Stanley, bart. ; Maumed tbe name of BnUidey in 1887. la 
■ Dep^-Lient. of Anglesea ; appoiated Lord-Lient. of Caroarronab .,1851 ; 
patron of 4 liTings. A Liberal* and a nipporter generally of Uard John 
Knaaell's policy. Sat for Beaumaris from 1880 till 1838, for Anglesen 
till 1837, for Flint dist. fkom 1841 to 1847, wben be was once more 
elcctedfor Anglesea.— 87,£a<o»t-«9.; Rrform; Baron\ HiU, Atigletea. 

Buller, Sir John BuIIer Yarde-, bart. (Devonsh. South) 
8.i>r Sir Ftancis Tardc-Bniler, by the only d. and beir of John Holliday, 
eaq., of Lincoln's Inn; grands, of Mr. Justice Bnller. B. atDilbome, 
1709: m. 18313 Eliaabeth, d. of Tbos. Wilson Fatten, esq. Gmdnated 
at Oriel Collie, Oxford, where be was Snd class in classics, 1819, 
and receired tbe bon. degree of D.C.L. 1898. A depnty-lieat. of Deron. 
Appointedoneof the Special Depntjr-Wardcais of the Stannaries, 1863. 
Patron of 2 livings. Is Lieut.-Col. oV the South I>eTon Militia. A Con- 
serTative; roted for agricaltnral protection, 1846; <qiposed to the en> 
dowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy. Contested tbe county unsnc> 
cesdfblly In 1882, but was eleitted in 1886, without opposition.— 89, 
B9tgrav9square; Carlton; United UfUvertily t Luptortf Dtvon. 

Bunbury, William Bunbury M*Clintock-. (Carlow, co.) 
Snd s. of John M'Clintock, esq. of Dnimear, co. Louth, by tlfe d. of tbe 
late William Bunbnry, esq., and sister of the late Thonuu Bnnbuy, esq., 
M,P. Afsamed the name of Baabuty in addition to his patronymic on 
tbe dratb of the latter, 1846. B. 1800; m. Pauline Caroline Diana Mary, 
and d. of Sir Jamrs M. Strange, bart., of Tynan Abbey, co. Armagh. 
Became a Commander R.N. in 1835. A ConservatiTC : in favour of ciril 
and religious liberty. Sat for Carlow co. fhim July 1846 till July 1852, 
when he was an nnimcceasftil candidate ; re-elected April 1858, without 
opposition^— 1,/MMMTafrA, Ratftviliy^ eo. Carlow, IrOand. 

Burghley, Lord. {Lincolnsh. South) 

Eld. s. of the Marq. of Exeter. B. in Connaugbt-plaee, 1886; m. 
1648, Lady Georgiana Sophia, second d. of the 2nd Earl of Longfind. 
Oradnated at St. John's Coll. Cambridge. Appointed a Deputy-Lient. of 
Morthamptonsb. 1864, and has been Lieut.-CoL of that oo. Militia nince 
1846. A Conservative and Protectionist; opposed to the endowment 
of the Roman Catholic Clergy. First returned for Lincolnsh. in 1847, 
without opposition.— 24, Brutott'St.i Carlton; Burghley House, 
Stamford, Lineolnah, 

Burke, Sir Thomas John, bart. {Galway, co.) 

EId.s.of8irJohnBuiice,bnt.. of Marble Hill, co. Galway, by tbe d. 
the Right Hon. John Calcraft. B. 1818; is unm. Was formerly a 
it. in the 1st Dragoons. A Whig. First returned for the co. of 
way, April, 1847, without opposition.— 112, yermyn-«/.; Arthur^st 
lior UnUed Service t Marble Hill, co. OcUway. 


Qurrell, Sir Charles Merrik, bart. (Shoreham) 

8. of Sir Wm. Buxrell (2nd bart.), by Sophia, d. and oo-beir of Sir 
Charles Raymond, bart., of Valentine House, Essex. B. in Golden, 
square, 1774; m. Frances, d. of the 3rd Earl of Egremont (she died 
1848). An East India Proprietor. A Deputy-Lieut, of Sussex. A Con- 
servative. Paired off in favour of the Reform Bill, but opposed several 
of its details ; is in favour of agricultural protection ; voted for in- 
quiry into Maynooth 1853. Was first elected for the borough in the 
Parliament of 18U6.— 5^ Ai'eAmoncf-/«r.; United University ; Kstiepp 
Castle, Sussex. 

Burroughes, Henry Negus. (Norfolk, East) 

Eld. s. of the late J. Burkin Bunrongbes, esq. of Burlingham, therefore- 
sentative of an ancient fiimily, by Christabel, d. and heiress of Henry 
Negus, esq., of Hoveton Hall. B. 1791 ; m. Ist, 1818, Jane Sarah, d. of 
Rev. Dixon Hoste, she died 1851; 2ndly, ]8M, Augusta Susanna, only 
surviving d. of Lieut-Gen. Proctor, of Aberavesp Hall, Montgomerysh. 
Was High Sheriff of the co. in 1817. Is a Conservative; voted for 
agrimltutral protection, 1846. Has sat for Norfolk anoe 1837.-28, 
Bttry-st. ; Burlingham Hall, Norfolk. 

Btitler, Charles Salisbury. ( Tower Hamlets) 

8. of the late John Butler, esq., who took an active part in Reform 
questions in Middlesex. M. Elisabeth, d of the late Edward Kingston, 
esq. A Magistrate for MiCdleaex, the city of Westminster, and the 
Tower Hamlets; and a Dep..Lient. of the last place. A Liberal; in 
favour of an extension of the suffrage, but opposed to annual parlia- 
ments, universal snffirage, the Maynooth grant, or the severance of 
Church and State; voted for the ballot 1858. First returned for the 
Tower Hamlets in July, 1852. —City Club ; CagenoveSfUpper Clap, 
ton, Middlesex. 

Butt, George Medd. (PTeymouth) 

8. of the late Mr. John Butt, of Sherborne, Dorset. B. at Sherborne t 
m. Frances Jane, eld. d. of the late Thomas Ffooks, esq., of Sherborne. 
After having been a pupil of the late John George, esq., of the Northern 
Circuit, practised for some years as a special pleader ; was called to the 
bar at the Inner Temple in 1830, and went the Western Circuit; was . 
made a Qneen's Omnsel in 1845 (during Lord Lyndhnrst's chaneellor- 
ship), and is also a Bencher of the Inner Temple. A Conservative ; op- 
posed to the reimposition of a duty on foreign com; voted for inquiry 
respecting Maynooth 1833 ; favours the remival of all serious blots aad 
anomalies in the representative system. Was an unsuccessful candidate 
for Weymouth in July, 1847, losingonly by three votes; first retained 
at the liead of the poll in July , 1852.— 17, Eaton-sq.s CarU^n, 


Maria, yoangest d. of Ckofge Thomas NichoUon, esq., of Waverlcy 
Abbey, Sumrj. Educated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge. A Ma^Mrate 
for Hants. Appointed Dep.-Lirat. of Hants 1848. A Uberal. Fir>t 
returned for Winchester in 1847.— 20, Neio-st^ Spring Gardens; 
jtt/untmum, Brookes'^, and R^orm Cluba; Peter^eld, Hants. 

Castlerosse, Viscount. (Kerry) 

Only s. of the 8rd Earl of Kenmare (an Irish peer), by Catherine, d. 
and co-heir of Edmund O'Callagban, esq., of Kilgori^y, co. Clare. B. 1825; 
nnm. A deputy-Iieat. of Kerry. Of Whig principles. First retained for 
Kerry, without opposition, on the rctireraeut of Mr. Morgan John 
O'Connell, July 1862^11, Belgrave-aq. i Brootes's and Coventry 
Clubt i Xenmare-house, KiUamey, co. Kerry. 

Caulfeild, James Molyneux. (Armagh^ co.) 

Eld. s. of the Hon. Henry Canlfeild (who is heir presumptive to the 
Earldom of Charlemont), by Elisabeth Margaref, 2nd d. of the late Dod- 
well Browne, esq., of Ralines, co. Mayo. B. 182U. Served the office 
of High Sheriff of Armagh in 1842, and is Lient.-Col. of the Tyrone 
militia. Is Lord>Lieut. of Armagh. A Liberal ; in favour of extension 
of the snfirage, vote by ballot, and a general rerision of taxation. First 
returned in 1847 for the co. of Armagh, which his father had repreaeated 
for many years.— 7, '/./ame«'tf •«<.'; Brookta'a; Travellers* i Rtform 
Club; Hockley, Armagh. 

CavendUh, Hon. Charles Compton. {Bucks) 

Youngest s. of the 1st Earl of Burlington (by Lady Elisabeth, d. of 
7th Earl of Northampton), and cotisin of the Dnice of Devonshire. 
B. 1793; m. in 1814, Lady Catherine, eldest d. of 9th Marq. of Huntly. 
A deputy.lieut. of Bucks. Of Whig principles; is in favour of free 
trade, but will support the removal of the burdens on agricultnre, espe- 
cially "the modification,'* if not ** the repeal" of the malt dotiei; 
** will always lend his cordial assistance in resisting any attack on our 
Protestant institutions." Sat for Newton, Hants, from 1820 till 1830; 
for Yarmouth in 1881 ; for East Sussex from 1882 till 1841 ; for Yonghal 
ftom July 1841 to July 1847, when he was first returned for Bucks.— 
Comptoti-plaee, Sussex. 

Cavendish, Hon. Geo. Henry. (Derbysh. North) 

Second s. of the Hon. Wm. Cavendish, by Hon. Louiaa, eld. d. nf Ist 
LordLismore. Is bro. of the Earl of Burlington. Was raised to the 
rank of au Eari's son by letters patent in 1887. B. 1810; m. 1835, 
Lady Louisa, youngest d. of the Sud Earl of Harewood. Of Whig prin- 
ciples. Formerly voted against the abolition of the Corn Laws ; but in 
S46 supported their repeal. Has sat for the county since his bm- 
er's accession to the peerage in 1834.— 4, Belgrave-sq ; Aattford 
:aU, Derhysh. t Latimers, Buoks. 


Cayley, Edward Stillingfleet. ( Yorksh, North Riding) 
Only s. of the late John Cajley, esq., of Low Hall, by Elisabeth, great- 
grandd. of Bishop 8tillingfle«t. B. 1802: m. in 1823 his cousin, 
Smma, third d. of Sir George Cayley, bt. late M.P. for Scarborough 
(she died July 1848). Educated at Bugby. Of Whig principles; 
opposed to the ballot and short Parliaments: voted in favour of agricnl- 
taral protection 1846 ; is in favour of a repeal of the malt tax. Author 
of a work on commercial economy, and several political tracts. Has 
sat for the county since 1832.— II, Dean's-yard, fVeatminater i 
FTydaU H0US9, Yorksh. 

Cecil, Lord Robert Talbot Gascoigne-. (Sfamford) 

2nd surviving s. of 2nd Marq. of Salisbury, by bis 1st wife, Frances 
Mary, only d. and heir of Bamber Gascoigne, esq. B. at Hatfield, 1830. 
Educated at Eton, and at Christ Church Coll , Oxford; obtained a fellow- 
ship at All Souls' Coll. 1853. Is Quartermaster of the South Herts Yeo- 
manry Cavalry, and a Deputy Lieut, of Middlesex. A Conservative, and 
opposed to free trade measures ; thinks ** an equalization of fixed burdens 
one of the most pressing questions of the day ;" will at all times be 
ready to support measures to " increase the usefulness of the Church ;'* 
opposed to the grant to Maynoolh, and to any system of national edu- 
cation not *' based on the truths of the Bevelation ;" is unwilling to 
disturb ** the balance of power in the constitution by tampering with our 
representative system." First elected for Stamford, Aag. 1853, without 
opposition.— 2U,^Wm^to»-«f.; Carlton i Hc^field Houst, Harts, 

Challis, Thomas. (Finsbury) 

8. of the late Mr. Thomas Challis, of Islington, co. Middlesex. B. 
in London, 1795 ; is married. A skin broker in Pinsbury, a hide and skin 
salesman in Leadenhall and Bermondsey markets.'^ Elected an alderman 
of London f>ir Cripplegate ward in 1843; served the office of shrriff of 
Londtm in 1846. Elected Lord Mayor of London for 18EV2-3. A Director 
of the General Life and Fire Insurance' Company. A Liberal; in favour of 
a wide extension of the liranchise, equal electoral district)*, vote by ballot, 
and short parliaments; opposed to all religious enduwmehts, and consi- 
ders the Maynooth grant ** unjust and dani;:eron.<i." First retnmed for 
Pinsbuiy, July, 1852.— 82, fVHson-st., Finsbury; Enfieid, Middleses. 

Chainbers, Montagu. (Greenwich) 

S. of George Chambers, esq. (who was M.P. for Honiton fl-om 1796 to 
1802, and was the only son of Sir William Chambers, the well-known 
architect), by the Hon. Jane, eldest d. of Admiral Lord Rodney. Bor» 
at Hartford, Huntingdonshire, 1800. Educated at the Military CuUeg* 
Sandhurst; obtained a commission as Lieut, and Ensign in the Grenadi* 
Onards in 1815 ; placed on half pay in 1818. Was caUed to the bar i 


Linooln's Inn in 18S8 ; became a Queen's Oonnsel in 1845, and goes the 
Home Clrcait. A liberal t oppowd ts the Mayvooth grant ; will rap- 
port a large extenaion of the rafflrage, vote \>j ballot, &c. Was an nn- 
sncceasfbl candidate for Greenwich, Feb 1852; first returned Jaiy, 1 85a. 
—2 and 8, Child's Place, Temple Bar{ Union i Jttnior United 

Chambers, Thomas. (Hertford) 

8. of the Inte Thomas Chambers, esq., of Hertford. B. at Hertford, 
1814; m. 1851, Diana White, niece and adopted d. of the late Joha 
Green, esq., of Hertford. Educated at Clare Hall, Cambridge, where he 
wan 1st class in civil law 1840, and e;Tadaattd LL.B. 1840. Admitted a 
stndent of the Middle Temple, April. 1837 ; called to the bar. Not. 1840, 
and goes the home circuit. A Liberal ; in favour of an extension of the 
franchise, free trade, reform, and retrenchment; opposed to the May- 
nooth grant. Pirrt returned for Hertford July, 1852.— 7, Great Cum- 
berland et., Hyde Parii 8, Pump-et., Temple; Parthenon, 

Chandos, Marquess of. {Buckingham, bor.) 

Only s. of thf( Duke of Buckingham and Chandos. B. 1823; m. 1851, 
Caroline, only d. of Robert Harrey, esq., of Langley Park, Bncka. Gra- 
duated at Christ Church, Oxon. Is Capt. of the Bucks Yeomanry Cavalry. 
Chairman of the London and North- Western Railway Company. Was 
a Lrtrd of the Treasury (Vom March till Dec. 1852. Was privy seal to the 
Prince of Wales fh>m March 1852 till Feb. 1853; has been a D«:p..Lieut. 
of Bucks and of Northamptonsh. since 1845; and a special Deputy 
Warden of the Stannaries since Oct. 1852. A Conservative ; aud " will 
advocate that protection to which the agricultural interests have so just 
a claim ; will endeavour to preserve unimpaired the Protestant religion." 
First returned for Buckingham, Feb. 1846, without a contest. — ^13, Gros- 
venor- sq> 

Chaplin, William James. (Salisbury) 

S. of Mr. William Chaplin, of Rochester. B. at Rochester 1787 ; m. 
1816, Elizabeth, d of William Alston, esq. Educated at Bromley. Is 
Chairman of the Sonth.Western Railway ; Director of the Paris and 
Rouen, Rouen and Havre, and Rhenish Railways. Was Sheriff of 
London and Middlesex 1845-6. Is a depnty-lieut. of Hants. A Liberal i 
will support free trade, but is ready to concur in the remission of any 
peculiar burdens preFsing on the landed interest; considers a modifica- 
tion of the income tax imperatively necessary ; voted for the ballot, 
1853. Has sat for Salisbury since Jan. 1847.— 2, HydePk. Garden* i 
Ewhurat Park, Baaingstoke, Hants. 

■ietham, John. (Lancash, South) 

I. of George Cheetham, esq. B. at Staleybrldge, 1802 ; n. 1881, Emma, 
>r the late Thomas Reyuer, esq., of Ashton-nnder-Lyne. A merchant 


and manii&ctarer. A magistrate for Lancasb. and Chesh. since 1836. 
A liiberal ; in faronr of an extension or the suffrage, a re^distiibntion of 
members, and ?ote by ballot j opposed to the Maynooth grant, and all 
religions endonrments. Was'an nnsnccessfnl candidate for Huddenfield 
in July, 1847. First returned for Lancasb. South in July, lSb2.—R^orm 
Club; Eaatwood^ Stctley bridge, Chesh, 

Chelsea, Viscount. {Dover) 

Eld. a. of the Earl of Cadogan. B. in South Aud1ey-st., 181S ; m. 
1830, Mary, 3rd d. of the late Hon. and Rer. Gerald Valerian Welletley, 
D.D. Educated at Oriel College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. 1883. 
AppoiDted col. of the Royal Westminster Middlesex militia 1841. A 
Conserrative ; voted for agricultural protection 1846, but will '* not 
continue to urge his views on this subject in opposition to the ascer- 
tained wishes of his constitaents;" will, however, 'support a redis- 
tribntion of burdens which press unequally on the great producing 
interests ^ voted for the increase in the Maynooth grant in 1845, but 
<' feels that the time is come for inquiry .» Sat for Reading from 1841 
to 1847; was an nnsnccessfnl candidate in July, 1847. First returned 
Ibr Dover in July, 1852.— 28, 1.Of4md0«-«<.; CarUon; fVhUe>9i Tra- 

Child, Smith. {Staffordsh. North) 

S. of the late John George Child, esq., by the d. of T. Parsons, esq., of 
Maasachnsetts, United States, and grands, of the late Admiial Child, of 
Newfleld, Staffordsh. B. at Newfield 1808 ; m. 1885, Sarah, 4. of 
Richard Clarke Hill, esq., of Hallington Hall, Staffordsh. Graduated at 
St. John's Coll., Oxford, A.M. 1834. A m^igistrate for Staffordsh. A 
Conserrative, formerly in favour of protection to agriculture, but con- 
siden it would not be wise to recur to that system ; in favour of a 
revision of taxation, especially the Income Tax ; opposed to the grant 
to Maynooth or " any state endowment of the Roman Catholic clergy in 
Ireland.*' First returned for Staffordsh. North, Feb. 1851, without op- 
position^ JVa<{07ta/ Clubi Rownall Hall, Cheadle, Staffordsh. 

Cholmondeley, Lord William Henry Hugh. {Hants, 

Second s. of the 1st Marq. of Cholmondeley, by Lady Georgina Char- 
lotte, 2nd d. of 3rd Dulie of Ancuster. B. in Piccadilly, 1800 ; m. 1825, 
Harcia Emma, d. of the Right Hon. Charles Arbnthnot. Appointed a 
deputy-Uent. of Hants, 1846. A ConserYative, but ** does not consider it 
the duty of a Conservative to refuse attention to claims for necessary 
reforms :" bas always been *'a firm fk-iend trf' the agricultural interests.* 
First elected forHants, South, July, 1862, without opposition.— 82, Cha- 
pel St., Grosveytor-pl.i Cholmondeley Castle, Nantwich, Cheshire. 


Christopher, Right Hon. Robert Adam, F.R.S. (Lmeoki-] 
shire. North) 
Eld. •. of PhiHp DnndM. esq. (4tli a. of Lord Prerident Daodu, who 
wai the eld. bro. of the l«t ViBct. MelTiUe). by the idster of 6ir D. 
Wedderbnrae, bsrt. B. 1804; m. 1828, Lady Mary, eld. d. of the 6tk 
Earl of Biffin. Assumed the name of Christopher, io lieu of Dandas, » 
oompliance with the will of the late George Manners, eaq.t of Blo&hoa- 
hall. Was ChanceUiY of the Duchy of Lancaster from March till 
Dee. 1853. Is patron of 2 livings. A CotisenratiTe ; Toted for agri- 
coltnral protection, 1846 ; woold " protect the British producer by a 
revision of our commercial tariff ;" is opposed to the endowment of 
the Roman Catholic Clergy. Sat for Ipswich from 18S6 to 1880, 
and for Edinburgh in 1831. Has sat for Lincolnshire, North, siaoe 
1887.—28, Chesham-pt. South; Carlton; TravetUrs* ; Blexkom- 
hall, Lineolnth. 

Christy, Samuel. (NeweastU-under-Lyme) 

2nd s. of the late Thomas Christy, esq., of Brooklands, BroomfleU. 
Essox, by Rebecca, d. of Samuel Hewling, esq. ot Reading, Berks. 
Nephew to John Christy, esq., of Apnldrefleld, and Hatdiam Maaot 
House, New Crosii. M. 1842, Mary, 8rd d. of the late Thomas Hard- 
castle, esq., of Firwood, banker at Bolton, Lancash. Is a Deputy- 
Lieut, of London. A Conservative, but in favour of firee trade. Pirat 
elected for Newcastle under-Lyme in 1847, which had fonamrly been 
represented by his relative Wm. H. Miller, esq., of Britwell House, 
Bucks^2, Park-at., fVoUminater; Carltont Poynton ^aU, Stock- 
port, Cheah. 

Clay, Sir William, bart. (Tower Hamlets) 

Only surviving n. of the late George Clay, esq. (a merchant and ship- 
owner in London), by the d. of Robert Monsom, esq., of Scarborough ; 
was in partnership with his fath«r, in the firm of George Clay and Son. London, 1701 1 m. 1822, Harriet, d. and eo heir of Thomas DieJu- 
son, esq., of Pal well Lodge, Middlesex. Was Secretary to the Board of 
Controul from 1889 to 1841 ; author of a work on joint stock banking, 
pamphlets on the currency, banks of issue, &c. A Liberal { in Cavonr 
of extension of the suffrage, the ballot, and triennial parliaments ; voted 
for the abolition of churuh rates ; moved the repeal of the Com Laws ia 
1887. Has sat for theboronghsincel832.— 17, Hartford- at.; Brookaa'a, 
jtthentmnm, Unton, and Reform Cluba t Fuhoall Lodga, Twickan- 
ham, Uiddloaax. 

"^liflTord, Henry Morgan-. (Hereford) 

Only s. of the late Morgan Morgan-Clifford, esq., of Perristone, Here- 
Tordsh., by the 2nd d. of the late Jonathan Wiilington, esq., of Rapla, 


; oo. Uppenry. His gnndfather asramed the name of Cliflbrd in 1760. 
B. 1806; m. 1834, Catherine, only d.of the late Joseph Yorke, esq., of 
Forthampton Court, Oloncestersh., grandd. of the Bishop (Yorke) of Ely. 
Bdacated at Eton, and at Christ Chnrch, Oxford, bat did not gradaate; 
studied the law for some time, but -was not called to the Bar. Has 
been Chairman of the Herefordsh. Quarter Sessions since 1840, and 
is a Deputy-Lient. of that oo. ; appointed Lieat.-Col. Commandant of 
the Monmoathsh. Militia in 1847, a Commissioner of Lunacy 1858. A 
liiberal. First returned for Hereford in Jnlj, 1847.— 15, Eaton-pi. ; 
Oxford and Cambridge Ciubi Uantiiio Crossttmay, Monmouihsh. t 
Perriatonet Hertfordah. 

Clinton, Lord Charles Pelham Pelham-. (Sandwich) 
Second s. of the 4th Dttke of Newcastle, by Georgiana Elizabeth, d. of 
Edward Miller Mandy, esq., of Shipley, Derbyshire. B. in London, 
1813 i m. 1848, Elisabeth, only surnving chUd of the late William Grant, 
esq., of Gnngalton. Educated at Eton , and at Christ Chnrch, Oxford, 
where he graduated B.A., 1834. Was a Capt. 1st Life Gaards, in which 
he serred 18 years; retired from the army May, 1861. A Conserratire, 
opposed to free trade without reciprocity, but would not now reimpose 
the corn laws, prefeningto look to a readjnstment of taxation for the 
relief of the agricaltnral interest i opposed to the Maynooth grant. Was 
an unsnccessAil candidate for Sandwich in July, 1847. First returned 
May, 18SS.— 87, Lotmdea-aq.; Carlton. 

Clinton, Lord Robert Renebald Pelham-. {Notts^ North) 
Sixth s. of the 4th Dake of Newcastle, by Geoxgiana Elisabeth, d. of 
Edward Miller Mimdy, esq., of Shipley, Deibysh. B. 1820 ; b num. Ap- 
pointed 1st Lieut. Sherwood Rangers, 18&3. A Liberal CouserTatiye, 
and opposed to any reimposition of those ** taxes on the food of the 
people which were repealed in 184tt,*' Irat in farunr of measures which 
will " conduce to the benefit of that raluable class of the community the 
tenaDt-flu-men:" is an *'anflinching friend to oar i*n>testant institu- 
tions," bat will '* not flinch &um the great principles of civil and reli- 
g:ioas liberty;" voted against the ballot 1858. First elected for North 
Kotts, July, 1862, without opposition.— 6, Chariaa-at., Berkeley-aq. i 
Clumber Park, Notta, 

Clive, Robert. {Salop, South) 

Eld. s. of the late Hon. Robert Henry Clivc, of Oakley Park (who was 
2nd s. of the 1st Earl of Fowls), by Lady Harriet, 2nd d. of the 5th Earl 
of Flymmtth. B. in Grosvenor-street, 1824; m. 1852, Lady Mary, yonng. 
d. of 2nd Earl of Bradford. Received the honorary degree of M.A. finm 
Cambridge in 1845. A magistrate for Salop. Appointed Capt. Wor- 
cestersh. Yeomanry Cavalry, 1848. A Conservative ; is opposed to the 
reimposilion of a duty on futieign oora; will snpport education on a 


religiotu basiB; and an extension of the ft-andbise, condiHonally on tkel 
ipread of edncation. Sat for Lndlow from July, 1862, till Jan. 1864, 
wbenhe was elected for Salop, Soatb, withoot opposition.— 53, 1.,oto€r 
Grosvettor-at. t Carlton i Oakley Park, Salop; Heieelt Grcmge, near 

Cobbett, John Morgan. (Oldham) 

Second 8. of the late William Cobbett, tbe well-known aothor of tbe 
Political Register, &c. Was called to tbe bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1830. 
and goes tbe Home Circuit. A Liberal; in &Toar of free trade (wbidi 
he considers out;bt to have been accompanied with an equalizing redoc- 
tiun of taxation; ; a iiiend to the established Chnrch. and not to the 
yolnntary system ; will support education on a religions basis s is in 
favour of annual parliaments, vote by ballot, and universal suffrage. 
Was an unsuccessful candidate for Coventry in April, 1833, for Chichester 
in Jan , 1835, and for Oldham in July, 1835 (on his father's death), as 
well as in July, 1847. First returned for Oldham in July, 1852.— 6, Fig 
Tree Court, Temple ; Sumner terr., Ful/tam-road, Middleaex, 

Cobbold, John Chevailier. (Ipswich) 

8. of John Cobbold, esq., a brewer and merchant at Ipswich, by the d. 
of the Rev. Temple Chevailier, of Aspal Hall, Suffolk. B. at Ipswich 
1797 ; m. Lucy, 8rdd. ofthe Rev. Henry Patteson, of Drinkstone, Sofiolk, 
and sister to Mr. Justice Patteson. Educated' at the Bury St. Bdmond's 
Grammar School. Is a Banker at Ipswich and Harwich; Chairman of 
the Eastern Union, the Ipswich and Bury St. Edmund's Railways; and 
Director of the Royston and Hitchin Railways. A Conservative and 
Protectionist; opposed to the endowment ofthe Roman Catholic Clen^i 
and all further concessions to that Church. First returned for Ipswich 
in 1847.— 21, S^olk-et. : Cqrlton ; jiiheneeum ,* Jpewich ; JPefiJr 
atotoe Lodge, ifnwieh. Suffolk. 

Cobden, Richard. ( Yorkshire^ West Riding) 

8. of Mr. William Cobden, of Dunford, near Midhurst, Sussex, by 
Milly, bis wife. B. at Dunford, 18U4. Is a cotton-printer in I^an- 
cashire. A Director of the Manchester Chamber of Ccwnmerce, 
and well known as a leading member of tbe Anti-Corn-Law League; 
authiir of pamphlets entitled ** England, Ireland, and America,*' and 
"Russia, by a Manchester Manufacturer.^ In favour ofthe ballot, 
extension of the sufirage, and short parliaments. Unsaccessfiilly 
contested Stockport in 1837 ; first returned for it in 1841 ; re..eleeted 
in 1847, and chosen also for the West Riding of Yorksb , when he 
made his election to sit for the latter place.— 103, FTeatboume Terr.i 
Reform Club ,' Manchester. 

Cockburn, Sir Alexander James Edmund. (Southampton) 
Eld. ». of the late lexander Cockburn, Esq., of Hertford-st., Mayfeir, 


(romeily BriOsh MinUter in Columbia,) by the d. of Viscomte de Vig- 
nierof St Domingo. Is nephew and beirpres. to Rev. Sir William C ck- 
burn, bart Wa« a fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he gradu- 
ated LL.B.1P29. CaUcd to the Bar at the Middle Temple, Feb. 1829, 
and went tte Western Circuit; became a Queen's Counsel, 1841; is a 
bencher of the Middle Temple. Appointed Recorder of Bristol, April, 
1854. Was one of the Municipal Corporation Commissioners. Was So- 
licitor-Gen. from July, 1850, till March, 1851, and Attorney-Gen. from 
the latter date till March, 1852; re-appointed Attorney-Gen. in Deo. 
following. A Liberal; voted for the ballot, 1853. First returned tar 
Southampton, July, 1847.— 4«), Htrfford-st. ; 8, Hareourt-buildingst 
Temple ; fVakehurat-plaee^ Sussex. 

CockS) Thomas Somers-, jun. {Reigate) 

Eld a. of Thomas Somers-Cocks, esq., of Thames-Banks, Bucks, by 
the 5th d. of Right Hon. Reginald Pole-Carew, of Anthony House, 
Cornwall. B. 1815; m. d. of C. W. O. Wynne, esq., formerly M.P." for 
Carnarvonsh. Was educated at Westminster, and at Christ Church, 
Oxford. Is a partner in the Banking firm of Cocks, Biddulph, and Co., 
Charingi^ross. A Director of the Western Life Assurance-office. A De- 
pnty-Lieut. for London, and a magistrate for Middlesex. A Couserva- 
tive, but in &vour of free trade; will "carry out all needful reforms 
in a rational -spirit, and support the great cause of conservative pro- 
gress." First returned for Reigate in 1847, without opposition.— 16, 
HertfordUst. ; 48, Charing-eross ; Carlton ; Alfred. 

Codrington, Christopher William. {Gloucestersh. Bast) 
Nephew of Sir Edward Codrington ; eld. s. of Christopher Bethel Cod- 
rington, esq. (who claimed to be a baronet), by the Hon. Catherine Foley, 
lister of the 2nd Lord Foley. Claims to inherit the baronetcy of his 
great-grandfather on the ground that the third bart. of the family left no 
legitimate issue; but the Heralds' College have confirmed the son of the 
latter (Sir Willm. Raimond Codrington) in the baronetcy. M. 1836, 
Lady Georgiana, d. of 7th Duke of Beaufort. A West India Proprietor ; 
patron of 8 livings ; appointed a dep. lient. of Gloucestersh. 1852. A 
Conservative: voted for agricultural protection, 1846, and in the 
minority of 58 who censured firee trade, Nov. 1852; voted for inquiry 
into Maynooth 1853. Has sat for Gloucestersh. East, since 1834.— 8, 
Park-pl., St. James*; Carlton; Doddington Park » Gloucestersh. 

Coffin, Walter. (Carrfi^ dist.) 

8. of the late Mr. Walter Coffin, of Bridgend, Glamorgansb. B. 1764} 
la anmar. A magistrate for Glamorgansb. Chairman of the Taff Vale 
Railway, and Chairman of the Poor Law Guardians of Cardiff union. 
A Liberal ; in favour ol an extension of the sufirage and vote by ballot ; 
is Disposed to all State endowments of religion. First returned for 
Cardiff, July, 1852.- A^orm Club; Llandaffy Glamorgansh, 


Cogan, Wiitiam Henry Ford. (Kildare, co.) 

Ooly ». of the late Brrui Oogan, eiq., of Dabttn and Athgarral, co. 
KUdate. B. in Dablin, 1828 ; is unm. Was a fellow oommoner of 
THnlty OoIL, Dublin, where he gradoatdl MA., obtained bonoozs ia 
■deuce, andgNined the Inrge gold medal at the degree examination; wm 
first senior moderator In metaphysics and ethics, 1843. Called to the bar 
In Ireland, 1845, but has relinquished practice. A Libeml ; in ftfvoar of 
fhll and equal civil and reiigioas liberty for all religions denomiMfions; 
and of seniring to tenants a legal right to compensation for improre- 
ments. First elected for Kildare, March, 1852.— 62, Rathmine* Mall, 
Dublin; Tinode, co. fVieklmo, 

Coles, Henry Beaumont. {Andover) 

Only s. of Philip Coles, esq., by Catherine, sister of F^nciii Ooast, 
esq., for many years Chairman of the Middlesex Sessionii. B. in Londoa 
1704 ; m. 1814, Mary, eld. d. of Robert Bird, esq. Was called to the Bar 
at Gray's Inn, 188|}. A Magistrate for Hants and Middlesex. Ap- 
pointed a Dep.-Uent. of HanU, 1848. A Protectionist t Toted in tbe 
ninoriiy of 53 who cr^nsured ft«e trade. Nor. 1853 ; opposed to tke 
endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy. First returned ihr Andonr 
July 1847.-26, Porttnansq.t Carlton ; Jithmt»um / Middtetn 
House, Andover, HtnUt, 

Collier, Robert Porrett. {Plymouth) 

S. of the late John Collier, esq. (a merchant and shipowner, who vu 
M.P. for Plymouth from 1832 to 1841), by Emma, 4th d. of Robert 
Foriett, esq., of North-Hill House, near Plymontb. B. at Monnt-Tamar, 
near Plymouth, 1817 . m. 1844. Isabella, d. of William R<«8e Rose, esq., 
of Eaton-place West, London, and Wolston Heath, Warwickshire. Edu- 
cated at Plymontb Grammar-school and at Trinity College, Cambridge, 
where he graduated B.A., 1843. Was called to the bar at the Inner 
Temple, January, 1843, made a Queen's Counsel, 1864, with a pateat 
of precedence ; goes the Western Circuit : is Recorder of PeniaDce, 
and a Deputy.Lieut. of Devon. Author of works on the " Law of Rail- 
ways," and **The Law of Mines." A Liberal ; in favour of an exten- 
sion of the sn&age, short parliaments, and the ezemptiqn of Dissenten 
ftom church-rates : opposed to all religions endowments, including the 
Maynooth grant; voted for tbe ballot 1858. Was an unsuccessflil caa- 
didale fur Launceston in 1841 ; first returned for Plymouth in July, |85«. 
—18, Gloueesler-pl.,.Hvde Fart Gardtntt 4, Paper buiUiinfft ; 
Temple i Reform Club / Grimatonet near Tavisioet, Devon. 

'Jolvile, Charles Robert, {Derbyshire^ South) 

Only s. of the late Sir Charles H. Oolrile, knt. and grandson fA 
IViUiaJn Coivile, esq. formerly of Newton Colvile, Cambridge, whers 


the family had been settled fbr six centnries. B. 1816 { m. 1850, Rod. 
_ Katheriiie,eld. d. of the late Capt. John Raasell, R.N., and the Baroness 
dc Clifford. Educated at Christ Chazch, Oxford. A Magistrate for the 
oonnties of Derby, Stafibrd, and Leicester; and a Dep-Lient. of Derby- 
shire. Patron of 1 liying. A ConserratiTe; voted foragricaltural pro* 
tection, 1846; "will not saf^wrt a reimposition of a tax on com, but 
lookB for a readjnstment of taxation; will snpport measnTes for facili- 
tating the transfer of real property, and is desimns of preserTing the 
Protestantism of ooi institatious." Unsaccrssfnlly contested Derby in 
1837} firi<treturned for the county in 1841.— 3, Carlton-tnr.t Carltom 
L-ullingion Htiil, Burton-on-Tretit, Derby ah. 

Compton, Henry Combe. {Hants, South) 

8. of the late John Compton, esq. B. 1789; m. in 1810, d. of William 
Miles, of Bristance, Hants. Is patron of 8 livings. A Consrrva* 
tive; voted for agricultural protection, 1846 ; b opposed to the endow- 
ment of the Roman Catholic clergy. Has sat for South Hants since 188S. 
— ISA, Cannon^ow; Carltoni Mitutead Manor Houaef Lyndhurst, 

Conolly, Thoinas. (Donegal) 

Eld. s. of the late Ool. Edward M. Oonolly (who represented Donegal 
ft-om 1831 till his death in 1840), by the d. of Chambre Brabason Pon. 
»onby Barker, esq., of Kilcooly Abbey, co. Tipperary. B. at Kilr.ooIy 
Abbey 1823; was educated at Harrow School, and at Christ Church, 
Oxford. Is patron of 1 living. A Omservative and Protectionist ; in 
fiivooT of the custom of tenant-right in Ireland. First returned for 
Donegal on the death of his father, Jan. 1849, without opposition — 
19, Hanover-sq.i Carltoni Castletown, Kildartt Cliff, Bally- 
shannon, eo. Donegal. 

Coote, Sir Charles Henry, bart. (Queen's Co.) 

Eld. s. of Chidley Coote, esq., of Ash Hil], by his 2nd wife, Elizabeth 
Ann, d. of the Rev. Ralph Carr, of Bath. M. Anne, d. of John Whaley, 
esq., of Whaley Abbey, co. Wicldow, and grandd. maternally of the 1st 
Eari of Clanwilliam (she died 1837). Has been col. of the Queen's Co. 
mi'itia since 1825. Is premier bart. of Ireland. Of moderate Conserva- 
tive ophiions ; but voted in favour of the Reform Bill of 1831, and against 
the com laws. Was an unsuccessfU candidate fw Queen's Co.* in 1818 
and 1820 ; s^t for that co. from 1821 tUl 1847 ; regained his seat in July, 
1852.— 5, Connauffht-pl. ; CarltdHi Ballyfin, Mountrath, Queen's Co. 

Corbally, Matthew Elias. (Meath) 

Only s. of the late Elias Corbally, esq., of Corbalton. Bro.-in-law 
of the 9th Earl of Fingall. B. 1797 ; m. 1842, Hon. Matilda, d. of 12th 
Yisct.Gormanston. isaC«pt. in the Royal Meath Regt.; an owner 



of tithes, *'but would Mrer leeeive tben." Was Higfa^herUT of tbe 
eonaty in 1888. A Liberal i is in fkvoar of the ballot, and tenant right 
In Ireland ; opposed to the Bccleaiastical Titles Act. Sat for the oonntr 
of Mcath ftoa Febniary, 1840, tin Jaly, 1841 ; re-elrcted 1842.-^, 
PaUMatt; BrooJb0t*»i Arthur' s; R^orm; CorbaUan HaU, Tara, 
eo. Mtaih. 

Corry, Rt. Hon. Henry Thomas Lowry. ( Tyrone) 

2nd s. of the 2nd Earl of Belmore, by the 2nd d. of the 2nd Eaxl of Csr- 
lick. B. in Dublin, 1803 ; m. in 1830, Lady Harriet Anne, 2nd d. of tbfl 
6th Earl of Shaftesbury. Graduated M.A. at (Christ Cbarch) Oxfoid, 
1820 { was 2nd class in classics, 1828. Was Controller of the Hoosehcad 
in 1834 and 183S; a Lord of the Admiralty ttom Sept. 1841 tiU Fd). 
1846; Secretary to the Admiralty from Feb. 1845, till July, 1846. A 
Conserratirt!, but in favour of free trade. Has rat for tbe coanty since 
1826.— 86, Hill-tt.i CarUon ; Aughant; Tjfrotu. 

Cotton, Hon. Wellington Henry Stapleton. (Carrich- 

Eld. s. of Lord Combermere, by the Snd d. of William Fnllce Grerille, 
esq. B. at Barbados 1818 ; m. 1844, Susan Alice, eld. d. of Sir George 
Ktwell, bart., of Renishaw, Deibysh. Was educatedttt Eton. Entered 
the Army in 1887 as Cornet and Sub-Lieut, in the 1st Life Ouaidi; 
became a Lieut, in 1841, Capt. in 1846, and Migor unattached ISM. 
A Conservative. First returned for Carrickfergus in 1847 without 
opposition.— 48, Btlffravt-sq.t Carlton,- fVhite*si Combermert 
Abbty, Chesh, 

Cowan, Charles. {Edinburgh, city) 

Eld. s. of Alexander Cowan, esq., of Edinburgh, merchant. B. ii 
Edinburgh 1801 ; m. 1824, Catherine, 2nd d. of the Rev. William Men- 
sies, minister of Lanark. Educated at the parish school of Peimycaick, 
at the High School of Edinburgh, at the University of Edinburgh, and at 
the University or " Auditoire" of Geneva. Since Oct. 1822, has bees 
a paper.mffnufM^urer at different mills on the Esk and Water of Leith; 
author of the article on the manufkcture of paper in the Encyclopaedia 
Britannica, also of some pamphlets. Was an elder in the church of 
Scotland from May, 1880, to May, 1848, and is now an acting elder is 
the Free Church. Is a Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Edin- 
tmrgh. A Liberals voted for the Ballot, 1853; has taken a prominent 
part in the National Anti-Excise Association, and *' is desirous of 
relieving all useftil trades and manufactures from the fetters of the Ex- 
dse;" opposed to the endowment of the Roman CathoUc Clergy. First 
etnrned for Edinburgh in 1847.— /I</brm Club t 80, Roual-lerr., 
Edinburgh; yaUaufield, Penny cuiok, N. B. 


Cowper, Hon. Wra. Francis. (Hertford) 

2nd B. of 5th Earl Cowper, by Hon. Emily Mary, d. of lat Yisct. Mel- 
boome. IsstepHon to Vbct. Palmenton. B. 1811; m. Ist, d. of Daniel 
Garney, esq., dead : 2Dd1y, 1848, Elizabeth, youngest d. of the late 
Admiral and Lady Elizabeth Tollemache. Formerly a Lieut, in the 
Royal Horse Guards; became a major in the annj, 1852; has been 
Aide-de-camp to the Lord Lit ut. of Ireland, Private Secretary to 
Yisct. Melbourne, a Commissioner of Greenwich Hospital, and a 
Lord of the Treasury. Was a Lord of the Admiralty from July, 1846, 
till March, 1852; re-appointed Dec following; salary. £100U. Of 
Whig principles. Formerly voted against the abolition of the Corn 
Laws, but in 1846 supported their repeal. First returned for Hertford, 
1B35.— 17, Curxon-st.i Reform Club; Penshanger, Herffortlsh. 

Craiifurd, Edward Henry John, (^yr dist.) 

Bid. 8. of John Craufiird, esq., of Auchinames, and Croslde, Ayish. 
(formerly treasurer-gen. of the Ionian Islands), by Sophia Mananna, d. 
of Major Gen. Horace Churchill, and great-grandd. of Sir Robert Wal- 
pole. B. in London, 1816; unm. Educated at Trinity College, Cam< 
bridge, where he obtained a Scholarship, was 12th senior optime 1841, 
and graduated M. A. 1844. Was called to the bar at the Inner I^mple 
Nov. 1845. Is editor of The Legal Examiuer. A magistrate for the 
CO. of Ajrr. A Liberal ; in fav<mr of. the ballot and an extension of the 
mffrage ; appoaed to Maynooth , and all other public grants for ecclesias- 
tical purposes. Was a candidate for Kilmarnock in 1844, but withdrew 
beft*re the poll. Ffarst returned for Ayr dist. in July, 1852.— 2, Paper- 
buildiugs. Temple ; O^ord and Cambridge Club ; Crosbie Castle, 
fT'eat Kilbryde, Ayrah. 

Crook, Joseph. {Bolton-Ie- Moors) 

Eld. s. of the late Joshua Crook, esq., of Whitebank, near Bolton. 
B. at Bnlton, 1809 ; unm. A cotton-spinner at Bolton. A *' Radical 
Reformer, in favour of extension of the suffrage, vote by ballot, and direct 
taxation ; opposed to all grants by the State to religions bodies.** First 
returned f<ar Bolton in July, lSb2.~ff^Mtebank, near Bolton. 

Crossley, Frank. (Halifax) 

8. of John Crosbley, esq., of Halifax, carpet manufacturer. B. at 
Halifiix, 1817 ; m. 1845 Martha Eliza, d. of Henry Brinton, esq., of 
Kiddetminster. Educated at Cleckheaton in Yorkshire. A carpet 
manufacturer in Halifax. A Liberal ; in favour of a large extension of 
the suflrage and vote by ballot ; opposed to all endowments of religious 
bodies by the State, and on that ground will vote against the Maynooth 
grant. First returned for HaUfax in July, 1852.— 60, £a/on>«9w "' 
fintn Clubi BeUe rue, Halifax. 


Cubitt, William. {Andover) 

B. at Buxton, Norfolk. 1791; m. 1814, Elisabeth, 2iidd. of William 
Scarlett, esq., of Norfolk (she died 1854). In early yoath served for a short 
time in theNai^y; subaeqaently became a bailder, and for many years 

- carried on that bosioess on a large scale at Gray> Inn-road. Was elected 
Sheriff of London and Middlesex in 1847, and an Aldermaii of Ihe 
city of London 1851. Is one of the commissioners for the Lieatenancy 
of London. A Magistrate fnx Middlesex and for Surrey. A Gonser- 
rative, and a supporter of Chnrch and State ; in faronr of fk-ee trade 
and the repeal of the malt tax, is billing that the agricoltorist 
should be reliercd by * a lightening of his bardens.* First returned 
for Andnrerin 1847.— 21, Abchurch-lane, Ciiyi Bediford HiU Howe, 
Balhatn, Surrey i Penton Lodge, near Andover, Hants. 

Currie, Raikes. (Northampton) 

Seconds, of the late Isaac Carrie, esq., of Bosh Hill, Middlesex, by 
the eld. d. of Wm. Raikes, eiiq.; is cousin of the Rt. Hon. C. 8. Lefevre, 
and of Sir Frederick Carrie, bart. B. 18U1 ; m. 1825, Hon. Sophia, d. 
of £nd Lord Wndehouse. Educated at Eton. Is a Banker in London, 
a Bank and East India proprietor. Director of the San Fire Offce, a 
Magistrate of Bucks and Essex ; a Magistrate and Depaty-Lieut. of 
Middlesex. A Liberal ; advocates national education, church reform, 
and vote by ballot. Was first elected.for the borough, July 1837.-4, 

- Hyde Part Terrace ; Athenaeum; Rifortn ; SandlinffPart, Hythe, 

Dalkeith, Earl of. (Edinburghsh.) 

Eld. s. of the Duke of Bucclench. B. at Montagu House, 1831. Ap- 
pointed lieut. Mid-Lotbian Yeomanry Cavalry, 1852; a deputy-lieat. of 
Selkirksh. 1853. A Conservative, but in favour of flree trade ; will up. 
hold the Protestant institutions of the country, and is in favour of an 
extension of the present parochial system of national education, with 
foil liberty of conscience. First returned for Edinburghsh. Jane 1853, 
without opposition.— Mon/asru House, fVhitehaU. 

Dalrymple, Visct. ( Wigtonshire) 

Eldest 8. of the 9th Earl of Stair by his first wife, d. of the kte James 
Penny, esq. B. 1819. M. 1846, eld. d. of the Duke de Coigney, grandd. 
of Sir Hew Dalrymple Hamilton, bart. Has been an officer in the 
Guards. Appointed Dep.-Lieut. of Lanarksh. 1844, and Lord-Lieut. 
of Wigton 1851. A Whig. Formerly voted against the aboIiUon of 
the Corn Laws, but in 1840 supported their repeal. First returned for 
he co.iniM.\.—^ Guards' t Brookes'ss R^orm, 

hwood, Sir George Henry, bart. ( Wycombe) 

Ud. s. of the late Sir John Da^hwood Kijiig, 4th bait, (whose father 


asnimed the name of King.) M. in 1823, his cotuin, Elizabeth, d. of 
Theodore Henry Broadhtad, esq. Sat for Bucks ft-om 1832 to 1835; 
-was an ansaccesslVil candidate in 1835 and 1837, and has satibrWj. 
combe since the latter year. A Liberal ; roted for the ballot, 1853.— 
Reform s fVest fVycombe, Bucks, 
Davie, Sir Henry Robert Ferguson, bart. {Haddington 
8. of the late Robert Fergnsou, esq., M.P., of Raith, Fifeshire. M. 1823, 
Frances Jnliana, only sister and heir of the late Sir John Davie, bart, of 
Creedy Park, DeTon ; and at the death of her ancle. Sir Humphrey 
Pbineas Dayie, assumed that name by royal licence, obtaining also a 
xeTiTal in his own fiiTour of the baronetcy which had then become 
extinct. Entered the Army in 1818; became a Major-Gen. 1854. A 
Liberal ; opposed to all further religious endowments ; voted for the 
ballot 1853. First returned for Haddington dist. in 1847.— 48, fViltotir 
eresc; Brookes' 4 i Travellert' ; United Service; Creedy Parkt 
Creditortf Devon. 

Davies, David Arthur Saunders. (Carmarthensh,) 

8. of D. Davies, esq. M.D. by Suslnna, d. of Erasmus Saunders, esq. of 
Pentre, Pembrokesh.^ B. 1792, m. in 1826, Elizabeth Maria, d. of Col. 
Philipps, of Williamston, Pembrokesh. (she died 1851.) Graduated A.M., 
at Christ Church, Oxford; is a bacrister-at-law. Has been for some years 
Chairman of the Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions. A Conservative ; voted 
for agricultural protection, 1846; will support all practicable relief to 
the agriculturists, and ^^ unite in resisting all aggressions on the Pro- 
testantism of our country.** W^as first returned for Carmarthenshire 
without a contest in IMS.— United Univereity ; Pentre » Newcastie- 
Emlynt Pembrokesh. 
Davison, Richard. (Belfast) 

8. of Alexander Davison, esq., of Enockboy, co. Antrim, by Mary, d. 
of— McKillop, esq., of Glenarm, co. Antrim. B. at Enockboy, 1796 ; 
m. 1822, Margaret, youngest d. of George Casement, e8q.,M.D., of Larne, 
oo. Antrim, and sister of the late Sir William Casement, E.C.B., of 
Calcutta. Admiited a Solicitor in January, 1818, and practised in Bel. 
fast, being senior partner in the firm of Davison and Torrens; is soli- 
citor to the Antrim Grand Jury, to the Belfast Harbour Commissioners, 
to the Belfast Banking Company, the Belfast and Ballymena Railway 
Company, &c. A Conservative; opposed to the repeal of the navi- 
gation laws, and to the Mayuooth grant ; will support fk'ee trade gene- 
rally if made reciprocal ; iu favour of compensation to tenants for 
improvements, but against general tenant right where no improvements 
have been made. First returned for Belfkst in July, 1852.— 66, PVar- 
wiok-sq.^ Belgrave-road, ; DonegaU-plaoe, Be^aetf The Abbey, 
f^hite-Abbey, Be^ast. 


Deedes, Wtlliam. (Kent, But) 

Bid. B.orthe late William Deedes, esq. of Sandling Paik, Kent, ^ho 
was M.P.for Hythe in 1807. B. 1796; m. in 1838 Emily Octavia. d. of 
Edward Taylor, esq. formerly of Bifrona, Kent. Wa» educated at 
Wincheiler and Corpos ChriBti Coll, Oafurd, afterwards elected a Fellow 
of All Bonis* Coll .'Oxford. Is Chairman of Qaarter Sessions, a Dep. Lient. 
for Kent, and Major-Commandant of the East Kent Yetananry CaTalry. 
Of Consrrrative principles ; voted for asricnltunil protection, 184«, and 
forinqairr into Maynooth, 1863. Was first retorned for East Kent in 
1846 withont opposition.— 21. Lower Belgrave-at.i Travellers'; 
Carlton; Sandling Park, Hythe, Kent. 

Denison, Edmund Beckett. {Yorkshire, West Riding) 

sixth s. of Sir John Beckett (1st bait.), by Mary, d. of Bp. (Wilson) 
of Bristol. B. 1787; m. 1814 Maria, d. cf WUUam Bereriey, e»q., of 
Beverley, and gicat-niece of Sir Thos. Denison. Assumed the additional 
name of Denison by royal licence, 1816. A Deputy-Lieut, and Magistrate 
for the East and West Ridings of Yorluh. A Conservative; voted for 
agricultural protection 1846, but would not now revive the eoni laws; 
will vote for the repeal of the Maynooth gnnt; and for the soond 
religious education of the lower classes. Sat for the West Riding of 
Yorksh. from July 1841 tiU July 1847; again returned Dec. 1848.— 7, 
Stone-buiULingSt Lineoln's Inm Carlton; Grimthorpe, Yorksh. 

Denison, John Evelyn. {Malton) 

Eld. s. of the late John Denison, esq., of Ossington, by his 2nd wife, 
d. of Samuel Estwicke, esq. B. 1800 ; m. 1827 Lady Charlotte, Brd d. of 
the 4th Duke of Portland. Graduated M.A. (Christ Church) Oxford, 
1828. Was a Lord of the Admiralty from May 1827 to Feb. 1828. Is 
patron of 2 Uvings. Appointed Deputy-Lieut, of Notts, 1854. A Re- 
former ; was a fWend to the com laws, but voted for free trade, 1846 ; 
voted against the ballot, 1863. Sat for Newcastle-under-Lyme tttm 
July 1823 till 1826, for Hastings ftom Dec. 1826 till 1880, for Notts from 
1881 (when he was also elected for Liverpool) till Dec. 1882; then for 
Notts, South, till July 1837. First returned for Malton Jane 1841.— 
Oseington HaU, Newark, Nottinghamsh. 
Dent, John Dent. (Knar es borough) 

Eld. s. of Joseph Dent, esq., of Ribston Hall, Yorkshire, and Win- 
terton, Lincolnshire (who aseumed that name in 1884, in lieu of bis 
patronymic, Trickel),by Martha, d. of Joseph Birley, esq. B. 1826; 
nmarried. Educated at Eton, and Trinity Coll. Cambridge, where 
', was 16th Senior Optime in 1848. Was called to the bar at Ijincoln's 
in in 1861 , but does not practise. Appointed a Deputy-Liettt. of 
e West Riding of York, 1868. A Liberal; voted against the ballot, 


1^3. Fint returned for Knaresboroogh in Jaly, 1852, bat ia conae- 
quenoe of three candidates haying each polled 118 Totes» did nut take 
bis seat till April, 1858, when the decision of a OHnmlttee confirmed his 
dectioB.— ^j^ed; Ribtton Hatt,'fVetherby, Yorkshire. 

Dering, Sir Edward Cholmeley, bart {Kent^ East) 

Only 8. of the late Edward Dering, esq., by Henrietta, eld. d. and co. 
heir of the late Richard Neville, esq., of Fnmess, co. Kildare. Descended 
from one of the must ancient families in the kingdom, possessing a dif- 
tinct Saxon origin. B. at Barham, Kent, 1807 ; m. 1832, the Hon. 
Jane, 8rd d. uf the 2nd Lord Kensington. Amagistrate and deputy-Iient. 
of Kent. Appointed Major East Kent Yeomanry Cavalry, 1858. A 
*• Iiit>eral ConservatiTe;" in faroorof A-ee trade, chnrch reform, inqojry 
reelecting Maynooth, and a readjustment of taxation for the relief of 
agricolture; will support a moderate extension of the franchise con- 
ditional on edacatiop, but is opposed to "large organic changes." 
lYas an unsncoessfltl candidate for East Kent, in Feb. 1852; first re- 
turned in July, 1852.— 15, Dover-at.; Surrenden Bering^ Atttforii, 

Devereux, John Thomas. (Wexford, bor.)' 

B. in Wexford. A Liberal, and in favour of a repeal of the Union ; 
wiU support the " teoant^ight." First returned for Wexford in 1847, 
■without (q>position.— 4, Golden-aq. / Rtform and Stajford-st. Chtba ; 
Rocklanda, ffejtf'ord. 

Disraeli, Right Hon. Benjamin. (Bucks) 

Eld. 8. of I.D'Israell,esq., D.C.L., of Bradenham Manor, Bucks (the 
author of the " Curiosities of Literature '*)• B . Dec. 1805, m. in 1889 Mrs . 
Wyndham Lewis of Pantgwynlaw Castle, Glamorgansh., widow of his 
late colleague the member for Maidstone. Was Chancellor of the Ex- 
chequer, from March till Dec. 1862. Is the author of '* Ooningsby," 
&e. A magistrate for the county of Bucks. A Conserrative « voted 
for agricultural protection, 1846; in 1861 brought forward a motion 
praying the government to introduce measures " for the relief of the 
owners and occupiers of land.*' Represented Maidstone from July 1887 
till June 1841 ; then Shrewsbury till July 1847; and Bucks since the last 
date.— 1, Groavenor Gate, Part-4cmet Hughenden Manor, Bucia. 

Divett, Edward. (Exeter) 

M. 1836, Anne, d. of G.Ross, esq. Is a magistrate for Devon. A Libe- 
ral : is in favour of the ballot and short Parliaments. Has sat for the 
borough since 1832.^97, Eaton-aq. ; Reform Chtb i Byatock, Sid- 
mouth, Devon. 

Dod, John Whitehall. (Salop, North) 

Only sunriving s. of the late John Dod, esq., of OorcAcj Hall, BaloP 


(which the family have hdd ■nlntemiptedly cinoe 1380, having been 
lettiedat CBlrerhall, the adjoining manor,for three centnriei preTioasIj 
—which latter eitate i> alao retained to the present day). B. at Clo> 
Teriey, 17971 m. Irt, 1882, BUsabeth, eld. d. of the late Rct. George 
Allaoaoa, of Middleton Qaemhow, co. York (she died 1837) ; 2ndly, 
1841, Aane Caroline. 2nA d. of the late Venerable Francis Wmngham, 
Archdracon oflhe East Kidini; of York. Graduated B.A., Christ^s Coll., 
Cambridge, 1820 ; was appointed Capt. Commandant, North Shropshire 
Yeomanry CaraUy, 1823; served the office of Sheriff of Salop, 1825; 
app'tinted a Dep.-Lirat. of Salop in 1846. A Conserrative ; will support 
the Chatch in its Integrity here and in Ireland; will resist farther con- 
cessions to the Cbarch of Rome, and is opposed to the admission of the 
Jews to any share in onr ChtiBtlan legislature. returned tot 
Salop, North, withoat{ opposition, February 1848.— Car Aon ; fVyttd- 
ham; Clovtrley Hall, fVhUehureh, Salop-, Broughton Rally FUnish. 

Drax, John Samuel Wanley Sawbridge Erie-. ( fVareham) 
Eld. s. of Samuel Ellas Sawbrldge, esq., of Olantigh House, co. Kent, 
by BUsabeth, d. of Brabaaon Ellis, esq., of Wyddiall Hall, Herts; is 
grands, of Alderman Sawbridge, who sat for London upwards of SO 
years. Assumed the names of Brle-Drax, 1828. B. l800 ; m. in 1827, 
only d. of the late Richard Erie Drax OrosyeDor. esq. Appointed Deputy- 
Lieut, of Dorset, 18S2. Is patron of 6 livings. "Never was a firee trader, 
bat a firm supporter of native industry;" voted for agricultural pro- 
tection, 1846; was formerly in favour of the ballot. First returned fur 
Warebam, Jnly 1841.— 21, King-si.^ St. Janus'; fVyndham; Char- 
borough Park and Holnest Hottstt DorseUh.; Elierton Abbey, 
York9h.i Bourne CKffe f^iUat Haute f Otaniigh House, Kent. 

Drumlanrig, Right Hon. Visct. (Dumfriessh.) 

Only s. of the Marq. of Queensberry. B. in Edinburgh, 1818 ; m. 1840, 
Caroline, d. of Sir William Robert Clayton, bart. Educated at Eton. 
Was a Cornet in J^nd Life Guards, but retired in 1844. Is Lord-Lieot. 
of Dumfriessh. ajd Col. of the Dumfries Militia. Appointed Comptroller 
of the Household, Dec. 1852. " A Tory, but a liberal one;* will 8app<»t 
any well-considered measure for the extension of the franchise ; voted 
against the ballot 1858 ; is imposed to the endowment of the Roman 
Catholic Clergy, but an advocate of entire religious liberty. First re- 
turned for Dumfriessh. in 1847 without opposition.— ^r/AMr*« and St. 
Jamee'e Clube ; Kinmount, and Glen Steuart, Dumfrieesh. 

mmond, Herry, F.R.S. (Surrey, West) 
1. s. of the late Henry Dmmmond, esq., banker in London, by the d. 
i 1st Visct. Melville (she m. 2ndly, James Strange, esq.). Represents 
lor branch of Visct. Strathallau'a family. B. 1786; m. 1807, Lady 


Renrietta, eld. d. of the 9th Burl of Kinnonll. Member of the Royal 
J^cademy of Fine Am at Florence; foanded the Profeflsoriihip of Politi. 
cal Eoon<nny, at Oxford. A Magistrate of Suixey ; President of the 
'W^estem Literary Institution. A Conservative ; considers that *the 
bererage of the peop'e shuald be ai ttee Trom taxation as their bread ;' 
is opposed to all measures for " taking money from one sect to support 
the clergy of another sect." First elected for West Surrey in 1847, 
without opposition.- 88, Aibemarle-st.; Albury Park, GuiUfford, 

Duckworth, Sir John Thomas BuIIer, hart. (Exeter) 
8 . of the late Admiril Sir John T. Dnckworth, 1st bnrt. by his 2nd wife, 
Susannah, d. of Bp. (Bnller) of Exeter. B. at Downes, in Crediton 
parifli, Devon, 1809; m. 1850, Mary Isabella, youngest d.^of the late 
John Bnller, esq., of Morval, Cornwall. Was educated at Eton and 
Oriel Coll. Oxford, where he graduated B.A. 1829. Appointed Major of 
the lit Devon Yeomanry Cavalry in 1844, and Dep.-Lient. of Devon, 1848. 
A Conservative ; voted for agricultural protection, 1846, but will not sup- 
port thereimposition of a duty on corn ; voted ibr inquiry into Maynooth 
I8S3. First returned for Exeter in 1845. Carlton; TravelUra^; Ox- 
ford and Cambridge Club ; fVear Hottee, Devottsh. 

Duff, George Skene. (Elgin dist.) . 

Second s. of Gen. the Hon. Sir Alexander Duff, by the youngest d. of 
James Stein, esq. ; is nephew to the 4th Earl of Fife. B. at Edinburgh 
1816 ; is unm. Was successively attach^ to the embassies of Paris and 
of Vienna, during a period of six years. Appointed Dep.-Lieut. of EU 
ginsh., 1848. A Liberal ; opposed to the ballot, in favour of a gradual 
removal of the timber duties, and in favour or a syrtem of united national 
education, on religious principles, for Scotland. First returned for the 
Elgin dist. of burghs in 1847.-130, Piccadilly: BrooJbea's Clubt 
Milton Diiff, Btginsh. ; Delgaty Caatte, Turriff, Aberdeenah, 

Duff, James. (Banffsh.) 

Bid. s. of the late Gen. the Hon. Sir Alexander DuflT, O C.H. and heir 
presumptive to his uncle, the 4th Earl of Fife. B. in Edinburgh, 1814 1 
m. 1846, Lady Agnes Georgiana, 2nd d. of 16th Earl of Erroll. A Dep.< 
Lieut, of Banff and of Aberdeensh. ; appointed Dep.-Lient. of Elginsh., 
1848. Of Liberal politics. Formerly voted against an abolition of the Corn 
Laws, but in 1846 supported their repeal i voted against the ballot 
1858. Has sat for Banffsh. since 1837.— 70, PieeadiUy t Delgaty 
Caalle, Aberdeenah. 

Duffy, Charles Gavan. (New Rott) 

8. of Mr. Duffy, a former, in the co. of Monaghan. B. in Monaghan, 
m6; m. 1st, 1818, Emily, d. of Francis McLaughlin, esq., of Belfost 


■erehaatp tad gnndd-of th« McDeraMtt, of OooIariB (ske died 184S) : 
tndl7, 1846, 8iu»ii, d. of Philip Ha«bes. e«q., of Newry, mocliuiL 
EducRted at the Belfiiat loJtitvtioD. Wu cslled to the ht in lie 
Imd, 184S. PoMnder and editor of the Nation newspaper. Edited the 
•' Ballad Poetry of IretaBd," and other Tnlamea of the '* Xjtbmry of Ire- 
land.** or extreme opinions: wan one of theibandcn off the 
Irish tenant league; one of the State PriMnera with Mr. Daniel O'Ooa- 
nell in 1844, and one of the pri^onen proaecuted for treaaon and felony 
in 1848. Pint returned for New Rosa in inly, 186S.— 21, BeeUsttn- 
»tr09t, Southi 16, n^aWu»mrt4rraee, BiaeJbrocJb, Dublin. I 

Duke, Sir James, bart. ILondon) 

8. of Mr. John Duke, merchant, of Montroae. B. at Montrose. Entered 
the Civil*DepartmcDt of the Royal Navy at an early age, nnder Capt. Sir 
Peter Parker, bt. Was with the late Lord Exmonth when Commander-in- 
Chiefin the Mediterranean, and was Secretary to the Inte Admiral Sir 
John Gore at the clo.^e of the war. Commenced his commercial career is 
London in 1819 1 was chosen Sheriff of London and Middlesex, in 1836, 
having the previous year been appointed a Magistrate for Middlesex. 
Elected Lord Mayor of London, 1848-Q. A Deputy-Lieut, for Lincolnsh. 
and for Middlesex ; an Alderman of London (elected 1 840 for Farringdoo* 
wiihont): a Magistrate for Sussex, and a Commissioner of the Liea. 
tenancy of London. Is of Whig principles, fkvourable to the ballot, and 
to the shorter duration of Parliaments; thinks the income tax should 
be readjusted ; was formerly opposed to any alteration in the corn Uwi, 
bnt voted for their repeal in 1846; voted for inquiry into Maynooth, 
1858. Sat for Boston ftom 1837 till July, 1840, when he was retnmrd 
for London without opposition.— 48, Portland-pl. ; Reform and Citf 
Club* I Laughton Lodge^ Lew9», 

Duncan, George. {^Dundee) 

B. 17V1. Mas been a merdiant in Dundee, bnt retired In 1881. 
W^as mainly instrumental in introducing Steam Navigation between 
Dundee and London. A Uberal ; voted in 184 2 in fkvoor of Mr. Yillicn' 
motion for the repeal of the odi>n laws, and in 1858 for the ballot; is 
opposed to any grant to Mayuooth. First returned fur Dundee, 1841.— 
1, B0lffrav9-*l. South i R^orm; Tho Tine, Dundeo. 

Duncan, Viact. (Forfarsh.) 

Eld. s. «if the Earl ofCamperdown and grands, of Admiral, 1st Visct. 

Duncan. B. at Edinburgh, 1812; m.l839, Juliana Cavendiah, d. of Sir 

Geo. Richard Philips, bart. Educated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, wbere 

^e graduated M A. 1834. A Deputy-Lieut, for Forfar and Perthsh. A 

iberal; in (kvour of all measures which would extend the principle of 

e Reform Act, the ballot, and of the removal of all reUgioas iH^^if^^ 


8:«t (br Snathampton from Jaly. ISST, tai July, 1841, and for Bath flvnn 
the latter date till July, 1852, when he was an ansnoceiislal candidate 
for Bury. Firit elected for Forianh. Oct. 1854, without opposition.— 15, 
Httt-»t.; Brookes' Si Campfirdoton, ForfarfJi,i Gteneagtes,Psrthsh. 

buncombe, Hon. Arthur. {Yorksh. East Riding) 

Second surviving s.of IscLord Feversham, by Lady Charlotte, d. of 
2ud Earl of Dartmoath. B. 1 800 ; m. in 183A Delia, yonogest d. of John 
^Wilnier Field, esq., of Heaton Hall, Yorksh. Became a the 
Kary, 1834. Has been Groom in Waiting to the Queen. Was a Lord 
of the Admiralty ftom March 1852 till Dec. of the same jear. Appoint. 
ed Deputy-Lieut, of the East Riding uf Yorlc, 1852. A Conservative; 
Toted for agricnltural protection, 1846; and for inquiry respecting Maj- 
iiooth,185S. Was elected for East Retford, in 1830; but lost his seat 
at the ensuing election, in consequence of his opposition to the first 
Reform Bill. Was re-elected in 1835, and sat for East Retford from 
that date till Oct. 1851, when he was returned without opposition for the 
East Riding of Yorkshire.-CaW/on/ Kilnwiek-Psroy, Yorksh, i 
Bishop Field, Notts. 

Duncombe, Hon. Octavtus. ( KorAr«A. North Riding) 

Fifth 8. of the Ist Lord Feversham. B. 1817: m. 1842, Lady Emily 
Caroline, eld. d. of 1st Earl of Cawdor. Was formerly Lieut, in the 
Ist Life Guards. Is a Deputy-Lieut, of Huntingdonshire. Appointed 
Ckd. of the Cambridge Militia, 18S>2, and a Drputy-Lient. of the same ca. 
Oct. 18.58. A Contervative : voted for agricultural protection, 1840, 
but will now content himself with other measures of relief ; is opposed to 
the endowment of the Roman Catholic Church. First elected for the 
North Riding Sept. 1841.-84. Eaton-sq.; Carlton; ff^esterdals, 
Guisborought Yorksh. ; fVaresley Parky Huntingdonsh, 

Duncombe, Hon. William Ernest. (East Retford) 

Eld. s. of the 2nd Lord Feversham, by the 8rd d. of the 8th Earl of 
Galloway. B. at Hooton Pagnell House, near Doncaster, 1829 ; m. 1851, 
Mabel, the 2nd d. of the Right Hon. Sir James R. Graham, Bart. Ap- 
pointed Capt. of the West Riding of York Yeomanry Cavalry, 1864 i 
Deputy-Lieut, of the North Riding of York, 1852. A Conservative } in 
favour of agricultural protection. First returned for Bast Retford, Feb. 
1852.— 25, Belgravs'sq. ; Duneombs Parky Yorkshirs. 

Duncombe, Thomas Slingsby. (Finsbury) 

Eld. s. of Thos. Duncombe, esq. of Copgrove, near Boroughbridge (br. of 
1st Loid Feversham), by the d. of Bishc^ (Hinchcltfle; of Peterborough. 
A Radical Reformer. Is in favour of triennial parliaments, and the 
ballot Sat for Hertford from 1824 to 1882, in which year he was 
ejected by Lords Mabon and Ingcttre, but the election was mbr- 



qaently declared roid, though no new writ was issued. Has sat for 
Fifubary since 1834.— 88» 5t. Jeuners-st, ; Rtform Club. 

Dundas, Frederic. {Orkney and Shetland) 

Eld. s. of the late Hon. Charles Lawrence Dandas, by Lady Caroline, 
2nd d. of the 6th Dnke of St. Albans. B. 1803; m. 1847, Grace, eld. d. 
of the late Sir Ralph St. George Goie, bart. A Liberal; iu faroar ofth- 
ballot t voted for inquiry into Mayaooth, 1853. Sat for Orkney from July 
1837, to Jaly, 1847, when he was an nnsnccessfU candidate; regained 
his seat in July, 186S.— 24, Hetnover-sq. 

Dundas, George. (Linlithgowsh.) 

Eld. s. of James Dundas, esq., of Dundas, Linlitbgowsh., by the d. of 
the celebrated Admiral 1st Visct. Duncan. His father is chief of the 
Dundas family, whose andeot castle and lands have descended in the 
male line since the 13th century. B. at Dundas Castle 1819. A Dep.- 
Lieut. of Linlitbgowsh. Formerly an officer in the Rifle Brigade ; served 
at Bermuda, in NoTa Scotia, and in the Mediterranean ; retired from the 
Army in Dec. 1844. A ConserratiTe ; formerly in favour of ttee trade, 
but voted for a return to agricultural protection 1860 ; adverse to all 
endowments of religious creeds which, are opposed to the Established 
Charch ; in favour of a revision of the Game Laws. First returned for 
Linlitbgowsh. in 1847, without opposition.— 26, Poll MaUg Carlton 
Club ; Dundas Castle^ South Queer^ferry, LinliOigototh, 

Dungarvan, Viscount. {Frame) 

S. of the late Yisct. Dungarvan (by Lady Catherine> 5th d. of 2nd Eari 
of Howth), and grands, of the Earl of Cork and Orrery. B. in Dublis, 
1829; m. 1858, Lady Emily, 2nd d. of 1st Marq. of Claniicarde. Ap. 
pointed Capt. North Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry, and a Deputy-Lieot. 
of Somenet, 1850. A Liberal arid in favour of free trade, Pariiamen- 
tary reform, civil and religions liberty ; avows himself a staunch sup- 
porter of " sound Protestant principles.* First retarned for Frome, Oct. 
1854, on the death of his uncle, Hon. R. Boyle, who had represented it 
fh)m July, lf4\— 9, Hamilton plac0t PieeadiUyt fVhite's Club. 
Dunlop, Alexmder Murray. {Greenock) 

8. of the late \leaander Dnnlop, esq., vX Kepp«Kh, co. Dumbarton 
(sometime a banker in Greenock), by Margaret, d. of William Cblqn- 
houn, esq., of Kenmure, co. Lanark. B. at Greenock 1788; ra. 1844, 
Eliza JSsther, only child of the late John Murray, esq., of Ainalie-place, 
Edinburgh . Educated at Greenock Grammar-school , and the Unirenitj 
nf Edinburgh ; received the honorary degree of LL.D. firom Princr(<» 
Univerbity, United States of America. Was called to the bar in Scot- 
iind in 1820. Was for several years Assessor to the town of Greenock, 
author of treatises on Scottish Poor Law and Parochial Law, pamphlets 
n the Scottish Church controversy (in which he took part, as a membet 


of fh^ General Assembly) ; has been legal adriser to (he R-ee Church of 
Scotland since its establishment. A Liberal ; in favour of an extension 
of the suffrage ; opposed to the Maynooth grant. Was an nnsuocessfhl 
candidate for Greenock in March, 1845, and July, 1847. First returned 
in Jaly, 1852—43. Albionst., Hyde-pk.; Edinburgh! Corsack 
Mouse, near Dumfries. 

Dunne, Francis Plunket. (Portarlington) 

Eld. 8. of Gen. Edward Dunne, of Brittas, Queen's Co., by the d. of the 
late Simon White, esq., and sister to the Ist Lord Bantry. Was educated 
at Sandhurst Military Coll., and at Trinity Coll., Dublin, where he was 
first class. Entered the Army as Ensign in 1823; served in the 7th 
Dragoon Guards, in the 10th Foot, and on the Staff*, in Greece and at 
bome ; was made a Major in the Army in 1840, and a Lieut. Col. 1851. 
Is Liient.-Col. of Queen's Co. Militia, and a Dep.-Lient. of Queen's Co. 
Was Clerk of the Ordnance, from March till Dec. 1852. A Conserratire, 
opposed to the repeal of the Union ; voted for a return to agricultural 
protection 1850. Was an unsnccessftil candidate for Portarlington in 
1837t first elected in 1847.— 35, yermyn-«<.; Junior United Service 
Club I Brittas, Clonealie, Queen's Co. 

Dunne, Michael. (Queen*8 Co,) 

8. of William Dunne, esq. B. at Ballymanns, Queen's Co., 1800 ; m. 
1838, d. of John Cassidy, esq., of Monaatereran, oo. Kildare. Educated 

• at Stoneyhurst Coll., Lancashire. A magistrate for Queen's Co. A Li< 
beral; in fiirour of tenant right in Ireland. First returned for Queen's 
Co., in hkij, lBb2.—BaUymanus, Stradbally, Qneeti''s Co. 

Du Prd, Caledon George. {Buckinghamsh.) 

Eld. s. of James Du Pri, esq., of Wilton Park, Bucks., by the d. of Sir 
Wm. MaxwpU, 4lh bart. t is cousin of the Earl of Caledon. B. 1817 ; 
m. Louisa Comwallis, third d. of Sir Wm. Maxwell, fifth bart. A 
magistrate and depnty-lieut. of Bucks. A Conservative ; voted for 
agricultnral protection, 1846, and for inquiry into Maynooth, 1858; 
opposed to the endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy. First re- 
turned for Bucks in 1839.-40, Portland Plaee ; fVilton Park, Bucks, 

East, Sir James Buller, bart., D.C.L. ( Winchester) 

Eld. s. of the late Right Hon. Sir Edward Hyde East, bart. (who 
■at for WiDchester from 1823 till 1830), by the d. of Joseph Chaplin 
Hankey, esq. oi East Bergholt, Suffolk. B. in Bloomsbury, London, 
1780; m. in 1822 Caroline Eliza, 2nd d. of J. Henry Leigh, esq. of 
Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwickshire. EducHted at Harrow School and at 
Christ Church Coll., Oxford. Was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 
1813. A Conservative ; voted for agricultural protection. 1846. but is 
now ♦' averse to *ny recurrence to that system;" is prepared to " re- 
scind the grant to Maynboth." Sat for Winchester St^m 1831 till Dec. 


18S2; re-elected. Jan. 183S.— 117, Baton tq.,- CarUont Bmarian] 
Howe, Moroton in Marsh, Glouoettorsh, 

Egerton, Edward Christopher. {Macclesfield) 

Fourth 8. of Wilbraham Egerton, e«q., of Tatton Piirlc, by Elizabrtk. 
Sod d. of Sir Chrittopher Sykes, bart., of Sledmeie Huas«, Yorkshire. 
B. at Tatton Park, 1816 ; m. 1845, Lady Mary Prances, d. of the Sod 
Earl Manvers. Educated at Harrow School, and at Christ Charch, Oxftsd. 
where he graduated B.A., 1837: obtained a fellowship at All Soals' 
Coll., and graduated B.C.L., 1841. Waa called to the bar at the Iniwr 
Temple, Jane, 1840. A ** Liberal Conservatiye i" opposed to a duty on 
com, and to the Maynooth grant, bat is *' ready to readjont the bordeas 
of unequal taxation ;** will favour a moderate extension of the saSingt 
TOted againet the ballot, 1853. Was an unsuccessfnl candidate for 
Chester in July, 1850; first returned for Macclesfield, July, 1852.-13, 
Loumdoo-aq. i TravoUort't Carlton; Sandorstead Court, mcr 
Croydon, Surrey. 

Egerton, Sir Philip de Malpas Grey, bt. (Chesh. South) 
8. of the late Rer. Sir Philip Grry Egerton (9th bart). B. at Malpu, 
18(16; m. in 1832 Anna Elisabeth, 2nd d. of the late Geo. J. Legh. Esq. 
Educated at Christ Church, Oxford* where he graduated B.A., 182^. 
Is patron of one-sixth of Tbrporley KCtory; a depnty-lieut. of Chesbitv. 
A Oonserrative; roted for agricultural protection, 1840, and in tbt 
minority of 58 who censured free trade, Nor. 1852. Sat for Cheater is 
the Parliament of 1830. Contested Cheshire, North, uasuccessfoUj, 
in 1832; but was elected without opposition in 1885.— 23, f^iltm- 

^ervjc; Carlton; JUunoeum; Oulton Park, Tarporley, Chesh, 

Egerton, William Tatton. (Chesh. North) 

8. of Wilbraham Egerton, esq., by the d. of Sir Christopher Syka 
(2nd bart.), of Sledmere, and grands, of William Egerton, esq., of Tatta 
Park, who each represented the county for upwards of 20 years, i 
1806 i m. 1830, Lady Charlotte Eliaabeth, eld. d. of the 3iid Marq. d 
Ely. A Conservative, but in ftiTOur of free trade. Sat for Lymiagton ii 
1830. Has sat for the county since 1882.— 48, ffilton-erescent ; Carl- 
ton i Teuton Park, Chesh. 

Elcho, Lord. (Haddingtonsh.) 

Eld. s. of the Earl of Wemysa. B. 1818 ; m 1843, Lady Anne Prederica, 
2nd d. of the 1st Earl of Lichfield. Graduated at (Christ Church) Oxfbiti, 
B.A. 1841. Appointed a Deputy-Lieut, of Haddingtonsh. in 1846. 
A Lord of the Treasury. Dec. 1852, salary £1200. A Liberal-Conter- 
vatiye, in favour of fVee trade ; is adverse to the endowment of the Romas 
Catholic Clergy: will support the immediate reduction of the dutiaon 
tea, tobacco, and soap ; voted against the ballot, 1853. Was elected foi 
East Gloncestersh. in 1841, and then declared himself in favour of agri- 


cultora] protection; withdrew from ParliuoeDt in Feb., 1846; was re- 
turned for Haddingtonsh., July 1S^7.—2S, St. James's-pl.; CarUont 
^misjutd, and Go^ord House, Haddingtoruh. 

EUice, Right Hon. Edward. (Coventry) 

M. Ist, 18U9, Hannah AUhea, youngest sister of 2nd Earl Grey, and 
widow of Capt.^rth, R.N.; 2ndly, in 1843, the Conntessof Leices- 
ter (relict of thelst Earl). 3rd d. of 4th Earl of Albemarle, she died 
1844. Was a merchant in London; was joint Secretary of the Tiea- 
aury from Nov. 1830, till JiVLP,. 1832; and Secretary at War from April, 
1833, till Dec. 1884. A Dtpaty-Lleat. of loveniess. A Reformer A 
'West India and Canadian proprietor Has sat for Coventry since 1818) 
-with the exception of the period from 1826 to 1830.— 18, ArUngton-at. ; 
R^ormClUb; HorsUy Park, Surrey. 

£Uice, Edwardjun. {St. Andrew's dist.) 

8. of the Right Hon. Edward Ellice, M.F. for Coventry, and nephew 
of Capt Ellice, R.N. ; m. d. of Gen. Balfonr. Graduated at (Trin. Coll.) 
Cambridge, A.M. 1831. Of strong Liberal opinions; in favoar of an 
extension of the franchise and vote by ballot; opposed to the May- 
nooth grant, and all religions endowments. Unanccessftilly contested 
the Bnrghs of Inverness in 18S5. Sat from May to July, 1837, Tor Hnd- 
dersfield. Has represented St. Andrew's since the last date— 6, Cam/- 
bridge-aq.; Reform Club; Gltnquoich, Inverneaa-ahire. 

£lliot, Hon. John Edmund. (Roxburghsh.) 

Third 8. of the Ist Earl of Minto, by the eld. d. of Sir George Amyand, 
bart. B. 1788 ; m. 1809, Amelia, Srd d. of James Henry Casam^jor, esq., 
of Madras. Was formerly in the civil service of the East India Com- 
pany in Bengal. Was Secretary to the Board of Controul, resigned 
March, 1862. A Liberal, has voted in favoar of the ballot; voted 
against that measare, 1853. Sat for Roxburghsh. from 1837 to 1841 ; 
when he was an unsuccessiVil candidate ; again returned July 1847.— 8, 
fViltm-creac. t Rtform Club ; Minto Caatle, Roxburghah. 

Elmley, Viscount. ( fVorcestersh. West) 

Eld. s. of Earl Beanchamp, who sat for Woroestersh. West, as Hon. 
H. B. Lygon, fijr 30 ytm before his snocessinn to the peerage. B. 1829. 
Appointed Cornet in 1st Life Guards, 1843, and Capt. 1854. A Conserva- 
tive; is "sincerely attached to Protestant principles," and *' a firm snp- 
porter of our institutions in Church and State;" will give a '* cordial 
support to any measures of real reform,' but ^ reserves to himself the 
right of opposing hasty or ill-considered change in the fond»nental 
principlts of the constitution ;» voted against the ballot, 1863. First 
retomed for Wotcestersh. West, March 1868, without opposition, on 
his bther becoming Eari-Beanchamp.— 10, Gro»v«nor-pl. ; Madre^id- 
courtf PForeeaterah. 


Emlyn, Visct. (Pembrokesh.) 

Eld. $. of the Earl Cawdor ; b. in GrosTeB«>r sq., 1817; m. in 1842, d. 
of Hoa. Col. Cavendish, and grandd. of Lit Earl of ||||liDgton. A Dep.- 
Lieat. of Carmarthenshire and of N»im. Gradnateaat (Christ Chardi 
Coll.) Oxford, M.A. lK40i Was prdds writer to Lord Aberdeen (wbea 
Foreign See.) in 1842. A Conservative; voted for agricaltural pro- 
tection, 1846. First returned for Pembrokesh. in 1841.—^, TiUiey-st., 
South Audley'St.; Carlton; Stactpole Court, Pnnbrokeah. 

Esmonde, John. ( WcUerford, co.) 

8. of the late Lient. James Esmonde, R.N., of Pembrokeatown, co. 
Waterford (who was bro. of the Right Hon. Sir Thomas Esmonde, bart.), 
by Anna Maria, d. of Jatoes Murphy, esq., of Ring Mahop Castle, Cork. 
B. at Kilmanock, co. Wejif .rd, 1826. Educated at Clongo wea Wood and 

« at Trinity College, Dublin, where he obtained Snd class honours. Was 
called to the bar in Ireland, 1850. A Liberal ; in favoar of tenant right ia 
Iieland ; >oted for the ballot, 1853. First ret'jrned for Waterford in inly 
1862.— 14. Manchester-buildings i 9, Great Dcnnuurk^t^ Dublin: 
Pembrokestoton, eo. fVtUerford. 

Euston, Earl of. (Thetford) 

Eld. s. of the Duke of Grafton (who formerly sat fur Thetford). B. in 
Grosvenor-pl., 1819. Was attach^ to the British legation at Naples in 
1841. Was Colonel of the West SuflTolk Militia for a short period in 184fi. 
but resigned. Appointed a Dep.-Lieut. of Northampton, May 1840. A 
Liberal ; opposed to the endowment of the Roman Catholic clergy ; 
voted against the ballot, 1853. First returned for Thetford July 1847. 
—4.7, Clarges-st.; Rrformi fVakefield Lodge, Stoney Stra^ord; 
E%tston HaU, Thefford, Norfolk. 

Evans, Sir De Lacy, K.C.B. {Westminster) 

8. of John Evans, esq. of Miltown, Ireland. B. at Moig in 

Ireland, 1787 ; m. in 1834, Jesette, d. of the late 6o1. R. Arbathnot, 

and widow of P. Hughes, esq. of the E. I. C. service. Appointed Lieat.- the Army 1854; and i» a Lieut.43en. in the Spanish National 

Army. Appointed Col. of 2l8t fhsiliera, 1853. Waa at Waterloo. In 

1885 was appointed to the command of the British Auxiliary Force in 

Spain ; and in 1854 to the command of a diviidon of the forces sent to 

the East; was slightly wounded at the battle of the Alma, and ealo^sed 

'n the diK..atches of the commauder-in-chief. A Liberal ; in favoor of 

«e tiade, the extension of the suffrage, the enfranchisement of large 

vns, vote by ballot, abolition of church rates, ftc. Sat for Rye for a 

' months in 1830 1 was an unsuccessful candidate at the general elec- 

1 same year, re-elected in 1831 ; unsuccessAtlly contested thahborongh 

ivell as Westminster in 1832 ; sat for the latter city flrom 1883 to 1841 ; 

[....- -• '^Q, Bryanatone-sq. 


£velyn, William John, {Surrey , West) 

Eld. B. of the late George Evelyn, esq., of Wotton, Sarrey, by the d. 
of James Henry Massy- Dawson, esq., of Ballynaconrte, formerly M. P. 
for Clonmell. A deacendant of an ancle of John Evelyn, the well-known 
author of the **8ylva.'' B. 1823. Edacated at Rngby school, and at 
Balliol Coll., Oxford, where he graduated B.A. Appointed Capt. 1st 
Surrey Mi'.itia, 1852. A Conservative ; is willing to mpport* any well 
considered measnres for the relief of the agricnltaral interest," and is 
•* determined to uphold the Protectant principles of this country against 
all aggression of the Court of Rome." First returned for Surrey, West, 
Aug. 184U.-fil, Curson-st.; Ojtfordand Cambridge Club; fVotion, 

E wart, William. ( Dumfries A'lst.) 

8. of William Ewart, esq., an extensive merchant at Liverpool. 
B. at Liverpool 1798 ; m. 1829 his cousin, Mary Ann, d. of G. A. Lee, 
eaq., of Manchebter (since dead). Edacated at Eton and at Christ Church, 
Oxf'>rd, where he graduated B.A. 1S21 ; gained the University prise for 
Bnglish verse 1819. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple Jan. 1827. 
A Radical Reformer; in favonr of triennial Parliaments, and the ballot ; 
was instrumental in pmcaring the abolition of capital punishment in 
oases of cattle stealing, sacrilege, &c., in 1833: also introduced the 
Prisoners* Counsel Act in 1833, and the Act for Free Public Libraries in 
1 850 ; is opposed to the grant to Maynooth. Sat for Bletchingley from 
1828 till 1830, for Liverpool from 1830 to 1837, for Wigan from 1839 
till 1841, when he was returned for Dumfries dist.— A, Cambridge-»q., 
Hyde Park ; United University and Rtform Clubs- 

Fagan, William Trant. {Cork, city) 

Eld. s. of the late James P^an, eaq., of Cork, by the d. of Ignatius 
Trant, esq., of Cork ; is chief in Ireland of the ancient family of Pagan, 
of Feltiim. B. in Cork 1801; m. 1827, Mary, d. of Charles Addis, esq., of 
liondon. Was educated at Southall Park, Middlesex; is a merchant 
and an Alderman of Cork, of which city he has filled the office of Mayor ; 
is author of ** The Life and Times of Daniel O'ConnelL" A Repealer; ' 
in favour of free trade; voted for the ballot, 1853. First elected fbr Cork 
city in 1847 ; and althongh at the head of the poll, was desirous of re- 
signing in favour of Mr. Mc Carthy; alter some indecision, the returning 
officer was eventually advised by his assessor to reflise the resignation 
as illegal, and to return the two members highest on the poll as duly 
elected. Vacated his seat April, 1861; re-elected July, 1862.— /t^orm 
Club ; Feltrimt eo. Cork. 

Farnham, Edward Basil. {Leicestersh. North) 

Eld. s. ofthe late Edward Farnham, esq. of Quorndon, by the d. and 
oo-b«iiess of the Rev. Dr. Rhudde, one of the chaplains in ordinary to 


George III. The family have held the Qaoradon eBtateioiiioefhe rriKi 
of Bdw. I. B. 1799 ; m. 18SI, Gertnide Emily, 2nd d. of Sir WiTUam 
Hartopp rSrd bart.), uf Poor Oaks Hall, Warwiid:sh. I0 a Depaty.Lirat. 
for Leicesterah. Appointed major in the Leicestenh Yeomanry C»- 
Tairy, May, 18SS. A ConservafiTe; Toted for agricaltaral prolectioa, 
1846; vriU»apport"acaTeftilreTisionoftaxation,"andthe repeal of th< 
malt tax t opposed to the Maynooth grant and any further conces^ioiif 
to the Roman Catholics. Fizst retamed fur Leicester«fa. 1837.— «3, 
Si, James's-st.S Qttontdan House , L0ie*ster*h. 

Fairer, JamesI (Durham, Sooth) 

Eld. B. of James William Ferrer, esq., of Ingleboroagfa, Torinh., a 
Master in Chancery, by Henrietta, relict of the Hon. John Scott, aad 
only d. of Sir Matthew White Ridley, bart.; is therefore half-bro. to Sad 
Earl of Eldon. B. in London 1812; is anm. Was educated at Wia- 
Chester, and at New Coll., Oxford. A Dep.-Lient. for the West Ridisr 
of York, and a Magistrate for Darham, Westmoreland, and the WeM 
Biding. A Conservative and Protectionist, bat " does not think it 
would be right to attempt a reim position of a duty on forrign com ,* wilt 
** anxiflus'y support the introduction of such measures aa may reiim 
the shipping interests;" opposed to the endowment of the Rudmi 
Catholic Clergy ; voted for inquiry into Maynooth, 1858. Was aa on- 
■uocessful candidate for Durham, South, in 1841; first elected in 1M7 
without opposition.— 14, Queen st., Mayfairi Cartton; Inffleborough, 

Feilden, Montague Joseph. (Blackburn) 

Second s. of the late Sir William Feilden (1st bartO> who sat lor 
Blackburn from 1883 till 1847, by Mary Hanghton, d. of the UteEdoinad 
Jackson, esq., member of the House of Assembly at Jamaica. B. at 
Fenisoowles, near Blackburn, 1816; m. 1846, Mary Anne, only d. and 
heir of William Valentine, esq., of Samlesbnry, Lancash. Educated at 
the PKe Grammar School, Blackburn, and subsequently under the Rev. 
Canon Casaon, of Chester. A merchant and cotton-spinner, head of the 
firm of Messrs. Peilden and Jackson, the well-known and extensive 
nanufaoturing house. A Magistrate, and Deputy-Lieut, for the 00. of 
Lancaster, Director of the East Laucasb. Railway, President of th« 
Blackburn Commercial Association, and senior Miyor in 8rd Royal Laa- 
eash. Militia. A Liberal; in favour of financial and parliamentary re- 
Ann, vote by ballot, and a gradual extension of the suffinge. Pirji 
returned for Blackburn, March, lf^S.—Fenieeowlett, near Blackburn, 

ellowes, Edward. (Huntingdonshire) 

8. of Wm. H. PeUowes, esq., by Emma, d. of the late Richard Benyoa, 
eaq., of Englefleld House, Berks. B. AprU 14, 1809; m. 1846, Hon. 


Mary Jalia, eld. d. of 4th Baron Sondes. Was lately in the l5th Hub- 
sars. Is a Magistrate, and I>eputy-Lieut. for the coanty of Hantingdon. 
Appointed a Depoty-Lient. of Norfolk in 1847. A Conservative ; voted 
for agricnltural protection, 1846; and in the minority of 53 who cen- 
saredfree trade, Nov. 1852. First returned for Hontingdonsh. in 1^7.— 
8, Belgrave-aq.t Junior United Service i Ramsey Abbey, Hvnting- 
donsh.: Haverland- Hill, Norfolk. 

Fergus, John. (Fifesh.) 

S of Walter Fergns, esq., for many years Provost of Klrkaldy. Is a 
manofNctarer and merchant at Kirkaldy . A Depnty-Lient . of Fifesh. A 
Beformer; is opposed to the endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy i 
Toted against the repeal of the malt tax in 1836, and for the ballot, 
1858; will ''always beanxions to promote measures for the education 
of the masses of the people." Represented the Kirkaldy dist. of barghs 
firom 1835 till 1837. First returned for Fifesh. in 1847.— /7rooite«'« 
itnd Rifotm Clubs i Kirkaldy and Strathore, Fifesh. 

Ferguson, Joseph. {Carlisle) 

8. of Robert Ferguson, esq. B. at Whitehaven, 1788; m. 1815, d. of 
John Clerk, esq., of Bebside House, Northumberland. Edocated at 
Carlisle Grammar School. A sleeping paitner in a manufacturing con. 
cern at Carlisle. Mayor of that city in 1887 ; a magistrate for Cumber- 
land since 1840; President of the Carlisle Mechanics' Institute since 
1833. Of "decidedly Liberal opinions ; in favour of free trade and par- 
liamentary reform ; opposed to the Maynooth grant ;" voted for the 
ballot, 1853. First returned for Carlisle in July, 1852. — /2i(^orfn 
Club; Carlisle. 

Ferguson, Sir Robert Alexander, bt. {Londonderry^ city) 
8. of Sir Andrew Ferguson fist bart.), by the d. of Robert Alexander, 
esq., of Broomhall, Londonderry. B. in Londonderry, 1795. Graduated 
at Trinity ColL, Cambridge, M.A., 1817. Lord-Lieutenant ol London- 
derry county, and Col. of that co. militia. Of Whigprinciplea, inclining 
to Conservatism. Formerly voted against an abolition of the Com Laws, 
but in 1846 supported their repeal. Has sat for the city since 1830 
— United University ; The Farm, eo. Derry. 

Ferguson, Robert. {Kirkaldy dist.) 

S. of the late Sir Ronald Ferguson, and nephew of the late Robt. Fer- 
gnson, esq. of Raith. Formerly a Lieut.- Col. in the Army. Is " favour 
able to extension of the suffrage, and education to all classes and creeds ;* 
voted ibr the ballot, 1858. Succeeded his uncle in the representation 
of this district in 1841.— 8, Curson-st.; Brookes's and Reform Clubs* 
Railh House, Fifesh, 



Filmer, Sir Edmund, bart. (Kentj West) ' 

8. of the late Capt. Klmer, and nepbew of tlie ReV. Sir JoIib FilncT, 
whom he saoceeded in the baronetcy, 1884. B. 1809 ; m. 1831, Hekn, 
Sod d. of Darid Monro, esq., of Qaebec. Appointed a Depaty-Lieot 
of Kent, 1849. Patron of 1 liring. A CnnaerTatiye ; voted for agricnl- 
tnral protection, 1846, and in the minority of 53 who censored free 
trade, Not. 1862 ; is opposed to all concessions to the Roni<in Ca- 
tholics. Has sat for Kent since March 1838.— 00, Eaion-sq.s East 
Sutton, Kent. 

FitzGerald, John David. (Ennis) 

S. of the late David FitsOerald, esq., of Dublin, meiehnBt, by Cube, 
rine, eld. d. of the late David Leahy, esq., of London. B. in Doblin, 
1815; m> 1846, Rose, Snd d. of the late John O'Donohoe, esq., of Fiti- 
William-sq., Dnblin, distiller. Educated at Trinity Coll., Dublin: 
called to the bar in Ireland, 1838 ; created a Queen's Connacl ia 1847, 
and on the retiremont of Mr. Jonathan Henn, became leader of the 
Munster circuit. A Liberal i in fkvoor of tenant>right in Ireland ; voted 
for the ballot , 1853. First returned for Ennis in July, 1852. - 14, JTimg. 
at., St. Jamea't; 1, Merrioti-sq. PVtat, Dublin; Stephen's Green 
Club, Dublin ; Cork County Club; Clare County Club, 

FitzGerald, Sir John Forster, K.C.B. {Claret 

Fourth 8. of the late Edward FitsGerald, esq., of Carrigona (who 
was M.F. for Clare in the Irish parliament), by Anne Catherine, d.of 
Capt. Thomas Burton, of the 5th dragoons ; is uucle to Sir Edward Fttx. 
Gerald, bart. M. 1st, Charlotte, d. of M. Hazen, esq., of St. John*s, New 
Brunswidc; Sndly, 1839, Jean, dd. d. of the Han. Donald Ogilvy of 
Clova. Educated at Mauchester; entered the army in 1798; became* 
gen. 1854; col. iSth foot in 1850; received a cross for his services ii 
command of a light battalion and a toigade at Badajos, Salamanca, Vit- 
toiia, and the Pyrenees. A Liberal ; in favour of ''tenant-right.* First 
returned for Clare in July, 1852.— I/nton Club; fVorthing, Suetejg. 

FiU-Gerald, William Robert Seymour Vesey. (^Horsham) 
Nephew of 2nd Lord Fitz-Gerald and Vesey, and grandson of the Rigkt 
Hon. James Fitz-Gerald, Prime Serjeant of Ireland. B. 1817 ; m. 1840, 
Maria Tryphena, eld. d. of Dr. Seymour. Educated at Oriel Coll., Ox- 
ford, where he was2nd class in classics 1837, and gained the Nevrdinate 
prize in 1835 ; graduated M.A. 1844. Called to the bar at Lincolo's Ids 
Jan. 1839, and goes the Northern circuit. Appointed Oepaty-Lieo t. of 
Sussex, 1852. A Liberal Conservative; thinks tbat in a revisiou of taxa- 
tion the claims of the agriculturists should in a prominent degree be con- 
-M-r^ri. i« nn^osedto the ptoiint system of the property and income 


tax; will Tote for inquiry into the Maynooth gnnU Unsaecenftilly 
Goat»5ted Horsham Jnly, 1847: sat for Honham from Jane, 1848, till 
September of the same year, when he was unseated on petition ; re- 
elected July, 1862, without opposition.— 17, ; Oxford 
tmd Cambridge : Union; Carlton ; Hotbrook, near Horsham ; Bai- 
lylinch, Thomeutown, Kilkenny. 

Fitz-Roy, Hon. Henry. {Lewes) 

S. of 2nd Baron Southampton, by his 2nd wife, d. of Lord Robert 
Seymour. Is heir pres. to Lord Southampton. B. iu Stanhupe>st. 1807 ; 
m. in 1839, d. of the Baron N. M. Rothschild. Is a magistrate for 
Middlesex. Was a Lord of the Admiralty from Jan. till July, 1846. 
Appointed Under Secretary of State for the Home Department, Dec. 
1852, salary ^f 1500. AXiJonservatire, but in favour of free trade. Sat 
for Great Grimsby in 1831, and for Lewes from April 1837 till March 
1841, when he was an nnsuccessftil candidate ; but succeeded on petition, 
1842. — 12, Upper Grosvenor-at. ; Carlton; fVhittlebury Lodge^ 

Filz-William, Hon. Chas. William Wentworth. (Malton) 
Third surriving s. of the 8rd Earl Fits- William, by his cousin, the 4th 
d. of the Ist Lord Dandas. B. at Wentworth House, Yorkshire. 1826 ; 
m. 1854, Anne, young, d. of the late Hon. and Rev. T. L. Dnndas. 
Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge. Appointed Capt. in the Ist 
West Yorlt Yeomanry Cavalry in 1846. A Liberal. First returned for 
Malton in July, f9?i2.— Mortimer House, HalHn-st., Groeyenor-aq.; 
fVentworth Houae, Rotherhamt Yorkahire. 

Fitz-William, Hon. Geo. Wentworth. {Peterborough) 
Second s. of 3rd Earl Fits William, by the 4th d. of the Ist Lord 
DnudaM. B. 1817. Graduated at Trinity College, Cambridge, M.A. 1838. 
A Reformei ; voted against the ballot, 18a3. Sat for Richmond fhim 
Feb. to July, 1841, and for Peterborough since the latter date.— Ifor- 
timer houae, Halkin-st.; fVentworth Hoxiae, Yorkah. 

Floyer, John. {Dorsetsh.) 

8. of the Rev. William Floyer, Rector of West Stafford, and Vicar of 
Stinsford, Dorsetsh., by Elizabeth, youngest d. and uo-heir of Stephen 
Barton, esq., of Blandford B. at Stinstord, 1811 ; m. 1844, Georgina Char- 
lotte Frances, eld. d. of Right Hon. Geo. Bankes, M.P. Was educated at 
Winchester, and at Balliol Coll. Oxon.; graduated B.A. in 1831. Ap- 
pointed Capt. in the Dorset Queen's Own Regiment of Yeomanry 
Cavalry. Dec. 1852. A Protectionist ; voted for inquiry into Maynooth, 
1858. First returned for Dorsetsh. Feb. 1846.— 6, Old Palaoe Yardt 
Oxford and Cambridge; fVeat Stafford, Doraetah, 



Foley, John Hodgetta Hodgetts. {Worcestersh. East) 
Second I. of the late Hon. Edward Foley, (bro. to 2Dd Ixiid Foley,) liy 
the d. and heir of John Hodgetta, esq., of Preidwood. B. at Prestw cod. 
Worautenh., 1797 1 m. 1836, Charlotte Margaret. 2Dd d. of the late 
John Oaee, exq., of Rogate txidge, Hants, and cooiiin to 4th Vifct. Gage. 
Was edacated at Christ Chnrch, Oxford. A Magistrate for Worcesterih.. 
and for several years Chaizman of the Foot Law Union ; ia President of 
the Stourbridge Meohanics* Institution, and many other local asoci* 
ations. A Liberal; a supporter of the Established Church, but a friend 
to rirll and religions liberty ; in bTour uf a *' gradual extension of tbe 
soi&age." Represented Droitwich from 1821 till 1834: first returned 
far Worcestrnhire. East, in 1847, without opposition.— TVaveOer^'; 
Brookes^s; Athentmum; Prestwood, Stourbridge, ff^oreesterMh, 

FoIIett, Brent Spencer. {Bridgewater) 

Younger s. of the late Benjamin Follett, esq. (a timber merchant at 
lyopsham, Dctod, who had previonsly been in tbe 13th Foot), by the d. 
of John Webb, esq., of Kinsale, Ireland. Bro. of the late Sir Williaa 
Webb Fbllett. B. at Topsham, 1810 1 m. 1847. Caroline Amelia, 
yoangest d. of Walker Skirrow, esq., Q.C., of Reddish Huuse, near 
Stodqiort. Was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1883, and is a 
Queen's Counsel. A Conserratiye, but will not distnitt the free-trade 
system ; an advocate for extensive Chancery reform. First returned for 
Bridgewater in July, 18A2.— 10, Neto-sq., Lineobi't Imt ; AUunmnm. 

Forbes, William. {SHrUngsh,) 

B. 1806; m. in 1882, Lady Louisa Antoinnetta, d. of 7th Bail of 
Wemyss (she died 1845). Is Vice-Lieut of Stirlingsh. A Oonaervative ; 
voted for agricultural protection. 1846, and in favour now of ** relief" 
to the agricultural and commercial classes ; will vote far the withdrawal 
of the grant to Maynooth. Represented Stirlingshire trom 1885 till 
1887 1 re-elected in July, 1837, bat unseated on petition; again elected 
in IML—CaOendar House, SHrUnash. 

Forester, Right Hon. George Cecil Weid. ( Wenlock) 

Second s. of 1st Lord Forester, by the 2nd d. of 4th Duke of Rutland. 

Is heir pres. to the present Lord Forester. B. in Sackville-streef , 1807. 

Became a Major in the Horse Guards, 1846, and Lient.-CoI. 1853; 

brevet-col. 1854 1 has been Groom of the Bedchamber. Was Comptroller 

of the Household ftom March till Dec. 1853. A Ctmservative ; voted for 

Ticultural protection, 1846, and for inquiry into Maynooth, 1858. Has 

'br the borough since 1830.— Car//on .* fViUey Park, Scilop. 

.er, Charles. ( WaUall) 

tlys. of the late CbariM Smith Forster, esq. (the first 


Walnll, where he and his father were bankers), by Eliabeth, d.of 
the late Riuhard Emery, esq., of Barcott House, Salop. B. 1816 ; mar. 
184U» Frances Catherine, yo]^ogest d. of the late John Surtees, esq., of 
Mewcastle-opon-Tyne, and niece of Lord Chancellor Eldon. Educated 
at Worcester College, Oxford, where he gradaated B.A. 1840, M.A. 
1843. Was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in 1843', and went the 
Oxford Circuit, but does not now practise. A magistrate and Deputy- 
Liieat. for Stafford^h., and a director of the South Staflurdxhire Rail- 
-way. A Liberal ; In fa Tour of an extension of the sulTrage and Tote 
by bMllot ; opposed to all grants for religious parposes. Was an un- 
snccessflil candidate ibr WaUall in July, 1847 (when he lost by only 
aeyen Totes). First returned in July, 1852, without opposition— 10, 
Dean^a Yard, fVestmituter ; Oxford and CanAridgt Club; Ly*- 
wpaya HcM, near Lichfield. 

Forster, John. (Berwick- on- Tweed) 

S. of Matthew Forster, esq., who sat for Berwick fitm 1841 till 1898. 
B. 1817. A Reformer ; in favour of free trade ; Toted for the ballot, June 
1868. First returned for Berwick, May 1863, on his father, Mr. Matthew 
Forster, being unseated on petition.— York Chambers, St. James^'tt. ; 
Reform Clvh. 

Forster, Sir George, bart. {Monaghan) 

Only B. of the late Rer. Sir Thomas Forster, 1st bart., by Dorens, only 
d. of the Rev. George Howse, D.D , of Cork. B. at Bamnstown Glebe, oo. 
Looth, 17M; m. 1816, Anna Maria, eld. d. of Matthew Fortescae,esq.,of 
Stephenstown, oo. Louth (dead). Was called to the bar in Ireland, 1880. 
A magistrate and deputy-Ueut. of the cos. of Louth and Monaghan, 
A OonsenratiTC ; Toted for inquiry into MaynoQth, 18^8. First returned 
for Monaghan in July, 186S.— 33, Duke-et.,St.Jamet*»t Coolderry, 
Carrictmaeroaa, oo. Monaghan. 

Fortescue, Chichester Samuel. (Louth) 

Toungest s. of the late Lieut..Cot. Chichester Fnrteseae, of Dromiiken, 
eo. of Louth, by the d. of Samuel Hobson, esq., of Waterford; is bro. to 
Lord Clermont, who sat for Louth in 1840. B.18S8; is unm. Waa 
educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where he was tirst class in classica 
in 1844, and obtained the Chancellor's price for the English Essay in 
1846. Appointed a Lord of the .Treasury, /an. 1854, salary jfl200. 
A Liberal t is opposed to the repeal of the Union ; will support " any 
Just measure which will proyide a legal compensation and security 
to the tenant for the investment of his capital ;" is opposed to the Eccle- 
siastical Titles Act ; voted for the ballot, 1853. First returned for Louth, 
July 1847, without opposition.— 45, St. Jamet's-pl. t Brookes'* and 
Travellers* Clubs; Red House, Ardeet and Raoensdale Park, 
Flurry'Bridge, oo. of Louth. 


Fox, Richard Maxwell. {Longford^ co.) 

Eld. s. of tbe late Rer. FnnciB Fox, and nephew to the 6th Lord 
Farnbam. B. at Rabeny Glebe, co. Dnblin, 1816; m. 1835, Susan Amelia, 
9ud d. of Admiral Sir Lawrence Hal^ted, G.C.B., and grandd. of tbe 
celebrated Admiral Visct. Exmoutb. Was educated at Wincbester, and 
at University College, Oxford. Was a Gorerument Inspector fur tbe 
Dongannon Union, co. Tyrone, onder the Irish Relief Act. A Magi^trale 
and Deputy-Lieut, of Longford. A Liberal i roted far the ballot, 1 853; 
in favour of the rppeal of ^he Union nith Ireland, the extension of tbe 
franchiiie,&c.; but opposed to tbe endowment of the Roman Catholic 
Clergy. First returned for Longford July 1847.— 48, Dttte-at^ St. 
James' at Fox Hall, Rathowen, Lwtgford. 

Fox, William Johnson. (Oldham) 

S. of a Suffolk fanner, afterwards a cotton weaver in Norwich. B at 
Uggesbal Farm, near Wrentham, Suffolk. 1786; m. 1820, d. of James 
Florance, esq., of Chichester, barrister. Educated for tbe Dissenting 
ministry, at Old College, Homerton, under tbe Rev. J. Pye Smith, DJ>. 
Is wellknown as a political uriter aud lecturer, who took a prominent 
part In the proceedings of the Anti-Corn-Law League. Author of 3 toIs. 
of *' Lectures cbiefly addressed to the Working Classes;" ** Letters of a 
Norwich Wearer Boy," in the " League »' Newspaper, &c. A Radical 
Reformer, in fayour of a separation of Church and State ; opposed to all 
religious endowments ; voted for tbe ballot, 1853. Sat for 0:dbam from 
July 1847 till July 18.52; reelected on a yacancy, Dec. following.— 3, 
Suasex-pL, Regenfa-park t Reform Club. 

Franklyn, George Woodroffe. (Poole) 

Seconds, of George Franklyn, esq., of Clifton, l^the d. of Thomas 
Ward, esq., of London, foUcitor. B. at Bristol, 1800 ; m. 1826, Mary 
Jane, d. of the Rey. John Arden, of Longcroft Hall, Staffordsh. A mer- 
chant at Bristol; mayor of that city, 1 842-8. Elected warden and 
master of tbe guild of Meichant-Tenturen there, 1849-50. A Oonser 
yatiye, and a supporter generally of Lord Derby's policy. First re> 
turned for Poole in July, IS62.— Carlton i National} Hanbury HtaUt 
near Droitwioh ; Clifton, near Bristol. 

Freestun, William Lockyer. (Weymouth) 

Second a. of Edward Freestnn, esq., of Primrose Hill, co. Waterford, 
by Mary, only d. of William Lockyer, esq., of Wembnry House, Devon, 
" May Park, CO. Waterford, 1804; m.l846, Josefa Benita, relict of 
arles Pratt, esq., of Totton Honse, Hants, and tbe Bdyidere, Wey- 
utb. Entered the Army as Ensign in the 5th Foot, and served 
83 years; wason the staff of tbe British Legion under Sir de Lacy 
msin 1836-6-7, in which service he became a Col., and was three 


tines wonnded. Mas recdred penniMion to accept and wear the Order 
of Charles III. (Knight Commander), as alao the first claiis of the Orders 
of San Ftonando and of Isabella the C«thoUc. Served in Syria in 1840 and 
1841 with the local rankof Mi^or and Assistant- Adjutant General, where 
be was presented with a gold medal by the Saltan, which he has leceived 
royal permission to wear. Is a Depnty Lieut, and Magistrate for the co. 
of Dorset. A Liberal; in favonr of progressive free trade, the ballot, 
and ** either the endowment of all religions bodies or of none ;" voted 
for inquiry into Maynooth, 1853. First returned furWeymonth id 1847. 
— S2, GtoucesttT'Sq.t Hyde Park ; Rrform; Junior United Serviee f 
Tbe Belvidere, fVeymoutht Doraet. 

French, Fitzstephen. {Roscommont co.) 

Third s. of the late Arthur French, esq., of French park, co. Roscom- 
nion, by Margaret, d. of Edmund Costello, es Is bro. of 1st Lord De 
Fk-eyne. B. 1801 ; m. in 1839 Charlotte, eld. d. of the Hon. Henry Grey 
Bcrnnett, and niece of the 4th Barl of Tanicerville. Obtained several 
science premiums i n College. His father, grandfather, and great-grand< 
father, and other members of his family, have represented the county. 
Of Whig principles ; is in favour of short Parliaments. Formerly voted 
against the abolition of the Corn Laws. Did not vote on Mr. O'Conneirs 
motion in 1834, for the Repeal of the Union. Unsuccessfully contested 
Sligowith Gen. King in 1820. Has sat for Roscommon since 1832.— 
64, Parliament'tt.i Brookea^a; Longh Erritt, eo. Roscommon. 

Freshfield, James William, F.R.S. {Penryn and Fal- 
Eld. 8. of James Freshfield, esq., of Chertsey, and said to be descended 
f^om the family of Frescheville, Barons by writ of summons. B. at 
Windsor, 1775 ; m. let. Miss Blacket, of Durham; Sndly, eld. d.of John 
Sims, esq., <^ Walthamstow, Essex. Was entered a pen^iouer at Feter- 
honse, Cambridge. Was admitted an attorney 1790, and was Solicitor to 
the Banic of England for 20 years, but retired in 1840, and was called to 
the bar at Gray's Inn 1842. Is chwirman of the Eahter Quarter Sessions 
in Surrey ; a magistrate for Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex, and the City 
of Westminster ; a deputy.lieut. for the first two cus., and was high 
sheriff of Sorrey, 1850; Chairman of the Globe. Insurance OompanVt ^ 
director of the Canada Company, and Joint treasurer of the Corporation 
of the Sons of the Clergy. For more than 20 years migor in the City 
Artillery, and on resigning his conmiission in 1845, received permission 
to retain his nominal rank, &c. ' A Conservative ; in favour of protection 
to native industry, and of *' Protestant principles;" but oonsid^jg " tb^^ 
no attempt can be made fur the re-enactment of the corn lawB.*> Bat f**^ 
Penryn from 1830 till 1832 ; for Penryn and Falmouth fitnn i^^ ^\i t^^ 
general election, 1841. Unsuccessfiilly contested ^ycoti^Y^ iS^* 
London, 1847; and Derby, 1848. Sat for Boston from Apt^j^ |g5)f 


ittly, 189S, when he was again elected Ibr Vaofn and Fkfammtkr^ 
DwoH*hir9-pl., PortUutd^l ; CarlUm; i^ationalt ^theiuums 
Moor Piac€, Betehworth, Suasos, 

Frewen, Charles Hay. {Sussex, East) 

Second a. of the late John Frewen Tbrner, eeq. fM.P. ffar AtUone ia 
1807), and bro. to Thos. Frewen Turner, esq., who represeafed Sonth 
Leicestersh. in 1835. Thia family haring aneceeded to the Tteraer eatatM 
in Leicestersh. aboat the middle of the last century, aaaamed the name 
of Turner, but in 1887 they reyerted to the use of their patronymic, 
Frewen, only. B. 1813. Was fdlow commoner of Trinity Coll. Can- 
bridge. A Magistrate of the co. of Leicester and of Bntland. One ofthe 
Ooyernors of Christ's Hospital. Appointed Dep. Lieut, of Rutland 184^, 
and of Sussex 1862. " A ProtestHnt Oonservatire \" opposed to any fhr- 
ther concession to the Roman Catholic Church { voted for agricnltunl 
protection 1840, and in the minority of 58 against free trade. Not. 1K>3 ; 
is in favour of the repeal of the malt tax aod hop duty, and for the 
removal of direct taxes generally, considering customs dntiea the best 
mode of obtaining revenue. Unsuccessfully contested Leicester in 1839, 
and Rye in 1841. First returned for Sumex in Jan. 184B.— Car^ 
torn National; Cold Overton Hall, Leicestersh.; NoriAiam, Sta- 
plehurst, Kent; Innishcmnont oo. Cork. 

Fuller, Augustus Eliott. (SusseXf East) 

Eld. 8. of John Trayton Fuller, esq. formerly of Heathfield Park, Sus- 
sex, by the only d. ofthe Ist Lord Heathfield ; is eld. bro. of Sir T. T. F. 
E. Drake, bart. B. 1777 ; m. in 18U1, d. of Owen P. Meyrick, esq. Is a 
Magistrate and Dep.-Lieut. of the co. Patron of 1 living. A Conserva- 
tive; voted for agricultural protection, 1846. First returned for East 
Sussex in 1841'; was an unsaccessfUI candidate in 1837^—16, CUffbrd' 
St. ; United University, Alfred; Rose-hill and Ashdown House, 

Gallwey, Sir William Payne-, bart. {Thirsk) 

Only 8. of the late Sir William Payne-Gallwey (1st. hart.), by the only 
d. of Ist Earl of Dtinraven. M. 1847, Emily. 8rd d. of Sir Robert 
Frankland-Rusaell, bart., of Thiikleby Hall, Yorksh. Was formerly 
major in the 7(h Fusiliers. Appointed Deputy-Lieut, of the North 
Riding of York, 1858. A Conservative, and in favour of protection to 
agriculture. First returned for Thirsk, March, 1851, without opposition. 
—8, HalUn-st. fVest ; Travellers' Club, 

way, Visct. {East Retford) 

In Irish Peer. B. 1805; m. 1888, his cousin Henrietta EUsa, only d. 
Robert Pemberton Milnes, esq., of PTyston Hall, Yorksh. Waa 
ic«i*f>ii -♦ w...,^-, and graduated B.A. at Christ Church, Ozlbrd. 


Appointed n lord in waiting to the Qneen, March, 1862. A Gonseryatire 
and Protectionist ; ia opposed to the endowment of the Roman Catholic 
Clergy. First returned for East Retford in 1 847 without opposititm.— 46, 
Z,ower Broot-st; BoocUs'tt Traveller**; Serlby Hall, Notts. 

Gardner, Richard. (Leicester) 

Eld. a. of Robert Gardner, esq., a merchant, and magistrate of LaiiRa< 
shire. B. in London, 1818; m. 1850, Lacy, only d. of Count de Man- 
delbloh, formerly Minister Plenipotentiary from Wurtemburg. Was 
educated at the Charterhouse, and at Wadham College, Oxford, where 
he graduated B.A- 1838. Is author of several political pamphlets, 
and contributions to magasines, newspapers, %c. Of Radical opinions ; 
in farour of an extension of Uie sofirage ; voted for the ballot, 1858 1 
** objects to the alliance of Church and State under any circumstances, 
and is opposed to public endowments for religions purposes under any 
pretexts." Returned for Leicester in July, 1847, but unseated on peti- 
tion ; again returned July, 1853.— 180, Pieoadillyi Rtfortn Club; 
Chaeeley Hall, Manehe/tler. 

Gaskell, James Milnes. (Wenlock) 

Only s. of the late Benjamin Gaskell, esq., of Thomes House, Yorksh. 
(wlio<8at for Maldon for many years), by the eld. d. of Dr. Brandreth, of 
Liverpool. B. 181U ; m. 1832, Mary, 2nd d. of the Right Hon. C. W. 
!¥. Wynn. Has been a Lord of the Treasury ; resigned Feb. 1846. A 
Conservative ; voted for agricultural protection, 1846. Will support 
any attempt to mitigate agricultural distress. Has sat fbr the borungh 
since 1882.-^12, 5/ra^oro^p/.; Carlton; Thomea House, Yorksh, 

George, John. {Wexford, co.) 

8. of the late John George, esq., merchant (who was governor of the 
Bank of Ireland and high sheriff of the city of Dublin), by Emily, d. of 
— Fox, esq. B. in Dublin, 1804; m. 1st, Sarah Rosannah, d. of Isaac 
Matthew D'Olier, esq., formerly governor of the Bank of Ireland (she died 
1847); 2ndly, 1848, Mary, d. of Major Christopher L'Estrange Carleton. 
Educated at naBcati School, near Dublin, and at Trinity College, 
Dublin, where he graduated M.A. and obtained honours in each year of 
the undergraduate course. Was called to the Bar in Ireland, 1828 t 
appointed a Queen's counsel 1844, and Crown prosecutor for the Leinster 
circuit, July, 1852. A Conservative, and a supporter of protective duties 
on agricultural produce; in favour of compensation to tenants at-will 
maldng permanent improvements with consent of landlord and then 
removed firoro their holdings; but opposed to compulsory perpetuity 
of tenure, compulsory valuation, annexation, and the other doctrines 
of the " Tenant League." First returned for Wexford co. In '^lyt 
1852.-8, F«*wi«am-«9. VTest, Dublin; Kildart-st, C^^* Dublin ; 
Cahore House, Gorey, eo. fVexford. 


Gibson, Rif^ht Hon. Thomas Milner. {Mancliesier) 
Only s. of M^Jor Thomas Milner OiImod. of tbe 87ih regt. B. 1807; 
m. in 188S, d. nf tbe Rev. Sir Thomu O. Cnllam, hurt. Educated it 
Trinitj Coll^ Cambridse, where ha toolc a wrangler's degree 1836. 
App:>inted Vice President of the Board of Trade. 1846 ; reaigned Mar> 
1848. A Liberal ; yotrd for the ballot, 1858. Sat for Ipswich from Jnlr 
1837 till July 1839, when he accepted the Chiltern Handredo. stood « 
contest, and was not elected; nnsncces.*' fully contested Canabridge is 
1839; B'st returned for Manchester in 1841.— 4!), IViUon Cretetnt: 
Oxford and Cambridge UrUvertity Ctnb; Theberton House, Sa*- 
, SuffolJb. 

Gilpin, Richard Thomas. (Bedfordah,) 

Only 8. of the late Richard Gilpin, esq., of H^ickliffe {who was lieut.- 
col. of the Bedfordsh. militia for more than 40 years), by bis 2nd wik, 
4th d. of William Wilkinson, esq. , of Westmoreland. B. in Mandieatcr. 
St., Manchester-sq., 1801 ; m. 1831, Lonisa, d. of CJeneral Gore Browae, 
of Wr.ymoath. Educated at Rugby, and at Christ's College, Cu- 
bridge. Is a magistrate and deputy -lieut. of Bedfordah. and Bucks; 
also col. of the Bedfordsh. militia. A Conserratire ; in faroor of 
protection to agriculture, a strong supporter of the Protestant oonstita- 
tion in Church and State, but in favour of civil and religions libeity. 
First returned for Bedfordsh. Feb. 1851.— 18, Great RuaseU-st. i Hoet- 
life Grange, Bedfordsh. 

Gladstone, John Neilson. (Devizes) 

Third s. of the late Sir John Gladstone, bart. (who was for 60 yeans 
Liverpool merchant), by his 8nd wife, Aune, d. of Andrew Rotiertsos, ' 
provost of Dingwall. B. 1807 ; m. 1839, Elizabeth Honoria, d. of Sir 
Robert Bateson, bart., of Belvoir Paric, Belfkst. Entered the navy ia 
18S0, and became a Commander in 1812. A Conservative; roted for agri- 
cultural protection in 1845, then ** believed that policy beneficial to 
the community at large, but is willing to admit now that he and othen 
who held these views were mistaken;" will support a system of national 
education based on religion, and will vote for an inquiry respecting 
Maynooth. Sat for Walsall Aom Feb. to July, 1841; returned for Ips- 
wich in August, 1842, after two previous elections there hud been de- 
clared void, and s^it till 1817. First returned for Devizes without oppo- 
sition in July, 185S.— A, Carlton Gardene ; Carlton ; United Serviei. 

Gladstone, Right Hon. William Ewart. {Oxford Uni' 

Fourth s. of Sir John Gladstone (l>t hart.), a Lirerpool merchant, 
rands, maternally of Aqdrew Robertson, esq.. Provost of Ding- 
all. B. at Liverpool 1809; ra. 1839, Catherine, eld. d. of the late Sir 

membehs op the house op commons. 189 

Stephen Richard Glynne, bart., uf Hawardcn Castle, Flintuh. Waa 
educated at Eton, and at Christ Church, Oxford, where he obtained a 
doable first class in~183l, graduated M.A. 1834, and received the hon- 
orarj degree of D.CX. 1848. Was appointed a Lord of the Treasory 
in Dec. 1834; was Under-Secretary for the Colonies ttom Jan. 1833 
till April same year; Vice President of the Board of Trade and 
Master uf the Mint from Sent. 1S41, to M<y, 1843, when he became 
President of that Board, retaining the office of Master of the Mint; 
resigned both Feb. 1845 ; was Secretary of State for the Colonies ttom 
Dec. 1846, to July, 1846. Appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, 
Dec. 1852, salary jf 5000 ; and is one uf the Committee of Council for 
Poblic Education. Is author of '* The State in its Relations with 
the Church," '* Church Principles considered in their Results,'* and 
other works. " A Liberal-Coiiserrative ;" roted against the ballot, 
1858. Sat for Nevi ark ftom 1832 till his acceptance of office in Dec. 
1845. First returned for the University of Oxford in 1847.— 6, Carlton 
Gardtnsf Carlton Ctub. 
Glyn, George Carr. (Kendal) 

Fourth B. of the late Sir Richard Carr Glyn, bart., by the only d. of 
John Plnmptre, esq., of Fredville, Kent, formerly member for Notting- 
ham. B. in London, 1797 ; m. 1823, Mary Anne, d. of the late Pascoe 
Grenfell, esq., M.P., of Taplow House, Bucks. Was educated at West- 
minster. Is partner in the well-known banking firm, Glyn, Halifox, 
and Co. ; Chairman of the London andNorth-Western Railway {Director 
of the St. Katharine's Dock Company, and of the Globe Insurance Corn* 
pany. A trustee of the City Clnb. A Commissioner of Lieutenancy for 
the city of London. A Liberal and a " decided free-trader;" opposed 
to the endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy ; voted for the ballot, 
185a First returned for Kendal in 1847 without opposition.— 1, 
EetUaton-at., Belgrave-sq.; 7, Lombard- a t. ; Rtform, Brootes's, 
and City Clubs i Stanmors Park, Stanmora, MidcUeaex. ^ 

Goddard, Ambrose Lethbridge. (Cricklade) 

Eld. s. of Ambrose Ooddard, esq., of Swindon,' Wilts, by the eld. d. of 
Sir Thomas Buckler Lethbridge, bart. B. in London 1819; m. 1847, 
Charlotte, eld. d. of Ayshford Sanford, esq., of Nynehead Court, Somer- 
set. Educated at Harrow, and at St. John's College, Cambridge. A Magls- 
trate for Wilts; Capt. in the Wilts Yeomanry Cavalry; appointed 
Deputy- Lieut, of Wilts, 1852. A Conservative, voted in the minority of 
53 whckcensnred free trade, Nov. 1852; will support "a fair revision 
of taxation to lessen the present unequal pressure on the prodncer 
without committing any injustice to the consumer ;* is opposed to the 
endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy. First returned in 1847 for 
Cricklade, which his father had represented firom 1837 to 1841.— 37, Jer- 
myn-ai.t Carlton; Boodle' a; The Lawn, Swindon, fVilta. 

190 ■>«■§■««« OF THE BODSB OF OOMIHMW. | 

Ooderich, Viicoant. (Huddenfield) ' 

Bid. ■. of the lit Earl of Ripon by tlie only d of the 4th Bail of Vidk- 
Inrliaiiuhire. B. in London, 18S7; m. 1861, Henrietta Anne Theodosia, 
eld. d. of Capt. Henry Vyuer, and grandd. of the Ist Eail de Grey. 
Appointed Capt. in the YorluhireWest RidingYeomanry Caralry in \«»i', 
and a Dep Lirnt. ol Lini-olnshire in 1849. A Liberal ; in favoar of 
extension of the saA'age, vote by ballot, short pariiaments, the abalitioa 
of ebnrch rates, and an inquiry into the state of Maynooth. Took u 
active part in the aifairs oftlte ** Amalgamated B ngineers*' at the tine of 
the strike in 1852; and **feeb great interest iu all that conoerat the 
ImpiOTement of the condition of the worlung dasaes." Sat tx Hall 
from July, 1852, till March, 1853; fint retnmed for Haddenfield, April 
fi}lIowing.— 5, fVhUtheM^ard. 

Gooch, Sir Edward Sherlock, bart (Suffolk, East) 
Eld. s. of the late Sir T. 8. Gooch, 6th bait., by the d. of Abrahin 
Whitaker, esq., of Lyster House, Herefordsh. B. at HoU>ecks, Snlfolk, 
180S : m. Ist, 1828, 2nd d. of Sir George Beeston PreacoCt, bart. (she did 
1838) ; Sndly, 1839, Harriet, Srd dan. of the late Jas Joseph Hope-Vtie. 
caq.ofCragieHaU. Linlithgowsh. Edncated at Westminster. Obtained 
a commission in the 14th Light Dragoons in 1819, but suldovt aaCipt. 
in 1887. A Justice of the Peace and Dep.-Lieut. for Saflfolk. A Ooa- 
■errative ; was pledged to support protection, and to t^pose the endaw- 
ment of the Rom^n Catholic Clergy. First elected for East Safi>Ik in Feb. 
184tt.— Boodte'«; Carltom Beckon HiU, Si^ffblk. 

Goodman, Sir George. (Leeds) 

Is unmarried. A woolstapler in Leeds. Was the first mayor of Lecdi 
and four timeii successively elected to that ofBce; knighted in 1852, after 
his fourth mayoralty. A magistrate and ^eputy-lient. for the West 
Riding of Yurksh. A Liberal ; in favour of an extension of the fhin* 
chise i «oted for the ballot, 1863. Kr5t retfurned for Leeds in July, 1862. 

Gordon, Hon. Arthur Hamilton-. {Beverley) 

Fourth 8. of 4th Barl of Aberdeen, by his 2nd wife, Harriet, sister of the 
18th Earl of Morton, and widow of James Yiaet. Hamilton. B. at Argyll 
House, 1829. Educated at Trinity CoM. Cambridge, where he graduated 
M.A. 1850. A Liberal i in favour of the principles of free trade being 
carried to their Aillest extent, a large increaiie of the suffrage, and vote 
by ballot. First elected fbr Beverley, July, 1864. — ArgyU House, 
Argyll at. 

-e, William Ormsby. (Salop, North) 
1. of thelate William Gore, esq. ; b. 1779 ; m. 1815 Mary Jane, only d. 
I heiress of Owen Ormsby, esq. of Wiliowbrook, in the eo. of SUgo, 


and Parkiogton, Salop; apoB which occasion he auamed, bj rign- 
mattual, the additional surname and arms of Ormsbjr. Is patron of 
1 liTjng. A Couserrative ; n>ted Ibr agricnltaral protection, 1846. Sat 
for I/eitrim in the Parliament of 1806, his ancestors having repre- 
aented that county for nearly a century ; for Carnanron in that of 
1830; unsuccessfully contested that borough in 1831, and Salop in 
1832; bnt in Jan. 1835 was returned without opposition.— 66, Port- 
iand-pl.; Carlton ; Porkington, Salop ; Glyn, Merionethsh.,' fVil- 
lotvbrook, eo. Sligo. 

Goulburn, Right Hon. Henry. {Cambridge University) 
8. of Muubee Gonlbnm, esq., of Portland Place, and the Hon. Susan, 
sister of Visct. Cbetwynd. B. in the parish of Marylebone, 1784 ; m. 
1811, Hon. Jane, 8rd d. of 4th Lord Rokeby. Educated at Trinity 
Coll., Cambridge, where he graduated AM. 1808; created D.C.L. 
at Oxford, 1834. A West India proprietor. Was Under Secre< 
tary for the Home Department from Feb. 1810, till Aug. 1812 ; for the 
Colonies from 1812 till 1821: Secretary for Ireland from Dec. 1831, till 
1828; Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1828 till 1830, and from 1841 
till 1846; Secretary for the Home Department from Dec. 1834, till 
April, 1835. Was proposed for the office of Speaker in 1839: had 299 
Totea. Appointed Church estates commissioner 1850; salary ^1000. 
A Conservative, but in favour of free trade ; will " strenuously resist 
all encroachments on the authority or rights of the Established 
Church. " Sat for St. Germains, West Looe, and other boroughs, till 1 826, 
when he sat for Armagh till 1831 ; was then elected for the Uni- 
versity, which he had unsnccessfully contested in 1826. In 1831, Lord 
Falmerston and Lord Cavendish having voted for Reform, he and Mr. 
Yates Peel succeeded in ousting them. Has sat for the University 
since 1831. — 18, MorUagu-»q. ; Carlton; United University t 
Beechworth House, Surrey. 

Gower, Hon. Edward Frederic Leveson-. (Sioke-upon- 


Second surviving s. of the lat Earl Oranyille, by the 2nd d. of the 6tb 
Doke of Devonshire. B. in London 1819 ; m. 1853. Lady Margaret, d. of 
3nd Marq. of Northampton. Edncated at Christ Church, Oxford, where 
he graduated B.A. 1840, M A. 1844. Called to the bar at the Inner 
Temple, Nov. 1 846. Was a prtols writer in I he Foreign Office , from Dec. 
1861. till Feb. 1832. A Liberal; professing to uphold "rtfurm, pn>gress, 
and free trade.'' Elected for Derby in May, 1847; returned again for 
that borough in /nly, 1847, which election, however, was declared void 
far bribery ; first elected for Stoke-upon-Trent in Jnly 1852.— 16, Bru- 
tonst.1 Travellers*, fVhiU's, and Coventry Clubs, 
Grace, Oliver Dowell John. (^Roscommonf co.) 

Only s. of the late John Grace, esq., of Mantoa, co. Roscommon, by 


the and d. and eo- hdr of Patrick Huney, oq., of Aidimore, oi. Kay. ' 
la male rrprrsentatire of the feodal baioiu nf Courtstown. B. at Maa. 
tna 179S: m. 181U, Frances Maty, only d. of the late Sir Richard Nagle, 
bart., of Jamertown, co. Westmeiih (she died Jane, 1886). Was (da- 
oated at Celbridge and at Maynootb, where he obtained aereral prr- 
miams. A Magistrate for Ro-icummon, of which co. he was High Shoif 
in 1830. or Whig principles ; opposed to the rrpeal ot the Union vith 
IreUnd. Pint retomed for Roacommon In 1847. — 4, GoUen-tq.; 
Mantua Houst, Elphin, eo. Roseommon. 

Graham, Lord Montagu William. {Grantham) 

Youngest a. of the 8rd Duke of Montrose, by his 2nd wife, dd. d.of 
the 4th Duke of Manchester. B. in Gmarenor-aq., 1806; vmnairied. 
Became capt. Coldstream guards in 1^30, bat has since retired from (ke 
army. A Conserratire ; T.>(ed for inqairy into MaynooCh, 18jS. Hnt 
returned for Grantham in Joly, 1852.— 31, Portmtxn-tq. ,* Carlton. 

Graham, Rt. Hon. Sir James Robt. Geo., bt. (Carlisle) 
Bid. a. of Sir James Graham (lat bart.), by Lady Catherine, rid. d.or 
7th Earl of Galloway. B. 1792; m. 1819, Fanny Cullender, youagestd. 
of Jas. Campbell, esq. of Ardinglass. Created LL.D. ut Cumbridgt, 
1835. Was Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow, 1840. Was FSnt 
Lord of the Admiralty from 1830 till 1834, when he retired on ucooaat 
of the extent to which it was intended to carry the Reform of the Irish 
Church. Was Secretary of State for the Home Department fh>m Sept. 
1841, to July, 184n. Is one of the Council of the Duchy of Lancaster. 
Appointed First Lord of the Admiralty Dec. 18K2, salary jf 4500. Is 
patron of 2 lirings. For many years ranked as a ConaerratiTe; bat 
now inclining again towards the Litieral party; formerly voted la 
favour of the Corn Laws, but supported their abolition in 1846. Sat 
for Hall from 1818 till 1820 ; for Carlisle IVom 1826 to 18S9; for 
Comberland, East, A-om 1830 to 1837; for Pembroke diat. fhm ISSSmi 
1841; for Dorchester fh>m 1841 till 1847 ; and for Ripon ftom 1847 tiU 
Jaly 1862, when he was returned for Carlisle.— 46, Grotveitor^i,; Ne- 
tiurbyt Longtoton, Cumberland. 

Granby, Marq. of. (Leicestersh, North) 

EUl. snrviring s. of the Duke of Rutland. B. in Arlington-street, 1815. 
Educated at Trinity Coll. Cambridge, where he graduated M.A. ]8&'> 
Was a Lord of the Bedchambei^ to Prince Alb«trt from I>ec. 1843, 
till Aug. 1846. A major in the Leicester militia. Appointed Liord.Lieat. 
and Custos Rot. of Linculnsh. 18ft2. A Conserrative ; voted for a^fri- 
caltaral protection, 1846, and in the minority of 53 who oeniiared free 
trade, Nov. 1862. First retained for Stamford in 1837.>-6, Hydt-pk. 
Gale I Carlton; Belvoir Castle, Leieestersh. 


Greaves, Edward. ( fFarwick) 

Second s. of tbe late Jobn OreaTcs, esq., of Radford Semele, War- 
wlckflh., who was descended from the family of Oicayes of Hoseley , 
Worcestersh. B. 1803; m. 18S8, Anne, d. and sole heir of John Hobbins, 
esq., of Barford, and relict of Thos. Ward, esq., of Moreton Morrell, 
Warwicksb. Is in the commission of the peace for War^cksh., and 
county treasurer ; also a magistrate for tbe borough of Warwick, and 
Mayor there in 1840; appointed a Dep.>Lieut. of Warwicksb. 18S3. 
A banker at Warwick (in the firm of Greenway and Greares). A 
Ocauerrativei TOted for inquiry into Maynootb, lSb9.— 22, Coettpur- 
St. I Carlton i Avoruide, Bafford,nearFranoiek, 

Greenall, Gilbert. ( Warrington) 

8. of Edward Greenall, esq., and bro. of Peter Greenall, esq., formerly 
M.P. for Wigan. B. at Wilderspool, Cheshire, 1806; m. 1836, d. of Dayid 
Claugbton, esq. Is a glass manufacturer. A Magistrate and Dep.-Lieut. 
of Cheshire and of Lancashire. Chairman of the St. Helen's Railway. 
A Oonserrative and Protectionist ; opposed to the endowment of tl»e 
Roman Catholic Clergy. First returned for Warrington July 1847.--88, 
BnUon-sl. t NcUional Club t fVdltonHaUf fVdrrinffton, Lanetuh, 

Greene, John. (Kilkennyj co.) 

Eld. 8. of the late Godfrey Greene, esq., of GreenTille, co. Kil- 
keuny. Formerly in the 7th Dragoon Guards. A Repealer; a member 
of the " Old Ireland party ;" will oppose the repayment of the loan made 
to Ireland during the famine. First returned for the co. of Kilkenny 
in 1847.— 4, Charlet-sl., St.Jamtrt t R^orm, and Army and Navy 
Chtbt; GrtetwilUt CO. KiU:nmy. 

Greene, Thomas. (Lancaster) 

8. of the late Thomas Greene, esq., of Slyne. B. 1794; m. 1880, Hen- 
rietta, Sfd d. of the Right Hon. Sir Henry Russell, bart. Was Chairman 
of OommitteeBof the whole House fhim 1841 to 1847. Was a Gentleman- 
Oommoner of Oriel CoU., Oxford, where he graduated MJk. CaUed to 
the bar at Gray's Inn, 1819, but nerer practised. A bencher of Gray's 
Inn. A Conserratire \ but in faTour of free trade ; opposed to IMssenters 
graduating at the Unlyersitiesi in fhrour of withdrawing from May- 
nooth the recent, but not the first, grant of moneyi brought in bills for 
the commutation of tithes in 1826, 1827, and 1899. Sat for Lancaster 
l^om 1824 till July 1852, when he was an uumccessftil candidate; re- 
elwjted April 18B3.— 19, !?«*•-*#., ^F"Mftnin«<«r; 3Vawe//#r«'; United 
University,' fVMtHnffton Holly fVeetmoretand t Slyne, Laneeuh. 

Gregson, Samuel. {Lancaster) 

B. at Lancaster, 1795 ; m. Ellen, d. of M. Oregion, esq., of Oreiton 
Hall, Malpas, Chcsh. Is head of the Ann of Oregaon and Co., East India 



nd Chin* Agents, Austin ftiara. A Commisrioner of Lieatenaacy «)» ' 
London; a magistrate for Lancashire; director of the East and West 
India Docks ; director of the London Assurance Corporation; cbairaaa 
of the Ea«t India and Chini Association. A Liberal ; rotcd for the 
iMllot, 1858. Unsuccessftilly contested Lymington in 1837. Sat for Lan- 
caster from July, 1847, till March, 1848; reelected July, 1852.-S2, 

Upp9r Harley st.; 14, jiwlin Friars; Reform, Oriental, and Cih/ 

Clubs; Overton Hall, Malpas\ Ckesh. 

Grenfell, Charles William. ( Windsor) 

Eld. B. of Charles Pascoe GrenfeU, esq., many years M.P. for Preston, 
by Lady Georgina, eld. d. of the 2nd Earl of Sefton. B. in London 1828 ; , 
iinnm. Educated at Harrow and at Christ Chnrch, Oxford, where lie 
graduated B.A. 1846. Appointed Capt. of the West Middlesex Militia. 
1848. A Liberal, and ii favour of extension of the snffi-age ; roted for 
the ballot, 1853. Sat for Sandwich from 1847 tiU May, 1852, when he 
was elected for Windsor.-«8, Belgrave-sq. 

Greville, Fulke Southwell. {Lwgford) 

Second s. of Algernon Greville, esq., of North Lodge, near Barnet, 
Herts (descended ttxxm a younger branch of the Earl of Warwick's 
family), by Caroline, 2nd d. of the late Sir Bellingham Graham, bart. 
B. 1821 ;m. 1840, Lady Rosa Emily Mary Anne, only d. of the 1st Marq. 
of Westmeath. Colonel of the Westroeath militia, and vice-lieut. of that 
CO. A Liberal ; in fevuur of tenant-right in Ireland, and the repeal of 
the Ecclesiastical Titles Act ; voted for the ballot, 1853. Pirst returned 
for Longford in July, 1862.-62, Eaton-sq. ; Travellers': North 
Mymms-pL, Ha^ld, Herts ; Clonyn, CastletMon-Delvin, co. fVest 
meath ; Clonteem Lodge, Drumsna, Ireland. 

Grey, Right Hon. Sir George, barl., G.C.B. {Morpeth) 
Nephew to 2nd Eail Grey, and son of the late ffir G. Grey, Reddent 
Commissioner of Portsmouth Dockyard, by Mary, sister of the late 
Samuel Wl^tbread, esq. M.P. B. at Gibraltar 1799; m. 1827, Anna- 
Sophia, eld. d. of Bishop (Ryder) of Lichfield, and niece of the 1st Earl 
of Harrowby. Educated at Oriel Coll., Oxford, where he was 1st diss 
In dairies 1821, and graduated M.A. 1824. Was called to the bar at 
Lincoln's Inn in 1826. Was Under Secretary for the Colonies from Jnly 
tin Nov. 1884; and ttmi April, 1830, Ull 1839; was Judge Advocate 
Gen. fiom 1889 till June 1841, and Chancdlor of the Duchy of Lancaster 
from June till Sept. 1841. Was Secretary of State for the Home Depart. 
~ment flxnn Jnly 1846 till Peb. 1852. Appointed Secretary of State fin 
the Colonies, June 1854, salary ^5000. A Liberal. Sat for Devooport 
from 1882 to 1847, and for Northumberland North bam July 1847 tfll 
July 1852, when he was an nnsuocessftU candidate. Pirst returned for 
Morpeth Jan. 1858, without oppodtion.-14, Saton-pl. g R^fitrm dub. 


Grey, Ralph William. {Liskeard) 

S. of the late. Ralph William Grey, esq., of Backwo^h House, North- 
umberland, by the d. of Rev. Sir Samuel Clarke Jerroise, bart. of Idsworth 
Park, Hants. B. 1810; is unm. Was educated at Eton, and at Trinity 
Coll., Cambridge, where he graduated A.B. 1840. Was Private Sec. to 
the late Lord Sydenham when Oov.-Geo. of Canada, subsequently Pri- 
vate Sec. to Lord John Ru-Hsell, and afterwards appMuted in the same 
capacity to Lord Palmerston. Was Secretary to the Poor Law Board 
from April, 1861, to Dec. 1852. A Dep.-Lient. of Northumberland. A 
Liberal. Sat for Tynemouth ft-om July, 1847, till July, 1852, when he 
waa an unsnccesslVil candidate there ; first elected for Liskeard, March, 
1854.— lA, Carlton House-terr. ; Brooket't ; Travellers'; Chip- 
ckaet Castle, Northumberland. 

Grogan, Edward. (Dublin, city) 

Eld. 8. of the late John Grogan, esq., barrister-at-law. Graduated 
A.M. at Trinity Coll., Dublin, where he took honours. Called to the bar 
in Ireland, 1840. A Conservative; voted for agricultural protection, 

1846, and for inquiry into Maynooth, 1853. Fir^t elected for Dublin in 
1841.— 1, Denbigh-terr., Belgrave Road; Carlton/ 10, Harcottrl' 
St., Dublin. 

Grosvenor, Earl. (Chester) 

Eld. s. of the Marq. of Westminster. B. at Eaton, Chesh., 182S| 
m. 1862 Lady Constance Gertrude, youngest d. of 2nd Duke of Suther- 
land. Educatedat Eton and at Balliol Coll., Oxford. Appointed capt. 
Chcsh. Yeomanry Cavalry in 1847. A Whig; in favour of free trade; 
will support " principles of rational progress, tempered- with a spirit 
of moderation." First elected for Chester, Jan. 1847, on the retire- 
ment of Lord R. Grosvenor.— Grrofvenor House, Upper Grosvenor' 
St.,- Brootes's; Baton Hall, Chesh. 

Grosvenor, Right Hon. Lord Robert. (Middlesex) 

8rd 8. of the 1st Marq. of Westminster; b. at Milbank House, 
Westminster, 1801; m.1881 Hon. Charlotte, eldest d. of 1st LordCowfey. 
Graduated at (Christ Church Coll.) Oxford, B. A. 1821. Comptroller of the 
Household from 1830 till Nov. 1834. Treasurer of the Household ftom 
July, 1846, to July, 1847. A Whig. Sat for Chester from 1826 to Jan. 

1847, when he wa^i first elected for Middle.-ex on the death of Mr.Byng. 
—107, Park-st., Grosvenor-sq.-. Moor Park, Herts. 

Guernsey, Lord. (Warwicksh. South) 

Eld. 8. of the Earl of Aylesford. B. at Packington Hall, Coventry, 
18S4: m. 1846, only d. and heir of the late John Wrightwiok Knight- 
ley, esq., of Ofichurch, War » icksh. Appointed Migor in the Warwick»h . 
Yeomanry Cavalry. 1848, and Depaty of the same co., 1868. A Con- 
N 2 


■crratlTe; declares himieif " a Una upholder of the EstabUnhed Ckindi ;■* 
Toted for inqairy into Maynnotb, 1853. Pirat returned for Warwicksh. 
South, May, 1849, without oppontioB.— 16, Curxati-at.; Qffehurch 
Bury, FTarwietthirt. 

Guinness, Richard Samuel. {Barnstaple) 

Second a. of the late Richard Oninness, esq., a barriatcr in Ireland, by 
Mary.xld. d. of George Dnrley, e«q., of The ScaFp, co. IVlcklow. B. in 
Dublin, 1797 ; m. 1833, Katherine, 2nd d. of Sir Charles Jenkinson, barL 
pf Hawkesbury, Oloucestersh. (formerly M.P. for Dorer), and grand- 
niece to the l»t Earl of Liverpool. Was educated at Trinity Coll., Dub- 
Un, where he graduated B.A. 1818 j was called to the Bar ia Ireland, 
18S1 ; is an extensire land agent and aaditor of estates; head of the firm 
of Guinness and Co., Dublin. A ConserTRtire, and relies on Protestantifla 
•8 the safeguard of the country. Sat for Kinsale from July, 1847, titt 
March, 1848 j first elected for BarnsUpIe, .\ngnst, 1854. but in ormse- 
quenceof an informality in the return made by the Mayor to the Oerk 
of the Crown, he has not been gaaetted.— Car«on Club ; Kitdare-sL 
Club, Dublin : Deepwtll, Blaekroek, Dublin. 

Gurney, John Henry. (Lynn Regis) 

Only s. of the late Joseph John Gurney, esq., of Earlham Hall, Nor- 
^ch, by Jane, only d. of the late John Birkbeck, esq., of King's Lynn. 
B. at Earlham Hall, 1819 ; m. 1846, Mary, only d. of the Ute Richard 
Hanbury Gurney, esq., of Thickthom, Norrolk, many years MP. for 
Norwich. A banker at Norwich and at other towns in the co. of Nur- 
folk. A magistrate for Norwich and for Norfolk. Of moderate liberal 
opinions ; in favour of a limited Parliamentary reform, and the ad- 
mission of the Jews to Parliament, but oppt>sed to the ballot and the 
grant to Maynootlk ; is adverse to any unnecesiiary interference of go- 
Tcrnment with National Education. Pirst elected for Lynn Regis, Sept. 
1854, without opposition.— .<4{rr0<f Club ; CeUton HcUl, NortoieM. 

Gwyn, Howel. {Penryn and Falmouth) 

S. of the late William Gwyn, esq, of Neath, Glamorganah., by his 1st 
wife, the eld. d. of Edward Roberts, esq., of Barnstaple, Devon. B. at 
Neath 1806: m. 1861 Ellen, only d. of John Moore, esq., of Ply- 
mouth. Was educated at Trinity Coll., Oxford, where he graduated 
M.A. Is a Magistrate for the counties of Brecon, Carmarthen, and 
Glamorgan, and a Dep. -Lieut, of the latter. Was High Sheriff for 
Olamorgansh. in 1837 8, and for Carmarthensh. in 1838-9. Patron of 
■> living. A Conservative and Protectionist i opposed to any f^thei 
ncessions to the Roman Catholic Church. Was an nnsnoceasfial can- 
late for Penryn and Falmoath in 1841 ; first elected July 1847.— 18, SU 
mea^s-pl.i Carlton i Oxford and Catnbridge Club i Abwreraue^co- 
'eeon i Baglan Hous0, Ntath, GlamorgansM, 


Haddo, Lord. {Aberdeensh.) 

Eld. 8. of the Earl of Aberdeen. B. at Stanmore Priory, 1816; m. 
1840, Mary, 2iid d. of George BalUie, esq., of Jerviswood. A Liberal, in 
favoar of a national education combining religions and secular instruc- 
tion ; opposed to the ballot, bat in favour olT Parliamentary reform. First 
elected for Aberdeensh. without opposition, Aug. 1854, on the retirement 
of his uncle, Hon. Admiral Gordon, who had represented it for 84 yean. 
—7, Argyll-st. 

Hadfield, George. (Sheffield) 

8. of Robert Hadfield, esq., of Sheffield, merchant, by Anne, d. of— 
Bennett, esq. B. at Sheffield, 1787 1 m. 1814, Lydia, d. of Samuel Pope, 
esq., of Cheapside, London.^ Educated at Sheffield. Admitted a solicitor 
1810, and practised in Manchester for 40 years. Was for many years 
treasurer of the College for the education of Independent Ministers at 
Blackburn, now removed to Manchester. A Liberal ; voted for the bal- 
lot, 1868. Was actively engaged in 1832 in promoting the return of the 
late Lord Sydenham ft the first Manchester election. Was one of the 
fonnden of the Anti-Corn-Law League, to which he has given his 
continuous assistance. Is a supporter of the peace movement, of finan- 
cial and parliamentary refurm, &c.; opposed to the Maynooth grant, 
and all other religious endowments, as well as to the union of Church 
and State. Was an un»U(»essfal candidate for Bradford in Jan. 1886. 
First returned for Sheffield, July 1852.— 7, Manchester Buildings t 
Rtfwrm Club ; Victoriet-parkf Manchester. 

Hale, Robert Blagden. {Gloucestersh. West) 

8. of R. H. B. Hale, esq. by Lady Theodosia Eleanor, 3ronngest d. 
of 8rd Earl of Mayo. Is a descendant of the celebrated Sir Matthew 
Hale. B. 1807 ; m. in 1882. Anne Jane, eld. d. of the late O. P. 
Holford, esq. Educated at Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford, where be 
graduated B.A. 1829. A Conservative ; voted for agricultural protection, 
1846; "is not prepared to sanction any additional grant of public 
money to the Church of Rome." Is patron of 1 living. First elected 
for the county in Jan. 1836.— 16, BoUon-st.; Carlton; Boodle's ; Alder- 
tey Park,' Gloucestersh. 

Halford, Sir Henry, bart. {Leicestersh. South) 

8. of the late Sir H. Halford, bt. of Wistow Hall, co'. of Leicester 
(formerly known as Dr.Vaughan , the favourite physician of George IV.). 
B. in London, 1798; m. 1824 his cousin, Barbara, 2ud d. of Mr. Justice 
Vanghan. A Conservative; voted for agricultural protection, 1846, and 
for inquiry into Maynooth, 1858. Is patron of 2 livings. Has sat for 
X^eicestersh. South since 1882.— 1, Cambridge-terr., Regents Parhi 
Carlton; Newton Harcourt, Z^icostersh* 


Hall, Riglit Hon. Sir Benjamin, bart. ' {Marylehone) 
Eld. ■. of tbe late Benjamiii Hall, e«i. of Hensol Castk', Glamor- 
nnah, and Abeream, MmimouthA. (some time M.P. for Glamor- 
ganshirtr). B. 1802 ; m. in 1823, Angiuta. d. and oo-beir of the late Bea- 
Jamin Waddington, esq. of Llanorer. Appointed President of the Board 
of Health, Ang. 18S4, salary ^2000. A Liberal ; in fayowr of the ballot, 
an exteualon of the aulfrage, and of local 8eli-go»remnicnt, as opposed to 
centralisation: thinks "grants of public money most be eoolined to 
secular purposes." Wa» elected for Monmouth in 1831, but on petition 
lost his seat. Was again returned for Monmouth in 1832, and sat for 
that district UU 1837, when he was first returned for Marylebone, for 
which borough he was elected free of all expense, July, 18B2.— 9, 
Stanhepe-st, May Fair; Brooken's; Llanover, AberfftMvetufjf: 
Abeream, Newport, South fValee. 

Hall, John. {Buckingham, bor.) 

8. of John Hall, esq., of Weston Colville, Cambridgesh. (a dep.-lieat 
of that CO.), and grands, of the late Lieut.-Gta». John Hall. Entered the 
Army in June, 1817 ; became Lieut.-CoI. 1st Life Guards in Dec. 1837, 
and was Colonel from 1846 tiU 1854, when he became a Major-Gen. is 
the army. A ConservaUve and ProtecUonist. First elected for Buckias: 
ham in 1846, without a contest.- United Service Club. 
Hamilton, Right Hon. Lord Claude. {Tyrone) 

8. of the late Visct. Han^ilton, and grandson of 1st Marq. of Aber 
corn. Bom in Lower Grosyenor-street, 1813; m. in 1844, 2nd d. of 
Admiral the Hon. Granville Leveson Proby. Educated at Trinity ColL, 
. Cambridge. A Deputy-Lieut. of Tyrone. Was Treasurer of the House- 
hold from March till Dec. 1852. A Conservative ; but in favour of fret 
trade ; voted for inquiry into May uooth, 1 853. Has sat for Tyrone sinco 
1839.— 19, Eaton sq. s Baroti'* Court, Tyrone. 
Hamilton, George Alexander. {Dublin University) 

Eld. 8. of the late Rev. George Hamilton, of Hampton Hall, and 
grandson of the Hon George Hamilton, Baron of the Exchequer in Ire- 
land. B. 1802 ; m. in 1885, Amelia Faucourt, d. of the late Joshua Uhthoff, 
esq., of Bath. Was educated at Rugby and at Trinity Coll., Oxford, gn- 
duated B.A. 1822. Was financial secretary to the Treasury from March 
till Dec. 1862. A Conservative ; voted for agricultural protection, 1846, 
and for inquiry into Maynooth, 1853. UnsuccessiuUy contested the co. 
^f Dublin in 1826, in 1880, and in 1832. Having been unsuccessful in 
■•SS for the city of Dublin, when he stood in opposition to Mr. Daniel 
>Hine1l, he was seated on petition, after an investigation which 
:ed 14 months. Once more an hnsoocessful candidate in 1887. Fir»t 
urned for the University of Dublin in 1842.— 20, Chester-eq., Pirn 
> ; Hampton HaU, Baibriffffem, co. Vt$b/in. , 



tlamilton, James Hans. (Dublin, co.) 

8. of the late Hans Hamilton, esq. who represented the co. for neaily 
80 years. B. 1810; m. in 1888, d. of J. F. Trant, esq. (she died March 
1845.) Is patron of 1 living. A Conservative; vpted for a|{riciiltnral 
protection, 1846, and for inqniry into Mayoooth, 1853. Unsnccessftilly 
contested the co. in 1886; has sat for it since 1841.— 11, Lowndetm 
si.i Carlton; AbboMoum atld Hoimpatrick, co- Dublin, 

Hanbury, Han. Charles Spencer Bateman-. {Here* 
fordsh. ) • 

Second s. of the Ist Lord Bateman, by Elisabeth, 2ad. d. of the lata 
liord Spencer Stanley Chichester. B. 18S7 ; nnm. Educated at Brasenose 
College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. 1848, and was elected a 
fellow of All Sonl8\ Appointed ooruet and sab.lient. 2nd Life Gnarda, 

, 1850. Of old Whig principles, but will support measures of agricultural 
relief from Kpecial burdens : considers "the liberties of the country only 
safe so long a* Protestant principles are maintained;" ^ill support 
" education on a religious basis-'' First returned for Herefordsh. in July, 
1852.— 19, South Audley-at.; Shobden Court, Leominttmr, H^rt" 
fordsh. I Kelmarsh, Northamptonsh. 

Hankey, Thomson, jun. (Peterborough) 

S. of Thomson Hankey, esq., of Portland-place, a merchant in London, 
by Martha, d. of Benjamin Harrison, esq. B. at Dalston, near London, 
1805; m. 1830, Miss Apollina Agatha Alexander, half-sister of the late 
Right- Hon. Sir William Alexander (many years Lord Chief Baron). Is 
a West India merchant. A Director of the Bank of England, of which he 
was Governor from 1851 till 1858. A Liberal; in faronr of a ftirther 
derelopmoit of free trade, of parliamentary reform, and rote by ballot) 
opposed to religious endowments, but will not sanction a breach of faith 
with Mayoooth, unless it can be shown that the privileges enjoyed by 
that institution have been abused. Unsuccessfully contested Boston^ 
July 1852, and Peteiixarongh, June 1853, but was seated for the latter 
by decision of a committee August following.— 72, South Audiey-at.i 
TrautUtrt' t Union, 

Hanmer, Sir John, bart. (Flint dist.) 

B. 1800; m. 1883, Georgiana, youngest d. of Sir George Chetwynd, 
bt. of Grendon Hall, Warwickshire. His ancestor, Sir Thomas Hanmer, 
was Speaker in 1718, and represented Suffolk in 5 Parliaments. Is patron 
of 2 livings. Appointed a Deputy-Lieut, of Flint, 1862. A Liberal ; 
Tiotedfor free trade, 1846; will support an extension and revision of 
the elective ihinchise, and a general scheme of public education ; voted 
against the ballot, 1853. Sat for Shrewsbury from 1883 till 1887 ; fbr 

. Hall from 1841 to 1847, and for FUat since the latter date«— 69» 


Boion-pkf CarUomt Atkmtmums Hanimtr Hall, and BetU^Ud 
, Park, FUnUh, 

Harcourt, Francis Vernon. {Isle qf Wight) 

Ninth s. of the late Arclibishop (Hucourt) of Yoi±, by Lady Anne, 8id 
d. of tbe lit Maiq. of Stafford. B. at Roee Castle, near Carlisle, 1801; 

' m. 1887, Lady Catherine Jnlia, eld. d. of the last Earl of Lircxpool (ex- 
tinct). Edocated at the Military College, Sandhurst ; entered the army 
in 1816, and erentnally became a oolond ; but haa since retired from die 
■errice. A magistrate and depnty-lieut. of Hants. Appointed deputy- 
Ueut. of the Isle of Wight, 18S2. A Conserratlye ; " Will rote against 

' the reimposKion of any duty on fbreign com, whether for the pnrpoeet 
of protection or rerenne ;** and will not support the repeal of the May- 
sooth grant, '* because a grant was guaranteed at the period of the 
Union with Ireland." First retomed for the Isle of Wight in July, 
1858.— 40, Grotvenor-tq.t BuxUd Park, Sussex; St. CUtre, Rydh 

Harcourt, George Granville Vernon. {Oxfordsh,} 

Eld. a. of Archbp. (Haroourt) of York, by Anne, 8rd d. of 1st Marq. of 
Stafford. Cousin of Lord Vernon. B. 1785 ; m. 1st, 1815, Lady Elinabetk, 
d. of the 2nd Earl of Lucan (dead) ; 2ndly, 1846, Frances, Dowager 
Countess of Waldegrare. Educated at Christ Church, Oxford, -where ke 
graduated B.A. 1808 : M.A. 1810. A Conwrvative ; voted for agrical- 
tnral protection, 1840 ; voted in fkvonr of the principle of the Refonn 
Act, but was opposed to many of its details. Sat for Lichfield fron 
180A till 1880, and for Oxfordsh. since 1831.— 102, Batan^aq.i Tra 
vellers*; Athenteumr Nuntham Courtendy, Oxfordsh. 

Hardinge, Hon. Charles Stewart. {Doumpatrick) 

Eld. s. of Tisct. Hardinge by the d. of the Ist Marq. of Londonderry. 
B. 182S. Educated at Eton and at Christ Church, Oxford, where be 

. was 8rd class in classics, 1844. Was Priyate Secretary to Lord Har- 
dinge while Gov.-Gen. of India firom 1844 till 1848 ; appointed a 
deputy.lieut. of Kent, 1848, and Major in the Kent MiUtia ArtiUery, 
1858. A Conservative, opposed to the reimposition of a duty on foreign 
corn ; willing to amend the laws affecting landlord and tenant ; voted 
for inquiry into Maynootb, 1853. First returned for Duwnpatrick, Aug. 
1861, without opposition.— 15, Gr0a<iS<a}tAc!p«-«/.; fVlUte'ti Carl- 
ton; South Park, Penshurst, KeiU. 

Hastie, Alexander. {Glasgow) 

8. of the late Robert Hastie, esq., merchant, of Glasgow. B. 1805; 
1851, d. of Robert Napier, esq., of Shaodon, near Glasgow. Is a mer- 
ant at Glasgow. Elected Lord Provost of Glasgow in 1846. A Li- 
ml % in favour of '* an extension of the franchise, equal electoxal dis. 


trtcta, and the ballot, opposed to the Maynooth and all other encle- 
siastical grants.^ First elected for Glasgow in 1847.— 8, Sumner-ttrr^ 
Fulhamrd. ; Rrfortn Club; Adelaide-pl^ Glasgoto. 

Hastie, Archibald. {Paisley') 

8. of W. Hastie, esq. B. 1701. An East India Agent in London. 
A Reformer : will support the farther extension of the tmt trade system, 
and desires a large modiiication in the excise laws ; roted for the ballot, 
1858, also for inquiry into Maynooth, same year. First elected tnt 
Paisley, March, 1886.— 5, Rutland Gatt, KnighUhridge ; Reform 

Hawkins, William Warwick. {Colchester) 

JBld. s. of the late WilUam Hawkins, esq., of Colchester (a merchant 
and magistrate), by Mary Anne, d. of the late John Warwick, esq., of 
Cumrue, Cumberland. B. at Colchester, 1816; m. 1842, Jane Harriet, only 
surriTing d. of the late Francis Smythies, esq., of Hereford- street, London, 
and of the Tnrrets, Colchester. Educated at Queen Elizabeth's grammar 
school, Dedham, Essex. A magistrate for the co. of Essex ; chairman of 
the Colchester and Stour Valley Railway; director of the Eastern Union 
RaQway; patron of 1 Uving. A Conservative ; a "decided opponent to 
the miscalled free trade, and a strong advocate for justice to the agricul- 
tural interest; will vote for an inquiry into the education and practices at 

- Maynooth." First returned for Colchester in July, 1852.— 8, Berteley" 
aq.t Carlton { Alre^ford HcUly Colchester^ Bttex, 

Hayes, Sir Edmund Samuel, bt. {Donegal) 

Only s. of Sir Samuel Hayes (2nd bart.), by the eldest d. of Sir llios. 
Leighton, bart. B. in Dublin, 1806; m. in 1887 eld. d. of Hon. H. 
Pakenham. Gradnated at Trinity CoU. Dublin. A Deputy-Lieut, of 
Donegal. A Conservative; voted for agricultural protection, 1846; 
has sat for CO. of Donegal since 1831.— 16, Cheeham-it. i Carlton; 
Druimboe Castle, Stranorlar, eo. Donegal. 

Hayter, Right Hon. William Goodenough. {Wells) 

Youngest s. of John Hayter, esq., of Winterbourne Stoke, Wilts. B. 
at Winterbourne-Stoke ; m. 1832, Ann, eld. d. of William Polsford, esq., 
of Wimpole-street, London. Was educated at Winchester and at Trinity 
Coll. Oxford, where he was second class man. Is a Queen's Counsel, 
and a Bencher of Lincoln's Inn; called to the bar Nov. 1819, but re- 
tired from practice in 1839. Was Judge Advocate General from Dec. 
1847, till May, 1849; financial secretary to the Treasury from the latter 
date till July 1860, when be became Parliamentary Secretary till March, 

. J 852; re-appointed to the last office Dec. 1852, salary £2600. A Ma- 
gistrate for Wilta and Samexsctsh. A Whig ; has unifinmly roted in 


IkTOoror the totiil abolidoa of the oorn laws, and for free trade In ib 
nort extended accpptation. Pint returned for Wells, Aug. 1837.— 11, 
Hyde Partttrr.; Brocket's i UtUvereity; R^omtf SotUh HiU 
Park, Braekneii, Berks; fVeUe, Somertetsh. 

Headlam, Thomas Emerson. (Newccutle-on-Tyne) 

Eld. 8. of the Rev. John Headlam, Arehdeaooa of Riclimond, and 
Rector of Wyclille, Yorksh. B. at Wycliflfe Rectory 1813; m.1854, Emmi 
Perceral, eld. d. of the late Major Yon Stranbensee, R JL., of Bastfield 
HooM, Yorksh. Was edacated at Shrewsbory School, and at Trinity 
Coll., Cambridge, where he was 16th wrangler in 1836, and graduated 
A.M. in 183U; was called to the Bar in 1839, at the Inner Temple, of 
which he is abCDcher; made a Qncen's Counsel, 185S; is author of a 
'"treatise on the Practice of the Court of Chancery," and cairied 
through Parliament the Trustee Act. Appointed Deputy-Lieat. of the 
North Riding of York, 1848, and of Newcastk-on-Tyne, 1853^ A 
' Liberal ; " in favour of extending the political privileges of the peqple ;" 
voted for the ballot, 18S3. First returned for NewcastIe>on-Tyne ia 
IMJ .—^Q, LtneoWs'Inn-FieUla ; Ojtford and Cambridge Club. 

Heard, John Isaac. (^Kinstde) 

8. of the late John Heard, eitq., of Kinsale, co. Cork. B. at Kinsale; 
1788; m. Mary, d. of the late Hope Wilkes, esq., ni Lofls Hall, Essex. 
Educated at Peterhonsr, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A., 1808. 
A magistrate for the co. of Cork, of which he was high sheriff in 1849. 
Of moderate Whig principles. First elected for Kinsale on the retirement 
of Mr. Hawes, Feb. 1852, and again returned without opposition at the 
general election July, IHM.— Union Chtb; Kinsale, eo. Cort.^ 

Heathcoat, John. {Tiverton) 

Proprietor of the lace manufactory at Tiverton, of the machinery of which 
he is the sole inventor and patentee. Of Whig prindples ; is in favour of 
•« the abolition of useless places, pensions, and sinecures ; of a more I 
equal and just system of taxation," 8rc. Has sat for the bonmgh since ' 
188S.— 5, fVarwick'St.t Charing Cross i R^orm Club; Tiverton, < 

Henthcote, Gilbert Henry. (Boston) | 

Eld. s. of Sir Gilbert John Heathcote, bart., by the Hon. ClementiBa 
Elizabeth, eld. d. of the lUth Lord Willoughby d'Ere-iby. B. in London, 
. 1838 ; unm. Educated at Harrow and at Trinity College, Cambridge. A 
Liberal ; but in favour of agricultural protection, to the extmt of a fixed 
duty on foreign com, and will toi e for the relief of the agricultural interest 
ftom special burdens; wiD support "constitutional retbrm;" voted for 
uqniiyintoMaynooth, 1858. Hrst returned for Boston in July, 185&.— j 
?, Langhatn-p/. t PThiie's and the Coventry Clubs t Normantcn 
ark, Oakhantt Rutlandsh. . 


Heathcote, Sir Gilbert John, bart. {Rutland sh.) 

Eld. B. of theUte Sir O.Heathcote, Srdbart.; b. at Normanton-park, 
1795; m. 1827, Hon. Clemrutina EliEabeth, eldest d. of 10th Lord 
TV^illoughby d'Eresby. A Magistrate and Dep.-Lieat. for Lancash. 
and Rutlandsh. Patron of 11 liyinga. Voted for agricaltural protec- 
tion, 1846, but is in other respects a moderate Reformer ; Toted for in- 
quiry into Maynooth, 1^53. Sat for Boston from 1820 till 1831 : and for 
Lincolnsh. from 1832 till 1841, when he was elected for Rutlandsh.— 
\2, Langham-pl; Travellers'; IVhite'st Boodle* s i Broote»*s; 
NormmUon-pk.t Rutlatuish.i SloeJten Hall, Stanford, RuUandsh, 

Heathcote, Sir William, bart. {Oxford University) 

Only 8. of the ReT. William Heathcote, Prebendary of Winchester, 
by Elisabeth, d. of Lovelace Bigg Wither, esq., of Manydown, Hants. 
B. at Worting, Hants, 1801 : m. 1st, 18U5, Hon. Caroline Frances, 
youngest d. of 1st Lord Arden ; 2ndly, 1841, Selina, eld. d. of Erelyn 
John Oiirley, esq., of Lower Eatington, Warwicksh. Edncated at Win. 
cbester and at Oriel Coll. O&ford, where he was Ist class in classics, 1821, 
became fellow of All Souls', and graduAted B.C.L. 1824, D.C.L. 183U. Is 
a Depnty-Lient. of Hants and Chairman of Quarter Sessions. Patron of 
1 living. A Conservative, voted for agncuUural protection, 184B; has 
formerly voted against the admission of Jews to parliament, and still 
bolds the same opinion. Sat for Hants trotn 1826 till 1832, and for the 
northern division A-om July, 18.37, till Aplil, 1849 ; first elected far the 
Uuiversity of Oxford, Feb. 1854, without opposition.— 26, Part-eres- 
ettUt CarUont Hureley Pcwt, near FTittehester. 

Henchy, David O'Connor. {Kildare,) 

Second s. of Valentine O'Connor, esq., of Rockfleld, co. Dublin, and 
Great Denmark-st., in the city of Dublin, by Margaret, only child of 
David Henchy, esq., of Rockfleld (whose name he has assumed). B. in 
Rntlandaq. West, Dublin, 1810; m. 1850 Elisabeth, d. of4he late Sir 
/obn Burke, bart., of Maible Hill, co. Galway. Educated at Oscott 
College and at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated M.A. A 
liiberal ; in favour of free trade, and of tenant right in Ireland. First 
letumed for Kildare in inly, 1852.— 112, Jertnyn «/. ,• Stonebroot, Bally 
more- Eustace, co. Kildare, 

Heneage, George Fieschi. {Lincoln) 

E!d. 8. of the late George Robert Heuenge, esq., of Haintop, Lin- 
colnsh., by Frances Anne, 2nd d. of Lient.-Oen. George Ainalie. B. in 
Welbeck-st.,1800: m. 1838, Fran*ces, d. of Michael Tasbnrgh, esq., of 
Burgh wattis, Yorksh. Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where 

. b« graduated B.A. 1822, M.A. 1826. A magistrate and deputy.Uent. 
for Lincolnsh. A Conservative; voted in the minority of 63 who cen- 


■Hied ftee trade, Nor. 186S. Was K.P. for Great Grimflby tntm 18S8 
to 1880, and for Liocoln from 1881 to 1 88S. Again retained for Lincoln 
In July, 1852.-89, CharUs-tt^ Berkeley-aq. ; Hautton Hall, nMW 
Louihf Idneobish. 

Heneage, George Heneage Walker. (Devixei) 

Eld. I. of the Rev. Geo. Wyld, of Speen, Berkshire; b. 1799; aasinned 
the names of Walker Heneage in 1818: m.inl8S4. eld. d of Williua 
Webber, esq., of Biufleld Lodge, Beikshire. Educated at Christ Church 
Coll., Oxford, where he graduated M.A. 1823. Is a Magistrate and 
Depnty-Lient. of Wilts. Is hereditary chief osher of the Court of Ex. 
chequer, chief proclamator of the Court of Common Pleas. A Consem- 
tire : TOted for agricultural protection, 1846, but against a return to 
that system, I860. Is patron of 5 lirings. Has sat for I>erixes since 
1888, when he succeeded on petition.— 19, Part-st., GrosvenoT'ti. i 
CarUorn TravtlUrt'i Compton Basset, fVilts. 

Henley, Right Hon. Joseph Warner. (Oxfordsh.) 

Only s. of Joseph Henley, esq., by the d. of C. Rocdie, esq., of Wands- 
worth. B. 1793; m. 1817, d. of the late John Pane, esq., and Lady 
Elisabeth Pane. Educated at (Magdalen Coll.) Oxford, whvre he gra- 
duated B.A. 181S, M.A. 1884, and made honorary D.C.L. 1854. Was 
President of the Board of Trade from March till Dec. ] 852. A magistrate 
and depnty-Iieut. ibr Oxfordsh. A Conserratiye ; yoted for agricultural 
protection, 1846 ; *' will uphold and defend our reformed Protestant 
institutions in Church and State from all attacks, either at hone or 
abroad;" and isof opinion *' that any material change in the oommereial 
policy of the last seven jears is not to be expected." Pirst returned 
for Oxfordshire in 1841 .—32, Great Oeorfft-at^ fVestnUiuttr / f^ater- 
perryt Ojffordshirt, 

Herbert, Henry Arthur. (Kerry, co.) 

Only B. of the late Charles John Herbert, esq.; is representatiye of the 
Herberts, of Muckross, co. Kerry, and lineally descended from Sir WiL 
liam Herbert, who was knighted by Henry Y. B. at Mttckross; m. 
1887, d. of James Balfour, esq., of Wbittiugham, co. Berwick. Educated 
at Ttinity College, Cambridge. A Magistrate of Kerry; appointed Lord- 
Lieut, of that CO., 1858. A moderate Cotuerratire ; formerly faronrable 
to free trade, but in 1850 voted for a return to agricaltural protection; 
" ia now convinced that any attempt to reverse the commercial policy 
of tHe Iste Sir Bobert Peel would be attended with the uost disas- 
trous consequences," but " will at the same time cordially support 
any well-considered measures for tBe relief of the land from an undue 
pressure of taxation." Pint returned for Kerry in 1847, without a 
oontest.F— 8, Grosvenor erss., Selgrave-sq.t Traveller** i fVhite*Si 
Uuekroee, Kitlamey, Ireland. 


Herbert, Hon. Percy Egerton. (Ludlow) 

Second a. of Snd Earl of POwis, by Lady Lucy, 8rd d. of ^d Dake of 
Montroae. B. at Fowls Castle, 1822. Educated at Eton and the Military 
Coll. Sandhust. Entered the army as ensign 43rd foot, 184U ; appointed 
rn^or 43rd ibot and lient^-ool. in the army, 1853; made assistant 
qnarter-master general to the forcri sent to aid Turkey, 1854, and was 
wounded at the battle of the Alma. A Conseryatire. First returned 
for liodlow, Feb.^1854, without opposition.— 45, Berktlty-aq. t Tra- 
vellers' Club. ^ 

Herbert, Right Hon. Sidney. ( Wilts , South) 

S. of the 11th Earl of Pembroke, by his 2nd wife, only d. of Simon, 
Count Woronaow; b. at Richmond, 1810; m. 1846, d. of Major- Gen. 
k Court, and niftce of the 1st Lord Hey tesbury. Educated at Harrow 
School and at Oriel College, Oxon, where he was 4th class in classics 
1831. Ii patron of 1 living. Was Secretary to the Admiralty from 1841 
till Feb. 1845, when he was appointed Secretary at War; resigned 
the latter office, July, 1846. Re-appcioted Secretary at War, Dec. 
1852; salary ^2480. A Dtrp. Lieut, of the counties of Salop, Wilts, 
and Dublin. A Conservative. Voted formerly in favour of agricultural 
protection, but in 1846 supported the repeal of the Corn Laws. Has 
sat for South Wilts since 1833.— 49, Belgrave-eq. i CarUon; fVilion 
House, fVilts. 

Herbert, Sir Thomas, K.C.B. {Dartmouth) 

Second s. of the late Richard Tovnuend Herbert, esq., of Cahimane, 
CO. Kerry (who was a member of the Irish parliament, and descended 
from a branch of the Pembroke family). B. at Cahimane, 1793 ; un- 
martitfd. Entered the navy in 1803, and became a capt in 1822 ; created 
a K.C.B. for his services in command at the destruction of the Chinese 
forts In 1841 ; appointed commodore on the southeast coast of America 
in 1848, was a Lord of the Admiralty from Ftb. tUl Dec. 1852 ; made 
Bear-Admiral of the White, 1854. A magistrate and deputy-lieut. of 
Keiry ; high sheriff of thatco. in 1829. A Conservative; '* is quite deter- 
mined not to vote for any plan that shall ever lessen the poor man's 
loaf, and will oppose any ftarther concession to the Roman Catholics.*' 
First returned for Dartmouth in July, 1852.-7^0 Cottage, Killartiey. 

Hervey, Lord Alfred. (Brighton) 

8. of 1st Marq. of Bristol. B. 1816; m. 1845, Sophia Elisabeth, d. of 
Lieut.-Col. John Chester. Graduated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, A.M . 
1837. Was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple, 1848. Appointed 
a Lord of the Treasury, 'Dec. 1852 i salary £1200 ; made keeper of the 
Privy Seal to the Prince of Wales Feb. 1868. A Capt in West Baifolk 
Militia since 1852. A Conservative, but in favour of free trade; wH' 


•upport " that •yatem of Canseriatlrc progras which he belieres to ^ 
be the beat f^anrantee BgaiDst the maintenance of abaws on the one 
hand, and dangeronii tnnoyatiun on the other." First returned for 
Brighton May 1848.-- 6, St. James'*-9g.; 10, Crown Ojicr-rotr, 
Tempt* I Carlton. 

Heywood, James, F.R.S. (Lancashire, North) 
• Fifth B. of the late Nathaniel Heywood, esq., banker, of Manchester, 
by the d. of Thomaa Percival, esq., M.D., of Manchester; is bro. to Sir 
Benjamin Heywood, bart., who reprcMnted Lancash. in 1831. B. at 
Liverpool 1810 ; m. 1853, Annie, d. of John Kennedy, esq., of Ardwick 
Hall, near Manchester, and widow of C. Albert Eacher, esq., of Zurich. 
Wms educated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, where he was seniiurpptiine 
in 1833. Was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1838. A Librnl ; 
in fa roar of the ballot, and a moderate extension of the snflrage ; tbe 
redaction of duties on tea, coffee, and sugar ; considers that the Irish 
Boman Catholic Clergy ahonld be maintained by taxes on Irish land, 
and that the Irish Protestant Church requirea reform. First retorned for 
Lancash. North in 1847 without opposition.— (>, Eaton-pl.t Athe- 
nctum; United University f Rrformi T%e Headlands, near Mim- 

Heyworth, Laurence. (Derby) 

Youngest s. of Petrr Heyworth, esq., of Greensnook, near Borhdale, 
Lancash. B. at Greensnook, 1786; m. 18'.;0, d. of Mr. Aked, of Liver- 
pool. Educated at Hippeiholme Grammar School, near Halifax. A 
partner in the firm of Omeitid, Heyworth, and Co., Liverpool, genoral 
metvhants; is author of pamphlets on the corn laws, direct taxation, 
and other subjects connected with free trade : a Magistrate for Lancash. ; 
formerly a Director of the Midland Railway, and of the Eastern Counties 
Railway. A Liberal; in favour of nniversal suffrage, vote by ballot, 
direct taxation, and financial reform ; opposed to chnrch-r^es. Sat 
for Derby from Aug. 1848 till July ISftS, when he waa an unKuoccssftal 
candidate, but on investigation by committee was substituted for his 
opponent, March 1853.— A^orm Club ; YewTree^ near Liverpool. 

Higgins, George Gore Ouseley. (Mayo) 

Second a. of Fitsgerald Higgins, e8q.,of Westport, go. of Mayo, by tli< 
d. of William Ouseley, esq. of Rushbrooke. B. 1818 ; is unmarried. 
Educated at Trinity Coll., Dnblin. Has been in the civil service at Ja- 
maica. AmagistrateforMayo, and an ofBcer in the Mayo militia. -V 
Liberal ; in favour of " tenant right, and every measure for the advance- 
ment of civil and religioos liberty." First returned for Mayo, July, 185C. 
-41, St. Jamee's-pl.: Alfred and Turf Clubs; Glen-Corrib, c». 


Hildyard, Robert Charles. ( Whitehaven) 

Third ». of the late Jlev. William Hildyard, Rector of Winestead, 
Torluh., byC .therine,8rdd. of Isle Grant, esq., of Ruckland, Lincolnsh. 
B. at Winestead 18U0. Was edacated at Oakham, Rntlandsh., and at 
Catharine Hall, Cambridge, of which he was a Fellow ; was senior 
optime in 1828; gradnated AM. 1828 ; wax called to the Bar in 1827 at 
Lincoln's Inn ; is a Queen's Counsel, and went the Northern Circuit ; a 
bencher of the Inne> Temple. Was counsel to the duchy of Lancaster, 
resigned 1846. A Conserratire, and adheres to the policy of imposing 
moderate import duties for the purposes of revenue; will support in- 
quiry into the College of Maynooth. First returned for Whitehaven in 
1847, without opposition.— 24, Lotondes-*t., Belgrave-aq. ; Carlton; 
Manor House, Catherston, Dorset. 

Hill, Lord Arthur Edwin. (Co. of Down) 

8. of 8rd Marq. of Downshire. B. 1819. Gradnated at Balliol Coll., 
Oxford. Appointed Lieut. Col . of the South Downshire Militia in Sept. 
1845, and Lieut, in the South Notts Yeomanry Cavalry 1848. Was Gen> 
tieman of the Bedchamber to the Lord-Lieut, of Ireland ; resigned 184A. 
A Conservative; in fiivour of protection to agricnlture, but considers 
'* it would be unwise at the present time to seek for its restcHration." 
First returned for Down April 1846.^94^ Pieeadilly t HiUsborottgh, 
CO, of Down. 

Hindley, Charles. (Ashfon-under-Lyne) 

M. 1839, d. of R. Fort, esq. Of Whig principles, inclining to 
Radicalism ; voted for the ballot, 1853. Contested Ashton unsucce«sftilly 
in 1832. In 1835. he«ucceeded at that borough, and was at the same 
time an unsuccessful candidate at Warrington. Has sat for Ashton 
since the last date.— Dartmottth House, fVestminstert Reform 
Club t Portland House, Ashton, Lancash. 

Hogg, Sir James Weir, hart. {Honiton) 

Eld. 8. of William Hogg, esq. by the d. of James Dickey, esq. of Dun- 
more, oo. Antrim. Is originally of Scottish descent. B. at Stoneyford, 
oo. Antrim, 1790; m. 1822, Mary, d. of Samuel Swinton, esq., of Swin. 
ton, 00. Berwick. A barrister. Shortly after he was called to the bar 
be proceeded to Calcutta, where he practised with much success, and 
latterly held the office of Registrar in the Supreme Court. Elected an 
East India Director in 1839, and Chairman of the Court in 1846. A 
I>eputy Lieut, of London. A Conservative, but in favour of fnt trade. 
Sat for Beverley from 1884 to 1847, when he was returned for Honiton. 
— \Q,Grosvenorsq.; Carlton. 

Horsfall, Thomas Berry. (Liverpool) ■ 

Eld. 8. of the late Chailes HorsfiOl, esq., a Liverpool mercliaat, by 


Dorothy, only d. of the late ThoniM Berry, esq. B. at liiverpool, 1808 ; * 
m. lat, 1834. lane Anne, 8rd d. of the Ute T. E. Marih, esq., of LUnid- 
loea. Mootgomeryshire; Sndly, 1847. Mary, eld. d. of the late Bdnnuid 
B. Cox, esq., of Bmilsford Hall, Derbyth. A magistrate for Laucash. 
Mayor of Lirerpool during the disturbed period of 1847-8. Elected 
presidcDt of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce on its foandatioa in 
18t9. A mcrchaDt io Liverpool. A Conservative ; opposed to the re- 
impositioD of a duty on fbreign com. and generally to all daties on the 
necessaries of life i opposed to the Maynooth grant, and to the tax apon 
income, Ihongh not upon property ; in fkvoar of remodelling the Boards 
of Costoms and Excise, extensive Chancery reform, and a moderate 
parliamentary refoim. Sat for Derby from July 1863 till March 1833; 
first elected for LiverpoolJoly following.— 6, CUffordt-tt. g National 
Club I MUlbank House, tVttt Derby ^ Lanecuh. 

Uorsman, Edward. {Stroud) 

S. of William Horaman, esq., by Jane, d. of Sir John Dalrymple (4di 
bart.). Nephew to the Uth Earl of Stair; m. 1841, Charlotte Louisa, oalj 
d. of the late John Charles Ramsden, esq., many yean M.P. for Maltoa. 
Educated at Rogby. An ad? ocate at the Scottish bar. Has been Com- 
missioner of Chnirh Inqniry in Scotland. Was a Lord of the Treasury 
from Jane till Sept. 1841. A Liberal i is in favour of *'an efident 
Chnrch reform, of vote by ballot, and of the removal of all taxes on 
knowledge.* Sat for Cockermonth from F^b. 1886 till Jaly 1852. bnt 
-was an nnsoccessfhl candidate there in 1886 and 1862 { first re- 
turned for Strond, June 1863, without opposition.— 1, Riehmond-terr-i 
Reform Club i Easthorpe, Rugby. 

Hotham, Lord. ( Yorksh, East Riding) 

An Irish peer. B.-at Lullington, 1794; became a Major-Gen. in the 
Army, 1851 { served in the Peninsula and at Waterloo. Grand-nephew i 
of the celebrated Admiral Hotham. Is patron of 4 livings. A Conser- 
vative ; voted for agricultural protection, 1846. Sat for Leominster fr^om | 
1820 till 1841, when he was first elected for the East Riding of York.— 7, 
Hill-st.; Carlton,' Athenmum j South Dalton, Yorksh. I 

Howard, Hon. Charles Wentworth George. {Cund>er- 
land. East) 

S. of 6th Earl of Carlisle, by the eld. d. of 6th Duke of Devonshire. 
B . 1814 ; m. 1812. Mary, 2nd d. of the Right Hon. Sir Jas. Parke, Barua , 
of the Court of Exchequer (she died 1843). Graduated A.M. Trinit? 
Coll. Cambridge. 1836. A Reformer ; voted against the baHot, 1853; ! 
is willing to endow the Roman Catholic Church. First elected Ibi 
Cumberland, East, July 1840.-66, ParJk-st., Orosvenar'sq.i JVo- I 
Uforth Castle, Cumberland, 


Howard, Right Hon. Lord Edward George Fitz-Alan. 

Second s. of ISth Duke of Norfolk, by the dd. d. of lit Dake of Suther- 
land. B; in St. laraes's-sq., 1818; m. 1851, Aagnsta, only d. and heir 
of the Hon. George Talbot, and niece of 17tb Eail of Shrewsbury. Was 
Vice-chamberlain of the Household from Jnly, 1840, till March, 1852. 
A Liberal. Was ansuccessfal at the election for Horsham, June, 1848, 
bat having succeeded on petition, sat fof that place firom September 
following till July, ld52, when he was returned for Arundel without 
opposition.- 49, Lower Grosvenor-st.; Arundel Cattle, Suaaex. 

Hudson, George. {Sunderland) 

B. 1800 : m. Elizabeth, d. of James Nicholson, esq. Is well known 
for his success in railway undertakings. Has been Chairman of the 
Board of directors of the Eastern Counties Railway, the York, New- 
castle, and Berwick Railway, && Is Chairman of the Sunderland 
Dock Company. A Magistrate of the East and North Ridings of 
York, and a Magistrate and Dep.-Lieat. of Durham. A Magistrate of the 
city of York, for which he was elected Lord Mayor, Nor. 1837 ; again 
No7. 1838; and athird time Nov.1846. A Conservative; voted for agri. 
cultural protection, 1846. Is patron of 2 livings ; first returned for Sun- 
derland in Aug. 1845.— 1, jilbert Gate, Knightsbridge t Carlton, 
Conservative; York. 

Hughes, William Bulkeley. {Carnarvon dist.) 

Eld. 8. of the late Sir W. B. Hughes, whose ancestor, Hugh Hughes, 
esq. was Attorney -Gen. to Queen Elisabeth. B. 1797; m. 1825, Elixa- 
beth,'widow of Harry Wormald, esq., of Woodhonse, Leeds, and heiress 
of J. Net tl^hip, esq., of Mattersey 4bbey, Notts. Was called to the 
bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1824, and went the Oxford and Chester circuits. 
A Liberal-Conservative ; is friendly to the principle of the Poor Law 
Act; was formerly against the abolition of the Corn Laws; but in 1849 
supported the repeal of the latter ; is opposed to the endowment of 
the Roman Catholic Clergy. Has sat for Carnarvon dist. since 1837.— 
4, ff^anoiek-st., Charing-eross ; Pldsedoh, Angleeea. 

Hume, Joseph, F.R.S., F.R.A.S. {Montrose dist.) 

B. at Montrose, 1777. Educated for the medical profession, but 
on proceeding to India was, in a few years, employed in the various 
offices of surgeon, Persian interpreter to the Army daring the Mah- 
rattn war, from 1802 to 1807, Paymaster, Postmaster, &c., discharging 
the duties attached to them in a way to call for the public thanks 
of Lord Lake and other high flinctionaries. Having realised a compe- 
tence, he returned to his native country in 1808. The year 1810, and 
part of 1811, he spent travelling in Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, &c. 



Is Member of the College of Sarseoas in EdiDburgh and London; Yicc- *| 
Preridect of the Society of Arts ; Depnty-Lient. of the oo. of Middlesex; 
a Magistrate in Westminster, the coanties of Middlesex, and Norfolk, 
&c. &c. An East India Proprietor. A Radical Reformer. Sat for Wey. 
month from Jru. till Nor. 1812; for Montrose District from 1818 tiU 
1830; for Middlesex from 1830 till 1837; for Kilkenny from 1837 tiU 
1841 ; was an nnsuccessftil candidate for Leeds in 1841 ; but was again 
returned for Montrose, March, 1842.— 6, Brffan»tone-sq. ; R^orm 
Club; Burnley Hall, Norfolk. 

Hume, William Wentworlh Fitz-William. (Wicklow) 
Eld. s. of the late William Hoare Hnme, esq., of Home Wood (who i 
formerly sat for WicUow), by Charlotte Ann, d. of the late Samael 
Dick, esq., of Dublin (and sister to Qaintin Dick, esq., who sat for 
Maldon for several years). B. 1805; m. 1829, Margaret Bmce, eld. d. of 
Robert Cbaloaer, esq., of Guisborongh, Yorksh. A magistrate and 
depnty.iient. fjr Wicklow, of which he was High Sheriff, 1844. A Cob 
servatire, and a firm supporter of the Established Church ; <' does not 
demand a reversal of all the fkee trade policy,' but a measure of jnstitx 
* by removal of taxation, to afford substantial relief to the iarmns 
class;* in favour of a Tenant Right Bill which would be alike equitable 
to landlord and tenant, but opposed to Mr. Sharmao Crawford^s views 
and to the Tenant Right League. First returned for Wicklow in July, 
1852, without opposition.— 20, Curxon-st. ; Hume fVood, Baltinglas*^ 
CO. tVicklow. 

Hutchins, Edward John. (Lymington) 

S. of the late Edward Hutchins, esq., of Briton Ferry, Glamorgansh., 
by the d of the late Thomas Guest, esq., and sister of Sir John Guest, 
bart. B. 1809 ; m. 1888, Isabel Clara, 2nd d. of Chevalier Don Juan do 
Bernaben of Alicante. Educated at the Charterbonse. A Liberal ; in &- 
vour of free trade, the ballot, &c., and opposed to all State endowments 
of religion. Sat for Penryn and Falmouth from Jan. 1840 till the ge- 
neral election 1841; uncuccessfully contested Southampton 1841; his 
opponents were subsequently unseated on petition, but he did not obtain 
the seat ; unsuccessfully contested Poole July, 1847. First returned for 
Lymington April, 1850.— 25, Eaton-sq. 

Hutt, William. {Gateshead) 

Nephew of the late Capt. John' Hutt, of " the Qneen,'* to whose ■«• 
mory a public monument was r^iaed in Westminster Abbey. B. 1803, 
m. in 1831, Mary, Conntess of Strathmore, widow of the loth Earl. 
and d. of Mr. Millner, of Staindrop . Educated at Trinity Coll., Canibridgr, 
where he graduated A.B. 1827, A.M. 1881. A Liberal, and in favoar of 
electoral reform ; voted for the ballot, 1853. Has taken an nctiv^e part 
in commercial questions, mure especially with regard to the «xactioi! 


of the Soaad daes, and the dnea collected by the Crown of Hanorer 
at Stade, for which he receiyed the thanka of the General Shipownera* 
Society. Repreaented Hull ftom 1833 till 1841 , and Gateshead aince the 
latter date^-^, Mad€tos-$t. ; Ojtford and Cambridge Universiiy 
Clubt Gibtide, CO. Durham. 

Ingham, Robert. (South Shields) 

Only surriying a. of the late William Ingham, eaq., of Newcaatle-on- 
Tyne, by Jane, d. of Robert Walker, eaq., of Westoe. B. 1708 ; anm. 
Edncated at Harrow School and O^iel College, Oxford, where he waa lat 
clssa in classics, 1815; gntdnated H. A. 1818, and was for some years a 
fellow of Oriel. Waa called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1820, removed 
to the Inner Temple, where he became a bencher and went the Northern 
Ciruuit. A Qaeen's Counsel. Recorder of Berwick, and Attorney-General 
for the county palatine of Durham. A Whig; but supported the Con- 
serratire ministry on seyenl occasions in 1836, formerly yoted^gainst 
the ballot, and against the abolition of the corn laws, but voted with Mr. 
Villiers for a committee on the latter, and now **hnlds it would be both 
unwise and unjust to reimpose any duty on foreign com ;** in fhrour of the 
Maynooth grant, and of parliamentary reform ; yoted for the ballot. 1858. 
Sat lor South Shields from 1833 to 1841, when he was an unsuooeasibl 
candidate ; again returned July, 1862.— 18, JCing's Bench fValt, Tern: 
pUt jitheneeumi Umveraityt PTesfoe, South Shields. 

Irton, Samuel. (Cumberland, West) 

Eld. a. of the late Edmund Lamplngh Irton, esq., of Irton Hall, 
Cumberland (the direct representative of Bartram D'Trton, who lived' 
temp. Henry I.), by Harriet, d. of Richard Hayne, esq., of Aahbourne- 
green. B. at Irton Hall, 1796 ; m. 1 826, Eleanor, 2nd d. of the late Joseph 
Tifln Senhonse, esq., of Calder Abbey, Cumberland. Educated at Shrewa- 
bary school, and at St. John's College, Cambridge. A magistrate and 
Deputy-lieut. for Cumberland, and patron of 2 livings. A OonaerratiTe ; 
Toted for agricultural protection, 1846; opposed to the Maynooth grant, 
and '* to all rash measures of parliamentary reform.*' First returned 
for Cumberland, West, in March, 1833 (on Visct. Lowther electing to rer 
present Westmoreland), and sat till July, 1847. Again returned in July,' 
1852, without opposition.— 85, PieeeuUlly; Carltom Irton Halt, Rom 
vengUus, Cumberland. 

Jackson, William. (Newcastle-under-Lyme) 

8. of the late Peter Jackson, esq., of Warrington, Lancash., surgeon 
B. at Warrington, 1806; m. 1829, Elizabeth, d. of Lieut. Hughes. Wa« 
formerly an African merchant, but retired in 1842. Was the prqjecto 
of the improTements effected at Birkenhead and other local unde* 
takinga. Is a Director of the Cheater and Holyhead, Royston ax 
O 2 


HltcUn, and Whiteharen Junction Kailways. A Magistrate of the oo. 
of Chester. Appointed Depaty-lieat. of Chestor, 1852. Patron of 1 
llTing. A Liberal } roted in filroar of the repeal <^ the narlgatioa 
^laws; fiiT(mni>le to the reduction of the duties on wine, tea, &c.; 
■tronglj opposed to any ftuther endowment of the Roman Catholic 
Clergy ; Toted for the ballot, 1838. Pirst returned for Newcastle under- 
Lyme in 1847.— lOS, PaU Malli R^orm/ Manor House, Birktn- 
headi and Claughton, Birktnhead. 

Jermyn, Right Hon. Earl. {Bury St. Edmunds) 

Bid. s. of the Marq. of Bristol. B. in Portland-pl., London, 1800; m. 
in 1880, Lady Catherine, 8rd d. of the 6th Duke of Rutland (she died 
1848). Bdueated at Trinity CoIL, Cambridge, where he graduated M..4. 
1823. Was Treasurer of the Household from Sept. 1841 till July 184& 
A Dep..Lieut. of Suffolk. Appointed Ool. of the West Snjfolk Militia, 
1846. A Oonserrative; a supporter 6f fl'ee trade, but **will considrr 
with fayour any measures tnr the relief of the agricultural intenrsff.' 
Has sat for the borough since 1880.— 47, Eaton-pt. t Carlton ; M- 
worth Park, Suffolk i Putney Heath, Surrey, 

Johnstone, James. (CUtckmemnan and Kinross) 

Eld. s. of the late James Raymond Johnstone, esq., of Alva, Stir- 
Ungsh., by 8rd d. of Montague Cholmeley, esq., of Easton, lancolnsh., 
and sister of Sir Montague Cholmeley, 1st bart. B. at Oyeiton, 
RnUandsh., 1801; m. 1848, Hon. Augusta Anne, sister of 3rd Batua 
Orantley. Educated at Rugby and at the University of Edinburgh. 
Admitted an Adrocate at the Scotch bar, 1824. Is a depnty.lieut. and 
magistrate for the cos. of Stirling, Selkirk, and Clackmannan ; a director 
of the Stirling and DnmO-iessh. Railway. A " Liberal OonaerTatiTC," 
in faTonr of free trade, and of withdrawing Che grant to Maynooth. 
Pirst returned for Clackmannan and Kinross, June, 18&1.— 10, ffilton- 
pi.,' Athenaeum and fVindham Clubei jtlva, Stirlmffeh.; The 
HanginffshaWf Selkirkah. 

Johnstone, Sir John Yanden Bempde, bt (Scarborough) 
Eld. s. of the late Sir R. V. B. Johnstone, by the d. of John Soott, esq., 
of London. Hackness Hall 1799 1 m. in 1826, Louisa Yenabies 
Vernon, 2nd d. of Archbishop (Haroourt) of York. Was educated at 
Rugby, and at Trinity Coll. Cambridge. Appointed Deputy-lieut. of 
the North Riding of>York, 1862. Is patron of 2 livings. A Con. 
serratire, but in favour of fi-ee trade; voted against the * sudden aboli- 
tion* of the navigation laws, and is willing to remove any peculiar 
burdens on the shipping interest. Sat for Yorksh. from Dec 1830 till 
Deo. 1882; for Scarborough ttom 1882 till 1837; re-elected in 1841.^ 
S7,Oroevenor'eg.,' Boodle'e; Traveller e' t Haeknia a Hatt, Yorkeh. 


Jolliffe, Sir William Geo. Hylton, bart. {Petersfield) 
S. of the Rev. William Jolliffe, by the d. aud co-heir of Sir A. Pytches, 
of Streatham, Surrey. B. in Little Argyll at., 1800 ; m. in 1825, d. of 
the Hon. B. Paget. Was Under Secretary of StatrfortheHome Depart- 
ment tmm March till Dec. 1862. A depnty-lient. of Surrey. A Conser- 
vative; Totedfor agricultural protection, 1846. Sat^fbr Petersfield ia 
1830 and 1831. Unsnccessftilly contested it in 1832 and 1836. Again 
returned in 1837.— 7, 5/. /ame<'s-|9/. ; Carlton; White's i jfrtAur'a: 
Merstham House, Hurreyi Heath House t Petersfield, 

Jones, David. (Carmartkensh.) 

Eld. 8. of John Jones, esq., of Blaenos, Landovery, and grands, and hdr 
of David Jones, esq., of PantgUbt. B. at Blaenos, 1810; m. 1846, Mar- 
gBTct Charlotte, elder d. of the late Sir George Campbell, bart., of EdeHp 
-wood. Educated at the Charterhouse. Was sherUT for Carmarthensh. 
1845 ; is a deputy-Iieut. and magistrate of Middlesex, Carmarthensh., and 
Bredmockshire. A Conservative, and a supporter of Lord Derby's 
policy; is favourable to *' any fair and comprehensive measure finr the 
zclief of the depressed agricultural interest ;'' will vote for an equit- 
able adjustment of the church revenue, so that the stipends of the 
■working clergy may be increased ; and fbr the repeal of the Maynooth 
grant. Unsuccessfully contested Sudbury, June, 1841 ; and at his own sole 
expense unseated the two members then returned, which led to the dis- 
frauchLtement of the borough. Fhrst returned for Carmarthensh. May, 
1852, without oppositinn.— S9, Dover st.; Carlton t Pantgtds, Car' 
tnarthensh; Pettlyan, Landilo, South FTales. 

Jones, Theobald. {Londonderry tCO.) 

Second s. of the Rev. James Jones, Rector of Urney, Strabane, by 
Ijydia, d. of Theobald Wolfe, esq. ; grands, of the Right Hon. Theo- 
philus Jones, of Headfbrt, formerly member for Leitrim, and nephew of 
Walter Jones, esq., of Hayle Place, Kent. B. 1790. A Capt. in the 
14avy. A Conservative : voted for agricultural protection, 1846. Has 
»at for the county since 1830.-30, Charles St., St. James's; Carltom 
Ihmgivenf Bovagh, eo. Derry. 

Keating, Henry Singer. {Reading) 

Third «. of the late Lieut.-Ocneral Sir Henry Sheehy Keating, K.C.B., 
Col. of the 33id Poat, by Mary Anne, eld. d. of James Singer, esq., of 
Annadale, co. Dublin. B. in the co. of Dublin, 18U4 ; m. 1843, Gertrude, 
8rd d.'of the late Major-General Evans of the ArtiUery. Educated at 
Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated M.A. Was called to the 
bar at the Inner Temple, 1832. and goes the Oxford circuit i appoint 
Queen's Ooansel by patent, Feb. 1849, and. elected a Bencher of ( 
Inner Temple, May, 1849. A Liberal ; in fkvoor of an extension of i 


■aikaire udTote bj ballot (Uioach fonnerlj opposed to tlie latter) t 
will Yot0 agidast tke Maynooth gnat and the impodtion of clmrck 
ntea on DiMenten. Pint Rtnmed liir Reading in Jnly, 1862^13, 
Greal Qtttm^t^ fVeMtmiiuUr ; fVjfmlham Club. 

Keating, Robert ( fVaterford, city) 

8. of Leonard Keatins. esq., of Garranlee. co. Tipperary, by Lncindx, 
d. of James ScsUy. csq^ of Kilfcade, iu the same co. A Repealer ; amem- 
bcr of the **01d Ireland party ;" toted for the ballot, 1853. Sat tor t\e 
eo. of WaterfMd from 1847 tUl loly, 1853. when be was elected fur the 
titj.—Br€Ctlk9um s Gammlte, Cashel, co. Tipperary, 

Kelly, Sir Fitz Roy. {Suffolk^ East) 

8. of Capt. Robert Hawke Kelly, R.N., by Isabel, d. of Capt. For- 
dyee, carrer and cupbearer to Gctnrge III. Grands, of CoL Robert Kdly. 
E. In London, 1798 ; m. 1821 eld. d. and co-heir of Capt. Mason, of Leith 
(she died 1851). Called to the bar in 1824 at lincobi's Inn, of which be 
Was elected a bendier, 1836, made a King's Connsel same year. Ap- 
tKrinted standing Connsel to the Bank of fiigland. May, 1845. Was 
Solidtor-genend from Jaly, 1846, till Aog. 1846; and from July to 
Deo. 1852. Appointed Depnty-Lient. of Soifolk, 1852. A Conserratire; 
Win support measures of relief for the agricultural and shipping interests: 
ftmly attached to the Established Church, but in favour of rivil and rdi- 
tloas liberty. Unsnccessftilly c<»tested Hythe in 1880, and Ipswich m 
1882. Sat for Ipswich Itam Jan. till June, 1886, when he was wise^ed on 
petition ; was again unsuccessful, July, 1837, but, succeeding by petitii^, 
Mt from Feb. 1888, till July, 1841, when he was once more an unsuc- 
MssAil candidate ; sat fbr Cambridge bor. from March, 1848, till July, 1847, 
when he was an unaaccessftil candidate llor Lyme Regis; was elected for 
Harwich in April, 1852, but befioR taking his seat was returned fbr SoSblk, 
Baft, in May fblkming.— 147, /^eeotft^ l 8, Fig Tret Cotert, Inmer 
nmpte; Carlton Club; Chauniry^ near Ipswich, 

Kendall, Nicholas. {Comumll, East) 

S. of the Rey. Charles Keudall, of Pelyn, near Lostwithiel, by Ann, d. 
of Prancis Hext, esq., of Tredethy, near Bodmin. B. at Trrdethy, 1800 s 

m. 1828, d. of . Educated at l^inity College, Oxford, where he 

graduated B.A. 1830. A magistrate and deputy-Iient. of Cornwall, and 
chairman of the Board of Guardians of the Bodmin Union. Appointed 
Capt. in the Duke uf Cornwall's Rangers, Oct 1826, and a special Deputy 
Warden of the Stannaries, 1852. Patron of 2 livings. A Coneerrmtive : 
voted in the minority of 58 who censured free trade, Nov. 1852; opposed 
to the Maynooth grant. First returned for Cornwall, Bast, in July, 
18SS.-.22, Shiff6lk^t.t Carlton t Pelyn, LoatwitMel, Cornwall. 


Kennedy, Tristram. (Louth) 

S. q^ the late Rev. J. Pitt Kennedy, Rector of Balteagh, co. London* 
deny, by Mary, d. of— Gary, eaq. B. at Donagh, oo. Donegal, 1805; 
num. Edacated at Foyle College. Called to the bar in Ireland, 1831. 
Principal of the Dublin Law Institute, of which he was the founder in 

1839. High sheriff of Londonderry in 1838. Formerly agent for the 
Marq. of Bath's Irish estates. A Liberal, and a supporter of tenant right 

' in Ireland; voted for the ballot, 1853. First returned for Lontb in July 
1862.— 1, Lower Groavenor^l. ; V, Senrietta-st., Dublin. 

Keofth, William. {Athlone) 

Bid. 8. of William Keogh, esq., of Corkip, co. Rosoommou, by Mary, 
d. of Austin Ffirencb, esq., of Rahoan, Gaiway. B. at Galway 1817 1 in. 
1841, Kate, eld. d. of the late Thomas Roney, esq., surgeon. Educated 
at the University of Dublin, where he receiyed fir8t-cla.<(s honours in 
science, the Hebrew prize, the Vice-Chancellor's. prize, and the Col- 
lege Historical Society's medals; was called to the Bar in Ireland, 

1840. and made a Queen's Counsel in Ireland, 1849. Appointed Solicitor- 
Gen, for Ireland, Dec. 1852; is a member ot Lincoln's Inn; author of 
**The Practice of the Court of Chancery in Ireland," and several poli- 
tical tracts. A Liberal; in favour of a wide extension of the suflirage, 
the ballot, the Maynooth grant, the admission of Jews to Parliament, 
tenant right in Ireland, &c., but entered Parliament originally aa an 
avowed supporter of Sir Robert Peel's policy. First returned for Athlone 
in lS47.—Ereethettm: 66, RtUland-sq. PVest, Dublin; Coburg. 
BouM0, Bray, fVicklmo; Rahoon, Gahpay. 

Ker, David Stewart. (Down) 

Only 8. of the late David Ker, esq., of Portavo and Montalto, oo. 
Down, by Lady Selina Sarah Juliana, d. of the Ist Marq. of London- 
derry. M. 1843, Hun. Anna Dorothea, youngest d. of the 2nd Lord 
Dnlferin. Educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where he graduated B. A, 

1841. A magistrate fiir the cos. of Down and Antrim, and a depnty.lient. 
of the former. A Conservatively but in fiivonr of free trade; voted for 
inqniry into Maynooth, 1858 First returned for the co. of Down in July, 
1 8S2.— ilf on/a/0, BaliynaMneht co. Doton. 

Kerrison, Sir Edward Clarence, bart. (Eye) 

Only 8. of the late General Sir Edward Kerrison, 1st bart., K.C.B. (who 
sat In parliament for 87 years), by Mary, eld. d. of Sir Alexander Ellioe, 
' of Pittencrief, Fifeshire. the Wick, Brighton, 1821 ; m. 1844, Lady 
Caroline Margaret, d. of the 3rd Earl of Ilchester. Appointed lient. of 
the flnlTolk Borderers Yeomanry Cavalry in 1843. A Conservative ; will 
** give his cordial support to all measares whioh, without tampering with 
the weUkreof the reet of the oonuniuiity, may in any way tend to impro^ 


the ooBdition of the aplonltarists.*' Pixst returned for Eye, Jaly, 18SS. 
-41, 0/d Burlington-st. t Traveller** ; Boodle's § Broome HaB, SeoUt 

Kershaw, James. (Stockport) Manchester, 1795. A cotton ipinner, mannfactnrer, and calico 
printer. A Magistrate of Lancash. t a Magistrate and Aldennan of Man- 
chester. Was mayor of that tow n in ) 843. A liberal, i n fa your of ctTii 
and rellgioas libertj,theftirtber extension of free trade, extension of 
the aofitage, short parliaments, the ballot, the repeal of the rate-pajinf 
clauses of the Reform Act, and the repeal of the game laws; is opposed 
to all religions endowments. First returned for Stockport in Dec. 1847.— 
OaJblande, F'ietoria-part, Manehetter, 

King, Hon. Peter John Locke. (Surrey, East) 

Second 8. of 7th Lord King, by the eld. d. of 1st Earl Fortesoie; is 
therefore bro. to lat Earl of LoTelace. B. at Ockham, Surrey, 1811 ; m. 
1886. Louisa Elisabeth, d. of the late William Henry Hoare, esq., and 
niece of Ist Earl of Gainsborough. Was educated at Harrow, and at 
Trinity Coll., Cambridge, where he graduated A.M. 1833. A Liberal; 
brought forward in 1851 a bill for extending the county Ik-anchise to 10^ 
oocnpiers: is opposed to all religious endowments by the State; voted 
for the ballot, 1858. Was an unsuccessfhl candidate for East Surrey ia 
1837; first elected in 1847.— 88, Dover-et.; jtthenaumi Reform i 
fVobum Park, Chertseyt Surrey. 

King, James King. (Herefordsh.) 

Eld. s. of the late Rer. James SimpUnson, rector of St. Peter-le-Poor, 
Old Broad-st., London (who assumed, in 1837, the name of King), by 
Enuna, 4th d. of Edward Vaux, ejiq., of the city of London. B. at 
Weybridge, Surrey, 1806 ; m. 1835, Mary Cochrane, 4th d. of Kenneth 
Francis Mackensie, esq. (descended from a junior branch of the MadLen- 
sics, of Redcastle, Ross-shire.) Educated at Balliol Coll. Oxford, where 
he grHdnated B.A. 1820. A magistrate and deputy-lieut. for Here- 
fordsh., and formerly capt. in that oo. militia. Declared ** his political 
views to be in a word ConserratiTe, Protectionist, and Protectant;*, 
voted in the minority of 53 who censured Aree trade, Nov. 1852 ; opposed 
to any grant to Maynooth, but not against " any necessary and rational 
reform." First returned for Herefordsh. in Inly, 1858.— 97, Eaton-pLt 
Carlton j Stattnton Part, Leominster, Herefordsh. 

Kingscote, Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge. (Gloucesiersh, 

Eld. 8. of Col. Thomas Henry Kingsoote, of Kingaoote, Olovoeatersh. 
(the direct descendant of Ansgems a Saxon, living anno 985, whoae 
grandson received Kingsoote from Wiiliam the OunqucrQr), by hb 1st 


^ife, Liidy Isabella Fl-ances Anne, 6th d. of the 6th Duke of Beaufort. 
B. at Kingscote* 1880: m. 1851, Caroline Sophia, 8rd d. of Col. Wynd- 
ham. Appointed a Capt. in the Scots Fnsilier Guards in 1850, and 
aide-de-camp to Lord Rag<an in the expedition to aid Turkey, 1854. A 
Liberal ; •' willing to assist in relieving disproportionate taxation, to 
promote improyements in our representative system, and to maintain the 
rights of conscience in religions matters;" TOted for the ballot, 1853. 
First returned for Oloncestersh. West, July, 1852.— 85, CharUs-st., 
Berkeley-sq. ; Guards' Cii*b ; fVfUte't ; Kingseote-parkt fVboUon- 
under Edge, Glouceatereh. 

Kinnaird, Hon. Arthur Fitzgerald.^ {Perth) 

Third s. of the 8th Lord Kinnaird, by the 7th d. of the 2nd Duke of 
l.eiDsteT. B. at Rossie Priory, Perthshire, 1814; m, 1843, Mary Jane, 
d. of the late William Henry Hoare, esq., of Mitcham Grove, Surrey, 
and niece of the 1st Earl of Gainsborough. Educated at Eton. Wai 
attached to the British Embassy at St. Petersburgh in 1835, and was 
pravate secretary to the Earl of Durham ; is now a partner in the firm of 
Ransom and Co., bankers. A Liberal; opposed to the Maynooth grant, 
and will "promote leforms in the civil and ecclesiastical institutions of 
the country," but "confiiders the maintenance of Protestantism as essen- 
tial to the maintenance of civil and religious liberty ;" voted for the 
ballot, 18.58. Sat for Perth from July, 1837, to August, 1839. Again 
returned May, 1852.— 85, Hyde Part Gardens ; fVest Farm, Bast 
Bamet, Herts. 

Kirk, William. {Newry) 

S. of Hugh Kirk, esq., of Larne, co. Antrim, merchant, by Ellca, d. 

of Millar, of Burnside, co. Antrim. ^B. at Lame, 1785.; m. 1820, 

Anne, d. of James McKean, esq., of Armagh. Educated at Larne. A 
linen merchant and bleacher. "A magistrate for the co. of Armagh since 
1840. Of Liberal principles, inclining toward^ Conservatism ; v ted for 
the ballot, 1853 ; in favour of free trade ; desirous of having the question 
of tenant-right settled by .'act of parliament ; in fevour of preserving 
the principle of national education in Ireland, but of improving and 
extending its details ; strongly opposed to a repeal of the Union. First 
returned for Newry in July, 1852.-36, Great Marlborough-at. ; Ann 
vale, near Keady, co. Armagh. 

Knatchbull, William Francis. (Somerset, Eaat) 

Second s. of the late' Wyndham Knatchbull, esq., hj 10* coMin 
Catherine Maria, d. of Sir Edward Knatchbull, bart. B. rii H>5*ieEl pL 
I^ndon, 1804; m. 1829, Emma Louisa, d. of the late Clin/lrt Cni4ai 
Gray, e«q., of Virgin Valley, iaWamaica. i Educated at WlHi^Uiaierj mi 
at Chii8t Chnrch, Oxford. A magistrate, and deputy-lieut. o< Soi«s*|rf^ 


whkH eo. he was high sheriff In 1841 ; lieat.-col. North Somerset ycamnaj 
caTalry. A Conserrxtive ; roted in the minority of 63 who oensnred 
ftee trade, Not. 186*2; is in farour of a raoderare fixed duty on fOTngn 
produce ; voted for inqniiy rmpecting Maynooth, 1853, and, if necessary, 
i» ill Tote for the repeal of the grant. First returned for Somerset, East, 
in July, 1853.— 7, St. Janus's-pL t Carlton; Arthur's; Babtngtou, 
Frame, Somerset, 

Knight, Frederick Winn. ( Worcestersh. West) 

Eld. 8. of John Knight, esq., by his 2nd wife, Jane EliKalieth, d.of 
lat Lord Headley ; is great great grandson of Richard Knight, of Dowb- 
ton, an extensive ironmaster. M. 1850, Maria, d. of the late E. Gibbs, 
esq. A fkmily trustee of the British Museum, as representative of R. 
Payne Knight, esq., of Downton; a capt. in the Worotatersh. Y«>- 
manry. Patron of 1 living. A Conservative ; voted for agricultural 
protection, 184A. First returned for the co. in 1841.-6, SoitihnneJb-sl.i 
Hyde-pk.t Carlton; fVolverley House » fVoreestersh. ; Simon's- 
Bath, Devonsh. 

Knightley, Rainald. (Northamptonsk. South) 

Only s. of Sir Charles Knightiey, bart. (who sat for NorthamptonsL 
from 1834 to 1852), by Selina Mary, eld. d. of Felton Lionel Hervey, 
esq., of Englefield Green, Surrey. B. in Upper Brook-st^ 1819 ; nn- 
mairied. A magistrate, and a dep. lieut. of Northamptonsh. A Cnn- 
servative ; voted in the minority of 63 who censured free trade, Nov. 
1852, and for inquiry into Maynootb, 1853; will defend " the pure Pro- 
testant Church against foreign insolence, and papal aggresskm." Pbat 
returned finr Northamptonsh. South in July, 1853.— 10, Upper Broot-st.; 

. fVhite's, Coveniry,andBoodWs; Fawsley Park, Daventry^ North- 

Knox, Brownlow William. {Marlow) 

Third s. of Lieat.<<V>l. Thomas Knox, of the 1st Foot Guards, by the 
Brd d. of Thomas Williams, esq., of Lauidan, Anglesea (who m. Sndly, 
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Henry Campbell, K.C.B.}. Grand-nephew of the 1st Tisct 
Northland. M. d. of — Sutton, esq. Entered the Army in 1824, and 
became Lieut.-Cul. in 1839 ; has been Capt. Scots Fusilier Guards. Ap- 
pointed Major in the 2Dd BncRs Yeomanry, 1858. A Conservative ; ia 
flavour of national education on a religions basis. First elected f«r 
Marlow in 1847.-28, fVilton-creseent ; Carlton. 

Knox, Hon. William Stuart. (Dungannon) 

Second s. of Snd Earl of Ranfhrly by the tld. d. of the Archbishop 

('Stuart) of Armagh. B. 1826. Entered the army, 1844, and bcauae 

capt. 86th Light Infantry, 1862. Was a groom in waiting to the Qaeen 

■'m March 1863 till March 185a A magistrate and deputy lieut. of 


Tfiroce. A OonaenratiTe, and in ftvov of pnteetioB to a^ialmr $ 
considers that tenants should feoeire eompeacatioB far ■■mhaaiited 
improvements, bot that * the tenant league implies a principle of ooa- 
ftscjitioa ;* Toted ibr inqoiry intn MaTiiooth, 1838. Fbrat fctnraed far 
DanganDOD, Kb. 1851, wilhont oppuicitioa.— 14, Kinff-tL, St. Jamet'Si 
Carlton ; Army etttd Navy Club ; Duu^aiuumPart, Tgrtm * . 

Laboucbere, Right Hon. Henry. ( Taunton) 

S. of the late P. C. Labouchere, esq. of Highlands, Essex. B. in Ijomiem, 
1798 ; m. 1st, 18 10, d. of Sir Thomas Bariog, ban^she died May, 1850) } 
Sndly, 1852, Lady Mary Matilda Oeorgiana, d. of 6th Earl of Carlirie. 
Educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where he was 1st class in classics 
1820, and gradnatrd MJl. 1828. Was a Lnrd uf the Admiralty from 
1832 till Nor. 1834 ; Vice-President of the Board of Trade, and Master 
of the Mint, from April, 1836, to March, 1838; Undtr-Secretary for 
the Colonies fh>m March till Avg. 1830 ; Fnsidebt of the Board of 
Trade from March. 1839, till Sept. 1841. Chief Secretary for Ireland 
from July, 1840, tiU July, 1847 ; and again President of the Bovd 
of Trade from the Ust dale UII March, 1852 Is an Elder Brother of 
the Trinity Hoose. Appointed a Commissioner to inquire into the 
Corporation of London, 1853. A Liberal. Formerly yoted against an 
abolition of the corn laws, but in 1846 supported their repeal. WiH 
«* especially resist attempts to compensate any one iotereht for the loss 
nf protection at the cost of iocieascd hardens upon others.* Sat for St. 
Michael's from 1826 till 1830, and for Taunton since 1830.— 27, Bel' 
ffrav0'sq,; Reform Club t Ovtrstowey, Somersttsh. 

Lacon, Sir Edmund Henry Knowles, bart. (Varmouih) 
Eld. 8. of the late Sir Edmund Knowles Laoon, 2ad burt., by the eld. 
d. and co-heir nf Thomas Beecroft, esq., of Scnlthorpe Hall, Norfolk. 
B. 1807 ; m. 1880, Elisa Georgiana, eld. d. of James Esdaile Haramet, 
esq., of Lawn Cottage, Battersea. Educated at Eton and at Emmanuel 
College, Cambridge, where he graduated BJk. 1828, MJL 1831. A 
magistrate for Nonolk and Suffolk ; a deputy-lieut. of the former co., 
and since 1830 major of the East Norfolk militia A Constirrative. First 
rctarned for Yarmouth in July, 1862.— 66, Charing Cross; Union i 
Hopton, Lowestqfe, St^folk t Ormesby Hon*; Great Yarmouth^ 

Laffan, Robert. {St. Ives) 

Second s. of John Laffan, esq., of Limerick, Supervisor of Excise, who 
was bro. to Dr. Robert Laffan-, titular Archbishop of Cashel, and to Sir 
Joseph De Courcy Laffan, bart., Physician to the Forces in the Peninsular 
-war (title extinct). B. in the co. of Limerick, 1821 ; m. 1862, Emma, d. of 
WilUam Nonworthy, esq., of Oxford-terrace, London. Educated at 
the Royal Military Academy, IVoolitich} is a Capt.<KoyaI Ensineers, 


which carps he entered in 1887. Was Inspector of Railways from Nor. ** 
1847 tm Not. 186S. A " Liberal-ConMiTatiTe:" oppctsed to Ciutow 
daties ; will support a foller extension of ftee trade, and a re-dtstramtioa 
of the franchise, hot not a reduction below the 10/L limit ; considers that 
aatioiial education sbuald be on a religions basis. Kist retamed finr St 
Ires in July, lSb2.—jirmy atid Navif Club i Otham J^odg; Maid- 
stonSf XenU 

Laing, Samuel. ( Wick dist.) 

B in Scotland. Chairman of the Ijondon and Brighton Railway Coa- 
pany, and an actire promoter of the Sydenham Crystal Palace Oompaay. 
A Lriberal and Free IVader ; Toted lor the ballot, 1853; relies for success 
as a repreaentatire, on ** youth, Tigoor, and a cordial sympathy with 
the great principles of civil and religions liberty.*' Fixat returned fir 
Wick dist. in Jnly, l8b2^Briffhton. 

Langston, James Haughton, D.C.L. (Oxford, city) 
M. in ISiiA, Lady Julia. 2nd d. of the 1st Earl of Ducie. Is aMagistrate 
nnd Deputy Lieut, of Oxfordshire. High Sheriff of Oxfordsh. 1831. A 
Liberal ; roted Ibr the ballot, 1833. Sat for Oxford from Not. 1898 
till Jan. 1835; re-elected June 1841.— 143. Pieottditty ; Uniied Uni- 
versity: Sarsden House, Chipping Noriorii Oxon. 

Langton, William Henry Gore-. (Bristol) 

S. of Od. Wm. Gore-Langton, M.P. for East Somenet (who died in 
18^}, by his 2nd wife, Mary, only d. of John Browne, esq., of Salpeiton, 
00. Gloucester. B. in London, 18 U2; m. 1824, Maria, d. of John Lewis, 
esq. Educated at Hairow, and at Magdalen College, Oxford. A magis- 
trate and deputy-llent. of Somerset; MaytKr of Bristol for 185S. A 
Liberal ; in &Tour of extension of the snfli-age and vote by ballot ; op- 
posed to the Maynooth grant. First returned far Brihtol in July, 1853.— 
S, Prines'S'ffate, Hyde Parki R^orm Club ; Yort-creseeni^ Clifton, 

Langton, William Henry Powell Gore-. (Somerset, West) 
Only s. of William Gore-Langton, esq., of Newton Park, Somer- 
setsh. (who rppresented Somersetsh. East, from 1831 till 1847), by the 
only d. of Htnry Powell Collins, esq., of Hache Beauchamp, Somer- 
setsli. Is grandson of Col. Gore-Langton who assumed the name d 
Langton. B. at Burdrop, Wilts, 1821 ; m. 1846, Lady Anna Elisa 
Mary, only d. of 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos. Educated 
at Eton and at Christ Church, Oxford, where he graduated MJk. Ap- 
pointed Deputy-Lieut, of Somerset, 1852. Is patron of 4 livings. A 
Conserrative, and in favour of protecUon to agriculture; voted ft* 
Inquiry into Maynooth, 1833. First returned for Somersetsh. Wert, 
April, 1861, without opposition.— 12, Grosvenor-sg,t Carlton Chtb- 
NcwUm Park, near Bath. * *' "^' 


Lascelles, Hon. Edwin. (Ripon) 

Tliird Burriyiiig s. of the 2nd Earl of Harewood, by the eld. d. of th9 
late Sir J. 8. Sebright. B. 1799. Gradaated at All Souls' Coll., Oxford, 
B.CJi. 1826, D.CX. 1831. Wu called to the Bar at the Inner Tempie, 
1826. Is a Dep.-Lieat. of Yorkah. A ConservatiTe ; in fayonr of pro- 
tection to agricnltare. First returned for Ripon, Jan. 1846, without a 
conteat.—A, Belgrave-sq, ; Haretoood House, Yorkah. 

Laslett, William. (Worcester) 

S . of Thomas Enltterson LasTett, esq. B. at Worcester, 1801 ; m . 1842, 
Maria, eld. d. of the late Bishop (Carr) ot Worcester. Educated at 
'WoToester; was entered as a student of the Inner Temple in 1825, and 
serrcd all the terms necessary for a call to the bar; but was also 
azticled to Mr. Wm. Wall, a solicitor (and banker), at Worcester, 
and practised as a solicitor there till 1846. Patron of 2 livings. A 
Uberal : In fayaur of fhrther parliamentary reform, the removal of reli- 
l^oos disqualifications, the re-distribution of Church revenues, a revision 
and re-a^ostment of taxation, &c.; voted for the ballot, 1853. First 
returned for Worcester, April, 1852.— 3, Spring Garden* t Abberton- 
JkaU, Pershore, fVoroeatereh, 

Laurie, John. {Barnstaple) Scotland, 1797; m. 1834, Eliza Helen, d. of Kenrick Collett, esq. 
one of the Masters of the Exchequer. Formerly engaged in mercantile 
pursuits, and has been an extensive government contractor s an East 
India and Bank proprietor. Elected sheriff of London and Middlesex, 
1845-6. Is a magistrate and Depnty-Ldeut. for Middlesex, a magistrate 
lor Essex and for the liberty of Havering.atte-Bower. Is author of 
several pamphlets on Prison Discipline, also " The Voice of Humanity." 
A Conservative, and a "firm supporter of Church and State;* in favour 
of a system of National Education based upon the BiUe; opposed to the 
ballot, to the Maynooth grant, and to «the progressive power of the 
Boman Catholic Church.* First returned for Barnstaple, Aug. 1854; 
bat in eonsequence of an Informality in the return made by the mayor to 
the clerk of the crown be has not been gasetted.— 1, Hyde ParJt-pl. ,• 
Carlton Club; Marahalh, Laurie Towut Eeeex. 

Layard, Austen Henry, D.C.L. (Aylesbury) 

8. of Henry P. J. Layard, esq. (who was s. of the Dean of Bristol), by 
Marianne, d. of — Austen, esq. B. at Paris, 1817; iinm. Author of 
** Nineveh and its Remains," "Monuments of Nineveh,'' &c, and well 
known for his exertions in exhuming the remains of ancient art now 
deposited at the British Museum ; received the honorary degree of D.CL. 
at Oxfbtrd in 1848. Was, for a few weeks in Feb., 1862, Under Secretary 
of State for Foreign Affidrs, when Eari Granville was ndnisUr of that da* 


ptftiDcnL Was ptcTioiuly attaehi to the embassy at Coitttaatiiiopla. * 
A Liberal ; Toted for th« ballot, 1853. First retoraed for Ayfednnf in 
Jttly, 1852.— 9, LiUtt Rider-st^ St. James'; Athencetun. 

Lee, William. (Maidttone) 

8. of Heory Lee, eaq., at Camp's Hill, Lewisbam, Kent. B. at Lewb- 
ham, 1801 ; m. 1820. 2nd d. of the late Samnel Reynolds, esq., of Thaydoa, 
E'sex. Carries on an extensire bnsiness as a whitingr manQfodarer 
and lime barner, at Blarkfriars an I at Deptford. Is a mag^istrate for 
Kent. A Liberal; Toted for the ballot, 1853. UnsaccessfaDy contesti:^ 
Maidstone, Jnly 1852;' first elected May 1858.-19, Cheeiersq. ,- Up- ^ 
per G round- Mt., Blaeifriara ; R^rm Cktb; Holborough Courtf < 
near Rocheeter. 

Lefevre, Right Ho'n. Charles Shaw. (Hampshire, North) 
8. of the late Chas. Shaw Lefeyre, esq., formerly member for Readiag^ 
B. In Bedford-square, 1794 1 m. in 1817, d. of the late S. Whitbread, esq. 
Bdncated at Winchester and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge; pradaated 
A.B. 1815, A.M. 1819. Was called to the bar at LincoIn^s Inn, I8I9. 
Is Lieut.-Col. of the North Hants Yeomanry, High Ste-ward of Wla- 
cheater, and Depnty-I<ieat. of Hants. Was chosen Speaker of the 
Hoose in 1839, on the retirement of Mr. Abercromby, and in op- 
position to Mr. Goulborn; the votes for the latter were S99: for 
Mr. S. Lefevre, 317. Again chosen Speaker in 1841, in 1847, asd 
in 1852. withoat opposition, salary j^OOO. Voted for an inquiry into 
the pension list, and for short Parliaments. Sat for Dowoton in 
1880; for Hants. North, since 183l.~89, Eaton-sq.f MAenteuwh R»- 
form Club; Heekfieldpl^Hanta. 

Legh, George Cornwall. {Cheshire, North) 

Eld. 8. of the late George John Legh, esq. of High Legh, Cheahire, by 
Mary, d. of John Blackburne, esq., many years M.P. for Ijancash. B. 
1804; m. 1828 Louisa Charlotte, second d. of Edward Taylor, esq., of 
Bifrons, Kent, and niece of Sir Herbert TaylM-, G.C.B. Gradnated at 
Christ Church, Oxford, A.B. 1826. Was High Sheriff of Cheshire in 1838. 

. Appointed major in the 2nd Royal Chechire Miliiia, July 1853. A 
Conseryatire ; is opposed to protection fiir agrioultore, bot will siyj. 
port other measures of agricultural reliefs is in &vour of a moderate 
extension of the franchise. Sat for Chesh. North from 1841 till the 
general election 1847; again returned May 1848. — 101, EcUon-pl; 
Travellers^ t High Legh, Knut^ord, Cheah. 

Lemon, Sir Charles, bt. {Cornwall, West) 

8. of Sir Wm. Lemon, the Ist bart. (who sat for the co, from 1774 till 

bU death in 1825;, by the eld. d.of James Buller, esq., of Murral, Com- 

• B. in London, 1784 j 1810, Charlotte, youngest d. of 2nd 


Earl of Ilcfaester (she died 1826). A Dep.-Lieat. of Coruwall. Ap- 
pointed a Special Deputy Warden of the Stannaries, 1852. Is of Whig 
principles. Formerly voted against the repeal of the Corn Laws, but 
iu 1846 supported their abolition. Represented Penryn from 1807 till 
1812, again returned in 1830, and sat for the Western division of 
Curnwall fh>m 1831 to 1841 ; re-elected Feb. 1842.— 46, Charlesat., 
Jterkeley-aq. i Athenoeum; Careleio, Cornwall. 

Lennox, Lord Alexander Francis Charles Gordon-. 
Xhird s. of the 6tfa Duke of Richmond, by the eld. d. of 'Ist Marq. of 
Aogleaey. B. 1825; is unmarried. Entered the Royal Horse Guards as 
Cornet 1842, became a Lieut. 1844, and C«pt. 1847. A Conservative, and 
in favour of protection "to all classes of British industry." First re- 
turned for Shoreham, Dec. 1849, without opposition.— 61, Portland- 
ftl. ; Goodwood, Sussex^ 

Lennox, Lord Henry George Charles Gordon-. (C/tt- 
Second s. of 5th Duke of Richmond, by the eld. d. of 1st Marq. of 
Anglesey. B. at Goodwood, Sussex, 1821. Was educated at West- 
minster, and at Christ Church, Oxon, where he graduated B. A. 1843, 
M. A. 1847. Was Precis Writer to the Earl of Aberdeen when Secretary 
for Foreign Affairs; resigned Feb. 184^, on being returned to Parlia- 
meut. Was a Lord of the Treasury from March till Dec, 1852. 
A Conserrative ; formerly in favour of protection to British industry, 
but prefers a revision ol taxation to reversing free trade ; is opposed 
to the endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy First relumed for 
Chichester in Feb. 1846.— 51, Portland pi. ; fVhite's i Carlton t 
Goodwood, Stuse*. 

Leslie, Charles Powell. (Monaghan) 

Eld. 8. of the late Chas. Powell Leslie, esq.,of Glasslongh, co. Monaghan 
(who represented Monaghan for many ytan), by his second wife, d. 
of George Fosberry, esq. of Clarence, co. Limerick. Is descended from 
tbe Right Rev. John Leslie, who was Bishop of Clogher in 1661, and 
is nephew to Bishop (Leslie) of Kilmore and Elphin. B.1822. Ap- 
pointed first lient. in West Kent Militia Artillery, .July 1853. A 
Conservative; voted for agricultural protection, 1846, and in the 
xninorify of 53 who censured free trade, Nov. 1852. First returned for 
Monaghan in 1842.— 48, Berkeley »q. ; Carlton ; Castle Leslie, eqi 

Lewis, Right Hon. Sir Thomas Franklund, bart. (Rad' 
nor dist.) 
Only 8. of the late John Lewis, esq., of Harpton Court, Radoorsh., '' 


hb Sad wiliB, the Sndd. of Admiral Sir Thomas Prankland, text. B.ia ' 
London, 178U ; m. 1st, 1805, Harriet, 4tli d. of Sir George Coraewall, 
bait., of Moccas Park, Herefordah. (she died 1838): 2ndly, 1839, Mary 
Add, only rarriving d. of the late John Ashton, esq. Edncated at Eton, 
and at Christ Chnich, Oxford. Was Lieut.-Col. of the Radnorsli. local 
Militia from 1806 till the end of the war. Was a Commissioner of Inquirj 
into the Irish Revenue in 1821, and into that of Great Britain and Ireland 
from 1822 to 1825 ; 1st Commissioner of Inquiry into Ediication in In- 
land, ftoml826 to 1828 ; Secretary to the Treasury in 1827; Vice-Pre- 
sident of the Board of Trade in 1828; Treasurer of the Navy in 1830; 
Chairman of the Poor Law Commission from 1834 till 1839 iwhen hb 
■on was appointed to the same Board) ; a Commissioner to inquire into 
the turnpike outrages in Wales in 1843. A Liberal, inclining to Ooa- 
■ervatismi opposed to any Airther religious endowments. Sepie-. 
aentcd Beaumaris firom 1812 till I82Ai Ei.n s fi-om 1820 till 1828; 
Radnorsh. from 1828 till 1886. Pirst returned for Radnor dist in 
1847 without opposition.— 21, Grafton-at. j fVhite^s t Cartton; 
AUunmutni Harpton Court, Radnorsh. 

Liddell, Henry George. {Northumberland, South) 

Eld. s. of the Hon. Heniy Thomas LiddeH (who is eld. s. of Lord 
RayenswfMrth), by Isabella Horatia, eld. d. of Lord Gearge Seymonr. 
B. at Edinbiugh, 1821; m. 1852, Diana, only d. of the late Capt. 
Gunning Sutton, R.N. Educated at Eton. Appointed Deputy.Licat. 
of Northumberland, 1852. A Liberal-ConserratiTe. Pint elected Cor 
Northumberland, South, July, 1852.— 11, Uown^t., PieeacUl^s Carl- 
ton Club I EslingUm Park, Alnwick, Northumberland. 

Liddell, Hon. Henry Thomas. {Liverpool) 

Eld. s. of L(nd Rayensworth. B. at RayenswQrth Castle, 1797 ; m. 1820, 
Isabella Horatia, eld. d. of Lord George Seymour. A laberal-Cmserra- 
tive ; ' a defender of the Throne and the Altar, but yielding to no man in 
attachment to civil and religions liberty;" roted for agricoUural protec- 
tion, 1846, but is ** content to view free trade as an accomplished fkct." Sat 
for Northumberland from 1828 till 1830, for Durham, North, from July 
1837 (when his return was effected free of expense) till July 1847 ; was 
an unsuccessful candidate for South Shields, July 1852; first returned 
for LiTerpooI, June 1853.— A^AtVe'^; Travellers'} Caritont Maling- 
ton Park, Alnwick, Northumberland. 

Lindsay, Hon. James. ( fVigan) 

Second s. of the 7th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, by the only d. of 
1st Lord Muncaster. B, at Mnncaster Castle, Cumberland, 1815 ; m. 1845, 
Lady Sarah Eliaabeth, d. of the 8rd Eari of Mexborough. W«« edu- 
cated at Eton. Entered the Grenadier Guards in 1832, attained the 
of Capt., andUent.CoL in 1840; and Vk as appointed AtUutant 


of the 2Dd Battalion in 1838; became Brevef. -Col. in the army, 1854. 
A Depnty-Lieut. of Lancashire. A Con*eryatiTe. Voted in faroar 
of free trade, 1846. First retarned for Wigan in 1845.— 47, Upper 
Brook-st.; Guards* i TraveiUrs' ; Haigh Hallt Lancash. 

Lindsay, AVilliam Shaw. (Tynemouth) 

B. at Ayr, Scotland, 1816; m. 1843, Helen, 3rd d. of the late James 
Stewart, esq., merchant, of Glasgow. In early life was apprenticed 

• to the merchant serrice, in which he rose to command a ship at the age 
of 20, bat relinqnished the occupation in 1840. Founded, and is stili 
the head of the well-known shipping hnane of Messrs. W. S. Lindsay and 
Co., Austin Friars, London. Author of raiious letters and pamphlets on 
maritime affidrs, and published in 1842 a book entitled " Our Navigation 
and Mercantile Marine Laws.'* A Liberal ; in faTOur of Parliamentary 
reCorm, a further extension of the suffrage, unfettered navigation, add 
ciril and religious liberty to the fullest extent ; is opposed to all endow 
ments for religions purposes. UnsnccessAilIy contested Monmouth in 
Ar ril, and Dartmouth, July, 186S. First returned for Tynemouth, March , 
1854.— 17, Portlandpl.; Reform and City Ctuba. 

Liflburne, Earl of. (Cardigansh.) 

B. 1800 : m. 1st, 1835, Mary, 2nd d. of the late Sir Lawrenoe Mk, 
bart. ; 2ndly, 1858. yonngest d. of the late CoL Hugh Henry Bilitchell, 
and grandd. of 5th Duke of Beaufort. Was Sheriff of Cardigansh. 1851. 
Is patron of 7 HTings. An Irish peer. A ConserratiTe. First elected 
for Cardigansh. Feb. 1854, without opposition.— Cros«urootf Pari, 
Aberystwilh, Cardigansh. 

Littleton, Hon. Edward Richard. {StaffordsH. South) 
Eld. s. of Lord Hatherton. B. at Teddesley, Staflbrdshire, 1815 ; m. 
1841 , Lady Margaret, youngest d. of 2nd Earl of Beyerley. Was educated 
at Eton. Appointed a depnty-Ueut. of Staflbrdsh. 1841, and col. of Staf' 
fordsh. Militia 1858. A Liberal; supported Lord J. Bussell's ministry 
1846-1852; will give Lord Aberdeen's government *'an independent 
support ;' entirely approves of their financial scheme brought forward 
fax 1853. Sat for Walsall from Joly 1847 till July 1852; first elected 
for Staflbrdsh. South, Aug. 1858, without opposition.— 1, Loumdes-st. f 
Travelfers*i Hatherton HeM, Stt^ordsh. 

Locke, Joseph, F.R.S. (Honiton) 

B. at Atterclifle, near Sheffield, 1805. Was educated at Bamsley, Yorkshire. A civil engineer, extensively connected 
with railways t member of the Institution of Civil Engineers; Director 
of the Glasgow, Paisley, and Greenock Bailway. Received the Legion 
of Honour from the King of the French in 1845. Is lord of the man 



of HonUoa. A Liberal { roted fin- the ballot. 1858w First retnned for^ 
HoBiton in 1847.— S8, Leitondeaaq. ; 11, Ad€tm~9t^ Adalphii Rtfvm. 

Lockhart, Allan Eliott. {^Selkirkth.) 

S. or WiUUm Eliott Lockhart. nq. (who represented Sdkirluh. for M 
yean), by Mariaane, only child of the late Allan Lockhart, eaq. of Clt^ 
hora, Lanaifcih. B. 1803 ; ■. in 1880, Chariotte, 6Cd d. of the late Sir 
Bobt. Dnadaa, hart, of Becchwood. Educated at Edinbiurffh Dnivenilj; 
called to the Scotikh bar in 1894. A Dep.-Lieal. of Selkirluh. ip 
pointed Dep.>Lieat. of Boxbushsh. 1848. A OonserratiTe: bnt Tottd 
for free trade in 1846; in fitTonr of an equalisation of taxes, and ioquvy 
tcspectinff the Maynooth grant. Fint elected for Selkirksh., Jan. 184&! 
'■^twltoni BorikwitkbraetStUnrkah.; CUghom, LM$iark*h. 

Lockhart, William. {Lanca-hsh.') 

Bd. s. of the late Ber. Dr. Lockhart (and grands, of WilDam Lod- 
halt, eiq., of BirfcUll), by Yiolet, niece and heir of James Somerril^t. 
eiq., of Qpnhoose. B. 1787. Fwmerly in the E. I. Conapany's Beagil 
Army, and leoelTed a medal for services in NcpaoL Dean of FicaUia 
In the UniTersity of Giai^ow. A Dept.-Lient. of Lanarkshire, ud 
Lieat..0ol.-Oommandant of the Lanarkshire Begiment of YeoBury 
Caralry. " A decided Conserrative ;** voted for agricoltaral protection, 
1846; will support the repeal of the Maynooth grant. Has ut fjr 
Laaarksh. since 184L— 19, Grosvenortt. fVaat ; Junior Ututtd Sef 
vie* I Cartton; Milton LoeJkhart, Lanarkshire, 

Long, Walter. (»^i7^*, North) j 

Eld. s. of Richard Godolphin Long, esq., of Rood Ashton, fanKrif 
Member for the county, by Florentina, d. of Sir Bourchier Wrey,butJ 
B. 1708 : m. 1819 Mary Anne. d. of the Right Hon . Archibald ColqahouJ 
Lord Registrar of Scotland. Is Patron of 6 livings. A Magistrate oj 
Wilts and Somerset. I>ep..Lient. of Wilts, andM^jor in the Royal Willi 
Yeomanry Cavalry. Appointed Depoty.Lient. of Montgomery, 185i. i 
Conservative t voted for agricultural protection, 1846, and forin^ 
into Maynooth, 1868. Has sat lor Wilts since 1835.-29, BtOst-^ 
Carlton t Rood Ashton, and South FFraxcM, fViUo t Doltverttn 
Ifowtown, Montgomerysh. I 

Lovaine, Lord. {Northumberland, North) 

Eld. s. of the 2nd Earl of Beverley (who is heir-presumptiTe of tkdft 
Duke of Northumberland;, by Lcmisa Haroourt, 8rd d. of the late H» 
James Archibald Stnart-Wortley, and sister of the Ist Lord Whaiw^ 
B. in London, 1810; m. 1846, Loosia, eld. d. of Henry DrummoDd.d^ 
of Alboxy Park, Suney. Received the honorary degree of LLJ) W 
Cambridge inl842. A magistrate for Northumberland. Was fo«* 
In the Grenadier Guards. Appointed M^or in the Northu^ 


militia, and Depntj-hieat, of the same co. 186S. A OoDserratiTe i *' is 
more than ernr permaded at the ncceaiity of maiotaifling the esaentially 
Proteataot character of oar Constitatioo." Was an uunccessAil candi- 
date for Exeter, June, 1841, and for Northnmberland, North, Aagost, 
1847: first returned for the latter place Joly, 1862.—S,Portman-tq.t 
JLovahtty Yorkshire. 

Loveden, Pryse. {Cardigan dist.) 

Eld. 8. of the late Pryse PiyBe, esq. (who represented the Cardigan 
dist. f^om 1818 till his death in 1849), by his 2nd wife, d. of Peter 
Cavallier, esq., of Gnisborongh, Yorksh . B. at Woodstock, 1816 ; m. 1836» 
Mwrgaretta Jane. 3rd d. oF the late Walter Rice, esq., of Uwyn y-brain, 
Carmarthensh. Assamed the name of Loveden in lien of Pryse, by 
royal licence, July, 1849 (his father having assumed the name of I^se 
in lien of his patronymic, Loveden, in 1798). Is patron of 2 livings. 
Lord Lieut of Cardigansh. A Liberal ; voted fbr the ballot, 1858. First 
returned fiHr Cardigan dist., Fk;b. IMH.—Brookta't Club; Gogerddan 
and Lodge Park, Cardigansh. s Buseot Park, Berks i fVoodstoek, 

TiOvre, Robert {Kiddermintler) 

S. of the Rer. Robert Lowe, Rector of Bingham, Notts, by Ellen, 2nd 
d. of the Rev. Reginald Pyndar, Rector of Madresfieldt Woivjestenhire. 
B. at Bingham, Notts, 1811; m. I83a>, Georgiana, 2nd d. of Oeoi^e 
Orred, esq.,.of Aigbirth House, near Liverpool. Educated at Winchester 
and at University Coll., Oxford, where he was 1st class in classics and 
Sod class in mathematics, 1833 ; was elected fellow of Magdalen in 18ST^, 
and became well known as a private tutor at Oxford. Was called to the 
bar at Lincoln's Inn, Jumary, 1842; went to Australia in that year i 
sat in the Council from 1843 to 1850, and was elected member for Sydney 
in 1848 ; returned to England in '.850. Appointed one of the Joint secre. 
taiies of the Board of Controul, Dec 1852, saUry £1600. A Liberal, with 
slight Conservative tendencies i in favour of free trade, of the continu- 
ance of the Maynooth grant, and of the removal of anomalies in the re- 
preseiftation, but not of greatly lowering the borough franchise. First 
returned for Kiddermimter, July 1852.— 6, Eaton-sq., Reform Club. 

Lowther, Henry. (Cumberlandf West) 

Eld. 8. of Col. the Hon. Henry Cecil Lowther, by Lady Lucy d. of the 
6th Earl of Harborongh. B. 1818 ; m. 1852, Emily Susan, eld. d. of St. 
George Caulfeild, esq., of Dnnamon Castle, co. Roscommon. Educated 
at Westminster, and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, where he graduated 
A.M. 1888 : entered the Army as Cornet and Sub-Lient. in 1st Life 
Guards in 1841 ; became Capt. 1849, and retired 1864. A Conservative ; 
ia opposed to the endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy ; voted '' 


Inquiry Into Maynootli, 183S. Pirst retarnrd for CnmberlMd, Wert, in 
1847,i»itlio«to|>|io«itioB.— 21, ff^ttton-cre*.; CarUon: Boodl^t, 

Lowther, Hon. Henry Cecil. (fVettmoreland) 

Second >. of l»t Earl of Looadale, by the eld. d. of 9th BmI of West, 
moicland. B. In Dorer-st. 1790 ; m. in 1817 Lady Lucy Eleanor, d. of tie 
6th Earl of Harborough (ahe died 1848). Col. of the Cumberland MiUtia. 
Appointed Depnty-Lieut. of Ratland, 1852. Formerly Capt. 7ib Hnasan, 
and a Lient-CoL in the anny ; senred in Srain under Sir John Moore, 
and in 1815 in the PeninBula. Of C«)naeTvatiTe priuPiples; voted f« 
agricultural protection. 1846 ; *• is opposed to all Romish claims and 
grants.* Hassatfor Westmoreland since 1 812.— 81, l?ru<on-«<.; Carl' * 
torn Lovfthn- CastUt Penrith, Cumberiattd. 

Lucas, Frederick. (Meath) 

S. of Samuel U. Lucas, esq., formerly of Croham, near Croydon, and 
afterwards of BriRbton. B. in Westminster, 1812; m. 1840, Elisabeth, 
eld. d. of the Ute William Ashby, esq^ of Staines. Middlesex Bdi- 
cated at UniTmity College, London. Was called to the bar at tbe 
Middle Temple, 1838. Proprietor and Editor of the Tablet newspaper 
in London fh>m 1840 to 1849, and in Dublin since 1850. Author J 
•* Reasons for becoming a Roman Catholic," articles in the Dublin R«- 
vieWf &c. Was one of the secretaries of the Iri.Hh.Tenant League during 
the greater part of its existence. A Liberal ; in f*Tonr of free trade with 
some Umitations, vote by ballot, repeal of the Union with Ireland, the 
fhllest extension of the doctrine of ** tenant right," a severance of Church 
and State,&c.; "'is an enemy to thcpretended separation of religions ftoffl 
secular education, and of all schemes for compelling or allaring penons 
of different religions to be educated in the same school." First returned 
for Meath, July, 1852.-80, Noffolkst., Strand; 21, Hcu-dwiete-tt.t 

Luce, Thomas. (Malmesbury) 

8. of the late Thomas Luce, esq. B. at Weymouth 1790 ; m. 182U. 
Susan, d. of William Hollis, esq. of Moniiton, Monmouthsh. Has been 
a banker since 1813. A mai^trate of Wilts since 1836. A Liberal. First 
returned for .Malmesbury in July, \%b2.— Alfred Club; Malmesbury, 

Lushincston, Charles Manners. (Canterbury) 

Sixth s. of the Right Hon. Stephen Rumbold Lushington, of Nortos 
Court, Kent (who Mt for Canterbury for many years) by Anne Elisabeth, 
eld. d. of lat Lord Harris. B. 1819 ; m. 1846, Henrietta, eld. aister of 
Sir Staffiird H. Northoote, bart , of Pynes, Devon. Educated at Eton aul 
at Oriel Coll., Oxford i was subsequently a fellow of All Souls' Coll. Wu 
-^-'Tate secretary to the President of the Board of Coutrool fh>u 1843 


tin Jidy, 1864. A ** Liberal OonaerratlTe ;* in faroar of tbe ftillest ex- 
tension of free-trade principles, the reform of abases in the Church, bat 
not of its separation fVom the State, nor of the Tnluntary system t is also 
in favoar of sanitary and other education, and the moderate extension 
of the fifanchise. First retomed for Canterbury, Aug. 1854.— 9, Mtms' 
Jieidst.t TravtUtra' Club. 

Lytton, Sir Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-, 
bart. {Herts.) 

Third s. of the late General William Earle Balwer, of Woodalling and 
Heydon Hall, Norfolk, by EUsabeth Barbara, the only d. and heir of 
Richard Warbarton Lytton, esq., of Knebwofth, Herts (who rrsnmed 
her paternal name of Lytton by royal licence, 1811). 3. 1805 ; m. 1837, 
Rostna, only sarriTing d. of the late Francis Wheeler, esq., of Lissard 
Connell, oo. Limerick. Educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he 
gained the Chancellor's prise medal for the best English poem, and 
graduated B.A. 182A, M.A 1836. Assumed the additional name of 
L>ytton after that of Bulwer by ro]ra] licence in 1844. Appointed a 
depaty lieut. of Herts, 1851. Author of namerous well known novels, 
dramatic works, and poems. " Concurs in the general policy expnused by 

- Lord Derby,'* would *' readjust" the income tax, and "mitigate" the 
duties on malt, tea, and i^oap; "some years ago advocated the ballot,'' 
tmt seeing its " utter inefficacy in France and America, can no longer 
defend that theory {" will support education on a religious basis, and 
vote for a repeal of the Maynooth grant. Sat for St. Ires in 1831, and for 
Uncoln fkom 1832 to 1841 ; was an nnsuccesvfUl candidate at the latter 
place in June, 1841, and July, 1847. Fin>t retained for Herts in July, 
185S.— 1, Park-lane; Kntbworth, Stevenas^e, Herts i Craven Lodge, 

Macartney, George. {Antrim) 

S. of the Rev. Dr. TTavers Hume, by Elisabeth, d. of John Balaguier, 
esq., niece (and adopted d.) of the late Earl Macartney. B. in Dublin, 
1798; m. 1828, Ellen, only d. and heir of Townley Fatten Filgate, esq., 
of Lowther Lodge, oo. Dublin. Educated at Trinity Coll., Dublin. 
Assamed the name of Macartney ib lieu of his patronymic Hume, in 
compliance with the will of his grand-uncle, the Earl. A magistrate 
and deputy-lieot. of Antrim A Conserrative s voted for inquiry into 
Maynooth, 1853. First retnmed for Antrim July, 1852.— 46,, 
St. Jamee's; Carlton t National t Bourton Lodge, near Rugby; 
Lieeanoure, BaUymonej/t eo. Antrim; Lotother Lodge, Balbriggem, 
CO. Dublin. 

Macaulay, Right Hon. Thomas Babington. {Edinburgh) 
S. of ZacharyMacaulay, esq. B. at Rothley T«mple,LfiRestenh., 1800. 

- Cradnated at Tdnity Coll. Cambridge, B.A. ISSS, M.A. 182S; elected to 


the CnvCB icbolanUp 1821, and became a FeOow of Trinity In 1B2S. 
Wu called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn Feb., 1890, and elected a bencha 
1S40. Rcccired tlic ProMian Order of Merit, 185S. Han been a coih 
■riMfamcr of bankrapts t a ooimniadoncr, and snbieqaently a secretaiy 
to the Board of Contioul; fifth member of; and legal adriaer to, the 
8ai»cme Coondl in India. Was Secretary at War firom 1838 till Sr^. 
1841; PAymaxter Geneial of the Fmroei fivm Jaly. 1846, till 1848. 
Elected Lord Rector of the UniTer>ity of Glasgow 1848 ; Professor of 
Ancient History in thn Royal Academy 1850. Is anther of seTcml 
nitieles in the Edinburgh Review, the ** Lays of Ancient Rome," 
** The History of EngUind from the Accession of James II.,'* &c. A 
Uberal; has TOted in fsronr of the ballot. Sat for Calne fhrni 1830, 
tUl Dec. 1832; for Leeds from Dec. 1832, tin Peb. 1834; and for Edm. 
bnrgh from Jan. 1840, till Jaly. 1847, when he was an nnsneeesslnl can- 
didate. Reohosen for Edinburgh Jaly, 1862, without attending tks 
deaion or issuing any address.— 8v, Atbany: Reform Ctub. 

M'Cann, James. {Drogheda) 

Sheriff of Drogbeda in 1851-2. A Liberal ; in faroor of honsrhoM saf- 
firage, triennial pariiamenta,Tote by ballot, national edoration, and tenant 
right in Ireland. First retuaed for Drogheda in July, \9th2.—Staieen- 
houae, Drogheda. 

McGregor, James. (Sandwich) 

S. of the late Alexander McGregor, esq., a merdiant Id Liverpool, aad 
afterwards agent of the Bank of England at Manchester. B. in Liver- 
pool 1808; m. 1st, 1829, Jane, d. of the late Robert Small, esq. (she died 
1844) ; 2DdI]r,^J849, Catherine Pendarves, d. of J. C. Lochner, esq. Was 
brought up in the mercantile house o( the late Sir William Pel Idea, 
hart., M.P.: was fbr many years manager of the LiTcrpool Commercial 
Bank. Has been Chairman of the Sonth-Eastem Railway Company. 
A Conserratives considers that "free trade has been predpitately 
adopted ;» and roted in the minority of 63 who censured free trade. 
Nor. 1852 1 opposed to the Maynooth grant, bnt in favour of every 
*' real reform" in parliament. Was an uusneceisfUl candidate for Baa- 
bory in Aug. 1847. First returned for Sandwich, July, 1862.— lfay.p/., 
Crayfordt Kent. 

Mac Gregor, John. {Glasgow) 

Eld. s. of David Mac Gregnr, esq., of Drynie, B. at Storn- 
away, Ross-sh., 1797; m. 1833, Anne. d. of William Peard JiUard. 
esq., of Oakhill, Somersetsh. (she died Oct 1868.) Was High Sheriff 
of Prince Edward's Island, and a member of the Colonial Legiila* 
tore I has beoi employed on oomraercial missions to Germany, Aostris, 
Paris, Naples, &o. i was Joint-Sec to the Board of Trade from Dee. 
1880 till Ang. 1847; is author of " The History, Geography, and Be 


«oiireei of British America." ** Commercial Statistics/' "Progress of 
America from the INscoTery by Oolundms to the year 1847," twenty- 
two ** Reports on foreign tariff's and trade," presented by command of 
Her Majesty to Parliament. Is OoTcrnor of the Royal British Bank, 
and Chairman of the Eastern Archipelago Company. A Liberal ; roted 
for the ballot. 1853. First returned for Glasgim in 1847.— 1, Prinet't 
Terr., Hydt Pari South ; Athetumum i CarHeks, Glasgow. 

Mackie, John. (Kirkcudbrightsh.) 

Only li. of the late James Mackie, esq., oFBargaly, Urkcndbrightsh. 
M. eld. d. of Peter Lawrie, esq., of Bladdieath. Educated at Edinbnr^. 
A Depaty-Lieat. of Kirkcudbright. A Liberal, and in &roQr of free trade ; 
voted against the ballot, 1858,' will be guided by his constituents on 
the question of the Maynooih grant ; x»nsid«rs that " a reduction in 
the price of guano would amply compensate Ibr a 6<. duty on foreign 
wheat." First returned for Kirkcudbrightsh. Feb. 1860, without oppo- 
sition.— S, Qutm^q.t fVettnUnattr t Bctrgaly and ErtutpU'y Kirk- 

Mackinnon, William Alexander, sen. (Rye) 

Head of the Clan Mackinnon. B. 1780; m. 181S, Emma Mary, only 
d. and heir of the late J. Palmer, esq., of Palmerttown, co. Mayo, and 
Rush House, Dublin. Kept terms at Lineoln's Inn; but was not called 
to the bar. Published a work on '* Public Opinion ;* also, "Thoughts 
on the Cuireucy Question i* and 'The History of CiTilisation.* A 
Liberal ; but (brmerly ranked as a Conserratire. Sat for Dunwieh in 
1880: for Lymingtonin 1881, and again f^om Jan. 1885 tillJuly 1852. 
when he was an unsuccessfU candidate ; flist elected for Rye, May 
1858, when his son, Mr. Mackinnon, Jan., was unseated on petition.— 
4, Hyde Part-pl. ; Brooke*^ a, Alfred^ and Coventry Clubet JTutnei 
Lodge, Kent; Greenseote, LtMneaeh, 

McMahon, Patrick. (Wexford, co.) 

Bid. s. of James McMahon, esq., of Lakerlew, Rathkeale, co. Limerick, 
by Catherine, d. of James Bourke, esq., of Arlamon, co. Limerick. B. 
1818. Graduated B.A. 1886 at (Trinity College) Dublin. Admitted a 
student of Gray's Inn, Not. 1887; called to the bar, June, 184S, and 
goes the Oxford circuit. Author of sereral articles in the Dublin 
Beriew on Tenant Right and other pditical questions connected with 
Ireland. A Liberal ; in byour of tenant right in Ireland. First re- 
turned for Wexford in July, 186S.— 10, Farrar''a Buildings, Temple. 

M'Taggart, Sir John, bart. ( Wigton dist.) 

S. of the late John M^Taggart, esq., of Ardwelli b. in Wigtonshire, 
1789 ; m. d. of T. Kymer, esq., of Streatham, Surrey. Is a merchant in 
London, and a I>ep.-Lieut. of Wigtonsh. Of Liberal opinions; formerly 


Tilled acaJnst tke repeal of tke Ooni Laws, bat !■ 1M6 rapported their 
•boUtion; voted for inquiry into Mnjnootk, ISftS, and for tbe ballot 
iasM year; nnnicceMftilly oonteited the borongb in 1982; hai sat fiir it 
•inee 1886.— 69, jUban^-tL, RtgenP»-pk.t Reform Chtb ; ArdwB, 

Maddock, Sir Thomas Herbert. {Roehesier) 

Bid. 8. of tbe Rer. Robert Maddock, prebendary of Cheiter. by the d. 
ofRokeby Scott, eaq. B. 1792; entered the ciril serrioe of the E.l.C, 
In the Bengal prerideney, in 1811, and after serring in rarioas politiod 
oapacitiei, became Resident at Lade now in 1889, and was secretary O 
the goTemmcat of India in the legislatiTe, jndidal, and irrenne depart- 
■ents, ftoa 1838 to 1848 ; was deputy goremor of Bengal, and presid^at 
of the Oonncil of India from 184B to 1849. A OonsenratiTe, bat in ftiToor 
of ftee trade; Totcd for inqniiy into Maynonth. 1868. Piiat retoncd 
fir Rochester in Jnly, 1869. 

Magan, William Henry. ( Wettmeath) 

Eld. s. of tbe late Wm. Henry Magan, esq., of Clonearl, by tbe d. of 
the late Thomas LofUns, esq. of Killyon, co. Meatb. B. in Dublin 18M ; 
■.1840, LadyOeo^iana, d. of the 4th Earl of Albemsrle (she was diyorced 
from Major Edward Bnstace Hill in 1849). Entered tbe Army as Comet 
9th Lancers 1841 ; exchanged into the 4th Light Dragoons, and became 
a Capt. in 1846 ; retiredin Jane 1848. A Magistrate for Westmeath. A 
Liberal, and in favoor of the repeal of the Union : yoted Ibr tbe bil- 
lot, 1858. First returned for Westmeath in 1847, withoat opposition.— 
4, KHig-^t.t St. Jom»»'s; Army and Nenfy, UniUd Service, and 
Reform Clubs s Clonearl, PhiUpetown,Kinit9 Co, i Eagle Hill, ee, 

Maguire, John Francis. (Dungarvan) 

Eld. s. of the late John Magnire, esq., merchant. B. in Coik ; m. 1848 
Margaret. 2nd d. of Robert Bailey, esq., of Cork. Was called to the bar 
In Ireland, Jan., 1843. Is proprietor and principal editor nf tbe Cor^ 
Elsami^vMrnewspaper.esUbUshedbyhim inl841. A Liberal and free- 
trader t a member of tbe " Tenant- Leagne;" in fkroor of **seIf-goreni' 
meat Ibr Ireland.'* Was an nnsnccessfU candidate fior Dnngarvan hi 
Jnly, 1847, and in May, 1861; first retnraed in Jnly, 186S.— 19, Tieh- 
boume-sl.1 Ereetheum; 4, Grenville-pl., Cork, 

Malins, Richard. {Wallingford) 

Third s. of the late William Malins, esq., of Ailston, Warwlclcsh., bj 
the eld. d. of Thomas Hunter, esq., of Pecshore, Worcesterah. B. at 
Ereaham, WorcesterBh. t m. 1881, Susanna, eld. d. of the tote Rer. 
Aijiur Farwell, Rector of St. Martin's, ComwaU. Educated nf Cains 
CoDege, Cambridge, where he was 6th Junior optime ia 1827. Bnteicd 


. tm a stud^t of the Inner Temple, 1825 ; caUed to the bar May, 1880; 
appointed Qneen's counsel, 1849. A ConseryatiTC ; voted in the minority 
of 53 whncenxared fi-ee trade, Nor. 1852; oppaiied (o *' the \\i\A and 
democratic achemes of the Manches ter school orpolitidans. whcthtrunder 
the name of parliamentary reform oi any other specious title;' in 
faTonr of "modentte protection to the agricultural iuteresls." First 
returned for Wall ingford in July, 1852.— 6, Stone buildingsy FAtieobi^t 
Jnnt 67, Lotondtt »q., Belgravesq.j OjJ'ord and Cambridge Club. 

Mandeville, Visct. (Huntingdonsh.) 

Eld. a. of the Duke of Manchester. B. at Kimbolton Castle, 18S8 ; 
m 1852, the Comteas Louise Fredericka Anguste D'Alten. Was edu- 
cated at the Military Coll., Sandhurst { entered 11th fi)ot, 1811; be- 
came Capt. in the Grenadier Guards, Jan. 1846, retired 1850. Was 
Aide-de-camp to Sir Peregrine Mait!and, Governor of the Cape Co 
lony, from 1843 till 1846. Appointed Major of the Huntingdon Militia, 
1852, and is a de puty-lieut. fojr the same co. Was a Lord of the Bed 
chamber to Prince Albert from March, 1852, till Jan. 1853. A Couser 
Tative and Protectionist; opposed to any endowment of the Roman 
Catholic Clergy. UnsuccessAilly contested Westminster, 1847; sat for 
Bewdley from April, 1848, till June, 1852, when he was returned for 
Hnntingdoneh., a few weeks before the general election.— 18, Charles 
st.f Berkeley-aq.i Carlton; National; Guards': Kimbolton Castle, 

Mangles, Ross Donnelly. (Guildford) 

S. of the late J. Mangles, esq., who represented the borotigh from 1831 
till 1837. B. 1801; m. in 1830, d. of the late Geo. Newcombe, esq. Is 
In the Bengi^I civil service, a Director of the E.I.C., and a Director of the 
Mew Zealand Company. ADep.-Lieat. of London. A Reformer; for- 
merly voted against a repeal of the Corn Laws, but in 1846 supported 
their abolition ; voted fbr the ballot, 1858 ; and " will resolutely oppose 
any— the smallest— step backward;" Is ** determined to resist all agres- 
sion upon our national rights .by pope or cardinal.*' First elected for 
Guildford In 1841.— 9, Henriett€i-si., Cavendish-^q.t jttheneeum ; 
fVoodbridge, Surrey. 

Manners, Lord neorge John. (Cambridgesh.) 

Youngest s. of the 6th Duke of Rutland, by the Sth d. of the 5th Earl 
of Carlisle. B. 1820. Graduated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, M. A. 1 841 ; 
entered the army as cornet 1840 ; appointed Capt. Royal Hone Guards 
1847. A Conservative and Protectionist; opposed to the endowment 
of the Roman Catholic Clergy. First elected for Cambridgesh. in 1847, 
without opposition.~(7<lr/l0n; Belvoir Ccutle, Leieestersh. ; Cheve- 
fay Park, Newmarket, Cambridgeeh. 


Manners, Right Hon. Lord John James Robert. {CoU 

Beoond t. of Stii Dake of RntUnd , by the d. of Sth Earl of CarUale. B . 
at BelToir Cattle, 1818; m. 1861. Catberine, only d. of the late OoL Mar. 
by, 03. (she died 1834). Educated at Eton and at Trinity OolL Cam. 
bridg«. Wan Commiuuoner of Works and Bnildings flrom Mardi till Dec. 
18iS. - Is aatbor of a '* Plea for National Holidays," &c. Appointed a 
Lieat. In the Leicester Miliiia, 1846. A Oonserrative ; voted for agricul- 
tvral protection, 1846; and will now support " a rerision of our finan. 
cial system " for the benefit of " the producing classes ;" is opposed to (he i 
endowncat of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. Represented ] 
Newark from 1841 till the dissolntinn 1847 1 nnsnccessiully contested 
London in 1849. Pint letomed for Colchester, Peb. 1850.-14, Cavern- 
iUth-aq.; Carlton t TraveUera* ,- Belvoir Castle, Leieeslersh' 

March, Earl of. (Sustext Wc»t) 

Bid. s. of the Dnke of Richmond. B. at Richmond Honse, WUte. 
hall, 1818 ; m. in 1848, Frances Harriet, eld. d. of Algernon Grerille, 
esq. Graduated at Christ Church, Oxford, BJL. 1839. Became a Gspt. 
in the Army. 1844. Pormerly in the Guards. Was to the 
Duke of Wellington when Commander-in.chief, and reappointed by his 
saccessor, Visct. Hardinge, Sept. 1852. A Dep.-Lieat. of BaniT. A Con- 
•erratire; voted for agricultural protection, 1846, and " will moat oor> 
dially support any measures for the alleviation of the distress existing 
amongst the owners and occupiers of land ;" is opposed to the endow* 
ment of the Roman Catholic clergy. Pirst returned for Snaaex, West, 
in 1841.— 61, Portland pi. t Goodwood, Sue sex. 

Marjoribanks, Dudley Coatts. (Berwiek'tm- Tweed) 
S. of Edward Marjoribanks, esq., partner in the banking.houM of 
Messrs. Contts. B. 18S0 ; m. 1848, Isabella, d. of Sir James Weir Hogg, 
bait Educated at Harrow and at Christ Church, Oxford. An East India 
Director A Liberal ; in favour of ttee trade, Maynooth, and parlia- 
mentary refonn ; voted for the ballot, 1858. Pittt returned tar Berwick. 
on<Tweed, April 1863. — 4, Upper Groevenor-et.i TraveUere* t 

Marshall, William. (Cumberland, East) 

Eld. s. of the late John Marshall, esq. of Headingly, in the co. of 
York (an extensive linen manufacturer at Leeds and Shrewsbury, and 
in 1888 member for York«h.), by Jane, 5th d. of William Pollard, esq., 
of Halifax. B.1796| m. 1828, Georgiana Christiana, 7th d. of George 
Hibbert, esq., of Munden, Hertfordshire. A Radical Reformer t U in 
favour of triennial parliaments, the ballot, " an extension and equitable 
division of the suffrage," the removal of aU restrictions which fetter 


trade, and the reform of the CThnreh Establishment. Sat for Peters- 
field from 1826 to 1880; for Leominster in 1830; for Bererley in 
1831; for Carlisle from 1835 to 1847, when he was first returned for 
Camberland, Bast.—SS, Eaton-aq.i Reform Clubt Patterdal* Hall, 
Ambleitide, fVesttnoreland. 

Martin, John. (Tewkesbury) 

8. of the late J. Martin, esq., who sat for this bor. from 181S to 18S2. 
B. 1806 ; m. Jst. 1837, Mary, d. of Capt. T. A. Morse, of the Bombny 
Artillery ; 2ndly. 1847, Maria HenrietU, eld. d. of Evan Hamilton 
Baillie, esq., of Gloncester-pl., Portman..sq., London. A banker, a direc- 
tor of the Guardian Assurance Company, and an Eist India Stock pro- 
prietor. Is a Liberal ; voted for inquiry into Maynooth, 1868. Sat 
for Tewkesbury from 1832 to 1836, and since 1837.-14, Berkeley- 
aq.t t%, Lombard-street I R^ormClub. 

Massey, William Nathaniel. (Newport, Isle of Wight) 
Admitted a student of the Inner Temple, Nor. 1826; called to the bar, 
Jan. 1844. Recorder of Portsmonth. Author of " Common Sense yersns 
Common Law." A Liberal; in favour of free trade, extension of the 
solfrage, and vote by ballot. First returned for Newport in July, 1862. 
—80, fVimpole-et. ; Athenaeum. 

Masterman, John. (London) 

Is amember of the firm of Masterman,Peter8, Mildred, and Co., London, 
bankers. An East India Director; a Dep.-Lieut. of London. A Con- 
aerrative, but " will not give his assent to any Airther imposition of 
duty on corn ;" is '* prepared to resist any flirt her concessions to Popery." 
Was first elected for the City of London in 1841.— 35, NichoUteiane, 
Lombard-st ; KnotVa Green, Leyton, Essex, 

Matheson, Alexander. (Inverness dist.) 

Eld. s. of the late John Matheson, esq., of Attadale, Rnss^h., where the 
Jiunily has resided for upwards of six centuries, and nephew maternally 
of Sir James Matheson, bart.,and Lieut.-Col. Thos. Matheson. B. in Ross- 
sh. : m. 1st, 1841, only d. of James CraufUrd McLeod, esq., of Geanies 
(ainoe dead) ; 2ndly, 1853, Hon. Larinia Mary, sister of 8th Lord Beau- 
mont. Was edacated at the Uniyersity of Edinburgh. A merchant 
and senior partner of the firm of Jardine, Matheson, and Co., in Lon- 
don. A Director of the Bank of England and of the East and West 
India Dock Company; a Deputy-Iient. of Ross and Cromarty, of Inver- 
BOM, also of London. A Liberal ; is opposed to all fbrther religious en- 
dowments. First returned for the Inremess dist. of burghs in 1847.— 
88, Souih-st., Grosvenor-aq.i Ardross Castle, Akiess, Ross-sh, 


Matbeson, Sir James, bart F.R.S. {Ross and Cromarty) 
Second s. of CapC. Donald MafhcMu, of Slimess, SntherlAndsh^ by the 
d. of the Rey. Thomas Mackay, Minister of Lairg. B. at Lairg, 1796; 
n. in 1843, Mary Jane, 4tb d. of the late Michael Henry PetceTal, 
eaq^ of Spencer Wood, Canada. Has been a merchant, and ym 
fi>raierly a partner in the boose of Jardioe, Matheson, and Co. b 
a Dep.-Lieiit. of Ross and Sntheriandsh. A moderate Reformer; in fa-roar 
of ftce trade, hot disposed to give relief to the agricnlinral interest ; u 
opposed to the endowment of the Roman Catholic clergy, and Toted, 
1858, fnr inquiry into Marnooth i is author of a pamphlet on the posi- 
tion and prospects of the China trade. Resided many years in India and 
China ; on his return to England received an address from the mer- 
chants of Bombay, expresaing their high sense of the judgment aad 
flrmnew displayed by him during the difflcnlties which aro5e out of 
the dispntes with China respecting the seizure of opium. On that occi- 
aion be was presented with a service of plate, value jf 1500. Sat for 
Ashbnrton from 1843 to 1847, when be was returned for Ross-shire.— 1 3^ 
Clevelantt-row t R^orm Club ; Brootes^s ; Achany and Rote HeUl, 
Sutherlandahire i Stornaway Castle, Island qf Lews; SottHuU 
Parky BraeJknell, Berks. 

Maunsell, Thomas Philip. (Norihamptonsh. North) 

Eld. 8. of the late Rev. William Maunsell, by Lucy, d. and co-heir of 
Philip Oliver, esq., of Castle Oliver, co. Limerick. Nephew of the lata 
Thos. Cecil Maunsell, of Thorpe Malsor, (o whose estates he succeeded 

> B. 1781; m. 1811, Caroline Bliiabeth, d. and co-heir of the Hon. Wn. 
Cockayne, bro. of last Visct. CuUen. This lady was authorized to take 
rank as a Yiscount's d. by royal order, 23d Sept. 1838. Senred as high- 
sheriflfof Noithamptonsh., of which he is depnty-lieut. s is col. of 

' the Northampton Militia. Patron of 1 living. A Consenratire ; Toted 
for agricultural protection, 1846 { will "endeavour to procure for 
native industry, agricultural and of every other description, the justice 
due to them," and " will uphold the Protestant religion in all its 
efficiency.*' Has sat for Northamptonshire since Dec. 1835. — C/Mt'en,* 
Carlton ; Thorpe Malsor, Kettering, Northamptonsh. 

Maxwell, Hon. James Pierce. (Cavan) 

Third 8. of 6th Lord Farnham, by the eld. d. of 2nd E&rl of Car- 
rick : is therefore bro. to the Hon. Somerset Richard Maxwell, who 
represented the county of Cavan in 188&. B. 1818. Became Capt. 50th 
foot in 1841 : Major in the army 1854, was wounded before Sebastopol 
same year. A Conservative; voted for agricultural protection, 1846, 
and in the minority of 63 who censured fltee trade, Nof. 186S. First 
retoxned for the county in 1843, on the death of Ool. aementa- 
^^»Curxon-st.i Variion. »-t«iiWttn. 


Meflgher, Thomas. {Waterford, city) 

Au AldermaD of the city of Waterford. A Liberal, and In faronr of a 
rrpeal (rfthe Union ; voted for the iMlIot, 1858. First returned for th^ 
. city df Waterford in IWT .—fVaterford. 

Meux, Sir Henry, bart. {Hertfordsh.) 

Eld. 8. of the late Sir Henry Meax, bart., the well-known London 
Brewer, by the d. of Thomas Smith, esq., of Castlebar House, Middlesex. 
B. 1817; educated at Eton, and at Christ Church, Oxford, where he 
fraduated B.A. 1838 Was High Sberiif of Herts in 1845. Is a Magis. 
trate for Herts, Essex, and Middlesex. A Conser? ative ; adverse to 
Iree-trade doctrines, and opposed to forther concessions to the Roman 
Catholic Church. First returned for Herts in 1847.— 41, Upptr Brooke 
St. i Carlton ; Theobald's Park, Cheshunt, Herts. 

Miall, Edward. (Rochdale) 

B. at Portsmonth, 1809 ; m. 1881 , Lonisa,d. of the late Edward Holmes, 
esq., of Clay Hill. Middlesex. Educated at the College for Independent 
n&nisters, formerly at Wymondley, Herts. Was an Independent minister 
at Ware, Hert^, for three years, and at Leicester for upwards of six years. 
Quitted that occupation to establish a journal in support of " Anti-State 
Church" opinions, called the *' Noneonforfnist,** which has been pub* 
liahed since April, 1841, and of which he is now sole proprietor and 
editor. Has collected certain serial articles (originally published in his 
newspaper), under the titles oP* The Nonconformist's Sketch Book," &c. t 
i« also author of **The British Churches in relation to the British 
People." A Liberal of ext'rtme opinions; an advocate for manhood 
snfifrnge, &c. ; "opposed to all ecclesiastical endowments, including the 
Maynooth grant.* Was an unsuccessful candidate for Southwaik in 
Sept. 1846, and for Halifiix iu July. 1847. First returned for Rochdale 
in July, l8^3.^NoncoTtformist Office, Bolt-court, Fleet-sLt Syden- 
ham-pk., Sydenham, Kent. 

Michell, William, M.D. {Bodmin) 

8. of Bennet Michell, esq., merchant. B. at Bodmin, 1794; m. 
183*2, Anne Jane Millicent, d. of the late Col. Adair, and sister of the late 
General Thomas Benjamin Adair, C.B., Royal Marlines. Educated at 
Bodmin School, and was a Fellow-Commoner of Einmanoel College, Cam- 
bridge, where he graduated M.B. 1834, M.D. 1888; became a Member 
of the College of Surgeons in 1813. Is Physician to the Eait Cornwall 
Hospital at Bodmin, and Surgeon to the 3ud Cornwall Militia. Author 

I of some medical and botanical works,** The National Debt the Basis of 
the National Currency, «tc." In favour of the utmost extension of 
fzee-trade principles, the repeal of the Maynooth grant, progressive and 
•afb reform ; opposed to all religious endowments ; voted against the 


ballot, 1868. Pint rctarned Car Bodmin ia July, 186S.-S2, Ahinff. 
dcn-st.f Bodmin, 

Miles, William. {Somersei, East) 

Eld. s. of Philip John Miles, esq., of Leigh Coort, Somerset (who at 
for Bristol from 1885 tUl 1837), by his 1st wife Maria, d. of the Very 
Rer. Arthur Whetham, Dean of Lismore. B. 1797 : m. 1823, Catherine, 
d. of John Gordon, esq. of Bristol. Appointed Depaty-Lient. of So- 
merset, 1852. A Consenratiye t well known for his support of agricnl* 
toral protection ; voted in the min«city of 53 who censured tnc trade. 
Not. 1852, and for inquiry into Maynooth, 1858. Sat for Chippenham 
from 1818 till 1820, for New Romney in 188U and 1881; unsacoessflinj 
contested Somerset, East, in 1832 ; has sat for it since 1834.— 7, Ha- 
nUUon-pl.t Carlton, Boodle's, Arthur' »; Leigh Court, Somerset. 

Milligan, Robert. (Bradford) 

S. of Mr. John Milligan, of Dunaace, Bafanaghie, Galloway, N.B. B. 
at Dunance, 1786; m. 1818, d. of Mr. Nathaniel Briggs, cloth manafrc- 
tnrer, of Rawden, Yoricsh. Has been a merchant in the worsted staff 
trade at Bradford for more than 30 years, and b head of the firm of 
Messrs. MiUigan, Forbes, & Co. Was the lint Mayor of Bndted 
(1847-8), when Uiat borough received a charter of incorporation, and 
succeeded in maintaining the public peace during the chartist distnib- 
ances in that year. Was formeriy a member of the Council of the Anti- 
Corn Law League. A Liberal, in bvour of free trade4o its Aillest ezteat, 
of a large extension of the franchise, and of direct taxation; voted 
for the ballot, 1858. First returned for Bradford Oct. 1851, without 
opposition.— J7rac(ror(f, Yorksh. 

Mills, Thomas. {Totnett)^ 

Eld. s. of the late Samuel Mills, esq., of Ras8ell.sqnare, London. B. 
1794. Educated at Queens' College, Cambridge, where he graduated 
B.A. 1819, MA. 1822. Was called to the bar at the Inner Temple, 
1882. A magistrate for Middlesex, Herts, and Bedfordshire. Deputy 
chairman of Quarter-Sessions, and deputy.Iient. of Herts. Patron of 2 
livings. A Liberal. First returned for Totness in July, 1852.-20, Rut- 
sell-sq.t United University t Tolmers, near Hertford, 

Milner, William Mordaunt Edward. ( York) 

Eld. s. of Sir William Milner,bart.,ofNunappleton Hall, T(»fcA., 
by his 2nd wife, d. of Lord Edward Bentinck. B . at Nunappleton 1820 ; 
m. 1844 Ann Georgiua, 8rd d. of Frederick Lumley, esq., of Tit^kill 
Castle, and niece of the 4th Eari ot Scarborough. Was educated at Etoa, 
and graduated M.A. at (Christ Church) Oxford, 1844. Is a Depatf- 
Lieut, of the West Riding of York. A Liberal, in &voor of the ballot, 
and extension of the sofiiage to aU householders, triennial pariiamenis. 



tnd aboUtion of qualification for members. First returned for York, May 
1848.— 75, Batcn^laoe; Reform Ctubt NunappMon, Tadocuter, 

Milnes, Ricliard Monckton. (Pontefract) 

Eld. 8. of Robert Pemberton Milnes, esq., of Frystone-baU, and Baw 
try, Yorksh. (who sM for Pontefract from 18U6 till 1818), by the Hon. 
Henrietta Maria, d. of 4th Visct. Galwa y . B. 1809 ; m. 1 851 Hon. Annabel, 
youngest d. of 2ndBaron Crewe. Graduated M.A.Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 
1881. Is anthot of Memorials of a Tour in Greece; three rolames of 
Poems; "Thoughts on Purity of Election." A Deputy-Lieut, for the 
West Riding of York, and Capt 2nd West York Militia. A moderate 
Conservative ; proposed, in 1846, the retention of a low duty on foreign 
com, but will not consent to restore any portion of the old corn laws ; 
Toted for the Ecclesiastical Titles' Bill, and the inquiry Into Majmooth 
college, but considers *' religious equality the birthright of every 
Bfitou.'' First returned for Pontelhict in 1 837.— 16, Upper Broot-sl. ; 
jUhenceutn, Boodle's, and Coventry Clubs t Frystone-hall, and 
Bawtry, Yorksh. 

Milton, Visct. {Wickloto, co,) 

Eld. s. of the Earl of Fitswilliam. B. at Milton, Northamptonsh., 
1815; m. 1838, eld. d. of the 18th Earl of Morton. Graduated at Trinity 
Ooll. Cambridge, M.A. 1837. Appointed Lieut.-Col. Commandant Ist 

• West York Yeomanry Cavalry, May, 1846. A Deputy-Lieut of the 
West Riding of York. A Whig ; in favour of free trade. Rrpresented 
Malton in Parliament from 1887 to 1841, and from April, 184(5, to July, 
1847; unsuccessfully contested the West Riding of Yorksh. inl 841. First 

• returned for Wicklow July 1 847.-4, Grosvenor-sg. 

Mitchell, Thomas Alexander. {Bridport) 

Oufeofthe committee of management of Lloyd's Shipping Register. 
A Liberal; voted for the ballot, 1858. First returned for the borough 
In lMl.-^0, Charles-st,, Berkeley-sq.f Reform; Bridport. 

Moffat, George. (Jshburton) 

A partner in the house of MoffiU and Co., Tea Agents and Brokers, 
Mincing Lane. " An advocate of Free-Trade principles ; opposed to 
Church Rates, in favour of the Ballot and a large extension of the 
Sufihige." Unsuccessiiilly contested Ipswich in 1842, but on petition 
unseated his opponents, without gaining the seat for himself. Un- 
snccessfblly contested Dartmouth in 1844, and failed in the endeavour 
to unseat Mr. Somes on petition. Sat for Dartmouth from Juif, 184S, 
till July, 1852, when he was returned for Ashburton without (\pposi. 
tion.— 1Q3, Saton Square; Reform and City Clubs. 



Molesworth, Right Hon. Sir William, bart. {Southttark) 
8. of the late Sir Arsoott OArry MoleswtHtli, bart., by the dd. d. of 
Patrick Brown, eaq., of Edinbargh. B. in Upper Brook-st., 1810 ; 
m. 1844, only d. of Bnire Caratalra, esq., and relict of (be late Tenplt 
West, esq., of Matbon Lodge, Worcestrnh. AppoiDted OommissioDCf 
of Works and Boildingi, Dec. 1852, salary ;f 2000. Is a Dep.-Lieat. of 
Cornwall, and was High Sheriff in 1842. Patron of dliringa. A Radieal 

. Refinter : voted in the ballot, 1868 ; in fkrour of * complete religiou 
liberty and eqaality, and the remoral of the disabilities of the Jews." 
Reprcsrnted Cornwall from 1839 to 1837. and Leeds from 1837 to 1841. 
Krst retnrned for Sonthwark in Sept. 1846.— 87« B<iton-pl. s Pm- 
eturrow, ComwcM; Teteottt Devon. 

Honck, Viscount. {Portsmouth) 

An Irish Peer. S. of the 8rd Yiacuunt, by the yoongest d. of the late 
John Willington, eaq., of KiUnskehane, co. Tipperary. B. at Temple- 
more, co Tipperary, 1819; m. 1844, his consin, the 3rd d. of the 1st 
Eari of Rathdowne. Edacated at Trinity College, Dublin. Was called 
to the bar in Ireland, Nor. 1841. Appointed a Commissioner of Charita- 
ble Donations and Beqnests in Ireland. Feb. 1851. A magistrate of the 
COS. of Dnbiin and Wicklow; a depaty.lient. of the latter co. A Liberal; 
- will support an extension of the franchise, a modification of t he income- 
tax, and the continuance of the Maynnttth grant. Was an unsncoessfU 
candidate for the co. of Wicklow in Mhj% 1848 ; first returned for Ports- 
month without opposition in July, 1852^33, Doverst.s CharUvUU^ 
Bnnisketryt co. fViekhw, 

Moncreiff, Right Hon. James. (Leith dist.) 

Second s. of the late Sir James Well wood- Moncteiff, 9th bart. of Tnlli- 
bole Kinross-sh., (a Lord of Session in Scotland by the title of Lord Mon- 
creiff,) by the d. of Capt.George Robertson, R.N. B. in Edinboi^h, 1811? 
m. 1834, Isabella, only d.of Robert Bell, esq}., of Edinburgh, Pmcttrator 

' of the Church of Scotland. Educated at the High School, and at the 
Unirersity of Edinburgh. Became an Advocate at the Scotch bar 1838. 
Was Solicitor-Gen. for Scotland from Feb. 1850, to April, 1851, and Lord 
Advocate from the last date till March, 1852 ; re-appointed to the latter 
ofllce Dec. following. Made a Depoty«Lieut. of Edinburgh, 1854.. A 
Whig; and in favour of themaintenaqpeof free trade. First retarned 
toT Leith dist , April, 1861, without oppodtion.— 1, Neio-st.^ ^ring 
Garden*,- Brookes' Club; 16, Great Shtart-»t.t Edinburgh. 

Monsell, William. {Limerick, co.) 

Eld. s. of the late William Monsell, esq., of Tervoe, co. Limerick, by 
theeld. d. of Sir John AUen Johnson Walsh, bart. B 1812 ; m. 1836 Ladv 
^na Maria, only d. of the 2nd Earl of Dunraven. Was educated at 
Winchester and at Oriel Coll., Oxford. Appointed Clerk to the Ord- 


nance, Dec. 1852. salary £1200. A Magistrate and Dep.-Lieut. of 
I^imerick, of which co. he was High Sheriff in 1835; a Director of 
the Limerick and Waterford Railway; published several letters on the 
condition of Ireland, and is well known as the early advocate of " repro- 
ductive employment " daring the famine of 184(3-7. Of Liberal principles ; 
friendly to an equitable reactjustment of the relations between landlord 
and tenant, and opposed to all religious restrictions. Pirst returned for 
the CO. of Limerick in lS47.—Tervo«, eo. Limeriek. 

Montgomery, Hugh Lyons. (Leitrim) 

S. of Hugh Montgomery, esq., of Belhavel, by Elizabeth, d. of Dean 
Blacker, of Armagh. B. at Lympston, Devon, 1816; m. 1840, Elizabeth, 
d. of Henry ftnith, esq., of Annesbrook, co, Meath. A Magistrate and 
Deputy Lieut, of Leitrim, chairman of the Manorhamilton Union. A 
Conservative, but favourable to * tenant right * in Ireland. Pirst returned 
for LtitTim in July, 1852. — 4, York-tt^ St. James's; Belhavel 
Carrickon-Sham.ont Ireland. 

Montgomery, Sir Graham Graham-, bart {Peeblesshire) 
8. of the late Sir James Montgomery, Snd bart. (who was appointed 
lAwd Advocate of Scotland in 1804;, by his Snd wife, Helen, youngest d. 
of the late Thomas Graham, esq., of Kinross. B. at Edinburgh, 1823 j 
m. 1845, youngest d. of John Jame^s Hope-Johnstone, esq., of.Annandale. 
Educated atChri*t Church, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. 1845. Ap- 
pointed a deputy-Ueut. of Peeblessh. hi 1844, and Lord Lieut, of Khiroas, 
1854, was Lieut, in the Mid Lothian Yeomanry Cavahy, from 1850 till 
1854. Patron of 5 livings. A Conservative; opposed to the Maynooth 
grant. First retamed for Peeblessh. July, 1852.— 27,; Carl- 
torn Stobo Casllst Peeblesshire ; Kinross HousSt Kinross-sh. 

Moody, Charles Aaron. {Somerset, West) 

8. of the late Aaron Moody, esq. M. 1820, the 8rd d of the late Jas. 
Bennett, esq., of Cadbury. Somerset. Was educated at Winchester, and at 
Oxford. A Dep.-Lieut. of Somerset, and Chairman of the Quarter Sessions. 
A Protectioniiit s opposed to theendowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy, 
and voted for inquiry into Maynooth, 1853. First returned for Somecset 
West in 1847.— 4fi, Chester-sq.i National Club t Xingsdon, Somerset. 

Moore, George Henry. (Mayo) 

S. of the late George Moore, esq., of Moore Hall, co. Mayo, by the d. of 
the Hon. John Browne, and grandd. of the Ist Earl of Altamont. B. at 
Moore Hall, 1811 ; unm. Educated at OKcutt, and at Christ's Coll., Cam- 
bridge. Of Liberal opinions ; considers arepeal of the Union with Ireland 
a mere question of time; will support « tenant-right i» voted for the 
ballot, 185S. Pirst returned for Mayo in 1847— .0rooite<* and Coven- 
try Clubs; Moore Hallt Ballyglass, eo. Mayo. 



Ifoore, John Bramley-. (Maldon) 

8. of tke late Mr. Thomas Moore, of Leeds. B. 1800 ; m. SmpUina, 
4th d. of William FtenneU, raq^ late British Consal-General for tke 
Braaib. Assumed the oaaM of Bramley before his patronymic by roytl 
lieeaee, 1840. A merchant at Lirerpool, and Chairman of Dock Tniit 
there. In oonseqoenoe of his great exertions in that oiBce, one of the 
docks r ece i ved the name of the Bramley-Moore Dock. Was Mayor af 
Liverpool, 1849; is a magistrate finr Lancashire, Director of the Nortl 
Stalbrdsh. Railway, and Hon. Member of the ArdiKological SocirtT- 
A Conservative, in ftvonr of national education, and opposed to tbe 
grant to Maynoolh. UnsnccessihUy contested Hnll in 1852, and Lirrr- 
pool, Jane, 1853: first returned for Maldon Aog. 1864.— C7ons«rvaftr« 
Club; Aigburtht near Liverpool. 

Moore, Ross Stephenson. {Armagh^ city) 

8. of the late Hugh Moore, esq., of Nootka Lodge, Carlingfind, co. 
Loath, by Mary, d. of the Rev. John Wilton of Hereford. The Moorei of 
Carlingfoid are the lineal desomdants of the 0*Morea of Qoeen*! &>., 
Dynasts or Lords of Leix. B. at Carlingford, 1809 ; m. 1880, Sarah, d. 
of the late Rev. William Barker, rector of Newtown-Haniltua, oa. 
Armagh. Bdocatcd at Cmmlln, oo. Antrim, and at Trinity CoUegri 
Dublin, where he obtained a university scholarship and aereral hoaoars 
in science and classics daring the ondergradaate course. Was called to 
the bar in Ireland, 1838, made a Queen's Connsel, and goes the north- 
eastern circuit there. Author of a "Treatise on the Rules and Practice 
of the Courts of Common Law in Ireland," and was fur some year«oae 
of the editors of the ** Irish Law and Equity Beports." A Consenrativr, 
but in fhvoor of (kce trade. Pirst returned for Armagh city, withoQt 
opposition, in July, \9b2.- NcUional Club; 6, Moun{joy-sq. South, 
DiaUnt Sootka Lodge, CorUnsford, co. Louth. 

Morgan, Chas. Octavius Swinnerton. {Monmoulhsh,) 
PCUTth s. of the late Sir Chas. Morgan, lat hart, of Tredegar, co. 
Monmouth, by Mary Margaret, d. of Capt. George Storey, IL.N. B. 1803. 
Graduated at Christ Church, OxfiDrd,B.A. 1825, MJk. 1883. AMagistnle 

• and Dep.-Lieut. of Monmouthsh. A Cbnservative ; voted for agrioil- 
tnral protection, 1846, and thinks that " at the last settlement of 
the commercial policy of this country the agricultural interests «m 
neither fairly considered nor justly dealt with;'* roted in the minoritr 
of 68 who censured free trade, Nov. 1852. Pirst returned for Mob 
moufhsh. in 184o.-», Pali Mall; United University t Tredeaau 
Monmoutheh. * 

Morris, David. {Carmarthen dist) 

Eld. s. of the late W«. Morris, esq. (a banker at Carmarthen, nnd i 


magistrate for the coanty.) A magistrKte for the oo. of Carmarthen. Is a 
Reformer t voted for inquiry into Maynooth, and for the ballot, fn 1858. 
"Was first returned in 1887, after a severe contest, and re-elected in 
1841 without opposition.— 8, St. James^s-plaee ; Reform^ BrooJbts^s, 
Union, fVyndham ; Llanstephem, Carmarthenth. 

Mostyn, Hon. Thomas E. Mostyn Lloyd-. {Flintsh.) 
Eld. s. of Lord Mostyn. B. at Pengwern, St. Asaph, 1880 : is nn- 
mar. Educated at Eton and at Christ Church, Oxford. A Liberal ; in 
favour of the extension of free trade, civil and religious liberty, Ac. 
First elected for Flintth. without opposition. May, 1864, when his Ikther, 
-who had represented it for many years, succeeded to a peerage.— 9, Lower 
Seymour -St. xPortman-sq.i Brookes'e; Mostyn, Fiintth. 

Mowatt> Francis. {Cambridge bor.) 

8. of the late Capt. James Ryder Mowatt, of Bastbonne, Sussex. B. 
at Eastbourne, 1808; m. 1828, d. of Capt. George Barnes, of the E. I. C.'s 
Marine Service. A Liberal, opposed to the Oame Laws, and to all reli- 
Sions endowment; will support the prindplethat the education of the 
people should be effected by the State. Sat for Penryn and Falmouth 
fiom July, 1847, till July, 18SS. UnsttccessAdly contested Cambridge, 
July, 1858; first elected for that place, Aug. 1854.— 14, Devonshire- 
pi., Portlandpl. t Athenoeum. 

Mowbray, John Robert. {Durhanty city) 

S. of Robert Stribling Cornish, esq., of Exeter. B. at Exeter, 181B ; 
m. 1847, Elizabeth Gray, only child of George Isaac Mowbray, esq., of 
Bishopwearmouth, co. Durham, and Mortimer, Berks, on which occasion 
he assumed the name of Mowbray in Hen of his patronymic. Educated 
at Westminster. Graduated M.A. at (Christ Church) Oxford, 188U. 
Called to the bar at the Inner Temple, 1841, and went the Western cir- 
cuit. A Deputy-Lieut, of Durham. A Conservative; but in favour of 
« a sober, rational, safe, and temperate progress ;* in fiivour also of ftee 
trade and of an extension of the franchise to many persons now ex- 
cluded, who are " well qualified to exercise it with independence ftnd 
intelligence ;* opposed to the grant to Maynooth, and to the ballot. First 
returned for Durham city, June 1858.— 19, CambHdge^q., Hyde-pk.f 
Carlton; Oitfordand Cambridge Clubi Mortimer, Reading, Berts. 

Mulgrave, Right Hon. the Earl of. {Scarborough) 

Eld. s. of the 1st Marq. of Normanby, by the eld. d. of the 1st Lord 
Ravensworth. B. 1819; m. 1844, Laura, d. of the»late Ckpt. Robert 
Russell, R JI. Appointed ensign and lieut. Scots Aisilier guards, 1888 ; 
deputy-lieut. of Yorksh., 1844, and miyoi' North York miUtia, 1846 1 was 
controUer of the Queen's household tkom July, 1861, to Peb.l86S ; was 


craated a F.C on becomiog controller. Appointed TreasoTer of th« 
konaehold, Dec. 1852. A Liberal-, voted againit the baUot,1853. Sat 
for Scaiboiongli from Jnly, 1847, to Jnly, 1861, wben he wm defeated 
after taking oflce; regained bis seat in Jnly, 1852. -«8, Batonrpl.: 
Rrform Club; Muiffrav* Cattle, fVhUby^ Yortsh. 

Mttllings, Joseph Randolph. {Cirencester) 

ft. of Mr. Richard Mnllings. B. at Deyisrs, Wilts, 1792; m. 1833, 
Margaivtte. only d. of Mr. Richard Gregory, of Cirencester. Bdocatrd «l 
DeTincs; admitted a solicitor 1820. practised in Cirencester, and has 
retlird. Appointed a deputy-Uent. of Glonoestersh., Jane, 1858. A 
Magistrate fat Okmcextersli. and for Wilts : patron of 1 Uving. A Cob- 
aerratiye, and in favour of protection to British indostry of all classes. 
In ftvonr of reUgioos liberty, bat against the endowment of the RcauSa 
Catholie dagy. First retnmed for Cirencester, May, 1848.— 23, Snffoii- 
St., Pall Malt; Carlton and National Club*; Etfteottrt House, 
moor Maknotbury, FTilt*. 

Mundy, William. (Derbysh. South) 

Bid. 8. of the late Franeis Mnndy, esq., of Markeaton. Derbyab. (muT 
yean MJP. for the oo. of Derbyj, by the d. of John Leapor Newton, esq^ 
of Mickleover. Is distantly related to Edward Miller Mnndy. esq., vbo 
represented Derbysh. Sontb, from 1841 tiU his death in 1849. B. at 
Maikeaton, 1801 1 m. 1880, Harriot Gewgiana, eld. d. of James Frusp- 
ton, esq. (and Lady Harriot Frampton), of Moreton, Dorset. Was eda. 
eated at Eton, and at Chiist Chorch, Oxford. A Conservative ; voted in 
ikvonr of a return to agricaltoral protection 1850 ; i» opposed to tke 
Maynooth grant, and the admission of Jews to Parliament. First re- 
tnmed for Derbysh. South, March. 1849, without opposition.— B6, Ha^- 
iROM-<<.; TVavellert' ,- CarUons Boodle's; Markeaton Halt, Derby fh. 

Huntz, George Frederick. (Birmingham) 

8. of a German merdiant, of great respectability, who settled in Bir- 
mingham in the year 1783, and married a Miss Pnrden, of that town. 
B. 1794, m. in 1818, d. of Bev. John Pryce. Is a merchant, a metal 
toiler, and inventor and mannfkctnrer of patent yellow metal dup 
ff^le^^t^^^lg and bolts. Was the first vice-chairman of the Birmingban 
Political Union, and one of its most strenuous supporters: anderweat 
several prosecutions on acooont of an alleged riot at a Church-rate meet- 
ing, in Birmingham— was convicted upon this charge in 1837, bot the 
proceedings were quashed, the Judge (the late Sir J. A. Park) and the 
Court of Qneen 'stench being of opinion that they were illegal, and that 
the prosecution should never have been instituted. A Radical Reformer, 
" wishing to remove all abuses without injury to the just righta erf* any ;* 
• will ever oppose any ftirther ezteuAion of political power to the 


Roman Catholics" Has written several pamphlets on commercial, 
financial, and politico-economical subjects. Has sat for Bitmingham 
since 184e.—i{(/brm; Brittcn-ferry Hotutf Glatnorganah, 

Mure, William. {Renfrewsh.) 

8. of the late Col. William More, Vice-Lient. of Reuflrewsh., by Anne, 
eld. d. of Sir James Hnnter Blair, bart., of Dnnskey ; grands, of William 
Mure, esq., who represented Renfrewsh. from 1742 to 1761. B- at Cald- 
well, Ayr.ih., 1799; m. 1825, Laura, 2nd d. of Wm. Maikham, esq^ 
of Becca Hall, Yorksh., and grandd. of the Most Rer. WiUiam Markham, 
Arabbishop of York. Was edncated at Westminster, Edinburgh Uni- 
▼ersity, and in Geonauy. Is author of a " Journal of a Tour in Greece, 
&c., in 1838," *' Dissertation on the Calendar, 8ic., of Ancient Egypt,* 
* History of Grecian Literature." Is Vice Lieut, of Renflrewsh., and 
Col. of the Renfrew Militia. Lord Rector of Glasgow Unirersity 
1847-8. A "Liberal Conservative,-" opposed to protection, but wiU 
support other measures for the relief of agricilture ; voted against the 
Ecclesiastical Titles Bill as being ineffective, and is opposed to the 
Maynooth grant. Unsuccessfhlly contested Reufk-ewsh. in 1841 ; was 
first returned without opposition Dec. 1846.— 14, Jermynst.t UtUUd 
SertHoe ; CaldweUt Beith, Ayrshire. 

Murrough, John Patrick. (Bridport) 

8. of John Murrongb, esq. of Chichester, Sussex, an Irish merchant. 
B. at Chichester, 1822 ; m. 1848, Isabel Maria, d. of John Beart, esq. 
Educated at the Guildford Grammar.>school. Admitted a Solicitor, Easter 
1844. A Liberal, and a Parliamentary Reformer ; voted for the ballot, 
1858; ** hostile to all State endowments for ecclesiastical purposes, but 
friendly to the Maynooth grant, so lung as the Irish Church Establish* 
ment exists." First returned for Biidport, Jaly, 18St2.— 6, N0W /»», 

Naas, Right Hon. Lord. (Coleraine) 

Eld. s. of the Earl of Mayo, by the only d. and heir of the late Hon . John 
Jocelyn (who was uncle to the Srd Earl of Roden). B. in Dublin, 1822 1 
m. 1848 Blanche Julia. Srd d. of Col. Wyndham, of Petworth, Sussex. 
Educated at the University of Dublin, where he graduated AJM. Is 
author of " St. Petersburgh and Moscow." Was Gentleman of the Bed- 
chamber to Lord Heytesbuiy, when Lord-Lieut, of Ireland; and was 
Chief Secretary for Ireland from March till Dec. 1852. A magistrate and 
deputy-lieut. tot Kildare. A Conservative and Protectionist. Sat fttf 
Kildare from 1847 till March, 1852, when he was elected for Coleraine.— 
ax,J[ingst., St.Jamet'ts Carlton t Travellers' i fVhtte^et Pabnmr** 
town House, Neutt, Kildare. 

Napier, Right Hon. Joseph. {Dublin University) 

8, of William Napier, esq., a descendant of tlie Mnrchiston braae*' 


the Napier fhmilj, by Boee, d. of — McNagfaten. esq., and cousin to the 
late SirF. McNaghten, ba|t. B. at Belfast, 1804; m. 1830, d. of John 
Oraee, esq., and nieoe of the late Archdeacon Grace. Educated at the 
Bellbst Academical Institution, and afterwards graduated at Trinity 
Coll. Dnblin, where he obUined general premiums in classics and sci- 
ence. Called to the Irish Bar in 1831 ; made a Queen's Counsel in Ireland 
1844. Was Attorney-General tar Ireland firom March till Dec. 1852. A 
member of the Boyal Irish Academy, and president of the Irish Bar As- 
•ociaticm. A Conservative : a decided supporter of Scriptural edaca- 
lion, and opposed to the plan railed the National Board System in lie- 
land; Toted in farour of a return to agricaltural protection 1850, and i 
for inquiry into Maynooth, 1853. First returned for Dublin University, 
Feb. 1848, without opposition.— Na/tonal- Clttb t 17, Movnijoy-tq. 
South, DubUn. 

Neeld.John. (Cricklade) 

Younger s. of the late Joseph Neeld, esq., of Gloucesterpl., Port, 
man-sq.; only br. of the member for Chippenham, and br. in law of 
Capt. Boldero. M.P. for Chippenham. M. in 1845, Harriet ^isa, Snd 
d. of MiU.-Geo. Dickson, C.B., of Blenham House, Berks. Appointed 
in 1843 one of the gentlemen of the Privy Chamber. A Depnty-Licnt. 
of Wilts, 1853. A ConserTstive; voted for agricultural protection, 
1846, and "adheres to that party in the state" which requires '*tbat 
natire industry should be allowed fair play and a just competition }* 
is " against fkirther concessions to the Church oi Rome.* Has sat 
for Cricklade since 1836.— 101, Gloueesterpl.t Carlton s Avandal*- 
Baahford^ Somerset; Red Lodge, fVilts. 

Neeld, Joseph, F.S.A., F.L.S. {Chippenkam) 

Eld. B. of the late Joseph Neeld, esq. of Glouoester-pl. ; br..inJaw of 
Capt. Boldero, the other member for the borough ; br. of the member 
for Cricklade. M. 1831, Lady Caroline Mary, eld. d. of the 6th Earl of 
Shaftesbury. An East India and Bank Proprietor ; I>ep.-Lieut of 
Wilts, and High Steward of Malmesbury ; patron of 9 lirings. A 
Oonservatire ; Toted ior agricultural protection, 1846, and for inqniry 
into Maynooth, 1853. Has sat for Chippenham since 1880.— 6, Grotve- 
nor-sq.; CeirUon, Athentmumt Conservative; GrittletoH House, 
fVilts ; Kelston Park, Somerset. 

Newark, Viscount. {NottSy South) 

Bid. s. of the Snd Earl Mauvers by Mary Letitia, eld. d. of the late 
Anthony Hardolph Eyre, esq., of Grove Park, Notts. B. at Holme- 
Fierrepont, near Nottingham, 1825 ; m. 1862 the Snd d. of the Due de 
Coigny. Educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. 
1846. Appointed Capt. South Notts Yeomanry Cayalry, I86l, and a 
^puty.Ueut. for that co. 1854. A ConserTaUve i •* regrets that thtre is 


no probability of restorinp protection to agriciiltnre ;" formerly f«. 
vonred the gnnt to May nooth, bat woold now withdraw it, and " oflfer 
every pouible resintanoe to the aggresiioiM of the Romiah priesthood." 
Was an nnimcceasfltl candidate for Notts, South, after a rery elwe con- 
test in Feb., 1851 ; first retarned, withont opposition, in July, 1862.— 
6, Tihmy-tt.; Carlton i Holmt Pierreporttf near Nottingham. 

Newdegate, Charles Newdlgate. ( Warwicksk. North) 
Only s. of the late Charles Newdigate Newdegate, esq., of Harefield-pl., 
Middlesex, who assumed the name of Newdegate in lien of his patrony- 
mic, Parker, under the will of Sir Roger Newdigate. to whose estates he 
succeeded. B. 1816. A OonservatiTe ; voted ft)r agricultural protec- 
tion, 1846, and in the minority of 53 who censured free trade, Noy. 
1852. Has sat for North Warwickshire since 1843.— 8, jirUngton st. t 
Carlton, Travtll^ra', Arthur'a^ kVhitt's: Arbury, fVarwieksb.: 
Harold, Middlesex. 

Newport, Right Hon. Viscount. {Salop, South) 

Eld.s.of the Earl of Bradfhrd. B.1819} m. 1844, young, d. of 1st Lord 
Forester. Educated at Harrow School and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, 
where he graduated M.A. 1840. Is a Dep.-Lieut. of Warwicksh. Ap- 
pointed Capt. of the South Salopian Yeomanry Cavalry, 1844, and 
Deputy-Lieut, of Ftafibrdsh., 1852. Was Vice Chamberlain of the House- 
hold from March till Dec. 1862. A Conservative; voted for agricultural 
protection, 1846. First returned for Salop, South, in 1842. when Lord 
Darlington succeeded to a peerage.— SO, fViUt»ucre»eeni ; Carlton i 
fV0ston Park, Staffordsh. i Castle Bromwieh, fVarwicksh. 

Noel, Hon. Gerard James. (Rutlandshire.) 

Second s. of IsC Eaxl of Gainsborough, by his 8rd wife, the 2nd d. of 
the late Sir John Hamlyn-Williams, bart. B. 1823. Entered the army 
•s Comet in the 11th Hussars in 1842 t became a Lieut, in 1848, a Capt. 
1847} retired 1861} appointed Comet Leicestersh. Yeomanry Cavalry, 
1862, and a Dep.-Lieut. of Rutland, 1848. A Conservative ; voted in the 
minority of 63 who censured free trade, Nov. 1862 ; is opposed to the 
endowment of the Roman Catholio Clergy, and voted for inquiry into 
Maynooth, 1863. Pint returned for Rutlandsh. in 1847, without o|h 
position.— 11, Chandos-st. ; Exton Park, Rutlandsh. 

Norreys, Sir Charles Denham Orlando Jephson, hart. 

8. of Col. Jephson, formerly M.P. for Mallow. B. 1790 1 m. In 1821, 
Catherine Cecilia lane, d. of William Pranks, esq. of Carrig, co. of 
Cork. Graduated at BrMenose Colk, Oxfbrd, B.A. 1827, M.A. 18S8. 
IB 1838 assamed Otm bum ofMbRi^s. U Lord of the Manor of Mallow, 


by deaoent flrom Sir John lepkjon, who m., temp. Jnmes I., the heireas 
of the Ho0.Sir John Norreya, Lord President of Muiuter. Many mem- 
bers of Sir CNorreys' family have represented Mallow since 1692. Is 

. patron of 1 living. A Depaty-Lieat. oftheoo. of Cork. A Whig. For. 
merly voted against the abolition of the Com Laws ; bat in 1840 sop- 
ported their repeal. Is in favour of the extension of the {ranchiite, rote 
by ballot, and (hat the Aill benefit of improvements sboald be secured to 
tenants { opposed to the Ecclesiastical Titles Act. Has sat for Mallow 

*" since 1826, with the interruption only of the beginning of 1833, when 
he would not pledge himself to vote for the repeal of the Union ; bat was 
seated ou petition the same jtu.—jtthenegum ; Union Club .* Maliow 
CaMtUt CO. Cork. 

North, Frederick. (Hastings) 

8. of Francis Frederick North, esq., of Hastings and Roagbam, Nor- 
folk, by Elizabeth, d. of the Rev. W. Whitear, rector of Hastings. B. 
at Hastings, 1800 ; m. 1824, Janet, d. of the late Sir John Marjoribanks, 
bart.. of Lees, Berwicksh. (M.P. for Berwicksh. in 1818), and widow 
of Robt. Shnttleworth, ^., of Gawthorpe Hall, Lancash. JSducated at 
Harrow and at St. John's ^11., Cambridge, where he was Senior 
Optime, 1822. Was afterwards admitted a student at the Inner Temple. 
Is a jnagistrate and Deputy-Lieut, fur Norfolk and Sussex. A Liberal, 
opposed to the ballot ; voted for Maynooth, the adQiis.sion of Dissenten 
to unirersities, and in 1832' for the reform bill. Sat for Hastings in I83I , 
and from Dec. 1832, UU July, 1837 ; again elected. May, 1854, wlthoot 
oppo9ition.— C^nit;er«t<y; jtthmegum; Hasting* Lodge, Heuting$; 
Rottgham, Norfolk. 

North, John Sidney, D.C.L. {Oxfordshire) 

S. of the late Lieut -Gen. Sir Charles William Doyle, C.B., G C.H., by 
his first wife, Sophia Cramer, 6th d. of the late Sir John Coghill, bart , 
of Coghill, Yorkshire. B. at Alnwick, near Newcastle ou-Tyne, 1804; m. 
1835, Lady Susan North, who became Baroness North by the terminiUion 
of an abeyance in 1841. Educated at Sandhurst Military College, and 
entered the army in 1822. Assumed the name of North in lieu of his 
patronymic, by royal licence, in 1838. A Magistrate for Oxfordith. Ap- 
pointed Lieut.-Col. 2nd T<>wer Hamlets Militia, 1836; and a depnty-limt 
for Cambridgesb. 1853. A Conservative; voted in the minority of 63 who 
censnred free trade, Nov. 1852; wiU give his "best and most cordial 

- sopport to measares for the relief of (he agricultural interests, and tb« 
maintenance of our free constitution in Church and State,* will vote 

. for inquiry respecting Maynooth ; and is opposed to farther parliameataiy 
reform. First returned for Oxfordshire in July, 1852.— 16. Artingtw. 
*#.* Carlton; f^hite'e j Senior UnUed Service t TraveUers'i 

^ fViroston Abbeif, Bctnbuty, Oxon { Putney HiU, Surrfy, 


Oakes, James Henry Porteoas. (Bury St. Edmunds) 

Eld. 8. of Henry James Oabes, esq^ of Niwton Ooart, Snfiblk (head of 
the well-known banking house of Cakes, Bevan, and Co.), by Mary Anne . 
d. of (he Rev. Robert Portrons, Rector of Bishop's Wickbam, Essex. 
B. 1821 ; unmarried. Edncated at (Emmnnnel Coll.) Cambridge, where 
he gradaated A.B. 1843, AM. 1846. Appointed Depaiy-Lient. of Suf- 
folk, 1834. A Conservative, and a supporter generally of Lord Derby'* 
policy. Flfft returned for Bury St. Edmunds, Dec. lS62.—NowtoH 
Court, near Bury St. Edmunds. 

O'Brien, Cornelius. (Clare) 

8. of Henry O'Brien, esq., ofBirchfield, oo. Clare, by Helen, d. of — 
O'Callaghan, esq., at Kilgorey, oo. Clare. B. at Birchfield, 1782; m. 
1816, Margaret, d. of Ptter Long, esq., of Wateribrd, and relict of Jamea 
O'Brien, esq., of Limerick. A solicitor in Ireland since 1811. A magis- 
trate for Clare. A Liberal ; in favour of a repeal of the Union with Ire- 
land, tenant-right, free trade, and the ballot. Sat for Clare fh>m 1832 to 
1847. when he was an nnsuccessiul candidate: regained his seat in July, 
18R2.— 4, North-st., fVeatminster ; 20, SumtnerJull, Dublin ; Btreh" 
/ield, BnnittymoH, co. Clare. 

O'Brien, James. (Limerick, city) 

Third s. of the late James O'Brien, esq., of Limerick, by Margaret, d. 
of Peter Long, esq., of Waterford. Is therefore brother to Job n 0*Bri en, 
esq., who sat for Limerick from 1841 till 1852, and stepson to Cornelius 
O'Brien, esq. B. in Limerick, 1806; m. 1836. Margaret, d. of the late 
Thomas Segrave, esq. Educated at the Belfast Institution and at Trinity 
Coll.. Dublin, where he gained the science gold medal, 1825. Called to 
the bar in Ireland, 1830; appointed Queens Counsel, 1841, second 
Sergeant-at.Iaw In Ireland, 1848, and made a bencher of King's Inns, 
Dublin. 184il. A Liberal. UnsnccessMIy contested Limerick, July, 
1852 s fint elected, Oct. 1864, without opposition.— 92, Stephen's 
Green South, Dublin. 

O'Brien, Patrick. (King's County) 

Eld. s. of Sir Timothy O'Brien, bart., M.P., by Catherine, d. of Edward 
Murphy, esq., of Flemingtown. co. Dablin. B. in Dublin, 1828; unm. 
Graduated at Trinity College, Dublin : called to the bar in Ireland, 1844. 
A Liberal; in favour of a repeal of the Union with Ireland ; voted for 
the ballot, 1853. First returned for King** Co. in July, 1862.— AcTorm 
Cluh : 14, MerHon-sq. East, Dublin. 

O'Brien, Sir Timothy, bart (CasheV) 

8. of Timothy O'Brien, eiq., of the co. of Tlpperafy, by the d. of 
Timothy Maddca, eaq., of the co. of Oalway. M. 1821, d. of Edward 


Mupkj, Mq., of PleBiagtown, oo. DnbUn. Is a Dublin merchant mA 
Oorenorof the Hibeniian Bank. An Aldennan of Dublin, of which 
cU J he was Lord Mayor in 1844 and in 1840. A Repealer ; in favonr of 
free trade. Pint returned for Cashel Ian. 184A.— /?<form Clttb; Mer- 
riMt'sq., and 50, FU«t-tt., Dublin; Borris in Otsory, Queen'g Co. 

O'Connell, Daniel. (Tralee) 

Fonrth t. of the late Daniel OXtonnell, esq., by Mary, d. of Edwud 
O'CoDncll, esq., M.D., of Tralee. B. in Ireland. A Repealer ; in faTov 
of free trade and tenant-right in Ireland. Was an uusaocessfal candidate 
for Carlow co. 1841 ; sat for Dandal^ from Aug. 1846 till Jaly 1847 ; for 
Waterford city fhxn the latter date till April 1848 : first elected forTnlct, 
July 18ftS, on the death of his brother, Mr. Manrioe OtJonnell, who had 
represented it from 1832.— 80, Kittff-st., Si. James* .• R^orm and Gar- 
riek Club* ; Royal FFesttm Yacht Club, Ireland. 

O'Connell, John. {CUmmeU) 

Third s. of the late Daniel 0'Ck>nneIl, esq., by Mary, d. of Edward 
O'Oonnell, e^., M.D. of Tralee. M. 1838, d. of Dr. Ryan, of Jobike 
Hall, CO. Dublin. Called to the bar in Inrland, 1837. Is author of " Life 
and Speedies of Daniel O'Cbnndl, Esq.* A Repealer. Sat for Yongbal 
from Dee. 1832 till July 1837; for Athlone lh>m the last date tiU Inly 
1841, then for Kilkenny city till July 1847, when, hsTing been also 
returned for Limerick, he elected to represent that city, for which he aat 
till Aug. 1851 ; first returned fimr Clonmell, Dec. 1853, without oppodtiou. 
^Reform Club; 21, Ncusau-st., Dublin; Gowran Hill, KingM' 
totpn, tuar Dublin, 

O'Flaherty, Anthony. {Galway, bor.) 

S. of the late Anthony O'Flaliertyt esq., a member of an nacient fiunily 
in the west of Galway. B. 1800; m. 1810, Harriet, only d. of Maj.4:en. 
Archer, of the Guards. Was educated at Trinity Coll., Dublin. A 
Repealers in favour of ereryt measure for the advancement ofciril and 
religions liberty ) and '* an advocate of the rights of the occopiersof the 
soil in Ireland ;" roted for the ballot, 1853. Was an nnsnocessfVil can- 
didate for Galway, bor., Feb., 1847; first returned at the general elec. 
tion in the same year, without opposition.—^, Jertnyn-st, ; Knack- 
bane, Moyrullen, eo. Gahoay. 

Oliveira, Benjamin, F.R.S. (Pontefract) 

Third and only surviving s. of the late Dominick Oliveira, esq., a 
merchant and shipowner of London, by Sarah, d. of John Jennings 
esq., a London merchant. Originally descended from a Portuguese 
fiimily, of which one member was created Count Tojal, and wm 
well known as the financial and foreign minister of the Queen of Por- 
tugal, Hhile another was Porluguese Ambassador in liondon, t^wtp. 


George IT^ B. in London, 1806 ; m. first, 1838, Philadelphia Mary, eld. 
d. of the late John Ede, esq. , of Upper Harley-street, merchant ; secondly , 
1849, Emma Hepzibah, d. of John Hunt, esq., of St. John's Wood, and 
Matlock, Derbyshire. Educated with a riew Jo the diplomatic serrice, 
and has been employed on sereral international questions connected with 
loans, &c. Author of ** Tracts on Brazil and Portugal," a " Tour in the 
East," " Traveb," &c, A prominent member of numerous philanthropic 
associations ; a director of the Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton 
Railway, Waterloo Bridge Company, and the Provident Life Office. Pre- 
sident of the Star Club. Has taken an actire share in railway enterprise, 
and was invited to Paris by Louis Philippe to negotiate the line called the 
Ceiiiture de Paris. Gave a premium of 60 guineas for an Essay on Por- 
tugal in connexion with the objects of the Great Industrial Exhibition of 
1851. Appointed Cornet Surrey Yeomanry, 1841. A Liberal; in 
fkvoar of a gradual extension of the franchise, reducMon of the duties 
oB tea, coffee, tobacco, wine, malt, &c., an inquiry into the Maynouth 
grant. Was an unsuccessful candidate for Beading in Jan. 1835. First 
returned for Pontefiract in July, 1862.— 8, Upper Hyde Park-at.-, 
Brooktt't; Rtform Club; Union. 

Osborne, Ralph Bernal. (Middlesex) 

Eld. s. of Ralph Bernal, esq., who sat in parliament from 1820 till 
1862. B. 1811 : m. 1844, Catherine Isabella, only child and heir of 
Sir Thomas Osborne, hart, of Thicknesse, co. Waterford, and Newtown 
Anner, co. Tipperary, when he assumed, by royal licence, the name of 
Osborne. Has been a capt. in the army; is a magistrate and deputy 
lieut. for the co. of Waterford. Appointed Secretary to the Admi 
nilty, Dec 1862, salary j^OOO. A Liberal, in favour of the ballot; is 
** alike opposed to an open reversal or a more insidious modification " of 
ftee-trade measures. Sat for Wycombe from 1841 to 1847, when he was 
retumedforMiddlesex.— 8, CAar/M «/.,«. James's; Umied Service t 
Newtown Anner ^ eo. Tipperary. 

Ossulston, Lord. {Northumberland ^ North) 

Only ».of the Earl of Tankerville. B. in Charles-st. Marylebone, 
1810 1 m. 1850, Lady Olivia, only d. of 6th Duke of Manchester. Gra- 
duated at Christ Church, Oxford, B.A. 1881. Appointed Dep.-Lieut. 
of Northumberland, 1852. A Conservative; voted for agricultural pro- 
tection, 1846; is opposed to the endowment of the Roman Catholic 
Clergy. Has sat for the county since 1832.— 28, Hertfordrst. ; Carlton. 

Otway, Arthur John. {Stafford) 

Second surviving s. of the late Admiral Sir Robert Otway, hart., G.C.B., 
Groom in Waiting to the Qneen, by Clementina, d. and co-heir of Admi- 
ral HoUoway, of Well», Somerset. Nephew of the late Henry Otway 


rcierTed half-pay Uit, 1S5S; appointed Gentlcaiait Usber of tke Priry 
Chamber in 1880, and Equerry to the late Qncea Dotraffer in 1831. 
which oflce he retained until lier death in 1848. Patron of 1 liviag. 
PttUi&hed. in 1822, " ▲ ViBit to the IbIc of St. Domingo, on a Mimioa 
to President Boyer, in 1820, in H.M. Ship Tkmar." A Liibcral ; in 
fayour of extension of the Aranchise, Tote by ballot, and a system of 
national education. Unsuocessfolly contested the borough in 18£^: 
has sat for it since 1835.— 27. HiU-tt., Berk^ieyaq. ; Arthur't ; Tra- 
v*ll»rs*i Uuited Strvief; Hampton Court PataeOi Castle Goring, 

Peel, Frederick. {Bury^ Lancash.) 

Second s. of the late Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, 2nd bait., and bro. 
to the member fur Tamworth. B. in Stanhope-st., 1823. Was edacated 
at Harrow School, snd at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, where he was first 
class in classics 1845. Called to the Bar at the Inner Tenqde 1849. 
A Depnty-Lient. of Warwicksh. Was Under Secretary of State for the 
Colonies from Not. 1851, till March, 1852; re-appointed Dec. foUowifig. 
salary ^1500. A Liberal : in faronr of free trade and an extension of 
the suflrage, but " distrustful of secret voting i* voted against the ballot, 
1858. Sat for Leominster fhHn Feb. 1819, tiU July 185S, when he was 
returned for Bury.— 4, fVhitefuM Gardens. 

Peel, Jonathan. (Huntingdon) 

a. of Sir Robert Peel, 1st bart., by Ellen, d. of William Tates, esq., of 
Spring Side, near Bury, and uncle to the member for Tamworth. B. 
179V ; m. in 1824. Lady Alicia Jane, youngest d. of the first Marq. of 
Ailsa. Edacated at Ragby. Entered the Army June, 1815, became 
breret M^or-Cen. unattached 1854. Was Snrveyor-Cfeneral of the Ord- 
nance from Sept. 1841, till Jaly, 184A. A ConserTative, but in farour of 
f^ee trade ; wiU not oppose '* the removal of the burdens on agricultare." 
Sat for Norwich in the Parliament of 1828 ; for Huntingdon since 1881. 
~8. Part place, St. James's; Carlton s Twickenham, Middlesex; 
Buckingham House, Stiffolk. 

Peel, Sir Robert, bart. {Tamworth) 

Eld. s. of the late Sir Robert Peel, 2ud bart., by the d. of Geu. Sir Jobs 
Floyd, bart. B. in London, 1822. Educated at Harrow School. Wu 
attach^ to the British Embassy at Madrid Arom June, 1844, to May, 1846, 
Secretary to the BritiiJi Legation in Switserland, from May to Not. 
1846; charge d'affaires there from Nor. 1846, till Dec 1830. Appointed 
Capt. Staffordsh. Yeomanry, 1854. A Conservative, but in farour of free 
trade i voted for the ballot, 183a First returned for Tamworth, July, 
1850, without opposition, being elected on the death ofhia father, who 
had sat for the borough 20 year».-«4. Pall Mallt Drayton Manor, 


?ellatt, Apsley. (Southwark) 

8. of Mr. Apsley Pdlatt, glus nmanfteturcr, bj Mny, d. of tke late 
Stephen Shberly, eaq., of Reading, Berks. B. in Londoa, 1791 ; m. 1816 
d. of the late George Erans, esq., of Balham Hill, Snney. Educated 
under the late Dr. Wanostiocht, at Camberwell. Succeeded to his father's 
bosioess as an extensive e^a» manofactorer in Southwark. Was a mem. 
ber of the Coart of Common Coancil in the dty of London for 7 years, 
and racceeded in carrying there the bill for admitting Jews to the city 
freedom on their taking the oath most binding on dieir own oonsdenoes. 
An AMOciftte of the Institntimi of Civil Enguieers, and for 7 years one of 
the coancil of the OoTernment School of Design. Anthor of " Cariosities 
of Glass Making and Ancient Glass," &o. A Liberal ; in iavoor of house- 
hold snifrage, eqaal electoral districts, no property qualification, vote by 
ballot, and short parliaments; opposed to the endowment by the State of 
any religion, and will on that gionnd vote against the grant to Maynooth. 
Wu an unsacoessfhl candidate for Bristol in July, 1847 ; first returned 
for Southwark in July, lS52^Re/orm CMtt HcUand^t., Blaet' 
firictra Roeui, Southwark t Siaines, MiddUtex. 

Pennant, Hon. Edward Gordon Douglas-. {Camarvonsk,) 
Bro. of 18th Earl of Morton ; b. 1800 ; m. first, d. of G. H. D. Pennant, 
esq. whose name he has assumed (she died in 1843) i secondly, 1846, 
Lady Louisa, youngest d. of the 5th Duke of Grafton. Appointed a 
deputy-lient. oC Carnarvon, 1846, and Lieut.-Col. Commandant of the 
Carnarvon militia, 1858. Pbnnerly a Colonel in the Army. A Couser 
vative, but in favour of free trade ; will support measures for the rebef 
of the agricultural interest from special burdens. Pirst returned for the 
oo.ia 1841.— 86, Belgrav9-*q.t CarWmt Ptnrhyn Caatla, Camar- 

Percy, Hon. Josceline William. (Launceston) 

Second s. of the ted Earl of Beverley, by Louisa Haroourt, 8rd d. of 
the late Hon. James Archibald Stuart Wortley. B. at Tnnbridge Wells, 
1811; m. 1848, Margaret, only d. of Sir David Davidson, of Cantray, 
CO. Nairn, and widow of the Right Hon. Sir Robert Grant. Educated 
at Eton and at St. John's College, Cambridge, where he was senior 
optime 1888. A magistrate and depaty-lient. of Yorkriiire. A Con- 
servative, and a supporter generally of Lord Derby's policy. Pirst 

, Tetumed for Lasnceston in July, 186S.r-77, BeUon^i.s Travell»ra\ 

Perry, Sir Thomas Erskine. {Devonport) 

Second s. of the late James Perry, esq., proprietor of the Morning 
Chronicle newspaper, by Ann, d. of John Hull, esq. B. 1807 1 m. 1883, 
Louisa, only child of James M*EIkiney, esq., of Brighton, and niece 
matemaOy of Mad. Jerome Bonaparte (die died 1841). Educated a** 


TOiOty GML, Onbtidge, where he gredaated BJL. 18S9. CKHedtA the 
tar at Um luiar Teoiple, 1884, and went the Home eimdt. Was ap- 
polBted a J«dge of the Sttprane Court at Bombay, 1841, and made 
Chkf JaaCioe there, Sept. 1847 1 rerifned, 1859. A Uheral ; In fkvov of 
Che ballot, and the aboUtion of property qualification, but oppoMdto 
•hort parUameata. UnanoceaiAiny oontested Chatham, Dec. 1889. aad 
KalditOBe, Jnly, 1887. First elected for Oeroaport, May, 1864.-«, 

Peto, Samuel Morton. {Nortoich) 

8. ofthe Ute Heuy Feto, esq., of Torfc-road, Lambeth. M. hia ooiita 
Muy, eld. d. of Thomas De U Garde OrisseO, esq., of StockweU ConaMn, < 
8nny fshe died Hay. 1849}. A CirO Bngineer; member of the flra of 
Orimdl and Feto, oontraotors and bvilden. Director of the Fantop ud 
8oath Shields Bailway. Deputy Chairman of the Hetropodtnn Ooimii- 
rioBcn of Sewen. a Magistrate for Snifolk. fttxon of 8 liTings. 
ALflNndi Infavtmrof an extension of the anJikagei ** opposed to aay 
fteih endowment of any religions denomination, and will seek the rqiol 
of CTvy impost whieh presses on the oonsdenoes of the Diseenten, bat 
will not sappoit the separation of the Church of Bngtamd from the 
State.*' First elected for Norwich in 1847.— 47, RusM0U-sq.f 9, GL 
Gmorg9-9i,t fV—tmkuUrt R^fbrms SomtrltyioH Hall, L^wttU^ 

Philipps, John Henry. {Haverfordwest) 

Only a. ofthe kte Owm FhSttpps, esq., of Wllliamston, Fenafaroheah., 
Ool. of the Fembrokesh. Militia, bj Anne EUaabeth, d. of Henry 8coe^ 
Add, caq., ofthe Mote, and of Boberton Ehll, Fembrokesh. B. at Clifton, 
1808 1 m. 1846 Augosta, 9nd d. of the late John Loct PhilUpa, esq., of 
Dnmpledale, near Haverfiirdwest Edacated at Hanow aad at OdcI 
OoUege, Oxford, where he was 8rd class in classics, 1898, aad giadaated 
M.A.188S. Chainum of the Quarter Seashms of Fembrokesh. A **Libe. 
nl-ConaerrmttTe i** but a supporter geDerally of Lord Deri^a poUoy . Fhit 
retnxned for Harerfordwest in July, 1859:— 98, St^oik-tt.i Unitad Urn- 
^ttrHfyi Oxford and Cambridffi BoodW$i PTiUamtUm^ tuor 
Havarfordiottit Pmnbroktth. 

Phillimore, John George. {Leomintter) 

Bid. s. of Joseph Phillimore, esq., D.C.L., of Sbiplake Honae, Oxfoidsl. 
(ChanoeUor of Worcester, Oxford and Bristol, &0.), by BUxabeth, d. of 
the Ber. Walter Bagot, of Blithfleld, Staflbrdjihire, who was bro. ofthe 
1st Lord Bagot. B. 1809; m. Bosalind Margaret, youngest d. of Loid 
Jnatice Knight Bmoe. Bducated at Westminster, and at Christ Churck, 
?^^^J^ ^^^^ *"• ^" ^•'^*J Student;. Graduated B. A. 1898. MJL 
IMl. Was oaUed to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1889^ and goes the Oxford 
«i appointed Header on dvil law andjuijapradenoe to the Afiddle 


Temple, Jaa. 1860; Qaeen*s Counsel, June, 1861 i Reader on oonstitn- 
tioanl law and legal history by delegates from all the Inns of Ooort, J^ne, 
1862 ^ Bencher of Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 1860. Anthor of an " Introduction 
to the Stndy and History of Roman Law t" ** History of the Law of EtI- 
deaoe;" sereral pamphlets on Law Reform, %c. A Liberal; In fiirovr of 
extension of the snflhigr, vote by ballot, the abolition of chnrch rates, 
and an extensiye law reform ; opposed to maintaining Maynooth as an 
exdasiTdy ecclesiastical place of edocation, bat wooid also reform 
thoroughly the Irish Church. First returned for Leominster in July, 
186S.— SI, CheaUr-sq.i 11, OUUtq., Lincoln's Inni Stnior Unhnr- 
tiijft Brooksa'a. 

Phillimore, Robert Joseph. {Tavistock) 

Second s. of Joseph PhiOimore, esq., D.C.L., of Shiplahe House, 
Oxon, by Elisabeth, d. of Rev. Walter Bagot, of Blithileld. StaflTordsh. 
M. Charlotte, 8rd d. of the late Jobn Denison, esq., of Osslngton Hall, 
Notts. Educated at Westminster, where he was King's Scholar, and at 
Christ Church Coll., Oxford, where he was Snd class in classics 1^1, and 
gained the college prises for Latin Terse and Latin prose; graduated 
D.C.L. 1838. Admitted an advocate at Doctors' Cnnunons 1889, and 
called to the bar at the Middle Temple 1841. Is Chancellor of Chi- 
chester and Salisbury. Author of *' Two Letters to Lord Ashbnrton on 
International Law " respecting ships, and " Letter to Mr. Gladstone * 
on the same sultjecti also "Memoirs and Coriespondence of George 
Lord Lyttelton ;" published also *' Tlionghts on the Law of Divoroe,* 
and other legal works. A LiberaUConserrative, in fliTuur of free trade ; 
will vote for inquiry into Maynooth, but voted against Mr. Spoooer's 
motion, 1868. Was an unsncceisiU candidate for Tavistock, July 1847, 
April 1862, and July 1862, but was seated on petition, Fd>. following, 
without a new election.~6, ArUngton-^i^ PieocuUUy t Oaford and 
Cambridga Cltib. 

Pbinn, Thomas. {Bath) 

S. of Thomas Phinn, esq., of Bath, surgeon, by Caroline, d. of Richard 
Bignell, esq., of Banbury. B. at Bath, 1814; unm. Educated at Eton, 
and at Exeter College, Oxford, where he was 1st class in classics 1887. 
Was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in 184U, and goes the Western 
circuit; appointed Recorder of Portsmouth July, 1848; transferred to 
Devonport Dec. 1861. Appointed Counsel for the Admiralty 1864, 
and made a Queen's Counsel same year, with a patent of precedence. 
A Liberal; in favour of household suifrage, vote by ballot, and the Ihllest 
development of free-trade principles ; will vote for inquiry respecting 
Maynootb, jointly with the other ecclesiastical establishments of Ire- 
land. First returned for Bath in July, 1862«— Batf.«<a^lre<Me, Innar 
Tamplas 41, St.Jatnaa'a-^t.t Brookaa^at Haform. 
R 2 


P!gott, Francis. (Reading) 

BM. I. of PayntoB PieottvStainiby Gouurt, esq., of Aieher Lodge, 
Hants, and Banbury, Oxfordsb. (who traees his desccntfrom PigottBaioo 
of Boome, in Nomandy, one of the forty KBi«hts who nocompanied 
WiUiam the Conqnemr to England). B. at Tranhwell House, Berks. 
1809; m. 1883, Frances Phillips, Snd d. of Lient.-GeDeral Sir Prends 
John Connor Wilder, of the Manor Honse, Binfield, Berks, finrmerif 
■icnber for Arundel. Educated at Eton, and at Lincoln Coll., Oxfcrd. 
A Magistrate of Hants, andJUient.of the North Hants YcomanTy OtTalir- 
A Liberal; opposed to aU State endowments for religions purposes; 
Toted for the ballot, 18&8. UnsnccessftiUy contested Winchester in • 

1841. First returned for Reading in 1847.— 110, Glouee*ter-pli 
M0eiJUId Beatht Hartfitrdbridgt^ HtmUi Rtform. and Brootet't 

Pilkiiigton, James. {Blackburn) 

B. at BlacUMtrn, 1804; m. 1881. Is a cotton-spinner and nerehavt, 
a Magistrate for Lancashire, and Director of the East Lancashire RaU- 
way. Appointed Depnty-Lieot. of Lancashire, 1862. A Libenl. and 
opposed to all religions endowments; foted for the ballot. 1858. First 
Tetnrned for Blackburn in 1M7. -Rtform Club; Park Place House, 
Blackburn, Laneaahirt. 

Pinney, William. {Lyme tUgis) 

Only s. of John Frederick Pinney, esq., of Sonerton-Brle, Someraetsh., 
by the only d. of WiUiam Dickinson, esq. The name of Pinney wu 
aasoBed by his grandfather, in lieu of his patronymic, Pretor. in 1740. 
B. 1806. Graduated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, M.A. 1883. A Magis- 
trate for Somerset and Dorset, a Deputy Lieut, of the fanner co., 
M^}or of the W««t Somerset Yeomanry Catralry, and Col. of the Sonenet 
Militia. A Liberal; " anxious still farther to extend the prineiples of 
free trade ;« foted for the ballot, 1858. Sat for Lyme Regis from 1832 to 

1842, when he was unseated on petition. Sat for Somerset, East, ftoM 
April, 1847, till July, 1868, when he was again elected for Lyme Regis. 
—80, BcrMcyaq.s R^orm; Somcrton-Brlc, Somerset, 

Ponsonby, Hon. Ashley George John. {Cirencester) 
Youngest s. of the 1st Lord de Mauley by Lady Barbara, only diild of 
the 6th Earl of Sbaftesbary. B. 1831 1 num. Appointed Lieut, and 
Capt. Grenadier Guards, 1864. Served in the Crimea, 1864. A Depoty- 
Lieat. of Hants since Dec. 1852. Of Whig principles; in fttTonr of Ikee 
trade, and a moderate extension of the fiiinchise ; voted for the ballot, 
1858. First returned for Cirencester in Joly, 1862.— 21, St. Jamcs**^. 

Portal, Melville. {Hants, North) 

8. of the late John Portal, esq., of Fteefolk Prion, Haats, by the 


d. of Henry Dnunmond, eiq., of the Oruige, Hants. B. 1819 1 !• 
unm. Educated at Harrow School, and at Christ Church, Oxford, 
where he graduated M.A. 1844. Called to the Bar 1846. Is Capt. of the 
North Hants Yeomanry. Patron of 1 living. ▲ Conserratiye; voted 
in the minority of b8 who censured ftee trade. Not. 1852 1 will " never 
▼ote for the extension or increase*' of the Maynooth grant. First re- 
tomedfor Hants, North, April, 1849.-12, Xittg-»t., St. Jam—'Bi CarL 
ton; LaverstoJt0 Houa* and Frt^ifolk Priors, Hants. 

Portman, Hon. William Henry Berkeley. (Shaftesbury) 
Eld. s. of the 1st Lord Fortman, bythe 3rd d. of the Snd Earl of Hare- 
wood. B. in London, 1829 ; anmar. Educated at Eton and at Merton 
College, Oxford. Appointed ^ depaty-lient. of Somerset, 1860, and of 
Dorset, 1862 ; Lieat.-col. West Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry, 1862. A 
LibemI ; disposed to equalise the burdens of taxation, local and general ; 
will **Tesist any offensive aggressions against our religion," but will not 
expose to risk *'the permanent maintenance of civil and religious 
liberty ;" voted against the ballot, 1868. First returned for Shafle>bury 
in July, 1862 —88, Bryanatontq. t Unittd University i Coventry 
Club ; Bryaneton, Blandfford, Doraet. 

Power, Nicholas Mahon. {Waterford, co.) 

8. of Nicholas Power, esq., of Ballinakill, co. Waterford, by the d. of 

— Rivers, esq., of Waterford. B. in Waterford 1787; m. 1818, d. of 

— Mahon, esq., of Dublin. Educated at Oacott and at Ulverston, Lan. 
cash. A Magistrate and Dep..Liettt. for Waterford. A Liberal, and in 
Cavonr of the repeal of the Union. First returned Tot the co. of Water- 
ford in 1847, without opposition.-8, Duie-at., fVeatminater ; Fetith- 
Ugg Houae, fVaierford. 

Powlett Lord William John Frederick. (Ludlow) 

Second s. of the 1st Duke of Clevehind, by Lady Katherine Powlett, 
d. and heir of the last Duke of Bolton. Assumed the name of Powlett 
in lieu of bis patronymic, Yane. B. 1792; m. 1816, Lady Caroline, 6th 
d. of the 1st Earl of Lonsdale. Created M.A. at Oxford, 1812. A Dep.. 
lieut. of Dorbam. A " Liberal-Conservative ;" in favour of tree trade 
and an extension of the suffiage in connexion with moral and religious 
edncatiott} voted against the ballot, 1863 ; will vote forlinqniiy into the 
Maynooth grant. Bat for St. Ives from July, 1840, till July, 1862, when 
he was elected for Ludlow.— 19, Curgon-at.i Downhaan Hall, Bran- 
don, Norfolk. 

Price, Sir Robert, bart (Hereford/, city) 

S. of Sir Uvedale Price, the Istg hart, by the 4th d. of the Ist Ead of 
l^vDoancL Is dewended Ikom one of themiMt andeat ftaiUos in Wales , 


wfckli b nid to derive its origin from Match weithan, one of the princo* 
B. at Poxley, 17M ; m. in 1828 his first cousin Mary Anne, d. of the Ker. 
Robert Price, D.D. Of Whig principles: in favoarof an exteii»(m of the 
franehise and short parliaments, hnt will not sapport the ballot. Is 
patron of 2 Urings. Represented the co. of Hereford from 1818 to 1841 ; 
first elected for the city of Hereford in 1846 without opposition.— 11, 

Price, William Philip. {Gloucester, city) 

8. of William Price, esq., of Olonoester, by the d. of Philip George, 
esq., of Bristol. B. at Gloacestcr, 1817; m. 1887. d. of the late Johi 
Chadborn, esq., of Gloocester. Is a merchant in Gloncester ( a magi»tnte 
and Depnty-Lient. of Glovccstersh., of which he was chosen High Sheiif 
in 1840. A Uboral, and in favoor of parliamentary reform ; apposed 
to all religions endowments from the poblic fnnds ; TOted for the balM, 
1868. Pint returned for Gloocester in Joly, 186S.— A^form Ciub i Tib 
bntomroouri, m»ar GUme0tUr, 

Pritchard, John. {Bridgnorth) 

8. of John Piitchard, esq., banker, of Bmseley and Bridgnorth, by 
Anne, his wife. M. Jane, d. of George Osborne Gordon, esq. Called to 
the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1841, bat does not practise. Is a banker it 
Bridgnorth and Broseley. A ConserratiTe ; in favonr of the ftee-tnds 
policy of the late Sir R. Peel. First elected for Biidgnorth, March 1853, 
wlthoot opposition.— 48, Lowtr ArooKs<re«< ; CofW«fvaMv« CAiA; 
BroMtley, Salop. 

Pugh, David. {Montgomery dist.) 

8. of the late Charles Pngh. esq., of Perry Hill, Kent, by the Srd d.of 
William Lloyd, esq., of Montgomery, descended flrom the Masons of 
Wrockley, formerly representatires of Montgomery. B. at Perry Hill, 
1789 : m. 1814, Anne, only child and heir of the late Bvan Yanghan, 
esq., of Beguildy, Radnorsh. Edncated at Trinity Coll., Oxford. A 
Depnty-Lient. and Magistrate of Montgomery sh. ; Recorder of Welsh* 
pool; and late a Major in the Montgomerysh. Yeomanry. WasHigk 
Sheriff of that county in 1823. A "Liberal Conservalire;'* will sop. 
port "any measure which shall tend to allcTiate the distress of the 
agrienlturists without attempting to return to proteotioo )* opposed to 
the endowment of the Roman Catholic Cler^. First returned for Moat- 
gomery in J882 ; unseated on petition in 1888; re-elected 1847.- 
Carlten; Llan^re^dol, and RMwarifor, Montffomeryth. 

Ramsden, Sir John William, hart. {Taunton) 

Only g. of the late John Charles Ramsden, esq., many yean MJ. foe 
Sr?*1^.5[ ?""• ^^«*^^ youngest d. of 1st Lord Dundas. B. at Newby 
r»n, roiksh., 1881. Appointed • depaty.lient. of the Wert Biding of 


Tork,1852. Is p«tnm of S liTings. A Liberal ; In fiiToar of reforai, 
rommercial, fiscal, and paxUamentary ; also refiicm in tke law and in the 
Cbarch ; in faroor of a liberal system of National edncation, and opposed 
to all ennotments which 'trmch on the rights of conscience ;* Toted fbr 
the ballot. 1863. First eleeted fbr Taunton, May 185&— .fl^am HaUt 
Ferrj/b ri ifye, YorJtah. 

Repton, George William John. (Warwick) 

Only 8. of George Stanley Repton, esq., by the eld. d.of the Ist Earl 
of Bldon. B. in NorlbUt^trect, Paxfc-lane, 1818 1 m. 1848, Lady Jane, 
only d. of the 8rd Duke of Leinster. A Conserratiye ; voted for agri- 
enltaral protecdon, 1846, and for inquiry into Maynonth, 1868. Sat for 
St. Alban's from 1841 tiU Its dlsfranohisement in 1862 1 flrfltrftvned 
for Warwick. Jaly, 186S.-«0, PaU McM; Carlton, 

Ricardo, John Lewis. (Stoke'upan- Trent) 

B.1812: m. in 1841, d. of Gen. the Ron. Sir A.DolT. Amerehant. 
Chairman of the North StalTordshire Railway, and a Director of the 
London and Westminster Bank. Appointed a Dep.-Lleat. of Blginsh. 
]848. Author of the '* History and Anatomy of the Navigation Laws.** 
A Reformer ; in flsToar of the ballot, free trade, &c First elected 
for the boroagh in 1841.— 81, X««otm/««-«9. ; Brook***: 

Ricardo, Osman. {Worcetter) 

Sld. 8. of the late David Ricardo, esq. (many years M.P. for Pbrtar- 
lington, and well known as the aothor of works on carreney, &e.), by 
the d. of — Wilkinson, esq. M. Harriet, yoongest d. of Robert Harvay 
Mallory, esq., of Woodoote, Warwidcsh. Was edacated at Trinity Coll., 
Cambridge, where he gradnated A.B. 1816. Appointed a Dep.-Lie«t. 
of Woroestersh. 1848. A Liberal} voted for the ballot, 1868; '* wiU 
promote every measure calculated to give increased energy to trade and 
eomsaerce." First retumed for Worcester ia 1847<— 71, Baion-phi 
Brooke*^*; Union t Bromoaborrouhpl., fVoroottorsh, 

Rice, Edward Royd. (Dover) 

B. 1790; m. in 1818, Elisabeth, 2nd d. of Edward Knight, esq., of 
Oodmersham Park, Kent. Educated at Worcester Coll., Oxford, where 
he graduated BJi. 1818, H.A. 1816. Was formerly a banker at Dover 
(retired in 1827). Is a Deputy-Lieut, for the county of Kent, for which 
he was High Sheriff in 1880. A Reformer of Whig principles; *any 
attempt to reverse the commercial policy adopted in 1846 will meet with 
his decided opposition.* Has sat for Dover since 1887 ; was unsuccemiU 
in 1886.-16, St^olk-att Unitod UnivoraUy Chtb; Dano Cowrt, 

Rich, Henry. (Richmond) 

Towiceit «. of the Ute AdminI Sir nomu Biefa. M. USS, lolla. 


youf . d. of the late Rer. Jums TonidBao^ of Dorfldd HaU, Cheshta*. 
Was edmeatcd at Triaity Coll. Caarinidge; gndnated AJI. W», Hm 
been Oioon in Waiting to the Qaeca ; aad a lord of the Tveaaorf fttat 
Joly, IgM, tfll March, 18ftS. Is author of seTeral poUtieal panphlets 
▲ BefiNMert '*hU eSwts will ever be in ssppoit of thnt steady, Irai, 
and progressiTC Refonn which best preserres all oar iastinrtioBS If 
keeping them in harmony with the advanced edncation and nsoralij 
of our oonntrymen.** UDsnocessfhlly eontested KnareAoroog^ in 18B 
and 1886, for whiiA boraogh he sat tnm IWr tiU IMl. First deotd 
fcr Rlehmond in April, 184A, withont a oontest.— 19, CJh«rfe«-A, 

Richardton, Jonathan Joseph. (Lubum) 

S. of Joseph Richardson, esq., linen merdiant, of Lisbom, by his i^t 
Miss Mary Stiangaaa, of Waterfbrd. B. at lisbara. 1816; as. IM, 
Elixa, youngest d. of James Christy, esq., of Kircassoch, near Maghci- 
linc, CO. Down, and cousin (o Samuel Christy, esq., MJP. for Newcasde- 
under-Lyne. Educated at Fishponds, near Bristol. Has carried on u 
extensiTs business as a flax-spinner at Lisburn since 1841. A Oonscrm- 
tire ; but in fsTOur of tne trade and of an ** equitable system" of tenant- 
right in Ireland ; opposed to the repeal of the Union. First retimed fix 
Lisburn, Aug. 1858, without opposidon.—Zr^cftflint, Atlatui. 

Bobartes, Thomas James Agar-. {Cornwall, East) 

Only s. of the late Hon. Charles Bagenal Agar, bf the only d. and heir 
oTThomas Hunt, esq., of Mollington Hall, Chesh., grandnieoc and sole 
heir of Henry Robaites, Srd Barl of Radnor (extinct). B. in I^ndoa 
1808 : m. 1880, Jtaliana, d. of the late Right Hon. Reginald Pole Ctecw, of 
Bast Antony, Oonswall. Was educated at Harrow, and at Christ Chnieh, 
Oxibrd, where he graduated B.A. 1880. Anumed the name of Robartes 
In addition to his patronymie. Appointed a Special Deputy Warden 
of the Stannaries, 1869. A Whig ; w>tcd for the baUot, 1868; is op- 
posed to the endowment of the Roman Catholic Church. First retuxneA 
for Cornwall in 1847 without opposition.— 1, Deetn-st^ Park-Ian* i 
jtthenantm; LanhyOroek, Bodmin, Cornwall. 

Robertson, Patrick Francis. (Hastings) 

Eld. s. of the late Rer. Daniel Robertson, D.D. (Professor of Oriental 
hangatgea in St. Mary's College, St. Andrews, from 1809 to 18170 
Meigle, Perthshire, 1807: unmar. Educated at the University of St 
Andrews. Is a merchant, formerly at Canton. A director of the London 
Assurance Corporation. A Liberal.OonserratiTe : opposed to acricnl- 
tural protection in the hope of reducing the cost of prodndns wheat tt 
home { oppoaed to the Maynooth grant i would 'willingly sappoit aas 
teal parUamentaiy matmi'' rotwt acOMt ttw biOlB^ i«ML Wm u 


aiiMioeeHflil candidate far HastinKi in July, 1847 : first returned in 
Jnly, J»2^Cotu0rvative Clubi Hatton, Hastings. 

Roche, Edmund Burke. {Cork, co.) 

Only 8. of Bdward Roche, esq., of Trabolgan, by Margaret Honoria, 
only child and heir of William Cortain, esq. ; is connected, through 
his mother's ftimily, with that of the celebrated Edmnnd Bnrke. B. 
1816 : m. 1848 Elina CaroUne, eld. d. of J. B. Boothby, esq., of Twyfard 
Abbey, Middlesex. A Radical Reformer; a Repealer ; bnt *is prepared 
to co-operate in the enactment of Jnst measures of relief for the owners 
and occupiers of land.* Has sat for the co. of Cork since 1887.— /{</orm ; 
Rultand-aq., Dublini Trabolgant eo. ef Cork. 

Roebuck, John Arthur. (Sheffield) 

& of E. Bod>adc, esq., of Madras, and grsnds. of the celebrated Dr. 
Roebnek, of Sbeflleld. B. at Madras. 1801 ; m. 1884, Henrietta, d. of the 
BcT. Thomas Falconer, of Bath, the author of sereial learned works, and 
Ibraierly Bampton Lecturer at Oxford. Was called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple, 1831, and went the Northern circuit ; is a Queen's Counsel, 
and a Bendier of the Inner Temple. Sometime Agent in England for the 
House of Assembly of Lower Canada. Is author of a work on ** The 
Colonies of England," 'Histoiy of the Whig Ministry of 1880;" and 
bas contributed much to the Edinburgh and Westminster Reviews. A 
Reformer { has voted for measures of free trade, the ballot, extension 
of the suffrage, and national education; is opposed to any extension of 
religious endowment by the State. Sat for Bath from 1888 till 1887 ; re. 
elected 1841, and contianed to hold his seat till the general election, 
1847; first returned for Sheffield May, 1849, without oppositfoB.-8, 
Fig TVea-et., Templet Reform Clubi AahUy Amnoood, CkHtt- 
ohurch, Bani9. 

Roll, Peter. ( Greenwich) 

8. of John David Rolt, esq., of Deptford, by Sophia, eld. d. of Peter 
Butt, esq., cleik of the survey in Deptford dockyard. Orands. of the 
late John Rolt, senior clerk in Deptford dockyard, who died 1706. B. 
at Deptford, 1798 : m. 1820, Mary, eld. d. of Thoij{as Brockelbank, esq., 
of Deptford, managing director of the General Steam Navigation Com- 
pany (she died 1845). A timber merchant and contractor, partner in 
the firm of Brockelbank and Rolt. Appointed Deputy-Lieut, of Mid- 
dlesex, 18&4. A Conservative; beUevcs "that the repeal of the oora 
laws has caused great distress to the agriculturist, bnt will not support 
the reimposition of any duty on foreign com t" considers *' that the Ro- 
■laa Catholics cannot expect a renewal of the Maynooth grant." First 
letamed for Oreenwicb in July, 1853.- S3, Hyde Park Gardetut 78, 
ConMUi Aeom Whtuf, Lower Trinity-si^ Rotherhithe; Carlton, 
ConMrvaUvt, and City Clubs. 


Rothschild, Baron Lionel Nathan De. (London) 

BM. a. of the late Baron Nathan Meyer De Rothichild. (n bmHtc «r 
PfemnUbrt-on-the-Malne, who came to England in 1800,) bj the 8rd d. rf 
Levi Baivet Cohen, eiq., merchant of London; is bro. to the Bama 
Anthony De Rnthachild, of Grosvenor-pl. Honaes. B. in London 180fl: 
m. 18M his couain Charlotte, d. of the Baron Charles De Rothschild, of 
Naples. Was edncatcd at Gdttiugen. Saoceededhisfather inl836asa 
Baron of the Austrian empire. Is head of the mercantile firm whkft 
hears his name, well known for their extensiveoperationsaa public loaa- 
eontractors mnd money JntAers. A Depaty-Lient. of London. Alabenl; 
in fiaronr of the extension of the ftnnchise, of direct taxsition, the 
icdnction of the dnty on tea, &o. Pirst elected for Loadon in 1847. 
—148, PiecadiUys St. SwUMn*»-lan*, City; Brocket'* and A^em 
Chtbt; Guimmrabury Park, Middlet9S. 

Rumbold, Charles Edmund. (Yarmouth) 

8. of Sir Thomas Rombold (Ist hart). GoTemor of Madms, by his Snd 
wife, d. of Bishop (Law) of Carlisle. Gradoated at (Trinity CoIL} Cam- 
bridge, A.M. 1814. A modente Whig ; formerly roted agninst the abott- 
tkm of the Com Laws, bnt in 1846 supported their repeal. Sat te 
Tarmottth from 1818 till 1885, when he was an unsnocessfol candidate; 
again elected in 1887, and sat till 1847, when he was a second time 
nnsnocessfU, but a new election took place on petition, and he was 
again returned.— 1, BeeUaten-^q.t Prtaton Candover, Homte. 

Rushout, Geor^. ( Worceiterth. East) 

Only a. of the late Hon. and Rer. George Rushont-Bowles, by the 7th 
d. of the 7th Bail of Galloway. B. 1811. Gnduated M.A. at Chiist 
Church, OxfiDid ; became Capt. Ist Life Guards in 1848; is heir pee- 
snmptiye to the Barony of Northwick ; a Magistrate for Woicotenh. 
Appointed Dep.-Lieat. of Salop, 18S2^ and Lient.4!oL of the Herefind 
Militia, 1868. A Oouaer vat ive and Protectionist) arill nerer 'consent 
that agriculture be made the scapegoat of free trade;** will ■snppott 
education on a religions basis ;* opposed to the endowment of the Romaa 
Catholic Clergy, and TOted for inquiry into Maynooth, 1853. Sat iipr 
Evesham fh>m Peb. 1887 till 1841, when he was nnsuccesAftiL Pint 
returned for Worcestenh. East, Jan. 1847.— 10, BoUon-tt.t Carlton i 
Sarfordf and Northufiek, fVoreettersh. 

Russell, Francis Charles Hastings. (Bedfordsh,) 

Eld. 8. of the late Lord George William Rnssell, by the d. of the late 
Hon. John Theopbilns Rawdon. Nephew to the 7th Duke of Bedford, 
and to Lord John RosseU, M.P. B. in London 1819; m. 1844. Lady 
£,!?•**' '"• "• °' **»• »*»^ ^"» De-La-WaiT. Entei«d Ow ScoU 
SifS'i^"^ '" '•^' •»» '^^^ **««» t*"' Army, July 1844 • no- 
Pouued M„or in the Bedibrd Militia. April 1849. A Whi« y " ^ 'J^. 


port the well-known principlctf of his family (" is in fliToarof'a really 
aaational system of education." Pirst returned for Bedfordah. in 1847, 
^irithont opposition^— 8, Ettton-pl. fV0sti BrooJtet'st TravtUtre^S 

Russell, Francis William. {Limerick^ city) 

Bid. 8. of John N. Russell, esq., of Idnerick, merchant, by the eld. d. 
of Alderman Thompson, of Cork. B. in Limerick, 1800 \ m. 1884 the 
Snd d. of the late Thomas Clarke, esq., of Melton Mowbray. Educated 
at Fermoy, under Rev. T. D. Hincks, at Belfast, and at Trinity College, 
Dublin. Was called to the bar in Ireland in 18S4 1 subsequently became 
a partner in the Arm of J. N. Rnssdl and Sons, merchants, in Limerick 
and liOndon. Of Liiieral opinions^ in fayonr of free trade, *' an equitable 
a^joAtment * of the laws affecting landlord and tenant, and is a firm 
sap porter of ciril and religious liberty 'Mn its true sense {* opposed to a 
repeal of the union with Ireland; voted against the bailor, 1858. Was 
a candidate for Limerick against Lord Arundel and Surrey in Aug. 1851, 
but retired before the poll in consequence of the strong religions excite- 
ment raised on that occasion. Pirst returned for Limerick in July, 186S. 
— \9.fV9»tboume-*t., Hyde Park; Union; G*org9-it.t Limeriek. 

Russell, Right Hon. Lord John. (London) 

Third and youngest s. of the flth Duke of Bedford,by hisflrst wife, Hon. 
Georgiana Elisabeth, 2nd d. of the 4th Visct. Torrington. Hertford- 
Bt., 1792 ; m. 1st, 1836, Adelaide, eld. d. of Thomas Lister, of Armytage 
Park, esq., and relict of 2nd Lord Ribblesdale . 2ndly, 1841, Lady Prances 
AnnaMaria,2ndd.of the 2nd Earl ofMinto. Was Paymaster of tite Forces 
from 1880 till Nov. 1884; Secretary of State for the Home Department 
from April, 1835, till 1839; Secretary of State for the Colonies tnm 
1839 till 1841. Was First Lord of the Treasury from July, 1840, till 
March, 1852 ; Secretary of State lor Foreign AfTairs flrom Dec. 1862, 
till Feb. 1858, held a seat in the CaUnrt without office from the last date 
till June, 1854, when he became President of the Council, salary jf 2000. 
Voted against the ballot, 1858. Sat for Tavistock flrom 1813 till March, 
1817, aud from 1818 till March, 1819; for Huntinedonsh. from 1820 
till 1826; for Bandon Bridge till 1830; for Devon'^in 1831, and for 
South Devon from 1832 till 1835, when he lost his seat for Devon, but 
was shortly afterwards elected for Stroud, for which he sat till 1841. 
First returned for the City in 1841.— 32, Cheshatn-pUut ; R^orrn; 
BndsMgh House, Devon. 

Sadleir, James. ( Tipperary) 

8. of Clement William Sadlelr. esq. of Shrone Hill, oo. Tipperary, and 
Inro. of John Sadlelr, esq. A Liberal. First returned for Tipperary, July, 
1852.— 11, Gloueeet9r-eq.t Hyde-pk.; 6, Greca Denmark'ei.DubUH; 
CloHaeody, Cionmel. 

SaiUeir, John. (Siig9, bor.) 

Ird c of Ctaneat WiBiaB ladleir, eiq., of nraae Hill, eo. Tippenir. 
B. at OvMc Hill, 18l4t i> «aa. Ww cdacated at aooffowcM OolL, 
lielamd. ChaimaB of the Loadon and Oouity Bank. Admitted a 
Solkitar ia Irelaad la 1837, tat retired fhn practire in 1846. Was 
a Laid of tke Tteasarj horn Dec 185S till iaa. 1854. A I^itieral. Sa< 
for Gnlow boauagh ften Jaly 1847 till Jaa. 1863. vhea he was u 
■— unrfj fdidiH after takiag ofloe; trrt elected for SUp 
boravBh. Jalj Mhmli*.— 11, GimuetHtr^q^ Hpde-parJbg Rffom; 

Suidan, Geor^. (Wakefield) 

8. of the late Saanel Sandars, caq., of Gainsboroagli, Uneolnsh., 
a braach of the Saadan faadly, of Iretoa, Derbyah. B. at Gaiat* 
borooch, 1806 i ai. 1st. 1829, Xary. d. of George Neden, esq., of Ardwick. 
Laacash. (she died 1847) ; 2Bdly, 1849. ArabelU, dd. d. of Joha Walker, 
esq., of CaBtaridge-aq., Hyde Paik. Was educated at Newark GraoaaMr 
School. A Maffistrate for the West Ridinc of York, of which he wu 
appoiated Deputy-IieaL May, 1852. A Conserratire ; formerly opposed 
to the repeal of the Corn Laws, tat now sapports the fiirther extenaoa 
of free trade; is opposed to the endowment of the Roaiaa CathoUe 
Clei]g7, tat in favour of the extension of edncation to aO clasaes and 
sects, carried oat oa the rotantary principle aided by grants of pabUe 
aioney. First retnrned for Wakefield in 1847.— 27, Sussex-tq^ Hfd§- 
pk.i Caritans Cmutrvtttivi Nationat; Ahtarthorpe Hall, fVak»- 

Sawie, Charles Bnine Graves-. ( Bodmin) 

Bid. a. of Sir Joseph Sawle GntTes-Sawle, bait., of Pearioe, Oornwall, 
by Dorothea Prideaox, eld. d. of the Rer. Charles Prideanx Braac, of 
Place Honse, Padstow, Oornwall. B. at Padstow, 1816 ; m. 1846, Rose 
Caroline, youngest d. of David R. Paynter, esq., of Dale Castle, Pem- 
brokeshire. Educated at Eton and at Clare Hall, Cambridge, where he 
graduated B.A. 1841. A magistrate and deputy-lieut. of Oorawall; 
deputy-<hairmaB of the county sessions, and capt. in the Cornwall aad 
DcTon Miners' militia. Appointed a special Depaty-Warden of the 
Stannaries, 1852. A Liberal; apposed tn the Maynooth grant; TOted 
against the ballot, 1853. Was an unsuocessfbl candidate for Bodmin, is 
Feb. 1848; first returned la July, 1852.— 18, Swysi.t R^orm Club: 
Restornflf LotttoiMel, ComwaU. 

Scholefield, William. (Birmingham) 

Second s. of the late Joshaa Scholefidd, esq., maay years M.P. Ibr 
Blnaiagham, by the 2ud d. of C. OottreU, esq. B. 1809 1 m. Jaae Ma- 
tilda, d. of Joha MiUer, esq. (she died 1848.) A merehaat ia Biming. 


bam. Bleeted lint mayor of Binningham -when that town received ita 
charter of iiieorporation in 1888. ▲ Magiatrete for Warwiduh. la a 
director of the Binningham and Midland Bank. A Radical Refornier i 
in IkTonr of a wide extension of the rafErage, triennial parliaments, vote 
by ballot, and removal of all disabilities on account of religions opi- 
BioDs; opposed to the endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy, 
bat * is not prepared to repeal the Maynooth grant, unless every other 
like endowment be taken away." Unsucoesstoily contested Birmingham 
in 1844: first returned in 1847.-17, TioAbowne^st t Reform Clubs 

Scobell, George Treweeke. (Bath) 

Second s. of the late Peter Edward Scobell, esq., MJD., of Hallatrow, 
Somersetsh., by Hannah, only child and heir of John Sanfind, esq., a 
braAch of the fianfords of Nynehead in the same oo. B. 1785 \ m. 1818, 
Hester, yooogest d. of Charles Savage, esq., of Midsomer Norton. 
Entered the navy as midshipman 1798, and served 14 years during the 
latter part of the war with Prance ; served in America, West Indies, 
North Sea, Mediterranean, Baltic, Boulogne, Rochefort, Cadis, &c., 
under Nelson, Colliugwood, Cornwallis, Bickerton, Thomborongh, 
Sanmarec, Hood, %c. ; became a retired capt. R.N. 1843. Is a depnty- 
lieut. and magistrate for Somerset. A Liberal ; in favour of free trade, 
and of financial and Parliamentary reform, including vote by ballot and 
triennial Parliaments. First returned for Bath, June, l^Xti^—R^orm 
Club ; KingwtUy near Bath. 

Scott, Hon. Francis. (Berwichsh,) 

8. of 4th Lord Polwarth, by the d. of the late Hans Moiits, 
Count Von Brulh. B. 1806 ; m. 1886, Julia Frances Laura, d. of Rev. 
Chas. Boultbee. Educated at Trinity Coll. Cambridge, graduated B.A. 
1827, M.A.183S: called to the bar at the Middle Temple 1882, and 
went the northern circuit. In April, 1845, appointed Parliamentary 
Asent for the district of Port Phillip, New South Wales. A Con- 
servative I voted for agrienltaral protection, 1846, and in the minority 
of ft8 who oennred fttt trada, Nov. 1852 ; also for inquiry into May- 
nooth. ISSa Sat for Roxbntghsh. from 1841 to 1847, when he was re- 
torncd for Bcrwicksh.— Car Aon ; MerUnm Houa*, eo. Berwick. 

Scrope, George Poulett, F.R.S., F.G.S. &c. (Stroud) 
Second s. of J. Poulett Thomson, esq. of Roehampton, Surrey, and 
Aostin Friars ; br. of the late Lord Sydenham. B. 1797 ; m. 1821 Emma, 
d. and heir of William Scrope, esq. of Castle Combe, Wilts, and Cock* 
erington, Lincolnsh. (whereupon he took the name and arms of 
Scrope, in addition to those of Poulett). A Dep.-Lient of Wilts. la 
patron of 1 living. A moderate Reformer ; in favour of the establish. 
ment of small national bank notes, an enlarged scheme of colonisation 

270 mHfm a oP THE B0U8B OP OOMMOMB. 

u anatioiial neaivn, and ftee trade generally t Toted tat the telloe, 
1858. Haa written pamphleU on Banking, the Currency, tke Poor 
Lawi, and Political Economy; also * Conaiderations on Y<deuKM,* the 
■ Geology of Central Prance,* and other geological worka. Is alio a«- 
thor of a Life of Lord Sydenham. Conteated the borough onmiooesiftilly 
in 1882 1 was first elected May 1833.— 18, B*lffrav9'»q. i Aihenmum 
ondR^orm Clubs: Casth Combe, eo, fVitta, 

Scully, Francis. (Tipperary) 

B. of the late James Scally, esq., of Upperary, and nephev of Ae i 
late Denys Scally, esq. B. in Tipperary, 1820; nnm. Educated at St. ' 
Gregory's Coll., Downside. CUled to the Bar at the Middle Temple, , 
1841, bat does not practise. A repeakr; Toted for the ballot, 1858; 
wUl aapport " tenant-right.* First elected for Tipperary 1847.-S4, 
Burt»n-at.t Saion-»q.; R^orm and Brmetkeum Clubs i jUkams, 
ee. TVjifitrafy. 

Scally, Vincent. (Cork, co.) 

Eld. s. of the hte Denys SooDy (well known as the anthor of **A 
Statement of the Penal Laws affecting Roman Catholics '*), by Catherine, 
d. of the hteTinoent Eyre, esq., of Highfleld, Dertaysh. B. 1810; m. 
1841, Bosanna, d. of the late John Orogan, esq., and si&ter of Edward 
Grogan, esq., M.P. Educated at St. Mazy's ColL, Oscott, Trinity CcdL, 
Dublin, and sabaeqnently at Trinity Coll., Cambridge ; obtained science 
hooours. Called to the Irish bar, 1883; made a Qaeen's Counsel in Ire- 
land, 1848. Author of a woric on the "Irish Land Qaestion,** trea- 
tises on Pree Trade in Land, the Channel Islands, &&, and a contribu- 
tion to Sansse and Scully's "Irish Chancezy Repwts." A Liberal ; win 
vote tot refunn in the Irish land system, in the landlord and tenant 
laws, and in the present Church system ; is in fevour of a repeal of the 
Eodeiiastical Titles Act; Toted for the baUot 1868. First dected for 
Cork. CO., March, 1852.— frscMstim Clubt 18, Msrrion^sq. Stmtk, 

Seymer, Henry Ker, D.C.L. (Dortetih,) 

8. of H. K. Seymer, esq., by Harriet, d. of Peter Beekfbrd, and dster of 
the 8rd Lord Riven. B. at Hanford, Dorsetsh., 1807 ; m. 1888, Helea. 
d. of W. Webber, esq., of Binlield Lodge, Berks. Edacated at Wincbcs- 
ter, and Christ Church, Oxon: was subsequently Pellow of All Boub' 
Coll. A Magistrate and Dep. -Lieut, for Dorsetsh. Is patron of 1 living. , 
A Conservatirei in fitronr of protection to agriculture; will nphold the 
Church i roted for Inquiry into Maynooth, 1858. Plrst elected for Dor- 
setsh. in Peb. 1846, without a oontest.-]e, St^ OarUonj Han- 
ford, Dorsetsh. 

Seymour, Henry Danby. (Poole) 

Eld. s. of Henry Seymour, esq., of Knoyle, Wilts, and Morthbrook 


JBo«u0, DeroB, by the d. of Beqjamia Hopkinaon, esq,, of Bath. Ii 
ooiuin to the Doke of Somerset, being descended fifom a bro. of the 8th 
Duke of Somerset. Park>Une, London, 18SU. Educated at Eton, 
and at Christ Church, Oxford. Appointed Depaty-Lient. of Wilts, 18SS. 
A liberal; in fliToar of civil and religions liberty, and a gradual ex- 
tension of the fk-auchise. First returned for Poole, Sept. 18(10.-^9, 
Upper Groav0nor-tt. ; TravelUrs* t A^rtdt Knoylt, Bindon 
FFiU9 ; Northbrook Lodgt, Davon. 

Seymour, William Digby. (Hull) 

8. of William Seymour, esq., of Gloncester-ter., Hyde-pk. B. in Lon- 
don, 180S ; m.' Emily, eld. d. of the late Bev. Brackley Charles Kennett, 
rector of East Illsey, Berks. A merchant in London, under the name of 
'Warre Brothers, Fenchurch st , a firm which has existed 170 years. 
A Badical Refbrmer, an early sapporter of the Anti-Com-Law League ; in 
&TOQr of the ballot, and a large extension of the firanchise, accompanied 
by hnproyed education tat the people ; opposed to all special religions 
endowments by the State. First returned for Hull, Aug. 1864.— 82, 
F'enehweh-tt.t 8, Btlvtdere-ttrr^ Brighton. 

Seymour, William Digby. (Sunderland) 

Third s. of the Re^. Charles Seymour, late Vicar of Kilronan, Ire- 
land (a younger son of the Seymours of Ballymore Castle, co. Galway), 
by his 8nd wife, Beata, sister of the late Feargos Langley, esq., of Lich 
Finn, co. Tipperary. B. at Clifden, Connemara, co. Galway, 1822 ; 
m. 1847, Emily, 2nd d. of Joseph John Wright, esq. (a solicitor in 
Sanderland, and a deputy-lieut. of Durham.) Educated at Trinity Col- 
lege, Dublin, which he entered at the age of 14 ; obtained Hebrew and 
classical honours at term examinations, and an ethical moderatorship 
on graduating. Was called to the bar at the Middle Temple, June, 
1846, and goes the Northern circuit. Author of an " Address on the 
Oenlns and Study of Rhetofrie," and of a treatise entitled '* How to 
employ Capital in Western Ireland.** A Liberal ; in favour of a large 
measure of parliamentary refbrm; voted for the ballot, 1868; opposed 
to the Maynooth grant, and all special endowments. First returned for 
Sunderland in July, 1862.— 89, 7%iirlo«-«9., Brampton f 2, /finer 

Seymour, Right Hon. Lord. (Totness) 

Eld. s. of the Duke of Somerset; b. in PiccadiUy, 1804; m. In 1880, 
Jane Georgiana, youngest d. of the late Thomas Sheridan, esq. A 
liord of the Treasury from 1886 to 1889, Secretary to the Board of Con- 
troul fVom 1839 to June, 1841, when he became Under Secretary of State 
for the Home Department till Sept. 1841. Was Chief Commissioner of 
Woods and Forests firom March, 1860, till March, 1862 1 has been also a 
LAnaey Commissioner, resigned 1868 A Liberal ; formerly voted against 


the abolltlMi of tke Can Laws, tat in 1846 mpported thdr npe&L 
Hm aat fM- the boiwigh siace 1884.— 18, S^frinff-petrdens t R^ont 
Club I Btrwy Potmtroy, 7VlNe<«, HeveR. 

Shafto, Robert Duncombe. {Durham, North) 

md. fl. of Robert Eden Dancorabe Sbafto, esq., of WbitTrorth Put, 
Darhem, (fonoerly M.P. for (he city of Durham,) by the Srd d. of Sii 
John Eden, bart., of Windlestoite. B. in London, 1800 ; m. 1838, Char- 
lotte RoM, d. of the late William Baring, esq., and niece of Lord Ash- 
barton. A Magistrate of Dorham and of Wilts. Appointed a Dep.* 
Lient. of Durham 1848. A Liberal; is desirous to procoie fiir *'tte 
■hipping interest that fair consideration of its burdens to which it it 
Jvstly entitled;* is opposed to the endowment of the Roman Catholie 
Clergy; voted for the ballot, 185S. Was an nnsaocessfbl candidate for 
Durham, South, in 1832. First returned for the Northeru diTisioa of 
that CO. in 1847.— 3, fVhit^hatt Yard', Hampworth Lodg; HTOUi 
fVhihporth Park^ Bishop jtucHand, Dttrham. 

Shee, William. (Kilkenny ^ co.) 

Eld. s. of Joseph Shee* esq., of Thouattowi, co. Kilkenny, and Bd- 
Bont Lodge, South Lambeth (a London merchant), by Teresa, d. of 
JohnDarell, esq., of Scotney Castle, Kent. B. at Finchley, 1804: m. 
1887, Mary, d. of Sir James Gordon, hart., of Gordonstavn. Educated at 
Ushaw Roman Catholic College, Durham, and at Edinburgh. Called to 
the Bar, Jane, 1828, and went the Home circuit ; was created a aeijeaat 
in 1840, and recdred a patent of precedence. 1845. A Liberal ; in favour 
of vote by ballot, tenant-right in Ireland, and the repeal of the Ecclesi- 
astical lltles Act ; will support "the incontestable claims" of the Irish 
Roman Catholics ** upon tiie ecclesiastical rcTenues of their coon try." 
Was an nnsuocessfal candidate for Marylebone in July, 1S47. First 
returned ibr the co. of Kilkenny in July, 18&S.— 2, Setj0ani»' Jmi, Fitet- 
St.} 5, Sussss-pl^ Hyde Parki Brookss'Si nomastoum, eo. Kit- 

Sbelbume, Earl of. {Calne) 

Eld. suTTiying s. of the Marq. of Lansdowne. B. in Berkeley-square, 
1816; m. 1st, 5th d. of 11th Earl of Pembroke (she died 1841){ 2ndly, 
184a,eld.d.ofthepoiintde Flahaolt and Baroness Keith and Naime. 
Educated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge. A Deputy-Lieut, of Wilts. 
Appointed a Lord of the Treasury, Dec. 1847 ; resigned 1848. Of Whig 
opinions. Has sat for Calne since IS^j.-Lansdoume-house, Berkslsy 
sq.{ Bowood, fVilts. 

Shelley, Sir John Villiers, b»rt. {Westminster) 

Eld. s. of the late Sir John Shelley, 6th hart, (who died 1862), by 
wranoes, only d. and heir of Thomu Wlnokley, wq„ of BxxicUioles, 


I«uuttshlTe. B. in Cbarle»4t., Berkeley-aq., 1808 ; m. 18SS Louisa Eli- 
Eabeth Anne, only child of tbe Re^. S. Johnes Knight, of Henley Hall, 
Salop. Ctaiflu the ancient barony of Sndely (in abeyance since 1886) 
as represeatatire of one of the ooJieiTs. Was educated at the Charter* 
honae. Is patron of 1 living. Anthor of a pamphlet on the eflTect of ftee 
trade in lowering the cost of produetion, <ec. A Liberal ; in fiiTonr of 
rote by baUot, extension of the soflkage to all rate-payers, and triennial 
paiiiaments i an enemy to grants from the pntalie pnrse far other than 
secular puposes. Was an nnsnooessftil candidate for East Sussex in 
July, 1841 ; flnt retained Ibr Westminster in July, 186S^i7roo^«'« I 
Mar0^/MdP€trk, Sussex, 

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley. (Dorchester) 

Granda. of the celebrated nwn, whose name he baan. A Liberal | 
Toted fur agricnltnral protection, 1846 1 will now " resist any attempt 
to rererae the poUcy of Ikee trade (* will *' maintain the Protestant 
inatitntions* of the country, but at the same time is in ftToor of «a 
conciliatory policy 'towards Dissenters; voted for the ballot, 1858. A 
Magistrate and Dep.-Lieut. of Dorsetshire. Sat for Shaftesbury ilrom 
1846 till Inly, 18ft2, when he was elected fat Dorchester.— SO, Gros* 
venoT'pLt Frounpton, DorsHshtrs. 

Sbiriey, Evelyn Philip. {Warwicksh. South) 

Bid. s. of Evelyn John Shirley, esq. (who represented Warwicksh. 
South, (horn 1886 tiU 1849), by Elisa, only d. and heir of Arthur Stanhope, 
eaq., cousin to the Earl of Chesterfield ; is cousin also to the Earl Ferrers. 
B. 1812; m. 1842, Maria, d. of Sir Edmund H. Lechmere, bart., of The 
l^ynd, Worcest«nh. Oiadnated at (Magdalen Coll.) Oxford, M.A. 1837. 
A Conservative; voted for agricultural protection, 1846 1 will support 
« our Protestant institations in Church and State,* will favour any 
OoDserrative government which is friendly to the agricultural interest, 
and will vote for the edncation and moral advancement of the people. 
Bat tx Monaghan from July 1841 tiU July 1847 ; lint elected for War- 
-wicksh. South, without opposition, Aug. 1868, on Lord Brooke sno. 
ceedmg to the peerage.— Cor Aon; Eatington Park, fVarvoiekshin. 

Sibthorp, Charles Delaet Waldo. {Lincoln) 

M. Maria, d. and co-heir of Ponsonby Tottenham, esq. Is patron of 
S livings; appointed Col. of the South Lincoln Militia, 1862 1 a Bin. 
• gistrate and Drp.<Lient. of Lincolnah. A Conservative \ voted for agri- 
caltural protection, 1846, and in the minority of 63 who censured free 
trade, Nov. 1862; will support "protection to native industry of this 
empire in all its branches." Represented Lineoln fhwi 1826 tia 1882, 
re-elected 1885.-27, Chsstsr-st., GrosvtiturpLs Carlton i UnUsd 
irnhfsrsUyt Canwiek BaU,LineoiuM^^ 



Smijth, Sir William Bowyer-, bart. (Essex, Sonth) 

Bid. •. of tlM Ber. Sir Bdwurd Bowyer-aoBUtk, tke lOth bart, bj 
Lettlia Cfcdj, d. of JohB Weyland, caq., oi Wood Baton, Oxfordsh. 
B. 1814 : m. 1830, ig«yi«inM. Franoes, Snd d. of Sir Henry Mcnx, bart. 
nitronof 4IiTliiga. Bdncated at Eton and at Trinity College, Cambridge. 
A CouenratiTe; oondderi that we waat protectiaii not only for a«;ii- 
cnltore, bat *' protection alao for the oonatitatfan, the Chard^ no- 
teatantiim, the reUglou and moral edncatkm of the people ;* oppoted 
to the Maynooth grant. Was an uuaooeufiil candidate for Essex, 
Sooth, in July, 1847. First returned for that co. in July, 1853.- 
18, Gr9eU Rut»tU-*L t Carlton ; HiU Hall, Epping, Bt—x. 

Smith, Abel, jun. (Herts) 

8. of Abel Smith, esq., of Woodhall Park, Herts (who ftat for Hnts 
from 1886 till 1S47), by his Snd wife, Frances Anne, d. of the late Sir 
Harry Calvert, bart la coosin toLord Carringtm. B. in Portland-pl., 
London, 18S9; m. 1868, Lady Snsan, 2nd d. of Srd Earl of Chichester. 
Educated at Harrow, and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, where he gra- 
duated BA. A ConaerratiTe ; wHI oppose all concessions to the Bomaa 
Catholics, and is adverse to Lord 1. Bnssell's Befora Bill of 1854. Fint 
retomed tot Herts, May. 1864.— Carlton and Ojtfiord and Oambridgt 
Clubti kVattonHou*9, Herts. 

Smith, John Abel. (Chichester) 

■Id. s. of J. Smith, esq., banker, of Blendon Hall, Kent (who sat to 

' Backs in 188S}, by his Snd wifr, d. of Lieut.-Col. Tucker. OoasiB of 
Lord Carrington. B. 18U1 ; m. in 18S7 Anne,d. of Sir Samuel Clarke 
lervoise, bt. Graduated at Christ's Coll., Cambridge, BA. 1824, MA. 
1827. An East India Proprietor. Was head of the banking flim. Smith, 
Payne, and Co. A Magistrate for Middlesex, and a Director of the 
Unirersity Life Assurance Society. A Whig. Formerly voted against 

' the abolition of the Com Laws, but in 1840 supported their repesL 
Sat for Midhnrst in 1830; for Chichester since 1881.— 47, Belgrav 

\ »q. t DaU Pari, Petuntrth, Susses. 

Smith, John Benjamin. - (Stockport) 

A retired merchant. Was President of the Manchester Chamber of 
commerce in 1839, 1840, and 1841 ; was the first Chairman of the Anti- 
Com Law League. Published, in 1840, "A Beply to the Letter of 
' Samuel Jones Loyd, esq., on the Effects of the Administration of tke 
' Bank of England.'* A Lilieral, and " opposed to all State grants for 
religious purposes;* voted for the ballot, 1853. Was an nnanccessAil 
' candidate for Blackburn lo 1837, and for Walsall and Dundee in 1841 ; 
Bat for Stirling dist. fhim 1847 till July, 1862, when he was elected foi 
StockpoH.— 106, fVestboums-Urr., Hyds-pk.^ R^ormt rtearU 
Fistd, Eeeiss, Laneash. 

Members of tbe house of commons. 275 
Smith, Martin Tucker. (Wycombe) 

Second a. of the late John Smith, esq.,of Blendon Hall, Kent, a banker 
in London (who sat for Bucks in 1832) , by his 2nd wife, d. of Lient.-Ool. 
Tbcker. Is younger bro. of John Abel Smith, esq., M.P. for Chichester. 
B. 1808; m. 1831, Louisa, 8rd d. of the late Sir Matthew White Ridley, 
bart. Is an East India Director, and a Commissioner of the Lieu tenancy 
for London. A Liberal j Toted for inquiry into Maynooth, and agninst 
the ballot, in 1853. Sat for Midhurst in 1831. First returned for Wy- 
combe in 1847.-13, Upper Belffrave-st.; R^orm. 

Smith, Right Hon. Robert Vernoij. (Northampton) 

8. of Robert Percy Smith, esq., of Savile-row, London, and nephew 
of the late Rer. Sydney Smith, canon of St. Paul's. M. d. and co-heir of 
the late Earl of Upper Ossory. Educated at Christ Church, Oxford, 
where he was second class in classics, 1 823. A Lord of the Treasury from 
Nov. 1830, to Nov. 1884; Secretary of the Board of Controal ftom 
Apri!, 1836, to 1839 ; Under Secretary for the Colonies from 1839 to 
1841 ; and Secretary at War from Feb. till March, 1862. A Liberal. 
Sat for Tralee from 1829 till the election in 1881, when he was chosen 
for Northampton.— 20. Savile-row ; Rtform Club ; Farming yToods, 
TkrapatotUf Northamptonth. 

Smith, William Masters. (Kent, West) 

Only s. of the late George Smith, esq., of Camer, Kent, by Rebecca, d. 
of the Rev. Nicholas Brett, of Spring Grove, near Ashford, Kent. B. 
at Camer, 1802 ; m. 1836, Frances, eld. d. of the late Major-Gen. Sir 

- HowardElphinstone, bart., of Ore.plaoe, Sussex. Educated at Harrow, 
and at Edinburgh. A magistrate and deputylieut. for Kent., for which 
CO. he was high sheriif in 1848. A Conservative ; voted in the minority 
of 58 who censured free trade, Nov. 1 862 ; " opposed to the continuance 
of any grant of public money for the support of popery." First returned 

. for Kent, West, in July, 1862.— 16, Suffolk-st.t Carlton f Camer, near 
Gravesend, Kent, 

Smollett, Alexander. (Dumbartonsh,) 

Eld. s.of the late Rear- Admiral John Ronet Smollett, of Bonhill, by 
the d. of the Hon . Patrick Boyle; is great-grandnephew of the celebrated 
historian and novelist. B. 18UI. Was educated at the University of 
Edinburgh. Is a Member of the Faculty of Advocates. A Conserva- 
tive; but in favour of free trade and national education on a religious 
basis ; opposed to the Maynooth grant Was an unsucoessftil candidate 
for Dumbartonshire in 1886 and 1837; first returned in 1841.— 1, St. 
Alban's-pL ; Union; 14, Gloucester-place, Edinburgh; Cameron 
House, Dumbartonsh. 

Smyth, John George. (York, city) 

Eld. 8. of the late John Henry Smyth, esq., of Heath Hall, YixUh, 
s 2 


by Ui Sod wife. Lady BUsabeth Aoae, 8rd d. of the 4t]i Duke of OnL 
ton. I> grandton of the Right Hon. John Smyth, formerly Master of the 
ICint. B. in Charlea.«t., Berkeley-sq., 1816; m. 1837, Hon. Diana. 5th 
d. of the 8rd Lord Macdonald. Was educated at Eton, and at Cam- 
bridge, where he was a feJlow-commoner of Trinity Ooll. Is a Magis. 
trate for Yorksh., Col. of the 8nd West York MUitia, and a Depnty- 
Ueot. of the West Riding of York. A Conservative | formerly in favoor 
of protection, bat now " nnwilling to reimpose a dnty on foreign corn;' 
will vote far a ** revision and re-adynstment of taxation i" opposed to the 
oontinnanoe of the Maynooth grant. First returned for the city of 
York in 1847 without opposition.— 17, Lonmdettq.; Heath HaO, 
fVmk^U, Yorksh. 

{Somerset, Edward Arthur. (Monmouthth.) 

Eld. s. of the late Lord Robert Edward Henry Somexaet, by the d. of 
Snd Viact. Coortenay. Is therefore cousin to 7th Duke of Beanfint. 
B. 1817: m. 1849, Agatha, Snd d. of WUUaa Miles, esq., of Leigh Court, 
Sooeraetsh. Entered the Rifle Brigade as Snd Lieut, in 1886, became 
Capt. in that corps in 184ft. Appointed to the atalf of Laid Raglan in 
the expedition to aid Turkey, was at the battle of the Alma, fiic. Foimerly 
Equeny to the late Queen Dowager. A Conservative ) voted in the 
minority of 63 who oeaxured free trade, Nov. 18&S, and for inquiry into 
Maynooth, 1853; will support the union of Church and State. First re> 
turned for Monmouthshire, March, 1848, without oppoaition.— 7, BamO- 

Somerville, Right Hon. Sir William Meredyth, bart. 
Bid. s. of the late Sir Marcus Somerrille (ftrd bait.), by his flrrt wife, 
Mary Anne, only d. and heir of Sir Richard O. Meredyth, bait. M. 1833, 
Lady Maria, d. of the 1st Marq. of Onnyngham, and niece of W. 1. 
Denison, esq., many yean M.P. for West Snrrey (she died 1843). Was 
paid attach^ at Berlin from Nov. 1889, till Dec 188S; Under Secretary 
for the Home Department from July, 184S, tiUiuly, 1847; Chief Secre- 
tary for Ireland from July, 1847, till Feb. 1862. Is a Deputy-Lieut. of 
Meath ; a Visitor of Maynooth College. A Liberal. UnsacoessAilly 
contested Wenlock, Jan. 1835 \ sat for Drogheda from July, 1887, till 
July, 185S, when he was an nnsoccesafril candidate for Canterbury; 
elected for the last place, Aug. 1854.— Arooit««'« ,• Travelitrs* s Somtr- 
viOt-houte, eo. Meath. 

Sotheron, Thomas Henry Sutton. ( Wiltshire, North) 

S. of Thomas Grinuton Bncknall-Estcourt, esq., many years MJP. 

for Oxford University, by the d. and heiress of Joseph Sutton, esq., of 

New Park. Wilts. B. 1801 1 a. d. and heiress of Admiral Sothenm. 

Asawned the name of Sotherm ob the dtath of Us f^ther-ia^w U | 


1839, iutead of that of BacfanalUBstoowt. Bdnnted at Oriel Coll.. 
Oxford, where he gradniited B. A.. 1828, M.A. 1826. Capt. of the DeTise* 
troop of Yeomanry. A Magistrate and Depaty.Lient. of Wilts. A 
Conseryatiye ; voted fnr agricaltnra] protection, 1846 ; bat " is not pre- 
pared to incur fresh dilBcnlties by attempting to retrace unr steps." Sat 
for Marlborongh from March, 1820, till 1832} for DeTiies from Nor. 
1889. till 1844, when he was chosen for North Wilts.— 51, EtUon-pl.t 
Carlton; United University t BowdenParkt tViUe. 

Spooner, Richard. (fVartrickth, North) 

8. of Isaac Spooner, esq., a banker and merchant in Birmingham. 
B. at Birches Green, near Birmingham, 1783; m. in 1804, d. of the late 
ReT. Dr. Wetberell, Dean of Hereford, and Master of UniTersity College, 
Oxford. (Sister to Sir ChariesWetherell.) Was educated at Bngby. Is 
a banker. A Oonsenrative ; Toted for agricnltnral protection, 1846, 
and in the minority of 68 who censured free trade, N0T.I86S; will 
▼ote for a system of national edneation on Chorch of Bngland principles ; 
brought forward In 1853 a motion for inquiry into Maynooth. Is a 
magistrate for the eonnties of Warwick, Worcester, and Stafford. Was 
elected in 1820 for Boronghbridge, bat anseated on petition. Sat for 
Biimingham from 1844 to 1847, when he was def)*Hted at Birming- 
bam, but returned for Warwioksh. North.— 8, Maneheeter-buitdinge ; 
Carlton t Birmtnghamt Brickfields^ fVoreestersh. 

Stafford, Marquis of. {Sutherlandsh.) 

Eld. s. of the 2nd Dake of Sotherland, by the 8rd d. of the 6th Barl of 
Carlisle. B. in Loudon, 1828 ; m. 1840, Anne, only d. and heir of the 
late John Hay Maokenaie, esq., of NewhaU, and Cromertie. Ap- 
pointed a depaty-lieut. of Satherlandsh. 1840, and riee-lieut. of that co., 
1860 1 lord-lieat. of Cromarty, 1858. A Liberal; Toted for inquiry 
into Maynooth. and against the ballot, 1858 First returned for Suther. 
landjh. July, 1852.— 2, HamOtonrpl.i NewkaUf and Crontertie, N.B, 

Stafford, Augustus Stafford O'Brien. (Northampttmsh, 

Eld. B. of Stafford O'Brien, esq., and grands, of the late Baroness 
Barham. B. 1811. Educated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge. Was for. 
meriy known as Mr. Stafford- O'Brien, but in 1847 assumed the name of 
Stafford after O'Brien by royal licence. Was Secretary to the Admiralty 
traax March till Deo 1862. Unsucoessftilly contested Limerick in 1887. 
A "Tory;» voted for agricultural protection, 1846; and will • advocate 
erery measure which may tend to the prosperity of agriculture;* voted 
for Inquiry into Maynooth, 1858. First returned fw Northamptonsh. 
North, in 1841^Carlfon/ Trtwea^s*i Oxford and Cambridft 
BMfi*noyk§ Park, Noiikampionsh. t Orattoe fVoods, Clar§, 


Stanhope^ James Banks. (Lincolruh. North) 

Only s. of the l>te Hob. Ool. Jame* Hamiltun Stanhope (a. of Ut Eari 
Stanhope), by Lady Frederica Loniaa, dd. d. of Srd Earl of Hanafidd. 
B. in Deronahire-st., London, 1821 ; is num. Educated at Westminster 
School. A ConaerratiTC ; roted in the minority of 58 who censared fite 
trade. Not. 1852; is opposed to the grant to Maynooth. Fintt elected 
for North Lincolnsh. Jaly,18S2.— Cartfon; BoodOe'*: Revetby Jbbey, 
HomeoMUtt Idneoltuh, 

Stanley, Lord. (Lynn-Regis) 

Eld. a. of 14th Earl of Deity, by the 2nd d. oflat Lord Skelmendalc 
B. at Knowsley Park, 1826. Educated at Ragby and at Triatti 
College, Cambridge, where he was 1 at clam in clasaica, 1848, tahia^ 
alao ODathematieal hononrs, and gaining a deolamation and other prises, 
la Dep.-Lieat. of Lancashire. Was Under Secretary of State fi»r Fbreiga 
Allain fkom March tiU Dec. 1862. Appointed Capt. in 8rd Lancashire 
MiUtia. 1853. Author of * Claims and Resources of the West Indiaa 
Colonies;* 'Further Facts connected with the West Indies;* *The 
Chnrdi-rate Question considered.* A ConserratiTe, but in ftroar of the 
admission of Jews to Parliament, of the Maynooth grant, and of the ex- 
emption of Dissenters fk-om Church-rates. Unsnccesaftilly contested 
Lancaster, March, 1848. Returned for Lynn-Regis without opposition, 
Dec. 1848, during his absence in America.— 8l, Albany t 8, St. Jetnut**- 
•quart t Carlton; Travellers* ; Knoweley, Preeoot, Laneaeh. 

Stanley, Hon. William Owen. (Chester) 

Second s. of 1st Lord Stanley of Alderley, by the d. of 1st Earl of 
Sheffield. B. at Alderley, Cheshire, 1802; m. 1882, Ellen, youngest d. 
of Sir John Hay Williams, hart, of Bodelwyddan, Flintsh. Educated 
at Eton and In Germany. In Feb. 1822, entered the Grenadier Guards, 
in which he became Capt. and Adj. ; retired 1836. Is a Director of the 
Chester and Holyhead Railway. A Whig ; formerly voted againat an 
abolition of the Corn Laws, but in 1846 supported thenr repeal i is in 
IhTourof ** direet taxation in lien of Customs and ExcIm;'* opposed to 
havlDg "purely religious establishments paid out of general state 
fynnds ;** will support an extension of the raffi-age, rote by ballot, and 
Chorch reform. Sat for Anglesey fh>m 1887 till July 1847. Pint re- 
turned for Chester, July 1850.-88^ Lowndea-eq. i TretvelUrt* ; Pntr 
rAo«, Holyhecui, Angleeey. 

Starkie, Le Gendre Nicholas, Jun. (CUtheroe) 

Bid. s. of Le Gendre Nicholas StarUe, esq., of Huntroyde, I«a]icash., 
by Anne, d. of — Chamberlain, esq., of Kelston, Yorksb. B. at RnntI 
royde, (1828 : is unmarried. Educated at Warwick and Uppingham 
Sehoola, and .at TOiiity ColL, Cambridge, whore be graduated M.A. 


1854. ALiberaI,a»dafinBbeiievariii the good dfedsoC five trade I 
opposed to tbe Haynootli and all other State gnats ; against the bafloC, 
bat in t^raar of Parliameataiy Rdaai and extenaon of the ftanehiie. 
First elected for ditheroe, Aug. 1S53.— flkMirwyiir, BunUejf, amd 
jimhion Hall, Lancath. 

Steel, John. {Cockermouth) 

8. of Joseph Steel, esq., of Cocfcenaoath, soUeitor, by}Dorothy, d. of 
John Ponsonby» esq., of Hail Hall, Comberiand. B. at Cockennonth, 
1786 ; m. 1817, Pranoes, d. of the Rer. Richard Case, Vicar of Bockie- 
bary. Series. Educated at St Bees' OoIL. Qimbeilaad. Admitted an 
attorney, 1809; retired fifom practioe, 1853. A Liberal : in &Toiir of 
ez.tension of the franchise, bat against any other parliamentaiy dd. 
form; against interferoioe with the present giant to Maynooth. Pint 
returned for Cockermouth, Aug. 1854, without onpositioo.— I7«np«il 
Bttnk, Cumberland. 

Stephenson, Robert, F.R.S. {Whithy) 

Eld. >. of George Stephenson, esq. (civil engineer), of Tapton House, 
I>erbysh., an extensive locomotive^anaonfacturer at Newcastle-on-iyne. 
B. near Newcastle 1808 ; m. 1829, Prances, d. of John Sanderson, esq., 
merchant, of London (she died 1843). Was educated at Newcastle, and 
at the University of Edinborgh. Is well known as a railway engineer 
and a looomotive-mann&cturer; was a leader in the narrow-gauge 
Interest. Is engineer to the Birmingham, Midland, Eastern Counties, 
and numerous other railways. Is the inventor of improvements in the 
locomotive engine, and of the tabular or beam-bridge for railways. Con- 
fltructed the London and Birmingham, Blackwall, Norfolk, Aylesbary, 
and Tarioas other lines of railway. Is Chairman of the Pontop and South 
Shields Railway. Was a Commissioner on the Health of Towns. A 
Conservative; voted in the minority of 63 who censured (Tee trade, 
Kov. 1853; is opposed to the endowment of the Roman CMholic Clergy. 
First returned for Whitby in 1847, without opposition.— 84, Gloueesttr- 
sq., HydtParki 34, Great George st.i Athmmum. 

Stirling, William. {Perthshire) 

Only s. of the late Archibald Stirling, esq., of Keir, Perthshire, by 
Elizabeth, 3nd d. of the late Sir John Maxwell, bart., of PoUoc. B. at 
Kenmure, near Glasgow, 1818 { unm. Educated at Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, where he graduated |B A. 1889, M.A- 1843. Author of *<An< 
nals of the Artists of Spain," *' Cloister Life of the Emperor Charles V." 
&c. Patron of 1 living. A Conservative, but opposed to the reimposition 
of a duty on foreign com; will give his " cordial sapport to the re- 
moval of the bordena which press unfidily upon land «" would vote 
against the Maynooth grant if it were now for tha^flnt time propoied. 


«Bd li raidy to wttMnw Cbe exMiiv endownoit if thb eu be doM 
wftboat a liraMh of irabUc fldth. Firtt returned f6r Ferthsh. in Inly, 
I85i«~*lS8, Parit*/., Cfrctvntor-tq.t Athanetum, CartUn, Tran^ 
lir«*i Keir,iuarDunbtaiu,Perth$h, 

Strickland, Sir George, bart. (/Ve«^on) 

8. of tke late ffir WiDiun StticUand, bait., by the 8rd d. and eo-beir 
of NaCbaaiel Chotanley, esq., of Wbitby. Yoiksb. B. at Wetbniii, 
Kifkby Moor Side, Yorkib., 1782; m. in 1818, Mary, d. and beir of 
tiie KcT. Ghaa. Oonatable, of Waasand, Yorksb. Wai called to tbebu 
at Linoottt*! Inn, 1810. Patron of 7 livinrs. A Reformer ; adrocate a< 
the ballot, Cbnreh reforai, of Dinenters being relieved Ttom Cbnirb- 
ratea, and of sbort ParliaaMats. Sat for Yorksb. in 1831, and for tbe 
West Rfdins tram Dee. 188S tiU Jidy 1841 ; fbr Preston sinee tke lUt 
date.-lSB, PUemdiUt: Rtfotm CMn HUdmley, Yorkmh. 

Strutt, Right Hon. Edward. (Nottingham) 

0nl7 s. of tbe tate WilUan Stnitt, e*i., «f St Helen's Hoaae, Dnby. 
by tbe d. of Tbomas Brans, esq., of Derby. B. 1801, a. 1887, jonngcst d. 
of Bisbop (Otter) of Cbicbester. Educated at Itinity CoU., CaadiriABe. 
ivbere be graduated B.A. 1823, M.A. 1826. Was Cbief Commissioner of 
Raihrap lk«n Sept. 1846, tiU Marcb, 1848; CbanoeUor of the Duchy o 
Lancaster from Dec. 1862, till June, 1854 ; was higb sheriff of Notts, is 
1860 ; a Deputy-Lieut, of that co. sinoe 1864. Patron of 1 Uviag. A Re- 
foimeri in favour of triennial Parliamento, vote by ballot, Acct *bss 
always beldtbat religious opinions should under no oiicnnaUiioes be a 
ground for interference with ciTil rights." Sat for Deihy from 1880 tiU 
Aug. J 848, when he was unseated on petition; sat for Arandel from 
July, 1861, till July, 1862, when he was returned for No(tin«ham.>-48, 
£ottlA-«l.. GronwMor-sf. ; KingftanHmUt NmU i Si. Htltn^a thtue. 

Start, Henry Gerard. {Dorchester) 

8. of Henry Charles Start, esq., of CritcbiU, Dorset, by Lady Charlotte, 
8id d. of the 6th Barl of Cardigan. B. at Critehill, Dorset, 1828. A 
Oonservatires voted fbr a letum to agrienttural protection 1860 1 wfll 
▼ote lot the repeal of the grant to Maynooth. First returned for Oor- 
ehester la 1847 without opposition.— 16, Portman-tq,; VFhtUf; 
Oartttnt and CwmUry Cludtt CriteMit, Dort«i, 

Sallivan, Michael. (Kilkenny, city) 

Second 8. of the late William Sulliran, esq., merchant, of KiUcenny, 
and bro. to Richard SulUran, esq., of Castlebamferd, co. Kilkenny, who 
represented tbe city of Kilkenny firom 18S2 till 1886. B. la Kilkenny i 
laoamatTled. Was educated at Ooaglowei Odl. Irelaad. A meiehanL 
A B«pealeriiB flnroar of fkeetrftde^ aad aa eviltiAlea41v«tiBettt of the 


Uew beCween landlord and tenant t voted fiir the ballot, 1868. Flnt 
retnrned for Kilkenny city in Dec. 1847, without opposition.— JitcA 
JSouie, eo. Kilk0imy. 

Sutton, John Henry Manners-. {Newark) 

Eld. B. of the late ReT. Frederic Mannera-SnttoD, of Kelham, Notts, by 
I^ady Henrietta, 8rdd. of the 7th Eari of Scarborough (rem. to John 
I«odge Ellerton, eaq.). Is grandnephew of the 1st Lord Manners. B. 
182S; m. 1858, Mary Jemima, eld. d. of Rev. Gostarns Barnaby, rector 
of St. Peter's, Bedford, and canon of Middleham. Appointed Oepnty- 
Ueat. of Notts, 1854. A Conserrative ; but in favonr of free trade. 
First returned for Newark in 1647<-4a, Albany; Kelham Hall, 
Southwell, Notts. 

Swift, Richard. {Sligo, co.) 

S. of the late Mr. Timothy Swift (army oontractoi), by Susannah, d. 
of Mr. John Carey. B. at Malta, 1811 1 m. 1896, d. of John O'Brien, es«|., 
a West India Merchant. Is an importer and exporter of leather, n 
wholesale and export shoe mannftoturer, and agent in London fhr the 
Northamptonshire shoemakers. Was elected Sheriff of London, Octo* 
ber, 1851. A Liberal; in thmnr of tenant right in Ireland ; -voted for 
the baUot, 1858. First returned for the co. of Sligo, in July, 186S.~ 
8, Banover-terr., Reffenft Parkt Erectheumt 98, Hatton-gardm. 

Talbot, Christopher Rice Mansel. ( Glamorgansh,) 

8. of the late Thomas Mansel Talbot, esq., of Margam, by Lady 
Mary Lncy, d. of 2nd Barl of Ilchester, M. 1 836, Lady Charlotte, Snd 
dan. of 1st Earl of Glengall (she died 1846). Is patron of 6 livings. 
Lord-Lient. of Glamorgansh. A Liberal ; voted against the repeal 
of the Corn Laws; in 1850 for a retnm to agricnltuial protection, and 
Not. 186S in the minority of 53 wbo couured fTee trade; Toted for the 
ballot, 1858. Has sat for the county since 1880.— 8, CaveruUthsq.i 
Meurgam, Gtamurgan. 

Tancred, Henry William. (Banbury) 

A Queen's Counsel. Was called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1804, and 
Is now a Bencher of that Society. A Liberal; in favour of the ballot, the 
repeal of the Septennial Act and the malt duty. Has sat for Banbury 
since 1882.— 106, Pall Math United Universittf and Rrfnrm Club: 

Taylor, Thomas Edward. (Dublin^ co.) 

Eld. a. of the Hon. and Rev. Edward Taylor, br. of the Ist Marq. of 
Headfort, by Marianne, eld. d. of the Hon. R.St. Leger. B. 181S. Hm 
been a capt. in the Dragoon Guards, which he entered In 1820. A Con. 
•erratiire ; voted for agricultural protection, 1846, and for inquiry into 
Mayaooth, 1868. Flnt rrtvned foir the oo. of DubUn in 1841^16, 


CarUonJio..40rr.t Carlim Ctmb ; SackviOtst. Chtb, DubUnt Jtr*- 
gillan CastU, Batbriggan, eo. Dublin. 

Tempest, Lord Adolphus Frederick Charles William 
Vane-. (Durham, North) 
Third a. afSrd Marq. of Loadondeny, by hii Sad wife, d. of Sir Harry 
Vane Tempest, bart. B. at HoldfTneue House, Park-lane, 1826; un- 
married. Edacated at Bton. Appointed Lieut, and Capt. Soots Fusilier 
Guards, and Deputy-Lieut, tit Durbam, 1849. Serred In the Crimea, 
1854. Assumed the name of Tempest after that of Vane by royal 
licence, June, 1854. A Oonserrative, and a supporter generally of Lad 
Deiby's policy ; opposed to any rereraal of free trade, and adrerse to ^ 
grants to Maynooth. In June, 185S, unsuccessfully contested Dorhaa 
city, sat for it fiom Dec. following tiU June, 1863, when hf was unseated 
on petition j first retorned for Durham, North, April, l^A.—Holdemesst 
HoiM«, Park-lane; fVhiWs, Guards', and Coventry Club*. 

Tbesiger, Sir Frederic, D.C.L. (Stamford) 

Youngest and only surviving s. of Ciharles Thesiger, esq., of the island 
of St. Vincent, and nephew of Sir Frederick Thesiger, a distinguished 
naval officer. B. in London, 17»4; m. in 1822, Anna Maria, d. of Wil- 
liam Tinling, esq., of Southampton. Has been in the Nary ; called to 
the bar at Gray's Inn 1818; made a King's Counsel 1834 ; is a bencher 
of the Inner Temple ; was Solicitor-Gen. from May 1844 till July 1845; 
then Attorney-Oen. till July 1846 ; and again from March tiU Dee. 18». | 
A Conservative ; voted for free trade 1846 j opposed to the admission 
of Jews to Parliament. Unsacoessftilly contested Newark, Feb. 1840} 
sat ibr Woodstock from March, 1840, Ull 1844; and for Abingdon torn 
the last date till July, 1852, when he was elected for Stamford without 
opposition.— 11, BryanstoM-sq.t 2, King's Bmeh FTalt, Tempts. 

Thompson, George, jun. (Aberdeen) 

8. of the late Andrew Thompson, esq., oonductw of rfores in the 
EJ.C.S. at Madras, by Anne, d. of George Stephen, esq., of Aberdeensh. 
B. at Woolwich, Kent, 1804; m. 1830, Christiana, d. of the late James 
Kidd, D.D., Professor of Oriental Languages in Marischal College, Aber- 
deen. Educated at the Aberdeen Grammar School, and at Marischal 
College. A merchant and shipowner. Dean of Guild, in Aberdeen, 
fkom 1840 to 1842 ; Provost of that city from 1847 to 1850. A Liberal ; 
In favour of fdrther parUamentary reform; voted for inquiry into May- 
nooth, and for the ballot, in 1858. First returned for Aberdeen in July, 
1852.— 6, Northumberland-st., Strand; 6, Goldtn-sq., Aberdeen, 

Thornely, Thomas. (Wolverhampton) 

Has been a merchant of Liverpool, but retired from bosinesa in 1886. 
A Reformer, and supporter of all free-trade measures* Is in firaoar of I 


the ballot and short Parliamente. Unsocoeaiflilly oontnated LiTcrpool in 
1881 and 183S. Has aat for Wolyerliampton since 1836.^34, Regntt' 
St. t Reform, Broott**s t Mount-st., Liverpool. 
Thornhill, William Pole. {Derbysh. North) 

nd. sorvlying's. of the late Henry Bache Tbornbill, esq., of Montagu- 
place, London, by Helen, eld. d. of Charles Pole, esq., of Liverpool, and 
grands, of the late Bache Thornhill, esq., of Stanton. Deitysh., to whose 
estates he sacceeded in 1830. B. at Langwith Lodge, 1806; m.l828, 
Isabella, sole surriviDg child of the late Philip Cell, esq., of Hopton 
Hall, Derbysh. (who was M.P. for Mahnesbary in 1808.) Edacatedat 
Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford. A magistrate fat Derbysh., for which he 
was High Sheriff in 1838. Patron of 1 liriog. A Liberal ; is fhronrable 
to giving a sound moral and religious education to the people at large; 
in farour also of Parliamentary and of Legal Reform, and thinks the 
most stringent economy should be exercised in the public expenditure. 
First returned for Derbysh. North, July 1858.— ^r<Aur'« ; Brooktt'tf 
United Univereity; Stanton, Bcttewell, Derbysh. 

Tollexnache, John. (Chexhire, South) 

8. of the late Admiral Tollemache (nephew of the 5th Earl of Dysart), 
by the d. of the 4th Eari of Aldborough. B. 1805; m. Ist, 1826, d. of 
John Best, esq. (she died 1816); 3ndly, 1850, d. of the late James Duff, 
esq., and stepd. of the 4th Lord Rendlesham. Patron of 7 livings. A 
Cionservative: voted for agricultural protection, 1846, and in the 
minority of 53 who censured free trade. Not. 1852 ; will support a re- 
adjustment of taxation and a redistribution of representatives amongst 
new constituencies ; in favour of Church reform, and opposed to the 
HaynoAh grant. First returned for Cheshire, South, in 1841.— 11, 
fVMUhtUl-pl. ; Cartton: Hekningham HeM, Stonham, St^ffblkt 
Peekforton Caetle, Cheehire. 

Tom line, George. {Shrewsbury) 

8. of William Edward Tomline, esq., who is eldest s of the late 
Sir George Pretyman Tomline, bart.. Bishop of Winchester, but does 
not assume the baronetcy enjoyed by that prelate. A magistrate and 
depnty-lient. of Lincolnshire. High sheriff of that co. for 1852. Ap- 
pointed Col. of North Lincoln militia, March, 1851. Formerly described 
as a Conservative in favour of (tree trade, but now usually ranked as a 
Whig } is in favour of a revision of taxation, a reduction of public ex- 
penditure, &c.: adverse to any ftirther concessions to the Roman Catho- 
lics. Sat for Sudbury firom June, 1840, to June. 1841 (voting with the 
Conservatives), and for Shrewsbury from June, 1841, to July, 1847, when 
he was an unsuccessful candidate on the * Liberal-Conservative" in- 
terest. Again returned for Shrewsbury in July, 1852. — 1, Carlton 
House Terraeei Riby HaUt Caietor, Lin/eokuhire t BaotonHall, 
Stawmarketf St^folk, 


Townshend, John. ( Tamtoorth) 

Eld. 0. of the late Lord John TownshcBd, who faiMerly represented 
Wettminster and the University of Cambridge, by Oeorgiana A.nne,d. of 
William Pojnts, etq., ofMldgbam Honne, Beits. Is con&in and heir pre*, 
to the Harq. Townshend. B . at Ball's Park, Herts, 1708 ; m. 1 826, Biin- 
beth Jane, eldest d. of the late Lord George Staart, and grandd. of 1st 
Marq. of Bnte. Was edncated at Eton, and at the Naval Goll^e, Ports- 
moath. Became a Lient. in the navy in 1832, and a Capt. in 1831 
Naval aide-de-camp to the Queen, 1854 Magistrate for Herts. Patroa 
of 7 livings. ** A thorongh Liberal in every sense of the word ;" in 
favour of the balkit, and the removal of all religions disabilities from 
tile Roman Catholics and from the Jews. Unsoccessfttlly contested 
Tkmworth In 1887, and again in 1841 ; flrst returned in Dee. 1847, 
witbont oppositicm.— 4, New-tt^ Spring Garden* ; Smticr United 
Service, Brookee*et and Navp Chtbt; Raynham Hali, NoefiMc; 
BaWe Park, Herie: Taemowrih Caetle, ff^arwieteMre. 

Traill, George. (CaithnesS'Sh.) 

8. of the late James Traill, esq., of Ratter. Is Vibe-Ueat. of Cuth 
Bess. A Liberal) declined to pledge himself against the endowment o 
the Roman Catholic Clergy, but in 1858 voted for inquiry into Maynocth. 
Formerly voted against the abolition of the Corn Laws, bat in 1848 
cnpported their repeal. Sat for Othn^y and Shetland A'om 1830 to 
183fi t was an unsncoessflil candidate for Caithness 1887} flrst retnraed 
1841.— <SfoocfM'« Hoteli Reform t Caetle Hill, Caiihneeeeh, 

Trollope, Right Hon. Sir John, hart. (Lincolnsh, South) 
S. of the late Sir John Trollope (sixth bait.), by the d. of Henry 
Thorold, esq., of Oozwold, Lincolnsh. B. at Casewick, 1800: m. 1847, 
Julia, eld. d. of Sir Robert Sheffield, hart., of Normanby.park, Lin. 
colnsh. A Dep.-Lient. of Lincolnsh., of which be was sheiiiT in 18SS. 
Was President of the Poor Law Board from March till Deo. 1859. A 
Conservative; voted for agricultural protection, 1846, and tat inquiry 
into Maynooth, 18S& First returned for the co. in 1841.— 85, Port- 
land pi.; Carlton t Caeewiet, Lineolneh. 

Tudway, Robert Charles. ( Wells) 

Rid. B. of the late John Paine TYidway, esq. (who was M.P. for Wells 
from 1815 to 1880, and whose uncle sat from 1760 to 1816), by Fanny 
Gould, d. of Lucas Pnlsford, esq., of Wells. B. at Wells, 1808 ; m. 1846 
Maria Catherine, eld. d. of William Miles, esq., M.P., of Leigh Court, 
Somerset. Educated at Manow and at Christ Church, Oxford. A Dep.. 
Lieut and Magistrate for Somersetsh. i was High Sheriff of that oo. in 
1848: appointed Capt. North Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry in 1889. A 
<3on»ervaUve i voted in the minority of 68 who oenswwl ttvb tnde, Nov. 


185S ; win rapport " any mearare by whicb the budeiui on land may 
be reliered without abridging the comforts of the lower orders." First 
retnraed for Wells In July, 185S.— 7, HamiUon-pl^ PicoadiUyt 
fVelU, Somerset. 

Tyler, Sir George, K.H. (Giamorgmuh,) 

Eld. I. of the late Admiral Sir Charles Tyler, G.C.B., by his ted wife, 
d. of Alexander Leach, esq., of Corston, Pembrokesh. B. in Pembrokesh., 
1792; m. 1819 d. of Right Hon. John Snlliran. and grandd. of the 
8rd Earl of Bnckinghamshire. Educated at the Royal NaTal College. 
Btttered the navy, 184)6 1 became a rear-admiral. 18fi2. Wm Lieut.- 
GoTenior of St. Vincent's from Feb. 1838 tiU 1840. A OousenratiTe; 
▼oCed in the minority of 53 who censured tnc trade, Nov. 18BS; will 
support measures to reUere the agricultural interest ; Toted for inquiry 
into Maynooth, 1858. First returned for Glamorgansh. Feb. 1801, with- 
out opposition.— C^n^^fd Service Club t CoUreU, near Cardiff^ Gla- 

Tynte, Charles John Kemeys, F.R.S. (Bridgewater) 
Only 8. of Charles Kemeys-Tynte, esq., F.A.S., of Halsewell Hon«e, 
flonerseCsh., formerly M.P.for Bridgewater (who is co-heir to the Barony 
of Grey-de- Wilton). B. at Halsewell House, 1800 ; m. 1st, 1821, Elisa- 
beth, 8rd d. and co-heir of the late Thomas Swinnerton, esq., of 
Butterton Hall, Staffordsh.; 2ndly, 1841, Vincentia, d. of the late Wal- 
lop Brabaaon, esq., of Rath House, co. Louth. Was educated at Eton. 
Is author of a " Sketch of the French Revolution of 1880.*' Is a Magis- 
tnte for Somersetsh., Glamor gaush., and Monmouth sh.; Deputy-Lieut, 
for Glamorgansh. and Somersetsh. i Provincial Grand Master of the Free- 
masons in Monmonthsh.; and Col. of the Royal Glamorgan Militia. 
PutroB of 1 liTing. A Liberal, and Toted in favour of free trade. Sat 
for Somerset, West, from 1883 till 1837, when he was an unsuooesaftil 
candidate. First returned for Bridgewater in lM7.r-Brookea*e i Tra- 
vellereU Boodle' e; Artlmr'e; HaUeweU House, Bridgewater, 

Tyrell, Sir John Tyssen, bart. (EsseXt North) 

Eld. s. of the late Sir John Tyrell, bart., by the only d. and heir of 
William Tyssen, esq., of Waltham House, Herts. B. 1795 ; m. in 1819 
Elisa, eld. d. of Sir Thomas Pilkington, bart. of Chevet, Yorksh. (from 
whom he is divorced.) Was Col. of the West Essex Militia from 1881 
till 1852. A Conservative; voted for agricultural protection, 1846. 
Succeeded the late Adm. Harvey in the representation of Essex in 
1880 ; but, voting against the first Reform Bill, was thrown out at the 
ensuing election. Recovered his seat in 1832, and has since retained 
it.— 81, Jermyn-st.t Carlton and Conservative Clube,' Boreham 
House, Bese*. 


Urqahart, William Pollard. ( Westmeaih) 

8. of the late William Datton Pollard, esq., by hia Sod wife, Louisa 
Anne, d. of the late Admiral the Hon. Sir Thomas Pakenham, GJC.B. 
B. at Castle-Pollard, co. Westmeath, 1816 ; m. 1R46 Maiy Isabella, unlj 
chfldof the late WUliam Urqohart, esq.,af CraigstonCasae, Aberdeenth. 
(whose name he has assomed.) Educated at Harrow and at Trinity Oot- 
lege, Cambridge, where he obtained a schokuship, and took a wranglei^ 
degree in 1888. A magistrate and depaty>Iieat. of Westmeath, aad a 
magistrate for Aberdeensh. Author ol the ** Life and Times of fVancesco 
Sforsa, Duke of Milan ;" " Esays on Political Economy ;" pampUcO 
on Taxation, Ike A Liberal; in favour of free trade, and tenant right is •! 
Inrlandi Toted for the ballot, 185& First returned for \(restmeath in 
July, 1862.— 18, ArlingUm-tt. t Arthur's ; Rtform ; Kinitark, Casti*. 
Pottardt eo. fVtstmeathi CraigsUtn Ctutle, Aberdeensh. 

Uxbridge, Earl of. {Staffordsh, South) 

Eld. s. of the Marquis of Anglesey, by his Ist wile, Elennora, Sudd, 
of the late Col. John CampbdL B.1821; m. 1845, Sophia, 2nd d.of 

• James Eversfleld, esq., of Deane Park, Sussex. Formerly lit 
Life Guards ; rettared, 1845. Appointed a Depaty-Lieut. of StaHbrdsh. 
1851, and Lieut..Col. of that oo. Militia, 1852. A Liberal, and in fkToar 
of the extension of the principle of free trade, and a measure of Parlia- 
mentary reform which will extend the franchise, diminish the priTate 
nomination of members, and put an end to corrupt practices at elections. 
First returned for Staflbrds. South. Feb. 18!A.—Beaude*0rt Park, 

Vance, John. (Dublin, city) 

Eld. 8. of the late Andrew Yanoe, esq., of DubUn, merchant. M. 1846, 
Anne Elina, d. of Mr. Henry Dresser, of Faxnborough Lodge, Kent. 
Graduated at Trinity CoUege, DubUn. A merchant in the Irish and 

, colonial trade i a deputy-lient. for the West Riding of York since 185& 
A ConserratiTe ( is opposed to the Maynooth grant, and regards the 
national system of education as a complete failure. Was an unsuccessful 
candidate for Canterbury in July, 1847. First returned for Dublin dty 
in July, 1852.— 33, Hyde Park gardens; Carlton; fVyndhams 1% 
Rutland-sq., Dttblin. 

Vane, Lord Harry George. (Durham, Soath) 

8. of the 1st Duke of Cleveland, by his 1st wife, d. of 2nd Duke of 
Bolton. B. 1803; m. 1864, Lady Dalmeny, d. of 4th Earl Stanhope, and 
relict of Lord Daloieny. Educated at Oriel Coll ., Oxford ; graduated B A. 
18211. Ha* been Secretary of LegaUon at the Court of Sweden. Ap- 
pointed Deputy-Lieut, of Durham, 1862. A Liberal. Formerly roted 
against the abolition of the Com Laws, but in 1846 supported their re- 


' peal, and will ''deprecate any attempt to reTene free trade, even in s 
modified measure,* bat * to any well-considered measare of relief ia 
prepared to lend a ready ear.* Has sat for Durham, Soath, since 1841. 
— 29, Cfroavenor-sq.; Reform. 

Vansittart, George Henry. (Berks) 

Eld. 8. of the late General George Henry Vansittart, hy Anne Mary, 
only sorTiring child of Thomas Clopson, esq , of Shepey Hall, Leioes* 
tershire. B. at Bisham Abbey, Berks, 1823: m. 1851, Catherine Stewart- 
Menzies, of Culdares, Perthsh. Educated at Eton and Balliol Coll. Ox- 
ford, where h« was 4th class in mathematics, 1844. A magistrate and 
Depaty-Lieot. of Berks. A Conservative; Toted in the minority of 68 
-who censored free trade, Nor. 1852 ; will Tote for a withdrawal of the 
Maynooth grant, and is *' determined to resist erery encroachment of the 
papacy ;*' will snstain " every barrier now left against the selfish and 
lerelUng doctrines of the Manchester school of politicians." First re- 
turned for Berks in July, 1852.— 49, BrooJb-at., Carltom Bisham 
Abbtyt near Maidenhead. 

Verner, Sir William, bart {Armaghj co.) 

8. of the late Jas. Verner, esq., by the d. and co-heir of the Rer. Henry 
Clarke, of Annasammery, co. Armagh, fi. in Ireland, 1782; m. 1819, 
Harriet, only d. of the Hon. Col. Wingfield. Dep. Gr. Master of the late 
Orange Society. Became a Lieat.-Col. in the army in 1826. Served in 
Spain and France twice, and was wounded at Waterloo. A Conservative ; 
voted for inquiry into Maynooth, 1858. Struck off the list of justices of 
the peace in Ireland, by the Marq. of Normanby, then Lord Mulgrave, 
on account of an alleged political toast given at a dinner-party. Has 
since been restored to the commission. Has sat for the co. since 1882. 
Contested it unsucceMflilly in 1826.-86, Eaton-aq.; Carlton, Arthur's, 
Sen.andJun. United Service ; Church-hill, eo. Armagh. 

Vernon, Granville Edward Harcourt. (Newark) 

Eld. s. of Granville Harcourt Vernon, esq. (who was M.P. for Retford 
from 1882 to 1847, and was 6th s. of Archbishop Harcourt of York), by 
Frances Julia, d. of the late Anth<my Hardolph Eyre, esq., of Grove Park, 
Notts. B. in London, 1816; m. 1854, Lady Selina Catherine, only d. of 
8rd Earl of Clanwilliam. Educated at Westminster School, whence 
he was elected as a student of Christ Church, Oxford; was 2nd class 
in classics there in 1889, and graduated M.A. in 1842. A magistrate 
and Deputy Lieut, of Notts, and Capt. of the Sherwood Rangers Yeo- 
manry. Was private secretary to Earl St. Germans (when chief secre- 
tary in Ireland) from 1841 till Jan. 1845 ; was afterwards private secre- 
tary to the Duke of Newcastle (when chief commissioner of woods and 
forests), and accompanied him in the same capacity to Ireland, when he 

' became chief secretary there in 1846. A "Liberal-ConservaUve;" in 


ftTOQT of fine trade; oppoied to the abolitkm of the Maysoodi gnuit, taot 
fiiToanble to an inqnixy into that establishment i in finToor of increued 
pnblfa: grants for the purposes of education, and to a modenate extension 
of the svfltage ; opposed to the ballot and triennial paiiiaflsenU. First 
returned for Newark in July, 1852.-2, Satonsq. ; fVhiU*9; Carltom 
Grov0 HaU, Bast Retford, N9U9. 

Vernon, Leicester Viney. (Chafham) 

8. of llf^or.-Oen. Bir Sigismnnd Smith, K.C.H., of the Boyal Axtillery, 
and brother of Sir J. Mark F. Smith (who sat for Chatham from Jnly 
1S52 till Jnne 1858). B. at Perth, 1798 ; m. 1825, d. of William DoagUs, 
esq., of Teddington House. Educated at the Royal Military Academy, and 
at theUnlTenity ofGottingen. Assumed the name of Vernon on inhe- 
riting the estates of Robert Yemon, esq., the well-known collector of 
the "Yernon Gallery." Is a' the Royal Engineer s; retired on 
half -pay. Was Assistant Deputy Quanermaster- General in Ireland 
from 1842 till 1849. Patron of 1 living. A Oonserratiye. First ro- 
tumed for Chatham, June 1858^Car/lon; Upton Mall, Nortkan^h 
toruh. i Ardingtcn Hotut, Berks. 

Villiers, Right Hon. Charles Pelham. ( Wolverhampton) 
Third s. of the late Hon. George Yilliers, by the only d. of lat Lord 
Boringdon ; is therefore br. of the 4th Earl of Clarendon. B. 1802. 
Graduated at Cambridge M.A. 1827 ; was caUed to the Bar at Lincoln's 
Inn, 1 827 ; was one of the Examiners of wit neases in the Court of Chancery 
from 1838 till Deo. 1852, «hen he was appointed Judge AdTocate Gene- 
ral, salary jf2000. Was one of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the 
operation of the Poor Laws. A Deputy-Lient. of Hertford. A Reformer 
long known for his annual motions against the Com Laws s in favour of 
the Ballot. Sat for WolTerhamptnn from 1886 to 1847 ; was returned fir 
that borough at the general election in the latter year, and was at the 
same time chosen for Lancashire, South, when he made his election to sit 
for Wolrerhampton.— Aolls yard, Ckaneerylane { Atheneeum, Tret' 
veUers\ and Reform Clubs. 

Villiers, Hon. Francis John Robert. {Rochetter) 

Fourth s. of the 6th Earl of Jersey, by the eld. d. of the 10th Bar! ot 1 
Wejitmoreland. fi. in London, 1819; num. Educated at Eton; enteicd | 
the army in 1887; became a capt. in 1848, and retired in 1847; wu 
aide de-camp in Canada in 1889, in Ceylon in 1841 1 military secretary 
at Madras in 1842. Appointed a Deputy-Lieut, of Kent, 1853. A Con- 
servatire. Pint returned tor Rochester in July, 1862.— 88, BtrJteley.sq.t 
Carlton, White's, and Coventry Cluds. 

'man, John Ennis. {Truro) 
Was called to the bar at the Middle Temple, lane, 1819. A Magii* 


trate of the county, and a Special Deputy- Warden for the Stannaries 
of Devon and Cornwall. A Conserratire » voted for agrricaltural pro- 
tection, 1846, bat u not now in favour of reimposing the duties on com ; 
is opposed to the endowment of the Roman Catholic clergy. Has sat for 
Tmrd since 1834. Contested the borough unsuocesslully in 1832.-41, 
Dovtr-st.; Trttro and Tregavethan, Cornwall. 

Vivian, Henry Hussey. {Truro) 

Eld. s. of John Henry Tivian, esq., M.P., of Singleton, near Swansea 
(who is bro. of Hussey, 1st Lord Virian), by Sarah, eld. d. of Arthur 
Jones, esq., late of the Ptiory, Reigate. B. at Singleton, 1821 ; m. 1847» 
Jesse Dalrymple, d- of Ambmse Goddard, esq., of Swindon (she died 
1848). Educated at Eton and at Trinity College, Cambridge. A Deputy. 
Lieut of Glamorgan. A Liberal ; in favour of the ballot, and farther 
parliamentary reform ; " opposed to grants from the consolidated fund 
for religious purposes in future.* First returned for Truro, July 1862. 
— 104, Eaton-square} Reform ; Arthur'* ; Brookes' Si Mheneeumt 
Sinffleton, near Swansea. 

Vivian, John Henry, F.R.S., F.G.S. (Swansea) 

Second a. of the late John Vivian, esq., of Truro, by the d. oF Rev. 
Richard Cranch. Br. of the 1st Lord Vivian. B. 1785 ; m. 1816, Sarah, 
eld. d. of Arthur Jones, esq., late of the Priory, Reigate. A magintrate 
and depnty-lieut. of Glamorgansh., of which he was high sheriff in 1827. 
A Liberal ; voted for the ballot, 1853. First elected for Swansea in 1832. 
— 104, Eaton-sq. ; AtJienceum and Reform Clubs : Singleton, near 
Swansea, Glamorgansh. 

Vyse, Richard Henry Richard Howard. (Northamptonsh. 

Second s. of Col. Howard Vyse, of Stoke Place, Bucks, by the d. of Henry 
Heaketh, esq., of Newton, Chesh. B. at Stoke Place, 1813. Entered 
the army as Comet, 1830 ; became Major Royal Horse Guards and Lieut.- 
Col. in the Army, April, 1854. A Conservative: voted in the minority of 
53 who censured free trade, Nov. 1852 ; also for inquiry into Maynouth, 
1 858. First returned for South Northamptonsh. in Feb. 1846.— Cor/Von } 
Slote PlaoSf Slough, Bucks t Boughton^ Northampton. 

Vyvyan, Sir Richard Rawlinson, bart (HeUtone) 

Eld. 8. of the late Sir Vyell Vyvyan, bart., by the only d. of Thomas 
H. Rawlinson, esq., of Hutton, Lancaster. B. at Trelowarren, 1800. 
Educated at Harrow School. High Sheriff of Cornwall 1840.1; is patron 
of 2 livings; a Dep.-Lieut. of Cornwall. Is author of a pamphlet '* On 
Solitary Confinement.* A Conservative ; voted for agricultural protec- 
tion. 1846. Sat for Bristol from 1825 tiU 1830, and from 1832 till 1887; 
for Oakbamptoa in 1831. First returned for Helstone in 1841.— 5 



JhmtUm'* FiOa, XtpmPs Park: CorUunt Athmaum; Tn 
. CemmaU. 

Waddiogton, David. (Harwich) 

▲ merdiuit of Manchester, largely coaoerned in nilway imdexUkiii 
l8 Chairaun of the Eastern Coanties Railway, and formwly hdd 
aimiiar position on the Manchester and Birmingham line. Director 
the Mercantile Life Asaurance Omnpany. Appointed Depoty-Lieat. 
Middlesex, June, 18A2. A ConaenratiTc and Protectionist ; Toted I 
Inquiry into Maynonth, 1868. Sat for Maldon firom 1847 till July 183 
when he was elected ttx HnwkSi.r^A(i0laid9 House, Enfitld, Mi 
di4sexi CqrUon Club. 

Waddington, Harry Spencer. (Suffolk, West) 

Half-br. of Spencer Honey de Horsey, esq., who sat finr Newca5t1e 
wider.Line fVt>m 1837 till 1841, and nncle-in-law of Mr. Bfilnet, M.P. to 
Fontcihict. M. Mary Anne, d. of Rich. S. Milnes, esq., of Fryston Hail 
Contested this division of the co. in 1832; subsequently declined beinf 
pat in nomination, but on the death of Mr. Hart Logan was retornei 
withoat opposition in 1838. A OonaerratiTe; Toted for agvlcaltnn 
protection, 1846.— 46, SU Jame9>a-pl.; Arthur* a: CavetthamhaS 

Walcott, John Edward. (Christchurch) 

Third 8. of Edward Wakott Sympson, esq., of Winkton House, wt ^ 
Christchurch, by Catherine Anne, d. of John Lyons, esq., of Antigua. B. i' 
Winkton Houm, 1790; m. 1819, Charlotte Anac, d. of Colonel Johi 
Nelley. of the Bengal Artillery. Educated at Hyde Abbey School, T^ia 
diester. Entered the nary hi 1808, and became a oapt. in 1893 ; seirci 
with distinction under Sir Samuel Hood and other commanders ; espedall; 
distinguished himself when capt. of the Tyne frigate, by catting ou' 
with the boats of that ship and the Thracian, a formidable piratical 
schooner from the harbour of Mata, island of Cuba ; became a rear 
admiral on the rtrserred list, 1862. A Conservatire : Toted for inqnin 
into Maynooth, 185& First returned for Christchurch in July, 1852.- 
7, Charlet-st., St. James's; United Service ; fVinkton House, Christ 
ehureht Hants t ff^oodland KiUa, Bath. 

Walmsley, Sir Joshua. (Leicester) 

8. of Mr. John Wahnsley. marble mason, by Elisabeth, d of ~ Pern 
esq. B. at Liverpool, 17fM; m. 1815, Adeline, d. of Hnich MnUenni 
esq., of Lirerpool. Educated at Holt Hill, Lancash. Was formerlj > * 
com merchant at Lirerpool. A Magistrate for that bor. and for Laneith 
Was Mayor of Lirerpool in ISBiMO. Patron of 1 living. A Liberal 
in favour of extension of the snflV-age, rote by ballot, the abolition o \ 
property qualification, triennial parliaments, separation of Church » , 
State, and national education by voluntary means ; opposed to all R^ . 


gknB endowments. VrusacceatftaXtf contested Liverpool in 1841 ; sat ftiT 
licioester ttom July 1847 till Ang. 1848, when he was unseated on 
petition. Sat for Bolton, from Jan. 1849, till Jaly, 1862, when he was 
retnmed for Leicester.— 101, ff^estboume-terr., Hyde Paris R^orm 
Chtbt Snibtton, Leieester«h. ; Liverpool. 

Wklpole, Right Hon. Spencer Horatio. (Midhunt) 
. Second s. of the late Thos. Walpole, esq., of Stagbary, Surrey, and 
Lady Margaret, youngest d. of the 2nd Earl of Egraont. B. 1806; m. in 
1836, Isabella, 4th d. of the late Right Hon. Spencer Perceval. Was 
educated at Eton, and Trinity Cdll., Cambridge, where he obtained the 
first English declamation prize, and the prize for the best essay on the 
character and conduct of William III. Was called to the bar in 1^1 
by the Society of Lincoln's Inn, of which he is a Bencher t became a 
Queen's Counsel, 1846. Was Secretary of State for the Home Department 
ftom March till Dec 1862. A Conservative ; and in fiivonr of protection 
to agriculture. First elected for Midhurst in 1846. ~0, 
Carlion t EetUng^ Middlesex. 

Walsh, Sir John Benn, bt. (Radnorsh.) 

8. of the late Sir John Benn Walsh, by the d. of Joseph Fowke, esq., 
of Bexley , Rent B. at Warfield Park, 1798. M. Nov. 9, 1826, the Lady 
Jane, youiigest d. of 6th Earl of Stamford and Warrington. Is Lord- 
Lieut, of Radnorsh. and a Deputy-Lieut, of Berks. A Conservative i 
Toted for agricultural pro eotion, 1846, and " will not rease to advocate 
the claims of the agricultural interest for redress * Sat for Sudbury from 
1880 to 1884, and firom March 1830 tiU June 1840, when he was first 
returned for Radnorsh.— 28, Berkeley aq.; United Untvereityi Or- 
tnathwaite, Cumberland; ff^arfield, Berks. 

Walter, John. (Nottingham) 

Eld. 8. of the late John Walter, esq., of Bearwood, Berkfi, (H.P.for 
that CO. in two successive Parliaments,) by his second wife, d. of 
Henry Smitbe, esq., of Eastling, Kent. B. in London 1818; m. 1842, 
Smily Frances, eld. d. of Major Henry Court, esq., of Castlemans, 
Berks, (a Deputy-Lieut, of that co.) Was educated at Eton ; took 
honours at Exeter Coll., Oxford, where he graduated B.A. 1840, M.A. 
1848. Was called to the Bar (Lincoln's Inn) 1847. Is patron of 1 living. 
A Deputy-Lieut, of London. A Liberal Conservative ;*' will advocate those 
measures which obtain the common support of moderate Whigs and mo- 
derate Conservatives ;" is * convinced that the extension of edacation must 
be left to the voluntary exertions of the different religious bodies, aided by 
a fair and liberal scale of contributions from the public pune.* Contested 
Nottingham unsuccessfully in 1843; first returned, July, 1847.— 40, 
Upper Grosvenor-st. ; Bearwood, Berks. 
T 2 


Warner, Edward. (Norwich) 

Bid. k. of the lute Edward Warner, esq., of Walthamatow, Baaex. B. 
at Walthamstow, 1818 : m. 1848, Maria, d. of Thonua Carr, eaq., of 
New Rosa, co. Wexford, and relict of — Hibbitts, esq. Educated at 
Wadham College, Oxford, where he wa« first class in mathematics, 1840, 
and obtained the two open mathematical scholarships in 1841 ; gra- 
daated M.A. in 1844. Was caUed to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1860, bat 
do«s not practise. Is patron of 1 living. A magistrate for Essex. *A 
Freetrader and Financial Reiirmer ; in faTonr of an extension of the 
•ajfrage, the ballot, and a reform in the Established Chnrch ;* voted br 
inquiry into Maynooth, 18S8. Pint returned for Norwich, July 18SS. 
— 49, Grosvenor-pl. ; Ftform Clubt Higham HaU^ fVoodffordt 
Bsaexi Bum Fart, CoUinghamt East Riding cf York, 

Waterpark, Lord. (Lichfiefd) 

B. at Leixlip, oo. Kildaxe, 1793: m. 1887, Hon. Elisabeth Jane, 
yonngest d. of 1st Visct. Anson, and sister of 1st Earl of Lichfield. An 
Irish peer. Was a Lord in Waiting to the Queen from 1846 till Feb. 
1852; reappointed, Jan. 1858. Is Col. of the Derbysh. MiliUa. A Li- 
beral, and a supporter generally of Lord Aberdeen ; in favour of the 
ballot. Sat for Knaresborongh in 1831 ; for Derbysh. South, flora Dec. 
1882 till Jan. 1886, when he was an uusuccessftol candidate ; unsuccess- 
ftilly contested the same oo. July, 1841 1 first returned for Lichfield, 
May. 1854, without opposition.— X?ov«n'(^ ffo//, Uttoxeter, Darbysh. 

Watkins, John Lloyd Vaughan. {Brecknw:k) 

Eld. surviving s. of the late Rev. Thomas Watkins, of Pennoyre. 
Brecknocksh., by Snsanna Bleanora, only d. of Richard Vaughan, esq., 
of Shenfield, Essex, and Golden Grove, Carmarthensh. B. at Pennoyre, 
1802; m.l833, Sophia Louisa Henrietta, 8rdd. of the late Sir George 
Pocock, bart. (she died 1851.) Educated at Harrow, and at Christ 
Chnrch, Oxford. Appointed Lord. Lieut, of Brecknocksh. in 1847. Is 
Colonel of the Brecknocksh. Militia. Patron of 8 livings. A Liberal ; in 
fkvour of free trade, but formerly supported a protecting duty on foreign 
corn. Sat for Brecknock fiom 1882 till 1885, and fhim July, 1847, 
till July, 1852; reelected, Jan. 1854, without opposition^— ArooJt»«'s ; 
jlthetuBumt Ftmwyre, Brteknoekth, 

Wataon, William Henry. {Hult) 

Eld. s. of the late Capt. John Watson, formerly of the 76th foot. B. 
1796 ; m. 1831, d. of A. Hollish, esq. Entered the army as Cornet 6th 
Dragoons, 1811 ; became a Lieut. 1813, and after having served with 
his regiment in the Peninsula, retired on half-pay, 1816. Admitted t 
student of Lincoln's Inn, 1817; practised for several years as a special 
pleader; called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1888, and made a Beaehor of 


that Inn, 1843. Is a Queen's Counsel. A Liberal ; in favour of Paz^ 
liamentary refonn, the admisaon of Jews tu Parliament, and national 
education. Unsuccessfully contested Newcastle-upon-Tyne, July, 1862 i 
sat for Kinsale from July, 1841, till July, 1847 ; first elected for Hull, 
Aug. 1854.— 88, fViUonerese.; Junior United Service Ch^. 

Welby, Sir Glynne Earle, bart. {Grantham) 

Eld. 8. of the late Sir W. E. Welby, 2nd bart. B. at Carlton^n-Trent, 
Notts, 1806; m. 1828, Frances, 2nd d. of the late Sir Montague Cholmeley, 
bt. Was educated at Rugby. Lieut.-CoL of the Royal South Linraln 
Militia from 1852 till 1854 ; a Deputy-Lieut, of Lincolnsh. Patron of 4 
liyings. K Conserratire ; voted for agricultural protection, 1846. Has 
sat for Grantham since 1830.— 8, Upper Belgrave-tt. ; Carlton Club { 
Denton House, Grantham. 

Wellesley, Lord Charles. ( Windsor) 

Second s. of the 1st Duke of Wellington, and is heir presumptire to the 
title. B. at the Chief Secretary's Lodge, Phoenix Park, Dublin, 1808; 
m. in 1844, only d. of the Rt. Hon. Henry Manvers Pierrepont. Became 
a Lieut.-Col. in the Army, 1837, and a Col. 1851 ; appointed Aide-de- 
Camp to the General-Commanding-in-Chief, Sept. 1 852. Has been Chief 
Equerry and Clerk Marshal to the Queen ; resigned July, 1846. A Con- 
serratire, in favour of free trade; will support any "well-considered 
measure combining religious instruction with general education.'* Sat 
for Hants, South, from 1842 till July, 1852, when he was elected for 
yfinioKX.—Apeley Houee; Carlton, 

Wells, William. {Beverley) 

8. of the late Capt. William Wells, R.N., of Holme Wood, Hunting- 
donshire, by Lady Elisabeth, youngest d. of the Ist Earl of Carysfort. 
B. at Holme Wood, 1817; unm. Educated at Harrow and at Balliol 
College, Oxford. Entered the 1st Life Guards in 1838 ; retired from the 
army in 1842. Patron of 2 livings. A Liberal ; in favour of inquiry 
respecting Maynooth. Rrst returned for Beverley in July, 1852.— 46, 
Dover-etreet, Piccadilly; fVhite's; Coventry; Boodle's; Hohne 
PToodt near Stilton; RetUeaf, near Tunbridge, Kent. 

West, Frederick Richard. {Denbigh dist.) 

Eld. s. of the Hon. Frederick West, of Ruthin Castle, by his 2nd 
wife, the d. and co-heir of Richard Myddleton, esq., of Chirk Castle, 
Denbighsh. Is grands, of the 2nd Earl DekuWarr. B. in London, 17W ; 
m. 1st, 1820, Lady Geoigiana, 8rd d. of the 6th Earl of Chesterfield ; 
2ndly, 1827, Theresa, only d. of the late Capt. John Whitby, R.N., of 
Cresswell Hall, Staflbrdsh. Educated at Eton, and at Christ Church, 
Oxford. A Magistrate for Denbighsh. and a Deputy-Lieut, of Hants. 
A *' Liberal-Conservative." Elected for Denbigh in 1826 : sat for Bast 
Grinstead from 1830 till it was disfiranchised under the Refonn Act ; ^ 


tnnied for Denbigh dUt. 1847.— S b, Si. Jamet^s-aq. ; Carlton ; Amt- 
mood Hou$t, lifiHiiHfton, HanU; Ruthin Castle, North fVale: 

Whatman, James, F.R.S., F.S.A. {Maidstone) 

Eld. s. of the lite Junes Wlmtman, esq., of yiiiter>s, near Maidstone 
(whose father was sheriff of Kent in 1767), by Eliia Susannah, eld. d. of 
Samuel Richard Ganssen, esq., M.P., of Bxookman's Park, Herts. B. at 
▼inter's, 1818 1 m. 1860, Louisa Isabella, d. of Charles Ross, esq., and 
grandd. of the 2dd Marquis Cornwallis. Educated at Eton and at 
Christ Church, Oxford, where he was 4th class in classics, 1834, and gra- 
duated M.A. in 1838. Is a magistrate, and dq>.-lieut. of Kent, a com- 
missioner of the lieutenancy for London, and capt. in the West Kent 
militia (since 1888). A Liberal. Krst returned for Maidstone, July, 
1852.— 60, Portlattd-pl.: Reform Club; Oxford and Catnbridgti 
KinUr'St near Maidstone, Kent. 

Whitbread, Samuel. (Bedford) 

S. of Samuel Charles Whitbread, esq., of Cardhigton, Bedfovdsh., who 
was M.P. for Middlesex firom 1 820 to 1830. Grandson of the weU-known 
politician, whose name he bears. B. at Cardington, 1880; onm. Bdnoated 
at Rugby and at Cambridge. Appointed Depu^>Lieut. of Bedfbrdsh. 
1852 1 private sec. to Sir George Grey at the Colonial Office, without 
salary, 1864. A Liberal; voted against the ballot, 1868. Fintietmned 
for Bedford in July, 1852.— 18, fVilton-et,; Brootes'e.- Cardington^ 
near Bedford. 

Whiteside, James. {Enniskillen) 

S. of the late Rev. William WVitedde, and brother of the Ker. Dr. 
Whiteside, Vicar of Scarborough. B. at Delgany, co. Wicklow, 1806; 
m. 1833, d. of the late WilUam Napier, esq., of Belfast. Educated at 
the Univerrity of Dublin, where he graduated M.A. with honours ; 
also obtained premiums in the first law class fbmed in the UniTersity 
of London. Called to the bar in Ireland, 1880; and is a Qneed*a 
Counsel. Was Solioitor-Gen. for Ireland flrom March tin Dec. 1869. 
Author of works on Italy and on Ancient Rome. A ConservatlTe i in 
favour of a grant to the Church Education Society. First returned for 
Enniskillen, April, 1851.- -34, /ermyn.»/.; Carlton.; 2, Mountiojifaq. 
Northt Dublin,' University Club, Dublin. 

hitmore, H«nry. (Bridgnorth) 

Third s. of the late Thomas Whifmore; esq., of Apley Park, new 
ridgnorth (who represented that borough fbr 25 years, and was Ae 
rect descendant of an ancient Shropshire fkmily, founded by John, 
ord of Whytemere, temp. Henry lU.). B: at Apley Park, 1814; m. 
.852, Adelaide Aniia, d. and co-heir of the late Prancia Darby, esq., of 
Ooldnooke Dale. Educated at Chriarcharefa, Okford. AOmserrative ; 


roted tbr inqniiy into Maynooth, 1858. Pint reCimed for Btidgnoifh, 
Jolj, 1862.— 20, South Audley-tL; Carlioni Oxford and Cambridge 
Club; Colebrook* Dale, Broaeley, Salop. 

Wickham, Henry Wickham. (Bradford) 

Eld. s. of the late Rev. Lamplngli Hird, prebendaiy of York, and 
Tiear of Pkull in the East Riding (who was youngest s. of Col. Wick- 
ham, of CoUingley), by Sarah Elizabeth, eld. d. of Richard Hird, esq., 
of Rawdon, Yorkshire, whose name he assumed. Lineally descended 
from William Wickham, Bishop of Winchester, temp. Queen BUsabeth. 
B. at Bradford, 1800 ; m. 1686, Mary, eldest d. of Thomas Benyon, esq., 
of Mew Grange, near Leeds (she died 18S2). Educated at Genera at the 

. expense and under the superintendence of his uncle, the late Right Hon. 
William Wickham. Resumed his paternal name of Wickham at his 
fcther's death in 1843. A partner and active manager of the Low Moor 
Iron Works, near Bradford, Yoricshire. A director of the Lancashire and 
YoriKshire railway. A deputy-llent. of the West Riding since 1881, a 
magistrate since 1883, and chairman of quarter-sessions since 1842. A 
'Liberal-Conservative;' opposed to the Maynooth grant; in favour of 
tree trade, moderate parliamentary reform, national education based on 
religion, and the "removal of Ihe burden of taxation from the shoulders 
of the industrious classes;* voted for the ballot, 1858. Was an unsno- 
cessfbl candidHte for Bradford in July, 1847. Rrst returned for that 
borough in July, 1862.— 8, Chapel-at., Groevsnor'aq. ; Coneervaiive 
Ch$b t Kirkleea Hall, Mitjield, YortefUre. 

Wigrain, Loftus Tottenham. (Cambridge University) 
8. of the late Sir Robftt Wigrun, bart., by the d. of John Watts, esq. ; 
is therefore uncle to Sir Robert Fits Wygram, 8rd bart. (whose &ther 
usnmed the name of Fits Wygram in lieu of Wigram.) B. 1808; m. 
1849, Lady Katherine, youngest d. of 6th Earl uf Selkirk. Educated at 
TYinity College, Cambridge, where he was 8th wrangler in 1826, and 
graduated A.M. 1828. Called to the Barat Lincoln's Inn, 1828. Became 
a Queen's Counsel in 1842. A Conservative; opposed tn the admission 
of Jews to Parliament, and to the teparatioa of religious from secular 
education. First returned for Cambridge University, Oct. 1850, without 
opposition.— 88, Charlea-at.f Berteley-sq. ; Athenoeum. 

Wilkinson, William Arthur. (Lambeth) 

Eld. s. of Josiah Henry Wilkinson, esq^ of Old Broad-st, London, and 
Peckham, surgeon, by Sarah, d. of William Pa'teson, esq., of Canterbury. 
Bk in London, 17tf5 ; m. 1st, 1818, Esther, 6th d. of the late Abraham Ri- 
csrdo, esq. (she died 1823) i 2ndly, 1826, Rachel, 4th d. of the same (she 
died 1861). Educated at Merchant Taylors' School. Has been a member 
of the Stock Exchange since 1816; a maghrtrate fi>r Suney since 1843; 
and was Chainnan of the Cioydon Railway Company fkom 1889 till its 


•malgamation with the Brighton Company. A Liberal ; opposed to all 
endowments for religioas purposes, but will not vote for a repeal of the 
Maynooth grant under existing circumstances ; is in favour of an ex- 
tension of the suflKnge, vote by ballot, short parliaments, and the aboli- 
tion of all 'taxes on knowlrdge.' Was an unsuccessful candidate for 
Sunderland July, 1847, and Dec. 1847. First returned for Liambeth, 
July, 1858.-5, Betmett-st.f St. James's t RrformClttb; ShortltMstds, 
Beetenham, Kent. 

Willcox, Brodie Mc Ghie. {SoutJuimpton) 

B. 1786; m. 1818, Sophia, d. of the late Benjamin Tander Gocht, ea^^ 
of Brook-st. A Ship-owner; a managing Director of the Peninsnhr 
and Oriental Steam Navigation Comp.; Director of the Sonthamptoo 
Docks, and of the Universal Life Assurance Society} an East India Pro- 
prietor. A Liberal ; in favour of an extension of the franchise, vote by 
ballot, and direct taxation { opposed to the application of any part af 
the public Ainds to religious endowments. First returned for South- 
ampton in 1847 without oppo8ition.-^23, Portman-sq.; R^orm. 

Williams, Michael. {Cornwall, West) 

Eld. surviving s. of the late John Williams, esq., of Scorrier House, 
Cornwall. B. 1785 ; m. Elizabeth, eld. d. of the late Richard Eales, esq., 
of Eastdon House, near Dawlish (she died July 1852). Was High Sheriff 
of Glamorgan, 1830. Is head of the large copper smelting firm of Wil- 
liams, Foster, and Co., also of the tin smelting firm of Williams, Harvey, 
and Co. A magistrate and deputy-lieut. of Cornwall ; a deputy-warden 
of the Stannaries. A banker at Truro, Falmouth, and Redrath. A 
Liberal ; opposed to church-rates for new churches; in favour of educa- 
tion without religious interference, of Parliamentary Reform and ex- 
tension of the franchise, but would, if possible, avoid resorting lo the 
ballot. First returned for Cornwall, West, July 1853, without opposition. 
—Athsntmum; Reform; Scorrier House, andTrevmee, Cornwall j 
ttnaton HousCf near Pfymouth. 

Williams, Thomas Peers. {Great Marlow) 

Eld. B. of the late Owen Williams, esq., of Temple House, H.P. for Mar 
low from 1796 to 1832, by Margaret, sister of the last Lord Dinoihen 
(extinct). B. 1705. Is patron of 1 living. Appointed Lieut-Col. Com- 
mandant Royal Anglesey Infantry Militia, 1858. A Conservative; 
voted for agricultural protection, 1846, and in the minority of 68 who 
-ensured f^ trade, Nov. 1852; voted against the Reform Bill, but was 
frequent opponent of the Liverpool and the Wellington Administra- 
ns; will support *' measures for the alleviation of existing burdens, 
d the relief of those interests on whom they most heavily bear.'' Has 
for Marlow uninterruptedly since 1820.-41, Serkeletf-eq.i Carl. 
t; Temple House, Berish-i Craig y Don, Anglesey. 


Williams, William. (Lambeth) 

▲ merchant. A Radical Reformer; adrocates the strictent eoonomy 
and retrenchment in the expenditure of the public money; in favour of 
the repeal of the " inquisitorial income tax ;" voted for the ballot, 1853, 
Author of two pamphlets on the State of Education in Wales ; also a 
pamphlet on The Defective State of the Representative System. Repre- 
sented Coventry from January, 1886, tiU the general election 1847. First 
returned for Lambeth, July, I860.— 13, Park-sq., Regtnt'a'park i 
R^orm Club. 

Willougrhby, Sir Henry Pollard. {Evesham) 

Second s. of the late Sir Christopher Wllloughby,bart., by his Snd 
wife, d. of the late Maurice Evans, esq. B. 1796. A Deputy-Lieut, of 
Oxfbrdsh.i patron of 1 living. A Conservative, but in favour of flree 
trade; when previously in Parliament voted for the Reform Bill. Sat 
fiw Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, on the Reform interest in 1831 ; represented 
Neweastle-nnder-Lyme firom 1882 to 1836 ; was an unnucceulal candi- 
date for Poole on the Conservative interest in 1837, and also contested 
Northampton without success in 1841. First returned for Evesham in 
1847^— 68 a, Lowtr BrooJt-tt.; Baltton House, Oisfonhh.; Berwick 
Lodge, Gkiueestersh. 

Wilson, James. {Westbury) 

S. of the late William Wilson, esq., of Hawick House, Roxburghsh., 
and bro. to Walter Wilson, esq., of Orchard House, in the same eo. B. 
at Hawick 1806 ; m. 1832, Elisabeth, d. of WUliam Preston, esq., of 
Newcastle-on-Tyne. Was Secretary to the Board of Contronl from May, 
1848, till March, 1862. Appointed Financial Secretary to the Treasury, 
Dec. 1852, salary £2600. A magistrate and deputy-lient. for Wilts. 
Published in 1830 * Influences of the Corn Laws;" in 1840 " Fluctua. 
tions of Currency, Commerce, and Manufactures;" in 1841 "The 
Revenue; or, What shonld the Chancellor do?" in 1847 '* Capital, Cur- 
rency, and Banking." Established in 1843 the ** Economist" news- 
paper, of which he was for some years the chief editor. A Liberal ; is 
adrerse to religious endowments; voted against the ballot, 1858. First 
elected for Westbury in 1847.'-1&, Her{ford-»t.t Mayfair t Rtform 
Club I FontaiTWiUe, fVeetbury, fViUe. 

Winnington, Sir Thomas Edward, bart. (Bewdley) 
Eld. 8. of the 3rd bart., by Joanna, d. of John Taylor, esq., of Moseley 
Hall, near Birmingham. B at Moseley Hall, 1811; m. 1842, Anne 
Helena, eld. d. of Sir Compton Domvile, bait. Educated at Christ 
Church, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. 1888. Patron of 4 livings, a 
deputy-lient. of Worcestersh., and high-sheriff of that eo. in 1861. Of 
Whig principles; formerly voted against an abolition of the coru'laws, 


bat in 1840 supported their repeal? v>oted for the Maynooth g^rurtlB 
1846, but Mibseqaently signed a memorial against papal aggreuion, and 
would now IkToar inquiry respecting Maynooth, though not with a 
view to reacinding the grant : will support ** the established iBstitntioas 
of the country," and in respect of general politics, " repudiates all cob. 
Bcxion with dangerous theoretical doctrines/' Sat for Bewifiey from 
1887 to 1847: was an unsucoeaftU candidate in that year; but was 
again elected in July, 1863.-'16, S^ffi>lk-ti.t TrautUtrt'f Stanford 
eourtt Stourport, fVoreesttrsh. 

Wise, John Ayshford. (Stafford) 

Eld. 8. of the Ute Ayshfbrd Wise* esq. (M J. fbr Totness in 1812), hT 
Mary, d. of the Rer. Thomas Wbitby, of CresswelKhall, Stafford, and 
aunt to the 1st Lord Portman. Descended from William Wise, or 
Owiss, who lired at Oreston, Cornwall, about 40 years after the Nomun 
Conquest. B. 1810 ; m. 1st, 1837, Mary Lovett, only d. and beir of Hugh 
Booth, esq ^ of aiif Bank, Stailbrd (she died 1844); Sudly, 1848, Anne 
Mary, d. of the Rev. Lewis Way, of StansteadnfMrk. Bducatedin Paris, 
Gomany, and Italy, with a view to entering the diplomatic serrice. 
Appointed a magistrate and deputy -lieut. of Devon, 1882, and of Staf- 
ford in 1887 ; was high sherilf of the latter county in 1862. Of old 
Whig principles, but in fkvour of the commercial p<dlcy of the late Sir 
R. Peel, and the reduction of public^ expenditure; recommended a fixed 
duty on corn 1832, and a total repeal in 1841 1 has tal:en an active interest 
in the poor law, the law of settlement, &o. ; voted for inquiry into May- 
nooth, 1858. First returned for Stafbrd, July, 1862.— DurA^i^ton A>M,- 
CtaytonrhaU, near NtweatUe-undtr-LyfM^ 

Wodehouse, Edmond. (Norfolk, East) 

S. of the late Thomas Wodehouse, esq., by the d. of Pryoe Campbell, 
esq., of Stackpole Court, Pembrokesh. A cousin of Lord Wodebouse and 
Earl Cawdor. M. 1809 his cousin Lucy, d. of the Rev. Philip Wode- 
house. A Conservative ; voted for agricultural protection, 1846. Is 
patron of 1 living, and Dep.-Lieut. of the county. Sat for the county 
ftom 1817 till 1880, and for the Eastern division since 1836.— Aroeon- 
dMe Hill, Norwich ; Sermowe^ Norfolk. 

i^ood, Right Hon. Sir Charles, barf. (Halifax) 

Eld. s. of the late Sir Francis Llndley Wood, bt. B. at Pontefraet, 
1800; m.l829. Lady Mary, Qth child of 2nd Earl Grey. Educated at 
Oriel Coll., Oxford, where he took a double Ist class degree 1821. Was 
private secretary to Earl €k«y, and became Secretary to the Treasury 
in 1882; retained that oiBoe Hll Nov. 1884. Secretary to the Ailminlty 
h>m April, 1885, to September, ] 880. Chancellor of the Exchequer ftom 
uly, 1846, tiU Maroh, 1662. Appointed Prarident of: the Board of 


Contronl, D«c. 1863, salary £B600. A depnty-lient. finr the West 
Riding of York. Formerly roted against the 'total and iinmediate 
abolition'' of the Com Laws ; in 1846 sapported their repeal. Is patron 
of 1 living. Sat for the semi-disfiranchised borough of Great Grimsby 
from 1826 to 1831, when he was elected for Wareham. Has sat for 
Halifax sinoe 1888.— 18, CarUonho^terr. t Reform Club ; HieiMon- 
haUt Yorkah. 

Woodd, Basil Thomas. {KnaretborougK) 

Eld. 0. of BasU George Woodd, esq., of Hillfleld, Hampstead,by Mary, 
only d. of the Rev. Robert Mitton, of Harrogate, Yorlubire. Descended 
from the Woodds of Shinewood, Salop. B. in London, 1816 ; nr. 1837, 
Charlotte Mary, eld. d. of the Rev. John Dampier, of Colinshays, Somer- 
set. Edacated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, where he gradnated B.A. 
1837, M.A. 1840. Was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1840, bat 
has never practised. Appointed a magistrate for the North and West 
Ridings of York in 1842, and depnty-lient. for the latter 1853. A Mode- 
rate Conservative, opposed to the reimposition of the corn-laws; also 
to the Maynooth grant •, favourable to an inquiry into parliamentary 
reform and franchise questions ; voted agaiust the ballot, 1853. Fbst 
returned for Knaresborough in July, 1853, but, in consequence of three 
candidates having each polled 118 votes, did not take his seat till April 
1868; when the decision of ia committee confirmed his election.— 14, Great 
€umb*rland-st., Hyde Parti Atheneeumt Thorpe Green^ Borough- 
bridge, Yorkshire. 

Wortley^ Right Hon. James Archibald Stuart. {Butesh) 
Third s. of 1st Lord WharncliflTe, by the d. of the 1st fiarl of Erne. B. 
in St. James's-sq., 1806 ; m. 1846, only d. of the Ist Baron Wenlock. 
Graduated at (Christ Church) Oxford, B.A. 1826, M.A. 1831; called to 
the bar by the Inner Temple, 1881, and went the Northern Circuit ( be- 
came a Queen's Counsel in 1841, and was Judge-Ad rocate-General from 
Jan. till July 1 846. Appointed Solicitor-General to the late Queen Dow- 
ager 1846, which office he continued to hold until her Majesty's death, 
Dec. 1849. Elected Recorder of London Sept. I860. Is a Deputy-Lieut, 
of London and of Bute. A Conservative, but in favour of free urade ; 
voted for inquiry into Maynooth, 1868. Sat for Halifax flrom Jan. 1836 
till July 1887 ; but nnsuccessftilly contested that bor. in 1882 and 1837. 
Has sat for Butesh. since \M,2.—T%oyaden Buildings^ Templet Z^ 
Carlton Gardens t Carlton^ Travellers*. 

Wrightson, William Battle. (Northallerton) 

BM. s. of Wm. Wrightion, esq., of Cuswarth (who was fomeily 
member both for Aylesbury and Downton), and of Henrietta, Snd 
of Richard Heber, esq., of Maiton, Yorluih.s ancle of Bishop Heber. 



1780; m. in 1821, Ckorgiana, d. of Inigo Thomas, eaq., of Ratton, 6as- 
aex. Is patron of 2 livings. Was broagbt np to the bar ; has acted u 
one of the Oommissionersof inqairy into the state of the poor of Ireland. 
Of old Whig principles; in faroar of free trade, bat ** willing to reliere 
the land from any peooliar burdens that may be shown to MI upon it." 
Was retnmed for East Retford in 1826 $ nnseated on petition in 1827; 
sat for HnUin 1830 and 1881 ; failed at Northallerton in 1832; bat wu 
retained without opposition in 1836. -22, E/pper Brook-st. t Brooi^s't, 
Bo9dWs; Cus worth, Doneaster, Yorksh. 

Wyndbam, Henry. (Sussex, West) 

Eld. 8. of the late Col. George Wyndham, of Petwortb, Snaaex,' by 
tbe only d. of Rev. William Blunt, of Crabbell, Sussex. B. at Brighton. 
1880. Educated at Eton, and at Oxford. Appointed Cornet 1st Life 
Guards, 1849, Lieut. 1852. A Conserrative ; opposed to protection to 
agriculture, but will support other measures for agricultural relief i 
•is strongly attached to Protestant principles.* First returned for 
Sussex, West, Feb. 1854, without opposition.— 4, Cfrosvenor-pl.; 
fflUWs; Carlton; Petiporth, Sussex. 

Wyndham, Henry. {Cockermouth) 

S. of the late Earl of Egremont (extinct), and bro. of Col. Charles 
Wyndham, who sat for West Sussex from 1841 to 1847. B. at Petworth, 
Sussex, 1790. Entered the army in 18U6, and became a Gen. in 1854 ; 
Col. of 11th Hussars 1847; serred in the Peninsula campaigns of 
1808, 1809, 1811, and 1818, including the actions of Roleia, Viminra, 
Benevente, Albuhera, Usagre, Morales de Toro, Yittoria, and the Py- 
renees : serred also in the campaign of 1815, and was severely woanded 
at Waterloo. Has received the Peninsular and Waterloo medals. A 
Oonserrative ; opposed to the Maynooth grant. Was an unsuccessful 
candidate for Sussex West in July, 1887, for Cockermouth in June, 
1840, and July, 1841. First returned for Cockermouth in July, 1852w— 
66, Mount-si. ; UnUed Service t Cockermouth Castle, Cumberland. 

Wyndham, William. ( Wilts, South) 

Eld. s. of the late William Wyndham, esq., of Dinton and Nonlngton, 
by LsBtitia, d. of the late Alexander Popham, esq., master in chancoy. 
B. at Dinton, 1796 ; m. 1831, Ellen, eld. d. of the Rev. Samuel Heathoote, 
of Bramshaw Hill, Hants. Educated at Harrow and at Chrijst Church, 
Oxford. A magistrate and deputy.lient. of Wilts. Appointed capt. in 
the Wilts Yeomanry Cavalry. 1826. Of old Whig principles, indinfaig to 
Conservatism ; •• does not think that protective duties can ever be rclm- 
posed." First returned for Wilts, South, in July, 1862.-88, Bryan- 
stone sq. ; Dinton House, near Salisbury. 


Wynn, Herbert Watkin Williams. {Montgomerysh,) 
Second 8. of the late Sir Watkin Wmiama Wynn, Sth bart., by Lady 
Henrietta Antonia, eld. d. of the Ist Earl of Powis. B. in St. iamea'i- 
iqnare, 188S. Entered the army as Ensign 1839 ; became Lieat.-Gol. 2nd 
West India Regiment 1854. Appointed Depnty-Lient. of Montgomery, 
1862. A CouerratiTe ; will " give his most cordial sapport to any 
measore calculated to raise the agricaltaral interest.'^ First returned 
for Montgomerysh. Oct. 1850, without opposition, being elected* on the 
death of his ancle, the Right Hon. Charles W. Williams Wynn, who re- 
presented the county flrom 1707 till 1850.— 18, SL JatMs't-sq. 

Wynn, Sir Watkin Williams, bart {Denbighsh,) 

Kid. s. of Sir Watkin WlUiams Wynn, Sth bart. B. in St. James's-sq., 
1820 : m. 1852, Marie> d. of Right Hon. Sir Henry W. W. Wynn. Edn 
Gated at Magdalene Coll., Cambridge, where he gradnated M.A. 1842. Is 
panonoreiiTings. Appointed Lieut. 1st Life Guards, 1842; retiredl848. 
Became Lient.-Col. of the Montgomerysh. Yeomanry, 1844; a Deputy- 
Lieut, of Montgomerysh., of Salop, and of Merionetbsh. Is Steward 
of one of Her Majesty's manorial courts in Denbighshire. Patron of 
6 livings. A ConserratiTe ; yoted for agricaltural protection, 1846. 
First returned for Denbighsh. in 1841.— 18, Si.Joune$*$-»q.t Carlton; 
fVytUMtayt Dentiffhshire. 

Wynne, William Watkin Edward. (Merioneihsh.) 

Eld. s. of the late William Wynn(>, esq., of Peniartb, by Elizabeth, 
youngest d. and co-heir of the Rer. Philip Pnleston, D. D., of Pickhill-hall, 
Denbighsh. B. at Pickbill-hall, 1801 ; m. 1839, Mary, 2nd d. of Robert 
Aghcmby Slaney, esq., of Walford Manor, and Hatton Grange, Salop. 
Educated at Westminster and at Oxford. A magistrate and deputy-lie ut. 
for Merionethsh. A ConservatiTe ; yoted in the minority of 53 who 
censured firee trade. Not. 1852; opposed to **the commercial policy 
called free trade, under which some of the most important interests of 
the country have been reduced to a state of unexampled depression i*' 
opposed to the Maynooth grant, and to the admission of Jews to seats 
in parliament. First retained for Meiiunethsh. in inly, 1862.— Car/<cn i 
University J Sion,n»ar Oswestry; Peniarth, Merionethsh, 

Wyvill, Marmaduke, jun. (Richmond) 

Eld. s. of Marmaduke Wyvill, esq., of Constable-Burton, Yorksh., by 
the d. of Richard Slater Milues, esq., of Fryston, Yorksh. B. 1815 ; m. 
1845, Laura, only d. of the late Sir Charles Ibbetson, bart., of Denton 
Park, Yorksh. Graduated A.B. at (Trinity Coll.) Cambridge, In 1889. 
Appointed a Dep.-Lieut. of Yorksh. in 1845. A Liberal. First returned 
lur Richmond iu 1847, without opposition.^lS, Chester-st., Grosve- 


nor-pl.: Brook^r*, O^ord and Cambridge Chtb s Coiuiabl^'Burtm, ^ 

Yorke, Hon. Eliot Thomas. (Camhridgesh,) 

TUrd B. of the late Adm. Sir Joseph Yorke , and br. to 4t1i Earl of Hard- 
wieke. Was raised to the nuik of an Barl*s son in 1836. B. 180S ; b. 
1888, Emily Anne Millcent, only d. of Emilins Henry Delm6 Raddiffs, 
esq., of Belmont, Hants. Oradnated at St. John's C!olI., Cambridge } wu 
called to the Bar at Lineoln*s Inn, 188S. A Conservatlye : roted far | 
agriealtnral protection, 1846, and In the minority of 68 viho censored 
ftce trade. Nor. 1853; is In faronr of the present Poor Laws, and I 
opposed to the remoTal of Jewish disabilities. Has been M.P. for ^ 
Oambridgesh.aiaoe 1884^124, Peurkst., 3, ChHrchyard^t., Tempk. 

Young, Right Hon. Sir John, bart. (Cavan, co.) 

S. of the late Sir William Yonng (1st bart.), by the yonsgest d. of Ool. 
Chailee Frederick. B. 1807; m. in 1885, d. of E. T. Dalton, cm). 
Was educated at Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford; giadnitted B.A. 18S9t 
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1884. Was a Lord of the Trrasaiy 
firom Sept. 1841, till May, 1844, when he became Secretary to the 
Treasury; resigned the latter oOce July, 1846. Appointed Chief Secre- 
tary for Ireland, Deo. 1852. salary ie4000. A ConserTatire, but in 
faronr of free trade, and of securing to the occupier of land oonpenaa- 
t ion for improvements. Was first elected for Cavan in 1881.— 4, ybrA 
9i.,SL James' »: CarUong Bailebwrough CastUfCavan. 



Those marked thus (») care members of the Cabinet. 

PiMt Lord of the Treasury 'Earlof Aberfeen. 

beat In the Cabinet without office -^Marquis of Lansdowne. 

Chancellor of the Excheqaor «Right Hon. Wm. B. Olad«tone. 

{Lord Alfred Herrey. 
Lord Elcho. 
Chichester Sam. Fortescne, esq. 

ioU.S«r««ie..o.1,.lV«.ar, {SS^ ^^IT^ei,"- "•^"- 

Secretary of State for Home Department *Viscoant Palmerston. 
S.'fTetaryofStateforForeignI>epartment «EarI of Clarendon. 
Secretary of State forColonialDepartment *Sir George Orey, hart. 
8 ecretary of State for War *Duke of Ncwcasde. 

Under Secretaries for Foreign Depart- CLord Wodehouse. 

fQQjit C Edmond Hamond, esq. 

Dnder Secretaries for Colonial Depart- ^ Frederick Peel, esq. 

ment ^ Herman Merivale, esq. 

S' ctetary at War ♦Right Hon. Sidney Herbert. 

Deputy Secretary at War B. 

Chief Secretary for Ireland Sir John Young. 

Under Secretary for Ireland Major Laroom. 

First Lord of the Admiralty *Sir James Graham, bart. 

( Rear-Adm. M. F. P. Berkeley. 

I Hon. Richard Saunders Dundas. 
Junior Lord* of the Admiralty « J Hon. WUUam Praa. Cowper. 

I Capt. Peter Richards, C.B. 

[ Capt Alexander Milne. 

Secretary to the Admiralty Ralph Osborne, esq. 

Lord High Chancellor 'Lord Cranworth. 

Lord Chanoelior of Ireland Right Hon. Masiere Brady. 

Lords Justices of the Court of Appeal in CSir George James Tamer. 
Chancery t Right Hn.SirJ.L. Knight Bruce. 

{Sir Richard Torin Kindersley. 
Sir John Stuart 
Sir Wm. Page Wood, bart. 
Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench Lord Campbell. 


Lnrd Chief Jiutioe otthe Conunnn Pleas Sir John Jer? U. 
Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer. ... Sir Fred. Pollock. 

Muter of the Rolls Sir John Romilly. 

▲ttomey'GeneTal Sir Alrx. E.Oockbarn. 

Solicitor-General Sir Rich nrd Bethel I. 

Attorney-General for Ireland Eight Hon . Abraham Brewster. 

Solicitor-General for Ireland William Keogh, esq. 

Lord Advocate of Scotland Right Hon. James MoncrieiL 

Judge- AdTocate-General Right Hon.Chas. PelhamVUIicn. 

Lord President of the Ooancil *Lord John Russell 

Lord Privy Seal *Duke of Ai^yll. 

Lord-Lientenant of Ireland Earl St Germans. 

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster . . *£arl Gian riUe. 

CommisRioner of Works and Buildings . . «Sir William Molesworth, bart. 

Commissioners ofWoods and Forests... J Hon. Charles Gore. 

President of the Board of Trade Right Hon. Edward CardweU. 

Vice-President of the Board of Trade, \ 

Paymaater-Generalof the Forces, and > Lord Stanley of Alderley. 

Treasurer of the Navy ^ j 

Master of the Mint Sir John F. W. HerscheU. bart. 

Postmaster^General Viacoant Canning. 

President ofthe Board of Oontroul «Sir Charles Wood, bart. 

Joint Secretaries to the Board of Con- C Robert Lowe, esq. 

troul cffir Thomas Redington. 

Commander in Chief Viscount Hardinge. 

Master-General of the Ordnance Lnrd Raglan. 

Surreyor-General of the Ordnance 

Clerk of the Ordnance ', William Monsell, esq. 

Storekeeper ofthe Ordnance Capt. Sir Thos. Hastings, R.N. 

President of the Poor Law Board .... Right Hon. Matthew T. Baines. 

._,..v» w «_• CC.L.Orcnville Berkeley, esq. 

Secretaries to the Poor Law Board .... J yiscount Courtenay. 

Earl Marshal Duke of Norfolk (hereditary). 

Lord Great Chamberlain .,. Lord Willoughby D'Eresby. 

Lord Chamberiain of the Household. . . .. Marquis of Breadalbane. 

Lord Steward of the Household Earl Speucer. 

Master ofthe Horse Duke of Wellington. 

Master ofthe Buck-hounds Earl of Bessborough. 




Altbongh assod ationa of this nature are not immediately connected rsifh 
the Liegialatnre, yet the majority of both Houses are members of ClatMt, and 
scTeral of them give their addresses at those establishments; but, nnlike 
hotels, Clab-hoases bear no inscriptions, and many \i ho have heard the 
name* of all, are yet ignorant of the locality of any ; a list is, therefore, 
here subjoined, which it is expected will proye as useful to Members 
themaelTes as to every person connected with Parliament, or having in- 
teroourse with public men. 

AUred, S8, AibetnarU Street 
Army and Navy, 13, St. Jamet't Sq. 
Arthur's, 69, St. Jamea'e Street 
Athenaeum, 107, Pall Mall 
Boodle's, 28, St. Jamee'e Street 
Brookes's, 69 & 60, St James' sStreet 
Carlton, 94, Pa// Ifa// 
Conservative, 74, St. Jamei's Street 
Coventry House, 106, Piccadilly 
Eiechtheam, 7a, St. James'eSguare 
Garrick, 86, KingSt.,CoventGarden 
GumAb', 70t PaU Mall 
National, Privy Gardene, fVhite- 

Oriental, 17, Hanover Square. 

^Oxford and Cambridge University, 

71 to 77, Pall Mall 
Parthenon, 16, fVaterloo Place 
Portland, 1, Stratford Place 
Reform Club, PaUMall 
Travellers', 106, Pall Matt 
Union, Trafalgar Square, Charing 

United Service, 116, PaU Mall 
United Service (Junior), Charles 

Street, St. James's 
United University, Pall Mall East, 

rr of Suffolk Street 
White's, 38, St. James's Street 
Windham, 11, St. James's Square. 


2nd Edition. Now ready, 


From 1832 to 1853, impartially stated, constituting a complete 

With the Prevailiog Influences, Polls for Twenty Years, fte. 


The following are a few of the leading features of the Work:- 
L The Local Politioai. Hutobt of ererj Coaitltuency in 13cm Dtaited 

Kingdom Is Mt forth. 

IL Itie Natvbb of the Frawchxib in each place, whether consUtlng of 

ftvemen or flreebolders, payen of Kot and lot, occupien of £10 

hoiuet, doCfU carefully recorded, and compared at ▼arious periodt. 

III. The KxoiiTCRBD Elbctors are contraf ted, both at to itmcture and 

numben at preaent and in 1892. 
IV. The ELBCTxoirBaRXKo'lNri.OKNCB prerailing in each place it fidly 

detailed both ai to the past and the present. 
V. The Propbrtt and Taxation of erery Constituency Is recorded as 

an important element in the claims to representation. 
VI. The Prbtailimo Tradbs and Ocoupations are stated fbr the use of 
those politicians who would enfkanchise Oauew. 
VII. The PopvLATzoK under the New Census is recorded* fbr the use of 
those who would regulate tiie representation by JVumbcrs. 
VIII. The NoTBD Mbmbbrs have been set ft>rtfa,'aa a series of Electonl 
Facts interesting to every politician. 
IX. The Polls for the last Twbktt Tbars are carefblly recorded, so as to 
enable every man to Judge ftar himself with respect to the rasolta of 
successlTe Elections. 

The whole includes the cream of nearly one hundred volumes, 
and of more than twenty years' private collections. It fiimishes 
the ready means of solving doubts, settling controversies, and 
instituting comparisons respecting the PLACES returning Mem- 
bers to Parliament. 

Royal ]8mo, cloth. 

Whittaker and Co., Ave Maria Lane, and all 

Booksellers in town and country. 

Now read)'. New edition for 1855 (15th year) ; thoroughly re- 
vised, with many new articles, and important additions, 



This differs from all other Peerages in— I. Its low price, II. Its 

enlarged contents. III. Its facility of reference. 

INSTEAD of noticing only P«eM| INSTEAD of being confined to a 
and Baronets, it contains also |mere account of persons living or 

Bishops, English, Irish, Scottish, dead, it includes likewise 
and Colonial, 

Knights, of every class and order, 

Knighto' Widows, 

Privy Councillors of Great BritainI 
and Ireland, 

Lords of Session, &c. 

INSTEAD of long antiquarian 
pedigrees, it describes 

Living persons. 

INSTEAD of a meagre date ori 
two of birth or marriage, it gives a 
complete biography, including 

1 Parentage, 

S Age and pktee of birth, 

8 Marriage, 

4 School and University, 

5 Call to the Bar or Ordination, 
e Successive steps in professional 

7 Public services, military, naval, 
or diplomatic. 

I. The flillest Treatise on Prece- 
dence that has ever been 

II. An original Article on the In- 
ferior Titles of Living Peers, 
noticing the local designa- 
tions, peculiar orthography, 
and numbers of the Peerage. 

III. A Dictionary of Titular Dis- 
tinctions, and of terms re- 
lating to ranks, 

lY. An article on the formal modes 
ofaddressing letters to per- 
sons of title, 

V. Lists of the Orders of Knight- 
hood, giving the date of 
each Knight's election, 

VI. Lists of the Privy Council of 
Great Britain and Ireland. 

INSTEAD of the names being 
'classed into a variety of ranks and 
8 Shrievalty, Deputy-Lieutenancy, jgobdivisions, these are all included 
Yeomanry or Militia appoint- within two personal Dictionaries, 

1st. Comprising every Peer, Peer- 
ess. Bishop, Lord of Session, 
Baronet, Privy Councillor, 
Knight, Knight's widow, &c. 
2nd. Comprising every person who 
bears the courtesy title of Lord, 
Lady, or Honoarable. 
To all this are prefixed 24 Plates of the Coronets, Badges, Collars, 
Stan and Devices peculiar to each rank. 

Handsomely bound in foolscap 8vo, cloth, gilt, and sold by all 

Booksellers in town and coantry. 

Whittaker and Co., Ave Maria Lane, London. 

9 Patronage of Livings in the 

10 Works in Literature, Science, or 
the Arts, 

11 Residences, and 

12 A variety of personal details.